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2023.06.01 22:02 The_Spicy_Memes_Chef Phone screen protector has broken me mentally

I never used to care about my phone screen protector. It had a crack across it for like over a year and it didn’t matter to me. Then this past April, I was given a new phone case, so I wanted to get a new screen protector to go with the new phone case. This is unfortunately where my new fixation/obsession was created.
First I had a mall kiosk kid put a new one on and it was great, until less than 2 days later the upper corner was shattered. I never dropped it or hit it on anything.
I returned to the mall kiosk and he said that was the last one they had for iPhone 11 Pro, unless I wanted a privacy screen protector. I said fuck it, so he put that one on (I don’t dare do it myself because it WILL have issues.) I get home and notice he put it on slightly crooked. I tried to reapply it straight and I fucked the corner so now its permanently lifted and wont seal.
So then I go to Best Buy and have Geek Squad do it, and I get home and notice a tiny air bubble.
I take it back to Geek Squad and they finally do it in a way that I’m satisfied with. Pretty much for the month of May everything is fine.
Well this week it fell in a ridiculous freak accident involving a slippery box and the fucking screen got scratched. I took it to Best Buy yesterday and they replaced it with a screen that I would later find out is already fucking scratched.
I have poured almost $100 into this need for just a proper fucking screen protector and countless hours/trips to different stores.
I’m convinced that I am somehow being punished or tested or pranked by someone or something.
I can’t focus on eating or working out or my job. I’m tempted to go back to Best Buy but where the fuck does it all end.
Why do I suddenly care??? I fucking hate this. It has completely broken me. How do I just move on with a new case but a fucked screen? Why is this suddenly at the epicenter of my life?
submitted by The_Spicy_Memes_Chef to OCD [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:01 DrVanta LIVPure Honest Review - How Does LivPure Work? How using LivPure? - LIVPure Reviews - LIVPure

LIVPure Honest Review - How Does LivPure Work? How using LivPure? - LIVPure Reviews - LIVPure
Official Website: www.liv-pure.com
Official Website: www.liv-pure.com
Official Website: www.liv-pure.com
Official Website: www.liv-pure.com

My analysis of livpure
good afternoon friends how are you guys
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I'm Elaine um I'm here because I want to
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think about it all right give it a shot
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time bye

Official Website: www.liv-pure.com
Official Website: www.liv-pure.com
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2023.06.01 22:01 IDE_IS_LIFE So, I've been playing Bonelab recently (was never part of the hype train at all).

First, I want to say that I see a lot of potential and that's why I'm talking about this. Shitty games and especially VR ones are a dime a dozen, and I wouldn't pay any mind but I'm actively frustrated with this one because of the potential. Just wanted to connect with the community and express these feels and see if anyone else relates.
Going in, I had no expectations, no experience with Boneworks, no hype, no pessimism going in - just a blank slate with no expectations. I'm kind of just really not liking it. I WANT to like it but god this game is janky and sickening - and yes, I have my VR legs.
First, the nausea. I haven't had any amount of motion sickness (Aside from some very mild sickness from HL2 VR in the airboat section, but that was mostly just really fun) since the first couple of times I played pavlov back in january and first started using the analog stick for locomotion. After that I got super used to it - and I use smooth locomotion in every game and smooth turning with little to no discomfort. Bonelab though - my god every time I play, I want to fucking hurl after 30 mins. I have no idea why but it's so much less comfortable than any other VR shooter I've played. Also absolutely nauseating for some reason is when my arms get stuck in an object and the object is glued right near my fucking face until I can somehow get my hand out. Until I can reset a level or get my hand free, I'll have a whole-ass box or cabinet or garbage can spazzing out and stuck near my face. It's happened both on PCVR and in the Quest 2 version by the way.
Second, character movement and the guns - I kind of really hate that the guns and movement are all physics based, I think. Pavlov VR and Contractors VR feel awesome - the guns aren't weighted and move 1:1 with your hands and it just feels nice to operate. No jankiness with reloading and the hands position themselves nicely on the weapons. In Bonelab, my left hand always looks like it's breaking to hold the front of the gun, reloading shells into a shotgun is a messy affair, and weapons feel oddly positioned and a whole lot less satisfying. Also, the movement acceleration and delay between pressing the stick and getting up to speed feels pretty baaaad.
Lastly, even without the hype train bringing me down, having that fun starting section only to be dumped into an open area thats like "okay, go fuck around with some stuff I guess" just decimated any and all momentum I felt in the story. First section had me sincerely invested in what was happening, and now I'm kind of just bored because I'm less interested in random minigames and more interested in Monogon, what they did, what is the world I'm in, what happened, why is the staff all missing, who is the radio guy who seems to be watching me and why did he give me a knife to let me survive the execution in the beginning, etc.
Kind of want to try Boneworks but the nausea factor of Bonelab is scaring me right now. Sigh.
submitted by IDE_IS_LIFE to OculusQuest [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:01 TGXDiecast Crash 3 Movement Abilities / Powerups

