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2023.05.29 16:31 julia1754 AITA for not wanting to take in my husbands niece and being ok with her going into foster care

My husbands sister just died. She was an addict and she od’d. She left behind 2 kids, Rose (almost 17) and Lilly (7).
My (23f) husband (26m) is from California and we live on the east cost. My husbands only other family is his mom, who lives in her boyfriends small house. She’s retired and doesn’t make much. This is to say that they don’t have much room and can’t afford 2 kids. The older girl Rose plans on sleeping on their couch till she goes off to college next year. That leaves Lilly. She’s staying with them for right now but MIL really can’t care for her long term due to a multitude of reasons, Mils boyfriend also said he wants her out of his house.
My husband and his mom want us to take Lilly so that she doesn’t go into foster care. I’m pretty against this for many reasons.
I don’t think my husband is responsible enough to be a parent. He cooks maybe 2-3 times a year, and when he’s not working he usually just wants to play videogames or relax. He’s in the military and he deploys once a year ish for 6+ months. I’m not willing to care for a child that isn’t even related to me alone for that long, I have other responsibilities. When he isn’t deployed he often works 12-16 hour days. He also works the Night Shift and sleeps during the day. And he goes out of town for work often. I know that if we took Lilly in I would be the one making sacrifices to care for her, not my husband.
If we took her in I know that I would have to be her sole caretaker. I don’t even want kids and I don’t think it’s fair to expect me to basically adopt a 7 year old I’ve never met and am not even related to. She also has ADHD and some extreme behavioral issues.
AITA for not wanting to take in my husbands niece?
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2023.05.29 16:29 YukiteruAmano92 There Will Be Scritches Pt.98

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---Lhamo’s perspective---
---2686 Terran Calenda27 years BF---
I watch the British woman of FrancoJapanese parentage stride from the floor of the Parliament of our (recently capitulated) enemies.
She is surrounded by four of the most physically imposing Humans I’ve ever seen! Not one of them less than 210cm!
I suppose, when our army numbers in the hundreds of billions, finding one-in-a-millions isn’t too hard(!)
Me and the rest of her retinue fall in behind her as she passes through the vomitorium and turns to my left, her right, towards her temporary office.
As large in stature as the durasteel clad soldiers are, they do not compare to the woman’s android husband, 230cm tall and, from the sound of his bare footfalls, a few hundred kilos in mass!
We reach the door of the (newly designated) office of the Terran Representative and she snarls “You four, guard the door…” addressing her bodyguards “…Ezra, Zurab, Lhamo, inside… Everyone else, piss off and find something to do!”
The door closes behind us.
“Bug sweep, darling…” says the woman, exhaustedly.
“No bugs detected.” answers her husband, instantly.
She slumps onto the chair that had to be brought from our ship after the one provided by the Parliament collapsed under her weight the first time she sat in it.
Tilting her head back, she asks “So… how did I do?”
“You did wonderfully, sweetheart.” answers Ezra, immediately, in his flat, serene cadence.
She reaches a hand out to one of his and says “Thank you, darling! You are my rock… but I was really asking these two…” gesturing at me and the KartveloTamil man with her other hand.
My opinion…” smiles Mudaliar “…pitch perfect! No notes!”
“Agreed.” I concur.
She leans her elbows onto the table in front of her, quickly removing them when she hears its groans of protest.
“There’ll be a lot of people back home who think that we let them off too easy… who’ll think that we should have pulled a fucking Versailles on their arses!” she muses.
“A punitive Peace would foster resentment in the gardenworlder populace… They would feel as if their leaders stabbed them in the back by surrendering… Not to mention giving ammunition to antideathworlder bigots!… We need future generations of gardenworlders to think their ancestors were wrong to declare War on us, not wrong to sue for Peace…” I remind her.
“Enumerating their various hypocrisies, warcrimes and the many violations of their own laws that they perpetrated serves that end well… Hundreds of trillions of GU citizens, who personally had little to nothing to do with the War, suddenly finding their salaries cut in half to pay our War reparations would very much be counter to it(!)… Let us hope that demanding the most heinous warcriminals be remanded to Terran custody to stand trial placates the sabre rattlers back home…” adds Mudaliar.
Yes, but…! I don’t know… I feel like we should have got something more from them!… Instructions on how to reproduce their more advanced tech, maybe…?”
Mudaliar purses his lips in a joyless smile and shakes his head “We just (relatively handily) defeated them in a War with technology centuries behind theirs… Their tech is not something we can ask them to trust us with yet… we need to build their trust first. It’s going to take time… It’s going to take…”
What!?” snarls Miyazaki to whatever poor unfortunate soul is requesting entry.
One of the towering guards, in their sleek, state of the art durasteel, enters.
“Apologies for the interruption, Mistress Miyazaki… There’s a delivery for you. Already been scanned for explosive, biological and chemical agents etc… It’s clean.”
“A delivery…?” she says, screwing up her face in a mixture of confusion and contempt for a moment before shifting to appraisal and beckoning wordlessly.
The towering man enters the room and stands to one side, revealing a small woman with pink skin, purple tendrils covering her scalp, three teal eyes and three legs with one too many joints.
The girl looks terrified as she walks in, a levitating platform following behind her with a heavy looking cube (around a metre wide, deep and tall) on top.
Looking as if she might be about to burst into tears from her fear, the pink skinned girl holds out a holo toward Miyazaki (though still around 8m away) and says “C-c-could you… s-s-s-sssign h-here, p-please?”
“What am I signing for?” asks Miyazaki, flatly.
“Th-this?” says the scared delivery girl, gesturing at the glossy cube.
Fury flashes across Miyazaki’s face and, before she can traumatise the poor girl, I step in.
“I think what our Representative means is that we weren’t expecting a delivery… Would you mind telling us what this is?” I say, kindly, smiling (without teeth) down at the girl.
“I-it’s… a d-data drive…?” she asks more than tells.
A data drive!?
That’s absurd!!!
With how insanely advanced their computing is, a physical storage device this large would represent several multiples of all the information Humanity has ever set to page!
“What’s on this data drive, sweetie?” I smile, trying not to betray any of my desperate curiosity to her.
“It’s a c-compendium… of a-all Galactic Union t-technologies and ssscience…”
The room stands in stunned silence for 9 straight seconds while we all process what the little xeno girl just said.
She shifts uncomfortably, looking at Miyazaki and, clearly, unwilling to approach her.
Shellshocked, I eventually manage to say “I… can… sign… for that…”
Looking relieved, she hands me her holo and a stylus.
I scrawl out my name in the abugidic script of my native Tibetan, my hand then making a second pass on the line, adding the vowel markers.
The girl looks thoroughly relieved not to have had to get any closer than she is to the intimidating woman behind the desk, in the formal blue dress.
I hand the device back to her and she uses it to direct the platform to unload its cargo.
She does not wait to be dismissed, beating a hasty retreat from the room, leaving behind the single most valuable object ever possessed by Terrankind!
---2687 Terran Calenda26 years BF---
“We need gardenworlders!” growls Miyazaki, frustratedly, as we pore over the plans for the new agency we’re trying to design “This needs to be more than just the Terran embassy to the GU and vice versa! It needs to set the tone for all our interactions moving forward! We need qualified gardenworlders, ready, willing and able to work alongside the Terran staff! Helping us build our networks and win over potential allies in the Parliament!”
“Yes… well… unless you want to kidnap a complement of gardenworlders to staff it as forced labour, then our choices are open it with a Terran dominated staff and hope we can entice more gardenworld employees at a later date or delay it… again!” points out a weary Mudaliar.
Guys…” I interject, equally wearily “…I think we’re past the point of productivity for this evening… how about we call it quits and come back to it with fresh eyes, tomorrow?”
Good idea…” he answers.
The two of us begin getting up but Miyazaki says “Wait…”
We turn to look at her, expectantly.
“How about we go out tonight?… No shoptalk, I promise!…Just think it might be good for us to have a night to cut loose… just the four of us… five, if that hot, young nurse you’re dating wants to come, Zurab?”
Mudaliar smiles “I appreciate the offer… but I really need to sleep… Raincheck?”
“Fair enough… Lhamo?”
I hesitate, considering.
“Wooooo! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots shots SHOTS!!!” shouts a merry Miyazaki as she and I raise small glasses of weak spirits to our lips, in a booth in the xeno bar, and tip them down our throats.
Her android husband mimics the action with an empty glass.
She slams her glass onto the table and releases a sigh as she slumps against the padded seatback.
Her expression turns slightly melancholic as she says “Y’know… I don’t know if Im the right woman for this job…”
“You are.” replies her husband, instantly, almost displaying an emotion for a second there(!) “The fact that you were appointed above all other potential candidates should prove your fitness for the role. They could have chosen anyone and they chose you.”
“I agree with your husband… but what makes you say that, Jeanne?” I query.
“IIIII don’t knooow…” she grumbles “…I sort of feel like I was chosen on the strength of my reputation… and my parents’ reputation for ferocity… but, the thing is, while my mum and my shitstain of a father could give a fiery speech, they also had all the other skills you need to be a diplomat as well!… I feel like Ive got one skill and it’s scaring people!”
“That’s why Im here, sweetheart.” smiles Ezra, serenely “You’re the stick and I’m the carrot…”
Thank you, darling… It’s just… much as I hate to give that man the credit… difficult not to think that my father would’ve done a better job if he’d managed to make it hear without getting his ship blasted out of the sky!”
While I have far more sense than to ever say it, it’s absolutely apparent that the husband Jeanne ‘Blitz’ Miyazaki commissioned for herself is, in all ways, the polar opposite of the late father she despises!
I only ever knew him by his reputation but; where her father was a passionate firebrand, Ezra is calm, measured and tranquil.
Where her father was a gorgeous heartthrob who became a handsome silver fox in his later life, her husband (while certainly not ugly) is definitely much plainer in his looks.
Where her father famously favoured flamboyant modern dress, her husband’s wardrobe looks straight out of a Unification era vid in its conservativeness.
Where her father had a slight frame and a diminutive stature, her husband is tall and solidly built.
And, where Yuki ‘Blizzard’ Miyazaki famously left his wife, Charlotte ‘Guerre’ d’Aureville , after a scandalous extramarital affair with Tombe ‘Breeze’ Upash (another (obviously married) diplomat, no less!) in a move that would have sunk the career of anyone else in his line of work, Ezra certainly seems as if he only has eyes for her!
Several times, she has expressed the thought that raising her half sister, Emiko, to be a decent person is the only good thing that man ever did!
My rumination on that is cut short, before I can answer her imposter syndrome, when she says “You ever consider the diplomat track, Lhamo?”
I give a rueful smile as I answer “I’d need a spouse for that, Jeanne(!)”
Her eyebrows raise in surprise as she says “Oh… you’re ace? I didn’t realise…”
I chuckle and shake my head “Not ace… just 42 with crowsfeet…” I gesture to the corners of my eyes “…I feel like, if I were going to meet Mr Right, it would have happened by now(!)”
Bah…!” she dismisses, letting out her Francophone side for a second(!) “…None of this ‘too old to find love’ tripe! You’re still a stunner!… Not to mention an intelligent, vibrant woman with a fantastic personality!…Plus… we’re this close to cracking regen!… Pretty soon, 42 will be the new 25… along with every other age over 25(!) You’ve got all the time in the world!… It’d be really great to be able to hand this job off to you or Zurab!… Either of you’d do better than me, I’m sure!… I could go back to Earth, safe in the knowledge that things were being taken care of!”
“Ma’am…” I lean forward and reassuringly pat her wrist “…I promise you, you are the best person for the job… certainly at the moment, anyway!… Please grace us with your presence for a few more years at least!”
She chuckles “How about you get the next round and we’ll make a toast of it(!)”
I smile back “No problem… but I dont think we’ll be allowed anymore of these…” I gesture to the, one-per-customer, shot glasses.
“Vinjirian ale… 900ml.” says the woman, immediately.
“I will take an empty 900ml glass.” states her husband.
“Got it.” I smile.
“Don’t drink any until Ezra can run chem analysis on it… Don’t want to get drugged!” she reminds me, seriously.
“I promise I won’t!” I chuckle, walking away.
“Oh, and watch him pour! Make sure he doesn’t spit in it or anything!” she adds, a little louder than she needs to but not loud enough that I think the large, porcine, xeno barman will have heard her.
I cross the crowded bar and step to the counter.
“Two Vinjirian ales and an empty glass, please… 900ml, all. Pretty sure you have our waivers for it already.” I smile, with closed lips, up at the orange xeno with the piglike face.
He oinks an acknowledgement and starts pouring.
As I watch him, I notice myself being noticed by a xeno at the far end of the bar.
I don’t turn to look but keep track of him in my periphery while my foveal focus rests, squarely, on the drinks being drawn.
He stands.
Fuck…” I whisper to myself.
There’s one of two reasons a xeno is likely to be approaching me: either, he’s going to angrily vent at me about how I’m a monster and caused him to lose X number of loved ones in the War… or he’s about to test the rumours about Human promiscuity
I’m not particularly in the mood for either but I really hope it’s the latter… I don’t know that I would trust the proprietor to take my side if one of his gardenworld patrons gets belligerent.
As the man approaches, he occupies more and more of my attention to the point that, even though I’m looking right at them, I wouldn’t necessarily see if our drinks were tampered with!
Good thing I’ve got a walking laboratory back at my table(!)
The gigantic man has now made it to within a metre of me on my left and stands, looming over me.
Despite the fact that I know, if push came to shove, I could probably put his head clear through the countertop without too much trouble, it’s still uncomfortable to have such a large person so close.
The first words the man speaks catch me completely off guard.
“It’s been a while, Dr Yeshe… I’m very glad to see you again!” comes a warm, familiar voice, speaking Gangsri accented Tibetan and sounding a bit like a Human with a blocked nose.
My head whips left and up, my eyes resting upon a very recognisable patch of smooth, flat, periwinkle coloured skin between two large, orange eyes.
I haven’t seen this man since I was transferred to Forward Operations, 4 years ago!
My joy is so immediate and genuine that I momentarily forget to restrain my smile, so as not to be perceived as making an aggressive display!
He doesn’t flinch at the brief flash of my teeth I involuntarily give him.
“Well, well, well, well, well!… If it isn’t my favourite prisoner of War(!) What a pleasant surprise, Wing Commander!” I say, my voice joyful.
Then, my face falls as I notice the dark blue bruise across his right eye.
“What happened to your eye, Ong?!” I ask, ready to demand the name and badge number of whatever guard it was that did that to him… then remembering that we’re no longer on Gangsri!
He casts his eyes down and shamefully confesses “It’s… not ‘Ong’ anymore… and it’s not ‘Wing Commander’ either… I’m just Ngngomg, now…”
It takes a second before the pieces click together for me.
I gasp as I realise “*Hhhhh*…You were expelled from your tribe?!”
He answers with a doleful Terran nod.
“Because you defected?”
“Just got released here, yesterday… went to my embassy… found my tribal representative… he punched me… told me not to come back to Gollogng… and… here I am…” he gestures around the bar “…drowning my sorrows(!)”
“That’s terrible, On…Ngngomg! I’m so sorry!!!”
“It’s fine…” he lies “…I’ve got some preWar savings to live on for the moment… should also be due two years salary from the GU military… but who knows when or if I’ll ever see that, given how my service ended!”
“They don’t count time spent as a POW to be time you served?” I query.
He puffs through his lips before answering “They do not, no… certainly not when you became a POW by treason!”
“Is… is there anything I can… do?” I offer, pathetically.
He gives a joyless curl of his lips and answers “Sweet of you to offer but… there’s really nothing to be done… Anyway… it was nice seeing you…” and turns to walk a way.
Wait!” I say, a little more desperately than I mean to.
He turns back, one of his dark blue eyebrows raised quizzically.
“How would you like a job?”
“A job…?” he frowns “A job doing what?”
“Let me buy you a drink and… we can tell you all about it at my table…”
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Dramatis Personae
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2023.05.29 16:16 Ok_Entrepreneur8720 Help me save Imli’s life

