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2023.03.25 01:37 stink-wrinkle Play in front wheel

Play in front wheel
I own a 2013 kia forte and have been noticing some scraping noise int he front end of the car. I jacked up the front passenger side wheel and there is a quite a bit of play when I shake it top to bottom and side to side. Fyi the wheel bearings have recently been replaced. What would you think the failing component is, and how should I address it? Thanks for your time.
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2023.03.25 01:32 J_Tumes Kia Forte Koup 2012 AC compressor out

I’m trying to get my car running after my AC clutch went out. There’s a Reddit post that said someone just bypassed the AC on their forte 2013, in guessing the engine didn’t change that much from 1 year model difference. Is it possible to do the same on my 12. If you look up schematics for the belt the bottom idler pulley looks to be in my way but I need my car to work so I can function. Any help/ advice would be great. I plan on replacing my compressor I just won’t pay $1300 for some shop to do it I’d rather do it on my own time and own hours. Thanks!
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2023.03.25 01:00 code_hunter_cc Setting up Rails app on Apache with passenger - Rails doesn't seem to load

I am trying to set up Rails on a Ubuntu instance by following along with documentation such as https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RubyOnRails. I am trying to set up the app from the Rails Getting Started page here: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html.
What I have done so far:
I believe it is the last two steps that are tripping me up, partly due to lack of familiarity with Apache and Rails (I am new to both).
In my virtual host file I am trying to point to the blog public dir in /vawww/blog. For my Rails route I have root :to => "home#index" as instructed.
When I browse to the http:// url I should normally be seeing my "Hello, Rails!" page per section 4.3 of the Getting Started guide, however all I see is the directory listing from Apache. Static pages work but not Rails processing.
At this point I am unclear if the passenger module is even doing anything or where to look for any evidence of what is happening. I tried various things like running the Rails app off a different virtual host called "blog" at http:///blog and the routing worked (static pages and all) but no Rails as above.
Update: after playing around some more, I now get a new error message (404):
Not Found
The requested URL /dispatch.cgi was not found on this server.
I have since determined that this cgi 404 was caused by a rewrite rule I had added to .htaccess from guidance from the help.ubuntu.com page I pointed out above. Looks like it wasn't necessary or applied to an older version of Rails. The inconsistencies in instructions when looking up help online is disorienting! Removing the file leaves me with the previous problem though.
Here's the entry in the Apache log that I believe correlates with the first error. Although I am no longer getting this error it seems, may be related to something else I was trying before...
[Fri May 27 22:49:41 2011] [notice] Apache/2.2.16 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.3.3-1ubuntu9 with Suhosin-Patch Phusion_Passenge3.0.7 configured -- resuming normal operations[Fri May 27 22:51:18 2011] [error] [client] File does not exist: /vawww/blog/rails, referer: Here's the most recent entry with the 404 on the cgi thing:
[Sat May 28 08:01:18 2011] [error] [client] File does not exist: /vawww/blog/dispatch.cgi What could I be missing? Thanks!
Additional details as requested. Apache sites file:
ServerAdmin [email protected] DocumentRoot /vawww/blog/ RailsEnv development # # Options FollowSymLinks # AllowOverride None # Options Indexes FollowSymLinks -MultiViews +ExecCGI AllowOverride All Order allow,deny allow from all # AddHandler cgi-script .cgi ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /uslib/cgi-bin/ AllowOverride None Options +ExecCGI -MultiViews +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch Order allow,deny Allow from all ErrorLog ${APACHE\_LOG\_DIR}/error.log # Possible values include: debug, info, notice, warn, error, crit, # alert, emerg. LogLevel warn CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined Alias /doc/ "/usshare/doc/" Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow from ::1/128 Another update: I was able to get it working, finally, by using a top level DocumentRoot (/vawww) and basing my Rails app off that using RailsBaseURI. This maps to the "Deploying to a sub URI" section of the Phusion Passenger instructions. It is used as http:///blog which is not really what I wanted to get, but it's kind of irrelevant as I am using this just to learn Rails in a virtual. I will need to go and work on getting it working as a top level app again sometime later. Here's my current (final) VirtualHost file for reference:
ServerAdmin [email protected] DocumentRoot /vawww/ RailsEnv development Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None RailsBaseURI /blog Options Indexes FollowSymLinks -MultiViews +ExecCGI AllowOverride All Order allow,deny allow from all # AddHandler cgi-script .cgi ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /uslib/cgi-bin/ AllowOverride None Options +ExecCGI -MultiViews +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch Order allow,deny Allow from all ErrorLog ${APACHE\_LOG\_DIR}/error.log # Possible values include: debug, info, notice, warn, error, crit, # alert, emerg. LogLevel warn CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined Alias /doc/ "/usshare/doc/" Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow from ::1/128
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/apache/setting-up-rails-app-on-apache-with-passenger-rails-doesnt-seem-to-load
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2023.03.25 00:45 DaCuda418 Calling KIA dealerships they are all so rude and have no inventory

What do the sales people do all day other than mouth off to customers so they never check back? I just want to get a car, will travel to get it but either they dont have anything or they just cant resist scamming customers or mouthing off BEFORE the sale is closed.
I mean all car dealers are crooks and liars but it seems KIA just takes it to a new level. Anyone know a large KIA dealership moving volume thats easy to work with? I have no problem traveling anywhere in the US to get the car.
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2023.03.25 00:11 Fantastic-Gift349 Update from the last on