Am i the only one who dislikes the movement powerups? ( double jump, the tornado spin ).
I’m currently finishing off relics and i’ve noticed that in my play through these abilities have caused more issues than not.
I have zero issues with the double jump on its own, but it feels like when i try double jump while running using the shoes, the majority of the time the jump doesn’t register or messes me up. On its own however, i do enjoy it for reaching extra height and it’s not my main issue.
The tornado spin is just so annoying to me, it has messed me up more times than i can count. There has been plenty of times where i’m wanting to spin a box and end up activating the tornado spin, causing me to wait until it stopped to progress with the relic in order to not mess myself up. I prefer the triple spin in crash 4 a lot more than the tornado spin here.
submitted by TGXDiecast to crashbandicoot [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:00 lilmandylee Check your bills! Boost is aware of "glitch" charging 3 and 4 times on Boost One app!

Boost Mobile shows it charges and then applies miney to the bill so that is not what I am talking about here. MANY customers are being billed 3 and 3 times on the Boost One app both with and without autopay on without knowing and sometimes getting warnings that there was an error and the payment did not even work. Boost Mobile says they are aware of the issue and will fix it but as far as I can check via other posts and Google, this has gone on since at least back in March! What if people go to pay for goods and services they purchased or already used or ate (restaurant, car repairs, cab ride, etc) and have insufficient funds due to Boost Mobile repeat charging them 3 and 3 times within monutes and their card did not warn them immediately with notifications of the charges? Boost told me that the refunds would be sent back with 5 to 7 days and others that it would be between 7 and 10 days. If you have Cash app, you have to apply for a charge reversal and check the box for charged more than once on EACH extra charge and then if Boost does not appeal or deny the refund request within 10 days, Cash app supposedly refunds the extra payments back to your card. Check your bills, people. Screenshot your payment history on your Boost account and keep bank receipts as well! With any luck, Boost will stop this and make all of the appropriate refunds for the inappropriate billings or end up in some class action to make them stop it, one. At this point, with it happening this much, for who knows how long exactly, something needs to happen.
submitted by lilmandylee to BoostMobile [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:00 Advanced-Scholar-530 AITA for going through with an idea of mine my family thinks is bad?

This is more of me seeking an opinion or advice. I (15 Male) have a pride event coming up and I am a drag performer. (this is in the UK so don't bring up Americas issues) and I actually want to go as a pirate! But the main thing they seem to dislike. Is how I interact with people, last year I had so many people and children approach. So this year I wanted to be prepared. Especially for the kids! I have these little boxes which look like a treasure chest! And my idea was to have sugary treats! Lollipops, chocolate coins ect and I can give one out (this is not just for the kids this is for everyone!) I even got stickers to give out to people and also, a small jar of glitter I call fairy dust, it's mainly for the little kids who want to feel special! But when my family found out. They looked at me in pure disgust and disappointed. AITA? I have no clue what's wrong with bringing my drag persona to life to the public.
submitted by Advanced-Scholar-530 to AITAH [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:00 cc_poet_ca Passing through 2013

Passing through 2013
I have all three color ways of the original 2013 release of Passing Through in their original shipping boxes. I never removed them or opened the tissue paper wrapping the actual retail box. What do you think these are worth?
submitted by cc_poet_ca to kaws [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 21:59 MaxAvery [Dreadgod] Max’s “Sure to please everyone” Definitive Cradle Ranking

I started my reread too early and I’ve been bouncing off the walls waiting for the final entry into the series. So I thought I’d recap on our shared journey and bring us all together in harmony.
Although we all know what happened to Harmony.
From the bottom up:

#11 Skysworn

It’s a little weird putting this last since it has one of my favorite openings in the series, but really just because it’s last doesn’t mean it’s bad. It does a good amount of work introducing stuff, we get the phoenix and redmoon, and the Akura clan, Mercy joins the gang, Ruby gets yoinked out, Oz’s Marble gets revealed, it’s not that stuff doesn’t happen, it’s just there’s no sense of purpose in the book. After the Jai Long fight, but after that the only real goal in the book is Yerin wanting to fight Redmoon hall, and then they don’t. All of our main characters are totally sidelined and we’re all sitting around waiting for ghostwater. Even though there’s great individual scenes, it just sort of meanders for the last two thirds of the book so number 11.
Best parts: Jai Daishou’s quest for revenge is seriously one of my favorite bits. Also Lindon just smashing the kid for the Kotai clan. After three books of Lindon hiding and fawning, seeing him go against someone on his own level for once is such a rewarding payoff. He needs a shell though.

