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A subreddit for fans of the anime/manga "Attack on Titan" (known as "Shingeki no Kyojin" in Japan), by Hajime Isayama.

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A space dedicated to calling out disrespectful behavior and opinions within the Attack on Titan fandom, which includes manga spoilers and sensitive topics.

2023.03.25 01:23 SlowbeardiusOfBeard Am I losing my mind? Can't find a free reading ruler for windows

Was diagnosed with ADHD and mild dyslexia as an adult a few years ago, went back to uni and got free access to a loads of lifechanging assistive tech, including a screen ruler app (maybe claro something?)
It lived in the little toolbar on the bottom right of the screen, you clicked it to turn it on. You could chose the colour, transparency level, size, and whether it blocked out below the mouse, above, or both with a window the size you set.
Not been reading so much after graduating, and after struggling with reading some papers remembered about that tool.
I've just spent 45 mins looking for a free version and found a couple of things on independent sites that I'm not 100% about installing software from.
Is this really still a thing that isn't integrated into operating systems or without an open-source alternative?
I found a FF plugin which is ok, but it doesn't work with in-browser pdfs and obviously not with external files. I'd really like an OS level ruler. Sorry if this comes up a lot, but I didn't find anything on the wiki in the site bar, nor via google searching.
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2023.03.25 01:23 inmarrd Just brought my first psa grading

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2023.03.25 01:23 matneyx Are there any compiled resources of Mutant Year Zero lore?

My group will be making characters and starting our first Mutant Year Zero campaign, tomorrow, and I'm going to be GMing.
I'm planning on following The Grand Campaign, so I know lore will be revealed to the players as I do that, but I - as the GM - don't know the lore, myself! How were Mutants made? Who are the Elders, besides just being old humans leading the Arks? What is this Red Plague I keep reading about? And I guess certain things are more or less clear depending on if you have the English translation or not?
I couldn't find a wiki or lore videos or anything...
Is there some place that has all the canon lore?
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2023.03.25 01:23 Jent01Ket02 Old Nomad car?

I've looked through Reddit, wiki, etc. but I get conflicting advice.
On the Nomad path, you can get the car you had in the intro after the main story starts. Supposedly after starting Panam's quests you get a text from your old car that starts a quest to get it back. I've done the quest the wiki says should start it, plus 2 more after that, and nothing.
Then some other advice says it starts after the Delemain quest. Completed that one all the way on my first Nomad file and it never triggered. What is the actual trigger for this? I love Nomad cars for their aesthetics, and I'd like to get the car that started that obsession.
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2023.03.25 01:23 dalgriff Yelp Baited and Switched Me

I signed up for the free ad credit with Yelp to advertise my business and services. I believe it was capped at $350 a month. The inquiries I was getting were absolutely ridiculous. One of them was to film a sex tape for a couple and Yelp charged me for that lead even after marking it as spam and reporting it.
I received 5 star reviews from clients I did work for, and during my paid ad, Yelp marked them all under "not recommended" and my business lost all its stars so it's empty.
When calling and asking them about it, they told me the algorithm decides everything and that they would probably go back after a couple of weeks.

They never did, and Yelp sent me an additonal bill of $1000 more than the cap per month. I talked to them on the phone and asked them kindly for an itemized list of the leads, as I didn't want to pay for the ones that were bots or spam, but am fine paying the realistic ones. Yelp agreed to do that over the phone.
I did not hear anything back and reciveded a notice from collections for the money. I'm not sure if it's viable to take them to small claims, but stripping me of those reviews, charging me for spam and fake leads, and charging me way more than the cap without being able to explain it is seen as an attack against my company by them.

Has anyone had a bad experience with yelp? What are the solutions you went through to fix it?

Thanks everyone.
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2023.03.25 01:22 Hehepp123 It’s probably not too useful but I was so happy to see this 😭

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2023.03.25 01:22 wheelwillturn Glycopyrrolate and possibly dangerous side effects?

Guys I've been considering to try glyco for last few days and have been reading all the posts and comments related it here. It does seem like a miracle drug as everyone speaks and just too good to be true! But there are few things that concern me which aren't mentioned on the forums. So I'm pointing them here as follows
1) Can the dehydration cause hair thinning or does any harm to the kidneys? Chronic dehydration can not only affect hair loss or thinning but also the quality of skin and possibly the kidneys. Have you guys ever noticed hair thinning under this medication? Or ever felt pain in kidneys?
2) I read on the internet that athletes are prone to heat strokes or heart ailments on glyco. I'm usually involved in physical activities like running, cycling and gymming. Given the fact these days lot of young people are getting heart attacks at the gym, I kinda little worry about it.
3) Impaired reaction. Is it safe to ride a bike or drive while on glyco? It could be really dangerous while being on the road if our fight or flight reaction is on delay. The good thing about having an anxiety, it helps as a sensory to survive. Since I'm very much into cycling, I'd like to know if one would be able to stay alert while riding the bike in traffic and like that.
Thanks for reading
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2023.03.25 01:22 MazerRackham07 ThugsArk Cluster[USA] - WIPED 3-10-23 - 10 Maps PVP & PVE - Increased Rates - Mods Steam

