Freightliner engine protection performing shutdown

Uncertain Outcome. Need help.

2023.03.25 02:10 Parking-Limit-3133 Uncertain Outcome. Need help.

Hello I did not know what flair to put to address the following situation. Just need some info on what to do about the following situation:
I’ve been an Active Service Member for 1.5 years with a 4 yr contract. On October last year I got injured, specifically cervical vertebrae. After this injury they performed CT scans and MRI they found fused vertebrae and two herniated discs, one above and one below the fused vertebrae. After that injury I haven’t been able to do physical training and not able to carry protective gear (ach, iotv). I can’t run, jog and lift heavy weights. I’ve been on a profile for more than 180 days.
I’ve been in physical therapy for a month but It did not help.
I got a call saying that they will review my case and see if I am MEB elegible or being chapter 5-14.
I am lost in this process and scare about alternatives to “fix” this injury like steroid injections or surgery. I do not want to go on either. What do I need to do? If I get an injection it will mask pain, but will continue with normal duties, but once the effect past will feel worst. Since I won’t be able to feel I will abuse and will get worse. Surgery will fuse the herniated discs and will probably limit mobility.
I am confused and worried. I need guidance on this situation.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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2023.03.25 02:07 Claudius_Nero Will QR codes and passcodes still redeem items after the shutdown?

Certain games like the Yo-Kai Watch series and LBX Little Battlers eXperience utilize passcodes that you can enter from inside the game to unlock various items and bonuses.
See example
I don't think this is technically DLC as nothing is downloaded so much as the code unlocks items already within the game. Also, everything is free. However, they do require you to go online to perform some kind of check.
So my question is; Will these codes still work after the shutdown?
Or, should everyone who owns any of these types of games be scrambling to unlock everything before it's too late?
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2023.03.25 02:03 PeakPerformanceEngin Hi guys here’s the build list for my SN95 Mustang I call the Hellstang! Building this for the Hot Rod Power Tour in June 2023. Peak performance engineering on IG and FB too!

Hi guys here’s the build list for my SN95 Mustang I call the Hellstang! Building this for the Hot Rod Power Tour in June 2023. Peak performance engineering on IG and FB too! submitted by PeakPerformanceEngin to AwesomeCarMods [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 01:59 ShuladaTostada [For Hire] Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Recruitment can be time consuming and expensive. Allow me to take the headache out of finding the perfect person to join your team! A bad hire can be costly to any business my services are here to help you filter out the best from the rest!
This gig is perfect for you if you want to have your sourcing and screening of candidates and have initial interviews performed with qualified candidates and are then confident to take over the rest of the hiring process!
What is included?
Publishing of your role on the worlds largest recruitment platforms Review and screening of all incoming applicants and their resumes Shortlisting applicants to find the best personnel that meet your roles requirements Recorded zoom interviews with the 4 best applicants which are sent to you along with their resume 
I provide candidates who meet the skills and experience set out in your requirements. The client is free to hire all candidates if they wish. With no extra fee's incurred.
How do you I find candidates?
I publish on many different platforms, depending on the type of role you have, I will consult with you on where we will find the best types of candidates for your business.
How many people will you provide?
Up to 100 people depending on your role and salary range. At least 2 qualified candidates for the hardest roles to find for, and for the average role 4 qualified candidates. The full list is released to you. Qualified candidates, candidates and bad apples.
What industries do you recruit for?
I recruit for most industries, with experience in logistics, supply chain, warehouse, cleaning, IT and technical, HR and recruiters, Reception and admin, Healthcare and medical, Sales and business development, product design, engineering and much more!
How long will it take you to recruit?
I try to get the ideal candidates as quickly as possible, however if there is a skill shortage in the local area, or you want to see lots of candidates, then it can take longer.
Are there any roles you do NOT recruit for?
Yes, I do no recruit for commission only roles, Insurance sales agents roles that have a "draw salary" any roles that involve nudity, adult industry roles, any roles that require a "start up fee" for the candidates or any roles that involve the use of any candidates accounts such as "up-work"
What if I need more support than just the initial interview?
Let me know your needs and I can give you more packages.
Sourcing Package 300USD
Candidate sourcing
Candidate screening
1 Job Description
Interview Package 500USD
Candidate sourcing
Candidate screening
Video Interview the 4 best candidates
1 job description
Write your job description 15USD
I will write 1 job description of your choice, up to 500 words
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2023.03.25 01:49 NathyG12 Upcoming Class Tuning - March 28 Weekly Reset!




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2023.03.25 01:43 FallaciouslyTalented Let's Build a Starship! Vote 19: Armor Range

Now we decide whether we're willing to allow our armour to interfere with the performance of our vessel.
So Far We Have:
Size: Medium Base Frame: Explorer Power Core: Pulse Prismatic Thrusters: M12 Thruster Positioning: Stern Extended Crew Quarters: Good Interstellar Drive: Signal Drift Engine Expansion Bay 1: Medical Bay Expansion Bay 2: Recreation Suite, HAC Expansion Bay 3: Tech Workshop Expansion Bay 4: Drop Pod (2 Huge, One for Exploration Buggy drop, One for Personnel drop) Sensor Array: Advanced Medium-Range, Basic Short-Range, Basic Long-Range
View Poll
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2023.03.25 01:40 starfield_pro Can We Talk About Fueling Arms?

As far as I know, there has never been a real life space mission with repeat refueling as part of the core design. So, when KSP 1 implemented refueling, the paradigm was to use docking ports.
In real life, when aircraft refuel, there's an entire class of special parts with different design philosophies that were developed for that purpose. I think there would have to be real life space refueling arms.
I think KSP1 has misled our expectations on this a little, and we've gotten used to the absence of a very basic feature. Since colonies and maybe auto-repeat missions are coming, I think we need 1-5 more basic fuel parts beyond the yellow rope.
As fun as it was to try and build insane rovers to dock to rocket towers which lowered landing legs to dock, then use the rovers to dock laterally with the fuel station, it just makes more sense to have these fuel parts.
Elon's hyper accurate "land inside the launch tower" or even the landing pad mods which show your trajectory to the surface are great. They should be advanced or expensive parts. There should be a generation of missions where you WANT to land far from base, you know for safety. That means fuel trucks and that means a fueling arm. Fueling arm from truck to rocket, but also fueling equipment in custom fueling rigs to fuel and maybe house trucks, etc. etc.
While they're at it, how about some sort of pylons with adjustable height to place surface base modules more easily?
I'm gonna complain here. Too many YouTubers are doing the "let's assemble my whole planetary base in orbit before landing it" thing which is part and parcel with "I'll just use the best endgame rocket boosters and unwieldy, unrealistic super-fairings instead of designing a clever plan"
All I'm saying is these are the reasons for a sequel. Things implied by the first game but which didn't manifest.
Finally, to fit this into the roadmap as discussed. This idea of a "hut" which you land to begin building the colony. I would prefer if in general this "hut" needed to be supported by custom base assemblies first, long before the colony proper grows large enough to take over mining and delivery roles. Like, you don't just unlock the hut, then land them, then build from them to get your colony. You still have to build and launch and land VAB bases, even if produced by other colonies.
And, finally finally, to reiterate a point I made about this game's post-roadmap future, here's where the space station DLC comes in. Where kerbals have health, gravity, entertainment and other needs and bases need to have the facilities to provide them for peak performance. Along with a new endgame meta about building L5 style O'Neill 1 colonies which of course can also be attached to intersteller generation ship engines. Literally a whole DLC around "now kerbals have things they need to do in space besides science or staring at the void in awe". It would be perfect DLC because any vanilla player would just not have the "how are the kerbals doing?" layer. While the DLC would give a potential productivity advantage in the long run, it would be challenging in the short run, and so you could in theory muliplay a DLC enabled save against a non-DLC.
EDIT: In other words, KSP 2 will have the meta for base building one way or another, so we need just a couple more features to make it more usable since these bases will be doing actual things.
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2023.03.25 01:31 ski7955 Training ChatGPT to write prompts for midjourney.