#10 Reaper

This is my Skysworn problem all over again. One of the best endings in the series, but it ends a book that kind of wanders around a bit. I don’t mind the dungeon crawl but it gets a little repetitive for me as they go room to room without really giving character payoffs. It’s good to see the evolution of the dynamic between Eithan and Lindon/Yerin, but that change happened over the last two books. Nothing really shifts in the group dynamic and all the accomplishments feel incidental. Lindon makes a big deal about not leaving anyone behind and then immediately is like “Psych!” But also everyone leaves in order to help out in the Valley and they don’t. In fact the whole war in the Sacred Valley feels pretty. . . .meaningless. Like did anything really happen there in the first place? And are we caring about Jai Long or not? It’s nice to see Yerin and Lindon relax for a bit and the Twin Stars sect is fun, but it feels like not quite the right amount of it to be totally satisfying.
Everyone just feels underused. Mercy has always been a few levels behind the gang but managed to contribute important emotional intelligence and insights, here she just feels wasted. Yerin gets some fine slashy slashy bits, but nothing really challenges her this book. Dross’s bits probably are more fun on audiobook, but these personalities kinda grate on me. Also knocked down some extra points for the lack of Fisher Gesha. Dreadgod’s Gesha is right, you have all this time off and a broken Dross and you don’t stop in for a chat? Even Lindon’s advancement feels a little weird with Reigan Shen just scattering out natural treasures for the ambience. Meh.
I actually had this ranked higher but while writing this I had to bring it down. There’s some cool fights, but it just feels like grinding for XP until the end. The Eithan/Shen showdown is great and again the ending is spectacular. But otherwise not as satisfying as the average book.
Best Parts: The Destroyer Has Come (YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!). Also “Let him kick you.”

#9 Unsouled

Unsouled usually gets ranked near the bottom for folks and I really wanted to rank it higher, but it’s hard to compete with the full gang. It’s definitely a book that I need to tell people they have to get past the halfway point, so I suppose that’s a point against it. But also what a great turn in the middle. Will does such a good job setting us up for the generic fantasy genre before going “Oh you thought these were the stakes? A Kid Who’s DifferentTM needs to impress the schools in the Sacred Valley? F*** those stakes. The WORLD IS SO MUCH BIGGER” And honestly the ways he absolutely massacres those tropes are so good. When he joins heaven’s glory and they set him up with rivals that do not matter and months long objectives we never even bother with. The series would not work if we didn’t spend this time with the Unsouled Lindon and watching an actual interesting protagonist cheat to win and beat up kids and grovel his way to survival. It also does such a good job introducing us to the theme of there’s always a bigger pond. It helps make each step of the journey feel that much bigger and more awe inspiring because in this book Will made us feel like these hillbilly antics were actually powerful and impressive feats of the sacred arts. Great intro, lots of good character stuff, bottom of the ranks. Also looking back at it, how did a bunch of jades kill a sage?
Best Parts: Lindon in the Ancestor’s Tomb watches Elder Whitehall enter and look around for traps and feels his first bit of pride in the series. It’s a small moment but it sticks with me. Also Yerin when she enters and is all “The Disciple greets her master.” Also them robbing the lesser treasure hall.

#8 Soulsmith

7 and 8 flip flop a lot for me depending on my mood. Soulsmith is going here today because I think it takes the longest to get going. Besides that though there’s a lot to love in this one. Eithan and Gesha get really terrific, cinematic introductions and there’s a great sense of pacing and stakes in this one. Everything feels tough for the ol’ baby-head man and we get to see both the strengths and limitations of his scheming. Kral/Jai Long are also a really nice set of complex, relatable antagonists. I always appreciate how Will will let you get to know the bad guys and see them as the heroes of their own stories (but just messed up enough to cheer their deaths). Despite the slow start this book is always better than I remember and has a lot of heart in it. It is funny on this read seeing how Ethan is at the beginning. We think about how much Cradle changed him, but really it was Yerin and Lindon. That’s really fun storytelling.
Best Parts: Lindon advancing vs the Sandviper kid advancing sequence is something I always think about when I look back at the series.

