Are greenworks 80v batteries interchangeable

r/AAMasterRace: Since 1907, 98% market domination. AA batteries are the best thing ever.

2019.03.31 03:45 badon_ r/AAMasterRace: Since 1907, 98% market domination. AA batteries are the best thing ever.

Future-proof your life. If you use only AA batteries and you want 3 spares, you only need 3 spares. With 5 different batteries, you need 15 spares plus chargers. With AA you can carry it all in your pocket. AA-compatible devices can include AAA, AAAA, C, D, F, 14500, 18650, 21700, 26650, 32600, 32650, etc. Right to repair was first lost from tolerating proprietary batteries, pay per charge, and self-destruct explosions. To regain right to repair, you need the right to put in standard batteries.

2012.02.13 11:54 StoneColdSteveHawkng Console Repair


2013.06.04 21:45 crpearce All levels of digital filmmakers are welcome.

Amateurs, Weekend Warriors, and Beginners are welcome! We love the pros, and want their input always, but sometimes it's nice to have a quiet corner to share our small daily struggles and ask those honest, yet rookie questions. This subreddit is about the increasingly divergent field of DSLR filmmaking and how we deal with Small Screen Distribution.

2023.03.25 01:36 OneofAKind__x 25 [F4M] #Ohio, Cincinnati - looking for a partner that like adventure

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
Often times we take life too Serious and forget to actually live this thing called life! We fall into a pattern or routine that’s comfortable but it doesn’t Fulfill us. Why not decide that TODAY is the day to live a little & go on that adventure that’ll be exhilarating?
I’m craving the those daily texts, lunch dates at a new place weekly and secret , intimate meetings in the middle of the day. Is it bad that I’m hoping I get 🍀 maybei should cross my fingers to find someone that I can call my equal on here.
I’m a 25 y.o. Witty AA woman in the greater Cincinnati area. I’m pretty relaxed & lie between being introverted and extroverted. I have a awkward streak in me & I will definitely laugh at my own jokes! I’ve got an old soul in a young body. I’m wise beyond my years and I’m forever grateful. I’m a college Graduate & currently pursuing my Graduate degree.
I am hoping to find a genuine connection that can literally put a smile on both of our faces with minimal effort. A gravitational pull and spark that’s hard to deny. Having a bad day? Tell me about it. I have a witty joke? Let me run it past you. Have a random block of free time and want to do lunch? Let’s do it! A sexual/intellectual/physical connection is needed. It’s what fuels everything else.
You’re curious about me?
I’m pretty damn tall to be a girl but I love it! I stand a whooping 5’9 (I’ve been this height since I was 14), I am a BBW. I’m well maintained and kept. I workout 4 days a week and keep pretty healthy as apart of my health journey! I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and got highlights.
I enjoy tonnnnns of things some of my Hobbies outside of work: traveling, cooking, reading, working out, trying new foods,, a good glass of sweet wine!.
Curious as to what I’d like in you?
Age is just a number but I am looking for someone 30-45 give or take. Can be a little outside of those parameters. I am not picky physical but I do prefer men with decent teeth (weird request I know lol), and pretty easy on the eyes. I enjoy men who are direct & open. Intelligent, kind, funny, confident, and charming are just a few of the characteristics that I like within a guy. Being about to hold a conversation is super important. If we aren’t able to have a conversation that’s serious, sexual, goofy or intellectual interchangeably then we won’t mesh.
If i have still managed to keep your attention & you’re interested in the slightest , please don’t hesitate to send me a message 😊.
At this time I am looking within 20-30 miles of Cincinnati. This includes all cities between Cincinnati and Lexington
I am Open to people who travel here monthly as well or somewhat frequently.
Message me a 🍏 & something about you to let me know you actually read it.
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2023.03.25 01:35 babyxxpigeon17 A Niagara vacation

