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2015.06.03 06:16 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an officially recognized disability in Sweden (this is not recognized as an illness because no diagnosis exists for this condition).” Professor Johansson gave the example of a head ache “ how can one measure the pain or prove the existence of a head ache?” Sweden ranks in the top 10 in the world for healthcare. Magnetic Flux poses the largest threat to individuals with EMHS.

2023.05.29 17:52 flights_not_feelings The pieces of sh*t thieves in london…

My friends and I wanted to go out for a few drinks, and at the end of the night I decided to take a taxi. While I was waiting for a taxi, I was surrounded by men in hoods asking me questions and kept saying “can I get your number? Pull your phone out and give me your number! Come on!” They prey on people who appear alone and/or like they’ve had a few drinks, try to get you to get your phone out, and slap it out of your hand and run off with it. They’ll also look for anyone with their phone in their hands waiting for an Uber. They were so aggressive and one kept putting his hands on me. Two men (not thieves) came up after they heard me scream, and they chased the thieves off. I’m literally shaking and crying thinking about how the men surrounded me. I was terrified, and one had a knife. I’ve never had this happen. I will not go out alone at night again.
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2023.05.29 17:52 flights_not_feelings The pieces of sh*t thieves in London…

My friends and I wanted to go out for a few drinks, and at the end of the night I decided to take a taxi. While I was waiting for a taxi, I was surrounded by men in hoods asking me questions and kept saying “can I get your number? Pull your phone out and give me your number! Come on!” They prey on people who appear alone and/or like they’ve had a few drinks, try to get you to get your phone out, and slap it out of your hand and run off with it. They’ll also look for anyone with their phone in their hands waiting for an Uber. They were so aggressive and one kept putting his hands on me. Two men (not thieves) came up after they heard me scream, and they chased the thieves off. I’m literally shaking and crying thinking about how the men surrounded me. I was terrified, and one had a knife. I’ve never had this happen. I will not go out alone at night again.
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2023.05.29 17:51 Orphandestroyer98 Handle with Care 7

Memory transcript subject: Vila, Venlil Student Date: [standardized human time] October 27th, 2136
“Are you sure about this Vila?” I looked over at Inala who was messing with her feathers. “Yes it is I mean it’s either now or at school where you know there will be a stampede” I looked at my friends “now come on let’s go inside” me and my friends than walked into my house.
“HEY MOM IM HOME AND BROUGHT MY FRIENDS” I heard mom get up from her chair to come and greet us. “Hello Welcome to our den how you doing today” all my friends turned to mom “pretty good Ms Lani” my mom then walked back to the living room to go watch some tv and we head towards Chris’s room. Just before I could open the door Silan stopped me. “Are you sure about this?, I mean for all we know he could be violent” I turned towards Silan the Harchen was nervous and shaking. “It’ll be fine I talked to him before” Silan only slightly calmed down. “Alright let’s do this” I turned to Biri as she cleaned her quills. I knocked on the door. “Come in” I then opened door to see Chris near the Glass box of blue beetles and in his hand some vegetables.
“What are you up to Chris?” I walked towards the human. “Oh I’m just feeding my beetles, what are you and your friends up to?” I turned from the beetles towards Chris “ oh I just wanted you to meet my friends before you come to school next paw” Chris then looked over at us and Inala started to shake and Chris got up and walked towards his bed and jumped onto it and turned towards us “so are you going to introduce them or?” It was then that Biri went ahead “my name is Biri and as you can see I’m a Gojid” Biri extended a claw out as she had heard that humans greeted each other by shaking hands but Chris just nodded and then turned his head towards Silan “I’m a Silan and I’m a Harchen” Silan tried to wag her tail to fake being happy but Chris didn’t notice it. He then turned to Inala and his expression changed and you could tell he was slightly angry “my name is Inala and I’m a-“ before Inala could finish her sentence Chris interrupted her “I know what you are I don’t need an explanation of that” Inala then stared at Chris shocked “anyway could guys please leave I’m gonna play some Xbox and I really just wanna relax right now” we just stood in silence for a bit then we left and shut the door of his room and headed towards the kitchen. “Vila is he okay?, I mean he didn’t notice my tail or Biri’s claw and the way he stared at Inala I was worried he was going to do something bad” I grabbed some starfruit from the fridge and then looked towards Silan.
“Look alright he is a bit special and different from the normal humans” my friends were now curious and Biri grabbed a cup of water and then turned to me “what do you mean special, I mean what puts him from other humans?” I took in a deep breath from my mouth “mom says he has something called autism, apparently it’s like a genetic thing where he’s not as good with social skills as other people are” Inala grabbed a slice of starfruit and took a bite “so he’s kind of like that Nevok girl Aioni” I looked at Inala “yeah I guess how they act is kind of similar but that wouldn’t explain his reaction towards you” Inala put her wings up “well what could he think that would make a reaction like that towards me” I then got nervous a bit because I just realized why he did that.
“I think it’s because your species government bombed his home” there was Brief silence “Vila you know I don’t agree with what my governments done but that would never mean I would mean harm against Chris alright” my black wool puffed up a bit “but Chris might not think that Inala you have to understand that” me and friends took a brief silence and then headed to my room to look at the work we needed to do
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2023.05.29 17:51 NeitherGas5326 $AIS.v at $0.025 on the TSX-Venture (Canada) news. The new CEO will maximize the benefits of AIS Resources lithium projects.

