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What is this, a subreddit for ants?!?

2013.03.01 03:51 JBurto What is this, a subreddit for ants?!?

What is this, a subreddit for ants?? This sub is all about tiny things for ants, be they centers, phones, tiny violins, and the list goes on and on. Collect tiny things? Let's see your collection! Found or made something small? Take a picture of it! Want to make something minuscule? Go for it! Sister Subreddit - /threetimesbigger

2018.05.15 16:48 tytygh1010 Pokémon: Let's Go!

A subreddit dedicated to the Nintendo Switch games: Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!

2012.03.05 16:44 ts87654 for cosplayers, by cosplayers

This is a subreddit specifically for people who cosplay and people looking to cosplay. Want to share the outfit you just made? Share it here! Want some advice on a costume? Ask here! Want to show some cool pics you took at the last convention you went to? Post them here!

2023.06.01 05:22 valerykimy new girl

Hello guys, I come to invite you to my room, let's have fun, go to the model's link, a kiss is more beautiful
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2023.06.01 04:48 pigeonspaghetti Random thoughts, questions, and ideas

I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met. I've never seen you look less than amazing. Not early in the morning, pre-routine. Not mid-afternoon, post long day at work. Not post shower, no makeup. You're stunning and only appear to be getting better. I imagine you'll be even more sexy with grey curls, lines from smiling, laughing, and loving, and whatever else time throws at you.
I know you keep projecting this future where I magically get sick of you one day, but I've got to say I don't think it's happening.
I appreciate the garden advice. You've got an eye for it. I think I would take it more seriously if it were dispensed naked in my yard. I'd absorb it better, you know?
I want to build something with you so desperately. I know you've got a lot on your plate, and I know I'm frustrating to work with at times, but goddamn I see such possibility there. If you ever trust me completely on one thing, please let it be this, and really give it a whole hearted effort to build something with me. I think we can seriously do something amazing.
I'm so glad I can remember your face as well as I can. It makes it easy to imagine it next to mine at night, and it's a very pleasant visual to fall asleep to. You're wearing a soft smile, your eyes halfway closed. You are absolutely stunning in these moments and I live for them.
I wonder a lot if I've got even close to the same effect on you as you do me. It seems like I'm close, but it's hard to imagine it's even. Did you imagine this was possible? Have you felt anything like this before? Am I crazy for thinking this is once-in-a-lifetime special? I feel like I might be sometimes. But I also feel like I've got enough experience to know it is.
Above all else, I want/need some time between now and when I die where I can regularly, without a countdown, without you feeling guilty or deceitful, wake up to your face next to mine, hold you and touch you and kiss you every chance I get, and make love to you in as many countries as possible.
If you told me a year ago that I'd ever write words like this about another human, I'd tell you you were out of your fucking mind. I didn't know these phrases and ways of expressing my feelings about another person were within me. It's crazy when I think about it.
I cannot wait to see you this afternoon. Be as amazing, as brilliant, and as world-conquering as I see you. I love you.
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2023.06.01 03:11 No_Gap1825 Potty training questions

I got my pom when she was about 4 months old, and honestly her start to potty training sucked. She was pad trained for way too long, and developed a bad habit of thinking it's ok to potty on the floor. She's about a year now and we've been a lot more strict with her.
We learned that she has a small blatter (or just refuses to hold it for too long) so we take her out every three hours. She did so good for a while, no accidents for maybe a month. But earlier this month we had her downstairs (where my mom's dogs piss is soaked into the grout) and she pooped on the floor. I was upset but I understood that her having accidents are always our fault. We normally keep her upstairs where the carpet is new and there's no pee or poop smell.
However, she has started having a couple accidents up here. We try to clean it as fast and as best as we can, but I know the pee has soaked into the foam under our carpet. So she continues to have accidents every now and then. I know we can prevent these accidents though, and that isn't the problem.
I was just wondering if she will ever learn to hold her pee in longer, because she can hold it for much longer when she is in her crate. She's never had an accident in her crate. I've been thinking maybe I need to teach her to ring a bell to go out, because right now she has no tell, other than circling, which we don't always catch. I'm always on edge for her next accident, does it get easier? We've been consistent with her potty training for nearly three months now
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2023.06.01 03:02 Creepy_Insurance_898 I am a horrible person