Help me save Imli’s life
Meet Imli, she’s a cat we found in Sakore Nagar and we started taking care of her as she was too tiny to be out on the street. A few of us have been fostering her and she recently got really sick. The vet informed us that Imli had a viral infection in her stomach and her WBC count was lower than the normal amount. She is still getting treated with her medicines but we need your help to help me raise ₹6800 for her overall treatment. Please, please help us in reaching this goal and to help Imli live the best life possible :) All information is attached below
You can donate through ketto or UPI on the code included in the picture thread.
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2023.05.29 16:12 autotldr President Halimah was a 'president for the people', championed important causes, say advocates

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)
SINGAPORE: President Halimah Yacob was a people's President who was a strong advocate for social issues long before she was elected, advocates said following her announcement on Monday that she will not be standing for re-election.
Dr Radiah Salim, the founder and president of Club HEAL, a social service agency focused on mental health and wellbeing, described Madam Halimah as a President who was "Very caring, very compassionate and very deeply concerned about Singapore and the people in Singapore".
President of the Singapore Taoist Federation Tan Thiam Lye said that Madam Halimah was committed to safeguarding interfaith harmony in Singapore and showed care for the development of the religion in Singapore.
Mr Ng said that Madam Halimah had been a "Staunch supporter" of workers in her 33 years of service with the labour movement and as President.
"If there is one individual who holds a special place in her heart for workers, it is undoubtedly Madam President Halimah Yacob," he said.
HOLDING THE SECOND KEY TO SINGAPORE'S RESERVES. Beyond championing social causes, Madam Halimah leaves a legacy as the President to have steered Singapore through a global pandemic, giving her assent to the government to draw on past reserves for COVID-19 public health expenditure.
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2023.05.29 16:07 Bubu87xx “ ” he said blood dripping from his lips, “ .“ And even though we saw what we saw, we still believed him.

“The man was a fucking genius” were the headlines all over the county after his case was thrown out of court. I was one of the 140 witnesses that saw him walk up to the alter and rip the priests throat out with his teeth. I tried to save him along with 8 others, but by the time we dragged him off Father Jack Crowley, he was dead.
He didn’t put up a fight either, he just stood there quietly humming to himself like he was waiting for an elevator. It only took minutes for the first cop car to get there, and by the time they put him in handcuffs, two more had arrived. But as calm as he was, he would not budge from that alter, well, not until he said what he had to say.
After clearing his throat, he said, “ ” in a gentle tone.
“Ohhhs” were heard coming from every corner of the church as everyone looked at each other nodding in agreement.
“Let him go” an elderly woman could be heard shouting from the crowd, followed by, “Yeah! He's clearly innocent" from one of the altar boys, soon everyone was chanting, “LET HIM GO, LET HIM GO” including me. We nearly caused a riot that night as they put him in the back of that cop car.
The following morning the police department released a statement apologizing for taking him into custody and promised that they were only following protocol.
In the 8 months he spent in prison waiting for his trial, not one word did he speak, he just sat in his cell quietly humming. Even when the trial started and all the gory details were given, he wasn’t bothered, his eyes were just wandering around the courtroom blankly as he patiently waited for his moment to speak.
“There is no point in going up there” his lawyer could be heard whispering in his ear, “It's an open and shut case, your guilty and everyone knows it.” But he just smiled and walked proudly up to the stand.
He didn’t say anything at first, just stood there, head raised with that smug grin on his face, his lawyer didn’t ask any questions either, nor did the prosecutor, he didn’t need to.
When he finally opened his mouth and spoke, his words were so beautiful that even the judge had tears in his eyes, “It seems poor Father Jack was not the only victim that night” the judge whimpered, “your clearly an innocent man” of course the 12 jurors agreed and soon after the world, when he made his statement to the tv reporters outside.
Now 2 years later no one cares about the midnight trial or the president's shadowy past, he is our leader, our master and always will be.
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2023.05.29 16:04 tedsvintagemaps Durham County, North Carolina 1887 Map

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2023.05.29 16:03 Working-Brilliant-14 How long did it take?

My husband and I have been working with a local agency for almost 2 full years. We completed the classes right away have had one home study and lots of seemingly busy work that takes weeks /months for the agency to follow back up with. Is this the norm?! We have a beautiful home family and a room waiting. I can help but feel discouraged. I even threatened the universe I’d just go through county, sigh. A lawsuit against San Bernardino county on behalf of 5800 foster kids has just been filed, so they probably aren’t better right now….
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2023.05.29 16:00 AutoModerator Check-in: What has been making you angry lately?