July 2005, Science Magazine Article: https://www.sciencemag.org/site/feature/misc/webfeat/125th/
John Eccles - How The Self Controls Its Brain
Colin McGinn - The Mysterious Flame
Jaegwon Kim - Philosophy of Mind
Wilder Penfield - Mystery of the Mind
Richard Leblanc - The White Paper: Wilder Penfield, the Stream of Consciousness, and the Physiology of Mind
Can functional brain imaging discover consciousness in the brain? https://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/imp/jcs/2001/00000008/00000003/1089?fbclid=IwAR0S3Ipv4l2VpkKkLZOy-EZVQFta-AxsGioKwh49rxylBW-0yhkTWsgslW8
Jerome Feldman - The neural binding problem(s) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3538094/
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Constraint-induced movement therapy to enhance recovery after stroke: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4361809/
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Systematic Changes in Cerebral Glucose Metabolic Rate After Successful Behavior Modification Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8629886/
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: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11549754/
Rodolfo Llinas & Patrica Churchland - The Mind-Brain Continuum
J. M. Quen - Split Minds/Split Brains: Historical and Current Perspectives
https://journals.lww.com/jonmd/Abstract/1991/03000/Optical_Differences_in_Multiple_Personality.3.aspx https://www.southampton.ac.uk/news/2014/10/07-worlds-largest-near-death-experiences-study.page
Can be updated i delete the tags so you'll exactly go through the links Never accuse me of not saying my sources update one
Identification and characterization of diverse coherences in the Fenna–Matthews–Olson complex: https://www.nature.com/articles/s4155...
Quantum Effects in Biology: Bird Navigation: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science...
Molecular Vibration-Sensing Component in Human Olfaction: https://www.pnas.org/content/108/9/3797
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Visualizing transient Watson–Crick-like mispairs in DNA and RNA duplexes: https://www.nature.com/articles/natur...
Quantum Jitters Video: https://today.duke.edu/2015/03/quantu...
Can quantum probability provide a new direction for cognitive modeling: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journa...
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Is there something quantum-like about the human mental lexicon? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/arti...
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Dr. Stuart Hameroff - Quantum Cognition and Brain Microtubules: • Dr. Stuart Hamero...
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Ian stevenson https://med.virginia.edu/perceptual-studies/who-we-are/history-of-dops/dr-ian-stevenson/
ir Roger Penrose. Quantum Consciousness Theorist — Co-creator of the Orch OR model of the quantum nature of consciousness and memory. http://GF2045.com/speakers/
Knighted in 1994 for his contributions to science, Sir Roger Penrose OM FRS, is an English mathematical physicist, mathematician and philosopher.
The extraordinary scope of his work ranges from quantum physics and theories of human consciousness to relativity theory and observations on the structure of the universe. Penrose is internationally renowned for his scientific work in mathematical physics, in particular for his contributions to general relativity and cosmology. His primary interest is in a field of geometry called tesselation, the covering of surfaces with tiles of different shapes.
Among numerous prizes and awards, he received the 1988 Wolf Prize for physics, which he shared with Stephen Hawking for their contribution to our understanding of the universe.
He is the Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford, as well as an Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College.
"There is a current view that consciousness is something which arises from some complicated computation. So we have our computers, and people think that because they can do things amazingly fast, and they can calculate very quickly, and they can play chess extremely well, that they are superior to us even, and it is only some complicated aspect of this computational activity that somehow consciousness arises from that. Now my view is quite different from this. I think there is a lot of computational activity going on in the brain, but this is basically unconscious. So consciousness seems to me to be something quite different."
For more information about the GF2045 congress, please visit http://www.GF2045.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WXTX0IUaOg
This is the paranormal study division / https://med.virginia.edu/perceptual-studies/our-research/
This is the field girl a evidence of awareness frome doctor burns https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2023/03/22/1165131907/neuroplasticity-plasticity-glass-half-full-girl is this woman has lost half brain of her left side it showed not to hold her back it made her better and shes perfectly aware angst all odds showing the mind is stronger than most think
This is my study welcome
This part is different someone has passed away and there getting part of my studies mrs holly the teacher that played a big role on who am today rest in peace i hope your in a better place she was the one she will be remembered forever
Near-Death Experiences are intensely vivid and often life-transforming experiences, many of which occur under extreme physiological conditions such as trauma, ceasing of brain activity, deep general anesthesia or cardiac arrest in which no awareness or sensory experiences of any kind should be possible according to the prevailing views in neuroscience. View Dr. Bruce Greyson’s informative personal Website.