It was so terribly cold. Snow was falling, and it was almost dark, when out of the blue, my wife called me at work. "We're going to Niagara Falls for the weekend. I got us an awesome deal!"
We had both been working at our first "full-fledged" jobs for a year and had reached that moment after graduation when you suddenly realize you can't make that impact on the world your student enthusiasm once promised. At first, I just sighed. It was the dead of January, and I had already expended all my energy on a week of inconsequential stress. I just wanted to collapse on the couch for two days. Sarah felt a similar weary exhaustion. I could tell. Her tone was more hopeful than excited, but she had dreaded the routine we were sinking into and was trying her best to pull us free.
I looked to the ceiling and adjusted my telephone headset. At that time I was working at Stats Canada on the tele-query desk. I took a deep breath and, as convincingly as possible, said, "Sounds good." I don't think she bought it, but we went nonetheless.
This was Niagara Falls before the casinos when there was a very distinct off-season. When we got to the hotel, we were given the details of our "lovers' special". One dinner to be used either Friday or Saturday, two breakfasts, a roll of tokens for the arcade, 10% off some "4D" movie ride experience, and a 2-for-1 coupon to Max Tussaud's. I guessed it was Madame's nephew? We also got a bottle of sparkling wine in our room and chocolate treats on our pillows. I was impressed. It sounded good.
When we got into our room and saw the "bottle" of wine - basically an aeroplane-sized glass and half - and the chocolates - "fun wrapped" Oh Henry's left over from Halloween - we both started to laugh. The tone for two wonderful days had been set. We decided to cash in on our dinner coupon right away.
The restaurant off the lobby had hopes of being better. There were huge panoramic windows that promised a view of the gorge. Unfortunately, they had some winter moisture problems that day, and it felt like we were defrosting amid the dripping streaks and foggy patches. The decor was your standard booths and tables though the "romantic" lighting was unique. Dollar store battery-powered tea lights were lodged inside thick tumbler glasses and shed a muted pleasantness in a "what a great idea for a craft" sort of way. I had a feeling they were created by our waitress since she was the one who always seemed to be fussing with them. Only one other couple was in the dining room, so she attended to us immediately.
"Can I get you something to start?"
"Sure." "Thank you, that would be nice." We both responded simultaneously.
"And what would the lady like this evening?"
Sarah smiled at the flattery. "I think I'll have a glass of white wine." She glanced over at me to see my reaction. This was a subtle cue of the mood to follow. Diet Coke was usually the beverage of choice. She didn't normally drink alcohol. One glass numbed her nose and made her giggle far too easily. When she did drink, however, it meant she was comfortable with my company and open to anything to follow. I raised my eyebrows in a debonair way.
"And for the gentleman?"
"Do you have Foster's on tap?"
"Yes we do."
"I'll have a pint please."
Sarah smiled at the happy memories I invoked. At university, Foster's was my signature beer. It was at a time when Crocodile Dundee was a known name, and Australia was inexplicably cool. 15 cent buffalo wings and a pitcher of Foster's was the Tuesday night special at the London Arms pub. There the Classics Club would meet and, as a group, circle the wagons and drink ourselves into extroverts.
As soon as the waitress left, Sarah smiled at me. She reached out and held my hand across the table. With my gaze on hers, she slipped her foot from her shoe and slowly began sliding it up my pant leg.
"I got a pedicure this morning." She announced seductively.
I nodded and pretended I didn't notice her invitation. "What colour?" I asked.
"I'm not telling." She teased. "You'll just have to find out later." Her devious little smile was gorgeous.
"Mmmm. I can't wait."
When the waitress returned with our drinks, we immediately retreated to our personal spaces as if we had been discovered by the chaperone. Sarah opened the menu and began to salivate at the variety.
"Can we add an appetizer to the package dinner?" Her question seemed innocent enough.
"You're on the package?" Our friendly waitress disappeared, and we were no longer a lady or a gentleman. She ripped the menu out of Sarah's hand and took mine before I had even opened it. She then scurried to her podium and brought back a tattered, grease-stained, photocopied page that we had to share. We both burst out laughing.
The waitress was flustered that we were not as bothered as she was. "The drinks are NOT included!"
"What choices do we have?" I asked, expecting the usual chicken or fish. I had been on many packages before with my parents.
"Coffee or tea." The waitress snapped.
Sarah and I looked at each other in amused disbelief.
"I'll have coffee please." I didn't even flinch at the ridiculously limited package. I was eager to get my order in early.
"And I'll have the tea!" Sarah followed my lead. "Can I have some milk with that?"
"Yes." The waitress snarled.
"Fantastic!" I enthused.
"Yes, great! I'm glad we got the package, Honey." Sarah joked.
The waitress stormed off and returned sometime later with our lettuce-only salads drowned in Kraft's Italian dressing and our chewy chicken dinners, which she had thoughtfully allowed to cool. She tossed the plates on the table and left us to peacefully devour our deal. We didn't see her again until we requested the bill. For some reason, we found it amusing to leave a generous tip, which of course, defeated the purpose of the package, but we didn't care. It was fun.
The rest of the holiday was marred with similar off-season products and services. The wax museum was only half open, so we couldn't see the pop stars of the seventies. I didn't think it was a problem, but Sarah pouted playfully. She really wanted to see young Bowie. Meanwhile, the arcade was particularly stingy about spitting out coupons. So much so that Mike, the scraggly-haired repair guy, ended up escorting us from game to game and repairing the devices on demand. In no time, he was acting like an old drinking buddy. He joked and laughed, then, out of the blue, revealed that working at the Niagara Falls Fun Centre wasn't his career choice, that his dream was to be part of a travelling carnival. He desperately wanted to see more of the world, he explained and socialize with a greater variety of "wildlife." Mike winked at Sarah to punctuate his meaning, then began advising her on which games to play.
Sarah was partial to Skee ball and clearly had career potential in the sport, but Mike quickly pointed out that the token-to-coupon payout was not the best. In a furtive whisper, he revealed that The Storm Stopper was your best bet, provided the arcade had left it on its original factory settings. He assured us the ones here were "cool." The game had lights that ran around the outside in opposite directions and you had to hit the button at just the right spot to win. It looked impossible, but Mike was right; if you calculated tokens in versus coupons won, it was the best deal. It only took a little practice to win a minor jackpot every 5 or 6 times.
We would cheer each win as if Toronto had won the Stanley Cup. I would give a quick fist pump and a full lung "Yes!" while Sarah would jump up and down screaming, "WhoooHooo!" Of course, in the end, when we cashed in, "Mike's secret" only bumped us up from a key-chain flashlight to a "deluxe" nail beauty set. Mind you, it did come complete with clippers, scissors, a file AND a cuticle scraper. Not only that, it was all neatly packaged in a paisley-patterned pink and green plastic vinyl case. Mike was so pleased to give us our prize and to be honest, we were thrilled to win it if only to see his broad chicletted smile. It was more of a trophy than a grooming set.
That night, I made reservations for us at a fancy Chinese food restaurant - the Bamboo Garden. When we arrived, we had half-expected renovations of some sort. Instead, the place was immaculate. Gentle pools teeming with goldfish highlighted the epic black and red Ming dynasty decor. Real candles flickered on crisp white tablecloths. Again, the restaurant was virtually ours. The reservations on my part were entirely unnecessary. In fact, as soon as we entered, they knew us by name and guided us directly to our table. A live lounge piano caressed the air, its notes danced vaguely around familiar harmonies until finally, as if prompted by our presence, a song emerged immediately accompanied by the velvet voice of oriental karaoke. It was our song remastered
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2023.03.25 01:32 taxx411 2022 Outlander SEL - Oil Leak less than 10k miles

So, I purchased a brand new outlander that had it's battery replaced through warranty which was nice but this is a first car for me to have such problem so soon.
I also noticed there was a minor oil leak on my 5k oil change so I said that can't be right. On my second oil change, the problem has gotten a lot worse. Engine is leaking oil. Anyone else experiencing same problem?
I called a Mitsubishi where my battery was replaced and stated the issue. You wouldn't believe the response I got. According to the technician, it's normal for it to leak as they all do that. Apparently he has one with same exact problem. I've also noticed no matter who I speak to in that dealership, it appears they all have this car with the same problem. Unsure how truthful they are but what should I do?
Should I get an attorney? like a lemon attorney? This car will be nothing but a problem. Is there a way to get my money back?
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2023.03.25 01:30 Certain-Bowler8735 Album Rankings After Ocean Blvd ??