♣♣♣ WIPED 3-10-23 ♣♣♣
♣♣♣ Message ♣♣♣
If you are looking for an exciting mix of PVE and PVP, come checkout ThugsArk Cluster! We have 9 PVE maps and 3 PVP maps, all clustered together. The PVP maps have higher rates and better drops to encourage PVP. We have active admins willing to assist, and a vibrant community of active players. Come check us out!
Please keep in mind, once you attempt to join, your game will need to download all of the mods and this can take a while and multiple attempts of joining. This is Steam, not the servers in the cluster.
♣♣♣ Discord ♣♣♣
Join our discord for updates and more:
♣♣♣ How To Join ♣♣♣
Come play Ark with us on Thug's Ark Cluster:
To add the ARK's to your in-game favorites, open steam, click View on the top left, then Servers. Click the favorites tab and click Add A Server. Add the servers below individually:
♣♣♣ PVP ♣♣♣ Ragnarok - Abberation - Genesis - Genesis 2 -
♣♣♣ PVE ♣♣♣ Island - Crystal Isles - Extinction - Valguero - Lost Island - Fjordur -
Then open the game, click Join Ark, and filter by favorites on the bottom left. You should then see the servers listed to join.
You can also use these clickable links to join the game directly:
♣♣♣ PVP ♣♣♣ Ragnarok - steam://connect/ Abberation - steam://connect/ Genesis 2 - steam://connect/ Genesis - steam://connect/
PVE: Island - steam://connect/ Crystal Isles - steam://connect/ Valguero - steam://connect/ Lost Island - steam://connect/ Fjordur - steam://connect/ Extinction - steam://connect/
Your game will then begin to download the 12 mods we have (13 on Gen2 for element stack). This may take a while and you might have to attempt to join many times. It is more ideal to click the mod links below and subscribe to all of them. That way steam automatically downloads them.
♣♣♣ Discord ♣♣♣
Join our discord for updates and more:
♣♣♣ PVP Rates ♣♣♣
7x Experience
6x Harvest
20x Baby maturity
Greatly Lowered mating interval
Max increased Supply Drop quality
♣♣♣ PVE Rates ♣♣♣
5x Experience
4.5x Harvest
15x Baby maturity
Lowered mating interval
Slightly Increased Supply Drop quality
♣♣♣ Admin ♣♣♣
I'm an active and responsive admin that only plays on the PVE maps when I have time. Most of my time is spent working on the cluster. I do not PVP or interfere with PVP or server politics. You have free reign to raid and attack whoever you want.
I am open to any suggestion submitted in the discord. We can vote on changes to the cluster as a community.
♣♣♣ Rules ♣♣♣
All of our rules are outlined in the discord #Rules channel. Of coarse we have the basics: Don't be racist, sexist, homophobic, or anything like that. Smack talk is allowed, but keep it classy.
More rules to be determined if necessary.
♣♣♣ Plugins ♣♣♣
Cross cluster chat
Points & shop with cross-server DB for points.
Structures Limit
Vote Rewards
♣♣♣ Mods ♣♣♣
Subscribe to all here:
Structures Plus:
Platforms Plus:
Awesome Spyglass:
Dino Storage:
Death Recovery:
Lethals Reusables:
Castles Keeps &Forts:
Ultra Stacks:
Sheep Grinder:
Auction house:
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2023.03.25 01:22 autotldr Russia warns of nuclear retaliation if Ukraine tries to seize Crimea

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 29%. (I'm a bot)
Mr Medvedev, who is currently the deputy secretary of Russia's Security Council, said Russia is prepared to use "Absolutely any weapon" in the event of an attack on Crimea.
In an interview with Russian journalists, he added that Russia has no plans to enter a direct conflict with Nato and said the Kremlin is focused on resolving the Ukraine crisis through dialogue.
He said: "As far as some serious offensives involving an attempt to retake Crimea are concerned, it is absolutely clear that this will serve as a basis for the use of all means of protection, including those provided for by the basic doctrine of nuclear deterrence, when the use of any types of weapons against Russia poses a threat to the existence of the state as such."
In 2014, Russia illegally annexed Crimea after a disputed and internationally rejected referendum.
President Vladimir Putin insisted Russia annexed Crimea to protect ethnic Russians from "Far-right extremists".
Crimea was originally part of the Russian Empire but in 1954 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev transferred the Crimean peninsula to Ukraine.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Russia#1 Crimea#2 any#3 Russian#4 state#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.25 01:22 milkbeforeyourcereal dope new cards for my collection! bought as singles

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2023.03.25 01:22 scran_dog Which IVs are better for raids?

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2023.03.25 01:21 inmarrd I just brought my first psa grading.

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2023.03.25 01:21 insanelyphat Ed Oliver to the Lions? A breakdown...