A.I.S. Resources appoints Neale as president, CEO

2023-05-23 13:18 ET - News Release
Mr. Martyn Element reports
A.I.S. Resources Ltd. has appointed Andrew Neale as president and chief executive officer of the company, in addition to his role as director as announced on March 15, 2023.
Martyn Element, Chairman, stated, "Speaking on behalf of AIS we are pleased that Andrew Neale has agreed to join our executive team, allowing me to re-focus my efforts as Chairman of the Board. Andrew has extensive experience at the executive level with both public and private companies, in Canada and overseas, that he will bring to bear on both our Argentinian lithium projects, and our Australian gold projects. We are delighted to be able to attract an individual of Andrew's calibre to the AIS team."
Andrew Neale commented, "As a Director of AIS I have had the opportunity to review the existing agreements on the Argentinian lithium projects, and fully appreciate the benefits that these agreements bring to the current concession holders, AIS, and the sub-optionors Spey, Recharge and C29. My initial efforts will be to ensure that these agreements are executed as written and work with our partners to advance these high potential lithium projects. Last week I was in Australia for a week of meetings with technical experts and members of the financial communities in Melbourne and Perth regarding the high potential AIS exploration concessions. I see great opportunities in these properties and look forward to continuing their development for the benefit of AIS and our shareholders."
About A.I.S. Resources Limited
A.I.S. Resources Limited is a publicly traded investment issuer listed on the TSX Venture Exchange focused on lithium, gold, and other natural resource opportunities. AIS's value add strategy is to acquire early-stage projects and provide technical and financial support to enhance their value. The Company is managed by a team of experienced engineers, geologists, and investment bankers, with a track-record of successful capital market achievements.
AIS has a 20% joint venture interest with Spey Resources Corp. in the Incahuasi lithium brine project in Argentina. AIS has further options to acquire four lithium concessions in the Pocitos Salar and one lithium concession in the Cauchari Salar in Argentina. AIS has granted the option to acquire the Pocitos 1 and 2 licences to Spey Resources by June 30, 2023 (subsequently optioned by Spey to Recharge Resources Ltd.). When exercised AIS will retain a 7.5% royalty. AIS has granted an option to acquire an 80% interest in the Pocitos 7 and 9 licences to C29 Metals Limited by June 30, 2023. AIS owns 100% of the 28 km2 Fosterville-Toolleen Gold Project located 9.9 km from Kirkland Lake's Fosterville gold mine, a 60% interest in the 57 km2 Bright Gold Project (with the right to acquire 100%), and 100% interest in the 167 km2 Kingston Gold Project in Victoria, Australia near Stawell and Navarre.
We seek Safe Harbor.
© 2023 Canjex Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.
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2023.05.29 17:51 GdaMoney13 AirTags weird issue

Hi everyone. So just today at 4 AM my wife got notification in her iPhone that an AirTag has been moving with her. Got the “first seen with you at 4 AM” message. We can see we’re near it but it won’t make noise. I restarted my wife’s phone but it seems it’s not a glitch. Here’s an interesting tad bit of it where my wife and I are scratching our heads: we’ve been at our new place for 2 months now, and we see the red lines on the AirTag moving from our old place to our new place. We’ve not been at our old place in 2 months so our questions are:
  1. Why are we seeing our old place pop up when we’ve not been there in 2 months?
  2. Why did my wife get notification just now?
  3. Why didn’t I or anyone else besides the household receive the notification, and only my wife?
My wife drives our family car much more than I do, so I thought maybe somewhat put it on our family car. Thing is we only see the red lines to our old place and our new place. Nowhere else. Mind you my wife frequents various places throughout her daily routine and we don’t see red lines to those places.
  1. If the AirTag is on our car somewhere wouldn’t it have red lines to those places as well?
We’ve been on my wife’s phone the past couple of hours trying to play sound on the AirTag as it seems we’re close but it states get closer to connect. Mind you only my wife’s phone sees it.
Last observation: I did rent a moving truck for our move, but that was two months ago and only I drove it. I’m assuming the moving truck may or may not have had it, but would it make sense that a notification would pop up just now, and only to my wife’s phone, when she hardly got near the truck then?
Any thoughts? Let me know if anyone wants more detail.
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2023.05.29 17:50 Ambitious-Rule-8958 My mom's constant abuse and neglect ruined my childhood