A near-death experience, or NDE, is a common pattern of events that many people experience when they are experiencing intense threat, are seriously ill or come close to death. Although NDEs vary from one person to another, they often include such features as the following: feeling very comfortable and free of pain a sensation of leaving the body, sometimes being able to see the physical body while floating above it the mind functioning more clearly and more rapidly than usual a sensation of being drawn into a tunnel or darkness a brilliant light, sometimes at the end of the tunnel a sense of overwhelming peace, well-being, or absolute, unconditional love a sense of having access to unlimited knowledge a “life review,” or recall of important events in the past a preview of future events yet to come encounters with deceased loved ones, or with other beings that may be identified as religious figures While these features are commonly reported, many NDEs differ from this pattern and include other elements. For example, some near-death experiences may be frightening or distressing rather than peaceful. We are interested in hearing about all kinds of near-death and similar experiences, and in studying their effect on persons who have them. Veridical NDEs We are particularly interested in studying NDEs that may bear on the question of whether the mind can function outside the physical body, and on whether we may survive bodily death. One such type of experience is the so-called veridical NDE, in which experiencers acquire verifiable information that they could not have obtained by any normal means. For example, some experiencers report seeing events going on at some distant location, such as another room of the hospital; or an experiencer might meet a deceased loved one who then communicates verifiable information the experiencer had not known. Other kinds of NDEs that may bear on the mind/body question include those in which mental functioning seems to be enhanced despite physiological evidence that the brain is impaired. The causes of NDEs are complex and not fully known. While many medical and psychological explanations have been offered, they remain speculative and often fall short of explaining the entire phenomenon. Participate in Research:
1) Investigating physician barriers to acceptance of near-death experiences-IRB-SBS Protocol #5305 Call for research with physicians who have had a near-death experience. Dr. Marieta Pehlivanova and Dr. Bruce Greyson are recruiting physicians who have had a near-death experience (NDE) for an online study. The purpose of the study is to learn about physicians’ attitudes toward NDEs. These are personal and deeply transformative experiences that patients can experience when they are in a medical crisis or close to death. Patients sometimes report the feeling of leaving their bodies, going through a tunnel, strong positive emotions, and a sense of having a life review, among others. Because of the impact of NDEs on experiencers’ lives, patients sometimes talk about these experiences with their physicians. This research aims to improve these interactions. We are interested in your participation even if you have not had patients who have reported an NDE. Participation in the study will take about 15 minutes of your time and will consist of an anonymous online questionnaire. You are eligible to participate if you are 18 years of age or older, are a physician in any specialty, have had a near-death experience, and are fluent in English. This research project has been approved by the University of Virginia’s Institutional Review Board for the Social Sciences (protocol #530 If you are a physician who has had a near-death experience, are fluent in English, and you are interested in participating in this study, please contact the investigators at [email protected] and [email protected] .
2) Near-Death Experiences, IRB-SBS Protocol #3365: Bruce Greyson and Marieta Pehlivanova are conducting ongoing research into NDEs. If you are over age 18, currently healthy, and would like to share a near-death experience of any type with the researchers at the Division of Perceptual Studies, please share your experience via Contact Us. 3) Near-Death Experiences: Comparing Two Scales of Near-Death Experience Features, IRB-SBS Protocol #4885 Call for research participants who have had a near-death experience Dr. Bruce Greyson and Dr. Marieta Pehlivanova at the UVA Division of Perceptual Studies are recruiting individuals who have had a near-death experience (NDE) for an online study. These are personal and transformative experiences that sometimes happen when one is close to death or under the threat of death. This research asks for your opinion about the wording of questionnaires about NDEs and will allow researchers to improve these questionnaires to better reflect the experiences people have. Participation in the study will take up to 20 minutes of your time and will consist of a single online questionnaire. You are eligible to participate if you have had an NDE, are 18 years of age or older, and are fluent in English. You will not be paid for your participation. If you are interested in enrolling in this study, please contact Marieta Pehlivanova for the link to fill out the survey ( [email protected]). Please do not fill out this questionnaire more than once, if you receive it from different sources. Thank you for your support of this important research. Near-death experiencer Anita Moorjani and Dr. Brian Walker
Dr. Bruce Greyson, Anita Moorjani and Dr. Brian Walker visiting DOPS, May 2019 Author and NDE experiencer Anita Moorjani, and her former doctor at the time of her profound NDE, Dr. Brian Walker, visited Dr. Greyson in May of 2019 to exchange rich, thought-provoking ideas around the fascinating topic of near-death experiences. Dr. Brian Walker and Anita recorded an interesting interview while they were visiting us at the UVA Division of Perceptual Studies. We invite you to watch this video of Anita Moorjani and Dr. Brian Walker. Dr. Walker was a witness to Anita’s severely deteriorated medical condition before she had her profound near-death experience. In her best selling book “Dying to Be Me“, Anita writes about the life affirming changes she experienced after her NDE. In the book she describes the events and serious medical illness which led to her profound near-death experience. Near-death experiencers Anita Moorjani and Dr. Authors and near-death experiencers Eben Alexander and Anita Moorjani had complex, medically documented illnesses at the time they experienced their profound, life-altering near-death experiences. Both were gravely ill and their recoveries in both cases astounded and perplexed the attending medical professionals. Eben wrote a best selling book describing his transformative near-death experience and the dire medical circumstances leading up to them. His best selling book is called “Proof of Heaven“. Eben Alexander granted Dr. Greyson permission to review his medical records resulting in Dr. Greyson’s academic analysis of this case which can be seen here (pdf). Anita and Eben attended a meeting of the DOPS researchers to talk about their NDEs. We enjoyed a fascinating discussion with them regarding the many layers of life affirming aftereffects of near-death experiences. https://www.everystudent.com/features/is-there-a-god.html
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2023.03.24 23:45 jamamez Thoughts on the Mazda 3 being unreliable?