We all know, or think we know, that the Lions need interior help on the defensive line. It is the prime reason so many people have Jalen Carter as the pick for the Lions at #6 if Will Anderson is off the board. But what if you could get an already proven stud at DT who is only 4 years older than Carter and who comes with none of the potential character issues that Jalen Carter does?
There has been a ton of trade rumors about Ed Oliver being traded over the past week and the Lions have been speculated as a potential landing spot. The Lions currently have $26 million in cap space after restructuring the contract of Big V and if any team were to trade for Oliver they would most certainly need to sign him to a long term deal otherwise it would end up being a player rental. I don't see Brad Holmes being interested in renting a player since it would cost the team valuable draft capital. However if Oliver were willing to sign a new deal that doesn't break the bank would we be interested?
Here is some information about Ed Oliver and his contract.
He is not a huge sack guy but he is great at penetration and extremely strong against the run.
His current contract makes him a free agent after the 2023 season. He is only making $10 million this season.
Here are the top 10 highest paid DT's currently in the NFL.
Now obviously Oliver does not stack up as a top 10 DT as of yet. I don't see him realistically getting top 10 money but if he got a raise say to $13 million per season with a good signing bonus and maybe 2 years guaranteed? Would the Lions jump on this?
What do you think it would take to get him from Buffalo? Since he is in his last year of his deal the trade leverage for the Bills would be low so maybe a 2nd and a lower pick or a 3rd?
The Bills have never really played an attacking style of defense and mostly rely on their linebackers and DE's for that with their DT's playing the run first. But Oliver has that ability to be a wrecking ball in the middle. He is a player I have always watched during Bills games and he definitely is a player I think would fit in on the Lions and be a force. If we could pair Ed Oliver with Hutch, Paschal (healthy), Houston, Alim McNeil, Comiskey and Buggs as our rotation on the front 4 I think that would be absolutely amazing!
So would you go after him? I would!
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2023.03.25 01:20 bgbba1 Oy Vey: Get Off My Ice Road

Imagine being Shapha. Imagine being somebody who is so aggressive and unpleasant his own friends keep him around just for his productivity and nothing more. No love there I assure you.
It makes sense that you’d be surprised that I’m offended that you’ve attacked my friends, after all, you don’t have any real ones. Tell me, would you ever sacrifice anything to somebody else without getting something in return? You lack even the basis of human qualities, you have more in common with a shape shifting reptilian or perhaps a bloodless vampire than a human being. The only quality you share with mankind at large is a burning destructive flame, a soul built upon aggression and violence.
The next time you touch a Yoahtlan, I’ll remind the admins about your opinions on Palestinians and see how they feel about words like ‘subhuman’ and ‘eliminate’. I don’t know if I’ve ever disliked somebody as much as I dislike you, Shapha, but at least I’m in good company around here. Hippity hippity get off my property you racist psycho.
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2023.03.25 01:20 b68pwgksa TEKASHI 69 LA Fitness Video, Attack Footage CCTV Surfaced On Social Media

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2023.03.25 01:19 hateley123 Purpose of TAs and slight rant

After TAing for many quarters it seems undergrads are not fully aware of the purpose of TAs. We are meant to the be both the bad and good guys. Our jobs are to help you learn the material but also prepare you for the real world. We offer guidance on what u can do to be better but we will not spoon feed you the answers or the material. You lot are adults and as a result will be treated as such. We will help you learn but it is ur responsibility to take the first steps. We may see u struggling but if u dont reach out for help we wont help you. I see this time and time again with undergrads just wanting to be told what to do and whats the answer and not figure it out for themselves. Thats not how studing works and thats not what we are for. I have said this multiple times in discussions or labs after bad quizzes or labs but students always take it as a personal attack.If your work is being called subpar instead of being “ oh this Ta is mean they shouldnt be here etc etc” start acting like “oh why was it bad what can i do to be better and get the grades I want” the first mentallity shows laziness and puts the blame for ur failures wrongly on others. The second version shows growth and will help u both now and in life. School is not just simplying learning facts its also about learning how to problem solve and learn how to improve yourself. The ones who get As follow the second rule.
Edit: in the real world your work will occasionally be called bad or it needs to be better or you need to better etc. if you want to keep the job, then u will need to improve. In addition, the world is not a safe space so treat as also learning how to adapt and learn and thrive in various environments. Just because ur work is being called bad does not make it a hostile work environment. Sometimes your work is just bad.
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2023.03.25 01:19 blu453 What now.. TW- talk of surgeries, death

I spent the better part of the last 3 months trying to get a safe new non-anesthesia, non-surgical treatment for my kidney stone to be told today it's not going to happen and that there's no way it can. I've been suffering extra-severe panic attacks (moreso than the regular ones from my medical ptsd) since finding out about this stone because of the horrible things that I've gone through due to 11 different surgeries (woke up during one of those), quite a few procedures, reactions and health changes due to psych meds, invasive tests, medication reactions, and mistreatment by medical staff. I don't want to hurt my family anymore because they're scared about me and to make things worse my grandma just passed on Monday but I cannot bring myself to go back in for another horribly traumatizing treatment. I have no mental health left and a ton of health problems on top of recurring kidney stones. My quality of life has been terrible for years. I have very little hope for a cure for any of my ailments in the near (next couple years) future and my health just continues to crumble meaning subjecting myself to more torture from the medical systems. Let alone having this bad of health has traumatized me and lowered my quality of life enough I can't go through with the treatments for my shitty health. I made an appointment to talk with another doctor for my family's sake but I don't see any way I can do this and I understand that they don't want me to die but they can't understand why I would want to after going through so much constantly for years and losing my mental health due to medication reactions is honestly the worst. Derealization so thick I couldn't recognize my family, depression so deep I didn't feel alive, and panic so severe I couldn't stop shaking a pacing for months on end. I've been through that multiple times and healed to some extent with the passage of time but everytime the healing has gotten more limited due to repeated trauma and knowing this will never be over for me. I will never be allowed to be free from all of this and it will only get worse as I get older. I'm sure this is rambling at this point but nobody else understands like other people that have also been severely hurt by the those that were supposed to save your life and make you better. What the hell do we even do? I've been in therapy for years but there's just no way to heal or cope when your body won't stop trying to kill you and the doctors end up trying to help it kill you.
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2023.03.25 01:19 b68pwgksa TEKASHI 69 LA Fitness Video, Attack Footage CCTV Surfaced On Social Media