Tw for sa, suicide, somewhat graphic descriptions
My (22f) mom (43) has never had an easy life. I know because she made sure she told us growing up. How she always got kicked out, how she was SA'd, abusive relationships, things I should have never known about that young.
Obviously I feel for her, but the way she let it manifest in her parenting wasn't that much better than her own mother. She's kicked me out, but unlike her I couldn't bring myself to go to a friend's house so I always ended up just wandering or finding a playground to hide away in until I was allowed back. Usually in that time though she'd get pissed off at me for being gone and would go through contacting my friends trying to locate me since I was 13/14 and didn't have my own phone yet.
She was an alcoholic. She'd regularly come home in a cab kicking and screaming and come in and immediately take her anger out on me. One time I was 6/7 playing on the computer in our middle room when this happened and she came in and physically threw me into our living room. Her being drunk also meant her throwing my brother and I into her car and speeding to my pap's house and screaming at us to get out. We never went in, just stood in front of his house, always too scared to go in. She would always scream at us to get back in anyway to speed home again. She's left my brother and I home alone once to go to the bar when I was 5/6 and my brother was 2/3 and had accidentally left the door wide open. We sat at our stairs crying and watching the door because we were terrified and didn't know what to do. Thankfully our aunt had just so happened to stopped over and got us. This led to us being removed from the home for a few days. My mom was furious that action was taken, she tried justifying it by saying how other shitty parents that she knew also did it but apparently it's wrong for her to also do it.
I never felt like I could never talk to her about my issues because she always had it worse so I should have no reason to complain. This resulted in me being SA'd and groomed multiple from the ages of 7 to 15 by family friends, a cousin, and people that I thought were supposed to be my friends. I'm so ashamed I let it happen but I was raised to put other people above myself and my light hearted attempts at getting away from it were never enough.
I was beaten and/or screamed at for any perceived slight. Apparently I didn't have the right shoes for my 5th grade band concert so she lifted me off my feet, forced me against the counter and screamed right in my face for who knows how long. She's made so many threats against me. At 15 she had me forced against the mantle screaming horrific things that she was going to do to me. The 2 I remember were how she was going to murder our entire extended family then kill herself so I'd be left with nothing or how she was going to murder me and mutilate my body. I've gone to school on at least 2 occasions, I can't tell you the embarrassment I felt walking into my math class to immediately have it called out by a girl across the room. I briefly spoke to my cousin about it in our reading class, trying to skirt around the fact that my mom did it. I'm pretty sure she told her mom because there was then a CPS visit that I was blamed for, although none of us were removed this time.
Other people were always a priority. I guess she thought she was teaching us how to be "good people". I don't think being 7 and 4 standing in your kitchen for hours desperately trying to block your ears to keep from hearing her friend have some sort of psychological break really taught us anything useful. Or smacking us any time we unknowingly said something insensitive, or when we didn't want to be around people or situations that scared us.
When I was 10 my pap commit suicide. He was the closest thing I had to a father figure and he always tried to stop my mom whenever she started abusing us when he was around. She always told me how I was his favorite and how he though I was special. When I was 11 she started a screaming match with me and said it was my fault for always bickering with my brother that she had to clean her dad's brains off the wall. It's been almost 12 years since he died and I still feel an overwhelming amount of guilt over it despite knowing it wasn't my fault, I was just a kid, I don't know what I could have possibly done to stop it.
I never got to grieve my pap's death. My mom was pregnant and an absolute wreck so it was my responsibility to comfort her whenever she needed and take care of her and my brother by doing the majority of the laundry, dishes, cooking, and grocery shopping. After my little sisters were born it was also my responsibility to help care for them. That I didn't mind nearly as much. They were innocent, they were the sweetest little babies and it's because of them that I desperately want to get myself better to be there for them and to be a good parent when the time is right. I ended up missing out on a lot to take care of them, I was upset about it but never blamed them because they didn't choose to put me in that situation. I love them more than anything. They're currently hanging out with my wife, her little cousin, and her little sister making brunch.
There's so so much more I could say, I wanted to get out as much as I could but I'm getting drained thinking about it for this long, this deeply and I want to rejoin my family to finish cooking. This is probably a jumbled mess but if you made it this far then thank you for taking the time read and I'm sorry if any of it is hard to understand, I'm really bad at putting thoughts into words.
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2023.05.29 17:50 uconnhuskieswoof Women's HOKA bondi 8s (wide version) still feel snug around the midfoot.. help

hi all!
i am an avid run/walker and also a nurse. i'm finding my cheap nikes are no longer cutting it for me. i ordered the bondi 8s on the advice of some friends in women's size 8.5 and wide (all of my sneakers for as long as i can remember have been wides). they came today, and they are SO comfy. however, i'm finding they still feel a bit snug in the midfoot area, despite being a size wide. i haven't really tried to break them in yet, so i am wondering if this is something that'll go away, or if i should try to find another hoka version or size. i really like the shoes otherwise and i definitely see the potential especially with how much mileage i put on them daily.
are the men's sizes any wider? i'm open to getting an equivalent size in men's if it means i'll have more room in my bigass midfoot. any advice you have would be great. thanks!
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2023.05.29 17:50 untrue__ New to Manchester - seeking friends (lol)

Hello 🤠
Ok, so I am 36 (m), and I am moving to Manchester next month, and I know like no one at all. So I am here to make friends in the city as well as Stockport as I am moving close by.
Interests: Traveling, pub culture, nice food, shit food, weekends away, hiking, camping, documentaries, music of all levels (not so much pop or rap 🦦), different cultures, dive pubs/bars, country life, nights in over nights out, but I am partial to a blow out every now and then - my Berghain days are not quite over, just more sporadic 😊.
I am gay, I used to live in Berlin for 10yrs, before moving to the North. I guess I would describe myself someone who is generally anti mainstream/the norm.
I recently got a patch in a community garden near my new place, so if anyone wants to share their wisdom about growing veggies also hit me up 😍
I am looking for people to connect with who is on a similar wavelength to me.
Ok I think that’s enough for now. Sorry for my interruption.
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2023.05.29 17:49 flights_not_feelings The pieces of sh*t thieves who prey on people London….