As for now, I'd have to say my personal rankings are:
  1. Ultraviolence
  2. Norman F*cking Rockwell!
  3. Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd ?
  4. Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant
  5. Honeymoon **
  6. Lust For Life **
  7. Chemtrails Over the Country Club
  8. Born to Die (Including Paradise)
  9. Blue Banisters
(**Also, Honeymoon and Lust for Life always change rankings on each listen, so those can be interchangeable)
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2023.03.25 01:29 NGJohn Wampler Ego Compressor only works when plugged directly into 1-Spot but not power supply

Here's what I have:
Wampler Ego Compressor (brand new)
Outlaw Kerosene power supply (see here:
Here's my problem. When I plug the 1-Spot directly into the compressor, it works fine. When I plug the 1-Spot into the power supply and then plug the compressor into one of the power supply's jacks, the compressor doesn't work. All the jacks are center negative 9-volt 300ma and the battery in the Ego is fresh. The Ego *should* work when I plug it into the power supply--but it doesn't. I have tried several jacks on the power supply that I know are good because my other pedals work fine when plugged into those jacks. It's only the Ego that has this quirk.
Any ideas?
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2023.03.25 01:28 ltuzia How my builds have changed from 0-500 hours

I thought it would be interesting to keep track of changes since I recently hit 500 hours in satisfactory. I have compiled a lot of screenshots over playing the game in this time so I organized and typed a bit on here about each album. There are a few more random comments on the imgur albums linked in this post as well. Maybe other people will find it interesting hopefully as well though I mainly made this post for myself to look back on in the future.
My first save when I downloaded the game I started in grasslands. I played 21 hours or so before I abandoned the save and started over again. Most buildings are built on the ground or hanging way up in the sky because I thought to verticality would be interesting to look at... only there are no supports and it doesn't make much sense like storage. I did have fun placing some things within trees at a nearby coal source I found to expand power shortly before quitting. First save album :
Second save I played for 35 hours on it before abandoning it. It was the first save I tried using a couple mods in as well. However this was a bad idea and led me to start over again. A hour or two before I left it I had installed the first few to try out, and one of them unlocked all the recipes? I didn't mean for it to do that, and didn't see in the description it would. Opps lol. Anyways when I noticed all my auto saves were gone so it led me to restart because it was too overwhelming seeing all these choices and things I never seen before yet.
In here though I tried to take notice of the things I learned from first save like using foundations to support factories more, and not making storage way up in the air. so it is more accessible. It also includes my first covered factory, and with me experimenting with things like hiding belts more between foundations. I also tried to focus on learning more about pipes and how to place them in more aesthetically pleasing ways. The second save album is here :
The third save is my current one, although I think I might restart it soon again, or just spend time to delete like half the map. I am still undecided on which. In this one I started in the northern forest. I really really like it here and probably will always start again here in the future. I have over 300 hours in it right now, and the rest of the 150ish comes from playing with a very close friend I tried to get into the game (around 45 hours on their save) and then some people's regular or dedicated servers.
The first thing I saw when coming down from space was being greeted by alien fauna.
One of the things I focused on this save was reconsidering my storage area to be both easy to travel to, and out of the way. So one of the first buildings I placed (and then later decorated some as I unlocked awesome shop things) was a storage area. It includes several floors, and it quite tall because I really liked the result of clipping containers through foundations. Later I changed the foundations to catwalks and I really like the result. Storage area album :
The reinforced iron plate factory was one of the first ones I built and involved things like very tightly hidden belts and lifts and many floors. It is quite large as well compared to my other builds so far. And at one point had ramp foundations 4m to access each floor that were annoying to jump up. Those were later removed and a simple hyper tube from f1 goes all the way to the top. RIPS album :
The next larger build I made is modular frames. Well besides rotors/stators which has been expanded so many times I don't think it is reasonable to show it since it doesn't resemble its original form at all anymore. Unlike how storage does... with some decorations. It is also the first time I used vehicles at all. It is to take them to where I was eventually making heavy modular frames (though the vehicle wasn't intended for that originally and only meant to bring back to storage... a very convenient thing). I believe it is 20/min in here right now. It has some more things in consideration like floor access that I learned to do better from RIPs and previous saves. Modular frames album :
At some point around this time I started making a huge sky road. It.. turned out very very eyesore. I want to delete it and rethink my transport. Album :
An attempt to make compact build... featuring coal towers. Like my idea from the previous save with the refineries before I abandoned it. It turned out badly, but I am much much better at the game now I feel like and have a more in depth understanding of belts and pipes and building techniques.. so I want to come back and redo this as I envisioned it properly at some point as well as upgrade the miners. Album :
HMF is the first time I tried to make a circular building, but I never got the production numbers I wanted. And didn't decorate it since I wanted another two or three of these circles with additional buildings nearby connected by sky bridges. Link :
In there you will see another building that did not turn out how I had in my mind. We didn't have the corner pieces. I didn't want a giant triangle top. I thought it would be so cool to have it shaped like the other 3 sides on all 4 and a diagonal corner.. however the building pieces will not allow for this. The inverted triangles do not fit where they need to so I can't make it. (I hope you add them coffee stain). It contains some HMF component production. Album :
Around this time I was able to have the opportunity help decorate someone's refineries and fuel generation. They were completely in the open and I closed them off while they worked on something else in their save. I really learned a lot about clipping stuff while doing so. Unfortunately I don't have very many images saved of this and everything is of WIP stuff and not the final result. Album of that work :
I also kind of messed around with packaged fuel for like 10 hours. I don't know why I had so much confusion doing this, but eventually I got it to work and it is still running with a sink even now over 100 hours minimum later. It is ugly though since I was testing stuff. Image :
At this point in my save I really really needed to expand power, so I ran around the map looking at fuel locations until I found one that I really liked. It was in this mushroom crater area. However what I didn't know when I started it is that it is going to be reworked... and considering what they they did to spire coasts that is going to make any building there unable to work what what I imagined for it... so I abandoned it only partway complete and hooked up. Though I connected to main grid. It is quite large and was going to produce something like 70k power or 60k idk. I am so sad to abandon it though because I loved the thought of a giant middle building with lots of generators across the biome with pipes hidden under the ground. Album link here :
So I ended up with some power so I went to work on aluminum (mainly batteries) stuff... which I ended up accidentally building in yet another map rework area. So that got abandoned too lol. Features some very closely placed foundations to avoid clipping into trees and branches and other parts of the geography. A very challenging place to build, but I imagined it to be soo cool looking to see an army of drones coming out of the forest.
Of the parts of the battery production I finished I fully decorated and finished the silica I needed for it. This place is honestly my most favorite build of everything I made. I took so many lessons from previous designs when making it. Like considering how I will travel inside, how it looks from outside. The truck station unload/load issue with multiple stations. The transport of silica (once battery production was up and running) etc. The truck entrance was to take overflow elsewhere. The drones where going to transport silica to batteries but for now has a conveyor belt. The outside of it looks very interesting and structurally sound to me. Also it is avoiding the natural trees in very close ways so it looks like it has been built there for a while and trees grew around it. And it just barely avoids the toxic gases inside. Absolute favorite factory of mine! Link here!
And then I still needed to eventually expand more fuel yet again, so I started working on this area which I think is safe from reworks? At least it better be LOL. The idea I had was hovering power generators with several towers. I am only using one oil node right now and I will NOT be building another 8 of these and everything else twice more to use the rest of the oil here. The towers themselves are too much work to hide pipework as best as you can to keep the hovering sci-fi feel I wanted. Very WIP to more finished stuff at the end of the album. However it is still my current project on my save so it isn't fully complete yet. Album link :
And finally my last project that I just finished a day or two ago (I needed a break from fuel piping on my save). The aluminum plant on a dedicated server I was invited to. It was really challenging to work with the resource nodes they already were extracting form. So I had to use some very far away ones. However It turned out nicely and I really played around with power switches a lot in here. Resulting in a modular power control of the factory outputs. Very happy with how it turned out, but the wiring was a pain to figure out the first time. The decoration is very open aired inspired. All together I think I spent around 66-95 hours building this, the bus, the train line, and supporting factories for it (silica, rubber, batteries, ai limiters, copper ingots). Album here :
And now I am at 505 hours played on steam. So much time, but I still feel like I can change things. Lots of things I would like to try more of in the future. But I really like my progress so far. Maybe I write another update post again in the future.
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2023.03.25 01:21 thiskirkthatkirk Shot in the dark and an admittedly stupid question, but has anyone ever experienced check engine light coming on following windshield replacement?

