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2023.03.25 03:04 gildedgannet Flotilla Killing: An Unbelievably Inefficient Guide to fly-swatting

Now, this was always something I thought about when shooting at the Gozantis that will harass and annoy at all times. "What upgrades and ships will ensure a Gozanti is destroyed for cheap?" I have mulled it over, and here are the answers.
The stipulations are: - dice are believed to be blank if we cannot know what they are - 1 shot, not one activation. The exceptions are called out. - Commanders are factored in if necessary, lowest point cost if not - Doss not need to sustain such Flotilla Killing across rounds - Optimal conditions
This results in a literal guarantee. An SSD shooting from its front arc is "guaranteed" to kill a flotilla. There is the chance that it rolls all blanks and Accuracies or variations thereof.
To get it out of the way, the GAR cannot in any way guarantee a Flotilla kill. They can guarantee that a Scatter Token is locked down, but no Flotilla deaths. This is because of their lack of Ion slot and few dice setting squadrons or other Fleet Support abilities. They are much more about Defense and Command management.
In First place, we have the Empire with a whopping 79 points of Raider-II. Equipped is
Varnillian takes an Accuracy when she deploys. While attacking at close range, she swaps out the Black Die for the accuracy. Then a blue die is added with ConFire Dial. The accuracy locks down the Scatter. The Evade does nothing. The 4 Blue dice, which are guaranteed hits, kill the flotilla.Flotilla.
In second place is the Seps at 172 points. It carries an un-upgraded Gozanti for 27 points and
For 148 points. ConFire in the blue at the side, add QBTs, then switch a non-blue die to an Accuracy using Kraken and spend it to lock the Scatter. 4 blue dice with SW-7s kills the Flotilla.
In last place comes the Rebellion at 234 points. Notably, the Rebels are the only faction who do not need SW-7s or dice addition.
Instead, it is Malee Hurra for 26 (ugh) points, the Home One and its title with Flag Bridge and Intensify for 118, an MC30 Scout with H9's and APTs for 75 points, and the 20 point commander.
The MC30 uses H9s and Home One to lock down both of the defender's Defense Tokens. Use Malee to add the Black Crit + Hit, use IF for another damage, and APT deals yet another damage. That's a dead Flotilla.
As to the cheapest Flotilla killer than can kill a Derlin Bright Hope GR75, it is the QBTs ISD-II with SW-7s and Jonus for 166 (counts the commander). The DBH GR has an effective 6 health. The ISD can commit 6 damage and an accuracy. Thus, the Empire remains the undisputed ruler of guaranteed Flotilla Killing.
By no means are these actual builds for destroying a Flotilla. Please, do not try this until you get really desperate to kill the annoying Gozanti.
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2023.03.25 03:04 catschr0dinger Rules for exercising: Walking Part 1.