My friends and I wanted to go out for a few drinks, and at the end of the night I decided to take a taxi. While I was waiting for a taxi, I was surrounded by men in hoods asking me questions and kept saying “can I get your number? Pull your phone out and give me your number! Come on!” They prey on people who appear alone and/or like they’ve had a few drinks, try to get you to get your phone out, and slap it out of your hand and run off with it. They’ll also look for anyone with their phone in their hands waiting for an Uber. They were so aggressive and one kept putting his hands on me. Two men (not thieves) came up after they heard me scream, and they chased the thieves off. I’m literally shaking and crying thinking about how the men surrounded me. I was terrified, and one had a knife. I’ve never had this happen. I will not go out alone at night again.
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2023.05.29 17:49 Fearadhach [OC] Timing (PRVerse 24.5

(Prev) Wiki
A Spacer’s life is spent in two states: Sheer terror, or staring at a countdown. Raised Admiral Thursh Whoomerson sat in his command chair aboard his Human No, you feather-brain, CONFEDERATED flagship and tried not to stare at the ever-so-slowly changing numbers. It gets worse when you are in command. Everyone else has something to do, well, nearly everyone else. At least everyone on the bridge. Anything I try to do now will either look like over-eagerness, anxiety, or a lack of trust in my crew. He turned to look at the plot, relaxed his body, and started in on a meditation he’d learned specifically to make time seem to pass faster while projecting an air of calm confidence towards his crew.
For a wonder it worked for once. A soft ping brought him out of his meditation as the timer hit zero and the Xaltan fleet neared the gravity trap they’d lain in their path. He allowed himself a cold smile as dozens of potential trajectory lines for each enemy ship sprang up on his plot and his his ‘radar’ controllers tried desperately to narrow the possibilities down. The Benzegal Shipyards my fall before this war is over… but not today!
After a few minutes the lines had been reduced to a mere handful for each ship and – better – all of them had converged in to a small enough area for what he wanted to do next. He hit a few controls and outlined a section of space, and the ship’s computer calculated the time-to-fire for him.
He sent the target solution off to all of his Ship Captains, then opened up a fleet-wide comms channel. “The Xaltans have arrived for the dance just on time. Welcome Fleet, you have your designated targets, and I will send you adjusted engagement vectors if they seem necessary, but it doesn’t look like it will. It looks like our dance partners are doing an unusually good job of dealing with the grav-sheer of our little surprise, and will arrive in tight order. Lets reward their efforts with a warm welcome, shall we?”
He heard a few dark chuckles across his flag bridge and nodded inwardly. Moral is still running high, and that is good. How will it be two years from now when we are still having to engage the Xaltan fleet?
Another timer began to tick off seconds. As it neared zero Whoomerson gave his command. “All ships in Welcome Fleet, fire all guns and energy weapons, maximum dispersion patterns. Fill that area of space with everything we can put in it for the next forty seconds. Fighter wings, as soon as the fire is complete, I want every fighter we have moving at maximum acceleration, mode 2.”
The deck tremored beneath him as his own main gun fired, then all secondary batteries went off right behind it. Yet another counter started, timing the barrage, as his gunners cycled through their weapons. The plot showed what seemed to be a haze eminating from his fleet and crawling toward the ever-tightening field of his enemy’s return to normal space.
A light appeared on his console. He looked down at his Comms officer and shook his head, then punched the necessary buttons to officially deny the enemy Commander’s attempt to communicate. He had to force his feathers down as he leaned back in his seat and shared a commiserating glance with his Comms Chief. What point would there be in talking to a dead man? I know he has multiple suicidal ‘loyalty officers’ on every one of his ships, ready to blow them up rather than retreat or – cool breeze forbid – surrender. He also knows that I know. He shook his head quietly. No. They can’t surrender, can’t retreat, can’t even listen to reason… and talking to that Walking Dead Man would do nothing but hurt the moral of my crew. And, possibly myself.
The latest timer mercifully hit zero at last. Well, mercifully for himself and his ruminations… not so much for the Xaltans. The singularities on the Xaltan ships finally gave out under the grav-sheer of the larger singularity several of his ships were maintaining, and those ships translated – hard – down into normal space. The Admiral had to hand it to them: they’d kept their battle line in far better order than most spacers would have been able to under the circumstances.
Sadly, for them, that meant that all of them came out directly into the teeth of his fleet’s ordinance. They came out in their standard wheel-and-spoke: small and mid-sized screening ships in a rotating disc-shaped formation overlapping their shields to provide cover for the larger capital ships behind them. Of course, the formation didn’t work so well when you got hit before your shields could spin up.
Nearly a third of the ‘wheel’ simply ceased to exist in an instant. Another third of it took crippling damage and could no longer hold their formation. Most of the rest took a number of hits, but some had been lucky enough to come out a little behind their fellows, and were spared the worst of the damage. Then the Capital ships hit the cloud. All of them began to roll instantly, trying to spread the damage against as much of their armor as they could. One managed to get its shield up even before they passed through the cloud of fire. Another one sputtered and went dark. A hard half-growl half-cheer went around the Flag Bridge as that capital ship’s icon winked out, but no one looked up from their stations so Whoomerson let it slide.
Opening round to me, then… though that isn’t hard when you get to ambush an unsuspecting opponent. Surprise is the ultimate High Ground. He turned to fleet-comm. “You have already sent tactical data to the Under Fleet?” The woman at the station nodded. “Good.” He thumbed the fleet-channel. “Opening salvo goes to us, but you all know that these lizards will fight to the last: they have no choice. All Captains, weapons free! Mark your targets, rotate your fire, and don’t let up.”
He then took control of the plot and watched as the two fleets converged. The Xaltans closed their ranks quickly, allowing overly damaged ships to fall behind the screen. They kept the same formation, however: The loss of one Captial ship meant that they still had enough screeners to maintain cover. Only the Pinigra and the Kothro can use that particular formation to its true potential, and the Pinigra – from what I understand – only because they let their computers do most of the navigating. He shook his head slightly. Still it is effective. Or, has been. Too bad the Humans figured out how to anticipate the holes they open up for their big ships to fire.