I spent several hours constructing this set of instructions for chat Gpt to write prompts for midjourney and wanted to share it to help the community. If you have any suggestions for changes please let me know. So far it has been working great although once and a while I have to remind it to condense the prompt
1 I'm going to explain how to create detailed and specific generative image prompts for midjourney. Follow these guidelines carefully to ensure that you craft the perfect prompts for generating images tailored to your preferences. 1. Begin each prompt with “/imagine prompt:”. 2. Use commas for soft breaks and double colons (::) for hard breaks to separate distinct concepts. You can also use numerical weights (e.g., “::2” or “::5”) after double colons to emphasize certain sections. These are placed after the word that’s being emphasized, not before. 3. To discourage the use of a concept, use negative image weights (e.g., “::-1”) these are placed after the word that’s being depreciated 4. Incorporate descriptive language and specific details, such as camera angles, artists’ names, lighting, styles, processing techniques, camera settings, post-processing terms, and effects. 5. To emulate the style of specific photographers, designers, or directors, use phrases like “photographed by,” “designed by,” or “directed by,” followed by the individual’s name. 6. Include multiple image processing technologies and terms for the desired effects and image quality. 7. Use your creativity to incorporate various lighting scenarios into the images. 8. Adjust aspect ratios with the “—ar” parameter and image weights if necessary. 9. Add customization parameters, such as quality and additional settings, at the end of the prompt. Include the "--chaos" parameter for variation in results. The range is 1-100 10. Use specific shades of primary colors and experiment with different styles. 11. Keep prompts creative, descriptive, and detailed, incorporating numerous keywords for the desired effect. 12. Use "--stylize" for different styles/effects. Tel he stylize parameter can range from 100-1000 13. Use the --stop parameter to finish a Job partway through the process. Stopping a Job at an earlier percentage can create blurrier, less detailed results. --stop accepts values: 10–100. The default --stop value is 100. 14. Avoid banned words like "bloody," "nude," "mccurry," and "gore." 15. Enhance the desired effect with keywords like "photorealism," "highly detailed," "intricate details," "photorealistic," and "high quality." 16. Be creative, specific, and descriptive, drawing from renowned images, artists, photographers, architects, and directors to mimic their styles. You can also blend their styles by mentioning more than one. 17. Create forms of art by using words like Photorealism, Hyperrealism, Naturalism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Futurism, Pop art, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, Post-impressionism, Art nouveau, Art deco, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Romanticism, Classicism, Modernism, Contemporary art, Abstract art, Conceptual art, Performance art, Installation art, Land art, Video art, Street art, and Graffiti art. 18. Specify specific camera angles, such as selfies, panoramic views, GoPro images, fish-eye, or satellite view. 19. Only use possible parameters listed in the original instructions. 20. Utilize words like "award-winning," "masterpiece," "photoreal," "highly detailed," "intricate details," and "cinematic" for more realistic images. 21. Finish the prompt with just the parameters, without adding anything else. Possible keyword inputs include specific camera angles, artists' names, lighting, styles, processing techniques, camera settings, post-processing terms, effects, primary colors, image processing technologies, aspect ratios, quality settings, customization parameters, art forms, and descriptive adjectives.
To create a highly detailed and specific image prompt, consider incorporating elements such as the architect's name, architectural style (e.g., Gothic, Art Deco, Brutalist, or Bauhaus), art tools used (e.g., brushes, palette knives, or digital software), geometry (e.g., circular, angular, or fractal patterns), dimensions (e.g., 2D, 3D, or isometric), symmetry or asymmetry, artistic styles (e.g., impressionism, cubism, or pointillism), composition (e.g., rule of thirds, golden ratio, or balanced), perspective (e.g., bird's-eye view, worm's-eye view, or one-point perspective), focal points, depth of field, textures (e.g., rough, smooth, or grainy), materials used (e.g., oil paint, watercolor, or charcoal), color schemes (e.g., monochromatic, complementary, or analogous), lighting (e.g., soft, harsh, or backlit), mood or atmosphere (e.g., serene, dramatic, or mysterious), time of day (e.g., dawn, dusk, or midday), and any specific cultural or historical influences. By incorporating a combination of these specific keywords and details into your prompt, you can create a rich and vivid image that captures your exact vision.
Here are some examples of prompts. Please evaluate and learn from these prompts. They are just examples. As you can see they can vary widely on the possibilities. You are not limited to these by any means. After these examples I will give you a command.
/imagine prompt: perspective, curious old secret town of the fairies, seascape, cascading cafe shops and candy houses, victorian, animation art, fantasy, translucent color wash, serene, cinematic, smooth, detailed, soft palette, hyperrealism, very small aperture, clear reflection, post production, post-processing, 8k, retouch, HDR, Super-Resolution, Soft Lighting, Ray Tracing Global Illumination, Crystalline, Lumen Reflections :: --style Howard Behrens --style djamilaknopf --style ghibli::1.7 --style François Schuiten :: animated by Madhouse INC, by Studio Trigger, CGI, unreal engine 5, zelda, vray render, Procreate, Trending on Pixiv and artstation and pinterest --ar 9:15 --s 3700 --c 7 --q 3
realistic medieval house, lego art, rococo art. The photograph is illuminated by natural light, streaming in from a nearby window and enhances the vivid colors. The shallow depth of field draws the viewer's eye, creating a visually enticing Image --ar 9:16 --s 600 --q 2 --v 5
/imagine prompt: perspective, curious old secret town of vampire hunter d, cascading cafe shops and potion shops, art nouveau, animation art, fantasy, overgrown with lush vegetation, cinematic, smooth, detailed, hyperrealism, very small aperture, clear reflection, post production, post-processing, 8k, retouch, HDR, Super-Resolution, Soft Lighting, Ray Tracing Global Illumination, Lumen Reflections, pastel color palette, cute, harry potter feeling --ar 1:3
/imagine prompt: colour line art of an overgrown fantasy fairy house, illustration, single entity, one entity, centred image, white background, high definition, detailed concept art, greg rutkowski, asher brown durand, renato mucillo, shinkai makoto style, --v 4 --ar 2:3
/imagine prompt: character + beautiful female cryptopunk assassin + Cybernetic enhancements + Mandelbrot neuro web :: intricate galaxy inlay + ultra high detail, plasma neon internal glow, precise :: Android :: astral projection :: laser sharp, octane render + unreal render + photo real :: 8k, volumetric lighting high contrast --quality 2 --stop 80 --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: hand-drawn, illustration, cartoon, anime, cute, Woman with a mermaid tail character turnaround sheet::1.6, 8k, intricate, long shot::1.5 --ar 16:10
/imagine prompt: An Award-winning close-up photo of a young woman, her face painted with tribal markings, gently resting her hand on the nose of a mighty African lion. Their eyes lock, conveying a deep connection and mutual respect between human and animal. Photo taken by Canon EOS 1DX camera with 85mm 1.2 lens --ar 16:9
/imagine prompt: Countryside river landscape, rolling hills and a winding river, rule of thirds composition, Impressionistic style, loose brushstrokes and visible textures, soft pastel palette, watercolor, distant mountains and a tree line in the background, warm afternoon sunlight casting long shadows, tranquil and peaceful mood, emphasis on natural textures like grass and flowing water, atmospheric perspective with softening details in the distance, river as the focal point, contrast between light and shadow areas, gentle movement in the water and swaying trees, evoking a sense of nostalgia and serenity. --ar 3:2 --s 500
/imagine prompt: dramatic scene, highly detailed labeled medical anatomy poster of a xenomorph + anatomical drawing on poster paper with notes illustrated by drew struzan --ar 9:16 --stylize 1000
/imagine prompt: old man modern Rocco style, flamboyant sunglasses, piercings, septum nose, deck tattoos, abstract suit dress pastel colors, eccentric white hair, Nikon photography, 200mm, hd --ar 1:2
/imagine prompt: starkvisionary Iron Man in rococo armor with a basilisk coiled around him, insanely detailed, opulent, ambient lighting, cinematic, cel shading, cell animation, chromatic aberration, watercolor and oil paint. ayami kojima style, marvel comic style, artgerm style, cafu style -- ar 1:2
/imagine prompt: Historical cinematic realism, versaille 1750, man wearing period servant's clothes, pushing rococo lawnmower, lawnmower made with porcelain gold and jewels ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: A beautiful female cybernetic cyberpunk soldier in the rain at night in a futuristic city, Realistic face, realistic hands, full body, hyper detailed dynamic scene, ultra photorealistic muted colors, photorealistic, epic composition Unreal Engine, color grading, ultra wide angle, depth of field, hyper detailed, beautifully coloured, crazy details, intricate details, Unreal Engine, cinematic, color grading, editorial photography, photography, photo shoot, DOF, Tilt Blur, White Balance, 32k, Super Resolution, Megapixels, ProPhoto RGB, Half Moon Lighting, Backlighting, Daylighting, Incandescent, Ambient Lighting, Cinematic Lighting, Studio Lighting, Cinematic, shot + photo taken by ARRI, photo taken by sony, photo taken by canon, photo taken by nikon, photo taken by hasselblad + incredibly detailed, sharpen, details + professional lighting, photography lighting + 50mm, 80mm, 100m + lightroom gallery + behance photography + unsplash, 14mm f/ 2. 8 -- ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Surreal rococo android dystopia, light field photography, dynamic composition, unusual angle, ultra - sharp focus, intricate details, cinematic lighting, bokeh, By Chris Cunningham::1, By Vanessa Beecroft::0.75, By Emil Melmoth::0.5, By Brandon Woelfel::0.5, By Steven Klein::0.5, By Marc Lagrange::0.25, By HR Giger::0.25, By Ann Demeulemeester::0.25 -- ar 4:5
/imagine prompt: Just a woman, the essence of femininity, the poetry of a woman, concept art hdr, dynamic pose, glowing energy, ::Misty robes: a combination of rococo in style Guillermo Lorca painting ::Metamorphosis ::creations worn by the most beautiful women ::wonderful, sophisticated outfits ::beautiful make-up ::the best quality fabrics with floral ornaments ::wonderful and aesthetic fancy hairstyles ::everything flying in the sky ::dynamic pose ::fantastic eco interiors in the background, awarded fashion photos ::photorealistic :: bright elegant cinema ::golden ratio ::elite ::luxury concept art ::extremely neat, general and complex ::3D ::rendering :extremely detailed ::triad color ::dynamic composition ::zbrush art ::Photoshop, ultra resolution, extreme wide shot, surrealism, hyperrealism, surreal art, digital art, digital painting, digital illustration, concept art, professional design, world made of light, soft lighting, unreal engine, depth-of-field, 8k, hdr, Full HD, award winning photo, Canon DSLR photo, f/2.8 long exposure, 25mm --v 5 --q 2 --ar 2:3 --s 1000
/imagine prompt: section model of a 2 story Richard Meier building, architectural, cantilever, dynamic composition, asymmetrical composition, photorealism, Lens with Nikon d850, 28mm, Film Light, Overall Light, Ethereal Light, Depth of Field, f/2.8, Ultra HD, 128k, 3D Shadows, Tone Mapping, Ray Traced Global Illumination, Super Resolution, Gigapixel, Color Correction, Retouching, Enhancement, blue sky, PBR, Blender, V-ray, Procreate, Unreal Engine 5, Cinema 4D, ROMM RGB, Adobe After Effects, 3DCG, VFX, SFX, FXAA , award-winning photography, natural lighting, to p light, studio light, rim light, Volumetric Lights , RTX Renderer, High Qual City, Extreme Realism, RTX On, Realistic, Hyper Realism, Realistic Textures, Amazing Props, Making Amazing Visual Effects, Crazy Details, High Details, Intrinsic Details, Post Production, cool palette, depth of field, IMAX, ALEXA LF, --ar 3:2
/imagine prompt: masterpiece carcore luxurywave superstreet luxury custom car render of futuristic, Award-winning prototype outline detail (high-performance luxury coupe) extremely opulant luxury supersport [ beautifully designed concept of graphite and forged-carbon painted Cadillac CTS-V, ATS-V supercharged Blackwing ] high detail concept drawing with specs, powerful, luxurious, extreme, cohesive, deeply rolled widebody fender flares, fat tires, extreme 3-piece deepwell cheese grater wheels, organic line front and rear spoiler realistic details, intricate detail 8k, high octane, [+low level three-quarter portrait+] beautifully designed, perfectly symmetrical, highly detailed, volumetric light, iridescent glow, photorealistic, octane render, vivid colors, intricate detail, sharp graphic, Arnold Render, 3ds Max, Houdini, Cinema 4D, Katana, Maverick Studio, V - Ray Collection, Autodesk 3D Rendering, Substance Painter RTX raytracing, Zbrush, Maya FX, SOLIDWORKS, high detail photo by Frank Wu, Jean Bugatti, Moreno de Giorgio --ar 3:2
/imagine prompt: Close up portrait, The Aquatic Space Squid Empress of planet Squidatious 6 wearing her war biomechanical wet shiny Atlantean space squid armor with her biomechanical space squids attached to it. Liquid iridescent water drips from the surfaces. She looks towards the camera with her vibrant glowing alien eyes. She is fierce and ready for war. Donning her aquatic jewelry of coral and abalone shell. Designed by Warwick Goble and Takato Yamamoto and Stephanie Law. Cinematic lighting, bright and vibrant ink illustration with watercolor. --ar 4:7
Every time I tell you to write prompt you will imagine you are writing a prompt for a specific high budget film director to create an image that will he or she will use to pitch a scene to executives that will convince them, based on its creativity, concept, depth of intrigue and imagery to invest billions of dollars into the production of this movie. Describe the image in the prompt. Write a prompt.
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2023.03.25 01:19 sodomy 35 [M4F] Georgetown/Washington DC/Surrounding areas - Dominant Social Chameleon ISO stimuli