“Just going for a walk Em. I’ll be back soon!” I hollered down the hallway as I stood on the edge of the doorway, leaning on the front door with my keys in my hand.
“Alright, I’ll get started on dinner. How’s salmon sound?” My wife called back from the lounge room.
“Sounds delicious love!” I said, swinging on my jacket and walking out the front door and shutting it. I strolled down my driveway and onto the footpath. Turning around the corner to make my way to the walking track near my house, I inhaled a big breath of fresh night air. The sky was clear, and I had a stellar view of the stars. I felt so calm and the neighbourhood felt so serene. Ambling down the road, I nodded hello to anyone passing by me.
A couple blocks away from my home and only 50 metres from the walking track, I saw a guy who looked to be in his early-mid 30s dressed up in the most vibrant and flashy activewear I’ve ever seen. Even though it was mostly dark at this point, I was able to make out every detail simply due to how gaudy it was. It was like someone had taken a picture of normal sports clothes and turned the saturation up by 100%.
As I was ruminating on how in the actual hell this guy had bought clothes this bright, he almost walked head-on into me. I did an awkward shuffle to my left to let him pass by me, raising my hand in greeting.
He barrels past me, almost knocking me over. I stumble and regain my balance, straightening up and swiftly turning around, only to see him turn the corner. Slightly surprised by how fast he was walking, I try to push the rude encounter out of my mind, brushing imaginary dirt off my jacket. My hand caught on something, and I dug around in my jacket’s pocket only to pull out a crumpled piece of paper.
I unfolded it to reveal what looked like a rule set. Uneasiness crept into my stomach and I got a strange sense of deja vu. For the life of me though, I couldn’t imagine what could even make me feel deja vu like this. And then I remembered the creepy swimming pool rules and that Reddit post. I’d managed to forget them, but it looked like the rules weren’t done with me yet.
How’d this even get in my pocket anyway? The man in impossibly bright active wear who’d brushed past me earlier had barely touched me for more than a second. There was no way he’d managed to put that in my pocket, but there was no other explanation.
I honestly don’t know. I have no idea why this piece of paper immediately filled me with dread and why I was reacting so strongly to it. I’m normally a pretty level-headed person. I sank down onto the curbside, my legs feeling unsteady. I started to read it.
Hey, to whoever’s reading this. I’m sorry I can’t explain this in person, but I can’t take the chance that you may be someone who means me harm in disguise. That’s why I thought up this (genius, if I do say so myself) system where I write the rules down and print them out to hand around to anyone I see walking. Copy the rules if you get home and make as many duplicates as you can to hand out to other people. Of course, keep one for yourself, remembering these off by heart isn’t ideal.
  1. Wear the brightest and most colourful clothes you can, it hurts their eyes to look at you. (Yes, that’s why I look like a parrot.)
  2. Try not to walk alone (unless you’re experienced like me), you seem like less of a target that way. And if they do attack, it’s 50/50 whether they go for you or your friend. I like those odds a lot more than death, don’t you?
  3. Keep your walks of a medium length. Don’t stay out for too long, and don’t be too short. Try to find that sweet spot in between. Making it too short makes them act desperately, they think their meal’s getting away which makes them more likely to attack and thus, it is more probable for you to die. Too long, and they get bored. Plus, who has time for a long walk?
  4. Don’t run at any point. This turns your walk into a run, which has a different ruleset. I can’t help you there, sorry. I’ve never run (for a hobby) before.
  5. Have a shower before walking. If you’re sweaty, you smell more appetizing.
  6. Walking to your car, or across the street to visit your neighbour isn’t considered a ‘walk’. In my experience, it seems to be that walking for 300m or longer starts the ‘walk’.
  7. You may run if you are within 100m of your home (and something is chasing you. No use starting up a ‘run’ for no reason). Any further and your walk turns into a run as I said before.
  8. Learn to speedwalk. There are times when you need to get away fast, but can’t run. Watch some professional walkers on YT or something. There’s also the Olympic event, I find it more entertaining to watch than some rando on YouTube. But definitely watch how to get the proper form first for speedwalking, though.
  9. Trust your gut. Good advice for life, really, but goes doubly for walking. If you feel like something’s off, it probably is. And best you end your walk early than face the consequences of seriously misjudging a deadly situation. Better safe than sorry, as I always say.
  10. Don’t listen to music or podcasts. You need to be attentive at all times.
  11. Try not to seem nervous. They read body language very well and this just makes them itch to hunt. They’re predators and any skittish behaviour immediately makes them classify you in their head as prey.
  12. Don’t mistake them for dumb, big predators. They are very intelligent, for one and are much, much more than some stupid carnivore. Thinking like that’s just underestimating them, and misjudging them is such a dumb way to go.
Hope this helps you out and I wish you an awesome life stranger. Stay safe.
The paper shook in my hands and my vision blurred. I buried my head in my hands and felt my fear begin to overwhelm me.
“Why?” I murmured. “Why me? Why’d this have to happen to me? Why is this even happening?’’
Shaking my head to clear my mind, I tried to focus. Breaking down wouldn’t help me. I needed to figure out how to get home safely. The rules had probably kicked in by now - I’d definitely walked far enough - and walking home would probably be a death sentence in my state. I wasn’t focused, and I knew I could never follow the rules properly like this. I was only a couple blocks from home though, so maybe I could make a break for it? I could probably maintain a sprint that long. And if I couldn’t, I was sure adrenaline would be able to pick up my slack.
A stupid idea in retrospect.
Taking a few deep, calming breaths, I managed to compose myself. Forming my fists into a tight ball, I rubbed my eyes to clear them. I inhaled one more time and sprung to my feet, ready to run. Dancing on the balls of my feet with nervous energy, I realised that however anxious I was, I couldn’t let it show. Forcing my tense shoulders to relax, I spun on my heel to face back towards my house. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of two eerie glowing orbs, just observing me. How long had that thing been there? Had it been there from the start? Or had it only just appeared?
Had it always been there and I’d just driven past it on my way to work every day without the slightest clue?
These thoughts managed to shatter any semblance of composure I once had. It wasn’t hard, honestly, I was so tense and wired that even breaking a twig could’ve caused me to snap and lose my cool.
I ran. I ran for all I was worth, and then some. I flew home, absolute terror fueling each step I took. I’ve never run that fast in my life, and I doubt I will again. I was tiring fast, after all, I’ve barely run since high school, when I heard frantic stomping behind me that was almost like human footsteps but way too heavy for it to be that. I definitely could have been imagining them, but somehow I don’t think I did. I increased my speed, finding an extra reserve of energy deep within my body and pumped my arms even harder, my legs working overtime. It seemed to work for a bit. The footsteps faltered but then doubled in speed. Despite my best efforts, the plodding footsteps behind me seemed to be gaining. Whatever it was seemed to realise that too, and it slowed minutely, matching my pace so neither of us was gaining on the other. It was toying with me. It knew I couldn’t keep this pace up for much longer and that it had all the time in the world. I swore those footsteps sounded almost predatory.
I almost lost hope then. I almost stopped running and just gave myself up to it. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. I won’t do that to Em. I resolved to keep running until my inevitable end.
Somehow, someway, I made it to my street. I skidded around the corner and almost fell over when I saw what greeted me. Construction workers. Shit.
In my ignorance and desperation to get away, I’d ignored the rules for running. And in doing so, I’ve cornered myself between death and… death. I was completely screwed. I needed to run past the construction workers (that had definitely not been there when I’d left so they were 100% of the supernatural kind) to get home.
My shoulders slumped. I dropped to the ground in absolute despair. This was it. I’d never see my wife again, never see her smile or laugh or groan in familiar exasperation at one of my puns. Never get to eat that piece of cake I was saving for later. Never experience the rest of my life, or even return to my monotonous office job.
I lay on the ground, all the fight sucked out of me. I waited for whoever would get me first, the thing chasing me or the construction workers, whatever they really were. I kept waiting. At one point, I wished that one of them would just hurry up and get it over with. I hated the suspense. After a while, I just lost all sense of time, wallowing in a pool of self-pity, laid out on the ground. At some point, I think I came to the realisation that at least, the thing that had been chasing me earlier was gone. Maybe it was afraid of the construction workers and didn’t dare approach closer than I already so stupidly had. I didn’t really care, as long as it was gone.
And as I came to my senses, an ominous clanking and rattle of hammers, drills and various other tools filled my ears and drowned out any other sound. I realised that this had been playing in the back of my head the whole time I’d been on the ground and I’d just been tuning it out. Now, all I could hear was the clang of metal on metal. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t tune it out as I’d previously been able to do. And now that I was aware of it, it had some kind of hold over me. I couldn’t ignore it to the slightest degree.
I stumbled away, cradling my head and blocking my ears, wishing desperately that the sound would just. Go. Away.
I felt unsteady, almost like I was drunk. I stumbled about walking in a random direction, not caring where I ended up. I don’t know for how long or how far I walked, only that I wanted those godawful sounds to stop. My head spun and I collapsed on the ground, the sounds of a hammer striking a nail still ringing throughout my head.
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2023.03.25 03:04 limskit Could my new symptoms connect with my previous concerns at the gyno?