He drew some vectors on the plot for fighters to go out and flank the screen disc, looked at the computer’s projections of the disc’s movements, and assigned a few priority targets. And another timer. “All first line ships: when that timer hits zero you are to concentrate fire on the marked targets. Two salvos each, then go back to your previous firing zones.”
Acknowledgments floated up from the pit, but he had already moved his concentration forward. He unconsciously leaned in to study the plot, and… there. He almost sighed as he started Yet Another Timer… and then another one a little before it. “Underfleet, you have your countdown timer. You can see where it will put you, work your firing solutions out now. Welcome fleet, when your timer runs down you are to slow to fleet speed three. Make it look like we are growing timid from the fire we are taking.”
He suppressed a wince as the icon for one of his own picket ships winked out, and another signaled a need to come off the Line. “And, for flight’s sake, watch your shield-overlaps! I want the Xaltans to think we are taking too much damage, not for it to happen!”
More acknowledgements floated up from the pit. They got cocky. I’m going to ream some Captains when this is done. Movement at the edge of the Xaltan disc caught his eye, and he watched two flights of his fighters crest the disc at different locations… and be immediately destroyed by wide-angle sweeping shots from several of the large destroyers.
Whoomerson grimaced slightly, but then turned his attention to the rest of the Xaltan ships and smiled. The fighters had been a long shot, at best. He allowed himself to ruminate out loud. “It appears that the Xaltans are capable of learning, at least a little, and have learned not to let our fighters get around their discs.
“Now, lets teach them a lesson about ignoring a bull to swat a fly.” One of the timers reached zero, and the ships he’d designated fired their two salvos at specific ships within the Xaltan disc. As his ships fired he selected two points on the disc, and set yet another timer, along with an order that all ships fire everything they had on those spots when the timer hit zero.
The ships in the disc which had been the target of the salvos pushed extra power to their shields, at the cost of their engines, and rolled to distribute the force. Then they found themselves alone, in a small empty segment of the disc, with the combined might of several Xaltan Capital ships pouring through the hole which had opened up. The picket ships were destroyed, utterly, and managed to absorb a great deal of the fire caused by those openings. Yes, oh mighty Xaltans. Continue to use the same strategies against us over and over. Couldn’t possibly go badly for you.
At the same moment the entire fleet opened up with everything they had, and sent a colossal barrage of fire streaming at two points in the disc. Even that barrage would never have penetrated the overlapped shields of the disc… except that another of those openings widened in the disc, almost as if the Xaltan wanted to accept the fire.
The barrages sailed through the open space, though a few less well aimed shot did singe the shields on a few picket ships. The energy weapons, near-lightspeed missiles, and super high-velocity slugs tore directly into the exposed underbellies of the destroyers which had positioned themselves to take out his fighter wings.
Three of the destroyers went dark, and two others began to lose their places in the formation. To their credit, the Xaltan fleet responded in good order. The disc of picket ships abruptly changed their movements, obviously responding to an order to change their defensive pattern. At the same time, their capital ships made a path to allow the injured ships to limp away from the fight without doing too much to their order of battle.
Whomerson felt a hard smile play at his lips. Not much, but enough.
As the damaged ships reached the middle of the Capital ship’s formation, another timer hit zero, and Whoomerson’s fleet opened with another full barrage. This time they didn’t concentrate their fire, but spread it across the enemy disc, causing all of their ships to respond and focus their attention on his fleet… rather than the Underfleet which translated down from FTL space just ‘below’ them.
The Xaltan formation finally responded badly. After all this time, and the way they work their formations, they still get locked into two-dimensional thinking so easily. The picket ships all had their shields focused on the incoming fire, and probably had lost both communications and sensors for a moment.
The Capital ship formation found itself, with its mobility badly hampered by their own tight formation and the damaged ships 'falling' through them made it worse.
The Underfleet announced their presence by firing at the unshielded ‘back side’ of the defensive disc, destroying whole sections of it and allowing nearly a quarter of Welcome Fleet’s barrage to pass thorough what had suddenly become so much space-dust.
They then fired into the fleet of Capital ships, which also had their shields mostly forcused forwards towards the obvious battle, with some token shielding covering their rears in case of some sort of end-run maneuver.
They had, however, left their bellies almost completely exposed. In the space of under a minute the battle turned from one of attrition which looked to cost the Confederated fleet nearly as much as it would cost the Xaltans, to a total rout. Some Xaltan ships turned to flee or shut down engines and tried to surrender, and Whoomerson felt a pang of sadness as most of those ships suddenly seemed to explode of their own accord.
A few others tried to suicide-ram Confederated ships, but his Captains stood ready for just such a maneuver and brought concentrated oblivion down instantly.
As the last of the Xaltan ships winked out Whoomerson felt a strange sadness settle over him. It took a few minutes for him to identify the feeling's cause; Those ships that tried to surrender, or to run. I would have let them go, would have let those men live, but no. The Xaltan Voters…
He took a ragged breath and looked at his second in command, then through his flag bridge, and saw the same sentiments settling on so many faces. One of the Xaltan ships managed to surrender, at least. I wonder if their ‘loyalty officers’ all suddenly grew a sense of self-preservation, or the crew managed to subdue them? He shook his head to banish such musings, forced himself to sit straight in his chair, and thumbed the all-fleet channel. Time to remind everyone who is at fault for all of this, and push their anger… if only to drive away the guilt.
Late on this one, I blame the Holiday. (For those not in the US, we had one of our biggest national holidays this weekend: Memorial Day, which is a remembrance of the sacrifices made by our military people... it is a little like the 'armistice day' that I understand a number of our European friends celebrate, from what I understand?
The editor for links still hasn't been fixed, so adding them is irritating, so I'm not doing more than the minimum right now.
Word count a little higher than usual, since the 2K 'stop' was very near the end of this scene. Next, we are back in the Council chambers, from a somewhat different POV. Hope everyone in the USA has had/is having a good holiday, and everyone not in the USA had a good weekend!
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2023.05.29 17:49 lllmade Where to get a good haircut

