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2023.03.25 00:16 aleXDogaru_18 What do Sung Jin Woo and Eren Yeager have in common? Both are traumatized by a smile

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2023.03.24 22:10 hyuga0442 Pérolas do ChatGPT

Pérolas do ChatGPT
Estava brincando de simular lutas no chat gpt e ele me manda essa pérola. Fica a obs que é bem divertido fazer isso, dá até para criar personagens para as lutas (não foi o caso dessa)
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2023.03.24 21:46 HyperHector_55 CBR couldn't be more stupid than this

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2023.03.24 20:15 SettTheCephelopod Optimus Vs Eren acknowledgment, yoooooooo!!! Yeager-Prime sweep is reaaal!!!

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2023.03.24 11:02 No-Transition5719 Eren Yeager [Attack on Titan]✨ #viral #youtubeshorts #anime #animeedit #...

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2023.03.24 07:47 UnknownUser00083 Boruto Chapter 80+ going forward

This is gonna be a lengthy theory so i'll try to keep it as short as possible. First, we have to recap what just transpired in chapter 79 and why. Everyone's interpretation is going to be different until more of the story unfolds.
This was the event Momoshiki was referring to as "Those blue eyes will take everything from you" because he stated the time was near before and as it happening he stated "It's already started". I believe Kawaki channeled Eida's "Omnipotence" ability causing an effect similarly to when Eren Yeager touched Historia's hand for the first time. This resulted in a massive Kotoamatsukami effect. Now, I say it's more inline with Kotoamatsukami rather than Tsukuyomi or Izanagi due to a few things. (Remember this ability results on the caster's desires, meaning Eida just wanted (desired) to be loved, thus putting everyone in love with her. When Kawaki, a full Otsutsuki touched her, it enabled him to use the full scale of Eida's ability). There are 2 things to notice:
  1. There are people immune to Eida's Charm/Desire.
  2. When the jonin first seen Kawaki and Eida for the first time since Eida's massive crescent moon appeared in the sky, the first question he asked Kawaki was where the scar went on his face.
This leads me to believe it's a genjutsu rather than an altered reality due to it only effecting memories and not actual events. Second, we are gonna jump the gun a little bit here as i'm going to make a big assumption here that it only affected whoever is in the range of where it was casted (meaning everyone on the planet). Now, I will discuss who wasn't affected by the Kawaki/Eida jutsu.
  1. Kawaki / Boruto - Otsutsuki aren't affected by Eida's abilities/ Jutsus'
  2. Eida / Daemon - Eida's power doesn't work on blood relatives or herself.
  3. Sarada / Sumire - TBD\*
  4. Naruto / Hinata - Sealed in another dimension, not on planet
  5. Code - In another dimension splitting up the 10 tails, not on planet
  6. Kashin Koji - On Mt Myoboku, not on planet (Currently Debatable*)
  7. Amado - During all of Amado's interactions with Eida, he's never been head over heels like everyone else was.
  8. Honorable Mention: Sasuke (Sharingan User and the only one that can sense when Momoshiki is in Boruto's presence)
I think the reason why Sarada isn't affected by Eida is because Sarada has a sharingan. It's said that sharingan users are less susceptible to genjutsu due to their ability to Chakra Coat their Psyche. The sharingan has been stated to tell when someone is in a genjutsu due to seeing irregularities in a person's chakra flow. This common connection between Sarada's sharingan and Eida's genjutsu leads me to believe this is why she is immune. If that is the case, Sasuke will also fall into this category alongside all sharingan users.
Speaking of Sasuke, if Eida's ability is a genjutsu, then sasuke never even got caught in it. There's a specific paneling done right as Eida's crescent moon spreads into the sky. First, it's a shot with Konohamaru and Sasuke both looking toward the light in the sky after Kawaki used Eida's power.
Then, a few panels go by with a jonin telling the leaf shinobi's via Ino's Mind Transmission Jutsu that he found Kawaki and Eida's with him. After that, It's a panel with Shikamaru asking why Kawaki's in such a place, 12 kilometers EAST of Kaoiwa. Then, the very next shot is him saying he can sense Boruto's chakra, 3 kilometers WEST of Kaoiwa. The second Sasuke hears this (because Ino is connecting all Leaf Shinobi via Mind Transmit Jutsu) he immediately stops. You can see the dust kick up from behind as he is about to B-line it to Boruto's location (his right foot is far infront of his left making a stopping motion as his cape flies in the background from the speed he was going). Furthermore, Sasuke has always noticed when Momoshiki is talking to Boruto (Even in the house arrest home, Sasuke was able to sense Momoshiki while being near the Hokage building (somewhere with Naruto to be exact) .