20ftm (he/him)
I’ve been on testosterone for almost 2 years and it can cause a lot of issues that majority of people don’t know about. I’ve heard cases of people getting ovarian cancer after being on it for a couple of years, which raised my concerns recently. I have a gut feeling something weird is happening and I’m wondering if I should follow up with my gyno.
A couple months ago I went to the gyno because of pain during and after sex, and whenever I experienced bowel movements, I’d get localized cramps in my cervix. Went in initially thinking it was atrophy, docs said it could be IUD. They did an ultrasound and the IUD was slightly to the right, but it could “shift back into place”. Here’s where I have questions.
I have pain in my ovaries, have had cysts in the past. But recently my right side has been causing me more pain than normal. No masses were found on the ultrasound, but my right ovary was 3ml larger than my left. Not sure if that’s normal.
Within the past two months I’ve had horrible exhaustion, like sleep 12 hrs then a nap during the day exhausted. This is followed with leg aches, swollen lymph node, appetite and weight loss. Originally going to the doctor for this alone, but could these issues be connected with my past concerns at the gyno? AFABs health is often overlooked and I’m always fearful they didn’t catch something.
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2023.03.25 03:03 crystal_plays280 I'm worried everything is my fault

I really hope my friends don't find this haha it be really embarrassing if they did.
I've been talking to this new person and I really genuinely like talking to them, I appreciate their time and everything but I constantly worry maybe im doing something to make them uncomfortable, maybe there's something about me that's quite annoying to them. they haven't been feeling the best and I tried my best to be supportive and check up on them, help in anyway I can, I'm sort of worried Im just annoying or burdening them.
I truly do care and wish to help though, awhile ago they asked me for some space cause they weren't feeling well, I asked how long they needed and there were no more responses after that. I just left a long message supporting and wishing them well. I've asked some other people and they tell me I haven't really done anything wrong, all I did was try to be supportive and help even if at times I kept messeging to check up on them.
So I have asked them if perhaps there's something with me and they said no, that should be enough I guess but I still overthink it
I guess right now I'm super worried that they won't chat me back or talk to me again, I'm worried they'd forget to talk to me after awhile, I really badly wished I knew what to do I wanna fix things I wish I could talk but I know right now I'm not needed. I wish I understood more about everything but I don't.
It's been a day, I don't know if they're feeling okay or not still but I doubt whatever they're going through is something that takes a short amount of time, i really am hoping they're alright, I'm worried abt them. I'll try not to but I can't help but worry it's so hard.
Some friends told me I should just wait for them to talk to me again or to chat, that seems logical but I don't know I'm really worried they'd forget about me and not talk to me again,or not wanna be around me again, I don't know how long I can take waiting I mean I'm not rushing them by all means but, I guess the wait is sort of making me think too much, I tried doing other things to help it's sort of hard.
Oh and I got like quizzes next week to study for and it's sort of hard to focus, I have so much schoolwork it's really drowning me. It's tough all of this is tough. I wish I knew what to do, does anyone know what I should do please?
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2023.03.25 03:03 Bitchnah101 Need help with My Mini Australian Shepherd.

My Adult Dog Winchester whom I got sometime last year. Who's a very good boy. Stays near me whenever possible and follows me around and always stays close. He's been well trained before I got him and I'm still learning the commands he had been taught before I had got him. But a problem has occurred, He runs up to strangers and sometimes strangers with dogs, and just, barks? He ain't aggressive about It, and he doesn't go all up in their face. He keeps a safe distance away. But he just keeps doin It?? I'm planning to keep him on a leash soon, but It kind of upsets me that I even have to do It. Before I adopted him he was always caged up, I don't want him to feel like that ever again and It wouldn't be fair to him If My Other Dog, a German Shepherd Puppy, could run around freely and he couldn't. We Live In a very Lazy type of town, but also Active? There are a lot of dog walkers around the neighborhood but you won't see many people out on their porches or having parties or things like that. I don't worry for our dogs' safety around the streets either because It's a one-way street, nobody ever really goes through our street either, and the dogs all know not to go into the street at all.
But Winchester just keeps on running over to people or people with dogs and just barking at them. The last straw was when he ran up to a person with a Great Dane and he just wouldn't back off. I couldn't get him to come to me or anything when usually just saying or shouting his name is all it would take. The Great Dane was well-trained and also a Very Good Boy. But I felt bad that My Dog had spooked the owner and her dog.
I plan to take him to get a training evaluation and then actual training if everything goes well. I was originally planning to get a training evaluation for my Puppy and some actual training for him. But he's not a desperate case, He's doing good with our own personal training and he listens perfectly. Winchester though is a Desperate case, Cause I have no Idea what I am getting into anymore with him. I have no Idea about any of his previous training and I have no Idea why He could be doing the whole running up to people and their dogs and just barking! Does anyone have any Idea what I'm dealing with? Why he could be doing this? Am I Not doing a good job at making him feel Safe? Is My High Stress Levels affecting his Behavior? What am I doing wrong that could be causing this??
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2023.03.25 03:03 RamblingRacoon69 Curious to hear about experiences managing child's asthma

Hi all! My son is 7 and has had asthma since 3. His attacks are infrequent but severe. He is allergic to animal dander and mildly allergic to pollen. The animal dander doesn't seem to be a major trigger as we have a dog and his attacks are infrequent, sometimes 3-4 months before an episode.
We have seen doctors and usually immediately start budesonide when we hear wheezing or shortness of breath as per instructions. He is also on Zyrtec for spring allergy season.
What scares me is that during his flare-ups, his oxygen is in the low 80's and Albuterol tends not to help much. Labored breathing. It's very scary.
Anyway, the whole thing is causing me a good deal of anxiety and just wanted to hear other's stories, experiences, successes, and failures!
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2023.03.25 03:02 go-move-78 What piece of software would cause the most widespread internet failure if it failed?

I remember seeing some articles and a write up from Google talking about a bug that could have been catastrophic if it failed. Took them some time and quite a lot of emergency meetings to find it and fix it. I don't remember what the outcome would have been, but it was apparently a pretty bleak outcome.
That got me wondering about other potential software failures. Assuming non-ridiculous things like some sort of nuclear facility failure.
Hardware specific things like server bases themselves don't count either. But an aspect of their software could count.
Is there software that if a significant enough bug was introduced, it would effectively render the internet (largely) inoperable? I'd assume just due to so many websites and servers that depend on it being crashed.
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2023.03.25 03:02 Heretostay59 The 8th point struck me the most 💀

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2023.03.25 03:02 Throwaway_urtrash3 “If you’re so scared of him, why do you live in the same town then?”

