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Santa Barbara CA

2023.03.24 23:56 pexx515 Santa Barbara CA

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2023.03.24 23:13 GScience8 i don't know what is going on

this admissions process has made me feel like absolute trash, has caused me to absolutely break down, and I seriously contemplate about life. I had straight As, took 22 advanced/AP classes throughout high school, had won state/national awards, interned at UT Austin for two years to do research, leadership positions in all clubs, had a 1560 SAT (with 800 in math), had great recommendations from my teachers (they showed me and they said I was one of the best students in their careers) and a UT Austin biology researcher (who used words like “exceptional” to describe me), and great essays talking about my passion for scientific research (I reviewed all my essays with my English teachers, parents, and they said they were exemplary). Although I had some health issues junior year that caused my GPA to slip a bit to A- average, I explained that in my app and in my first semester of senior year, my grades increased back to normal with a 96 average and I explained that it is not an issue anymore (I am in top 7% of class in a school that’s top 3% in the whole USA). I sacrificed so much social time and free time for school throughout the years. And yet I was STILL capped (basically rejected) by UT Austin, rejected from JHU/UCLA, waitlisted from UC Santa Barbara, and just now rejected from USC (my dream school). I didn't think that having worked so hard for 4 years, I would get nothing in return (these colleges aren't like Harvard-level). Ever since I was in elementary school, I had dreamed of being at a prestigious university. They say it gets better. They said it after the UT rejection. They said it after the JHU rejection. I was hopeful, and I wanted to believe them. I remained optimistic. But clearly it has never gotten better, it has in fact gotten worse every time. Several people with less extracurriculars and lower grades than me got into UT Austin (I am not saying they don’t deserve it, they are smart and absolutely do, I just wanted to show more context behind this). I was so hopeful that I would get several acceptances, considering the profile of students who have gotten into those schools, but to my horror, it has not happened. I do have Rice University, Ivy League schools, and Stanford yet to hear back from but obviously given this context I feel absolutely hopeless from how colleges have been responding. I feel treated like crap and the effort that I have put into all of this is all worthless in the end. I am just going to get rejection after rejection in life and nothing good in response to my hard work thru years. The only colleges I have gotten accepted to are my safety school and University of Washington. I really really want to go to the University of Washington (they gave me some scholarships), but it is still expensive as an out of state student from Texas, and I am doing my best to try to find scholarships, but I will never give up. UW is one of my dream schools. It is such a great school for my field and I would do anything to go there, but if I don't find enough money I may have to wind up going to the safety school, which I don’t like honestly. Never in a million years have I thought this would be the result after so much hard work (same result I could have gotten if I would have just done no extracurriculars and only had just average grades). I feel absolutely betrayed, ashamed, and cheated by life and colleges, and I feel hopeless that any good things will come in my life in college. I feel like everything is just for nothing. I hate this.
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2023.03.24 22:58 MugShots Deputies arrest woman for parental kidnapping following highway pursuit in Santa Barbara

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2023.03.24 21:41 Remarkable_Hat_1276 Help choose between 2010 Mini convertible, 2008 Honda Accord coupe, 2004 Nissan 350z

Hi all! I'm a newcomer to this forum but have found it very valuable and insightful in my used car search, so I thought I'd ask for advice. My wife and I moved recently to santa barbara, CA from London, UK since i got a job at the university for 2 years. You need a car to enjoy this place! So i've been looking locally on craigslit and FB.
I will use the car for a year and sell next summer. We will use it on weekend roadtrips and for grocery shopping within the city. Not a commuter. Would like something a little fun to drive, but not extremely expensive to maintain. If i lose a couple of grand on the car that's fine, but not much more (like, if used cars prices come down over current prices by next summer or maintenance costs pile up if car turns out to be a lemon). Obviously running costs separate. I am also in the process of getting a US driving license so insurance costs may be higher since I don't have driver history here.
I found the following cars, but am having a hard time deciding between them.

I know I should get a pre-pruchase inspection done, check the AC, oil leaks, weird sounds when test driving etc. What else should I look for in each of these cars? Is the Mini going to break the bank in the next year? Should I risk the Honda even maintenance records aren't available, if mechanic says all looks fine? And is the Nissan the most fun car to drive on this list?

There's also a 2007 Toyota Yaris for $7500, but that's probably not as much fun to drive. Thanks for your time!
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2023.03.24 21:21 saltybruise Events, commerce and recommendations 3/24-3/31

Socialist reading group still meeting weekly
Email to inquire about what we're reading and where we're meeting [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Hiphop open mic at STUDIO this Sunday - kicking off at 7
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2023.03.24 20:28 TENDRELsb My wife and I just opened a raw denim store in Santa Barbara!

Hey rawdenim !
About two weeks ago our new store, TENDREL, opened up in Santa Barbara. Right now we are starting small and stocking Ginew, Iron Heart, Mister Freedom, 3sixteen as well as vinyl from Third Man Records and some amazing art books. It has been a challenge so far, but really exciting to see this place come alive.
It's just us doing this so while it's been a great adventure, we have much to learn! Please let me know any questions or comments - would love to share more about the experience so far, and take any advice you all have. We have been focusing on getting the physical shop open and ready, so now that it is open we are turning to our online presence. Wanted to let all you denim heads know about it and give the community 15% off your full order on our web store. Use code REDDITDENIM, valid until April 15th.
Thanks to you all for being a part of one of the best subreddits, and thanks to the mods for letting me post this!
Our website is tendrelsb.com and our instagram is @tendrelsb. Keep in touch, the ride is just starting!
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