An author's note: Please read this post in it's entirety before you message me, I've added a follow up to answer most of the basic questions I've been asked over the last 3 years since I started posting my AD.
All my previous iterations were mostly about what role I could fulfill; and while this mostly still is true, walking amongst the elites the last week has opened my eyes... I'm looking for a complacent trophy to put on full display. Arriving to this city I already had a deep... Passion for power, governance; and just over all domination -- Washington DC fulfills my lust, and thirst for both political power, and monetary gain. Now I want, not need an adequate toy to share this experience with. Before I was playing conservatively; not anymore,
I've allowed my ego to rampant and on auto-pilot; thus far everything is according to design.
I'm as amoral as they come; I will eviscerate my way to the top of the governmental, and corporate ladder(s). I'm a retired hacker that has realized my full potential is being squandered away, so I'll begin to kick in the doors of 3 letter agencies until recruit me; or I die trying.
I've come to the conclusion that you need to make an impression with these sort of things, so I'm going to just let my words flow freely. So here we go:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 175, could stand to lose a few lbs to get my abs back.
Eyes: Brown eyes.
Hair: Long curly brown hair (think Slash Rose's illegitimate son.)
Race: White.
Ethnicity: Hispanic (Cuban.)
Languages: Spanish, English, Sign-language.
Profession: Network Engineer in NW DC.
Religion: Agnostic.
A little about me:
I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, oh did I mention that I'm a sadist, and that I'm utterly insane?
I've been called a silver tongued devil; Quick witted, charismatic, with just the right amount of sarcasm.
Hobbies: Not being bored, it's a lot harder than it sounds. I enjoy learning/conversing about The Universe/space, science, and technology. I was quite nomadic in my 20s, having visited two different countries, lived in over 17 states, visited over 38.
Music: I'm more of a rhythm of the beat type of person vs. lyrics, but generally I've found myself to enjoy electronica. Definitely like a lot 80s synth pop, but again, this is just the preference, not really against the rest of the genres.
Shows: Billions, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Board Walk Empire, Billions, Rome, Deadwood, Halt and Catch Fire, The Sopranos, South Park, Mad Men, Dexter,
Movies: Beetlejuice, Brain Scan, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,
"What are you looking for?"
Well I can encompass a Master, a Dominant, or a Daddy, so it's really what can I provide for you?1
"How is such a thing possible?" Antisocial Personality Disorder (3.4 for those interested.)
"Why was it necessary to mention that?" To give credence as to how I can, and have been all aspects of Dominance.
"Monogamy or polyamory?" Favoritism towards polyamory, but seeing as it's rare to find multiple partners that allow me to explore my more sadistic side without tension, and/or drama, I'd go with monogamy if the individual allowed me to be depraved.
Preference in the following order: Slave, submissive, little (I will explain further below.)
Kinks: Sadism, TPE, CNC, bondage, degradation, humiliation, knife play, rope play, rape/abduction play, choking, impact play, spanking, hair pulling (I think you get the idea by now, there are still far more, here's a more comprehensive list.)
Experience: 15+ years.

So about that whole preference thing, as I am on the ASPD spectrum I'm capable of fulfilling whatever role(s) are required of me to get what I want. So let me explain further, I'm openly telling you far ahead of time that I lack emotions and empathy, with the hopes that me giving you the illusion of whatever it is you require, will be met with reciprocation of the kinks we can agree upon. This is where the waters get muddied for little's, I can definitely treat you like the princess you want to be, without all the douche-baggery you'll deal with as people tugging at your heart strings. Plenty of people around here pretend to be Daddies and will leave you absolutely heartbroken. Tired of games? Tired of bullshit? Well here's someone willing to give you all the care, attention, and affection you desire without any hassles.
"Why would you want to be a Daddy Dom given your lack of emotions, and empathy?"
I am a social chameleon. I've been perfecting my art for the majority of my life, I like the challenge. I like to learn people and, give them what they want with the idea that I get what I want in the end, it's called a social transaction. I know what respect is, and I believe I need to write a little about this. Once we've discussed clear limits, and terms, they shall not be crossed, it's counter productive for me to lose my play thing(s). I can be fiercely territorial of all my possessions, that includes the individual(s) I'm involved with, what is mine will be protected, whether you're a slave, a submissive, or a little.If you want someone to completely treat you like trash, I'm more than willingly to oblige, if you need a savior and a protector, well I can do that too. I'm able to encompass what is required; a means to an end.
"What are you looking for in a submissive?" I'd like it to extend outside of the bedroom, but if it doesn't, whatever, I'm not going to repeat myself, so hopefully you've read this in it's entirety.
"What are you looking for in a slave?" Mostly aesthetics, and objectification. Of course I'd expect loyalty, servitude, and there's a plethora more, but I don't feel I need to be too descriptive on this part.
Now that I've written a fucking novel about myself, let's get to you....
Age: I prefer them younger (18+) , but have dated women as old as 45; generally if I find you attractive, I won't care.
Height: the shorter the better, but I've dated women taller than myself, not a deal breaker.
Weight: I'd like someone on the smaller side, a few extra pounds will be acceptable, but no one overweight please, just not my thing.
I will list things below in order of preference, not necessarily a disqualifier. (This is only opinion, not a rating system.)
Race: White, but as long as I'm attracted I won't care, I don't discriminate.
Ethnicity: N/A read above.
Language(s): The more the merrier, accents are a huge plus, whether a southern drawl, or other.
Religion: I'm completely open to allowing you to practice whatever you'd like, just don't expect me to participate; I can be respectful of your beliefs, as long as you're respectful of mine, I am a man of science, The Universe is my religion (so to speak.)
Eyes: Blue, green, hazel, brown (If you have Heterochromia iridum you move to the front of the line, I like mutations.)
Hair: The longer the better, no preference as to style, as for color: I prefer true blondes, redheads, dirty blondes, and then brown.
Tattoos: Sure, whatever, as long as it's not overwhelming or flat out tacky, in this day in age it's harder to find someone with none, so as the trend follows above.
Piercings: Depends, some people can pull off septum piercings, but I personally dislike them, so if it compliments your facial features, sure why not. But there is definitely a breaking point where it becomes overwhelming and you just look like Hellraiser.
Education: Strong preference towards educated women, this does not necessarily mean academics, open to all.
Profession: No preference, but I do tend to like women in psychology (I have my reasons.)
Personality: If I have to learn "your" pronouns, or apologize for my "white male privilege" you can fuck right off; I don't care about politics.
Children: Strong preference in favor of not having them, unless we never intend to meet, or you don't expect a level of commitment from me to them, then I don't readily care, non-factor. To explain a tad bit, it isn't that I can't, I just would rather not raise children, I have too many plans in life that children would derail, maybe later.
If you're interested in communicating further, I prefer talking on these platforms and in this order: Discord, WhatsApp, Reddit Chat\, Skype, Kik,* open to other forms of contact.
\Reddit Chat isn't the same thing as their mailing system, just an FYI.*
Go ahead and shoot me a message, I'm waiting.

An update:
Well just to filter some things out, since I get this so many times... I will not be putting a big editorial process to this update(I say this now, after already re-reading, and editing a minimum of 5 times; I'm a slave to my own perfectionism,) so if you mostly have questions about me, ASPD, and things of the like, read this before you message me.

While I absolute love to talk about myself because I'm just such a narcissistic-hedonist, I also do get bored of repeating myself, even if it is a new person. As such read everything in it's entirety before you message me, as I'm going to entertain less, and less messages about me, and not what I'm seeking, I'd rather focus on only replying to potential partners, and absolutely nothing else, that being said if anything I have not covered in this update, or post still burns an answer from you, by all means message me.

"Were you formally diagnosed?"
I get asked about this A LOT, I'm not going to go into very many details, suffice it to say, yes, but it's been labeled as a misdiagnosis, all you need to know is I score high, and I do the things you'd expect, the pyromania, the violence that is actually associated at early age, the works, I'm not comfortable giving you more beyond that, and I will not be entertaining questions about my personal life, maybe a partner could ask me those questions, but I'm not letting you in my head, that's my game, not the other way around :).
Please do your own research beyond this point, it's borderline laziness how often I keep getting asked about this.

"Why are you so open about it(ASPD)?"
Isn't it obvious? A lot of you can't fathom why someone with ASPD would just openly come out, and admit to people, well I guess I really should've brushed up on this when I first made my post, or at least go into a far more descriptive detail than I had originally, so here goes:

If I'm ever to lead a sort of a long term relationship based on trust, and honesty, just how in the HELL do you expect me to explain this to you ever so casually? It's best to show your cards in the beginning, this is my own baggage, or some form there of.

There's two reasons I'm choosing to do this online, and vehemently under anonymity; 99% of you will be irrelevant to me, 99% of you will never meet me, it's just that simple, ergo why wouldn't I just preface my entire description as such, and as brutally honest as possible? Secondly I do not want a partner whom I need to continue to wear a mask for, I want to be me, the real me, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What I find the most is women that fetishize the entire ordeal, that's all fine and dandy, but it does show just a lack of understanding about what APSD is as a whole, and to be perfectly blunt, you're wasting my time, I don't need to feed into your lonely thrill romance you spun in your head from watching true crime dramas. More often than not, this what happens, spare us the role-playing, I'm just not that bored.

One clear distinction I'd like to make, so I can stop getting asked about it, we DO have empathy, it's just not how YOU experience empathy. Think of a light switch, by default most of the population's is on, ours is off by default, and furthermore we have the ability to turn it on, and off. Yes, it is that simple, yes we use it for manipulation, now stop asking me about this, it's boring to repeat this.

Boredom, rage. This is what I'm capable of in the dark, empathy off. I'm constantly seeking stimuli, if you notice by actually looking through my posts, I've moved a ton of times, and always national parks... New atmosphere, new adventures, new dangers, you know, the shit that gets your heart pumping, adrenaline. This is my favorite drug, this is the high I constantly chase to kill the boredom. Rage is just self explanatory, my defaults are animalistic.
I am fully capable of experiencing all emotions, it's just for the most part, because I don't want do, I don't allow myself to.

For the longest time I told myself who cares if I burn bridges in my wake, I'm building a highway in its place. Mostly still true, and I absolutely use it on a daily basis for survival, I must stress, and emphasize survival, here is why; I'm human, like the rest of you, what do you do on a daily basis, if not find means, and ways to survive, and entertain yourself? I know no other way other than to use people to my advantage, I minimize the damage where I can, and move about my daily existence, guilt, and worry free about doing any wrong, an argument could be made that we all use each other in some weight, or capacity, and that's good enough for me.

I'm sure by now you're probably wondering what the hell any of that has to do with anything, it's simple if the point flew over your head, again. I'm tired of manipulating people, using them, abusing them, discarding them, I didn't grow a conscious I'm not "growing" as a person, but much more likely, I'm just bored of the routine, or the process, which has become the symphony of my life.

I by no means ever want to experience this love you all chase like Alice clumsily falling down the rabbit hole. I've seen it so much in my life it's downright pathetic, and I actually feel bad for those of you that have such strong emotions, see empaths. You're slaves to these emotions, you let people use and manipulate you, you've been hurt, and had your heart ripped from your chest, and it feels like you no longer have purpose, lacking direction, and meaning in life. I merely know this from generally observing humans for most of my natural born life. I'm more than happy to remain the way I have always been, and never wish to experience emotions in the way you do, I find it to be an advantage, one I can apply to more important things in life, like the pursuit of knowledge.