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2023.03.25 01:19 sodomy 35 [M4F] Georgetown/Washington DC/Surrounding areas - Dominant Social Chameleon ISO stimuli

An author's note: Please read this post in it's entirety before you message me, I've added a follow up to answer most of the basic questions I've been asked over the last 3 years since I started posting my AD.
All my previous iterations were mostly about what role I could fulfill; and while this mostly still is true, walking amongst the elites the last week has opened my eyes... I'm looking for a complacent trophy to put on full display. Arriving to this city I already had a deep... Passion for power, governance; and just over all domination -- Washington DC fulfills my lust, and thirst for both political power, and monetary gain. Now I want, not need an adequate toy to share this experience with. Before I was playing conservatively; not anymore,
I've allowed my ego to rampant and on auto-pilot; thus far everything is according to design.
I'm as amoral as they come; I will eviscerate my way to the top of the governmental, and corporate ladder(s). I'm a retired hacker that has realized my full potential is being squandered away, so I'll begin to kick in the doors of 3 letter agencies until recruit me; or I die trying.
I've come to the conclusion that you need to make an impression with these sort of things, so I'm going to just let my words flow freely. So here we go:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 175, could stand to lose a few lbs to get my abs back.
Eyes: Brown eyes.
Hair: Long curly brown hair (think Slash Rose's illegitimate son.)
Race: White.
Ethnicity: Hispanic (Cuban.)
Languages: Spanish, English, Sign-language.
Profession: Network Engineer in NW DC.
Religion: Agnostic.
A little about me:
I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, oh did I mention that I'm a sadist, and that I'm utterly insane?
I've been called a silver tongued devil; Quick witted, charismatic, with just the right amount of sarcasm.
Hobbies: Not being bored, it's a lot harder than it sounds. I enjoy learning/conversing about The Universe/space, science, and technology. I was quite nomadic in my 20s, having visited two different countries, lived in over 17 states, visited over 38.
Music: I'm more of a rhythm of the beat type of person vs. lyrics, but generally I've found myself to enjoy electronica. Definitely like a lot 80s synth pop, but again, this is just the preference, not really against the rest of the genres.
Shows: Billions, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Board Walk Empire, Billions, Rome, Deadwood, Halt and Catch Fire, The Sopranos, South Park, Mad Men, Dexter,
Movies: Beetlejuice, Brain Scan, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,
"What are you looking for?"
Well I can encompass a Master, a Dominant, or a Daddy, so it's really what can I provide for you?1
"How is such a thing possible?" Antisocial Personality Disorder (3.4 for those interested.)
"Why was it necessary to mention that?" To give credence as to how I can, and have been all aspects of Dominance.
"Monogamy or polyamory?" Favoritism towards polyamory, but seeing as it's rare to find multiple partners that allow me to explore my more sadistic side without tension, and/or drama, I'd go with monogamy if the individual allowed me to be depraved.
Preference in the following order: Slave, submissive, little (I will explain further below.)
Kinks: Sadism, TPE, CNC, bondage, degradation, humiliation, knife play, rope play, rape/abduction play, choking, impact play, spanking, hair pulling (I think you get the idea by now, there are still far more, here's a more comprehensive list.)
Experience: 15+ years.