I am a horrible person. I am 14 years old, I used to be so different I was kind I cared so much about everyone I stood up for everyone I was chronically online but I was being the best person I could be. I was still wildly unknown throughout school but it was fine. Over the years I’ve gotten worse and worse I constantly make racist, sexist, just any kind of horrible jokes. Problem is everyone laughs. I used to be so shy and kept to myself now I’m still shy but I’m loud and still pretty unknown but I have more friends. I’ve known I was a bad person I mean I’m self aware I just don’t care because all I want is people to like me. One of my best friend’s brother is in the hospital (he is going to be okay) she said she wasn’t upset about it she wasn’t worried she was okay. We were in science class and I thought about making a joke to her about her brother being in the hospital (horrible I know) I didn’t I stopped myself I didn’t even get a word out but somehow she still knew. And she cried. I have been profusely apologizing and she keeps saying it’s okay but I feel so much guilt and shame. Our friends were around and they saw her crying I don’t want them to hate me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me I feel out of control with myself. I don’t know what my problem is. I’m scared to show my face in school tomorrow. I am so ashamed with myself. I wish I could be someone else.
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2023.06.01 02:57 Darmug [IPAD] [2010ish] Game where you drag red colored Vikings into buildings to take them over from other colored Vikings.

I remember playing this game on my Gen 1 iPad and here’s what I remember. The graphics looked like a more detailed Kingdom Rush and there were cavalry units where it was just guys riding on stick horses but moved quicker. Whenever your units got inside an enemy building, a sword fighting icon appeared on top and it would tell you how it was going.
There was also a wizards tower that could kill enemy units that were trying to charge into your buildings.
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2023.06.01 02:56 Ok_Revenue_2239 Celeste! plus a small giveaway

my island is still under construction (but getting closer) so let me know if you have any feedback:)
shops are open, taking a few visitors at a time! Celeste (as of right now) is on the eastern beach
I will put some items on the south east-ish beach!!
comment for the code and i’ll dm you!
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2023.06.01 02:53 Lucaslemu2244 SUMMER CLASSES DEAL! Are you struggling to keep up with your coursework? Do you need help with assignments in Mathematics, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Financial Economics, Econometrics, Higher Level Advanced Econometrics, Mathematics for Economics, Statistics, Micro/Macroeconomics

Discord: BigFive#0282 Email: [email protected]
As a verified all-time tutor, I am passionate about academics and have extensive experience helping students with their coursework. I am committed to helping you achieve excellent grades in your courses.
I specialize in a wide range of subjects, including: Economics, Financial Economics, Fiscal Policy, IS-LM Curve, Marginal Costs (MC), AC, Profit (and Profit Functions), Graphical Economics, Consumer and Producer Choices, Lagrangian, Macro/Microeconomics, Total Cost, Total Revenue, Marginal Revenue and Cost, Profit Functions, Price, Income and Elasticity of Demand, Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Oligopoly, Consumer Choice, Utility and Expenditure Functions, Markets, Production Function, Substitution and Income Effect, NVP and IRR, IS-LM Framework, Equilibrium Income, Consumption, Investment and Savings, International Trade and Competitive Advantage, Investment in Project Analysis, Statistics, Mean/Median and Mode, Expectations and Variance, Point and Interval Estimations, Moment Generating Function and Applications, Probability, Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis, Properties and Estimators, Consistency, Sufficiency, Efficiency, Methods of Estimation, Method of Moments, Maximum Likelihood Function, Least Squares, Minimum Variance, The Distribution, Test of Independence, Hypothesis Testing, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Significance, Graph Analysis, Difference and Differential Equations, Business Statistics, High Level Advanced Economics, Entire Online Classes, and many more.
As a bonus, discounts are available for first-time clients, and those with several classes will get an offer as well. I am committed to ensuring that you get a GPA that is commendable during this period.
In the rare case that clients are not satisfied with my services, refunds are available.
Don't take my word for it. Check out the testimonies and vouches from satisfied clients.
So what are you waiting for? Contact me on Discord: BigFive#0282 or via email at [email protected] and let's get you started on the path to academic success.
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2023.06.01 02:39 Unlucky_Citron_1607 Do lyme symptoms come and go?