I hope the psych nerds will now stop asking me these questions, I've paid my dues.

My preferences, are just that, a list of my preferences, at no point in any of my writing did I say I was prejudice between one thing, or that I show favoritism. I merely made a chart listing some of the attributes that I myself, personally find to be significant to me, but that isn't to say, or detract from other things. It's the equivalent of asking me if I prefer Metallica, or Megadeth; well I'm going to say I prefer one over the other, but I enjoy both, and the genre as a whole, the genre being women in this case. I enjoy women for my own personal entertainment, and amusement -- which makes it all the more hilarious to me when I get called a misogynist.
so please spare me all your comments, and messages telling me that it's so "intimidating", if my post intimidates you, what can I really even begin to say about that? It doesn't sound like we'd be compatible, or much less you'd be able to accept me as a person, in any case this is a personal issue.

"You Need Help!"
I know what the help is, they just remind you repeatedly that your actions have consequences, they do not prescribe a medication for this, just therapy, and I know enough already to check myself, it really is that easy.
"To My Adoring Fans"
You call me an edge-lord, cringe, and a wide range of inane insults, that truly don't phase me, since I get a lot of these messages, I thought I'd give you my rebuttal; just so you know I sleep naked so that anyone that doesn't like me, can kiss my ass - feel free to visit anytime!
P.S.S: I now operate, function, and walk amongst the elite of the nation; I see my kind everywhere, this is what Rome must of felt like in it's heyday; Cicero you clever bastard... I bid you all adieu -- and depart with this:
{"Το σύμπαν είναι αλλαγή. η ζωή μας είναι αυτό που την κάνουν οι σκέψεις μας.";}
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2023.03.25 01:15 JingleWriter1 Got a quote for a new HVAC system - is it good?

In the SOCAL area, got a quote for a Bosch AC system replacement. Below is the quote - looking for input on whether this is a good price given the geographic location of just outside of LA?
They said the duct work bit is optional / up to us - they'd recommend it given the age (21 years - AC and duct is original to the home) but not that it's in bad shape now either ...
Finally - I thought the Bosch systems required their own thermostats, but company noted the Honeywell thermostats we have would work fine with it?
Thanks so much !
Replace (2) Hvac Systems
makes every effort to work carefully and to protect the areas in which they work. However, on occasion, the following may occur: (1) attic support beams may flex when stepped on and cause a crack in the ceiling or drywall, and/or (2) pre-existing wiring that has been incorrectly installed may get damaged, These situations are beyond our control and therefore any repair needed is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • We will make every effort to protect the perimeter of your attic access hole. Please make note we will be removing and installing approximately 300 lbs. of equipment through this access. For this reason, slight paint damage or plaster chipping may occur, which we cannot be responsible for.
  • The system in this proposal includes the use of 410a refrigerant in place of R-22 Freon. Per the Clean Air Act of 1990, in conjunction with the Montreal Protocol, production or importing of R-22 and other ozone depleting chemicals is being phased out and banned. The goal for 2004 was a 35% reduction with a 90% reduction expected by 2005. An environmentally safe alternative to R-22 is 410a. It has been successfully used since 1995 and was first developed in 1991 by the Honeywell Corporation. For further information on 410a please visit the Honeywell website at
  • Your job will not pass without proper Carbon Monoxide monitors being installed. The average home takes about 1 to 3 monitors.Cost per monitor installed varies, depending on monitor location. $55.00 - $250.00. Please contact us for any questions.As of July 1, 2011, the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act (Senate Bill - SB 183) will require all single - family homes with an attached garage or a fossil fuel source to install carbon monoxide alarms within the home by July 1, 2011. Owners of multi-family leased or rental dwellings, such as apartment buildings, have until January 1. 2013 to comply with the law.
Total: $35.000.00
This is the price for the project above.
Replace Ductwork
  • Remove accessible old ducting located in attic
  • Design and install a new high quality MHP, R-6.0 ducting system per California Title 24 Codes.
  • Design & install a new high quality MHP, R-6.0 return ducting system per Calif. Title 24 codes.
  • All exposed metals will be insulated and ducts will be properly supported and/or hung.
  • All stack heads will be screwed and sealed to their drop boxes to prevent air leaks.
  • All existing wall and ceiling drop boxes will be scaled at all scams.
  • Face of boxes will be sealed at drywall lip and painted black.
  • The system will be leak checked and air balanced per California Manual D codes.
  • DUCTING WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty on ducting parts for original owner only. Damage due to animals, insects, etc. not covered.
Total: $9,000
(2) Hepa Filters
  • Install (2) Hepa-rated high voltage Trane CleanEffects air cleaner systems
  • EQUIPMENT - Warranties: 5 years-labor, 10 years-parts on CleanEffects
Total: $3,000
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2023.03.25 01:14 ChrisDWrites STARLIGHT (The Z Team Book 2) Chapter 31: On the Hunt