Has anything related or unrelated to foster care been bothering you today, or are you doing well today? How are you managing?
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2023.05.29 15:36 TheAuroraSystem I need help knowing if this is TTI or not

Content Warning for general assholery from the staff there.
When I (25F) was about 16 (2013-2014) I ran away from home. I didn’t last long running away, as an autistic person, and within 6 hours I was being brought home. I was going through things (being fake claimed for trauma mainly) and I panicked and told the cops that if they took me home my Step-Dad would unalive me.
For good reason, they believed a panicked 16 year old girl and took me to a place where I would stay for the next 2-5 months as CPS did checks on my parents and neighborhood. I’ve looked everywhere, but no one’s talked about this place and it’s giving major “does this even count?”
That’s enough background I think. Time for the actual place.
The place was a nightmare. It could hold a max of about 16 (8 boys, 8 girls) and the group you were assigned too was who would be revoked privileges with you if you got in trouble. They were all what one would consider “troubled”. 75% of them were in foster care and told that this was their “last resort”. At the time I identified as Transgender (FtM). I was roomed alone (they transferred 3 kids so I had my room). I thought that was cool. That’s where the positives end.
The food was bland and tasteless. If you didn’t finish it, you were given the remains cold as your lunch or dinner, and if you refused you were refused food completely.
You had 25 minutes to clean up your entire room, and if you didn’t do it to staffs liking you were made to wait outside as they retrashed it and made you clean it again. If you still failed, you were revoked privileges.
School consisted of a former male convict who would brag about his time in federal prison while showing us how to put condoms on cucumbers. Beyond that our education was Youtube or whatever online school the foster kids were signed up for (it was the same website for all of them. I was told to watch youtube videos by john & hank green until i was “officially signed up”)
Recreation was them taking us to the top of a mountain and telling us we had 2 hours to climb down (this was before the mountain burned, so it was covered in trees and hard to navigate without someone who was a pro at it) and that if we didn’t make it we would lose privileges.
Privileges consisted of: Showing, Eating, Sitting in the living room, sitting/sleeping on furniture, Entertaining activities like sports (basketball) or card games
We had a set of chores that everyone had to do. Everyone was assigned one chore for the day, with the higher levels having less “strenuous” chores compared to the rest of us. If you or someone else didn’t do your chore, the entire group was revoked privileges. This would quickly turn the other kids against you, as they had impossible standards.
Chores included but were not limited too: Taking out the trash, vacuuming “the home” (we weren’t allowed to call it anything else), power washing the schoolhouse and regular house, cleaning the windows, doing laundry, showering, washing dishes, and moving the truck (seen mainly as a “punishment” chore and staffs way of telling other kids to steer clear cause they were the target that day. they’d put the car in neutral and have the one doing it push the truck [a baby blue ford] to the other side of the driveway. If you didn’t do it “fast enough” you were made to do it a second time before schooling, and that was your recreational instead of the mountain.)
And showing was seen as both a privilege and a chore, so if one didn’t finish showing on time we were all punished for it by not being allowed to shower & then punished again for loosing the privilege.
There were also levels. The highest level was unofficially called “junior staff”. These kids were known to the rest of us as “the snitches” and were widely hated. They told staff everything. In return, they were the only ones allowed to have mp3 players, and got other privileges. I don’t know a lot, cause I was more often at the lowest level.
The lowest level was unofficially called “The Doghouse” by staff. This was the level were you pushed the truck. At this level, you were kept in a section of chalk and rocks in a circle that was enough for the 5’8 kid to lay down in with little difficulty. In this circle was a tent, a sleeping bag, and a lot of paper and pencils. You would write lines in here, with a staff watching from the window. If you stopped in the time they gave you, you would get locked out and sleep in the tent that night.
You could also be demoted to Doghouse for the smallest of things, from trying to talk to someone, to talking badly of the place around staff, to even giggling without “having a good reason” cause that meant you weren’t “taking this seriously enough”.
They would never tell us what day it was or the time or even when we would leave. They would tell us to “not focus on the future, but on the present”. The only way to really tell time was during schooling (from 11 am to 2 pm) or from when the schedule would change to the next “activity”.
They also watched communication. If you wrote anything negative, it was burned and privileges would be revoked. We weren’t allowed to write to our parents, as it “wouldn’t be fair to those without parents”. We also weren’t allowed phone calls, tv, phones, computers (besides school) or any communication with the outside world. One chore was sweeping the driveway and a few kids got the Doghouse for trying to talk to the neighbors. (This was in a residential area close to a national park).
The most vivid memory I have of the place is when someone aged out. He turned 18 & was adamant about leaving. Said he refused to say another day. The staff kept telling him “you don’t want to do this”, “it would better if you stayed until the end” and other things that felt very personal and very “I shouldn’t be hearing this.” but they were arguing in front of everyone. We went to bed that night and when we all got up, his stuff was still there but he was gone. When asked, staff said that we “didn’t need to know” but that he “wouldn’t be coming back”. His roommates were then made to pack his stuff and throw it all out.
I got taken out 2 months into my stay cause they figured out i was lying and took me back home. The two months were state-paid for, so i’m not sure if my parents paid anything, but we we’re slums poor so doubt it.
This place fucked me up. Badly. To this day when entering a new place I’ll adopt the rules and mannerisms of that place.
So was this troubled teen? It feels stupid to ask, but because I was there so briefly and it was advertised as a safe house for foster kids and troubled youth, I’m unsure if that’s just a “group home” setting. I have other experiences in the TTI, this is just the one I’m most unsure of.
EDIT 05/29/23: Fixed spelling errors and more details
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2023.05.29 15:34 approvethegroove People probably aren't going to buy your terrariums

TL;DR: You probably aren't going to make any money off of terrariums. That doesn't mean they don't look great! It's just that most people who like terrariums would rather spend that money on supplies to make their own. You're more than welcome to try, just try to be courteous of how and where you choose to promote your products. This hobby isn't likely to fund itself, but I included a section at the bottom with some advice for participating in this hobby without breaking the bank. Keep making your awesome terrariums, we love them, you can even try to create a market for them! Just don't let money be one of your motives for making them, because you aren't likely to make much doing this.
I don't mean to be a downer, but I noticed a few posts here asking for pricing and selling advice and I kind of wanted to clarify this for anyone getting started hoping to make some money out of this hobby.
People probably aren't going to buy your terrariums. Don't get me wrong, it's not because they don't look great! It's just that generally speaking anyone who's interested in terrariums is already making them themselves. There might be a market for someone creating very large and/or elaborate and advanced setups for high dollar customers, but I'd imagine even that market has very low demand and is supplied by people with very advanced knowledge of terrariums.
I'm not trying to tell you not to pursue your terrarium dreams, I just want you to understand that making and selling terrariums is not going to be easy money. It might not even be any money. Terrariums are definitely an art and given how quickly this community is growing, maybe someday it'll be something more people are willing to pay for rather than only create themselves as with any other art form, but as of right now we just aren't really there yet.
If you want to sell terrariums because you'd like to foster a market for a growing art form that you appreciate, I'm okay with that. If you'd like to sell terrariums because you'd like to make money, I just think you're going to be disappointed. I understand that this hobby is addicting and can be expensive, but unfortunately it's not something that could easily fund itself.
Here's the terrarium financial advice I mentioned in the TL;DR:
Personally, I try to have "cheap terrariums" that I can easily make quickly and cheaply whenever I'd like to, and "expensive terrariums" that I put more time, effort, thought, and money into. If you're in the mood to make a terrarium, you can always go outside and find some moss to stick in a mason jar and arrange it in a way you find visually pleasing. You don't have to give everything you make a 10 layer substrate using only the finest of materials. If you want to make something a little more advanced, then go the extra mile and put careful consideration and time into planning, designing, and arranging it. You can get bags of orchid bark, coco coir, sphagnum moss, etc., all for under $10 each, but obviously that's going to add up if you're making 10 terrariums a month and putting a complex substrate mix into every one.
Find a container (secondhand stores are worth checking), and spend some time imagining what you'd like it to look like. Trust me, spending time choosing the plants you want, researching their care, determining the best possible setup for everything, and ultimately designing a terrarium that you know will look good and remain happy can be just as fun as actually putting stuff in your container. And while you spend time planning that terrarium, you can be saving money for the things you'll need. And like I said, whenever you're just itching to put something in a container, you can always go outside, grab some moss and some cute little weeds, and experiment. When you don't use your pricier terrarium resources as often and put more thought into how you use them, your supplies will last longer and you will get a nicer final product out of them. The money you put into them will feel even more worth it. Over time you'll grow your stash of supplies. It's a lot easier to make a fancy elaborate terrarium when you only need a sphagnum refill and some clay because you already have the activated charcoal, leca, perlite, gravel, and whatever else you'll need for this particular setup from past projects.
If you're down on funds and truly want to put some thought into a terrarium, go outside and see what you can find. There are so many adorable little plants out there that aren't even in human cultivation yet, and sometimes that's truly because we've dismissed it as a weed and it hasn't entered the circles that would think otherwise yet. Google lens is great for identifying plants, even weeds. Try to identify some small plants, find what their general needs are, and see if you can experiment with it in different conditions using the supplies available to you. You could be the first person to recognize their terrarium potential and pin down a good setup for them! It'll take some trial and error, but I personally think it would be very cool to see people finding new beautiful terrarium plants that everyone else dismisses and tries to replace with invasive grass species.
You can truly put as much or as little into this hobby as you'd like. You don't need to spend endlessly to have fun with it. I've thoroughly enjoyed making terrariums that I personally find very pleasing using stuff I found in the lawn. Keep making, learning, growing, and feel free to share it all here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see it!
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2023.05.29 15:31 Gumbybum Lore Discovery Part 3/3: Fishbones, Flatwoods, and Colonel's Burning Secret

Disclaimer: This post is long, so you may want to save it and read it later. Also, I put a lot of time into both researching this and writing it up. So if all you have is negative feedback, kindly keep it to yourself. Finally, there’s a lot more that I’ve been looking into beyond the scope of this write-up. If you’d like to join my exp-LORE-ation efforts, please let me know.
Recap: Part 1 establishes that Colonel is the same kid who was playing with his “baer frends” at the Palace of the Winding Path. Part 2 establishes that Darius Angler was the author of the 4 Untitled Poems.
Edit: Hyperlinks don't seem to be working so I'm manually pasting my references to parts 1 and 2.
TLDR (mad spoilers up in here): Fishbones led the raid that killed Colonel and all the Responders in Flatwoods, and he could very well be Darius Angler’s brother. Colonel may have been up to something nefarious with the children of Flatwoods (but not in that way). Ra Ra might be Ward’s granddaughter. And it looks like mole rat teeth are used to craft Day Tripper.