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2023.03.24 23:41 dustinthib209 2009 Kia Sorento LX 130k miles 3.3L AC problems

I'm helping a friend out with his ac not working. He said he had to add freon a few times but would eventually leak out. Then one day the compressor would not kick on at all. I tried adding freon but the compressor never kicked on even with 60psi on the low side. I figured it could be the relay but that checked out to be ok and it was getting power to the relay. I guess it could also be a bad pressure switch but I was able to feed 12v directly to the AC clutch and it did engage the clutch but my ac gauge needle never moved. I could not get the compressor to take any freon. So it HAS to be a bad compressor right? I don't want him to spend money on a compressor only to find out that's not the problem. Thanks

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2023.03.24 23:31 alienfranco My ex-fling viewed my profile on the dating app we met 6 months after she ghosted me. Why do people do this? I suspect she might have BPD but unsure

On the app we met you can't browse profiles that haven't been active within the last hour. Unless you still have their messages or the contact in your favourites and I hadn't been active on the app for 48 hours. So that means she kept my messages and/or has me in her favourites. I still have my premium account so I can see viewed me. Maybe she doesn't know that. Maybe she does and she's deliberately trying to "hoover" me. Because one time I caught her viewing my profile twice back in early November and I messaged her "hey stranger" and she didn't reply.
I suspected since we first met that she might have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I had an online relationship with a woman in 2011 who had diagnosed BPD. And all my exes share similar characteristics to her. I attract crazy and am attracted to crazy. Though this woman in particular is the most sane person I've been romantically involved with. I've read that Quiet BPD is more mild and it's more common for people with this subtype to ghost and have a dismissive-avoidant attachment style. Whereas people with Classic BPD are more likely to be clingy or verbally abusive (I've dated women like this before). Which might be why I developed feelings for her I guess. She was just the right amount of crazy that I needed in my life. In terms of making me feel alive but not stressed.
In the beginning it was just sex. We made out and we blew each other in my car on the first "date." I have fuckboy tendencies admittedly and we were overcome with lust. After losing weight and hitting the gym last summer, I gained confidence and started to dress and cut my hair like "Chad" and embraced my inner fuckboy. She was the most passionate kisser and lover I had. She mentioned that I was a great kisser. I fed off her energy for me. The oxytocin just came at me fast when we kissed. I felt lust but also tenderness and affection towards her. I hadn't felt that way in 6 years. When I had a 8+ month relationship (this one IRL) with a woman whom I strongly suspect had BPD based on her behaviour.
I'm an autistic, socially awkward, introverted shy guy and she brought me out of my shell. She called me daddy (there was quite a bit of an age gap between us. She was 25 1/2 and I was about to turn 37). She was like a succubus but also the girl-next-door. I saw the hunger and desire she had for me in her eyes. She said that I was hot. And mentioned that when she saw my profile on the app, she showed her friend and was like "he's so hot." She made me feel like a Chad Incubus God. I loved the way I made her smile and laugh. When she asked about my major and said I had majored in Psychology, she asked me if I can tell that she has mental problems and she laughed. She was radiant. When I noticed how beautiful she looked in the moonlight about 20 minutes after she took my load in that dimly-lit parking lot, I thought to myself, "that's wifey right there" and held her hand.
She'd text me every day. Multiple times a day. She'd initiate most of the conversations actually. The next day she asked me to come see her again. lol. And I did. She was moving fast and this made me suspect she has BPD even more. But I thought, "If she does have BPD like my ex, I'm going to enjoy this ride while it lasts." The second "date" was great too. She remarked how passionate I was when we were making out. I said she was a bad girl while we were dirty talking. She said, "I'm bad, I'm bad, you like it." hnnggg. The third time I saw her, she was staying at a hotel for a friend's wedding. I went to go visit her. It was my birthday. I had an anxiety attack, I have generalized anxiety disorder. And she held my hand, kissed and cuddled me. And assisted me during my attack and calmed me down.
She talked about how mental health is important and said she's supportive of me. And in my head I was thinking, "Shit, I'm feeling exactly how I felt about my ex right now. But I know it's too soon to fall in love." I have been ghosted before for having an anxiety attack so that is a big thing for me. We held hands in public together. We practically made love all night. While we were in bed she said that I'm all yours, you're all mine. Your cock is all mine, mine is all yours. And I agreed. I literally stopped talking to other girls after I met her IRL and deleted the apps before the third. Yeah I know big mistake in hindsight. I told her that I was crazy about her and that she made me feel alive. And she said the same. I was afraid I'd come across as love bomby myself. I was like high as a kite on oxytocin. Thank God I wasn't rolling molly or anything like that because I'm afraid I would have dropped the L word if I had no inhibitions. The way that I felt relieved of my inhibitions when I was with her scared me. We didn't get much sleep. I stayed the night. Showered together. I left in the morning. Afterwards she talked about how romantic our night was.
Afterwards she said it would be nice for me to take her out for dinner sometime. I said I'd love to. Near the beginning of the first "date" she suggested being FWBs but I wanted more anyways and I was 100% confident that this is what she wanted. She had to cancel dinner plans because she had to stay late at work that week. But we had some time to get bubble tea later in the week. She talked about all these couple type activities she wanted to do with me in the future. Which in hindsight might have been future faking (which is what you see in people with BPD or NPD). But my mood was all 🥰 at the time. She said that she cared about me.
On the last date, she was in a downer mood because of work stress. I was keen to cheer her up. I might have said or did something that upset her on the last couple dates. But she pretended like everything was fine. The first tell that everything was not fine was when I caressed her haiface while stopped at a red light and she recoiled. I've done this before with her while we were making out and in bed. And given her energy up until now smiling and laughing with me and how she'd always send me selfies of her smiling and looking so happy, even I couldn't miss the shift in her energy and I'm autistic ffs. In bed while I was feeling really good I said, "you're my woman." She said, "say it again", I repeated myself. She said "say it again!" Haha. So I thought things were good with us again. Immediately after I came, she got dressed and I was thinking "bruh. I recognize that (right before I have been ghosted by other women before)."