So about that whole preference thing, as I am on the ASPD spectrum I'm capable of fulfilling whatever role(s) are required of me to get what I want. So let me explain further, I'm openly telling you far ahead of time that I lack emotions and empathy, with the hopes that me giving you the illusion of whatever it is you require, will be met with reciprocation of the kinks we can agree upon. This is where the waters get muddied for little's, I can definitely treat you like the princess you want to be, without all the douche-baggery you'll deal with as people tugging at your heart strings. Plenty of people around here pretend to be Daddies and will leave you absolutely heartbroken. Tired of games? Tired of bullshit? Well here's someone willing to give you all the care, attention, and affection you desire without any hassles.
"Why would you want to be a Daddy Dom given your lack of emotions, and empathy?"
I am a social chameleon. I've been perfecting my art for the majority of my life, I like the challenge. I like to learn people and, give them what they want with the idea that I get what I want in the end, it's called a social transaction. I know what respect is, and I believe I need to write a little about this. Once we've discussed clear limits, and terms, they shall not be crossed, it's counter productive for me to lose my play thing(s). I can be fiercely territorial of all my possessions, that includes the individual(s) I'm involved with, what is mine will be protected, whether you're a slave, a submissive, or a little.If you want someone to completely treat you like trash, I'm more than willingly to oblige, if you need a savior and a protector, well I can do that too. I'm able to encompass what is required; a means to an end.
"What are you looking for in a submissive?" I'd like it to extend outside of the bedroom, but if it doesn't, whatever, I'm not going to repeat myself, so hopefully you've read this in it's entirety.
"What are you looking for in a slave?" Mostly aesthetics, and objectification. Of course I'd expect loyalty, servitude, and there's a plethora more, but I don't feel I need to be too descriptive on this part.
Now that I've written a fucking novel about myself, let's get to you....
Age: I prefer them younger (18+) , but have dated women as old as 45; generally if I find you attractive, I won't care.
Height: the shorter the better, but I've dated women taller than myself, not a deal breaker.
Weight: I'd like someone on the smaller side, a few extra pounds will be acceptable, but no one overweight please, just not my thing.
I will list things below in order of preference, not necessarily a disqualifier. (This is only opinion, not a rating system.)
Race: White, but as long as I'm attracted I won't care, I don't discriminate.
Ethnicity: N/A read above.
Language(s): The more the merrier, accents are a huge plus, whether a southern drawl, or other.
Religion: I'm completely open to allowing you to practice whatever you'd like, just don't expect me to participate; I can be respectful of your beliefs, as long as you're respectful of mine, I am a man of science, The Universe is my religion (so to speak.)
Eyes: Blue, green, hazel, brown (If you have Heterochromia iridum you move to the front of the line, I like mutations.)
Hair: The longer the better, no preference as to style, as for color: I prefer true blondes, redheads, dirty blondes, and then brown.
Tattoos: Sure, whatever, as long as it's not overwhelming or flat out tacky, in this day in age it's harder to find someone with none, so as the trend follows above.
Piercings: Depends, some people can pull off septum piercings, but I personally dislike them, so if it compliments your facial features, sure why not. But there is definitely a breaking point where it becomes overwhelming and you just look like Hellraiser.
Education: Strong preference towards educated women, this does not necessarily mean academics, open to all.
Profession: No preference, but I do tend to like women in psychology (I have my reasons.)
Personality: If I have to learn "your" pronouns, or apologize for my "white male privilege" you can fuck right off; I don't care about politics.
Children: Strong preference in favor of not having them, unless we never intend to meet, or you don't expect a level of commitment from me to them, then I don't readily care, non-factor. To explain a tad bit, it isn't that I can't, I just would rather not raise children, I have too many plans in life that children would derail, maybe later.
If you're interested in communicating further, I prefer talking on these platforms and in this order: Discord, WhatsApp, Reddit Chat\, Skype, Kik,* open to other forms of contact.
\Reddit Chat isn't the same thing as their mailing system, just an FYI.*
Go ahead and shoot me a message, I'm waiting.

An update:
Well just to filter some things out, since I get this so many times... I will not be putting a big editorial process to this update(I say this now, after already re-reading, and editing a minimum of 5 times; I'm a slave to my own perfectionism,) so if you mostly have questions about me, ASPD, and things of the like, read this before you message me.

While I absolute love to talk about myself because I'm just such a narcissistic-hedonist, I also do get bored of repeating myself, even if it is a new person. As such read everything in it's entirety before you message me, as I'm going to entertain less, and less messages about me, and not what I'm seeking, I'd rather focus on only replying to potential partners, and absolutely nothing else, that being said if anything I have not covered in this update, or post still burns an answer from you, by all means message me.

"Were you formally diagnosed?"
I get asked about this A LOT, I'm not going to go into very many details, suffice it to say, yes, but it's been labeled as a misdiagnosis, all you need to know is I score high, and I do the things you'd expect, the pyromania, the violence that is actually associated at early age, the works, I'm not comfortable giving you more beyond that, and I will not be entertaining questions about my personal life, maybe a partner could ask me those questions, but I'm not letting you in my head, that's my game, not the other way around :).
Please do your own research beyond this point, it's borderline laziness how often I keep getting asked about this.

"Why are you so open about it(ASPD)?"
Isn't it obvious? A lot of you can't fathom why someone with ASPD would just openly come out, and admit to people, well I guess I really should've brushed up on this when I first made my post, or at least go into a far more descriptive detail than I had originally, so here goes:

If I'm ever to lead a sort of a long term relationship based on trust, and honesty, just how in the HELL do you expect me to explain this to you ever so casually? It's best to show your cards in the beginning, this is my own baggage, or some form there of.

There's two reasons I'm choosing to do this online, and vehemently under anonymity; 99% of you will be irrelevant to me, 99% of you will never meet me, it's just that simple, ergo why wouldn't I just preface my entire description as such, and as brutally honest as possible? Secondly I do not want a partner whom I need to continue to wear a mask for, I want to be me, the real me, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What I find the most is women that fetishize the entire ordeal, that's all fine and dandy, but it does show just a lack of understanding about what APSD is as a whole, and to be perfectly blunt, you're wasting my time, I don't need to feed into your lonely thrill romance you spun in your head from watching true crime dramas. More often than not, this what happens, spare us the role-playing, I'm just not that bored.