If anyone has a tip that would help me I am looking for a stylist who can help me make sense of my hair. I’m a round face man who wears no facial hair, and my good genes make me look younger than the forty years I’ve weathered.
I want a haircut that doesn’t look like it goes with an old english school uniform and a lollipop when it’s on my dumb round head.
Y’all know of any stylists who do men’s hair for men who have no clue how to help themselves?
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2023.05.29 17:49 Anonymicecake 24 [M4F] LF THE ONE

Hi! First time posting here. Currently looking for the one. 🫶
About you:
22-26 years old
Can drive (I can drive too but I dont have my own car. YET!)
Loves to travel
Extrovert or ambivert
Does not smoke (I’m allergic to cigarette smokes sorry)
At least 5’3” tall
Slim/petite (Sorry preference only)
Please be decent tignan
From Metro Manila or nearby
24 years old
May humor naman kahit papaano. There wont be any day na di ka tatawa lol
Slim (if that matters)
Wears eyeglasses
Looks cute and innocent (daw)
I don’t smoke. I tried vape pero not a regular o chain smoker before
From Manila (near UST)
Send a short intro sa dm. We can also exchange pics sa tg and say yes or no so we wont waste each other’s time. See yah!
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2023.05.29 17:48 Crashmittensickle How do you cope with ugliness?

I don't how to cope. I am so lost and don't think things will turn out better. I'm tired of all the gaslighting, people telling me I should 'just do it etc.' other bullshit.
No, I won't 'just do it'. Nothing is worth doing - I don't even care about being some strong and muscular man because of my height and hideous face.
I don't know if I question my gender just to feel like I have the option to run away from my male doom. I don't know if I somehow think that being a woman or not a man is a final way for me to escape my ugliness instead of CTB.
I also want a cat so badly. I hope I'll get one in the near future. I want intimacy, and to pet someone. Maybe having a pet would help with my depression and loneliness - at least someone would be waiting for me when I get back home. At least someone would sleep next to me in bed.
It's not perhaps even about getting a pet as a substitute for lack of human relationships - in a way it's easier with other animals. I could feed my cat and pet them. I'd have a warm ball of fur next to me, waking me up in the morning to get food.
I'd really like that. I'd like to just live totally alone with a cat. Nobody else but us. I wouldn't have to deal with humans and their bullshit and could just love a different being instead.
I wish it happens one day. I cannot live if I will never have any company...
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2023.05.29 17:48 Impossible-Fold1915 I have to be cordial to my SO's rapist

My SO was raped long before we met. He told me about it not long into our relationship and assured me he's over it and didn't want me to "feel offended on his behalf."
I didn't really think about it anymore until recently. We will be attending a wedding in the near future where the rapist will be in attendance. She's a close relative of one of the people getting married. No one knows what happened. The couple know that the rapist was creepily obsessed with my boyfriend, but don't know the full extent of what happened.
The rapist is happily married and living very far away, hence why I never thought much about it after I was told about what happened. But I'll have to be with her in a small group setting for events leading up to the wedding and I'm sure my boyfriend will have to be near her as he's in the wedding party and she's a close relative of the groom.
I don't want to be nice to this disgusting person. I hate her with every fiber of my being. But I love the couple getting married and I would never do anything to ruin this happy time in their lives.
How can I be cordial to a piece of garbage who took advantage of the person I love? I brought this up to him and he said "you don't know what she's like now; don't worry about it", but I am worried about it. I told him "rapist is all I need to know". He's not upset with me, but we didn't discuss it further.
What am I supposed to do? I feel like I have to play nice, but I think it'll make me a chump. Is there a way I can be as minimally polite as necessary while conveying that I know she's trash?
I know if she says the wrong thing to me, I'll lose it. If she so much as mentions anything between her and my boyfriend, I'll lose it. If she goes near him, I'll see red. I want to ruin her life and tell her rich husband what a piece of shit he married. Oh, did I mention she's a golddigger, too?
I'm sorry this turned into a rant. I just don't know what I should do here and I was hoping someone who has experienced this can help me. I know I'm not the victim here; I hope that I'm not coming across like this is about me. I just hate that my sweetheart was violated and that the disgusting person who did it got away with it and is living her best life like she did nothing wrong.
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2023.05.29 17:48 Foxwood2212 Everyone I meet ends up losing interest help a girl!