We Begin at the End: November 2096. 13 Bridge Street, Flatwoods, WV. Responder Colonel died in the raider attack on Flatwoods, along with just about every other Responder that resided there. The raiders attacked because a Chem Addict stole all their food and chems and fled to Flatwoods. You can find her body and holotape just West of the river. But before we get to that, we need to look at what Colonel was up to before he died. Most people probably overlooked this detail because they haven’t explored Flatwoods since they were level 3, and at that point they didn’t have a jetpack or the Marsupial mutation. But Colonel’s front AND back porches are completely railed off. If you make it over the front railing, you’ll find the corpses of Colonel and (likely) the raider that killed him, Colonel’s second “Survivor Story,” and a stroller with an intact doll in it. Colonel was the “caregiver for children” in Flatwoods, so the stroller may have once been for an actual baby.
But on the back porch, Colonel was burning books, files, documents, and the contents of a mysterious duffel back on his grill. Colonel definitely had a secret and he was literally trying to burn the evidence. And that secret was his past with the Diehards and Darius Angler. If you follow the road West out of Flatwoods, you’ll eventually arrive at Hillfolk Hotdogs, which is the site of Untitled Poem #3 and the former home of Colonel when he lived with Angler as a child (you can find one of his “baer frends” on the kid-sized bunk bed). But inside the bus(?) at Hillfolk’s, you’ll also find similar documents and a duffel bag, just like the kind Colonel was burning in Flatwoods when he died. As a matter of fact, there are other similarly suspicious duffel bags and file caches along the Ohio River. And this takes us to Ohio River Adventures.
Fishbones is a Dirty Rat Bastard: In the exact same way that the Diehards returned to Crater, a former territory of theirs (and site of Untitled Poem #2), the Diehards also returned to Ohio River Adventures. Now, O.R.A. gets overlooked because there is no main quest line that keeps you returning to this area (maybe the grind for Raider Rep), but this place is former Diehard territory too. Now, it is critically important to know that both Fishbones (Bones) and Blackeye are O.G. Diehards. Blackeye was almost certainly Colonel’s 1st grade teacher back at the Palace of the Winding Path. But what about Bones? Well, my friends, I bet I’m about to tell you something you didn’t already know:
When Margie McClintock died in 2096 (as inferred what Rose tells us during the main quest), Meg Groberg took over and soon thereafter led the Diehards out of Appalachia before returning years later (that, you already knew). You probably also already knew that before Margie died, Meg and the other Diehards went against protocol and “shot first” when robbing people. Meg was a true raider in all the ways that Margie was not. But what you probably didn’t put together is that Margie died around the time that Flatwoods was attacked. According to the Chem Addict from Flatwoods:
“Chems Addict: Well, this is it I guess. Rock bottom I think they call it. I still miss him. Billy. I knew he was too young for me, but he made me feel good. Though it's the old Billy I really miss. The one who used to do nothing all day with me but listen to the radio and drink. I shoulda got out sooner when Billy and his buddies started torturing little cats and dogs. His friends... were no good. But that didn't stop me anyway. I can't believe my wake up call was watching people's heads... get stuck on spikes. So... what is an old gal like me to do? Steal all the food. Steal all the chems. And get the hell out of there. *laughs* I'd trade my last bite of food just to see the look on their faces. Oh, I know it's going to piss off Billy's friends, but I don't give a damn. I tell myself I should feel sorry for the little town across the river. But if I'm being honest, and that's what this tape is for, I don't really care. I call myself an addict, but it ain't the chems that finally got me. It was always Billy.”
I want to emphasize the “heads on spikes” part, because that’s something Margie would never tolerate. But Meg on the other hand let raiders be raiders. The other thing that I want to point out is “Billy.” I’m not saying for certain that this Billy is the same as Darius Angler’s brother, but I am saying that technically no body was ever recovered from the molten steel, and Angler didn’t see the accident happen because he didn’t work at Grafton Steel anymore. It’s possible that “Billy Angler,” who didn’t quit because “he needs the money,” could have taken out some kind of insurance policy, named his chem addict girlfriend as the beneficiary, faked his own death, and skipped town. Do I know for certain that this happened? Of course not. But what I do know is this: FISHBONES’S REAL NAME IS BILLY!!! The reason he’s obsessed with the letter B is because that’s his first initial. You see, at first I thought the raiders that wrecked Flatwoods were Cutthroats because of their whole feud with the Responders. But then I learned that the Flatwoods attack was caused by a bunch of chems that the Addict stole, and the Diehards were Appalachia’s great chems supplier (thanks to Angler). Furthermore, Fishbones’s current operation is spiking Mirelurk meat with an addictive substance (chems). And since Bones is an OG Diehard, it means he was the piece-of-shit raider that attacked Flatwoods and killed Colonel.
A Bit About Bruiser: I found a few interesting details about Bruiser at Ohio River Adventures, but nothing too profound. We know that he used to play football, his mascot was a “battle bear,” and that he spent some time in a vault. The likeliest conclusion from this information is that he’s from Grafton, given that’s the only high school in the region with a football field and it’s next to the makeshift vault that formerly housed a few raiders before the BOS took over. If you look up the IRL Grafton High School, you’ll find that it’s on Yates Ave (likely the namesake of Sofie Yates, a Responder turned Raider in Flatwoods) and their mascot is the “Bearcat.” Also, all the varsity jackets in FO76 have the letter B on them, but that’s more Fishbones’s thing. But none of this has anything to do with Colonel or Angler, so let’s move on.
The Charleston Cartel (2079-2082): From the Charleston Capitol Building terminal entries, we know there was a massive chem trade happening in Charleston at this time:
“Name: Matoukas, George
Date of Crime: 10.09.81
300 Block of Oak. Based on anonymous tip, Responder Atkins found subject peddling vast amounts of illegal chems out of his home. Over 300lbs of illegal chems found in the subject's basement.
Matoukas sentenced to 5 years hard labor under close supervision, with possibility of parole for good behavior. Chems were seized and destroyed.”
Since the Diehards’ operation at the Palace of the Winding Path effectively ended with the great rapture of ‘79, it only makes sense that the Diehards would have to adapt their drug trade elsewhere. If you actually look for raider activity in Charleston (outside of the courthouse), you won’t find a lot, but what you will find is very telling of their operations. You’ll find a dead raider at the chemistry workbench inside Hornwright Industrial Headquarters. You’ll find a few dead raiders in/above the pharmacy on the south side of town. And you’ll find a dead raider lurking outside the doctors’ offices (which is NOT the hospital) to the north. And this takes us to Dr. Joseph.
Dr. Joseph was a psychiatrist in Charleston who practiced both before AND after the Great War. He had the authority to refer patients to Allegheny Asylum and write prescriptions; Prescriptions that would be filled at the pharmacy on the south side of Charleston. To one patient, P. Davis, he prescribed Day Tripper. This insightful detail is why the Diehards were operating in Charleston in the first place. As many seasoned players have observed, Day Tripper is not craftable in this game; You can only find it out in the wild. Consider the following terminal entry from the Palace of the Winding Path:
“Log: 12.29.77 Since the war, incense ingredients have been hard to come by. We started rationing weeks ago, in anticipation of this, and doses are much lower. The sedative effects of the incense are a priority, to keep people from freaking out.
I've begun to improvise with some other ingredients and found some creative ways of stretching the supply, at least until things return to relative normal. Other chem supplies are plentiful.”
So here’s what I think happened. If the Diehards were in dire need of Day Tripper to make their custom chems (see: Making Incense), and the Responders had a healthy supply of Day Tripper locked inside a pharmacy in Charleston, and there was also a doctor who wrote prescriptions for Day Tripper, then all the Diehards needed to do was register a new patient with Dr. Joseph. Enter: Darius Angler.
Darius Angler was batshit crazy (if in doubt, refer to his manifesto). Angler, who now resided at Hillfolk Hotdogs, was also just a short trip up the New River from Charleston. He would periodically visit Dr. Joseph, get his prescription filled like a meth-head scoring Sudafed, and used the trip as a cover to smuggle the refined chems into the city. Essentially, I think he just made a loop around the southwest “island” of the Forest (area surrounded on all sides by 3 rivers, referred to as “Zone D”). The loop around Zone D functioned as a supply chain/assembly line for producing the chems that were being smuggled into Charleston. There’s a lot of suspicious stuff happening around here: Raider activity, duffel bags/files, bridge control, coffin conspiracies, etc. that I had to edit out for length, but I’ll try to summarize it here.
Hillfolk Hotdogs is where Angler and Colonel raised mole rats for reasons I’ll explain later. Follow the Ohio River south and you’ll soon come to a boat that’s not far away from a crashed truck loaded up with industrial chemical barrels (useful for producing industrial quantities of chems). South of that is a tent with a duffel bag. Further south you’ll find a 3-story house with suspicious files and a duffle bag hidden in the attic (just like at Hillfolk’s). South of that are some dry-docked boats with a chem box and a duffel bag. Even further south is Ohio River Adventure (a current Raider base of operation that served a similar purpose back then). Southeast of there, by Lewis & Sons, is a little “boat” with 2 stuffed bears, which I think was left behind by Colonel as he reenacted his river adventures with Angler using his bears. Southeast of there is a floating Nuka-Cola structure with a submerged safe guarded by 2 more bears, one of which has a liquor bottle. I think this is a dead drop and the bears are another work of Colonel’s. Heading East up the River you’ll find a raider-operated “store” at the end of a questionable bridge. Further east is Charleston, where George Matoukas was distributing the chems. And on the return trip down the New River is another dead drop directly beneath the Bridge on the west side. It’s a safe by a couch with a bear and Jangles (I think Jangles is supposed to represent George). Again, I think that this big loop is a supply chain/assembly line for moving chems and the components needed to make chems.
The smuggling operation also deviously involved Colonel and his “Baer Frends.” If you jetpack up to the very top of AVR Medical Center, you’ll find two people who OD’ed on chems, each with a stuffed bear next to them. So I think that either the Diehards were sewing chems inside Colonel’s stuffed bears and using them as drug mules to smuggle chems into Charleston, or that Colonel just climbed to the highest point on the hospital (as he did at the Palace and later in Flatwoods) and left two bears as a memorial. But I’m leaning toward the former because of an unmarked location in the Savage Divide that I found. It’s southeast of Bastion Park right at the bend of the monorail line. It’s essentially a fire pit with a bunch of stuffed bears thrown in it with a few dead party-goers around the area. I think this is the location where the Responders destroyed all of the Chems, bears and all, that they confiscated from George Matoukas. Speaking of George Matoukas….
Curious George and the Rocket: According to the above-mentioned terminal entry, George Matoukas was apparently the only criminal who the Responders sentenced to hard labor rather than exile. If you go to Rollins Labor Camp (formerly Rollins Work Camp), you won’t find a whole lot there other than Blood Eagles. But what you WILL find at the very top of the crane structure are two stuffed bears and a Jangles. Colonel, as a child, had a thing for playing with “baer frends in high places.” I can’t say with any certainty what happened here, but maybe Angler was the one who gave the responders that “anonymous tip” because Matoukas was starting to rub off on Colonel, and Angler didn’t want him growing up to be a Raider. Matoukas gets sentenced to hard labor rather than exile, with a change of parole pending “good behavior,” which means “snitching.” So maybe Angler took Colonel to visit his “friend” at the labor camp (visiting hours are a thing), Angler introduced George to a “rocket,” and Colonel used his toys to recreate the scene. Or not. Who knows? But what I do know is that the shitty poet (Angler) moved on from Hillfolk Hotdogs to go to the Cranberry Bog, and I think the Christmas Flood gave him the perfect reason to leave.
Untitled Poem #3: I’m intentionally skipping Untitled Poem #2, partly because I haven’t found much deeper meaning to it, but mostly because what I think it means is little more than conjecture. #3, on the other hand, I feel like I can make sense of it:
“white cedar leaning against the shadow of our river
peeling like asylum walls
hobbled together around dignity that died long ago
simple things to jumpstart fogged memories
holed as teeth hidden in tin
we leave our things pinned
winning only the stuck wings”
I think the phrase “white cedar leaning against the shadow of our river” is the title of the painting in Dr. Joseph’s office. Or at least that’s how Darius Angler would describe it as if it was some kind of Rorschach test. “Peeling like asylum walls, hobbled together around dignity that died long ago” is a reference to the office wallpaper, and perhaps another one of Dr. Joseph’s clients, Daniel Boone.
“Patient: "Boone, D"
Interesting case.
Patient responds only to "Daniel Boone" and indeed seems to believe himself to be the historical figure by the same name. I'd heard that some of the hillfolk can end up a bit off after lack of socialization, but I'd not expected to see such a case.
Advised that he be sent to Allegheny rather than the Penitentiary for further observation.”
There’s only a VERY narrow window of plausibility to suggest that Angler is Daniel Boone, so I won’t. But this entry seems to refer back to Untitled Poem #3, with worlds like “hillfolk” (as in Hillfolk Hotdogs), “Allegheny” (as in asylum), and “the historical figure” (as in dignity that died long ago). I think the line “simple things to jumpstart fogged memories'' refers to the Souvenir Magnet on the fridge at Hillfolk Hotdogs, and I think it came from Lady Janet’s Soft Serve (not Cow Spot Creamery). “Holed as teeth hidden in tin” refers to the mole rats that he was raising with Colonel at Hillfolk’s (the cat bowl on the floor is for the mole rat that walks around the trailer like Fry’s dog from Futurama, just waiting for Colonel to come home). And “we leave our things pinned, winning only the stuck wings,” refers to Angler’s (and Colonel’s) escape from the Diehards. I’m assuming this event took place just after the Christmas flood, once the chem operation in Charleston was destroyed with the rest of the city. But if you remember those dead raiders I mentioned earlier, there are a few more. Outside of Dr. Joseph’s office is a dead raider next to an ammo box. Well, next to him is a makeshift bridge that goes over the highway. And if you keep going in the same direction once you step off the bridge you’ll hit the southwest corner of Wade Airport. Immediately in that corner past the fence is a locked truck-trailer (watch out for the mine) with 2 more dead raiders and a power armor chassis (sometimes). I think the last line of the poem refers to this exact event, leaving his power armor (and compatriots) pinned in the back of the trailer so he can steal yet another Vertibird. Angler flew the automated aircraft to Watoga. Why? I don’t know. But it explains how he got to the Cranberry Bog and why his body can be found just a short distance south of the city.
Untitled Poem #4: Just like #2, I don’t have any deep insight into the specifics so all I can do is speculate. I’ll spare you the details. But what I think it’s about is the very end of his relationship with Colonel. I think the time Angler and Colonel spent together in the unmarked cabin southeast of Sunrise Field was just Angler teaching Colonel to be self-sufficient (hunting, trapping, maintaining weapons and whatnot). I think that when the scorched attacked Harper’s Ferry in 2086 that there was also generally increased scorched activity in the eastern half of Appalachia. The poem describes Angler providing cover fire to, or perhaps just drawing fire away from Colonel as escaped through Big Bend Tunnel, later to be found by the Responders. But again, like with #2, all I can do with this poem is speculate.
The Mysterious Mole Rats: This is a question I’ve had for almost 2 years now, and I think I finally figured it out. Back at the Palace of the Winding Path, there’s a lonely mole rat that lives in the computer room by the garden. There’s also a dead mole rat next to a dead raider pilot by a downed plane that was headed to the Palace from the north. I didn’t know what the Diehards needed mole rats for because I was only looking at the Palace itself. But the answer to this question is found at Lady Janet’s. Everyone thinks that the two bears in gas masks by the chemistry is just a Breaking Bad easter egg. But I think it’s yet another “baer frend” reenactment left behind by Colonel. Do you remember how the cultists at the Palace ran out of ingredients to make the “spiritual incense” and had to improvise? Well, one of the substitute ingredients they used, and the reason they were importing mole rats, and the reason the Diehards took care of the children like they did, is found in the baby carriage at Lady Janet’s.
A basket full of human jaw bones? Yeah…. Teeth. Or more precisely, “baby teeth.” I suppose mole rat teeth would do in a pinch, but as messed up as it sounds human baby teeth were preferred. This is why the Diehards at the Palace were taking care of those first-graders; because six-year-olds shed baby teeth like it’s raining molars! This also answers a question you didn’t even know you had, and it takes us back to Flatwoods. Here’s a note written by Jeremiah Ward who lived in trailer in the town (and the Ransacked Bunker before that):
“I, Jeremiah Ward, resident in the town of Flatwoods, county of... not sure.
Being of sound mind, and not acting under... duress. Mostly.
Hereby declare this letter to be my last will and testament.
Mia gets the house, and everything in it.
It ain't much but that's all I got to give and... she's all I got.
I know she's still alive.
The Responders say the dogs got her, but I know it ain't true.
They been real good to us. Teaching an old geezer like me how to really cook is something. I'll give em that.
But I know they lyin about those dogs. I seen em in the hills. There's some bad folks scoping us out. They took my granddaughter, I just know it.
I'll get you back, Mia. I promise.”
Mia, a baby who slept in the crib in that trailer, was abducted by raiders. And the only raider gang that ever had any interest in kids was the Diehards. And when you remember that the Responders had a foster care program that would later be run by Colonel once he was older, you’ll remember that a shit load of children went “missing” when Billy (Fishbones) attacked Flatwoods. And if teeth (baby, mole rat, or otherwise) was the secret ingredient in Angler’s chem recipe… and Colonel was Angler’s apprentice for a number of years before he joined the Responders… and Colonel was the caretaker of all of the children of Flatwoods… then exactly what was in those documents that Colonel was burning on his back porch?
Full Circle: So after everything, the Diehards lost their crop of children at the Palace of the Winding Path in 2079, but took the children of Flatwoods and left Appalachia. When they came back, they put Fishbones (Billy) in charge of the Ohio River Adventures operation, who is now spiking the mirelurk meat with a potent chem. It’s totally possible that Ra Ra is actually Mia Ward (Jeremiah Ward’s granddaughter). Hell, it’s even possible that Jeremiah Ward is somehow Ward from Foundation. Since Colonel was obviously keeping, and subsequently burning, secrets, I’d say he was also inclined to keep his raider past a secret as well as the truth about his adoptive father. Like he said in his Survivor’s Story, “he was bad.” Perhaps the reason he kept his Diehard history a secret from the Dassa and the other Responders was because he knew that the Responders were the ones punishing and exiling people back in Charleston. But this whole story began the day Darius Angler decided to get revenge on Grafton Steel. And if his brother hadn’t actually died after all, then it would explain why Angler stayed with the Diehards for as long as he did rather than returning to the Free states. Regardless, this entire story began and ended with Billy. “It was always Billy.”
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2023.05.29 15:21 Roxie122333 10 Reasons I’m so Thankful For My Child Care Provider