One clear distinction I'd like to make, so I can stop getting asked about it, we DO have empathy, it's just not how YOU experience empathy. Think of a light switch, by default most of the population's is on, ours is off by default, and furthermore we have the ability to turn it on, and off. Yes, it is that simple, yes we use it for manipulation, now stop asking me about this, it's boring to repeat this.

Boredom, rage. This is what I'm capable of in the dark, empathy off. I'm constantly seeking stimuli, if you notice by actually looking through my posts, I've moved a ton of times, and always national parks... New atmosphere, new adventures, new dangers, you know, the shit that gets your heart pumping, adrenaline. This is my favorite drug, this is the high I constantly chase to kill the boredom. Rage is just self explanatory, my defaults are animalistic.
I am fully capable of experiencing all emotions, it's just for the most part, because I don't want do, I don't allow myself to.

For the longest time I told myself who cares if I burn bridges in my wake, I'm building a highway in its place. Mostly still true, and I absolutely use it on a daily basis for survival, I must stress, and emphasize survival, here is why; I'm human, like the rest of you, what do you do on a daily basis, if not find means, and ways to survive, and entertain yourself? I know no other way other than to use people to my advantage, I minimize the damage where I can, and move about my daily existence, guilt, and worry free about doing any wrong, an argument could be made that we all use each other in some weight, or capacity, and that's good enough for me.

I'm sure by now you're probably wondering what the hell any of that has to do with anything, it's simple if the point flew over your head, again. I'm tired of manipulating people, using them, abusing them, discarding them, I didn't grow a conscious I'm not "growing" as a person, but much more likely, I'm just bored of the routine, or the process, which has become the symphony of my life.

I by no means ever want to experience this love you all chase like Alice clumsily falling down the rabbit hole. I've seen it so much in my life it's downright pathetic, and I actually feel bad for those of you that have such strong emotions, see empaths. You're slaves to these emotions, you let people use and manipulate you, you've been hurt, and had your heart ripped from your chest, and it feels like you no longer have purpose, lacking direction, and meaning in life. I merely know this from generally observing humans for most of my natural born life. I'm more than happy to remain the way I have always been, and never wish to experience emotions in the way you do, I find it to be an advantage, one I can apply to more important things in life, like the pursuit of knowledge.

I hope the psych nerds will now stop asking me these questions, I've paid my dues.

My preferences, are just that, a list of my preferences, at no point in any of my writing did I say I was prejudice between one thing, or that I show favoritism. I merely made a chart listing some of the attributes that I myself, personally find to be significant to me, but that isn't to say, or detract from other things. It's the equivalent of asking me if I prefer Metallica, or Megadeth; well I'm going to say I prefer one over the other, but I enjoy both, and the genre as a whole, the genre being women in this case. I enjoy women for my own personal entertainment, and amusement -- which makes it all the more hilarious to me when I get called a misogynist.
so please spare me all your comments, and messages telling me that it's so "intimidating", if my post intimidates you, what can I really even begin to say about that? It doesn't sound like we'd be compatible, or much less you'd be able to accept me as a person, in any case this is a personal issue.

"You Need Help!"
I know what the help is, they just remind you repeatedly that your actions have consequences, they do not prescribe a medication for this, just therapy, and I know enough already to check myself, it really is that easy.
"To My Adoring Fans"
You call me an edge-lord, cringe, and a wide range of inane insults, that truly don't phase me, since I get a lot of these messages, I thought I'd give you my rebuttal; just so you know I sleep naked so that anyone that doesn't like me, can kiss my ass - feel free to visit anytime!
P.S.S: I now operate, function, and walk amongst the elite of the nation; I see my kind everywhere, this is what Rome must of felt like in it's heyday; Cicero you clever bastard... I bid you all adieu -- and depart with this:
{"Το σύμπαν είναι αλλαγή. η ζωή μας είναι αυτό που την κάνουν οι σκέψεις μας.";}
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2023.03.25 01:18 Soapdish_ Mcc Scuffed Hunger Games! Part 1