I wanted to take her somewhere to eat. But she didn't want to get a sit-down meal, she wanted fast food. Man. After the date she sent me a nice selfie of her where she looked happy. So I figured all was well. But tomorrow, she doesn't hit me up. That is so unlike her. So I text her at 7pm. She's still working. We had a nice text conversation later that night. Maybe one thing I said in text upset her. But she didn't communicate that to me. I tried to do an experiment to see if she'd reach out to me if I don't reach out to her first. And for 48+ hours she didn't attempt to reach out to me. I also re-downloaded the app and lo and behold she was on there. Even though we had a verbal exclusivity agreement.
So I text her three days later early in the am (lol) because this was on my mind and I couldn't sleep saying I noticed a shift in her energy and asked her some other questions including why was she on the app and I repeated what she told me in bed verbatim with regards to exclusivity. What happened? She said that was just in the heat of the moment during sex and wasn't an exclusivity agreement. Bruh. She also said that we mostly just hooked up, she didn't know if it was serious or not between us. I replied saying thank you for clearing things up and apologized for making things awkward. I just thought that she was upset with me or got the ick.
And then I never heard from her again after that and I fully expected to be ghosted after that and I was right. I gave her 9 days of space to see if she'd reach out to me. I watched Bros in theatres and might have listened a bit too much of Marvin's Room, keshi and Weston Estate so I just said fuck it I'm going to text her anyway and reveal that I had caught feelings for her. What did I say or do, why her did her mood shift, what happened? No reply. I tried again a couple days later saying I regret upsetting her if I did. I didn't mean to. I regret losing her in my life. I told her that she made me feel alive (I previously said that to her before when we were seeing each other and she was elated then). No reply.
My black pill buddies on the internet warned me back when I was seeing her that this girl would break my heart and push me deep into the black pill given the circumstances in which we met. Because she gave me head in my car on the first "date" and therefore she's not a proper lady and such. And I told him, "nah man, that's slut shaming." I see that she's still on the app we met 6 months later. And my inner demon just flies me into black pilled rage. My demon conjures up images of her hooking up with all these Chads off the app like she did with me. My inner demon was telling me she doesn't even think about you, you're nothing to her, the memories you shared meant nothing to her, you're just another cock in a cock carousel to her. I had feelings for her and didn't treat her like a fetish like those chasers. And she never told me what I did wrong or if there was another guy.
But then when I looked at her IG (set to public) in search of answers I saw that there was a lot of mental health issues going on with her that she didn't disclose to me. She has Depression, insecurities (she did indirectly reveal one insecurity to me), doesn't love herself, says that she has the tendency to self-sabotage. She mentioned falling in love and out of love in the past year and feeling heart break. If I ever broke her heart, she didn't give me the memo. So my inner demon was like "I bet Chad broke her heart, you're not even a blip on her radar, hahahaha." She talked about how she will hold the memories dear to her heart forever. And my inner demon was, "is she talking about you or is she talking about Chad? hahahaha."
It's more comforting in a way for me to assume the worst and hate her because that would give me maximal closure. It's the fucking worst when I see that she still checks my profile. Because that gives me hope that she feels the same way about me. Like she says, she has a saboteur inside of her. Just like I do. People with BPD have a simultaneous fear of abandonment and fear of engulfment. And self-sabotage is definitely a characteristic of BPD.
I think when I caressed her haiface in that last date, shit got too real for her and she ran away. To avoid the potential for future abandonment. A lot of straight men on Grindr where we met are only interested in transwomen for casual sex. And would be embarrassed to be seen with a transwoman in public. Probably why she reads books like How To Date Men When You Hate Men. While I went on dates with her, held hands with her in public, etc. I also didn't disclose to her that I was mildly bisexual. She thought I was completely straight. I didn't disclose because some transwomen only date straight men.
It could also be she thought I was a love bombing narcissistic fuckboy who wasn't serious about her. But how could she not know how I felt about her when I made it clear? I've only felt this way about someone else twice, including the old ex with BPD. On Grindr when we first met she had on her profile she was looking for "right now" in addition to a relationship and dates. But then a month after she ghosted me, she removed the "right now" bit on her looking for. lol. So I gave thought to the possibility she thought I was on some fuckboy shit and broke her heart. If she does have BPD and I triggered her fear of abandonment, it is what it is. I can live with that, move on and heal. It's not about the fact that she isn't in my life anymore. It's the ambiguity of how things ended.
I've tried talking to my last therapist last summer about that old ex with BPD. And my therapist cut it short, told me just don't date women with BPD and basically changed the subject on me. lol. I definitely had a trauma bond with that past ex and this trauma bond has kind of transferred to this girl. In addition the two other dysfunctional relationships I had after her. Like yeah I have the common sense to know that untreated BPD is bad news. But the trauma bond is still there. The only women who I manage to connect with are women who have traumas. And it doesn't help that psychotherapy is expensive here and that I have to pay huge premiums to get psychotherapy coverage. My friends provided little emotional support and my father and sister provided no emotional support.
The trauma bond (for those who aren't familiar with them) works like this for me: I know 100% if she texts me out of the blue, I'm going to go see her and sleep with her, be emotionally involved and if she has untreated BPD it's not going to end well for me. It's like addictive behaviour. After she checked out my profile, I saw some old selfies of her she sent me in her messages. And I contrasted that with the dark stuff she posted on IG and thought to myself, "she was so happy when she was with me. I had no clue she suffered from mental health issues." And then I just started crying involuntarily. My casual sex experiences feel so hollow compared to how she made me feel. Even though it started with casual sex. When we first hooked up, I had no expectations. I was feeling depressed striking out on the apps. I gave it a go. I thought she was just going to be a cheap fuck for me to lay and then oxytocin came at me fast.
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2023.03.24 23:27 Toucanoe02 Possible Skulltimate Ecrets 2 Release?