Hi everyone. I have had incredibly bad luck and I understand strangers online can only give advice from one side POV, so this is the situation. I am 24 (f)and doing a masters , I am quite tall 5ft 9 and reasonably striking I have been scouted a few times for modelling but it is not what I want to do. Modelling not for everyone defintely not me I don’t like photos lol. It seems that guys just don’t like me for whatever reason, I’m obviously taller than the average girl and mixed race with short hair, I like to joke around a lot , sometimes have a dark and sarcastic humour, and I want a companion to whose like a best friend. A couple of men I spoke to from hinge this year we were compatible and went on a date and nothing that was obvious went wrong, and they seemed interested until a week or 2 later.
This is just a pattern and it’s very disheartening cos I find it hard to open myself to people and connect to just anyone so if someone is picked it’s because I see the good in them. It’s so embarrassing because I tell people in my life I met someone great, just for them to lose interest in me. I would like to act I have NEVER been in a relationship It’s my biggest struggle and embarrassing. I don’t know what to do, men don’t like me, they either ignore me, act cold and don’t want to ask me out. I feel down right now, I kinda wish I looked like the average person maybe people would like me more. Anyone have suggestions? I appreciate if you read this!
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2023.05.29 17:48 funzippyevents Find Upcoming Events & Fun Things To Do Near Me

FunZippy lets you quickly find fun things to do near you and all local upcoming events in your location. We also provide you with a platform where you can plan, organize, manage and track your personal, private & public events.
Visit our website:
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2023.05.29 17:48 Anonymicecake 24 [M4F] LF THE ONE

Hi! First time posting here. Currently looking for the one. 🫶
About you:
22-26 years old
Can drive (I can drive too but I dont have my own car. YET!)
Loves to travel
Extrovert or ambivert
Does not smoke (I’m allergic to cigarette smokes sorry)
At least 5’3” tall
Slim/petite (Sorry preference only)
Please be decent tignan
From Metro Manila or nearby
24 years old
May humor naman kahit papaano. There wont be any day na di ka tatawa lol
Slim (if that matters)
Wears eyeglasses
Looks cute and innocent (daw)
I don’t smoke. I tried vape pero not a regular o chain smoker before
From Manila (near UST)
Send a short intro sa dm. We can also exchange pics sa tg and say yes or no so we wont waste each other’s time. See yah!
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2023.05.29 17:48 Deteras I got my heart broken 9 months ago. For those in my place here’s what I’ve learned

Being dumped is honestly the hardest thing that’s ever happened to me. I still love her and wish we were together but I know it isn’t going to happen. She told me she didn’t love me anymore… can’t comeback from that. But what I’ve learned is this
1: it’s ok to be sad. Let yourself be sad. I’m sad nearly every day about this. It hurts worse than anything in the world. But I’m not mad that I’m sad, I just understand that I’m sad and that’s ok.
2: The best thing you can do is to live a good life. No matter what you want in regards to her (or him or they or whoever) the best way to achieve it is to live a good life. Personally idk if I’ll ever love someone like I loved here again, but I can’t still do my best to get that dream job and see friends and just try to live the best life possible
3: finally, take a step back from relationships and love. You need to find out what you need with love. I went to see a therapist post my breakup as I entered into a really deep depression. She has helped me realize that what I needed in a relationship was not being provided to me. Now I still love that girl beyond belief but I also understand it’s not happening anytime. So what I’ve done is I’ve taken a step back and am going to settle my life first. I’d love comes it comes but if it doesn’t well then… we’ll see what happens
I hope it’s going ti be ok. Idk if it will but at the end of the day I can only hope and try to make myself feel ok each day
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2023.05.29 17:47 JoshAsdvgi The Beaver and Muskrat Story