#7 Dreadgod

This book slaps. Everyone gets a good amount of spotlight time and the Silent King is a great villain (RIP). On this reread I don’t mind the Jai Long death as much, but I still would’ve liked a scene with Kelsa and Jai Chen afterwards. This end to Jai Long arc kind of makes me wonder about the amount of time we’ve spent on his redemption arc, but if someone has to pay the piper, I’m glad it wasn’t little blue. The rest of the crew really gets to shine even with Eithan off world. The dynamics that have grown over the course of the series are really humming by this point and it’s nice to see different pairings. The heists are fun and the Redmoon Hall stuff is great. So why isn’t this higher on the list? Well Mercy feels a little too much damsel in distress. Once the Silent King is dead, the rest of the book feels a little lower stakes. Even with all the monarchs against the gang it doesn’t feel like there’s too much danger in that last fight. Also again needs more Fisher Gesha. \
Best Parts: That silent king battle is so good. Also the dreadnought city stuff is good. Basically anything to do with the Silent King. “Pew pew”

#6 Uncrowned

Just a few years after the Seven Year Festival Lindon takes the competition stage again. Imagine what he could do to the foundation level Sacred Valley 10 year olds now. These Tournament arcs are always a super fun part of Shonen Animes. And it is a great time the whole way through. Do characters learn things and change? Not so much. But does it have a scene where Lindon absolutely wrecks the Akura Clan’s top underlords? Absolutely. The book does such a good job building up Sophanaroth as the tournament’s boogeyman. That last Yerin/Lindon fight is everything. It’s a break from the serious work of the other books which is why it’s out of the top five, but man I could read the heck out of it.
Best Parts: Anything with Akura Fury, that opening scene with Lindon being tested followed by Yerin vs Eithan.
Odd Part: Sort of feel like this book’s emphasis on Yerin sensing the Way and Lindon not being able to is less misdirection and more…just kinda weird. Like…did Will change his mind? Coulda set Lindon up a little bit and would have made the beginning of Wintersteel feel a little more natural. But eh, no biggie.

#5 Ghostwater

Okay, okay, put away your pitchforks. I know this is a #1 for a lot of people. I get it. I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong. But the thing I love about the series is the great interplay between the characters and they’re all separated here. As a Lindon solo-quest it’s terrific: He does steroids, he does homework, he hangs out in a library, and he goes fishing. It’s great.
My main complaints: Harmony as a villain is a little flat. Every book in this series does a great job setting up the antagonists as fully realized characters, but here Ekeri gets that spotlight and Harmony is just sort of brooding ominously in the distance. Mercy and Yerin spend most of the book on the sidelines hiding. The Endless sword stuff we get with Yerin is nice, but it would’ve been nice to have them bond a little more.
So I know you’re wondering “Hey, Max, if you have so many complaints why is it ranked so high?” and the answer is simple: DROSSSSSSS BAAAAAAAAABY. We also have Fisher Gesha blasting emissaries out of the sky.
More importantly we see Lindon pushed against the ropes and for the first time relying on his own strength and ability to get out of it. Will had such great self-control in letting Lindon be terrible and weak for so long before he gets his legs under him and we get to see him level up not just through pounding the juice, but through his own hard work and ingenuity. It’s such a satisfying chapter in Lindon’s story.
Best part: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I think I put my book down and screamed.

#4 Bloodline

When I first read this book it was mid-pandemic and I hated it. Well, “Hate” might be a strong word but it was tough to get through. Now with a little distance I can recognize that I felt that way because Will did such an amazing job capturing so much of the mood of going home and dealing with folks not taking the whole thing seriously. Look I don’t want to make the comment thread political here, so sub out whatever thing you hate about going home that’s it. On this reread I just had to respect Will for the way he wove it into iteration 110. I think everyone had an idea of what it would be like for Lindon to go home and I don’t think anyone totally expected what we got.
There’s clear stakes, a huge pressing danger, really keen emotional cuts, and the book just felt completely unpredictable. We got to see Ziel and Mercy fight off some of their personal demons and we got to see Lindon really deal with failure in a deeply personal way. The writing in this book is some of the best in the series and it really drove home the sense of scale seeing places that loomed so large in Unsouled looking so dismal and small in this book. A lot of heart in this one, brah.
Best Part: “No. This is the path of the White Fox.”