Hey guys!! I'm kinda in a dilemma here. So I've been a huge Frankie stan since 2011, but so far I haven't really been interested in their G3 releases until seeing their skulltimate secrets fearidescent doll.
The problem is that here in Australia we only got the skulltimate secrets 1 a couple days ago. Apart from that, only the core dolls (excluding Ghoulia, Deuce, and Toralei) are available in stores. The only other thing in stores is the Ghoul Mobile playset. No budget dolls, creepover, etc.
I was never really into the first skulltimate secrets line, but now I'm kinda tempted since buying Draculaura for my sister. And, seeing as they're selling out in other places I'm kinda worried lol.
I've been completely obsessed with Frankie's skulltimate secrets 2 since those first pictures were released, but I have no idea when they'll release OR if they'll even be available in Australia.
Does anyone know generally when the skulltimate secrets 2 might release? Is it better to just get skulltimate secrets 1 in case 2 is never available in Australia?
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2023.03.24 23:23 seedypete Trying to build a Blood Knight transmog but running into issues.

Here is the set I'm trying to assemble for my Blood Elf paladin, either this:
or this:
Problem is I'm having a hard time following the comments on those two sets about how you needed a certain BG rating in Vanilla WoW to have access to these pieces, etc.
I didn't start until Burning Crusade and haven't played in years and I never really PVP'd much so I'm sure I'm lacking whatever old title is necessary, but I also noticed the comments saying this isn't possible are from 2011 so I'm hoping something has changed since then.
So if someone could ELI5 the steps necessary to go buy these Replica Lamellar pieces, if possible, I would really appreciate it. I found the vendor Leeni Smalls in Netherstorm, but everything is locked. Do I need to do rated BGs until I hit a certain point, or are these things completely unavailable?
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2023.03.24 23:20 Key-Effort-6239 How to cook meat after being Vegetarian & Vegan for over 10 years?

I went vegetarian when I was 17 on Feb 2, 2011. Then vegan on Feb 14, 2015. On Jan 29, 2022, I ate a steak for the 1st time since I was 17. Ever since, I've been eating normally. But during my whole veg life I refused to cook meat for people. I feel like I am stunted cooking wise because I had only learned how to really cook meat when I was 14. My mom & step dad did all the cooking. & it was the same thing at my grandparents' house. I have only been able to cook 1 steak months after going meat eater. & that's the only meat I've cooked. I live on restaurants or other ppl cooking for me. My fam has said to follow recipes, but I literally do not know how to. Because the recipes are already based on common knowledge & they expect you to already know things. I basically have the mind of a toddler when it comes to cooking. Someone told me that if it's such a hassle I should just go back to vegan. But that's not an option. That was hell for me. Especially health wise. I had terrible inflammation problems ever since I became vegan. I could tell it was about to rain because my body pain would flare up. Now? I haven't noticed it in months. I can actually lift things at work too. Anyway, does anyone have any simple & I mean SIMPLE recipes for someone like me?
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2023.03.24 22:56 dustinthib209 2009 Kia Sorento LX AC problems

I'm helping a friend out with his ac not working. He said he had to add freon a few times but would eventually leak out. Then one day the compressor would not kick on at all. I tried adding freon but the compressor never kicked on even with 60psi on the low side. I figured it could be the relay but that checked out to be ok and it was getting power to the relay. I guess it could also be a bad pressure switch but I was able to feed 12v directly to the AC clutch and it did engage the clutch but my ac gauge needle never moved. I could not get the compressor to take any freon. So it HAS to be a bad compressor right? I don't want him to spend money on a compressor only to find out that's not the problem. Thanks
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2023.03.24 22:22 mikelanda_ I need help to access some random websites

I'm currently using a mid-2011 iMac while I get my personal computer fixed. The problem began when I couldn't access certain webpages on any browser (www.rbtv77 com, for example. And I could on my iPhone). I get a "couldn't access server message", so I figured it out it could be due to it running High Sierra so I tried to unofficially update with OCLP, but it was not possible due to it having a AMD 6750 Graphics Card because it was running awfully, so I had to go back to High Sierra.
Can I fix the website problem in High Sierra?
thank you
p.s.: got to clarify: 1. I cannot use OCLP because my AMD Radeon 6750 won’t let me 2. ive tried safari, chrome and firefox. In chrome I get “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”.
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2023.03.24 22:13 redflactober 2017 Kia Forte. What’s the issue?

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2023.03.24 22:04 CaspianX2 Calculator for Nintendo 3DS - Review


Genre: Application
Players: 1
Calculator is a Calculator Application released on the Nintendo DSi via the DSiWare service in 2011 and also released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. As the title indicates, this software is a calculator. You know, type in numbers, do equations, that sort of thing.
The presentation here tries to mimic the look of a calculator as closely as possible, with keys on the bottom screen and a numerical screen on top, with no background music or noise aside from a small tap when you press a key.
This calculator tool doesn’t really explain its functions well to those using it, and I’m no calculator expert, but I can say that it does have different numerical systems (binary, decimal, octal, and hex), as well as what looks like logarithmic functions… yeah, I dunno, this is kinda’ out of my depth. I can say this doesn’t appear to be a graphing calculator software though. Oh, and I suppose I should mention that there’s also a handy unit conversion tool included here too.
The problem of course is that this is the sort of app we all already have access to on our smartphones. As such, I don’t know why you would spend $2 and waste precious space on your Nintendo 3DS for an app that does what you can undoubtedly do on your phone for free.
So… yeah, don’t buy Calculator, not unless you want to own a $2 oddity on your Nintendo 3DS.
tl;dr – Calculator is a Calculator Application that makes no sense to buy in a world where most people have a smartphone that can easily do the same thing for free. Unless you want this as some sort of curio, skip it.