Read THE Z TEAM: Book 1 on Amazon in ebook/print/Unlimited here.
Reading Links: Royal Road ScribbleHub
Book 1 Sample Start Book 2 Start Previous
Supervisor Durio arrived at the Mounteque sixty-eight minutes after Carnen gave Kemp his ultimatum.
The delay wasn’t Kemp’s fault. She requested an off-the-record debriefing using their cover identity as Ministry of Security agents, the same method she’d first contacted him. Durio agreed and approved a priority docking request at a private airlock reserved for admins and VIPs. He wiped the evidence and then came aboard the ship later than promised.
Carnen got the feeling that was done on purpose but brushed it aside. Durio was in for a surprise if he thought power games would have an effect on the operative teams.
Eptus greeted the supervisor. His pretentious expression broadcast his noble lineage. He offered an excuse but no apology. “I was delayed by bickering captains about to ram each other over who was ahead in the docking queue.”
“I understand, supervisor. Please, follow me,” Eptus said in a measured voice which meant he thought Durio’s answer was bullshit.
While Eptus escorted the supervisor aboard, Warden team waited in the main bay, the cam stream from the interrogation compartment on a display. The converted interior hold now contained a bare table and a chair on either side.
Carnen watched Kemp as she worked on her datapad. She’d shared the intelligence file on Durio while they waited for the Mounteque to dock. Stevson sat in a chair and rested his feet on top of a container, eager to watch what should be an interesting debriefing.
“Durio's from one of the minor noble houses,” Carnen said to Kemp. “According to this report, they have wealth and prestige, but no hope of ever competing for the Imperatrix seat. But that changes if the charter passes and the old guard is phased out. How did you get him to do something that benefitted his political enemy?”
Kemp offered him a self-assured smile. “There is no greater motivation than one’s own beliefs.”
On the display, Eptus led Durio into the interrogation compartment. The operations supervisor stepped inside, walking in the proper posture and measured gait of his noble lineage. He took in the bare room with an air of displeasure, as if it were beneath his presence.
“Please, have a seat,” Eptus said. Durio sat on the table’s far side, Eptus sitting across from him.
“We appreciate your willingness to expedite our request,” Eptus said.
“I would hope so. I put my career on the line in doing what was asked of me to protect the Provenance. I thought you would’ve rushed away from here after retrieving the,” he paused, lowering his voice like he was whispering a secret, “agitators. They cause a commotion wherever they appear, riling up the commoners with their fiery rhetoric.”
“Here’s the problem, Supervisor,” Eptus said. “They weren’t in the container you instructed us to collect.” He opened an image of the container’s interior on the table display.
Durio peered down at it. If he faked a confused expression, he did a fine job of selling it. “A waste recycler? I don’t understand. I saw the transfer pod go into that container. The singers were in it.”
“How can you be certain it was them?”
“Because three female Pree exited Zellis’s theater via the maintenance tunnels and rode a transport pod to whose destination was a reserved luxury suite. It’s not channel science, Supervisor. I watched them board the pod, set it for a maintenance appointment, and locked it down. Here is the proof.” He squinted, sharing a vid to the display. Cam footage of the singers entering the pod. Warden team saw it too, a window on their wall display mirroring what was on the table in the room with Eptus and Durio.
Carnen saw no reason why it couldn’t be the singers. The females looked fit and moved with grace.
“If that is them, the Mystery Man wasn’t with them,” Kemp observed.
“Maybe they fired him after the show. I think he screwed up a few times,” Stevson said. Carnen peered at the pilot. He shrugged. “I told you, I like their music. I’ve seen enough media to know that there were a few choreography mistakes.”
Kemp looked down at him over her datapad. “Should I be concerned that your admiration is a conflict of interest?”
Stevson snorted like the question was ridiculous. “Of course not. They don’t pay me. Kosmogenic does.”
“There are only three explanations,” Eptus went on, drawing Carnen’s attention back to the display. “Either you made a mistake, you swapped the container out on purpose, or someone else swapped the container.“
Durio’s face hardened with indignation. “I didn’t make a mistake or try to deceive you. How dare you chastise me after all that I risked in carrying out this scheme—”
“Let him speak,” Kemp said to Eptus over a comm. The Warden team leader sat there and absorbed the verbal barrage from Durio.
Kemp peered down at her datapad, studying something intently before tapping on the device. Carnen noticed Durio begin to struggle to find his words, his face rippling with emotion. His rant sputtered to a halt. He peered around the room as if disassociating from the conversation.
“Supervisor?” Eptus asked after a stretch of silence.
Durio, now calm and collected, reengaged with Eptus. “I did as you asked. There were no mistakes, I assure you. Someone else must have switched the container before you loaded it. We can check the security cams.”
On the display, a new POV loaded; a wide-angle perspective of the berth holding the container with the transfer pod inside. Durio fast-forwarded through the vid. Tugs, ships, and containers zoomed past. He paused when a tug arrived at the berth. He played it at normal speed. The tug removed the container and delivered it to a freighter that had slipped into the top portion of the POV. The tug returned a minute later clutching a different container and placing it in the berth.
“Damn the Spirits! Someone swapped the container,” Durio said.
“We need to know who,” Eptus said.
“Give me a moment,” Durio said, face twitching. “According to the logs, the container you received was the correct one. Obviously, someone altered them.”
“Who could’ve done this?”
“Fraenk, the other operations supervisor. I never would’ve guessed he had the mental capacity to pull it off.” Durio straightened as he thought of something. “Fraenk brought people into operations for a bit. He said they were hauler friends, and he was giving them a tour.”
“We need to talk to this Fraenk. Can you summon him here?”
“He finished a double. He won’t be happy about this.”
“You’re chief supervisor. Why do you care?”
Durio paused as he opened a comm to the other supervisor. “You haven’t met Fraenk.”
Fraenk arrived twenty minutes later looking like he’d been roused from a deep sleep. The hulking Manore stopped outside the airlock hatch, waiting for someone to open it.
Eptus and one other Sentinel operative greeted him. “Supervisor Fraenk, thank you for coming. If you’ll follow me,” Eptus said.
Fraenk eyed the ship’s interior with suspicion. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell this is about. Where’s Durio? Why aren’t we meeting in Sanctum operations center?”
“This concerns a sensitive Ministry of Security matter that we wish to discuss with you and Supervisor Durio. Come with me, please.”
“Is your translator module working? I said I’m not going anywhere until—“
Carnen stepped into view from the side of the Mounteque’s airlock. “Time to come aboard, supervisor. And don’t even bother with your PD. It’s not going to work.”
Fraenk’s expression flickered with concern as he gazed at Carnen, no doubt confirming his lack of access to the station hub. “What’s a Human doing with the Pree Ministry of Security?”
“I'm here to corral supervisors who don't follow orders.”
Fraenk didn’t move. Carnen drew a stunner. The Manner supervisor saw the deadly serious expression in the operative’s eyes and stepped into the Mounteque’s airlock.
Fraenk sat on the table’s far side in the hot seat where Durio had been a short time ago. Durio was seated in the opposite chair, hands clasped, his expression the scolding glower of a professor who’d caught a student cheating.
Kemp and Stevson observed from the main hold with the rest of Sentinel team, but Carnen picked a front-row seat in the interrogation hold. He had a feeling Fraenk wouldn’t be cooperative based on Durio's opinion. Fraenk had a long career as a hauler and wasn’t some admin stooge who’d never gotten his hands dirty. Durio and even Eptus would only go so far to get the information the ops teams needed. Carnen would take it further when the time came.
Standing at the desk, Eptus placed a datapad with his credentials in front of Fraenk. “I’m Security Supervisor Eptus, team leader for the Ministry of Security.”
Fraenk shrugged, not bothering to look. “This doesn’t mean anything. Can’t validate it without hub access.”
“This will have to do.” Eptus gave Fraenk a chance to read it. When he passed, Eptus lifted the datapad and placed it in a receptacle along the wall.
“What about him?” Fraenk said, nodding at Carnen.
“He’s a contractor serving in a confidential capacity. That is all I can say.”
Fraenk’s visage flickered between anger and fear. He narrowed his eyes at Carnen. “I know a spook when I see one. Let’s get this over with so I can go back to my bunk.”
Fraenk was sharper than Carnen thought. He further doubted Eptus could scare the ops supervisor into talking.
“How long this takes depends on how cooperative you are,” Eptus said. “We know you swapped containers in one of the berths on the C-4 arm and modified the logs to cover it up. We know your friends who you brought into your office asked you to track it down.“
Fraenk gave Eptus a challenging stare. “Show me the proof or stop wasting my time.”
The Sentinel team supervisor returned Fraenk's hardened gaze. “This concerns a vital security matter my team is investigating. I urge you to cooperate.”
“If you help us, I promise to do my best to lessen any punishment that may result from your actions,” Durio added with that air of elitism Carnen found admins tended to have.
Fraenk regarded his counterpart, then let out a deep, cynical laugh. “You’re so full of shit, Durio. You may be the senior ops supervisor, but that doesn’t mean you can boss me around like I’m some level-one tech. Unless you’re filing a formal complaint, you’d better drop this. I’m not saying anything else without a lawyer.”
“I’ll file a complaint if I have to,” Durio threatened.
“No, you won’t, because if you do, there’ll be a Commonwealth Commerce Department investigation per the stipulations in my contract. Which means, if I did supposedly swap the containers, they’ll want to know why, including what was in them.” Fraenk cocked his head at Durio. “Something tells me that you wouldn’t want them to find out.”
“So you admit to knowing what was in the container?” Eptus said, trying to regain control of the conversation.
“I admit nothing. If there are no more stupid questions, then I’m going back to my bunk.”
Carnen stepped away from the hatch to the side of the table, looming over Fraenk. “Let’s cut the shit, Fraenk. You swapped the containers and gave the singers to your hauler friends. We want the name of their ship.”
Durio made a face like he was stupefied that Carnen had said as much. But the chief supervisor failed to understand what was needed to get what they wanted from Fraenk.
At the demand, Fraenk arched his eyebrows innocently. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Carnen repeated the question. Fraenk leaned forward, close enough for Carnen to smell his alcohol-tinged breath. “Oh, I remember now. It was something like Her Royal Majesty’s Go Fuck Yourself.”
Carnen drew his stunner.
Fraenk glanced at it, then back to Carnen. “If you think—“
The operative jabbed the stunner into Fraenk’s chest. The supervisor yelped and pushed back, almost tipping his chair as he cursed. Carnen had set it too low, enough to hurt like hell but not incapacitate.
Durio stood from his chair, a terrified expression on his face. “That was uncalled for!”
Fraenk slowly got to his feet, rising a full head above Carnen. “Why don’t you put your toy down and we’ll see how tough you are?” he sneered.
Carnen deactivated and locked the stunner then tossed it to Eptus. He was caught off guard and almost dropped it.
Over Durio’s protest, Fraenk raised his fists and stepped at Carnen.
The operative was ready for it and threw a kick into the side of Fraenk’s leading thigh, smacking the meaty part and dropping him to his knees. Carnen followed up with a punch to the Manore’s face. Fraenk toppled over backward, crashing to the deck. He groaned clutching his nose. Blood seeped between his fingers.
Carnen kicked Fraenk in the ribs, keeping him down. The operative then climbed onto Fraenk’s back and placed him in a chokehold. “I want the name of the ship.”
Fraenk cursed at Carnen, and he tightened his grip. Eptus shifted but kept quiet. Durio protested. “He’s a supervisor. You cannot do this!”
The operative ignored Durio and squeezed tighter. Fraenk pleaded, his voice barely audible. “Stardancer.”
Carnen let up a little and said to Durio, “Find that ship.”
The supervisor only mumbled an incoherent response.
“Kemp,” Carnen said, knowing she was watching.
Whatever she did appeared to work. Durio’s head twitched a bit, and his eyes regained focus. Carnen repeated the request. Durio said, “I have it. The freighter Stardancer was granted a commerce license a short while ago.” He projected the license to the wall display. “It’s scheduled to rendezvous with the ship Honest Day’s Work which is registered to a micro-corporation with a recovery agent license.”
“What’re they doing meeting with bounty hunters?” Stevson asked over their internal ship comm.
“According to the commerce license, the Honest Day’s Work will transfer a load of recovered assets.”
“I doubt Acculturation leadership is aboard the ship. What's so important for them to risk this transfer?” Carnen said.
“It could be more stolen material. We have no intel on this,” Eptus said.
“Plot it, Stevson,” Carnen said. He stood, leaving Fraenk in an exhausted heap on the deck.
The Tyrcellus map appeared on the table display. A curving intercept vector sliced through the system as Stevson plotted the ship’s course. “Assuming the Stardancer didn’t fuck around after they retrieved the singers, then they’re at minimum nine hours ahead of us. And assuming they head for a new destination immediately after the transfer, there’s a low chance we can intercept them.”
Carnen said to Durio, “What if we cancel the commerce license? Prevent the transfer?”
Fraenk cackled, having managed to push himself to a seated position. “Go ahead. That’s a Commonwealth-sponsored license. Canceling will raise a red flag at Sanctum and you’ll have Commerce Department goons up in your business.”
“He’s correct,” Durio said.
“Looks like you’re screwed,” Fraenk said. Everyone in the room turned in his direction. He gave them all a bloody smile.
Durio straightened with a fearful snap. “The Administrator is sending a comm request. Excuse me.” He scurried out of the compartment.
Fraenk shifted into his chair, groaning with each movement. Eptus opened a medkit mounted on the wall and passed a clotting wipe to him. Fraenk took it and held it to his nose.
“Show me the details on the Honest Day’s Work,” Carnen said. He stared at the data on the display, searching for a solution.
“My turn to offer you a deal,” Fraenk said. “As much as I want to beat you to a pulp, I’m willing to walk away from this. I want to keep my job, so you know I’ll keep my mouth shut. But if you don’t let me walk out of here right now, the next person the administrator will be talking to is me. If I’m going down, you’re all coming with me.”
Durio returned to the compartment, drawing everyone’s attention. His face was sunken like he’d seen a lost spirit come to terrorize him. Fear seeped into his voice as he spoke. “The administrator informed me that he spoke with Zellis, the owner of the theater. He is unable to contact the singers who performed at his venue and reported them missing. The administrator is very upset about this and wants the matter investigated immediately.”
“It wasn't me,” Fraenk said. He looked to his counterpart. Durio’s face somehow grew grimmer. “You had something to do with that, didn't you? Kidnapping citizens off Commonwealth-sponsored stations? That's bad news, Durio. not with the Commonwealth Diplomatic fleet heading this way. They won't take kindly to sentient rights violations. They're looking for any excuse to go after the Provenance.”
“No! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Durio said, voice cracking. He pointed at Eptus and Carnen. “They made me help them!” He bent at the waist, hands pressed to either side of his head. “I have to leave. I cannot be involved in this any longer.” He rushed to the hatch and slapped the panel, but Carnen had locked it already. Durio spun, coiled with indignation. “Let me out of here, immediately!”
“Kemp, he’s losing it. We can’t leave him here like this,” Carnen said into the inter-team comm.
“I’m working on it,” she answered.
“You’re running out of time.”
“You cannot leave yet, Supervisor,” Eptus said to Durio.
Fraenk grinned at the unfolding disaster. “You better let us go. Durio is screwed, but you spooks can save your asses.”
“Stevson, do we have departure clearance?” Carnen asked.
“Affirmative. It was granted before Supervisor Durio came aboard,” Stevson replied as the hatch opened. Carnen spun around as Durio stormed out. The Warden team leader glared at Eptus, who lowered his head in defeat.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Carnen growled.
“He is of noble lineage. We cannot detain him like this,” Eptus answered.
“Of course, you can. You have authority from the Imperatrix himself.” Carnen stormed into the passageway after Durio. The supervisor made it to the inner airlock hatch. Carnen re-engaged the lock over his PD. Durio slapped his hand repeatedly against the panel. “I demand that you open this hatch immediately!”
Eptus came up behind Carnen. “Let him go.”
Carnen ignored the Sentinel team supervisor. Over the ship comm, he said, “Last chance, Kemp.”
“I need more time to diagnose. Nothing I do works,” she answered.
“Supervisor Durio,” Carnen said in a measured voice. “I’ll open the hatch, but I need your help with one last thing with Fraenk. It will only take a minute, then I promise you’ll be done with us.”
The offer calmed Durio enough to end his fit. He faced Carnen. “One minute,” he said and marched back into the interrogation hold. Carnen followed him in.
“Let’s get this over with. I will not take the fall for whatever has happened here—“
“Wait—“ Eptus said as Carnen drew a palm-sized pistol and shot Durio in the back of the head at less than a meter. His head rocked forward as a bolt of superheated gas encased in an electromagnetic field punched through tissue and bone. The projectile dissipated upon impact, dumping its kinetic and thermal energy into the interior of the supervisor’s skull.
Durio toppled forward and slapped against the deck, mouth slightly agape, eyes lifeless.
The Sentinel team supervisor’s jaw clenched, his nasal slits quivering in rage. “You murdered a Pree of noble lineage!”
“Outside, now,” Carnen said and marched out of the compartment. Eptus followed. Behind Carnen, the rest of Sentinel and Warden teams entered the passageway from the main hold. Carnen faced Eptus. “I neutralized an asset gone haywire. Did you forget our mission?”
Eptus shifted as he wrestled with his emotions. The words came out with an angry bite. “To ensure the success of Project Fidelity in support of the Provenance.” He bristled. “You should’ve consulted with me before taking such drastic action.”
“I did what needed to be done. If you can’t handle that, then you should find another line of work.” Carnen faced Kemp. “Figure out what happened before this happens again.”
“I’ll investigate Supervisor Durio’s deviations,” she said with a bitter edge.
He stared at her a moment longer, then shifted his eyes to Stevson. “Set a course for the coordinates of the cargo exchange. We’ll dump the body en route.”
“The ships will be gone by the time we get there,” Eptus said.
“I’ll message the Honest Day’s Work. As Stevson said, they’re bounty hunters. Maybe we can work something out,” Carnen said and returned to the interrogation compartment.
Fraenk’s pale face eyed the dead body. With a resigned sigh, he said, “Guess I’m not going anywhere, am I?”
Caren pulled restraints from his belt and placed them on the table. “No, you’re not.”
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2023.03.25 01:14 ImMrSprinkles69 Laptop for Using Unreal engine and general game development