I’ve got a 2014 WRX that has turned into the car from hell. I am asking this question solely in the hopes of someone relating some anecdote about benign codes after a windshield replacement. I say this because I am at my wits end with this car the past few years and I’m going to probably roll it off a cliff somewhere if there’s another major problem.
I got my windshield replaced two or three days ago and then yesterday the check engine light comes on. Car seems to be running fine.
For context: new short block at 105k despite the fact I’ve always been diligent with oil changes, don’t beat on the car, and have not done any mods beyond the Accessport OTS map. New turbo at 120k, and really the turbo didn’t have 120k on it as Subaru found that there was some defect with the turbo that came on the car about 10k or so miles into me owning (I bought it new). There have been other aspects of this car that seem to fail before you’d expect it to happen, but these are the big ones (power steering pump failed at 70k but hey that isn’t all that bad).
Shit happens, but naturally I was thinking new short block, new turbo, and countless hours (and dollars) spent at a very reputable Subaru mechanic and I would not be looking at this stupid check engine light for a while.
It might be nothing. I’m about to disconnect the battery in a few and see if the lights go away, then go get the code pulled if I can today (can’t find my code reader). Please someone tell me some crazy story about how a windshield magically caused a check engine light lol.
Also does anyone want to purchase a 2014 WRX hatchback with only 20k on the new short block and less than 5k on the new turbo? It’s yours. Actually just come pick it up.
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2023.03.25 01:17 not_my_usual_name Not receiving SMS on other apps since shutdown

This is a long shot, but it's specific enough I figure this community is my best best. When signal shut down SMS integration I installed another messaging app, let signal export my SMS, and set it as the default. I opened it and all my SMS conversations are there as expected.
The thing is, I can send messages, but I can't consistently receive them. I've tried both QKSMS and Simple Messages and both have the same problem. I've checked that it's not the Battery Optimization setting. I tried deleting all my conversations. I've even deleted every SMS capable app off my phone and restarted the phone. Still no progress. Anyone have any idea what's going on? Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.25 01:17 Whitelodoss [WTS] Some Knives and Such Things