Grade: F

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This month’s sponsors are Ben, Andy Miller, Exlene, Homer Simpin, Johannes, Talissa, Eli Goodman, Gabriel Coronado-Medina, Ilya Zverev, Kristoffer Wulff, and Seth Christenfeld. Thank you for helping to keep the reviews coming!
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2023.03.24 22:04 CaspianX2 MyDiary for Nintendo 3DS - Review


Genre: Application
Players: 1
MyDiary is an Application released on the Nintendo DSi via the DSiWare service in 2011 and then grandfathered into the Nintendo 3DS eShop when that system was released. As you might guess, MyDiary is an Application that lets you use your Nintendo DSi/Nintendo 3DS as a Diary.
This application is used in “book mode” with your Nintendo 3DS turned sideways, and players can use their touchscreen to select a date on the calendar and write or draw whatever they want in that page, which they can alter to look blank, lined, or like graph paper. You can even put a PIN lock on entries so only you can access them, you can set alarms, and if you can any of the MyNotebook applications, you can unlock additional customizations.
So... all of that probably looked really appealing when this title was released over a decade ago. But now most of us have these things called smartphones, and we can use them to write or draw whatever we want, keep dates stored on calendars, set an alarm, set a PIN number so only we can access them, or even customize them how we want.
Yeah, when all of us already have a device that does all of this stuff and far, far more, it’s hard to see much value in MyDiary at this point. Unless you want to get your Nintendo 3DS to do a small fraction of what your smartphone can already do, skip this one.
tl;dr – MyDiary is an Application that lets users turn their Nintendo 3DS into their own personal digital diary. The problems is, these days everything this software does is now done even better by the smartphones most of us already own. As such, it’s hard to see much a point to this software.

Grade: F

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2023.03.24 21:57 TheCrowsNestTV [GO TO THE HANGAR.] Fallout 3, but you can join The Enclave. (Eden Path)

You head down the Hallway towards the Hangar and board the Vertibird. You are flown to Fort Jefferson and insert the Modified F.E.V. into the Console when no one is looking. Another Officer and a squad of Soldiers approach you and inform you of some new Orders. They are to accompany you to Vault 87 to recover the G.E.C.K and some important data.
You all board the Vertibird and are flown to the Entrance to Vault 87. You and the Enclave Squad enter the Vault and fight off hoards of Super Mutants. The G.E.C.K and the Data is recovered. After all the Super Mutants are eliminated, you and the Enclave Squad return to the Vertibird to head back to Fort Jefferson. James is happy you found a G.E.C.K. and is proud of you. All the extra repairs have been done and wants you to do the honors of activating it, unaware of the F.E.V. that's in the Water now.
The G.E.C.K. is attached and Clean Water is finally pouring into the Basin. It'll take a couple weeks for the Water to fully purify, but it's finally achieved. Clean water, for any and all. Your next order is to return to Raven Rock and report to President Eden. You take the Vertibird alone and head to his Office.
You give Eden the Data and he congratulates you on a job well done. Suddenly, you're shot by a Laser and fall to the ground. An Enclave Agent was hiding in a dark corner waiting for you. Eden tells you that you are a hero for eliminating the Mutant Problem in America, starting with you. You will always be remembered for this and everything goes dark.

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2023.03.24 21:39 hluna1998 POLL (let’s do this again bc omg…): If you commute to UTA using public transportation, would you prefer alternatives to Via?

Redoing this because people had problems with the wording of the first poll
As we all know, the City of Arlington historically doesn’t believe in real public transportation. Via is an awful substitute for it (here’s my personal experience this morning with Via).
Most current students probably don’t know this, but there apparently used to be a bus (Metro Arlington Xpress or MAX) that ran between College Park and CentrePort, but it was discontinued due to low ridership (I’m assuming because taking transit to a train station, then transferring to the TRE, then transferring to the MAX was likely very time consuming). It would’ve been smarter to just run a bus/passenger van (like the ones that Trinity Metro uses on its routes with lower ridership) straight to UTA from EBJ Union in Dallas and Central Station in Fort Worth.
Would those of you that currently commute to campus prefer an alternative (such as a direct route from Dallas via DART and Fort Worth via Trinity Metro)?
View Poll
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2023.03.24 21:15 PARAMEDlC The Confederate States Presidential Election of 1867

The Confederate States Presidential Election of 1867

Map of the Confederate States of America - 1867

1st (Provisional) President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis
Vice President of the Confederacy Alexander H. Stephens
Secretary of State Robert Toombs (1861 - 1861), Robert M.T. Hunter (1861 - 1862), William M. Browne (1862 - 1862), Judah P. Benjamin (1862 - Present)
Secretary of the Treasury Christopher Memminger (1861 - 1864), George Trenholm (1864 - 1865), John H. Reagan (1865 - Present)
Secretary of War LeRoy Pope Walker (1861 - 1861), Judah P. Benjamin (1861 - 1862), George W. Randolph (1862 - 1862), James Seddon (1862 - 1865), John C. Breckenridge (1865 - Present)
Secretary of the Navy Stephen Mallory
Postmaster-General John H. Reagan
Attorney General George Davis

The American Civil War
Decades of political controversy over slavery were brought to a head by the victory of Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans in the Presidential Election of 1860, who opposed slavery's expansion into the western territories. An initial seven southern slave states responded to Lincoln's victory by seceding from the United States and, in February 1861, forming the Confederacy. The Confederacy seized U.S. forts, such as Fort Sumter, and other federal assets within their borders. Led by Confederate President Jefferson Davis, the Confederacy asserted control over about a third of the U.S. population in eleven of the 34 U.S. states that then existed.
Four years of intense and bloody fighting ensued.
The Civil War was a contest marked by the ferocity and frequency of battle. Over four years, 237 named battles were fought, as were many more minor actions and skirmishes, which were often characterized by their bitter intensity and high casualties. In his book The American Civil War, British historian John Keegan writes,
"The American Civil War was to prove one of the most ferocious wars ever fought". In many cases, without geographic objectives, the only target for each side was the enemy's soldier.
The Battle of Gettysburg
The Battle of Gettysburg proved to be a triumphant victory for the southern states, with Robert E. Lee's Army of Army of Northern Virginia defeating the Union Army of the Potomac under the command of General George Meade after Confederate Forces managed to capture Little Round Top. General Meade would order a counterattack to retake Little Round Top, though he was unsuccessful due to a portion of his men running out of ammunition. Because of this, General Meade was forced to retreat to Pipe Creek, allowing for Lee to consolidate confederate holdings and properly feed his soldiers. This, combined with Confederate artillery concentrating fire on Union positions, causing Union guns to be put out of commission, as well as a successful Pickett's Charge, resulted in a resounding Confederate success.
The Union defeat at Gettysburg was a huge blow to morale on the side of the Union. With Lincoln not having the momentum to issue the emancipation proclamation (as he had done so in our timeline), many within the north would begin to lose hope and blame President Lincoln and his administration for dragging on the war instead of bringing it to a conclusion.
A painting of Pickett's Charge
The 1864 Presidential Election and the End of the War
With the Confederate upper hand and the Union fighting what is seen by many up north as a losing war, President Lincoln would fail to secure reelection, though he still retains a somewhat small and loyal following within the Republican Party and is active in Republican politics to this day. Lincoln, as of 1867, is seen as the cause of the civil war between the north and south, as he is blamed for upsetting the status quo and fragile balance of power between slave states and free states.
General George B. McClellan, the democratic opponent, would narrowly win the election against Lincoln, becoming the 17th President of the United States, with George H. Pendleton becoming his Vice President. After being sworn into office, McClellan and his administration would work to broker a peace between the Union and the Confederacy, bringing the Civil War to a close.