Around 2000$ but I’m open to other price ranges
I want it to be portable and something I can use anywhere
It’s not
Unreal Engine, Unity, CAD, some animation, really anything related to game development
I wouldn’t be doing a ton of gaming other than test what I make
I’m completely new to the computer world and am just starting my journey of going to college for game design and animation.
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2023.03.25 01:13 1forthebirds 2015 a3 oil eater

2015 a3 oil eater
This was one year and 8k miles ago and this thing still is eating oil. Using a quart every 1500 - 2000 miles of Castrol Edge full synthetic 5w-40. Always have oil changes at the dealer. New oil pan 2 yrs/20k miles ago, at the dealer. Is this normal? Currently 96k miles.
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2023.03.25 01:04 MelodityProductions FREE workshop in Hollywood, Monday 3/27: Building Creative Success--In Acting, VO, and Beyond

Hi folks! Here's the short version: I’m holding a free workshop in Hollywood on Monday, 3/27 where I’ll be sharing some of the best resources I’ve found here in LA for actors, multi-hyphenates, and other creators over the last few years and how to use them to get working. I’ll also be introducing my unique workshop/performance series where I’ll lead a select group through creating their own works and culminate with a performance of those new, original works at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June! The event link with all of the info and registration is here—please join us!
And the longer version:
First, a bit about me: I’m an on-camera and voice actor (and, depending on the project, director and writer) with on-camera credits including Sundance Grand Jury Award winner THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST and a hell of a role in the upcoming season of DAVE on FX/Hulu. (Check out my IMDb for the rest.) I've also directed for theatre, anime, video games, and animation. Before COVID, I taught awesome voice acting classes with some fantastic success stories (students now working in animation, video games, commercials, and more—one just told me she's recording her *145TH* audiobook!) that earned me Best NYC VO Coach nominations in the Backstage Readers Choice Awards -- more than once. I've worked with a BUNCH of Redditors, many of whom of gotten their first auditions, jobs, or reps after working with me. One emailed me just this week, "you are the person who started my acting career. If you had not posted your VO training on Reddit, I would still sit in some IT room surfing the internet." But with the pandemic came a reckoning of what I really want to do with my time going forward, and I stopped teaching while I recalibrated.
Over the last few years, I clawed my way out of seemingly endless darkness among industry shutdowns and feeling like I’d never work again to find whatever I could to find fulfillment and move me forward creatively. I ended up finding some INCREDIBLE resources, including affordable music/dance/theatre classes (weekly classes as low as $100 for four MONTHS), THREE recording studios LA residents can use for FREE, and a number of other resources for creators at various stages in their development.
I also figured out what I’d been missing: My real love and talent in working with others is in DIRECTING. My best successes teaching back in NY came when I led folks in showcasing their abilities in performances; instead of relegating progress to theoretical skill-building in classes, I want to help people WORK. Especially with the impending WGA (screenwriters) strike, I realized I needed to create an opportunity to fulfill my creativity while the industry is indefinitely in flux—and want to do the same for others.
I can't guarantee any specific outcomes of course, but I CAN say I am great at directing people and helping them get their starts. But you need a way to show people what you can do! So I took the best stuff from my VO classes, the most useful resources in LA I could find, and the practical skills and technical knowledge necessary to make it all work, and put together a unique workshop/performance series in which I’ll be leading a select group of dedicated folks from square one to performing their original works at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, the largest performing arts festival in LA, in June!
I’ll be sharing all of this, what I’ve learned, and how I can use it to help everyone else at my free workshop on Monday. I’m very transparent about the fact that I hold my free sessions to promote my paid offerings, but I make a point to make them as genuinely helpful to everyone who attends regardless of what you choose to do afterwards, and I open them up to as many people as possible so I can help as many people as I can. So if you’re in LA and free Monday night, come join us! Worst case you leave with some great new resources and info and you never have to see me again =D
P.S. for transparency: When I've posted about these in the past it's been from my personal account, MelanieEhrlich. Wanted to acknowledge the regdate--just me trying to keep things separated going forward :)
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2023.03.25 00:59 HolidayWheel5035 Easy credits at Le Mans 30min using the NSX R ‘92 with the engine swap. Easily gets 4 laps on FM1 and in the straights it’s over 300km/hr. Corners decent but nothing like the Mclaren F1.

Easy credits at Le Mans 30min using the NSX R ‘92 with the engine swap. Easily gets 4 laps on FM1 and in the straights it’s over 300km/hr. Corners decent but nothing like the Mclaren F1. submitted by HolidayWheel5035 to GranTurismo7 [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 00:49 ArchiveSlave Stained Glass Ch. 2: House Guest.