A sentence said by my (F20) sister (F19) literally 10 minutes ago. “You’re paranoid” “You’re over reacting” “Why’d you stay then?” “That didn’t happen” “It is what it is, it’s what you wanted” Why are you saying those things to me?
Story: In July of 2020 I left my abusive partner I had since January of 2020. Since the breakup, even two years later, he has been finding ways to physically, or psychologically intimidate me. Stalking, 3rd party rumors, death threats, swerving his car into my lane with my daughter (not his) in the car, running my family & Friends off of roads etc. I have PTSD, still, 2 years later.
After the latest incident I decided to apply for a domestic restraining order. He didn’t show up to court. So, Thursday, I was granted an 18 month restraining order with the ability to extend if necessary. Since he’s been a subject recently, my sister has been speaking about him to her significant other. Asking me questions about him so she can “look him up” etc. (she has a history of having intercourse with my exes, spreading rumors and constantly making fun of me/bullying me about this situation behind my back. I was also accused of being on drugs). I know she’s wanting this information so she can do her own “research” and start drama, tell her friends and what not. But she doesn’t understand how dangerous this is. She doesn’t understand why she needs to keep her damn mouth shut about him to anyone. He’s dangerous, so much more than any of my family know. And if he even gets a hint that someone close to me is talking about him, it will cause unpredictable hell for anyone involved. Upon trying to explain this to her, she stated I am paranoid. Court day, when I explained I was afraid to go, she stated “it is what it is, it’s what you wanted”. When I told her I cried after the order was approved, she said “what? Why?” In an judgmental, snotty tone.
Why don’t they get it, Reddit? What are they not understanding? How do they not know we don’t want to talk about it? How do they not understand it’s not safe for THEM to talk about it? How do they not know what it triggers for us?
TL;DR sister is insanely dismissive of my domestic violence situation. She doesn’t car, and bullies me for it. She is disrespectful and digs for information. She has never been able to be trusted with information as she opens her mouth to literally everyone, and she doesn’t understand that in this case it could put her in physical danger.
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2023.03.25 03:02 tubbylious So what drugs did liven give her? Cause he says drugged mommy instead of DRAGGED mommy 😂

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2023.03.25 03:02 Bitter_Key1253 The chain-grinding sensation

I have a Giant Revolt 1 (spec:
The bike is fairly new, went through the first service and everything is ok, except for 1 thing.
When I pedal harder, I feel the grinding happening somewhere in the bike. There is no sound, the bike gives a tiny (but annoying) vibration every time when every piece of chain hops on every tooth of the chain wheel (or cassette, who knows). It's very subtle. I have no idea what is causing this.
I excluded the bottom bracket, the cassette looks still new. The chain is new, chain wheel is also ok. I went to a bike shop and there was a brand new bike there for double the money I paid for mine (a carbon BMC running Shimano 105) - I pushed the pedal and had exactly the same sensation. I could feel every piece of the chain hopping on each tooth of the chain wheel. The guy in the store said it was normal... I checked my pulley set, and made absolutely sure that the rear and front derailleur are correctly calibrated (even though it was just after the first service).
Is this really normal?
My 9-year-old alloy mountain bike runs Shimano XT and the chain is running nice and smooth, with no tiny vibrations, nothing. But maybe the frame mutes those vibrations better than the road frame?
The guy at the store said that maybe if I had a high-end spec, everything would go super smooth. I know Shimano GRX 400 is a low gravel set but would it really change if I had a GRX 800 for example?
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2023.03.25 03:02 FxrryTrxsh ♥Six of Hearts♥

Game : Death or Dare.
Difficulty : ♥Six of Hearts♥
Venue : Office meeting room.
Player Capacity : 8 - 12
Time Limit : 10 rounds (1 hour each round)
Rules : The game takes place in an office building, but the actual game is held in an office meeting room where all players will be seated. No phone is required for this game as there is already a TV screen that will display the difficulty and the rules.
After the registration period ends, the TV will turn on which will reveal the difficulty and the rules of the game.
On the screen, each player will be able to choose between truth or dare or death which will show up on the screen. All the player has to do is say which one they want to pick out loud and the screen will select it. Just like a regular game of truth or dare, you get a dare and you do it. Same goes for truth and for death.
If you get a dare, you have to fulfill the goal that's applied to you. As for truth. As each round goes on, the truths and dares will get more difficult. From pulling out a strand of hair, to pulling out several teeth. As for truths, an example would be saying something you're embarrassed about, to sharing information that's secret and unforgivable.
However, the other choice you can pick, that being 'Death'. You have the decision to kill yourself, or any other person in the room. This is the hard part. If you choose to kill another person, you will be the one killed instead as you would be rendered selfish. But before you are killed, your darkest secret will be revealed to everyone else. However, if you choose to kill yourself, another person in the room with the most selfish greed and intentions will be killed off instead.
GAME CLEAR : Once you will have to complete every truth/death/dare within all 10 rounds in order to receive a GAME CLEAR.
GAME OVER : If you fail to complete the task you are given, you will recieve a GAME OVER. If the 1 hour time limit for the round expires, and no one has gone or if they haven't done the truth or dare they were given, you will receive a GAME OVER. If you choose to kill another player with the death option, you will receive a GAME OVER.
(Sorry if the death part doesn't make sense. I was originally going to call it truth or dare, but decided to add an extra detail. It was a little rushed since it was a last minute thought I had)
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2023.03.25 03:02 Narthleke Designing a carnival as an organization?