Now, Sasuke was heading to Kawaki's last known position but that's 15 kilometers from where Boruto is. It seems he has a higher urgency to get to Boruto than he was getting to Kawaki. He knows something's up and I predict Sasuke will meet up with Boruto to protect him. Sasuke will leave the village with atleast Boruto as an ally or die infront of Boruto and Sarada. (We all know Sasuke has to die for Boruto and Sarada's character development and so Sarada can unlock her Mangekyou. Probably too soon for that though).
Next, let's talk about Sumire and her best friend Nue. Nue in general might be a special type of tailed beast. Along with Sharingan users, there is another group of people who easily get out or not tricked by genjutsu (since we are assuming that's what her ability is), Jinchuurikis who have total control of or cooperate with their tailed beast.
Let's recap on Nue a little bit. (Mostly anime only but I doubt this is filler)
  1. Nue is a Yokai which is a "strange apparition". by not far from a tailed beast.
  2. Nue was the created result of Project Gozu Tenno by The Root, Danzo and finished/completed by Tanuki (Sumire's dad)
  3. Gozu Tenno acts a seal/gate using Hashirama Cells.
  4. Nue does not reside in this dimension (sometimes) and requires a summoning contract.
  5. Sasuke said they (Danzo, The Root and Tanuki) came close to replicating Kaguya's secret techniques after he studied what they was working on
  6. Toneri said the gate Nue opened had been sealed.
Now that's out the way, lets continue. Nue is indeed special by all means having it being a strange tailed beast with Otsutsuki's relations, I don't think it can be affected by Eida's charm/omnipotence and that's why Sumire isn't affected. Given with what was said, we can be 100% sure Nue is the reason why Sumire is immune to Eida. (I know the summoning contract was said to be destroyed and she now only retains a portion of it on her palm.- it doesnt change the fact)
Also, When Boruto tried to summon something (when he never did a blood contract) he accidently summoned Nue's tail (regarded as a large snake thing at that time). I think something else is in the works for Sumire/Nue to build upon her character more and im leaning more towards Otsutsuki than jinchuuriki (hence why she has more panels than most of boruto's friends). If it is Jinchuuriki exclusive atleast we know Killer Bee won't be affected by Eida's power either.
Lastly, we can finally discuss storylines that haven't been wrapped up yet
  1. Code will still be on his quest for vengeance against the leaf and Kawaki as he shouldnt be affected because he was in the 10 tails dimension making Claw Grimes.
  2. Kakashi's first manga appearance. With Naruto being sealed away and from the first 33 seconds of Boruto ep 1, you will see there isn't another face on the right side of Naruto's monument, which leads me to believe Kakashi will come back as Hokage until another Hokage candidate comes of age similarly to how Hiruzen did for Minato.
  3. Kashin Koji will make his return soon now that Eida's big moment is out the way (can't have him being messed up by a genjutsu. Him and Amado have loose ends they need to take care of such as Amado sending Koji to kill Jigen and die to Isshiki knowing he wasn't powerful enough. Amado can easily shut him down via voice command.
  4. Amado in general. Every time he speaks and acts, it's for the purpose of his own benefit. He might just be the "suspicious" guy but anyone who hides everything from everyone all the time must have ulterior motives. I assume he has more Otsutsuki connections than he's leading on. If he is caught in Eida's "Omnipotence", it's gonna be a weird situation when he tries to shut down Boruto and ends up just shutting down Kawaki instead.
  5. We have the mystery of the 2 Otsutsuki's with damaged shrines. (Soon there stories will be told)
  6. Boruto dealing with Momoshiki (I think he will be sealed away like the one used for Kurama, I also think Momoshiki will not be an ally to Boruto and will be more of a Sukuna to Itadori)
  7. Sarada and Sumire's fight against Eida (as foreshadowed by Shikamaru)
  8. Sumire stopping Amado's grand plan. (There's no one closer to Amado than her)
  9. Daemon's comments on Himawari power (Her training becoming a ninja soon with her parents disappearance)
  10. Those other 2 Mitsuki clones with his memories all backed up on a storage drive. Sasuke will get Orochimaru to help. (if you'd like to know more about my orochimaru theory, click here:
  11. Amado's true goal revealed (there's no reason he would still be hiding things if he told the full truth, he's a man of many secrets). + How and When he got Shiba Otsutsuki's DNA and what did he do with the rest of it? Did he use it all and has no more?
  12. The world finding out they had their memories altered.
Now we established many threads connecting to storylines that haven't been finished yet we can imply where the story will go next. I don't know the order for sure but i can guarantee most of what was discuessed will happen or be revealed. Thank you to all of those for reading. it's been long. I know I took way longer to write this than I had planned. Hopefully someone can take something or build upon what I think.