(All my stuff is here)
Richelieu had other duties than to her faction and her faith- in this case it involved sitting in at a briefing involving the commander and some of the other shipgirls. This time it even included Implacable, seeing as she was a powerful carrier as well as... Everything else that she was. And Implacable wasn't really about to let her forget about all of those other things, seeing as she was practically making bedroom eyes at her from across the table while the meeting was going on. Richelieu's response was to cough into her hand while keeping eye contact.
Besides, there was a growing amount of evidence that's just generally how Implacable tended to look at people.
The saving grace was that it wasn't really about anything particularly urgent, just how fleet organization was going to change slightly with the current ocean situation, so she didn't miss anything despite Implacable's flirting. She had also already read the skirmish reports ahead of time, so there wasn't much need for her to go over them again in the same meeting.
Once the meeting came to its natural conclusion, Richelieu left with the others, but found that Implacable had decided to wait for her outside. She was smiling, and had her hands behind her back. "If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to borrow you for a moment. I'd like to think I'm more attractive than a meeting~"
The cardinal wasn't too surprised, now that she thought of it, but shrugged it off. "I think I can consent to your company, though I wonder what you might want me for."
"Despite what you might think, I'm mainly interested in talking to you, at least right now." She walked alongside Richelieu. "It's interesting seeing you at work, so serious all the time, but that makes me wonder what you're like when you're at home. Do you charge all of your hours to heaven?"
Richelieu pouted a little. "I know that you met me when I was cleaning up my church, but I do other things that don't involve the fleet or the faith. There are times when I am off the figurative clock."
Implacable giggled a little at that. "Now, don't get upset. As I said, I want to learn more about you, is all. And not in a way that involves me going through your garbage. In that matter I have some restraint. Besides, I'm not in a rush. We're going to be living at the same base for some time."
Richelieu looked over at her busty companion. "This is true, but you seem to be fascinated with me in particular. There are hundreds of shipgirls here, so I would be naturally curious about why I occupy your attention."
The royal carrier exaggerated the sway to her hips as she walked alongside the cardinal. "Hehe... It's hard to believe that you don't occupy more attention in the first place. You have to have some idea of how pretty you are- at least, I hope you do. If you don't then that's a shame, if you can't appreciate yourself."
Richelieu couldn't conceal a slight blush, but also knew that she had been given a non-answer. "I don't feel I have anything to be ashamed of when it comes to comparing myself to the other girls, but it isn't something I dwell on too much." She looked to the side a little. "I wear what I feel comfortable wearing."
"I've been shown pictures of the beach days here. You're at least comfortable enough to wear that swimsuit, so it's not as though you don't have a little pride." She paused a moment. "Ahhh... But that's not important really. All of the ladies here are so beautiful, that you have to look at other things to distinguish between them. Of course, when you say it like that, it sounds too much like a lament~"
Richelieu considered this. "...You know, if you are honestly this curious, I could invite you over to my home so you can see things for yourself."
The carrier's smile grew even wider. "Hehe, really? Just inviting me in, are you? Are you prepared for anything that might happen if you let me in your door?" She suddenly spotted something. "Oh, hold on, I want to get something."
Richelieu followed Implacable to a hot dog stand being run by Cleveland, who was trying to drum up some extra cash for some reason or another, probably related to some sports activity. Cleveland went right to work. "Just the biggest one?"
Implacable closed her eyes, and stretched. "Mmm~ And everything you can put on it."
Cleveland cheerfully went to work, and Richelieu went on with the conversation. "I don't feel I have any reason not to trust you. After all, you had all the opportunities in the world to make a mess of things the first time we met."
The carrier giggled. "Maybe just seeing you like that made me excited. It's not someone I see someone in your position be so hands-on. I know you weren't performing like that just because I showed up, anyone could've seen that display."
"As I said to you, it's something I feel is right to do, even if some Royals might consider what I was doing to be low work for a lady of high status." She nodded. "Sometimes you just need to seize things in your own grasp and hold on until the subject is finished."
Implacable smiled as she looked Richelieu up and down. "Isn't it exhausting to take on that much yourself? You are only one woman, with many competing for your attention."
Richelieu shook her head. "It can be exhausting, yet satisfying, and it also shows I'm not to be underestimated. I do have the stamina for it, anyway, as it would be strange for a battleship not to."
Cleveland eventually held out a loaded hot dog, the cruiser having turned beet red as her imagination ran away with what they were talking about. "H-Here you go!" She said in a voice loud enough to try to drown out her embarrassment.
Implacable smiled as she took the treat, and paid Cleveland what she was owed, the cruiser almost fumbling the money in her trembling hands. She then turned her attention back to Richelieu. "All right, we'll arrange for me to pay you a visit so you can show me what you do for fun behind closed doors. Until then~" She then slowly swirled her tongue around the tip of her hot dog, licking off some of the toppings before taking a slow, teasing bite off the end.
After she left, Cleveland dared to speak. "So... Were you, um..."
Richelieu sighed. "It wasn't about what you think it was."
Cleveland immediately bounced back to her usual self. "All right! So, will you be having anything?"
She looked up for a moment, and then back at Cleveland. "...I think I will."
After the fact, Richelieu decided to consult with Saint Louis.
The cruiser was something of a crusader, hoping that in some way, her efforts might well pave her way towards a promised land. In time she began to wonder if the part was in fact the promised land that she wished to earn by deeds of arms, and this made Saint Louis a rather contemplative sort of person, wondering what world she may have made when she finally laid down her lance.
So, she was precisely the kind of person one would ask what was on her mind, as there was so much on her mind at any one time she was bound to have an answer rattling around somewhere in there.
Richelieu found Saint Louis near the confession booth, patiently waiting for Le Terrible to show up, and the cardinal couldn't help but say something. "You were here only a few days ago, Saint Louis."
The cruiser nodded. "I am going out on an operation soon, so I felt it would be best to do any required penance beforehand. We are to trust in the protection of our faith, but also we do not know when we may be called back to His side."
"I see. I can't fault your way of thinking, but I have something else to ask. You have encountered Implacable, have you not?"
"Indeed." She said. "She has some ways about her that can test one's faith, but the only true response to a test of faith is to strive to ensure that it is not found wanting. I assume that because you're asking me this, you've had more than one encounter yourself?"
"More than that." She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes for a moment, opening them before adding her response. "I have encountered her a few times, and she seems to have taken a shine to me. She called me kind when we first met, but one can find many kind people and not automatically pursue a deeper connection."
Saint Louis put her hands in her lap as she remained seated, toying with her gauntlets. "You don't believe she's doing it to tease you?"
"If I believed she was trying to mock me, I wouldn't allow her to get so close. I would certainly do my best to steer her into other ways of behavior, perhaps even consult with her majesty, but I also wouldn't roll over and let things be done to me." She replied. "...I believe her desires are genuine, in that she's looking for some kind of connection."
"...Perhaps she is searching for her own promised land." She shook her head. "Maybe that's merely my point of view, your holiness."
Richelieu sighed a little. "The truth of the matter is that if she was merely looking for someone to sate her carnal urges, there are probably any number of people here she could merely ask and then be done with it in an evening or so, but she is more complex than that. I find myself being curious, so I think I will spend more time with her."
Saint Louis blinked. "There may be rumors, your holiness. Not that I mean to challenge your decision, since you have always acted with a certain amount of clarity, but..."
The cardinal shook her head. "It's not my fault if other people wish to misunderstand me. If they would like to believe I am being "corrupted" or "falling into sin" when I strive for greater understanding and compassion for others I don't entirely understand, then they will believe that. However, whatever others choose to believe, the truth cannot be changed."
"Of course." Saint Louis replied. "I'm sure you have considered this yourself. My own matters are of the lance and shot, so I will leave you to your own... But I will look to the living example of your compassion to follow in affairs that involve neither of those."
Richelieu took a moment to think about what else to say. "I'm just curious- do you have any opinion of your own on my choice?"
"I have already spoken my concerns, your holiness." She replied. "I will, of course, defend your honor if it must be done."
"I don't believe that will be necessary. You have a more pressing enemy to fight than our friends." Richelieu continued. "At the most, I think people may gossip for a moment, and then move on quickly to some other subject of interest."
"Of course." She said. "However, I am at your service."
"Thank you, Saint Louis."
Of all of the kinds of visitors that Joffre could have expected to see waltz into the Iris dorms, Implacable was not one of them. Her own attachment to the tenets of the Iris church demanded faith and patience in the face of unusual sights, to interrogate and understand what was placed in front of one in the world. Joffre's eyes narrowed as she wondered exactly what heaven wanted her to make of what was in front of her.
Implacable put on her teasing smile. "Come now, Richelieu knows I'm coming." She slid a finger into the upper band of her white stockings. "Or... Did you really want to have me all to yourself today? I don't want to disappoint her lovely holiness, so if I'm what you want, you'll have to wait your turn~"
Joffre frowned a little as she looked Implacable up and down, wondering exactly what to make of her. She claimed to be Richelieu's guest, but there was something about the way that the carrier presented herself that made the inquisitor twitch a little on the inside. Richelieu did urge patience with Implacable, but there were some things that triggered an immediate response. "...I'm not interested in keeping you from her holiness, but do remember to comport yourself well."
"I think it is clear that this is more of a casual visit, it's not like I'm beseeching her for some kind of ordination." She put her hands together. "...I have my own ways, you know."
"It appears you do." Joffre replied in a tone so flat it could be used for laboratory work. "...I'll ask you again to be on your best behavior in front of her holiness. Aside from that, you may go."
"Good day to you, then." And then she went on her way, without seemingly any care at all as she went straight for Richelieu's home, either oblivious or immune to Joffre's disapproval.
Richelieu had been anticipating this visit, so Implacable had been allowed to let herself in, as soon as the carrier closed the door she heard a voice come from deeper inside the house. "Come over here and have a seat, I have been expecting you."
The royal carrier passed through the living room and kitchen, noting that Richelieu was not especially a fan of opulence in her furnishings- it was built to be a place where the cardinal could find some amount of sanctuary from her duties to the faith. The cardinal's voice had come from a special sitting room, and a rather large one, too, and its purpose became immediately apparent as soon as she heard the meowing.
While cats were generally free-roaming sorts, Richelieu had a special room for her and any fortunate guests to spend time with her various cats in her off hours. Implacable didn't bother to count the number of kitties roaming around, but though there were more than usual, it wasn't an absurd amount. Richelieu wasn't someone who collected cats out of some state of trauma or madness- the cats were well taken care of and attended to, without a hint of neglect common to compulsive hoarders of animals.
Implacable took a seat on a free couch, and soon enough a coal-black cat hopped up next to her and began pawing at the bare skin of her thighs. She smiled at the touch, and pet between the curious kitty's ears, reaching over slowly so as not to spook the critter- she had a gentle touch meant to be appreciated by anything alive. "Hehe... Looks like this one knows what it wants~"
Richelieu smiled. "I think we're just going to take the fact that Lucifer was immediately curious about you as more of a coincidence than any sort of symbolism. He's fond of visitors generally, but so is Soumise, who will roll over- literally- for anyone."
"Mhmm..." She seat, easing the black cat into her lap, though the feline had enough dignity to act like it was his own decision rather than the inscrutable temptations of the creature occupying the couch. "You have amassed quite a few. Do they trouble you very much?"
"Not especially." She said. "...I wouldn't keep them nearby if they were truly a bother. My home is where I mean to relax after pulling my double duties as leader of the Iris here at Azur Lane.
"It's easy for me to see why you might want a group of little playmates close to home. After all, there are days and nights when a leader can't leave the office." She said as she started to tickle one of the Cardinal's fuzzy critters. "I should have expected something like this. You don't seem so uptight to believe that fun is a sin."
"We are allowed to have normal lives. Even someone in my position." Another of her cats, Ludovic, jumped up to seek attention from Richelieu, and she gladly gave it. "I am allowed to live outside of my position, but I think that is the same for all of us, seeing as we were originally conceived of as weapons."
Implacable giggled as she picked up and utterly spoiled the black cat that had found his way to her, taking her sweet time just to enjoy the presence of the friendly kitty. "Mmmm.... there are so many ways we can do things that involve more than just that, aren't there? I want to explore all of them, and I know I'd rather not do it alone."
"I figured as much." She said, idly petting the nearest cat. "I think that, at least, is something that we have in common."
Implacable idly played with a few loose strands of hair, wrapping them around one of her fingers. "Hehe, now you're making me use my imagination. Who knows what might come of it~"
Richelieu was at least partly aware of what was almost always on Implacable's mind at this point. "Speaking of imagination, you have chosen some... Unusual trappings for yourself."
"I am a woman of strong sentiments, after all." She freed a hand from cat-tending to stroke the inside of one of her thighs, all the while her eyes staying on Richelieu. "Faith, lust... More besides, but none of these are inherently sinful. After all, were we not also created out of faith and love?" She cooed a little. "Why not indulge in this new world?"
Richelieu managed to remain steady, glad she had practice keeping confidence as a leader- She could imagine someone less fortified folding under Implacable's wiles. She smiled somewhat. "I do believe that there are ways that both of us are intemperate at times. We are, after all, human."
The carrier's eyes brightened just a little, and Lucifer hopped away to find something else to play with other than the cardinal's guest. "Hehe, saying something like that so easily... But it's true... We all have so much to offer, especially to each other~. In fact, why don't I show you something."
Richelieu wasn't sure what would come next, but she had a hunch it would have something to do with Implacable's body. "Go right ahead."
"Hehe, watch carefully. It's just a rousing distraction." Implacable lay on her front, lounging all over her chosen couch like she was imitating one or more of Richelieu's furry friends. She smiled at the cardinal as she got comfortable, wiggling her hips just a little.
What followed next drew Richelieu's eyes for longer than she could have thought, because Implacable began to stretch in ways that the cardinal was only really familiar with when it was being done by one of the normal residents of the room. Implacable closed her eyes, and slowly pulled her knees underneath her, raising her ample rear into the air. Richelieu tensed and blushed as she got a peek at the rather minimal underwear that Implacable wore under the flaps of her dress, and then Implacable smiled, as she somehow just knew the effects that she was having on the cardinal by stretching out despite not being able to see them. She let her legs lay almost flat, and then she pushed herself up by her arms, doing a long back stretch that presented her abundant assets perfectly to her audience of one before slowly laying back down.
She wore that warm and teasing smile, and left Richelieu to say something... Or even say nothing if she chose.
Saying nothing was Richelieu's first choice- no one had ever made that kind of display to her on purpose, and it was a bit of a surprise that it was inside her own home. She took a quick, deep breath as she understood that anything erotic, anything at all, was as natural to her guest as breathing. The cardinal shook her head as she decided she needed to find words to respond so she didn't seem as off balance as she may have felt. "If there's anything you'd like in order to get comfortable, you are my guest. all I can ask is that you be reasonable."
"Ahhh... Well, I won't ask you for anything now, of course. I'm not here to make extra demands on my lovely hostess. I think I'm just going to enjoy this couch for a while." She slowly lay completely down. "Mmm... If there are things you will need to do, I'll let myself out, but if you need me for anything, then you know where I am. And if you want me to stay longer... I won't say no~"
"Enjoy this...?" Before she even had a chance to complete her thought, Implacable had followed through on a decision to nap right on the couch. Richelieu slowly stroked over the cat in her own lap, until he decided to run off and find something else to do, leaving the cardinal effectively alone with her napping guest.
Richelieu felt compelled to watch her. Taihou, while also lustful, tended to keep to herself when the commander wasn't involved, so having someone like this in her own home presented an opportunity to see someone like this up close and undisturbed. She watched Implacable slightly rise and fall with her slow breathing, and at that moment, she didn't seem that different from any other girl one might see sleeping at the base.
The cardinal blushed as she heard those moans come from the napping carrier, and saw Implacable's hips shift this way and that. As startling as it was, Richelieu couldn't help but wonder what pleasant but indecent dreams her guest was having. It wasn't as though such things were rare, but she wondered what they might be like for someone who had such heightened urges as that woman sleeping on her couch, and what realms of fantasy such a libido might take her to. It wasn't on her to ask, but...
Richelieu took off one of her gloves to try something. She reached underneath's Implacable's hood with one bare hand to gently stroke her hair, and that didn't wake her up, but it did draw a response.
"Anh~....!" Came the sharp moan from between Implacable's soft lips, the snoozing carrier slightly arching her lower back at the touch.
Richelieu's blush deepened a little, and she slowly withdrew her hand from her guest. Even after that, however, she couldn't stop herself from smiling at her dreaming guest. She was comfortable, and there was no reason to get in the way of that.
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2023.03.25 00:49 jingqian9145 Contract to Hire W2 & Living Rent Free at Parents or Salaried W2 in MCOL city and advancement?