So I'm making a carnival, but I want it to be more of a recurring thing than a one-time collection of minigames for the players (which is pretty much what the majority of the carnival posts are). The impetus of this decision is one of my players who thought it could be cool if they worked for a circus in their backstory, and they thought the idea of the ringmaster being their warlock patron was interesting.
The Ringmaster is an archfey. Their carnival has two fronts. One front is basic, clean, fun-for-all-ages sort of standard carnival stuff. The other front of the carnival is much darker, aimed toward vices, sin, and borderline reckless endangerment. The Ringmaster isn't outright evil, but they definitely enjoy watching the suffering that their darker attractions bring to those who choose to partake of them, and they are very intrigued by the feats of strength, skill, and wit displayed by individuals who manage to come out on top. This post will focus on the latter front.
Given that this organization is mobile, and that it will be making somehwat regular appearances in the game (over half of the party has decided to be associated with The Carnival [hereby TC] at the outset of the game), I want to make sure things make as much sense as possible, rather than handwaving everything I can. That said, I also don't own Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but if you think/know that the contents of the book will be a great help to me, please let me know, and I'll strongly consider picking up a copy this weekend.
This part was initially written at the end (and is still there too), but I wanted to move it up, so the general questions regarding the details (however vague they currently are) could be more clear:
Are there any glaring holes in the operation that I'm missing that I need to be considering? Are there glaring plotholes that I'm too close to see? "If they are capable of X, they wouldn't need to have Y done at all, they'd just skip it and go for....." Are there aspects of the organization that are completely absent that would serve me well to think about while I flesh things out and make them more concrete?
Travel- Being an archfey, The Ringmaster is a powerful magic being. They know the locations of portals to and from the Feywild, which they use to enable TC to traverse large distances quickly, including across continents and oceans. In a pinch, with great exertion, they likely have some ability or item that allows them to planeshift TC in its entirety, likely based on some special sigil inscribed on the goods, structures, and staff (or their clothes)?
Dark front- My first inclination is that at night, the entire carnival ground appears more or less defunct, as a result of a powerful illusion of some sort. The secrecy of the darker side of the organization would be maintained by a clause in the (notably fey) employment contract, and new guests to the nighttime attractions are permitted by invitation only from another guest (or employee with express permission to divulge the information) in good standing. Whether that means all employees are aware of the alternate front, or if some are just bound to remain in their quarters from sunset to sunrise, I haven't decided.
Some of the potential attractions include:
Ashi Anastasia's Amazingly Atypical Amorous Affairs, A brothel that charges 50gp+/night for strange courtesans, many of whom come with magical aftereffects
"Tiwani's Circus of the Macabre",
Essentially what amounts to gladiatorial combat against various monsters for thrill-seekers
Death-defying (or, in the case of utter failure: embracing) stunts for adrenalin junkies
Gambling, of course
If anyone wants to put forth more suggestions, I'm all eyes.
Logistics- Where this whole post is essentially me asking if I'm missing any vital parts of design, or any details that don't make sense, the logistics part needs the most work. For the carnival-employed PCs, their job is essentially to go collect attractions for TC. In-play this means they can gather interesting creatures/plants/objects as they see fit, giving them to TC's recieving team for a commission of some sort. It also means occassionally being given a list of specific needs for TC, or even a single big-ticket, time-sensitive requisition for something that can be rewarded handsomely.
The "main player" involved (i.e. the one who's getting less money and more warlock powers than the others) thinks the most interesting way of going about this would be to collect actual, physical creatures/plants/whatever, rather than magic-hubbub-astral-soul-projection-whatsit-spirit-essence of the targets, and I agree with them. They also think that as a base assumption, handing these things over physically to TC sounds better than automatically being able to teleport things when they get them, however, in the case of more sensitive items, an option for more immediate transport would be necessary.
All that said, I've got some rough ideas for how to handle it with homebrew magic items (or perhaps I should make them spells that the warlock learns for free), but I also need to make sure that I'm not blundering into adding some broken interactions that I'm not familiar with. Item/Spell could be used on an unconscious creature/plant/etc to shrink it down and put it into essentially some sort of stasis. I think it/they would essentially function like a pokeball. Players could have a physical case to store these shrunken specimens (which also opens up the possibility of them getting lost/stolen). Would it be too much to require multiple players to be involved in the capture of the attractions?
For the bigger-ticket items, I imagine The Ringmaster would want them right away. My thought is that the warlock has a sending stone they can use to contact The Ringmaster, letting them know that the item is ready. Ringmaster can teleport a scroll to the group to allow them to teleport the item back? But this can also open up the potential for the scroll to fail if it's too high of a level, which I definitely don't want.
Upon arrival, the stasis creatures would be restored to their full forms, likely subdued by a magic circle (or similar), nursed back into fighting shape, then put back in stasis until they are needed for use. Fair chance all of this (aside from the initial reception of the capsules) takes place in a demiplane/pocket dimension of sorts, to avoid prying eyes during the day, as well as to save on space. Creatures being nursed would need to be fed and cared for, which is something that can also be covered by the stasis capsule solution, just gather deceased creatures for meat and/or edible plants, then deliver them alongside the living specimens.
Are there any glaring holes in the operation that I'm missing that I need to be considering? Are there glaring plotholes that I'm too close to see? "If they are capable of X, they wouldn't need to have Y done at all, they'd just skip it and go for....." Are there aspects of the organization that are completely absent that would serve me well to think about while I flesh things out and make them more concrete?
This is the first solid piece of worldbuilding that I've started in a few years, so I'm second-guessing myself, but I'm also really into the idea. If you're one of maybe three people who made it to the end of this post, thank you.
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2023.03.25 03:01 Soapdish_ Mcc Scuffed Hunger Games! Part 2