The Beaver and Muskrat Story

The Beaver and Muskrat Story
By Roy Moses

The old lady settled herself comfortably on the caribou skin mats and called for my attention.
"Do you know how the Muskrat came to crow flats.?" She asked.
Of course I did not know.
She ordered her tea cup to be filled and that I sit and listen.
This is when she told me the story of the Beaver and the Muskrat.
The young Muskrat had strayed from it's family and wandered up and down the river, enjoying the summer.
In the same area, a young Beaver was having the same adventure.
He had been kicked out of his parent's lodge as it was getting over crowded .
Soon the leaves were drying and the grass was withering, the air was getting crisp.
The young Beaver had decided to build a lodge on the small creek that ran into main river. He dammed the creek to raise the water, then build a lodge in the bank upstream from the dam.
The Muskrat was encountering some difficulties on the river.
The swift water was getting colder and ice was forming on the shores.
He managed to climb a bank near a small stream that ran into the river.
Some distance back from the river, there was a small lake.
The Muskrat explored it and found that there was plenty of vegetation at the bottom of the lake and along the shore.
He soon found a suitable bank and dug out a den.
This is how these two animals spent the winter at the head of the waters.
The snow had melted, the sun was shining, birds were singing.
Spring had arrived at the head of the waters.
There were squeaking and cracking sounds coming from the river.
Suddenly, and without warning, there were thundering, grinding sounds coming from the river.
The ice was breaking up and flowing down the river.
In the mean time, the Muskrat discovered the Beaver's dam.
The Beaver was well aware of the ice breakup and somewhat anxious for the river to clear so that he could travel.
Little did he know what lay ahead!
The two met on the small creek where the Beaver had his lodge.
They became aquatinted and soon referred to each other as cousins.
The two were very anxious to travel so they went to the river.
There were logs and much debris drifting down the river.
They climbed onto a log that was drifting near the shore.
This was the beginning of their journey down river which is now known as the Porcupine River.
Whenever they got tired, they would swim ashore and rest.
After they replenished themselves by feasting on the new willow shoots and fresh grass, they would resume their journey by swimming out and climbing onto another log or a drifting pile of debris.
They made a practice of sampling water in any creek or river that joined the great river.
Very early one morning they came drifting around a long bend and saw a river jointing the great river from the north.
Their log drifted into an eddy at the point where the two great rivers joined.
The Beaver immediately sampled the water and was convinced that it came from lakes.
The Muskrat was also convinced that this river came from lakes but was quick to discourage the Beaver from exploring further.
They crossed the new river and landed on the north shore to rest.
Curiosity overwhelmed the Muskrat.
He told his cousin that he would go for a walk.
The Beaver, not one for traveling over land, decided to satisfy his hunger with the new willow shoots and fresh grass on the river shore.
Later, he got comfortable in the warm sunshine and slept.
In the meantime, the Muskrat started up the hill toward the mountain (which is now known as Crow Mountain.)
The Muskrat soon found a caribou trail that went directly north toward the mountain.
It was trampled down by herds previously headed north in the spring migration.
The Muskrat followed the trail until he came to the top of the first mountain.
From the top of the east end of the mountain he could not believe what he saw.
There were lakes! Hundreds of them, as far as one could see.
Just pass the next mountain, but there they were.
The Muskrat sat down and rested, then resentfully started on his return walk.
Because if he did not return, the Beaver was sure to follow him and he definitely did not want to share the many lakes with anyone.
He came up with an idea when he was walking down the hill through a rocky creek bed.
He stubbed his toe! After stumbling further, he bruised his feet by dropping a handful of rocks on them.
When he finally returned to the river, the Beaver helped him with his wounds and decided to delay their journey.
But the Muskrat being anxious to be rid of the Beaver, encouraged him to continue his journey by himself.
So the Beaver prepared himself to leave.
He returned to the shore one last time.
This was farewell.
As friends often do when they part, the Beaver and the Muskrat traded gifts.
They traded tails!
The Beaver, secretly being suspicious of the Muskrat's journey up the hill, told him, "My long tail is easier for you to walk through the grassy areas, your flat tail will help me signal danger and will also be useful when building dams and lodges."
With that he swam out and climbed onto a log and drifted down the river.
As he disappeared around the bend, the Muskrat leaped to his feet with joy and headed directly north for the lakes which is now known as the Crow Flats.
This is how the Muskrat came to live in Vuntut!

My great grandmother Myra Moses told this story to me when I was 9 years old.
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2023.05.29 17:47 ShitBag13F Struggling and feel disconnected from peers

I feel completely disconnected from peers of the unit that I served with in OEF 9/10. I don't attend funerals, share posts honoring those who lost their lives, wear bracelets, or engage with others on social media even though I want to badly. Last year my team leader died and I wanted to attend the funeral so badly, he was a great man, but I was so scared of the backlash that I'd receive. I don't fit in and I hate it. I struggle daily and feel like I have to one to talk to talk to or grieve with.
I was always on time, in the right uniform, and did everything asked of me. I was not a strong runner (since learning that I have a severe vascular deformity in my legs) but put effort into all PT and didn't malinger. I genuinely tried my hardest. I f'ed up pretty badly at just 18 and married a local woman who knew how to work the system to her advantage, dragging me and my career through the mud. Because of this two issues, I was permanently labeled a s-bag at my first unit and once you get that label there is nothing you can do to break it.
On a pretty regular basis, I'm forced to relive a moment where I damn near lost my life in Afghanistan to enemy fire because of a viral video that circulates the various military pages. It didn't affect me much years ago, but now every time it pops up it hurts, and the comments from my peer in my unit only make it worse. Comments like `hahaha f'ing xxxx`, `xxxx was such a f'ing tool`, `what a s-bag`, etc, the list goes on. It hurts badly because I would give the shirt off my back to these guys - and I try to by contributing anonymously when needed.
Post army I've become a somewhat successful entrepreneur. I credit a lot of my drive from wanting to prove these guys wrong, but damn I would give up everything just to be accepted by my peers. I'm struggling pretty badly and I feel like I have absolutely nobody to talk to that shared the same trauma as me. I feel alienated and left out. I know for a fact if I could run just a little bit faster and didn't f up marrying that girl that I would have had a totally different career arc. I know that I would have a solid relationship with members of my platoon.
Today is especially hard, I have nobody. The only thing keeping me sane is my daughter.
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2023.05.29 17:47 Basic-Level2527 Should you respond to all emails?

I recently sent in an audition to an indie film near me. I received an email that says that I’m one of their top choices but they’re waiting to see more audition tapes. Do I need to respond to their email? What do I need to say to that? Is it better to get these emails or to not get anything at all? I feel like I get my hopes up every time I receive these emails.
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2023.05.29 17:47 Anonymicecake 24 [M4F] LF THE ONE

Hi! First time posting here. Currently looking for the one. 🫶
About you:
22-26 years old
Can drive (I can drive too but I dont have my own car. YET!)
Loves to travel
Extrovert or ambivert
Does not smoke (I’m allergic to cigarette smokes sorry)
At least 5’3” tall
Slim/petite (Sorry preference only)
Please be decent tignan
From Metro Manila or nearby
24 years old
May humor naman kahit papaano. There wont be any day na di ka tatawa lol
Slim (if that matters)
Wears eyeglasses
Looks cute and innocent (daw)
I don’t smoke. I tried vape pero not a regular o chain smoker before
From Manila (near UST)
Send a short intro sa dm. We can also exchange pics sa tg and say yes or no so we wont waste each other’s time. See yah!
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