Edited: Grammar mistakes and smaller details.
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2023.03.24 02:10 Suspicious_Factor530 Eren Yeager founder Not done yet

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2023.03.23 20:04 thev431 Eren Yeager is an ENFP 😡

I’m basing this off of cognitive functions. I’m probably gonna rewatch AoT before the final part comes out and I’ll take notes and support my claim with evidence.
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2023.03.23 06:01 adrian_nguyen FD Signifier is very bad at media literacy.

FD Signifier is very bad at media literacy.
This is the same guy who claims that Eren Yeager is part of the manosphere.
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2023.03.23 05:59 AAcAN Who knew bing is such a doomer.

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2023.03.23 01:05 Background_Fan1056 What if Carla lived instead of Eren?

Inspired by this Fanart by datPiranha I’m curious what if Carla was the main character instead of Eren and how would that change things? Could be an interesting hypothetical scenario instead of the Mother character being sacrifice/killed off to motivate the kid whose the protagonist instead the Mother’s Child was killed off to motivate the Mother?
In this alternate timeline Carla had Eren stayed inside the house while she goes to groceries or something, Colossal Titan shows up, kicked the Wall Maria, Eren is trapped under the house, the Smiling Titan is approaching, Carla tries to save Eren while Captain Hannes charge but gets too scared so instead saved Carla & Mikasa somehow despite this time instead of just two kids, it’s a little girl and an Adult woman.
Either way Carla would feel Extreme despair to later turn into rage, swearing revenge on the Titans, Grisha Yeager would find Carla afterwards giving her the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan, Carla would wake up without any memories of Grisha besides the dreams with the key tied around her neck.
In your opinion how would the series have gone if Carla was the main character subverting the standard kid/teen protagonist in these type of stories where the mother usually died either in the beginning of the series or in the MC Backstory, let me know what you think about this what if.
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2023.03.22 18:54 KingDennis2 Did Kruger see Grishas memories or did Eren directly send him the memories?

I saw this post on the AOT subreddit and majority of people were saying Eren made Kruger say the "have a family" and "to Armin and Mikasa" lines.
The post was asking about this comment. "I remember thinking the whole idea about starting a family and loving someone inside the walls had purely thematic reason behind it, like only love can stop the cycle of hatered. Little did I know it was literally Eren himself engineering his own birth. crazy"
The top comment said this
"Eren Yeager made Eren Kruger tell Grisha to love someone in there. Because of that, Grisha fell in love with and married Carla. Then Eren was born, that's what it's supposed to mean"
Is this right? The Attack Titans powers are able to see future and past. But can they only send memories back or can they actually see the future? Was Kruger just seeing Grishasa memories or was it Eren sending it back to influence him?
Also why didn't they tell the Marleyans Dina was royal, save her and her and Grisha go to the walls?
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2023.03.22 14:51 Ghazillion I wonder what their reaction is, if they could see what Eren Yeager did.

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2023.03.22 03:41 RareFrostbites Try out Attack on Titan on RFB Store

Try out Attack on Titan on RFB Store
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2023.03.22 02:03 Sufficient-Fudge-895 LUFFY WON AN OSCAR FOR BEST ACTOR 😱