I put the 40 participants, four of the noxcrew members, and four games into the hunger games simulator-
I will only include the important or funny lines in this post or it may be quite a bit longer than it actually is-
This is part 2, part 1 is here
Deaths so far-
Who is alive-
Sylvee- 1 Kill
Gee Nelly
InTheLittleWood- 2 Kills
Rabnoo-2 Kills
TheOnionSound- 1 Kill
ConnorEatsPants- 1 Kill
Tubbo- 1 Kill
GeminiTay- 1 Kill
DrGluon- 2 kills (Ok gluon get it)
KryticZuez- 1 Kill
Buildmart- 1 kill
Rocket Spleef Rush
Night 6
Krinios questions his sanity. (Same)
BuildMart is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. (Im done questioning)
Fwhip quietly hums. (Of course he does)
TheOnionSound tends to his wounds.
Rabnoo receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. (Scary)
KryticZuez passes out from exhaustion. (Same)
Rocket Spleef Rush destroys RedVelvetCake's supplies while he is asleep. (Oh velvet.)
TGTTOSWAF starts a fire. ("We didnt start the fi-re")
Smajor questions his sanity. (same)
ShubbleYT sets up camp for the night.
Day 7
InTheLittleWood diverts PearlescentMoon's attention and runs away. (Martin is such a Mean Gill)
Sneegsnag defeats TheOnionSound in a fight, but spares his life. (Give us some action or something im bored)
Smajor picks flowers. (Flower husbands!)
BuildMart steals from DrGluon while he isn't looking. (Buildmart is gonna be very controversial)
Skybattle discovers a river. (New SKB Map?)
ConnorEatsPants tries to sleep through the entire day. (Same)
Skeppy dies from thirst. (SoT was too much)
GeminiTay injures herself. (Gem you gotta slay)
Hannahxxrose steals from Rocket Spleef Rush while he isn't looking. (Uh oh RSR gonna get revenge)
ShubbleYT picks flowers. (Yay!)
Deaths from Night 6 & Day 7-
Night 7
Skybattle overpowers Sylvee, killing her. (Oh wow Skybattle)
BuildMart, Rocket Spleef Rush, TheOnionSound, and Aeltumn tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood.
InTheLittleWood dies from an infection. (Martin? You were doing so well)
Smajor kills MrGaming while he is sleeping. (SCOTT?! I thought flower husbands meant something to you)
Rabnoo looks at the night sky. (Same)
Day 8
Tubbo diverts TheOnionSound's attention and runs away. (Drunk ding dong ditch)
Bekyamon is pricked by thorns while picking berries. (She just wanted berries wow)
Smajor tries to sleep through the entire day. (Same)
PearlescentMoon forces BuildMart to kill Blushi or Rocket Spleef Rush. He decides to kill Blushi. (No game on game violence I guess?)
Aeltumn is pricked by thorns while picking berries. (She just wanted some berries)
RedVelvetCake throws a knife into ConnorEatsPants's head. (WOAH VELVET WHAT)
Krinios sprains his ankle while running away from Skybattle. (Another Ankle??)
Rabnoo begs for KryticZuez to kill him. He refuses, keeping Rabnoo alive. (Respect)
ShubbleYT attacks Fwhip, but he manages to escape. (Give Fwhip a chance hes rusty)
Deaths from Night 7 & Day 8
Sylvee (Kinda salty about this one)
Night 8
Tubbo begs for TheOnionSound to kill him. He refuses, keeping Tubbo alive.
TGTTOSWAF loses sight of where he is. (TGTTOSWAF Played SoT?)
ShubbleYT, Smajor, and Sneegsnag discuss the games and what might happen in the morning. (Scott knows everything since its rigged)
Skybattle defeats GeminiTay in a fight, but spares her life.
Fwhip starts a fire. (He started the fire)
DrGluon goes to sleep. (Hes retied he already has like 3 kills)
BuildMart passes out from exhaustion. (Same)
Gee Nelly attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful. (She did not start the fire)
Bekyamon, Rocket Spleef Rush, and RedVelvetCake cheerfully sing songs together. (Beky and Velvet RSR pop off?)
Day 9
Rocket Spleef Rush forces Skybattle to kill DrGluon or KryticZuez. He decides to kill KryticZuez. (Noo Zuez you were so good)
Gee Nelly defeats RedVelvetCake in a fight, but spares his life.
Rabnoo diverts Smajor's attention and runs away.
Tubbo, GeminiTay, Aeltumn, and ShubbleYT raid Krinios's camp while he is hunting. (Thats not fair)
BuildMart runs away from Hannahxxrose. ( I would too)
Fwhip and TGTTOSWAF hunt for other tributes. (Fwhip gonna pop off in TGTTOSWAF)
Deaths from Night 8 & Day 9
Deaths so far-
Night 9
DrGluon and Skybattle tell stories about themselves to each other.
BuildMart cries himself to sleep. (I would too if I were buildmart)
Aeltumn and GeminiTay talk about the tributes still alive.
Hannahxxrose receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. (Thats scary)
Rabnoo passes out from exhaustion. (Same)
PearlescentMoon falls into a frozen lake and drowns. (NO PEARL)
TheOnionSound fends Smajor, ShubbleYT, and Gee Nelly away from his fire. (Selfish)
TGTTOSWAF is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. (Does it need warmth though?)
Day 10!
Aeltumn receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor (Oh no EpicLandlord flashbacks)
Krinios is pricked by thorns while picking berries.
GeminiTay defeats Sneegsnag in a fight, but spares his life.
Hannahxxrose defeats ShubbleYT in a fight, but spares her life.
Rabnoo questions his sanity. (Same)
Fwhip injures himself.
Tubbo, Skybattle, and Rocket Spleef Rush hunt for other tributes.
Smajor defeats RedVelvetCake in a fight, but spares his life. (So much life sparing! I mean just kill them.)
Gee Nelly and TheOnionSound hunt for other tributes.
Area Turns Pitch Black
Hannahxxrose trips on a rock and falls off a cliff. (Nooo Hannah)
TheOnionSound survives.
Sneegsnag survives.
Rabnoo survives.
Tubbo flails his weapon around, accidently killing Gee Nelly. (Noo Gee)
While fighting, ShubbleYT and Smajor lose their balance, roll down a jagged hillside, and die. (Both of them?!?!)
Skybattle survives. (Of course.)
DrGluon survives.
Rocket Spleef Rush accidently makes contact with spiny, lethal plant life. (The first game to die!!)
Bekyamon trips on a rock and falls off a cliff. (Beky Nooo!)
BuildMart accidently makes contact with spiny, lethal plant life. (Second Game to Die!!)
GeminiTay survives.
RedVelvetCake survives.
Aeltumn survives.
Krinios survives.
Fwhip survives.
TGTTOSWAF survives.
Deaths from Night 9, Day 10, & Arena Event
Gee Nelly
Rocket Spleef Rush
BuildMart (haha)
Night 10
Rabnoo starts a fire. (Good job)
GeminiTay begs for Fwhip to kill her. He refuses, keeping GeminiTay alive. (Slay Gem cmon!)
Tubbo convinces Skybattle to snuggle with him
RedVelvetCake quietly hums. (Poor Velvet he doesnt have Ant anymore)
TGTTOSWAF goes to sleep. ( I dont blame it, half of the games died, nothing is safe.)
DrGluon begs for TheOnionSound to kill him. He refuses, keeping DrGluon alive. (Keep going Gluon!!)
The Feast
The cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes' families.
Krinios decides not to go to The Feast.
Fwhip, Rabnoo, Tubbo, and DrGluon team up to grab food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs.
RedVelvetCake decides not to go to The Feast.
GeminiTay decides not to go to The Feast.
Aeltumn shoots an arrow into Skybattle's head. (Aeltumn doesnt like skybattle??)
TheOnionSound decides not to go to The Feast.
Sneegsnag decides not to go to The Feast.
TGTTOSWAF dies from an infection. (Oh.. Only one game left!)
Day 11
Aeltumn questions her sanity. (same)
Fwhip injures himself.
Sneegsnag tries to spear fish with a trident.
Tubbo diverts DrGluon's attention and runs away.
RedVelvetCake chases Krinios.
TheOnionSound and GeminiTay work together for the day.
Rabnoo receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.
Deaths from Night 10, The Feast, & Day 11
Top 10-
Rabnoo- 2 Kills
TheOnionSound- 1 Kill
Tubbo- 2 Kills
RedVelvetCake- 1 Kill
GeminiTay- 1 Kill
DrGluon- 2 Kills
Aeltumn- 1 Kill
Night 11
DrGluon sees a fire, but stays hidden.
RedVelvetCake sees a fire, but stays hidden. (Everyones being so safe its boring)
GeminiTay passes out from exhaustion. (If i slayed that much I would too)
TheOnionSound loses sight of where he is. (Of course he does)
Sneegsnag loses sight of where he is.
Fwhip sets up camp for the night.
Krinios defeats Rabnoo in a fight, but spares his life.
Tubbo and Aeltumn run into each other and decide to truce for the night.
Day 12
(Nothing happened Im so disappointed)
Nobody died
Night 12
Tubbo tends to his wounds. (Okay Tubno Self care)
DrGluon and RedVelvetCake tell stories about themselves to each other. (Bonding!)
Rabnoo begs for Krinios to kill him. He refuses, keeping Rabnoo alive.
TheOnionSound quietly hums.
Fwhip stays awake all night. (Same)
GeminiTay repeatedly stabs Aeltumn to death with sais. (Wow Gem thats brutal)
Day 13
TheOnionSound collects fruit from a tree. (So Healthy)
GeminiTay searches for a water source. (I want gem to win)
Tubbo stabs Rabnoo in the back with a trident. (WOAH)
Krinios is pricked by thorns while picking berries.
Sneegsnag tends to RedVelvetCake's wounds. (Velvet is making a lot of alliances)
Deaths From Night 12 & Day 13
GeminiTay (Yesss!)
Night 13
Krinios thinks about winning. (Ok Krinios Self Confidence)
Tubbo is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. (Poor Tubbo)
GeminiTay and Sneegsnag run into each other and decide to truce for the night. (Yes Gem!! Win for us!)
Fwhip begs for TheOnionSound to kill him. He refuses, keeping Fwhip alive. (Oli's too nice)
Day 14 (This is really long)
Fwhip and TheOnionSound threaten a double suicide. It fails and they die. (WOAH WOAH WOAH)
Sneegsnag tends to Tubbo's wounds. (Awww Bonding)
RedVelvetCake fishes. (Oblivious)
GeminiTay and Krinios track down and kill DrGluon. (Noooo Gluon!!)
Top 5!!
Sneegsnag-No kills
Krinios- 1 Kill
Tubbo- 3 Kills
RedVelvetCake- 1 kill
GeminiTay- 3 Kills
Night 14
(They all slept)
Day 15
Krinios stalks Tubbo.
GeminiTay sprains her ankle while running away from RedVelvetCake.
Sneegsnag receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.
Night 15
Sneegsnag sets up camp for the night.
Krinios receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
GeminiTay tries to treat her infection (Win Gem Win!!!)
RedVelvetCake sets up camp for the night.
Tubbo dies of dysentery. (Oh... 4 Left)
Day 16
(Nothing Happens)
(I want this to end)
Deaths in the last 2 days & nights
Night 16
Sneegsnag, Krinios, and RedVelvetCake cheerfully sing songs together. (Oblivious)
GeminiTay accidently steps on a landmine (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GEM)
(Im sad)
Day 17
(Nothing Happens)
(Someone Win Please)
Top 3-
Night 17
Sneegsnag tries to sing himself to sleep. (Ok)
RedVelvetCake dies from thirst. (OH)
Krinios falls into a frozen lake and drowns. (OHHHHH OH WOW OH)
The winner is Sneegsnag from Orange Ocelots!
If you read everything I applaud you
If you scrolled to the bottom to to see the winner I respect that
Hope you guys enjoyed this! If people like it I might make one for next mcc too!
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2023.03.25 03:01 Abyx01 The End of the Earth Among Us