There many many different
  1. Trustworthy and Reliable: Your child care provider has consistently proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable, providing a sense of security and peace of mind.
  2. Genuine Care and Affection: Your child care provider genuinely cares for your child and shows them love and affection, creating a nurturing and supportive environment.
  3. Strong Bond with Your Child: Your child care provider has formed a strong bond with your child, fostering a sense of attachment and emotional connection.
  4. Attention to Individual Needs: Your child care provider pays attention to your child's individual needs, tailoring their approach to suit their unique personality, interests, and developmental milestones.
  5. Open Communication: You appreciate that your child care provider maintains open lines of communication, keeping you informed about your child's day, milestones, and any concerns that may arise.
  6. Fun and Engaging Activities: Your child care provider consistently plans and executes fun and engaging activities that your child enjoys and looks forward to, making their time at daycare enjoyable.
  7. Safety and Well-being: Your child care provider prioritizes the safety and well-being of your child, implementing necessary precautions and measures to ensure their protection.
  8. Professionalism and Expertise: You value the professionalism and expertise displayed by your child care provider, knowing that they have the knowledge and skills to properly care for your child.
  9. Supportive and Responsive: Your child care provider is supportive and responsive to your needs as a parent, offering guidance and advice when needed and creating a partnership in your child's care.
  10. Positive Impact on Your Child: You love your child care provider because you can see the positive impact they have on your child's growth, development, and happiness.
Expressing your love and appreciation to your child care provider can strengthen the bond between you and show them the value they bring to your family. It's important to communicate your gratitude and let them know how much you appreciate their dedication and care for your child.
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2023.05.29 15:18 Roxie122333 10 reasons I’m Thankful For The Child Care Provider I Found