I put the 40 participants, four of the noxcrew members, and four games into the hunger games simulator-
I will only include the important or funny lines in this post or it may be quite a bit longer than it actually is-
lets see what happens!
The Bloodbath
As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.
BuildMart stays at the cornucopia for resources. (That tracks)
EpicLandLord stays at the cornucopia for resources. (TNT for PKW??)
WaterBreathMan grabs a jar of fishing bait while Bekyamon gets fishing gear. (WBM Fishing?)
Rocket Spleef Rush, Gee Nelly, and Blushi work together to get as many supplies as possible. (Blushi and Gee pop off in RSR?)
KryticZuez, PeaPeeKay, Antfrost, and MrGaming share everything they gathered before running.
Sneegsnag grabs a sword.
GeminiTay breaks JojoSolos's nose for a basket of bread. (Gemini Slayyy)
Krinios breaks ConnorEatsPants's nose for a basket of bread. (oh wow these poor noses)
Rabnoo and Punz fight for a bag. Punz gives up and retreats.
TheOnionSound runs away from the Cornucopia. (He heard his onions and had to find them)
Noctis grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty. (Thats so sad)
BadBoyHalo takes a spear from inside the cornucopia.
PeteZahHutt runs away with a lighter and some rope.
TapW grabs a backpack and retreats.
FalseSymmetry grabs a jar of fishing bait while Smajor gets fishing gear. (Why does this seem fitting for Scott?)
Noxite and Awesamdude fight for a bag. Noxite gives up and retreats. (Shoulda just used /gamemode)
Grain grabs a shovel. (Grian grabs a Shovel?)
Day 1
InTheLittleWood makes a wooden spear. (He wants the extra 30 minutes badly)
LDShadowLady searches for a water source. (I thought she hated water)
Skeppy, Skybattle, and Fwhip hunt for other tributes. (Fwhip and Skeppy skybattle pop off??)
KaraCorvus sprains her ankle while running away from Aeltumn.
Hannahxxrose and Noxite work together for the day. (Oh? Hannah wants the hacks?)
Punz tends to FalseSymmetry's wounds.
Grain attacks TapW, but he manages to escape. (OH ITS GRAIN EW foreshadowing?)
TGTTOSWAF steals from Sylvee while she isn't looking. (Sylvee throws TGTTOSWAF?)
Awesamdude receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. (Thats scary)
EpicLandLord camouflauges himself in the bushes. (As he plans to blow up PKW)
PearlescentMoon forces Rabnoo to kill ConnorEatsPants or BadBoyHalo. He decides to kill BadBoyHalo. (Nooo poor bad)
PeteZahHutt stabs Vixella in the back with a trident. (Targeting the simmers? Smh)
Blushi tries to sleep through the entire day. (Same)
LargishBeans thinks about home.
BuildMart convinces WaterBreathMan to not kill him, only to kill him instead. (WBM throws buildmart?)
TheOnionSound shoots an arrow at Antfrost, but misses and kills PeaPeeKay instead. (Of course its Oli)
JojoSolos runs away from GeminiTay. (Gem is really targeting Jojo)
Deaths from Day 1-
Night 1
PeteZahHutt destroys Rabnoo's supplies while he is asleep. (He just wants a win dude)
Blushi destroys EpicLandLord's supplies while he is asleep. (cant blow up PKW now)
JojoSolos dies from hunger. (Thats ironic)
TGTTOSWAF passes out from exhaustion. (Same)
Grain convinces Sneegsnag to snuggle with him. (Oh?)
FalseSymmetry destroys Rocket Spleef Rush's supplies while he is asleep. (False RSR Pop off?)
LDShadowLady, Noxite, and GeminiTay discuss the games and what might happen in the morning. (Gem and Lizzie insider information?)
Tubbo tries to sing himself to sleep.
Skybattle defeats Smajor in a fight, but spares his life.
BuildMart and Aeltumn huddle for warmth.
KaraCorvus convinces Sylvee to snuggle with her.
Noctis, Skeppy, and ShubbleYT sleep in shifts.
Day 2
ConnorEatsPants questions his sanity. (Same)
GeminiTay stabs PeteZahHutt with a tree branch. (Gemini Slayyy pt 2)
Rabnoo stalks Krinios.
DrGluon picks flowers. (I want this to happen)
InTheLittleWood catches Punz off guard and kills him. (Oh)
PearlescentMoon practices her archery. (Pearl dodgebolt pop off?)
MrGaming, LDShadowLady, TGTTOSWAF, and EpicLandLord hunt for other tributes.
Fwhip runs away from Gee Nelly.
Ponk picks flowers. (He should meet Gluon)
Bekyamon overhears Rocket Spleef Rush and Smajor talking in the distance. (Scotts rigging it again)
Aeltumn picks flowers. (A trio!)
ShubbleYT chases Sylvee.
Aimsey, KaraCorvus, and LargishBeans start fighting, but KaraCorvus runs away as Aimsey kills LargishBeans. (Ok Aimsey pop off)
TheOnionSound collects fruit from a tree.
Tubbo picks flowers (I cant stop picturing these four just picking flowers during SG)
BuildMart thinks about home. (Which is..?)
Deaths from Night 1 & Day 2
Night 2
Rocket Spleef Rush stays awake all night.
Gee Nelly and DrGluon sleep in shifts.
InTheLittleWood begs for KryticZuez to kill him. He refuses, keeping InTheLittleWood alive.
Bekyamon begs for Fwhip to kill her. He refuses, keeping Bekyamon alive
Sneegsnag destroys Skeppy's supplies while he is asleep.
MrGaming destroys LDShadowLady's supplies while she is asleep. (Wow rude)
ConnorEatsPants kills Aimsey with a sickle. (Oh?)
TGTTOSWAF and Skybattle sleep in shifts.
Noxite and Smajor tell stories about themselves to each other. (Its rigged its rigged)
Krinios, KaraCorvus, and BuildMart cheerfully sing songs together.
Day 3
BuildMart, TGTTOSWAF, and Ph1LzA hunt for other tributes. (Of course phil and TGTTOS are together)
EpicLandLord cannot handle the circumstances and Self dies. (Oh.)