They were the last survivors of humanity. They lived in a spaceship called The Skeld, orbiting around a dying Earth. They had escaped the planet, which had been hit by a giant asteroid that caused a global cataclysm. The asteroid had triggered massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis, and had plunged the world into darkness and cold.
But in space, they had found a new enemy. They had discovered that the asteroid was not a natural phenomenon, but a weapon sent by an alien race that wanted to exterminate humanity. The aliens had also infiltrated their spaceship, disguised as one of them. The alien impostor had a sinister goal: to destroy the spaceship and finish the job that the asteroid had started.
The impostor had superhuman abilities, such as shapeshifting, mind control, and telekinesis. The impostor could kill anyone with a touch, manipulate their memories and emotions, and move objects with their mind. The impostor could also use vents to travel around the spaceship unnoticed, and could sabotage the systems to cause chaos and panic.
The impostor had also cut off all communication with the outside world, leaving the crewmates isolated and helpless. The only way they could communicate was through emergency meetings, where they could try to identify and eliminate the impostor. But they had to be careful: if they accused the wrong person, they would lose one of their friends. And if they ran out of emergency meetings, they would be doomed.
The crewmates had to work together to survive and expose the impostor before it was too late. They had to use their courage, their intelligence, and their loyalty. They had to watch out for blood stains, strange noises, and flickering lights. They had to be ready to fight or flee.
But none of them knew who to trust. The end of the Earth among us had become a nightmare of horror.
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2023.03.25 03:01 indigobaby-2000 relapse and validation

i feel like i'm just in this sad cycle and need to vent. my friends wedding is coming up in a few weeks and i couldn't fit in my dress and i want to look good in pictures and it's all just caused me to relapse HARD. I also have bpd so i feel dumb writing this solely because i know the real reason behind it is validation. which then makes me spiral and the cycle continues. THIS SHIT JUST SUCKS AND I JUST WANNA BANG MY HEAD ON A WALL BUT NOT IN A SH WAY BUT MORE OF A LIKE KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO ME WAY DOES THIS MAKE SENSE OKAY BYE LOVE YOU ALL
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2023.03.25 03:00 Cattadope This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done