There many many different reasons
  1. Trustworthy and Reliable: Your child care provider has consistently proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable, providing a sense of security and peace of mind.
  2. Genuine Care and Affection: Your child care provider genuinely cares for your child and shows them love and affection, creating a nurturing and supportive environment.
  3. Strong Bond with Your Child: Your child care provider has formed a strong bond with your child, fostering a sense of attachment and emotional connection.
  4. Attention to Individual Needs: Your child care provider pays attention to your child's individual needs, tailoring their approach to suit their unique personality, interests, and developmental milestones.
  5. Open Communication: You appreciate that your child care provider maintains open lines of communication, keeping you informed about your child's day, milestones, and any concerns that may arise.
  6. Fun and Engaging Activities: Your child care provider consistently plans and executes fun and engaging activities that your child enjoys and looks forward to, making their time at daycare enjoyable.
  7. Safety and Well-being: Your child care provider prioritizes the safety and well-being of your child, implementing necessary precautions and measures to ensure their protection.
  8. Professionalism and Expertise: You value the professionalism and expertise displayed by your child care provider, knowing that they have the knowledge and skills to properly care for your child.
  9. Supportive and Responsive: Your child care provider is supportive and responsive to your needs as a parent, offering guidance and advice when needed and creating a partnership in your child's care.
  10. Positive Impact on Your Child: You love your child care provider because you can see the positive impact they have on your child's growth, development, and happiness.
Expressing your love and appreciation to your child care provider can strengthen the bond between you and show them the value they bring to your family. It's important to communicate your gratitude and let them know how much you appreciate their dedication and care for your child.
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2023.05.29 15:11 grouchywithoutcoffee Nykaa Fashion Scam

To whomsoever it may concern,
I have been getting repeated emails from different customer care representatives, up to 5 in a day. Hence, I am emailing each of you the full summary of my case, in the hope that you stop bombarding me with emails daily.
This is regarding my order ID NYK-**** The order was placed on 4th May, and was delivered on 7th May. However, much to my disappointment, the order items were incomplete. That is, the shirt and pajama set was delivered without the pajamas, and similarly the shorts and shirt set was delivered without the shorts. I emailed nykaa fashion customer care on 7th of May, and sent them the photos that they had requested. However, they reverted saying that internal investigations have revealed no such discrepancy. I spoke to the representative, I asked him details of the “internal investigation” and he said they will be shared with me but they never were. I lodged a complaint on consumer court. Subsequently, nykaa fashion agreed to pick up and refund me for the same. Unfortunately, over a period of 2 weeks, the delivery agents of Delhivery refused to pick up my order as the title had “Set” in it and what I was returning was not a set. They told me I am handing over incomplete items, which I explained to them was the reason for the return but as no such information was provided to them, they refused to pick it up.
Again, I spoke to nykaa fashion customer care multiple times. In particular, I spoke to Ms. Gunjan and Mr. Vishal from the escalation desk. Ms Gunjan attempted “Manual pick up”, which again failed. Hence, on 21st of may, Ms Gunjan advised me to self courier and provided me the following address and contact people to contact for the same.
Plot No. 55/1,55/2,55/3, MADANAYAKANAHALLI VILLAGE, DASANAPURAHOBLI, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Rural, Karnataka, 562162
Contact Person Deatail- Sweta, Manoj (9980877991, 9844399182)
I self couriered the package via Delhivery on 23rd May. The delivery agent has tried daily to deliver the order over the last 4 days, but has been unable to contact Sweta, whose details I had provided.
Disappointed with this, I decided to contact Sweta and Manoj on 29th May. I called them multiple times between 10 and 11am. They cut my call or did not receive it. Finally, Manoj reverted back to me via SMS and asked for details of my case. Which I emailed to him. Then Manoj informed me that the address provided by Ms. Gunjan/Nykaa fashion customer care is of the OLD warehouse. And that of the new warehouse would be shared. The details are as follows;
Nykaa Fashion Pvt Ltd(NER)
Survey No 29/1 & 30,
Obanayakanahalli, Nelamangala,KasabaHobli Bengaluru RuralKarnataka, 562123.
This email is to bring to your kind attention that I have contacted your customer care multiple times of the period of last 3-4 weeks. I have provided all the information required from your end, and I have put in the extra effort to courier you the incomplete set. Yet your customer care has repeatedly lied to me, and not provided me the correct information. The pincode of the two addresses are different and hence the delhivery agent will not be delivering to the new address and they may cancel this order. The incompetence of those at nykaa fashion customer care knows no bounds. Currently your customer is more aware of your new warehouse than you are, a so called representative of this multinational company. I have faced incomplete delivery by multiple agencies before and I have never been harassed or mentally tortured to this extent. I have wasted my hard earned money and my valuable time as a doctor on your incompetent customer care.
I am attaching all the relevant screen shots, and sending this email to each customer care executive who has emailed me asking for some tiny detail multiple times in a day.
I spoke to Priyanka today, who told me she will discuss with the senior team to process my refund regardless of the delivery. I hope someone has the sense to see how this is the correct decision.
Kindly issue full refund of my order, including shipping fees. And kindly go to your old warehouse and pick up the order if you please.
I hope I, nor my family nor friends, ever have the misfortune of dealing with Nykaa Fashion Customer care.
TL;DR: Don't order from Nykaa Fashion.
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2023.05.29 15:02 Every-Flan-9717 Leading Hospital in Patna Mediversal Multi Super Specialty Hospital

Experience unparalleled healthcare excellence and compassionate care at the prestigious Mediversal Multi Super Specialty Hospital. When it comes to your well-being, trust no other than Mediversal Hospital, the epitome of exceptional healthcare services. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts cutting-edge technology and a team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals who are committed to delivering personalized care that prioritizes your recovery and overall well-being.
At Mediversal Multi Super Specialty Hospital, we recognize that every patient is unique, and that's why we offer a comprehensive range of specialized treatments and services. From advanced diagnostics to minimally invasive surgeries, we harness the latest medical breakthroughs to ensure precise diagnoses and effective treatments tailored to your specific needs. However, our dedication to excellence extends beyond medical expertise. We pride ourselves on our patient-centric approach, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind throughout your entire journey with us. Our compassionate staff is available round the clock to address your concerns, answer your questions, and provide unwavering support, fostering an environment of healing and positivity.
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2023.05.29 15:00 stonescoldtakes NFL Update: 05/22/2023 - 05/28/2023 - OTAs are Back!!!