Hi everyone! So the past few weeks or so I’ve been going out on hikes on woody trails. The ticks are in full bloom this year and i’ve collected many just in this season alone. I live in Connecticut so they aren’t new to me and Lyme is relatively common. So yesterday in the afternoon I began feeling ill and it got even worse by the evening. I spiked a high fever, had chills, was extremely tired, and had weak muscles. I took an ibuprofen at around 8 and my fever eventually went down to 101 come 9:30pm. This morning the symptoms are mostly all gone except i am moderately fatigued and have some pain in my knees/back. I am covid negative and, regardless, i am going to get tested for lyme tomorrow. Additionally, i have not seen any ticks bite me nor have I seen any of those bullseye rashes. Is it normal for lyme symptoms to come and go like that - if it is indeed lyme?
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2023.06.01 02:07 ThrowAwayTurd2023 An abnormal experience with Lexapro: bowel obstruction

Just started Lexapro 10mg on May 20th, and I discontinued today from the advice of my doctor. I currently have bowel obstruction, and have not passed almost anything for the last 6 days. Tried everything under the sun to solve it, but it seems the “clog” is not in my large intestine.
I have had chronic constipation for the last 23 years (I am 23). From my recent research, this may explain why I have had anxiety/depression, as constipation is the leading factor associated with serotonin disorders. I was excited to learn that SSRIs typically help with constipation.
But it turns out that SSRIs have a slight anticholinergic effect, which can decrease bowel motility and even cause ileus, or paralysis of the bowels. I guess I was especially sensitive to that 🤷‍♂️
On Lexapro, I have noticed numerous effects. For the first few days I had insomnia, memory issues, diarrhea, and an increased appetite. I noticed right away that coffee had no effect on BMs, and I could no longer tell when I needed to go. But there were great effects: My coordination and physical strength is significantly increased. I have energy, and I no longer feel exhausted from any errands in a day. I feel a constant “buzz” or wakefulness in my mind. I can smell again (COVID severely diminished that 2 years ago).
But I figured this experience might be helpful to someone out there.
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2023.06.01 02:01 brckhmptnbible Pill-splitting dilemma

Apologies, this is quite long but looking for some advice.
I (19M) have been on lexapro for a couple years, my doctor initially put me on 5mg. This didn’t help much at all so I went back and he upped the prescription all the way to 20mg. I was still quite unsure about how all of the measurements worked but my parents helped me out at the time. When I went home my parents didn’t agree with that jump in the level of dosage (due to the side effects possibly being overwhelming) and we all agreed that I could just cut the pill in half and be taking 10mg, this seemed to be working so I kept it like that. So I’ve been doing that ever since, 10mg every day and I renewed the prescription twice a year when it ran out. It has now ran out again, but this time I believe I’m ready to slowly taper off and get put on a lower dose. Basically my worry is that when I go in and ask for a lower dose, my doctor will still think I’m on 20mg and doesn’t know I’ve been cutting them in half to take 10mg, is this going to be an issue? Should I let them know or are they going to go into some kind of doctor-esque rage?
TLDR: is it bad that I didn’t tell my doctor I’ve been splitting my pills, will it be an issue now that I want to taper off
Also side question - for any of you that have tapered off from 10mg, is it best to go straight down to 5mg or is there an inbetween point?
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2023.06.01 01:58 Thelege-endof27 What was the most maidenless person you ever dueled?