#3 Underlord

This is probably the cleanest bit of storytelling in the series. Yerin needs to advance or die and the Yerdon (Lirin?) dynamic finally gets a chance to develop. This book just has a lot of heart and emotional weight and a great buy-in. I feel pretty bad for our Seishen kingdom antagonists in this one, which I think means Will did a good job in setting up their rivalry. Although the gang is often in mortal peril, it never feels as dangerous as it does here. I think Yerin’s character has really evolved in this book and seeing her vulnerable without losing her identity, that’s tough to do. Seeing Lindon really find his post-ghostwater swagger is also great to watch. Everyone really feels well developed here. We’re at peak Mercy, and her advancement in this book is the most compelling part of her arc so far. I think that this is also a really important Eithan book. I feel like it is the first book where he starts engaging with the team as friends rather than pawns in his celestial chess game. He’s warm and human and has some really funny bits. Orthos’s departure gets me every time too. The twist with the Akura team selections got me so good when I first read it. I have nothing bad to say about it. Premium Cradle.
Best Parts: Lindon opening his void-key in the vault. Eithan discovering Dross. And it’s a small moment but Charity losing her concentration as the gang runs into the portal during her speech is so good.

#2: Blackflame

The dragon advances. I remember the exact moment in this series when I started being a Cradle ambassador and forcing all my friends to read these books. It was Sandviper Kral’s funeral scene. It was here where I really understood how deeply Will understood the conventions in this genre and how good he is at flipping them on their heads. I was cheering on the book two villain after ten pages. This book beginning to end reinforces how unusually good this series is and how good Will is at letting any character have the spotlight. You could make the case that this is anyone’s book:
In other books Yerin might check the box as “Tough girl character” but here she has genuine pathos and real protagonist issues to work through. Learning to let go of her master and forge her on path ahead? Yaaaaaas (uncrowned) queen.
Jai Long could have been a scary forgettable MCU villain, but he really has agency and purpose and reading it from his perspective you kinda get it. Now has the ancestor’s spear and is going to finally restore his honor and capture the avatar destroy the Jai Clan only to be caught by Jai Daishou and forced into his service? Compelling af.
Little Blue could have just been an amorphous little blob in a terrarium the whole series, but in this book she…gets tiny little legs and stuff.
But really it’s an Eithan book. In other stories he’s just Master Roshi, the wacky comic relief mentor figure, but this legitimately is his story. The main conflict is his political war with the Jai Clan and the real climax is his fight against Jai Daishou. Yes he’s a big goofy trickster, but we see the cracks in his armor through his dynamic (and unexpected vulnerability) around Cassius. We get to see him sweat a little. We get little flashes of the person he becomes over the series. In Will’s blog, he talks about how this story started as a little short about the Janitor who is the embodiment of death, and you can see how much he loves writing this guy come across in this book. It’s also just cool and fun throughout. Plus it has a majestic turtle in it.
Best Parts: “I’ll tell your Remnant.”

#1 Wintersteel

I will fight you all day about this. ALL the character dynamics are dialed up to 11 in this one. We get the best development in Yerin and Lindon’s relationship, Eithan and Yerin and Lindon’s relationship, Mercy and Malice’s relationship, Mercy and Lindon’s dynamic, Yerin and Ruby’s dynamic. Just every strand on the spiderweb of human connection is vibing real hard. Because we’re closer to the end of the tournament and penance is hanging over the results the competition feels higher stakes, we have a dreadgod stirring, big political webs, dates! Everything.
I have a friend reading this right now and she’s texting me every 2 hours with an all caps: “THIS IS ABOUT POINTS” or “HOLY SH*T EITHAN’S FIGHT!!!!” Every two hours. And she’s right to do so.
It’s just hit after hit of stuff you didn’t know you needed. Everything is paying off, Yerin’s blood shadow, Eithan’s self-control, Lindon’s hunger.
I can’t. I can’t even.
Best Parts: Eithan vs Sha Miara, “I wanted to see the look on your face,” “I’m going to punch a hole in the sky,” the Points Sage, Ruby petting the bunny. Heck this whole book is the best part.
Anyway, since this is about points, upvote before you completely blast me in the comments.
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2023.06.01 21:59 hairbadohgod the way my brother lives is more than concerning. i feel i can’t do anything