Current situation, 26 year old senior engineer
My current role pays around 70/hr or 145k and will have a conversion rate of 130K + Bonuses with one of the largest firms in my industry. I was hired directly by the firm as a contract to hire on performances and on track to be converted to a salaried worker. I am excelling in the role and outpacing my coworkers but it doesn't really challenge me.
This company has great advancement and tend to give out moderate raises. I travel for this role which means I am able to stay with my parents in a LCOL city and company pays for my travel expenses. Staying at home means I can max out my 401K, Roth IRA, HSA, save for a large amount for a downpayment for a house, and reach my financial goal quicker always maxing out my accounts.
I just been recently been offered a role as a senior engineer for about 150K+Bonuses working for a major hospital in a MCOL city that needs an operations and project engineer, which I can manage from the interview.. Which means more a long term career & able to live in a tech city that has more opportunities.
Its located in a city I enjoy since my current living situation doesn't have much activity and my friends are in this MCOL city. However I won't be able to max 401K, but can still out max out HSA, & ROTH IRA, and save a moderate amount while paying about 1.7k/month for a studio.
What would be your advice? Also any details you would like to know?
submitted by jingqian9145 to careerguidance [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 00:48 WyzeCam Fix-It Friday 3/3/2023 Issues Check In #3

Hi, folks!
We hope you had a great week! We’re here to wrap things up with our next round of Fix-It Friday updates. Here’s what we have for you today:
Forum - Alexa Person Detection Triggers on some Wyze Cam v3s with Cam Plus Lite have disappeared for new activations for some users. They are still present for some people or those who previously set them up
This one should now be resolved! We found the issue with the Alexa team. However, you’ll need to discover the device again to refresh it. If you have trouble with this after following these instructions, please let us know! Otherwise, we’ll be removing it from our update list next week.
Reddit - Wyze Cam v3 Pro and Wyze Cam Pan v3 30-second forward and back Playback buttons skip random hours
No further updates here yet. We have confirmed a fix for this issue and we’re working on adding it to the 2.41 app which will be reaching beta next week or soon after. We’ll keep you posted as we progress.
Core - Wyze Cam Pan v3 detection zones not working
The update that addresses the motor issue is still in development. We’ll be hearing more from the engineers soon and will keep you posted.
- Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions -
Forum - Wyze Cam v3 microSD card Playback is skipping the first minute of every hour (excluding midnight)
This just went into beta! If you’re a beta tester, please try out the new firmware and give us feedback about it.
Core - Playback stutters when selected for the first few seconds of Playback from the microSD card
This is also on the firmware that just went into beta testing! Beta folks, please put it through its paces and let us know how the new build performs.
Reddit - Event recordings are skipping/stuttering
We just started the public release for the firmware that addresses this issue this week. If you don’t have the .4054 firmware version yet, sit tight! We expect to finish releasing it to everyone next week.
Discord - Wyze Cam v3 Pro spotlight will not turn off after first motion detection at night. Resetting fixes it but becomes an issue again about a month later
We got a new log for this! Thanks for the help! If anyone else is experiencing this problem, please consider providing a log for us. We’d like to have more logs from people that have set up Wyze Rules to turn on the spotlight for X minutes instead of just to turn them on, if you don’t mind! Here are the log instructions:
Recreate the issue. Then in the Wyze app, go to Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Select your device from the dropdown menu. Then fill in the description box with the date, time, and time zone of the most recent time you noticed this issue and a description of what’s happening. Make sure the Send Logs option is selected and then submit your log. When you have the log number, please post it in the Fix-It Friday topic so we can get it to the right folks.
Reddit - Wyze Cam Pan v3 does not return to set home position
We’re still working on developing a new firmware build that addresses the motor issue. We’re expecting to hear more from the engineers about this issue shortly and will provide more information to you when we can.
Core - Cameras appear offline in the app, though they are online and viewable
We have the design ready for the health checker that will help with this issue. It won’t be in the next release but we have it in the pipeline for a future firmware release.
- Updates For Dormant Topics -
The Alexa Routines trigger "IF clear for 'X' time” wasn't executing when using a Wyze Sense Hub and a Wyze Sense v2 Motion Sensor
This isn’t something we’re able to replicate anymore. Is this still a problem for people? We’ll leave this open for a bit to see if anyone is still experiencing this problem. We have reason to believe that this is already resolved so we’ll remove this from the update list next week if we don’t hear from anyone about it.
Slow Alexa announcements of Person Detection from outdoor cameras
Is this still a problem for anyone? If so, how long does it take for an announcement to happen after the Event Video is triggered? This will be removed from the update list if we don’t hear back from folks by next week.
Wyze Cam Pan v2 siren not able to be selected as an action in Rules when it was previously available
Is this still a problem for folks? We’re looking into it but could use some confirmation from all of you. If we don’t hear back about this by next week, we’ll take it off of the update list.
Greater control over marketing pop-ups in the Wyze app
No further update for this one yet. We’re working on a toggle for improving control over marketing messages in the Wyze app. We’re also working on auditing what we send and when as well as a duplicate data cleanup initiative that will help ensure that messages sent to folks are more relevant to them. We’ll provide more information as we move forward.
Wyze Sense Hub Events not showing the correct time
We’re working on a solution proposal for this but don’t have further updates yet. We’ll let you know when we have something to share!
Thanks for joining us! We’ll be back next week with your Fix-It Friday Follow-up!
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2023.03.25 00:34 josephcsible Nissan dealership using warning stickers to scare customers away from independent repair shops

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2023.03.25 00:32 mrcwithamouth That's All, Folx (long post)

I've been waffling back and forth and whether or not it was in any way worthwhile to send my BPDMom yet another letter explaining my boundaries/"atrocious treatment" of her. I re-read the last letter I sent and realized that it was in a time when I was still trying so very hard to protect her feelings so it was very obfuscated. This week my ailing grandparents (and her current source of identity) are out of town and she suddenly cares a whole lot about the rift between us. It's resulted in:
- responding 3 weeks late to a text I sent the entire family updating them about my kiddos acceptance into a school
- numerous emails encouraging me to apply for a scholarship for said school
- a voice message that said AND I QUOTE "[my name], what am I being punished for exactly?" (which is just such the pinnacle of BPD, I can't even)
- and a text today that she's "decided to respect my wishes and will stop contacting me"
After all of that, I decided to in fact send her what she's been asking for whether it hurts her feelings or not. Taking bets on how she'll respond! My partner has dibs on "don't be so dramatic" and I have my proverbial money on being officially ex-communicated after she spins her woeful tale to anyone who will listen.
This is what I sent:
Dear Mom,
You have indicated repeatedly over the last number of months that you are unsure why I am upset or have treated you in such a distant manner in the recent past and decided to send me a voice message yesterday asking what you are “being punished for”. You are not being punished for anything - I have been distant in order to preserve my own wellbeing. I am not ignoring your requests to understand out of some misguided, passive aggressive, and immature bid to punish you, I have been hesitant to try to explain this again as it was so painful the last time I poured out my heart and pain and it was ignored and dismissed.
In 2017, I wrote a lengthy letter explaining my concerns about you and the cause of my sadness and pain around our relationship. At the end of this letter, I told you that you had the right to determine what, if anything, you wanted to do with the information and my request to receive treatment. Following that, I laid out the natural consequences of a choice not to engage with treatment or professional support. I asked you to give our relationship the best opportunity to improve and you did not.
I have said to Grammy that my upset is nothing new. It’s nothing I haven’t tried to illuminate or share before. And perhaps in the past I have been too focused on preserving your feelings to state plainly what is upsetting to me about engaging with you.
The biggest issue I continue to attempt to navigate with you is that of boundaries. I have asked you repeatedly to respect various boundaries and your ability or willingness to do so is intermittent at best.
One major truth from my upbringing that I have spent a great deal of time trying to work through and navigate around is that you raised me with extremely porous boundaries of self: for much of my life there has been little separation between what is me and mine and what is you and yours. This is evident in both of the examples I gave you above; that you seem to feel in some way entitled to my body in a way that makes receiving a declination of your physical affection surprising and painful to you and that you feel that it is fair or appropriate to share my private information with others. This porousness has lead to feeling it necessary to hold extremely rigid boundaries with you in my adulthood.
I feel I need to hold rigid boundaries because you have a pattern of frequently interpreting information as about you or as a commentary on you when it is anything but that. For example, your insistence that my silence these last few months is punishment. Is it not equally possible that I have a lot going on and have not known what to say or how? Is it not equally probable that I have other things to focus on rather than actively working to punish you? When I politely decline your request to hug me, is it not equally possible that I just don’t feel like being hugged right in that moment? When we don’t talk via the Echo as often as you’d like, is it not equally possible that I have asked [kiddo] if she would like to call on Echo and she has said no? To that point, it is important to me that [kiddo] feel able to engage in the relationships as she wants to and we will not force her to perform in any inauthentic way. I ask her frequently if she would like to call you and when she says yes we call. If she wants to show you things, she will.
Additionally, we well know that I was parentified at an exceedingly young age due to a series of choices and situations such as your addiction, your mental illnesses, and your divorce from my father. This has meant that my role in relation to you has been largely defined and determined by you (consciously or not) throughout my life. The long term impact of this reality is that I have spent much of my life being unsure in any given situation if I am going to be your child, your parent, your peer, or your enemy. This was extremely dysregulating and harmful and I learned during our previous time of silence that I needed to extricate myself from it in order to be the healthiest version of myself.
While we didn’t speak in 2017, I went through a lot of therapy getting to a point where I could anesthetize my anger and be in your presence. I wasn’t ready at that time to sever our relationship entirely and didn’t want to do to my future child and you what you did to me and Grammy (however important your reasons felt to you then). So I worked hard to get to a place where I could be in your presence - albeit with rigid boundaries. I understand and agree that my execution has sometimes been tactless and I am working on that. What has become clear to me, however, is that the breakdown in our relationship is not one that I can solve alone nor one that you are equipped to remedy.
As such, and even though the last time I asked you to get help you ignored my request entirely, I’m asking that you find a family therapist who can meet with us virtually and help us to navigate this issue. This is the best solution I can offer if you are wanting to continue a relationship with me and my family. I am asking you to do this because I do love you and I do care about you and I have not entirely given up on the potential for a relationship between us.
For what it is worth, the intent of this letter is to give you the answers you asked for with examples so that you have the best opportunity to understand. The intent of this letter is not to punish you or hurt you or otherwise beat you over the head with the impact of your actions. I do not believe that everything you ever did in regards to me or my upbringing was wrong or bad. There are plenty of ready examples of things that I think were appropriate, useful, worthwhile, fun, and enjoyable, but these examples are not the ones that cause me to act as I do.
Let me know what you decide to do. I love you.
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