Moving a few out of my collection and into new homes today - hopefully!
Payment via Paypal FF *no notes* please
Only trade interests are Emersons, especially a Mutant - willing to trade in your favor for that.
Edit: I am open to reasonable offers.
Sandrin Monza - Second owner here, was slightly used by both of us, not that you can really tell. Excellent and unique knife here, really enjoyed it but again I just want to give some of these a home where they will get carried and used. This has everything from factory. SV 300
Hinderer Halftrack - S45VN Harpoon Spanto - Got this on the swap, so not first owner. I wanted to try my first Hinderer but quickly upgraded to an XM18. Tried to give this to the wife but she would rather carry her SBR. Carried a couple times and probably opened some packages. Original factory edge still. Has the box, peanuts, COA and the tri-way parts. SV 360
Nova Blades Caiman - Got on the swap, at least third owner. Ti lockside with CF show side. Excellent knife here. Saw some surface rust during the pics and videos, not sure what happened as its been sitting in my spyderpac on my door for months. Due to that I'm not sure what to price this at. Has no box or anything but I will put it in a pouch. Don't believe this is the factory edge but it is sharp. SV 250
Boos Hound - At least third owner. I got this one to try as a comparison to a custom, to see if the extra custom $ was worth it. Short answer is yes. I carried this and cut a few bags open. Good centering and lockup on this too. It didn't come with anything but I will put it in a zipper pouch. SV 150
Caleb White Kyber - At least second owner, got this off the swap. I got a few customs at the same time as I grabbed this one and I just never carried it. It is RWl34 steel, bronze washers, stainless screws, micarta backspacer and orange peel Ti scales. All around a great custom with good action that may need some break in and solid lockup/centering. Comes shipped in a zipper pouch. SV 350
WE Thug XL Ti - LNIB never carried or cut with it, just wanted to compare it to the normal Thug. Excellent action and fit/finish from WE. Comes with all the factory goodies. SV 240
Homer Zhu Parrot - At least second owner, neither of us cut anything with it. I did carry it but decided to keep my T-rex instead. Homer has some of the best overall fit/finish of any customs I've handled. They are well made and punch way above their price point. Comes with the small pelican case, stickers and the COA. SV 300
Karas Kustoms EDK V2 Red - like new, I only carried it a couple times. It has a box and is equipped with a Schmidt Easyflow 9000. SV 45
Streamlight TLR7 sub for Hellcat - also works on Hellcat pro. Mounted a couple times but never carried. Not any noticeable wear and works great. No box, just the light and battery. SV 85
Please comment before sending me a PM, thanks!
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2023.03.25 01:16 Sweet-Ad-785 The Necromorphs are very sensitive about their batteries. Seeing as they swarmed me soon as I plugged it out. ;p #CerberusGaming , #PCGaming , #DeadSpaceRemake , #MobFight , #fyp

The Necromorphs are very sensitive about their batteries. Seeing as they swarmed me soon as I plugged it out. ;p #CerberusGaming , #PCGaming , #DeadSpaceRemake , #MobFight , #fyp submitted by Sweet-Ad-785 to CerberusGamingCentre [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 01:14 Broke_Beedle SP charges but no orange light?

Losing my mind here boys, picked up an SP to do an ips swap and everything went great after a full clean until I went to plug it in and nothing happened. I assumed it was a fuse but both had continuity, batteries are all good and charger is oem and working with other units so I replaced the charge port with a known working one and still no charge. I decided to throw in a known dead battery and its charging fine I just get no orange led. The led works after running juice to it. Not really sure what to check next as I've never experienced this. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great because I'm stumped.
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2023.03.25 01:14 ImMrSprinkles69 Laptop for Using Unreal engine and general game development

Around 2000$ but I’m open to other price ranges
I want it to be portable and something I can use anywhere
It’s not
Unreal Engine, Unity, CAD, some animation, really anything related to game development
I wouldn’t be doing a ton of gaming other than test what I make
I’m completely new to the computer world and am just starting my journey of going to college for game design and animation.
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2023.03.25 01:06 duffano T14 Gen 3 Battery Review and Choice

Dear all,
I found mixed information about the T14 battery. I found some reports of 8h of Web browsing or 6h of video playback, which is actually already quite short for today's standards. But some others report even much shorter runtimes. I even found reports of 2-3 hours, which I can harly belive because sounds more like an early 2000s notebook. What are your experiences?
I am also wondering why Lenovo is offering the choice between a 4 cell 52.5Wh and a 3 cell 39.3Wh battery *for the same price*. Is there any reason why anyone should choose the 3 cell one with less capacity?
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2023.03.25 01:05 chilicon [WTS][WA] AceTech Lighter BT tracer, AOR2 FROG top + bottom, BFG pouches, Emdom Flex inner belt, Madbull 6.03mm 300mm Crawler Barrel, and more

items for sale+ tracer pictures
photos of the rest
Looking to offload some items. Paypal G&S only please! Prices do not include shipping; however I will do package deals. Feel free to ask for more pictures and info, as long as you don’t ghost me after. Thank you.
AceTech Lighter BT Tracer Unit- Fielded once, has a scuff shown in pictures: $70
AOR2 FROG pants size M- Used in good condition; colors fading, no rips/tears/holes: $55
AOR2 FROG combat shirt size M- Used in good condition, colors faded but no tears or holes: $70 $115 for both top/bottom.
Emdom Flex Inner Belt 2.0"- Multicam, size medium: $20
BFG 10-Speed double pistol magazine pouch- Multicam, belt-mounted: $20
BFG 10-Speed M4 magazine pouch- Multicam, belt-mounted: $20
BFG 10-Speed dump pouch- Multicam, belt mounted. Great condition: $30
Semapo MP7 x4 magazine pouch- Multicam, brand-new: $15
Madbull 300mm crawler 6.03mm inner barrel- Shot ~200 bb’s through it, your fps drop will vary: $20
LaRue handstop- comes with one, tan color: $5
EMG M-Lok vertical grip- black, comes with 11.1v 1100mah battery wired to deans that will fit inside grip. Both are brand new: $30
G&P grip- Taken from M870 breacher rail kit: $5
G&P M870 tan breaching choke- One has been taken out of package and has some chips: $10, 1 brand-new in package: $15
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2023.03.25 00:57 YouDontExistt M18 3/4 impact battery powered