General Lee and Grant shake hands at the Appomattox Court House
President George B. McClellan
Issues Domestic and Foreign
Despite the war coming to a close, the Confederacy is wracked with a variety of problems, such as economic inflation due to there being no standardized currency, a stagnant economy because of the CSA's heavy reliance on slave labor, little to no industrialization, and a growing divide between the Southern working man and the rich and elite plantation class/aristocracy. The Confederate States has also struggle to gain recognition internationally, with the nations of Russia and the Ottoman Empire not recognizing the independence of the confederacy. The United Kingdom has not recognized the independence of the Confederacy, but maintains a trading partnership with the Confederate States. France, Brazil, the Netherlands, and the German Confederation recognize Confederate Independence. Additionally, the Kingdom of Spain and her vast colonial empire do not recognize Confederate independence, with a growing concern among the Spanish population that the Confederate States may attempt to exert their influence over their Caribbean possession of Cuba.
The Candidates and their Positions
The candidates standing for election are as follows...
Alexander H. Stephens is the incumbent Vice President from the state of Georgia. He represents the Whig Party, which was founded following the split of the Democratic Party in the Confederate States following the conclusion of the War. During the war, he was one of Jefferson Davis' largest opponents, criticizing him for his use of conscription in the south, as well as his suspension of Habeas Corpus.
Stephens is campaigning on a platform of expanding states rights and increasing the rights of the planter class, and is generally in favor of the "aristocratic" nature of the planter elite within the south. He is fervently in favor of the expansion of the powers of the legislative powers of the confederate congress, and is a strong believer in Christian fundamentals and traditions, preaching that the Confederate States is subservient to the will of the "almighty God and his son, Jesus Christ". Stephens is also anti-executive authority and pro-slavery, and is famously quoted as saying..
"The negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and moral condition."
His running mate is the Mayor of Lynchburg, Jack Corbin, who is also a Whig.

Vice President Alexander Stephens
Jack Corbin, the Mayor of Lynchburg
John C. Breckinridge is the incumbent Secretary of War, and is the nominee for the Old Democratic Party / The Democratic Party. He is from Kentucky, and served as Vice President under James Buchanan. He would run against Abraham Lincoln for President in 1860 as the Democratic nominee, losing against him by a margin of nearly one million votes. Initially against secession, he would join the side of the Confederacy in 1861 after being expelled from the Senate and branded as a traitor. During the course of the war, he would fight valiantly, ascending to the rank of Lieutenant General. Breckinridge would see action at notable battles such as the Battle of Shiloh and the Battle of Lynchburg, before being appointed as Secretary of War in 1865.
Breckinridge is campaigning on a platform of economic liberalism and social conservatism. In an attempt to solve the currency and inflation issues plaguing the Confederate States, he aims to create a national bank and a standardized currency, while also lowering tariffs to increase domestic-foreign business and economic activity. He also plans to draft constitutional amendments to expand the rights of naturalized citizens living within the Confederate States. Lastly Breckinridge aims to expand the army and navy of the Confederate states to defend the common welfare and general citizenry.
His running mate is General Wade Hampton III of South Carolina, an influential slaver, plantation owner, and retired Confederate General. He is the grandson of Congressman Wade Hampton I, who was also a plantation owner and slaver.
Secretary of War and Former VP John C. Breckinridge

General Wade Hampton III
PGT Beauregard is the Governor of Louisiana and a retired Confederate General who served during the American Civil War with honor and distinction. He is running as an independent, and is not apart of the national ballot. To vote for Beauregard, please write "I vote for PGT Beauregard" under this post.
PGT Beauregard
If you wish to join this simulation, join the discord! https://discord.gg/FwzbbdNtKR
View Poll
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2023.03.24 21:13 randomantisocial Car stalled when slowing down

2011 Mazda 3i sport Been driving for a hour and some change. When i got off the highway pulled into my neighborhood slowed down at a corner and car just stalled i didnt even notice it shut off
Pull over cranked engine turns back on drives fine after.
Noticeable problem: in the morning and only in the morning enging cranks for a good 5 seconds before turning on usually have to crank 2-3 times.
What ive ruled out: Took car to check read no code errors or check engine light. 2/2023 battery has some corrosion but passed that Bat test, alternater pasted the test and starter pin passed.
What i suspect: bad fuel pump, or dirty filter
Will take it in for a tune up and let them know the issue. What do you guys think. I know something is wrong clearly i just hope its not a severe issue
Edit: after getting car started in morning works like a gem. Until it stalled on me :)
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