For me, this will go back to the mag dueling days with summon signs and maidenless players. Whenever someone healed, I gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking they didn’t know proper dueling etiquette. But one maidenless bozo hit me with an albinauric pot so I couldn’t heal and I thought “ oh, he we wants to make sure I don’t heal, and we start the duel, I get an upper hand, so he runs away and chugs a flask. I couldn’t heal, and somehow won. Now, share you’re maidenless duel in the comments
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2023.06.01 01:54 puffiez Pregnancy anxieties continued: gender disappointment

Growing up as an only child I fantasized about being a boy. I was convinced my parents would love me, I would have more freedom, etc.
As I became a teenager, my parents' religiousness and abuse took a very sinister gendered turn. They took me to get my hymen checked at 13 because they were convinced I was having sex (I wasn't) and that I would need a surgery to "fix" it so I could get married. I could go on and on, but I think this example illustrates their parenting approach well enough.
I grew up very ashamed of my body and eventually realized the constant shame and dirtiness I felt was not a normal part of the female experience. To be called a whore, told that the respectability of the family lay with me, and the assumption that i was sleeping with every man in town naturally gave me some hangups.
I'm ashamed to say that when I saw the gender results I sobbed. I don't want my daughter to suffer the way I did, and I'm just terrified.
I have some pretty strong views against fundamentalist religion and organized religion in general. I have always valued and studied the great works of culture shaping feminists, and admire strong women in general.
I am no contact with my parents for the second time in my life, and am bracing myself for my mother's insanity when she realizes she will have no part of or influence in my child's life (she is in denial and still very much sick with undiagnosed mental illness, refusing therapy and living in a world of superstition and religious fantasy.) I hope and am working toward a reality where I feel like a capable mother who instills strong values into her daughter and help her develop into a nurtured, stable adult.
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2023.06.01 01:53 bored_mf1 20M looking for [friendship] to send reels on Insta!

Hello yall! If you have (accidentally) opened my post to read the text, despite me being a boy, well then here ya go. I am looking for anybody around my age (18 to 22) to send reels to as i have found insta to be my primary source of memes and have also found it to be a good conversational tool! For those who might be consider me a bot due to my accounts age, I am posting this from a new account since posting from my main would let a few friends know... Anyways if u have made it to the end, why not dm?
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2023.06.01 01:45 Home_Puzzleheaded Is this what ovulation is

Dang I'm 26 and currently two weeks after the first day of my period and all the sudden today I have been needing to rest a whole lot all morning after yesterday I ate like 3 doordashes worth of food.
Today the inside of my body feels like it's flaring up like when I'm recovering from the flu. I'm achey and feel a bit nauseous. If this is ovulation this is great news because I have been trying to get my cycle to be an average length for ages and the moment now would be just in time for ovulation.
Damn all the stuff we don't learn until we go online is crazy
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2023.06.01 01:37 Direct_Report_8651 Let’s stop the misinformation

Let’s stop the misinformation
LET’S stop the misinformation. Repairing your credit is Very easy. GOOD CREDIT CAN PUT YOU IN THE GAME. This guide is exactly what ALL CRC's use to get negative items taken off your credit. It is not rocket science. The first 50 people I will give for $50 dollars. 51 < will be $100. Either way, a wonderful deal. Cars, House's, Credit Cards, Business expansion ext are all within reach no matter how much money you make ! E-Class
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2023.06.01 01:26 NotJoseAbreu79 Did the finale hint that Tom won't survive as CEO for long?

Maybe it's too much of a leap, but with Shiv's line to Willa about the courts in Wisconsin looking into the Mencken/Jimenez result due to the votes being burned, I can't help but think the state (and consequently, the election) will end up going to Jimenez. It seemed very likely that this would've been the case if not for the arson.
So if Jimenez is president, even if he doesn't block the WaystaGojo deal, it's important to keep in mind that Tom's face was already plastered all over the country as the ATN guy who called the election for Mencken. Now that he's CEO of the company and the candidate he called the election for ended up losing, isn't that a big enough scandal that would harm the board/Matsson enough to take a different route at CEO?
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2023.06.01 01:10 silentlattina raf interview

Hi, I just applied to be a pilot for the RAF and I am preparting for the physical test and interviews. However, how can I better prepare for the interviews? I read that I need knowledge about NATOS and current affairs etc., (I don't have much knowledge on this) is there a site where I can find all of the information I should know all together or how can I go about this? Thank you.
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2023.06.01 01:04 SecurityNo1814 I keep abruptly quitting jobs and I am suffering financially. Not sure what to do