I bought an m18 fuel 3/4 battery impact and I was wondering what are the optimal settings for doing semitruck wheels that are around 500 ft lbs.
Someone told me precision setting 11 and I'm good.
What about rpm or does it matter?
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2023.03.25 00:56 420MacMan [USA-CA][H] PS1+2+3+4+Vita, XBox OG+360+One, N64, SNES, Switch, Wii, Gamecube, DS, 3DS, TONS of Manuals/Covers/Cases [W] Paypal

Have a few items i'm trying to clear out all in great condition, noted if games are loose or CIB. Open to discount for bigger bundles.
Shipping starts at $5.00 and Free Shipping on Bundles over $75 with Friends & Family please. Pics upon request.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Storybook Edition SEALED $140
COD : Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition CIB $10
Plants vs Zombies 2 : Garden Warfare $10
FFXIV Complete Edition CIB $10
Has Been Heroes CIB $10
Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition CIB $$20
The Division $5
Deus Ex MD $10
3x PS4 Cases with Double Discs Slots $15

XBox One

One Lords of the Fallen $10
Assassins Creed Odyssey $10
Phantom Black Controller CIB USED $30 (Controller is 7/10 cosmetic wise with bottom back bumpers having heavy scuffs & 9/10 overall function wise)

PS Vita

Toukiden: Kiwami $35
The Walking Dead: Season 2 $30
Hot Shots Golf World Invitational $30
Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel 1 $60
Dynasty Warriors Next $25
Stranger Of Sword City $30
Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space $30
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace $45
Shantae Half-Genie Hero [Risky Beats Edition] $60
UnEpic SEALED $130
Risk Of Rain SEALED $45
Aqua Kitty SEALED $70
Trillion: God Of Destruction $30
Grand Kingdom Case $10
Toukiden : Kiwami Case $15
Reverie $40
Sir Eatsalot $50


Legend Of Legacy Launch Edition SEALED $65
Crush 3D Loose in 3DS Case $10
Cubic Ninja $10
Codename S.T.E.A.M $5
Warioware D.I.Y Loose in 3DS Case $30
Smash Bros 3DS CIB $17
Steel Diver CIB $8
Rodea the Sky Soldier Launch Edition CIB $30
OEM Charging Base for original 3DS $20


Fighter Maker Loose $10
FF Tactics GH CIB $30
FF9 CIB (Case damaged) $15
Crash Bandicoot 2 Loose in Twisted Metal GH Case $15
Sim City 2000 Game+Case (damaged) $15
Oddworld Abes Oddysee CIB $25


Intec DS Case $10
Score 6x Game Cartridge Case $10
Bleach Blade Of Fate Loose $15
Advance Wars 2 Days of Ruin Loose $30


N64 Console with hookups and 1x OEM Grey Controller (Controller is in good condition 8/10 and analog stick is 8/10, console was painted with black acrylic spray paint from previous owner and cartridge slot has been modded to play Japanese N64 carts so doesn't include the slot flaps) $80 shipped -
007 GoldenEye Loose $35
Beetle Adventure Racing Loose $20
Snowboard Kids 1 Loose $50

PS3 $6 Each unless Noted

Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles CIB $20
Zone Of The Enders HD Collection CIB $15
Yakuza 3 Loose $15
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Loose $15
Genji Days Of The Blade $20
Genji Days Of The Blade Loose $10
South Park : The Stick of Truth SEALED $10
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty Ghost
Need for Speed Pro Street
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Red Faction Guerilla x2
Battlefield 3
MoH Warfighter LE Loose
Darksiders 2
Crysis 2
Deus Ex HR
Call of Duty 2 Steelbook
Mercenaries 2 in Generic Case
Call of Duty MW3 x2
Assassins Creed 4 BF

PS2 $6 Each Unless Noted

MDK 2 Armageddon Loose $10
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 $10
The Getaway $10
Samurai Showdown Anthology $30
007 Agent Under Fire Loose $10
Welcome to Jumppack
Metal Arms in Generic Case
Army Men
NCAA Football 2004
Army Men : Sarges Hero
Full Spectrum Warrior
NCAA Football 2003
Eye Toy Antigrav with Eye Camera $20
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
Wheel of Fortune
Motorcross Mania 3
Seaworld Deep Sea Adventures
Socom US Navy Seal
Red Faction Case $5
Final Fantasy X-2

Snes Games

Mortal Kombat 2 (label is damaged) $10

XB360 $7 Each unless Noted

Zone Of The Enders HD Collection Limited Edition SEALED $60
Assassins Creed 1
Assassins Creed 3 Steelbook
The Evil Within
BF3 Limited Edition
Kinect Adventures
Call of Duty Ghosts
3rd Party Controller $10
Darksiders 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance in Gamestop Case $10
OEM Black Controller with Battery Pack $20

OG Xbox $7 Each unless Noted

TRON 2.0 Killer App $15
Call of Duty 2 $10
Need for Speed Underground $10
Midnight Club 3 Case with Burnout 3 Disc
Unreal Championship 1
Mace Griffon
Cabelas Deer Hunt 2005
Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball


GB Player OEM Case Holder *Missing outer cardboard and Manual $25
NFL2k3 CIB $8
Monopoly Party+Manual in Blockbuster Case $10
Star Wars Rogue Leader+Manual in DVD Case $15
Spiderman 2 Player's Choice (Missing Manual) $15
Megaman Anniversary Collection (Missing Manual) $20
MC Groovez Dance Craze$10
Fifa Soccer 2002 $10
Spiderman 1 Case $5
007 NightFire Case with Fantastic Four Games $5


TechKen Switch Pro Wireless Controller CIB Purple $20
Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA (PAL Version) CIB $40


Nights Journey of Dreams in Gamestop Case & Manual $10
Generic Dual Wiimote Charging Dock $10

Covers, Cases and Manuals

Wii Dragon Quest Swords Manual $7
Wii Monster Hunter 3 Manual $5
Wii Elebits Manual $5
GC Ghost Recon Case & Manual $7
GC True Crime Streets of LA Case & Manual $10
GC Spiderman 1 Case Only $7
GC Dead to Rights Case & Manual $10
GC Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Case & Manual $10
GC Hitman 2 Case & Manual $10
GC MoH Frontline Case & Manual $7
GC Rainbow Six 3 Case & Manual $7
PS2 Call of Duty FH Case & Manual $7
GC NFL 2K3 Case $5
GC Turok Evolution Case & Manual $5
PS4 Nioh Case $5
PS Vita Exist Archive Case $5
PS3 Zone of Enders HD Collection Case & Manual $10
PS2 Dragon Quest 8 Case & Manual $10
PS2 Onimusha 2 Case & Manual $10
PS2 Tekken 5 Case & Manual $10
PS2 Kingdom Hearts 1 GH Case & Manual $10
PS2 Kingdom Hearts 2 GH Case & Manual $10
PS2 Area 51 Case & Manual $10
GC NBA 2K2 Case & Manual $10
PS2 Final Fantasy X-2 Case $ Manual $10
PS2 Starwars Battlefront Case & Manual $10
GC Prince of Persia Cover & Manual $10
GC Viewtiful Joe 1 Manual $20
PS2 Katamari Damacy Cover & Manual $10
GC Burnout 3 Takedown $5
PS2 Nightmare before Christmas Oogies Revenge Cover & Manual $15
PS2 GTA San Andreas Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Capcom Classic Collection Cover & Manual $15
PS2 Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution Manual $5
PS2 Megaman X Collection Cover & Manual $15
PS2 Star Ocean Till the End of Time Cover & Manual $10
PS2 R-Type Final Cover & Manual $15
PS2 Soul Caliber 2 Cover $7
XB Panzer Dragoon Orta Cover & Manual $30
XB Ninja Gaiden Black Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Mad Maestro Cover & Manual $10
PS2 007 Everything or Nothing Manual $5
PS2 Half Life 2 Cover $10
PS2 Devil May Cry 3 Cover & Manual $10
PS2 FF X-2 Cover & Manual $10
PS2 REZ Cover & Manual $15
PS2 Rygar Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Chaos Legion Manual $7
PS2 Zone of Enders 1 Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Final Fantasy 12 Manual $7
PS2 Front Mission 4 Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Cover $7
PS2 Escape from Monkey Island Cover $7
PS1 Final Fantasy Chronicles GH Back/Front Cover & Manual $10
PS1 Tenchu 1 Cover & Manual $15
PS1 Final Fantasy 7 GH Front/Back Cover & Manual $15
PS1 Buster Bros Collection Cover & Manual $20
GC Zelda Master Quest Manual + Windwaker $30
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2023.03.25 00:54 Almalexia42 Join me...

Join me...
It looks way more like a lightsaber in the pictures than it does in person. It still looks great in person, but I love that it looks like a lightsaber in picture.
The kit came with 8 blades. 4 clear, 4 clear red. 2 of each are rounded (lightsaber style), while 2 are more pointed (Gundam style). 2 are plain plastic, 2 have this opaque coating on them. So you get every combination.
Pictured is the lightsaber style clear red color opaque blade. It was my favorite. The opaque coating seems to help contain the light in the blade and help the light reach the end of the blade.
The battery IS the sword hilt, which is metal. You can kinda see it in the pictures. I wish it was contained in plastic but it wouldn't fit in her hand if it did, so it's fine. At one end of the battery is a small led bulb. It's turned on and off by pushing it in(turn on) / pulling it out (turn off). Pushing it in is easy enough, but pulling it out is hard without the grey plastic hilt on it. The hilt makes it possible to connect the blades to the bulb-battery, and helps focus the light into the blade. When turned off, while the blade is held by the hilt, it can be a little loose. The connection to the bulb-battery is only tight when it's pushed in and turned on. Not so bad that you can't still pose it turned off, but good to note.
But yeah, it looks fantastic. I'd love to get either the blue or green one, but I don't know who I'd give them to. Red was a clear match for Auv Susanowo and looks so perfect. Do recommend. I like her giant claymore, but this is chefs kiss💋
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2023.03.25 00:51 islantius Website to compare smartphones

I have been using existing websites to compare smartphones and I have been missing some features. I've checked Kimovil, Versus, Gsmarena, Dxomark, many of them have great features but I had to be browsing between all of them to make my judgment.
Some of the features i missed are:
  1. Cross-platform benchmarks: If you are looking for comparing Iphones and Android only few benchmarks are valid, for example Browser Geekbench or CPU Benchmark. Most websites share Antutu benchmark score but that's not a valid cross-platform benchmark
  2. You are able to order by different scores: for example, by battery, camera, CPU, etc.
  3. You are able to define your level of importance of each topic. For example, the most important is the camera, then second most important battery life, third performance. According to these criteria the phones are shown to the user, the best camera ones with a decent battery life and not horrible performance.
Do you know any website offering those features?
Do you find them useful? Would you use a website with such features?
I'm asking these because i was thinking about spending the time to do it, but I really would like to build something useful so i'm asking for your most honest answer.
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2023.03.25 00:51 megadecimal 1998 Subaru Forester won't start