Going to try and keep this short but I need to put it out there. My 5 year relationship ended over Christmas and it feels impossible to move forward. It was the most real relationship I’ve ever had, and the first one where the end has traumatized me. Not from anything either of us did, but from the realization that it’s over. We were talking about marriage before things ended. No one big event caused the break up, it was a realization on her end that we are at completely different points of life. I agreed and while I believe us ending things was for the best, I just feel dead inside. She lived with me and my family for two years. Even when we agreed to end things she lived with us for another month until she could move out. There is no hatred between us, we ending things on the best terms you can for this type of thing. But I feel like I can’t move on. It’s been almost 3 months since she left and I feel I haven’t made any progress.Whenever I’m with my family it makes me think of her. Whenever I do anything it reminds me of her. The memories that come flooding in are so painful to think about, because they are all positive memories. I feel every different emotion throughout every day; grief, sadness, anger, even an acknowledgement that this is for the best, but then that just makes me feel guilty and even more depressed. I feel like I’m suffocating from my own mind, every single second of every single day I can’t escape the thoughts. I know the only way to move forward is to work through it all, but it seems like trying to climb Mount Everest without any experience. I need professional help but I can’t bring myself to get it due to the overwhelming nature of all I need to deal with. I just want to feel normal again. I want the help, but it’s like I’m holding myself back.
The goal of me posting this is just to vent but I also feel like part of me is hoping I’ll finally get the help I need without really having to face it.
I need therapy, I need help. I need to see it in writing and voice it to someone in an attempt to get myself to work through it all.
I’m sorry for the rambling post, I just finally felt an urge to vomit out some of my thoughts.
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2023.03.25 02:59 Fibonacci5813 [LTS][PC][DSC](Crossplay) Teaching Deep Stone Crypt + Collectibles 03/25 7 PM EST


Please read My Sherpa Card and the whole post before signing up to any of the runs.

I'll be teaching a group of new players the Deep Stone Crypt raid this Saturday.
I'm only looking for First timers to the raid (you haven't beaten the final boss, experience on previous encounters is fine)
Deep Stone Crypt + Collectibles - Saturday - 03/25 - 7 PM EST - [3 Spots]
Make sure to have 3 or more hours for the raid.
Be 1786+
All runs are Crossplay friendly, but Discord will be mandatory (Discord is now available on consoles).
Leave a message with your DISCORD ID and BUNGIE ID.
Failing to do so will cause your comment to not be considered.

Double check your info before posting.

This run will be streamed so make sure you are ok with that before signing up.
You can DM/message me if you have any questions.
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2023.03.25 02:59 Maximum_Roll_2412 Stuck and too afraid to ask for help from anyone because im a disappointment

I feel like all I do is go in circles nothing ever changes nor will it, I feel as though i make progress and I think I feel happy for an amount of time and then I get sent back into the hole. Hopeless, worthless, a failure and dissapointment to everyone around me who has tried to help and may think that I'm fine not knowing what is going on in my head for fear of criticism or pity, I hate myself. I've fully accepted death although this is not a suicide note or an indication of one, I have previously attempted and for awhile felt no remorse or regret from doing so. And even now I wish I would've given it 100% as I feel I have no use or purpose and all I ever do is dissappint both myself and others, I am worthless. Nothing I jave ever done is fulfilling past the honeymoon phase of finding a new hobby, I never have the drive or discipline to keep at it I see the mountain I have to climb and it all seems so pointless to me. And I am left a failure again until I decide to do something else and fail once again. I don't deserve anything I have or anyone that is friends with me. I don't understand what other people see in me I wish even for a mpment I could see myself through their eyes because my own only hat and loath me. I have tried so many times to change how I see myself how I think about myself but it all cokes back to the same place, self hate, hopelessness, and despair. Sorry for this wall of text I know this doesn't help anyone and im questioning if its even wirth saying anything. I really just don't know what to do.
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2023.03.25 02:59 Fabulous-Turnip-8805 Should It Be Called (Speak Now Taylor’s Version) or Enchanted (Taylor’s Version)

I’ve been hearing about people hoping that SN TV should/will be called Enchanted because that’s the title Taylor wanted.
While I do see Taylor making changes like this because of Girl At Home TV being changed to synth pop because it’s what she envisioned it to be, I truly hope this isn’t what she does.
Even though we all know that we’ll love whatever Taylor will call it because it’s still the songs we love, it just doesn’t fit Speak Now the album. Speak Now is an album of all of the things Taylor (and some other people) should have said put in an album because she’s speaking now. While I know it’s what Taylor wanted, I don’t think she would have changed it cause ultimately she agreed with it as well. Plus “Enchanted” as a title only matches what the feeling and the look of Speak Now, so to me at least, it would feel like an out of place title especially in comparison to what we already know the album is called.
Basically: Enchanted matches the Aestetic, but Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) matches the content.
What do y’all think? I want to know your thoughts because maybe there’s something’s or insights y’all have that can show a better reason why it should be called Enchanted.
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2023.03.25 02:59 SirToaster933 Realism sells!

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2023.03.25 02:58 samanthaallison05 Snapchat dysmorphia, a psychological disorder created by addiction to beauty filters

Snapchat dysmorphia, a psychological disorder created by addiction to beauty filters
Alain Perez talked about the use of Snapchat and Instagram filters in "GU" . Specifically, the phenomenon that experts have named as 'Snapchat dysmorphia' has been discussed.
Several researchers have complained that the "beauty filters" used to transform the face on social networks cause confusion in the self-perception of young people. As Cureus (the scientific portal of the American Psychiatric Association) has published, the fact that young people and teenagers see themselves as more beautiful through filters not only creates addiction , but also increases their complexes and self-esteem problems.
In addition to the psychological discomfort, it is becoming more and more common for young people to undergo cosmetic surgery based on a photo taken with a Snapchat or Instagram filter. In US clinics, for example, 55% have started requests from young people who want a filter-like face.
According to a report from the Spanish Institute of Psychological Studies, "if a young person spends more than two hours on social networks such as Instagram, they are more likely to have symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as body dysmorphia disorders, problems related to food and characteristics related to narcissistic personality".
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