I am a guy in my 30s in Canada.
I have been managing since 2008- Restaurants and retail stores. I have barely worked anywhere more than a year.
I have made decent money (over 70k one year) in one of the roles, but I live in a city of 300000ish and it's becoming harder to find a job now.
I was fired once, working somewhere for over 3 years, and ever since I keep panicking I will be fired and quit before I think I am going to be fired, or I get so irritated with the job that I abruptly quit.
I have no training outside managing, so I can't just slide in to a new job class and make enough money to support myself.
I have enough cash on hand to survive 7 months right now and zero debt. Because of my financial worries, I have got myself to a point where my monthly bills are only $1100, so I guess thats some kind of positive.
I don't know what to do and I am feeling pretty agitated about my situation I put myself into.
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2023.06.01 00:44 Extension_Ad6297 19M - looking for a friend to chat with while I’m sick

Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening (whatever applies to you) I am a 19 year old man living in the U.S who is currently sick with a sore throat : (
I am funny, somewhat interesting and talkative. I like having good conversations with different people from across the world. As for my hobbies, I enjoy to read, watch film, and chat with people.
So don’t hesitate to dm me and we can go from there :D Please take my mind off my sickness
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2023.06.01 00:39 Vownow Can't stream on discord using stable diffusion...

Hi guys, so I would love to screenshare my amazing renders on discord but it always lags and then my discord stream freezes.. Does anyone know a fix for this? Please let me know!
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2023.06.01 00:37 Fortyouncestofreedom Do I have a hernia?

I will preface this with I had a double hernia operation when I was 4 or 5. That was 40 years ago. I definitely had a bulge.
Fast forward to a month ago, on a Thursday, I was doing a lift I don’t usually do a standing lat push down. (I lift 3 days a week, Pilates 1x per week, yoga 3 times per week)and I felt a sharp pain in lower left abdomen. I stopped as it was my last exercise of the day and went home. It kinda hurt while just walking around and getting groceries that day but seemed fine over the weekend. I did a few ab exercises to see if that bothered me and felt no pain or bad feeling whatsoever. Went back to normal routine the next day with no problems limitations or pain.
This past week, which was a month to almost the day when I felt the sharp pain I was struggling on one of my last reps of a seated Lat pull-down and felt a popping sensation in my lower left abdomen. It was either 200 or 220 lbs so pretty heavy. There was zero pain associated with this popping sensation. I fully expected to look down and see a bump or at least feel one. I did not. I continued my workout and it started to hurt so I stopped for the day. I haven’t gone back in a week now.
It hurts when I lean over sometimes, it hurts just standing. It hurts a little into my left testicle. It does not hurt when I do an exercises like a plank. It does not hurt when I cough. It does not hurt when I sneeze. It mostly hurts when I stand and kinda hurts as I sit here and type. It’s not a bad pain at all but I’ve been told by my doctor I have a high pain tolerance. It hurts in the morning and hurts when I turn my torso. I can lift my legs, jump, go upstairs etc with no pain whatsoever.
I do not think I feel a bump. Sometimes I think I do but when I feel my other side it feels similar in comparison. My lower abs feel weak though like something is wrong or up but nothing pops out and I can hold a plank no problem. I’m gonna rest it for a bit but wanted an idea of what I might have done. I hope it’s not a hernia. It doesn’t really feel muscular though so maybe that’s what it is? Maybe a sports hernia?? I don’t know.
Any thoughts/help/ideas/advice is most appreciated. I have been alternating advil and Tylenol.
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2023.06.01 00:21 MrShyGuys10 27M looking to meet long term friends

Hello, hope everyone is having a good day or night so far. I'm looking to meet new people and to be friends in the long run.
I'll give a small introduction about myself. Im currently going to a trade school and working part time as well. My hobbies are playing video games, watching anime, playing/watching soccer, listening to music, exploring new places and enjoying nature. But we can always talk about anything to keep the conversation going and your interest.
I would really like for us to be friends in the long run and not just talking for a day and disappearing. Its not cool and don't see the point of messaging in the 1st place yknow? I love meeting new people and getting to know more people. It's just a nice things to interact with others.
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