1998 Subaru Forester won't start
Please help me troubleshoot my starter. I suspect wires, hence the pictures. I can fix things like anything, but my troubleshooting skills are terrible. Let me know if these wires will cause my trouble:
Presently, the car tries to turn over. The starter turns the flywheel and the engine very slowly goes "Roor....Roor....Rooor." I'm expecting the clicking any second. The same happens when I tried boosting it with my 2014 Corolla.
The very last time we tried to start it, it had the same trouble, and we got the clicking after draining the battery. The tow truck boost fired it right up. I let the car run about 25 minutes before turning it off. This was at school, for context in the next paragraph.
That same day, it was being driven around town. (Like 1,000 people town) started and drove 2 minutes to the post office. Then started and drove 2 minutes to the library. Then started and drove 2 minutes to the school. Turned off.
Last week, it is was -35 and we found out the block heater was not plugged in. We drained the battery trying to start it that day. I couldn't boost it with my corolla, the tow truck got er done. But then it had some flickering interior and exterior lights while on and off. I "fixed" that with what looks like a relay reset button that's dangling under the steering column. I pushed the button and the lights stopped flickering. It has aftermarket LED headlights.
Oil looks good. Battery was tested good by the tow truck driver.
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2023.03.25 00:46 tatted_gamer_666 Any idea why my 2009 VW Jetta 2.5 doesn’t start on the first try? Sometimes takes 3 tries. Battery/spark plugs/coils are only 6-7 months old

Title pretty much says it all. I got a 09 Jetta with 165k miles on it back in November and the first week I drove it there were 0 issues. But then suddenly it stopped starting on the first try. It’ll crank but won’t turn over but turns over on the second try. Any idea what this could be? I took it to my shop of choice and of course it was one of the times when it started up first try no problem so they couldn’t diagnose it. They wanted to hold it over night to try it in the morning when the engine was completely cold but they wanted to charge $120 to hold it on the property over night. So opted out of that. Brought it to a VW dealer a month later where they charged me $92 for a diagnostic with no results because they also had no problems starting it up. Recently in the last month if I drive the car somewhere over 30 miles and then have to start it again within an hour of turning it off I have to crank it sometimes 3 times to get it to start and Everytime I have to do that the EPC light comes on until I put it in gear then it goes away. Any idea what can be causing this? The battery and spark plugs/coils were changed back in September before I got the car. One shop assumed it was the battery but the power the battery gives is reading normal so they decided it’s not that.
Basically -Car is used for first time in the day = takes 2 times to turn over -Car is turned off within the last hour and drove under 15 miles= starts up fine -Car is drove over 30 miles and turned off= 3 times to start + brief EPC light
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2023.03.25 00:45 Gigglemind Dell laptop (Inspiron 7000 series model 7577) failing to boot after cleaning fans and replacing battery with aftermarket. Won't reach splash screen.

Hi. Below are the exact steps I took and attempts to research and troubleshoot.
Took bottom panel off, unplugged battery with main power cable not connected. There was a ribbon stuck to the battery underneath it which I gently eased off. Held down power button after unplugging battery. Cleaned fans with compressed air. There was a brief spurt of vapour and it's possible the fans rotated the wrong way during cleaning.
Replaced battery, put bottom panel back on. Attempted to boot with just the new battery after around 30 minutes if cleaning fans.
Keyboard and power LED light up for under a second then that's it. Same with just old battery and with just main power cable.
Took off the bottom panel and powered up with main power cable no battery present. I noticed one or both of the fans will rotate for under a second with just plugging it in (not turning it on). Same will happen when powering up. I tried to coax the fans to spin more when powering up but doesn't help.
Cleaned that ribbon I touched that was stuck to the battery underside with alcohol.
Only thing I really found in research was an internal diag of holding down the D key when powering up. This is supposed to give a few different coloured screens and.possibly an error code, but I only get a white screen and it stays on for around the same amount of time, couple of seconds or less.
The only other thing else I saw was taking the CMOS battery out but not sure that would help with what should have been something routine, so haven't tried that. Hesitant the way thing are going.
The laptop is around four years old. I have seen complaints about the fans generally speaking , so not sure if I pushed them over the edge by cleaning?
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2023.03.25 00:45 tatted_gamer_666 Any idea why my 2009 Jetta takes 2 times sometimes 3 to turn over? Battery and spark plugs/coils are only a few months old.

Title pretty much says it all. I got a 09 Jetta with 165k miles on it back in November and the first week I drove it there were 0 issues. But then suddenly it stopped starting on the first try. It’ll crank but won’t turn over but turns over on the second try. Any idea what this could be? I took it to my shop of choice and of course it was one of the times when it started up first try no problem so they couldn’t diagnose it. They wanted to hold it over night to try it in the morning when the engine was completely cold but they wanted to charge $120 to hold it on the property over night. So opted out of that. Brought it to a VW dealer a month later where they charged me $92 for a diagnostic with no results because they also had no problems starting it up. Recently in the last month if I drive the car somewhere over 30 miles and then have to start it again within an hour of turning it off I have to crank it sometimes 3 times to get it to start and Everytime I have to do that the EPC light comes on until I put it in gear then it goes away. Any idea what can be causing this? The battery and spark plugs/coils were changed back in September before I got the car. One shop assumed it was the battery but the power the battery gives is reading normal so they decided it’s not that.
Basically -Car is used for first time in the day = takes 2 times to turn over -Car is turned off within the last hour and drove under 15 miles= starts up fine -Car is drove over 30 miles and turned off= 3 times to start + brief EPC light
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