— Individual Team News + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Washington D.C.
Arizona Cardinals:
After some decent news the last couple weeks for this organization there wasn’t really anything great from this week besides maybe the fact that if WR DeAndre Hopkins was a distraction to the team he now no longer is one. It will be interesting to see how things play out this year.
Atlanta Falcons:
It sounds like the situation with Keith Smith should get resolved rather quickly and was more of a misunderstanding than anything else. It will be fun for this young team to have joint practices with Miami and it will be a good way for their defense to get an initial test from an elite offense. I am sure the Dolphins won’t reveal all of their tricks but either way they will have to worry about guarding an elite offense with elite playmakers.
Baltimore Ravens:
It is crazy to think about how just about a month ago the news around the Ravens was all negative and that it seemed like the relationship with Lamar was fractured. Now here we are and Lamar seems about as happy as can be and is excited about the offense that is being installed under new OC Todd Monken. It will be exciting for him as well to have WR Rashod Bateman back who I still think can be a key playmaker on the team. It appears the Ravens could be set for big things even in a tough division.
Buffalo Bills:
Great to see the that S Damar Hamlin was back out practicing. I know it has been some time since his collapse on the field but it still feels like yesterday that I was watching that game in complete shock at what I had witnessed and worry for him and his family. WR Stefon Diggs being absent at OTAs is not a big deal to me. QB Josh Allen has a lot of other guys he needs to get familiar and work in with anyways and a lot of star players don’t attend OTAs to either get rest/recovery or to do their own workouts with their private coaches. I imagine he and Kincaid will be deadly this year and who knows they may even have WR DeAndre Hopkins joining them as the Bills were one of two teams that inquired and had talks about a trade for him.
Carolina Panthers:
Not too much news here other than what we saw and heard from OTAs about Bryce Young getting to take most of the 1st team reps. It appears that he looked good and his teammates were saying great things about him. It is tough to judge any quarterback though in the offseason because no matter what folks always say their young or new quarterback is looking amazing and things are progressing nicely. I will say though I have heard the most good things coming out from camps about him and Anthony Richardson of the Colts.
Chicago Bears:
Good news for Chicago fans who are excited for their move. It seems that things are proceeding nicely with the process of moving to a new stadium. Also, great to hear that Chase Claypool may be able to make more of a difference this year. It would be hard to be less effective than what he was last year for this team. I still believe he can be a major impact player like many expected him to be when he entered the league. It will be key for him to become Fields’ go to receiver over some of the other talent they have on the team.
Cincinnati Bengals:
This team has a lot to do in terms of contracts that they need to get figured out. The team view Tee Higgins in very high regard and so does Joe Burrow as they should. They also really want to get Logan Wilson signed. However, what will come out to being the biggest of the contracts they do this offseason is that of Joe Burrow. What will continue to make things tough here is the longer it takes for Justin Hebert to get his deal done because Burrow will likely be the last of the 4 quarterbacks to sign his because it is presumed he will get the most money and has an agent who like to wait til the last minute.
Cleveland Browns:
All good news for Browns fans so far. The team is looking good and their appears to be a lot of good vibes coming out of practice. WR DeAndre Hopkins is even considering coming to Cleveland for the chance to play with his old QB. Also, WR Elijah Moore is looking crisp and at least for the moment it appears he is much happier. It will all depend on if he actually gets the ball thrown to him during the season though.
Dallas Cowboys:
Not too much news here which is good for this franchise because they are almost always the center of attention. The main thing I took away from this week was just that things seems to be going well with McCarthy and Dak working together on the offense but that there have been some growing pains at least initially getting used to new systems as expected.
Denver Broncos:
It appeared to shock just about everyone when the news broke about K Brandon McManus getting released because he had become a fan favorite over the years in Denver. QB Russell Wilson has lost a lot of weight and it is evident just from seeing him this offseason. I didn’t think his weight was the issue hindering him last year but hopefully he can feel he is playing at a healthier weight. What I think most Denver fans were excited to see was RB Javonte Williams back on the practice field. He is going to end up being the real difference maker this year and whether this team competes with the top of the AFC or not will largely depend on him making the rest of the offense’s life easy or not.
Detroit Lions:
A lot of news here. Let’s start with the bad news. It appears that they may be having more penalties come down on their team/players due to the league’s gambling policy as their is an ongoing investigation into a 5th player from the team. Also, David Montgomery and Malcolm Rodriguez left the field with injuries. It is still early though and they appear to be minor injuries so hopefully it won’t affect them in the long term. Now some good news. It sounds like WR Jameson Williams is progressing nicely and the team got a new kicker in Riley Patterson from the Jaguars who should help the improve there. Lastly and maybe the biggest news is that Calvin “Megatron” Johnson was at OTAs hanging out with coaches and players. Many are hoping those good vibes carry over into the season.
Green Bay Packers:
Exciting news that Green Bay will get the draft in 2025! I was thinking they would try and stick to more southern states but they clearly are willing to go North with Detroit and now Green Bay being the hosts of the next two. HC Matt LaFleur appears to be being honest with everything and trying to temper expectations a bit with Jordan Love taking over. This could be to help take pressure off of Love and also just be the flat out truth that with any young quarterback it is going to take some time.
Houston Texans:
I am not surprised about DeMeco Ryans hesitancy about pursuing Jadeveon Clowney. First of all he just may not want to reveal his cards to others in the league about what he is thinking. The other thing is that he is one that likes for his defense to have an identity and a really good work ethic. I am not saying that Clowney can’t fit that mold but it just makes the selection process for what Ryans wants on defense that much more thorough. The other news that surprised some but something I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is that QB Davis Mills will compete with Stroud for the starting job and is viewed as a desirable QB to other teams around the league. I know his stats haven’t been the best but I am not sure any of the young quarterbacks would have done well with what the Texans organization has been the last couple years. At the end of the day CJ Stroud will end up being the team’s starter due to draft status and probably will be the more talented, better option.
Indianapolis Colts:
Overall things seems to be good for the organization. The main thing we are all waiting on is when Shaq Leonard will be able to get back out there and start practicing. It makes sense not to have him practicing now since things are optional anyways. The hype has been there for QB Anthony Richardson thus far and it appears he may be closer to starting right away than a lot of people thought.
Jacksonville Jaguars:
Not too much news out of Jacksonville other than the change at the kicker position. Things got busy and they were able to trade K Riley Patterson to the Lions rather than release like the reports had said prior. Then they went out and got a proven veteran in K Brandon McManus who had just been released from the Broncos squad. This team is going to be interesting this year and will go as far QB Trevor Lawrence can take them. Does not hurt to have the veteran kicker for the big moments that could be coming for this organization.
Kansas City Chiefs:
HC Andy Reid who normally is pretty quiet and doesn’t get too involved was in front of the media a lot this week it felt like. First, he is not a fan of the new kickoff rule and it appears most coaches are not. Second, he talked about how the team will not be using a FB because they are being phased out of the NFL and he feels that the TEs they have on the team can play the role when needed. Overall it seems things are going well for the Chiefs and things could be a going a lot better here soon as they appear to be a top option for WR DeAndre Hopkins and one the few teams that had trade talks before he was released.
Las Vegas Raiders:
It appears there is never a dull week with the Raiders. The news this week about Jimmy seem to add context potentially to what Davante Adams’ comments were about recently. With Tom Brady recently joining the ownership group here it makes us all wonder if the injury is not cleared up is there a way for him to un-retire once again…only time will tell.
Los Angeles Chargers:
Big news here getting the deal done with Austin Ekeler even if it still only keeps him around for 1 year. Thankfully now he should be semi-happy for that one year before he can go out and chase a big contract if he wants to.
Los Angeles Rams:
Not much news here really. Sounds like Matthew Stafford has taken Stetson Bennett under his wing and started to work with him and help him learn more about the transition to the NFL compared to college.
Miami Dolphins:
I loved seeing Tua wearing the helmet cam. I had not thought about it before but it should be great for him to be able to show McDaniel exactly what he is/was seeing out on the field to add context and allow McDaniel to better coach him and understand what is going on. I think this should be something all quarterbacks do and especially the top ones because it could gives coaches that much more information and a better understanding of how to help young quarterbacks in the future.
Minnesota Vikings:
All signs appear to be pointing towards RB Dalvin Cook getting released. In other news it will be good for the defense to develop the aggressive mindset that Brian Flores wants and should bring in the attitude from Miami that wad established during his time there that was so effective and led to them winning games.
New England Patriots:
The Patriots seems to always be up to something. It sounds like they were penalized the 2 days of OTAs and fined because of a meeting that Joe Judge held that lasted more than the permitted amount of time. Other tough news came when Raekwon McMillan got injured.
New Orleans Saints:
What a story. TE Foster Moreau finds out he has cancer in a physical with the team a couple months and gets ahead of things and is now practicing with them at OTAs. Interesting story here about former HC Jon Gruden working with the team because during his time with the Raiders many said that he and Carr did not get along. This team has a big opportunity to take over the NFC South and is probably the bet setup to do it with the team they have.
New York Giants:
It seems that everything is going great except the Saquon Barkley situation. There isn’t much new insight into it either after HC Daboll refused to speak on anything contract related. In good news it seems like TE Darren Waller is really enjoying being with the team and working with QB Daniel Jones. This is a team to me that is going to play inspired football like they did last year no matter what is going on because their HC.
New York Jets:
I imagine Jets fans held their breath when they saw Aaron Rodgers get injured as well as Allen Lazard. The good news is that those are not going to be issues in the long run. However, it reminded us all that QB Aaron Rodgers is not a young guy anymore and there is always the possibility that he like any other player in the NFL can get hurt. Hopefully the deal with Quinnen Williams can get done sooner rather than later. I am looking forward to the joint practices with the Bucs because they have a solid defense and it will be fun to hear how they fare in the early phases of implementing a lot of things from both Nathaniel Hackett and Aaron Rodgers.
Philadelphia Eagles:
Jordan Davis is going to be a key piece for the team this year in my opinion so it is great to hear he has made major strides. He is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his sheer size and the more he can be weaponized the better.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Great move to get Markus Golden. He can be dangerous in this defense and is only one season removed from a double digit sack year. Also, good to see that Robinson and Pickett appear to be getting along. I am curious to see who shakes out to be the #1 receiver on this team but have a feeling it will end up being Pickens because of how good he was last year and the chemistry he and Pickett already have. A QB likes it when his receiver makes life easier and bails him out. Pickens has already done that on multiple occasions for him.
San Francisco 49ers:
It is official the 49ers will host the 2026 Super Bowl! After speculations and rumors it finally became official this past week. Also, there was a lot of good QB news this week with all 3 of the QBs on the roster. Sounds like Brock Purdy is healing properly and as expected, Trey Lance is looking really good in OTAs along with Sam Darnold. Once again this offseason no one is sure who will be starting for the team come week 1.
Seattle Seahawks:
Good news for Seahawks fan that Tariq Woolen will be back around training camp time after his procedure. Other than that there was not much news here. They got a solid rotational/depth player in Artie Burns though.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Great to see that Tampa has joint practices with the Jets. They have a tough defense and it will be good for Baker and the offense to get some work against that defense early on. The Bucs have some great weapons on the offensive side of the ball to really compete with those top defenses and if they can all stay healthy this team could be a dark horse team to watch. Overall this should be a good all around team.
Tennessee Titans:
Interesting to see that S Kevin Byard was not at OTAs after earlier this offseason it was rumored he was asked to take a pay cut. Definitely a situation to watch. The main news that came from OTAs is that QB Will Levis appears to be looking good and some folks think he could be putting pressure on Tannehill early on and moving himself up the depth chart.
Washington Commanders:
Feels like a lot happened with the Commanders. First off, I think QB Sam Howell is in a great spot to learn and develop this year with mentors like Jacoby Brissett and then his OC Eric Bieniemy. They will hold him accountable like has already been happening and help bring out the best in him. Now it definitely is an organization surrounded by distractions. First off the trademark application for the team’s name was denied and they hope to get something figured out but could lead to another name change. Also, the team is still working through the Josh Harris bid and there need to be some adjustments in order for it to get accepted by the other NFL Owners and the league. These distractions even though they may not always be good for the team they probably do help a young quarterback because he is not the only thing to talk about at this point in the offseason.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:

Restaurant of the Week: (Washington D.C. - TACOS 5 DE MAYO)
Don’t really have a great picture of this place but that may be a good thing. Often times I find that the places least advertised and that are holes in the wall is typically where you get the best Mexican food. This place is about a 10 minute drive from the stadium and probably closer to 15-20 minutes on game days depending on the time you go. Personally I recommend the Tacos Al Pastor. Those are basically a marinated pork taco that is slightly spicy with some sweet pineapple flavor in it. You cannot go wrong with Tacos Al Pastor and are by far my favorite. The other thing to keep an eye on is the Pupusas. While Pupusas are from El Salvador this place actually does a pretty dang good job of making them. For those that don’t know what Pupusas are they kind of resemble a stuffed pancake but are made of corn in most cases stuffed with either just cheese, cheese and beans, or cheese and pork. My order here would be 3 tacos al pastor and a cheese and bean pupusa. Enjoy!
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2023.05.29 14:49 Higuysimj im conflicted