I asked ChatGPT to make a script based on One Piece

Opening shot of a crowded theater. The audience is excitedly chattering as they wait for the ceremony to begin. Suddenly, the lights go down, and the curtains rise to reveal the stage. Standing in the spotlight is our protagonist, Luffy, looking sharp in a crisp black tuxedo.
Luffy: Yo ho ho! Thank you, thank you! I can't believe it, I've won the Oscar for Best Actor!
The crowd erupts in cheers and applause as Luffy beams with excitement.
Luffy: I have to thank my crew, my nakama, for always supporting me on this journey. And of course, my amazing director, Oda-sensei, for bringing the world of One Piece to life.
The camera pans to the audience, where we see Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook, all dressed to the nines and beaming with pride.
Luffy: You know, being a pirate captain isn't all treasure and adventure. Sometimes you have to dig deep and find the emotional truth in a scene. And that's what I did with my performance as Monkey D. Luffy.
The crowd nods in agreement, clearly impressed by Luffy's dedication to his craft.
Luffy: I couldn't have done this without my fellow nominees, though. Eren Yeager, Naruto Uzumaki, and Gon Freecss - you guys are all amazing actors, and I'm honored to be mentioned in the same breath as you.
Luffy pauses, takes a deep breath, and then raises his voice in a dramatic flourish.
Luffy: But most of all, I want to thank all of you, the fans! You've followed our adventures through thick and thin, laughed with us, cried with us, and cheered us on every step of the way. This award belongs to you, as much as it does to me!
The audience erupts in applause once more as Luffy takes a bow, grinning from ear to ear.
Luffy: And finally, I just have to say... YO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO!
The camera fades to black as the crowd continues to cheer and applaud.
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2023.03.22 00:27 GoldElephant2540 Naruto realmente podera parar Eren com seu dircurso no jutsu ?

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2023.03.21 13:28 Adarsh_sketch hope you like my sketch ✨ eren Yeager fanart ;⁠)

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2023.03.21 09:12 Prismquill All proposed plans to protect Paradis


This talks it out. Negotiations, armistice, plans, treaties. The Paradis military wants to find allies from the outside world and negotiate a peaceful future for both sides. So they send out the scouts to find anything.
Execution Problems
Keep in mind

Fifty-year plan

This is a plan submitted by Zeke to Paradis. Historia and any of her future children would be turned into titans for the Founder to access its powers. Paradis would test the Rumbling to scare off any foreign threats. Then, Paradis would have fifty years to industrialize its military, with the help of Hizuru.
This was delayed after Historia became pregnant, and Eren went rogue in Liberio. While it was happening, the military was preparing for the plan to happen.
Zeke Yeager proposed the plan, but does not support it.
Execution Problems
Hypothetical Execution Problems
Keep in mind


Made by Tom Xaver and carried on by Zeke Yeager. This plan would destabilize the Paradisian military, get Eren and Zeke to make contact, and sterilize Eldians. A partial Rumbling would be enabled to get opposing Marley forces off Paradisian soil, and to destroy the airship research base and cripple the economy.
Keep in mind
Paradis still has the Colossal titan. It's still possible to threaten other countries with it to negotiate, along with the Founder's threat.
Execution Problems
Hypothetical Execution Problems


This is anime-only, so this is just based on the information we have. Eren Yeager, with his childish ideal of freedom, plans to stomp everyone outside Paradis island with the Colossal Titans, permanently ending the threat of the outside world.
Execution problems

Other plans

If I missed anything, let me know. This is anime-only.
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2023.03.21 08:45 Gibius_Wrecks How do Mid-Season Battle Passes Work?

I saw that the Eren Yeager skin was being added to Fortnite as a battle pass exclusive, specifically partway through the season. I don’t normally get battle passes and don’t play Fortnite too often, but I think having this skin would be funny so I was wondering how these things work so I avoid making a stupid mistake. Is the mid-season stuff tacked onto the end of the battle pass? Is it shoved in the middle and if you’ve already passed the level to unlock it you get it automatically? Is the mid-season battle pass an entirely separate battle pass? Any help is appreciated.
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2023.03.21 08:09 J_WingBlade Never Watched Attack On Titan But Here Is My Eren Yeager

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2023.03.21 05:52 DMWanderer Can Eren Yeager beat Shadow of the Colossus?

Eren Yeager is Isekai'd to the world from Shadow of the Colossus. Can Eren use his Attack Titan form to kill every Colossus in the game?
All Colossus from the game are roaming the world, Eren doesn't have to do anything special to find them.
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2023.03.21 00:23 LocalPlatypus994 The Warhammer Titan vs the other 8 Titans

The Warhammer is (arguably) the strongest of all the 9 titans. But let's say the other 8 titans decided to jump the Warhammer Titan, who would win? The users for each Titan are;
Attack: Eren Yeager
Armored: Reiner Braun
Beast: Zeke Yeager
Colossal: Berthold Hoover
Cart: Pieck Finger
Female: Annie Leonhardt
Founding: Frieda Riess
Jaw: Porco Gilliard
Warhammer: Lara Tybur
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