Antfrost sprains his ankle while running away from KryticZuez. (Zuez is a menace)
Skeppy sprains his ankle while running away from Gee Nelly. (We need an ankle doctor)
FalseSymmetry defeats Noxite in a fight, but spares his life.
MrGaming injures himself. (That Tracks)
Skybattle, Fwhip, LDShadowLady, GeminiTay, and Hannahxxrose hunt for other tributes.
Rocket Spleef Rush and RedVelvetCake work together for the day. (Velvet RSR Popoff?)
TheOnionSound sprains his ankle while running away from Grain. (Another one??)
ConnorEatsPants attacks Aeltumn, but she manages to escape. (Connor was too good and had to use only 2% of his power)
DrGluon sets an explosive off, killing Ponk, and Noctis. (Thats a way to finish off a day)
Deaths from Night 2 & Day 3
Deaths so far-
Night 3
Smajor and Skeppy run into each other and decide to truce for the night.
TGTTOSWAF tries to treat his infection. (From phil's domination? copium?)
Rabnoo ambushes LDShadowLady and kills her. (Nooo Lizzie)
ConnorEatsPants and Rocket Spleef Rush huddle for warmth.
Blushi begs for Grain to kill her. He refuses, keeping Blushi alive.
Noxite attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death. (Just /fly cmon dude)
Sylvee kills Ph1LzA with a hatchet. (Okay then)
BuildMart defeats TapW in a fight, but spares his life.
Day 4
BuildMart discovers a river. (New buildmart map copium??)
TheOnionSound explores the arena. (Its not like hes been in mcc since mcc 1)
Fwhip practices his archery. (Dodgebolt menace?)
Krinios overhears DrGluon and ShubbleYT talking in the distance.
Smajor chases Aeltumn. (Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss)
Antfrost stalks Blushi.
Tubbo attacks Awesamdude, but he manages to escape.
InTheLittleWood chases PearlescentMoon.
Deaths from Night 3 & Day 4
Night 4
Aeltumn questions her sanity. (Same)
TapW pushes Antfrost off a cliff during a knife fight. (Brutal)
Sneegsnag destroys Krinios's supplies while he is asleep.
Rocket Spleef Rush thinks about home.
ShubbleYT lets Blushi into her shelter. (I like that)
Tubbo and KryticZuez work together to drown Grain. (2v1 he had no chance)
Day 5
Skybattle sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.
Sylvee stalks Gee Nelly.
InTheLittleWood stabs KaraCorvus while her back is turned. (Wow Martin)
MrGaming tends to BuildMart's wounds. (odd.)
Rabnoo receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. (Thats scary)
KryticZuez tries to spear fish with a trident. (Zuez trident practicing arc?)
TGTTOSWAF overhears Awesamdude and TheOnionSound talking in the distance. (It has ears?)
Fwhip diverts DrGluon's attention and runs away. (Targeting simmers smh)
PearlescentMoon receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.
Smajor receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
Deaths from Nights 4 & Day 5
Night 5
GeminiTay destroys Skeppy's supplies while he is asleep. (Gem is a menace)
TheOnionSound destroys ConnorEatsPants's supplies while he is asleep. (Geeze Oli)
Skybattle questions his sanity. (Same)
PearlescentMoon and FalseSymmetry tell stories about themselves to each other. (podcast?)
Blushi, RedVelvetCake, and TGTTOSWAF discuss the games and what might happen in the morning. (TGTTOS already knows though)
Tubbo climbs a tree to rest. (Dont fall like noxite)
Sylvee thinks about winning. (Ok sylvee girlboss)
DrGluon starts a fire. (With his flowers??)
Day 6
Skybattle receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. (It has Arms too?)
Skeppy chases InTheLittleWood.
GeminiTay begs for TGTTOSWAF to kill her. He refuses, keeping GeminiTay alive. (Gem your slaying dont die)
Sneegsnag, Fwhip, and Gee Nelly hunt for other tributes.
Smajor stalks DrGluon. (Scotts targeting the simmers too? smh)
Awesamdude and FalseSymmetry threaten a double self death. It fails and they die. (Oh.. oh my)
MrGaming and PearlescentMoon hunt for other tributes.
Blushi travels to higher ground.
BuildMart hunts for other tributes. (Taking them out one controversy at a time)
TheOnionSound, KryticZuez, and Aeltumn hunt for other tributes.
Tubbo defeats Krinios in a fight, but spares his life. (Tubbo we need to more action)
Hannahxxrose makes a wooden spear.
TapW falls into a frozen lake and drowns. (Oh.)
ConnorEatsPants searches for a water source. (You should as TapW he found one)
Deaths from Night 5 & Day 6
Deaths so far-
Part 2 will be linked in the comments if you want to see the winner!
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2023.03.25 01:18 AsbestosMan1 Ambushes and combat

Ambushes are a great idea but they are way too frequent. They should be rare events like attacks on the actual checkpoint and the main police headquarters. I eventually gave up and just disabled them because it didn’t make sense to get ambushed by bandits EVERY SINGLE TIME I left the checkpoint. Also, would it be possible to add the ability for enemies to actually surrender during combat? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the gangsters to fight to the last man even after suffering significant casualties, especially since you can already arrest people during regular gameplay.
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2023.03.25 01:18 DilemmaOfAHedgehog With co-signs from reggaeton's titans, Myke Towers sets sights on Latin music stardom

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