I want to go study in 2 years time but id need to do my first year in school accommodation. I can't take my bunnies with, but im not entirely sure that i can trust my parents to care for them.
Ill look into doing my 2nd to 6th years in a pet friendly apartment so i can bring my boys with. Id need to work as well as study so i might not have loads of time to spend with them, but they're a bonded pair and i spend hours at home being out of my bedroom and only go in when i check on them or at night a while before i sleep and then while I sleep. Im definitely not going to get a place if it means they dont get enough space or they'd need to be in a pen. I'm thinking of either free roaming in a master bedroom or if it's only a one bedroom or a studio, free roaming the whole apartment.
I'd also put pet cams to check on them throughout the day. They'd be 5 and 6 years old so id know them pretty well by then as i do now so i can notice health issues very quickly.
Ofc i have considered rehomeing bc it might not be the best life for them. But my boys would be old then and they're also both red eyed buns.
My one boy is very loving but he takes a while to be loving bc he's very independent and a nipper. Im lucky i got him while he was still young bc he opened up to me fast, but bc he's older he's less accepting and is so easily stressed out so you really need to be careful. My other boy, while he is a cute little long haired dwarf, he has health issues and requires frequent vet trips. he has the most lovely outgoing personality ever. It makes him a bit naughty bc he doesn't have that anxiety of new places or things that other buns do, but it also makes him great if you have frequent guests over bc he'll eat from anyone's hands, he'll circle them and just generally enjoy being around ppl. Ofc my other boys is incredibly stressed by new ppl so it counteracts it lol. He's also the clingiest bun ever, it might be bc im basically all he's known his entire life. half if the time he follows me around and he enjoys being held and pet or "cuddling" at bit.
His health issues are so bad that the chances of him getting adopted are slim, especially since they worsen with age and 5 is pretty much an old age for him. No one wants a sick bunny with a ticking clock. (i would bc i love animals with low adoption chances, its why i got my first boy. he was up for adoption since he was 11 weeks and i adopted him at 5 months bc he was still up for adoption while all the other buns before and after him were adopted already.)
I might look and see if someone is willing to foster long term for a year bc boarding places probably wont take buns in that long and my youngest needs vet trips frequently. Rn it's every 3 months, but then it could be every month or more frequent or worst case scenario it gets incredibly bad and he could need immediate veterinary care or to be put down. So being able to do emergency vet trips is essential. Id pay for all their stuff every month ofc.
Tldr. Im worried about what to do for my first year of uni and if i struggle to find accommodation in my other years. My boys have very very low adoption chances so all they have is me. Might see if long term fostering is doable. I feel shitty for putting them in a position like this.
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2023.05.29 14:41 iurionu 🚀🎨 Introducing VINCI: Unlocking the Future of Creativity! 🎉🌟 $VINCI launching on 31.05 - BNB/PANCAKESWAP

🚀🎨 Introducing VINCI: Unlocking the Future of Creativity! 🎉🌟
Hey, fellow Redditors! 😄 Have you heard about VINCI, the groundbreaking project revolutionizing the creative industries? 🎉✨ Let me take you on an exciting journey through this incredible ecosystem! 🚀🌈
🌟 Staking Rewards: Power Up Your Holdings! 💪💰
One of the most enticing features of VINCI is its staking rewards program. By becoming a super staker, you not only earn regular rewards but also unlock additional incentives! 🎁💰 But here's the twist: in case of emergency unstaking, the lost rewards are redirected to a penalty pot. 🏦🔒 This pot is then distributed monthly among the super staker class, but the rewards come as unvested tokens. This means that even the new beneficiaries must tread carefully, as emergency unstaking could lead to losing these tokens too. 😲💔 This ingenious system absorbs unstaked tokens, transforming them into incentives to prolong staking positions. It's like turning one person's emergency unstake into another person's treasure! 💎💡
🔒 Security Meets Accessibility: Building on a Solid Foundation! 🏛️🔐
When it comes to blockchain technology, security and decentralization are of paramount importance. VINCI acknowledges this and strives to have its roots firmly planted on the most secure, decentralized, adopted, accessible, and enduring chain. 🔒💪 That's why the team has chosen BNB Chain, the second most adopted chain in the industry, as the central hub for VINCI's activities. By doing so, they ensure that users have a seamless experience and minimize entry barriers for potential retail users. 💻💸
🌐 Scaling Solutions: Growing with the Community! 🌱🚀
VINCI understands that as the ecosystem matures, users may seek destinations that offer optimal user experience, accessibility, and security. They anticipate that novel scaling solutions will continue to emerge, and users will have the freedom to move their assets and engage in VINCI-related activities wherever they find the best fit. 📈🌐
📈 Token Distribution: Creating Opportunities for All! 🤝💰
At VINCI, the team is committed to fostering a fair and inclusive environment for creators and their communities. They recognize the need to overcome industry practices and address distorted incentives that hinder the growth of the culture sector. By leveraging the potential of Web3 and targeted solutions, VINCI aims to revolutionize the connection between creators and their communities, providing more opportunities for economic growth and success. 🌍💡
🏞️ A Vision for the Future: Where Digital and Physical Merge! 🌌🖌️
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Join the VINCI community today and be a part of this exciting revolution in the creative industries! 🚀🎉 Let's unlock the potential of Web3 and empower creators to thrive like never before! 💪💡
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2023.05.29 14:41 BolsheviksParty I GOT AN OFFER!!!

After getting fired from my first job 6 months in back in 2021 I went into a state of depression and burnout. I could no longer find joy in programming, with time however, I recovered. I am now as motivated as when I first started out. I got back up on my feet after I started building out my passion project which reignited that spark.
I started applying at the worst time possible, when I could have easily gotten an offer during the hiring surge in early 2022 (Clickup was literally hiring HTML/CSS Developers). However, I came to realize that if I had managed to get my first job in 2021 with no relevant experience, I could do it again in 2023 with the hiring freeze and layoffs, even if the odds seems stacked against me.
This offer is a 70% increase in salary from my previous job! I am still in a state of shock to just know that someone would be willing to pay me this much, especially since I have no educational background and was an unemployed loser. They use the latest tech and are also a mid-sized company!
Estimation Time: 2 months and 15 days of jobs searching.I started low and then eventually worked my way up to 100+ applications a day. Around 30 interviews/phone calls. 5 final stages. One offer was about to be on the table until they realized I didn’t have a degree (this really put a chip on my shoulder).
And not a single damn Leetcode interview through the graces of God.Background: I have no degree, and completely self-taught. I got my first job at 19 only after one term of university and dropped out.
Here’s how I got back into the market with such a huge gap on my resume. Note: this is just based on my experience and presumptions.
  1. Mass apply, it quite literally is a numbers game. If there are thousands of job listings out there, eventually one will say yes. Do be careful of recruiting agencies, I tend to avoid job listings by them since they seem to be a waste of time.
  2. Exaggerate, embellish your work/experience but NEVER lie. You’re here to brag about yourself and how cool you are. The company is also doing the same so it’s okay to do the same.
  3. Polish your resume, this is REALLY important. Make it look structured and not something a kid could easily do.
  4. F*ck cover letters
  5. If you’re new to the industry, don’t ever apply jobs that uses myworkday job applications, they’re a WASTE of time.
  6. Most offers for juniors will require relocation sadly.
  7. NEVER talk sh*t about your previous employers
  8. Ask questions, not just any questions but GOOD questions. Show you’re interested in the company as well as trying to succeed. You’ll also learn a lot if they’re a sh*tty company to begin with.
  9. Jobs with 200+ applications? Apply anyways, I’ve gotten responses from them before.
  10. Have decent projects that you could talk about and explain your approach to building things
  11. Hone in on your “tell me about yourself“ answer and recite it. Make it interesting and RELEVANT
  12. Don’t forget to smile :D
  13. If you’re religious, pray. Count your blessings and do it with the right intentions. Ask yourself why do you want a dev job? To continue being a resentful pr*ck? To one day help and lead others? To support your family? To support yourself? Greed? I was very indecisive about whether or not I should post this, but decided to because I see so many negative posts on here about people not finding a job so I thought it's the least I could do by sharing some good news. Link:
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2023.05.29 14:33 rtguk Side hustle - selling up

I have developed a profitable side hustle over the last 12 months that I'm looking to sell as my day business is now just too demanding.
I sell Pre-Revenue websites and micro saas which I have pre built and can be sold as templates or ready made businesses. I have had success in rebranding and marketing to specific niche, particularly on the back of openai API.
It's made myself around $20k so not a huge income but a nice side earner whilst my day business has been building up. No real expertise or design experience is needed as all are built using no code and they copy/paste and rebrand in a few hours. My costs have been very low so net profit is $17k....but I don't know how to value this. They sell very easily on a number of channels with a constant stream of clients. Ive a small mailing list of around 100 who are all in the market for side businesses and I've not even considered add ons such as maintenance and marketing, so scope for growth.
It's not a saas, more of an agency, and it takes only a few hours every week to take care of with all the templates and saas apps built.
How would you go about selling this?
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2023.05.29 14:32 nova_mjw Dutch-speaking SEO Specialist to Madrid

Are you looking for an opportunity to positively impact the world while working for a rapidly growing and innovative company? Look no further!
Our clients mission is to make solar panels and batteries accessible to every European home by creating the easiest and most affordable way to go solar. They do this by connecting consumers who want solar panels or batteries with installer companies through their marketplace. As a result, they are revolutionizing how people think about renewable energy and helping create a more sustainable future.
Join their team in Madrid and become part of a company that is revolutionizing the renewable energy industry. As a listed company on Oslo Stock Exchange, there's never been a better time to join their journey. Apply now to join the team and help us create a brighter future for all!

Job Summary

Due to solid growth, our client has determined to establish a new marketing hub in Madrid, which will cover SEO and content creation for some of the group's markets. Accordingly, our client seeks SEO specialists to ensure steady creation of SEO content for the websites. The allocation of markets between the roles will be assigned based on language skills and previous international experience.
What you will be doing:

To be successful in this role:

They would love it if you also have this:

What's in it for you?
You'll get to be part of their journey. They learn fast and encourage bold attempts and risky experiments. If you like that, you'll like it here. They enjoy being together in the office, and are open to working from home when you need focus time.
Here's some more of what they offer:

Overall, it is a mission-driven company with an innovative culture that values employee well-being and development. If you're passionate about renewable energy and want to work for a company that is making a positive impact on the world - join and apply today!
About Multilingual Jobs Worldwide
We are a leading multilingual recruitment specialist agency, connecting European talents with businesses from all over the world.
Multilingual Jobs Worldwide is a leading language recruitment agency in Europe, matching the most exciting jobs with multilingual talent. Over the past 2 years, we have recruited and helped over 1000 multilingual speakers to their dream job with our partners in over 28 different countries.
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