my brother lives with his children & animals. he doesn’t clean. poo & wee everywhere. pizza boxes & clothes & everhting. i couldn’t get into a bedroom last time i went because it was about 6 inches deep in wrappers and plastic meals.
the animals stay in the kitchen & never leave. he refuses to get rid of them for a better life.
his children of course i’m worried about but they love their dad and i’m trying to take baby steps.
he makes them (both under 15) to clean the entire house. i’ve been once and to clean the living room it took me 3 hours. THREE HOURS.
not even a deep clean. i’m talking picking up stuff.
there was 7 bin bags worth of rubbish & clothes in the living room alone.
again. i’m trying to take baby steps to getting the kids to come stay with me. but they do not want to and as long as they have a place to sleep (barely) no authority is going to do shit all.
so i’d rather they have a clean home.
dos anyone have any advice at all on how to convince my brother to
1) rehome the dogs 2) the best place/way to rehome animals
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2023.06.01 21:59 TurkeyOfAlbuquerque Chicago Downtown Area BJJ/MMA/Striking Recommendations

Good afternoon all!
I'll be moving to Chicago soon, living in the Downtown/Loop area. Selling my car, so pure Lamborfeeties for transportation, so the closer the better. I'm looking for a gym that teaches great BJJ, but also has respectable striking instruction too.
From the research I've done so far on here, it seems Valko BJJ is the place to go and is likely where I'll be attending for BJJ, as its a short walk/bike ride from my apartment. For anyone that attends the boxing/MMA at Valko BJJ, what are your thoughts?
The ideal scenario is to attend a gym that offers great BJJ instruction and striking instruction, but if that's just not a real possibility, I'll bite the bullet and attend a pure BJJ and pure Muay Thai gym.
Does anyone have any recommendations on gyms in Chicago that offer both great BJJ and boxing/Muay Thai/MMA?
For context, I am very much so a beginner at any striking sport, with less than 6 months of experience so by no means do I need super specialized instruction, just somewhere that will help me build good fundamentals and progress from there. BJJ is still my priority, which is why Valko BJJ is so high on my list.
Thank you all!
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2023.06.01 21:58 Asleep_Future3522 LG C2 vs Sony Bravia a90k

I went to my local Best Buy to take a look at the open boxes for both these TVs. Both are in great condition and priced the same. I originally wanted a C2 but I stumbled across the Sony while I was in the store. I watched some videos comparing the two and I’m having a hard time deciding.
I plan on using one of these TVs as a monitor for my gaming computer, ps5, and switch.
Which one did you guys choose and why?
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2023.06.01 21:57 HandOnTheGlock [WTS] vortex crossfire ii 2-7x32 / Benchmade mini grip / TLR7/ knee caps / pirate patches / etc

time stamp
Prices shipped
Ppff only no notes feel free to pm offers
Crossfire ii 2-7x32 this is the NON scout model with BDC reticle. Glass is great, there is some scratching on the tube but just surface scratches from me adjusting it. Was on a 10/22 even though it’s not the rimfire version. Has box and covers Sv $110.00
Arcteryx knee pads catch and release really good shape black Sv $55.00
Benchmade mini grip pink 154cm. Needs to have the scales cleaned but the action is near perfect and the blade is great Sv $95.00
TLR7 was mounted on a g19 but was barely used. Has salt around the screw. Includes keys that were in the box also us box Sv $95.00
Add ons:
Shellback 2 mag kangaroo pouches, new, one blk one multicam. 10 ea or 15 both as an add
Dive belt molle adapter 5 add on
Christopher Moody flag patches
$6 ea shipped in stamped envelope. A bit smaller than standard flag patch, has Velcro
6 patches left
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2023.06.01 21:57 idriveanfrs Quirks with SV Home Transfers

So when the update dropped I immediately began moving all of my pokemon around between the different games.
I had a Cresselia standard and a shiny, and for some reason the game would not allow me to put the shiny into my Violet boxes and gave me the message "you have not encountered this Pokemon yet" but would let me put the regular one in.
Once I started the game up with the standard one, I went back to home and could move the shiny one over. Keep in mind, I could transfer over my shiny Rayquaza no issue, so unsure why this happened. Anyone experience something similar?
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2023.06.01 21:56 Josephschocker This guy may no longer be alive..

Got this random text and honestly looks like something that belongs on lastimages
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2023.06.01 21:56 Darknightdreamer In a bit of a bind mini sale! 🔥( Microtech, Spiderco)

Howdy again y'all. So as the title states in in a bit of a bind so that means it's time to sell some knives. PayPal G&S, no notes, etc. I had to repost this listing because I messed up and posted it from a different non flared account.
See videos: https://imgur.com/a/wBfaGyf
1) Microtech Combat Troodon. It's the plane Jane double edge one. It's in mint condition, never carried or even played with much. I'm the original owner on this one. Nice and sharp as it should be. Comes with it's box, hate to see this one go lol. $400
2) Spyderco Yojimbo 2 I picked this funky guy off here forever ago thinking I was gonna turn it into a project but y'all know how that goes lol. It's been carried once or twice but It's in really good condition, no real scratches or anything. The blade is well centered and sharp. I myself haven't sharpened it however. I'd like to get $140 out of this one
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2023.06.01 21:56 AshleyGamerGirl G-hub causing weird keyboard issues

I was gifted a G600 mouse to replace my old razer that was double clicking, dropping click-holds, etc. I will never by a razer mouse again. Ever. The day I installed G-hub, I found that my computer when I would boot, would keep pressing random keys insanely fast. The mouse does a million left clicks a second, and right clicking the desktop doesn't open the drop down menu. To note, I have a razer keyboard still. This ONLY started when I installed G-Hub for my G600 mouse. Whatever, annoying but it stops instantly if you pressed a few keys. Sometimes if I forget to press a few random keys, and I open a program, theres a 100% chance it will open like 100 instances of said program forcing me to reset my computer. It's only a problem when I first boot for the day.
Fast forward 3 months. I still have that same issue, but now, randomly, while I'm gaming, my keyboard will hit the enter key and open the text box in chat for whatever game I am playing. No text appears in them automatically, but the text box pops up as if I hit the enter key, and it happens multiple times. The only text that goes in that chat box are WASD inputs from me trying to play and not realizing this non-sense is happening. This just started 2 days ago and its annoying as ever-living hell! I found that these issues go away if I close G-hub. However when I close G-hub, I lose assignments on buttons that I have changed as they return to default loadout. This is unnacceptable because I use many of these buttons for things like M+ on WoW or LoL.
So I have come to the conclusion that this has to be related to G-hub because I never had the issues prior to installing G-hub, and they go away upon closing/restarting G-hub, only to return 10 minutes - 2 hours later. Does anybody have a fix or has anybody else had a similiar issue?
To note;
- I have ran full virus scans on all sectors to include the boot sector and there have been no problems.
- I have NO macros set.
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2023.06.01 21:56 Ferrum1776 Emails going to junk

So I’ve recently had some issues with my Email, it’s been sending items I don’t want to go, into the junk folder. And usually they’re stuff I want to look at such as news and similar stuff, for instance video game stuff. I signed up for a upcoming game email news list but it immediately goes to junk or I even don’t get it at all. And yes I’m using the built in app from apple. So does anyone have a way to keep certain accounts from going to junk?
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2023.06.01 21:55 brentdog_uva UDMP - Unable to access self hosted site from other VLANs

I self-host some websites as dockers running on my unRAID box behind a Swag reverse proxy all on the default network and using a domain that I own. I have port forwarding setup. I can reach all the websites from any device on the default network or on the internet (the port forwarding is correct and working).
I cannot access the websites from any of my other VLANs however. I want to let all devices on my Kids VLAN access these self-hosted websites.
I have a UDMP and it is on latest stable release. I have firewall rules such that the default VLAN can access all the other VLANs but the other VLANs cannot access the default VLAN. I have several firewall rules to allow access from specific VLANs to IP/ports in the default VLAN. For example, the Kids VLAN can access my Plex server running on my unRAID machine in the default VLAN. All of this has worked fine for years.
I tried adding firewall rules on LAN In like I use for the other inter VLAN access but that hasn't worked and I am sure I am approaching this wrong. Because the access is through the domain which ultimately is the WAN IP address I think I need different kinds of firewalls rules to allow this traffic to flow correctly.
I have been searching for several hours and found tons of related issues but nothing that exactly matches my problem. I have posted this to the Unifi forums as well but haven't gotten any responses.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.01 21:55 weavingcomebacks There is no excuse for not being at least a competent cook by the time you graduate high school.

We have literally unlimited resources on the internet. Recipes, free classes, food blogs, YouTube, you name it. If your idea of cooking is warming up the leftovers your mom made, or cooking a box of mac n cheese, you need to spend some time learning a few dishes and techniques. It's not hard. There's no excuse, everyone should be able to make themselves a few healthy and tasty meals and not need to rely on fast food, or someone else to cook it for you. Cooking is a life skill, it should be mandatory in school. I'm appaled at the number of people that can't even cook an egg well into their twenties.
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2023.06.01 21:55 JoeChickennug Can I Still Go ?

I wasn't a straight A student i had 2.6 gpa i was below average probably but i always scored high on testing and took honors English from 6th grade to 11th. I had alot of problems in 10th and 11th grade mental health issues and such and i let it destroy my grades. My parents were fucking dicks and constantly telling me i wasnt going to graduate even though i was never in danger. They told me that I'm going to be loading trucks for the rest of life and that my only other option is community college. But i did some research and i can go to a college like a real college with my friend and actually idk be normal or someshit idk i just cant stay in my hometown and after 4 years of being told I'm not going to be shit I want to be shit now i guess idk but can i like apply to an actually college like Ohio university. idk this probably doesnt make any sense im just so fucking pissed at myself for letting them talk me out of it i dont know waht to do
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2023.06.01 21:55 daveyc199 Does my truck have something in it?

First I have a hardship license so I do drive but I have a white 2007 Chevy 1500 and it done some things I’m not sure about, I’m 15 but I think something’s like, in it. Or something, let me talk about it. So I drive around our road we in country and I drive by myself sometimes when I’m not supposed too and the truck does this thing with the radio, I like to floor it and always looking for a good song on the radio so that week I took a ride going to make a left to turn around at a church and come back and a bit before the turn I hit a station playing a song, it told me to take it slow and not get distracted by the radio and told me to make my left at the next road and then my age, the song is sixteen by Thomas Rhett, I thought it was weird but I went out again later that day and I floor it going fast and decided to turn on the radio again and all I had to do was click the radio button and the song was right there right at the words, it told me take it easy(song is take it easy by eagles). And that was weird. this truck is trying to talk to me through the songs on the radio. And next day I went to pull into store lot and I was listening to songs and the song I had it on was playing some nasty music about hate and junk and I told it to play something good I don’t like that garbage and then I change to the next station and it’s right at the words of the song, “what you gonna do?”. The song Is made you look by Meghan trainor. Maybe that was something? Idk, but the truck has been running rough and a few days after, it started stalling and we changed the distributor cap. That fixed it. Then I asked my dad if I could take it down the road to test it and I decided to hit it again even tho the truck told me twice to not do what I do but I speed down it flying over bumps and I went down the little hill on our road and I hit it because it’s straight and long and I speed up to like 60 on that little road and then I press the brakes and it’s literally probably half the power, I hit it and the brake pedal went to the floor and it wasn’t fully stopping it slowed down enough for the turn but I was still a little fast but I had the brake to the floor! but bro they were working fine on the way down there but what I’m guessing is, the truck was tryna make me crash because I don’t listen to it about speeding. but I went back and my told my dad about the brakes problem(I never told him anything about the truck being weird before and still haven’t I wanna keep it a secret) and he was like David stop lying and I’m like yeah the brake arnt working right. And the next morning we took it out and he saw they weren’t and I had to pump the brakes to stop and we pulled into Walmart and looked at them and the brake line was cut and oil spraying all over, so we went to fix it and yeah. And the next week on a nice Saturday morning when every one sleeping in my house I took the truck out and floored it again, I floored it and speeding round corners and stuff and i know it’s dumb. But I can’t help it. I’m alone and don’t get to drive it much. And it’s fun! But I done it, and as I was going I said out loud what do you have to say about this! And all I did was click the radio on and what did I hear? “SLOW RIDE, TAKE IT EASY!”. So that’s the way it is with all these songs, they are the right songs, at the right spot, that’s what I mean by this truck talks to me. I was always turning on the radio and asking questions to it whenever I could I always now turn on the radio and ask things like can you play my favorite song? It has a few times, I change the station and one them is playing one my favorite songs, Pearl Jam, The Rolling Stones, twisted sister and 4 non blondes. And a few weeks later I was in the truck and my sister asked to turn the truck on, so I let her have the key and turn it on and she turns it twice but not fully and she says she scared because it won’t start and i told her turn it rest way and let off and she turned it and let off, now this truck when it starts revs up to like 1200 rpm’s sometimes but this time it revved up to 4000 rpm, and she says what wrong with it and it’s revving at 4000 for like 5 full seconds before lower back to where it should be, and my foot wasn’t on the gas and I don’t put it on it when starting, so I thought that wasn’t normal. But that was the only time it done it is when my little sister started it. And one time in the parking lot at the store I turned on to find a song and one song was asking about if you love me and I said said yeah I love you, and I went to next station and it played more than words by extreme and that songs about showing my love. But this is what I remember from it I ain’t with the truck no more it’s with my older sister she has it now, so these are the kind of things it does, I’m sure it did a lot other times but these are some them, yes this is all true the lines being cut the radio it revving it’s all true it all happened, but what you think about all this?
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