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Freddie Gibbs (Fredrick Tipton) is a gangsta rapper from Gary, Indiana. After being signed to Interscope Records in 2006, Freddie recorded his debut studio album under the label. Gibbs later signed with Jeezy's CTE World. Freddie then formed his own label, ESGN and released his debut studio album of the same name in June 2013 after leaving CTE. He has gone on to release four solo studio albums, as well as two collaborative albums with Madlib as MadGibbs and ten mixtapes in total.

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Collectors buying, selling and trading vinyl. Post albums that you want or ones you are selling or trading.

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Ghostface to Conway, Raekwon to Benny, Clipse to Gangsta Gibbs.

2023.03.25 00:03 Admirable-Long8528 FNaF movie idea

(this would take place in its own reality and wont follow the exact lore from the games)
so basically the movie would be about a dad who's son went missing at freddy fazbears pizzeria a month or two ago, and freddy fazbears is about to close their doors, so he takes a security guard job at the night shift for his last chance to find out what happened to his son. over the course of the movies, he obviously gets attacked by the anamatronics. on his final night on the job, he is investigating and is chased down by one of the anamatronics, and barely makes it in the security room in time, and the anamatronic is banging on the door, so he calls the phone guy(who has been talking to him from day 1) and asks for help urgently. then the phone guy says ok and main character dude says "ok, come fast" and then we get a shot of the phone guy walking in the front door on the cameras and MC quickly opens the door and runs down the hallways to the door to get phone guy, and they meet up, but then hear the anamatronic clanking coming closer and they reveal freddy himself for the first time and a chase sequence insues that ends with them running into the security room and freddy reaching in to the room but then the MC presses the close button on the door, which crushes and kills freddy while he swings and swipes his arm around trying to slash at the phone guy and MC. freddy finally goes limp and a crunch noise comes from his head. then MC lets out a gasp of relief, and phone guy sees all of the evidence that MC has collected on the desk, and then pulls out a knife. "you have seen too much" phone guy says, and he starts laughing. then MC turns around, confused, and then it clicks. the phone guy is revealed to be william afton! and reveals that he killed all of the 4 children and stuffed their bodies in the anamatronic suits; the stench is what made the place shut down and that the main character's son was one of them, and also reveals that freddy is actually possessed by the main character's son and that the main character just killed his own son, and then william and the main character begin to fight, and then MC notices that the power is about to go out, but gets some good hits in on william, and then just when MC is about to kill william, the lights go out and the doors lift. in the dark, william takes his chance and jumps MC in the dark, but mc quickly gets the upper hand, and takes the knife from afton, stabbing him in the chest and dropping him on the ground and leaving him to die. william then hears clanking footsteps coming his way, so he crawls into a management closet that has an out of use anamatronic in it. with the footsteps getting closer, william has no choice but to get into the suit to hide. the footsteps get closer, and bonnie turns and bursts the locked closet door open with ease, and looks around the room. seeing the blood trail william made, bonnie follows it to the out of order anamatronic that william is hiding in, and leans downward, staring it in the eyes. william begins to sweat of nervousness, and us fans know what happens when a suit gets wet.. a drop of sweat hits the anamatronic's mechanisms, and the suit closes, clamping on and killing william. then we cut back to the main character, who is wandering around with his flashlight and looks for his office to go and get his gun. he is then attacked by chica, whom he barely fends off by stabbing it in the eye wih afton's knife (and leaving it there) before getting to his office and grabbing his pistol, and empties 5 shots into chica, killing chica. MC realises that the noise of the gunshots probably caught the attention of the other anamatronics, and he runs to the exit, which is locked(by afton earlier when he entered the building), so MC panicks, and he quickly goes into a broom closet, and grabs a wrench and he hears that clanking noise again, and then looks at the map of the pizzeria plastered on the wall of the hallway, and realizes that the other exit is backstage of the stage in pirate cove. he sets off to find that exit, and at one point, MC hears the clanking foosteps rushing his way, so he runs as fast as he can towards pirate cove, with footsteps pursuing him. he makes it to pirate cove, and goes past the curtains only to be ambushed by foxy, who swings his pirate hook around and begins to run at MC, who pulls out his wrench that he collected earlier and foxy and MC have a big fight, and MC gets slashed by foxy's hook a few times, but also damages foxy with the wrench quite a bit. MC tries to run away as he bleeds from multiple slash wounds, but turns to find bonnie, and foxy(who has his face smashed in and the fur missing from part of his face, corner MC, who sees a mop leaning on the wall, and quickly grabs it, and pulls his lighter out, lighting the end of it on fire, and says a cool catchphrase that im not cool enough to come up with, and hits foxy with the end of the flaming mop, lighting foxy on fire, and foxy begins making an robotic wail as the fur melts off his skin, and he eventually collapses on the ground, short circuiting as sparks fly from his corpse. bonnie charges at MC, who swings the mop(which is still on fire) straight at bonnie's face, breaking the mop in half, with the part that is on fire hitting the ground and lighting up the whole pizzeria, and then MC stabs bonnie in the mouth with the other broken piece of the mop, and then pushes bonnie onto the ground with difficulty, lighting bonnie on fire, and then MC leaves the pizzeria as it lights up in flames behind him, and bonnie wailing in the background as it slowly melts and dies. the movie ends with the main character writing a suicide note because he feels so guilty for killing his own son, killing himself, with the credits scrolling over golden freddy leaning on a wall, and his eyes begin to light up at the end.

The second movie would begin with the reveal that Afton has become springtrap, which is the suit that he was killed in.

i have more ideas but also i dont have the patience to write them right now.

Give me your thoughts!
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2023.03.24 23:54 hodsct59 Choices For Fair Grounds on March 25, 2023 Races 8-15

8th Race: Tom Benson Memorial Stakes --- Purse $100,000 --- 4 YO & Up F&M ---- 1 1/16-Mile Turf:
9) New Year's Eve (5-1) returns to racing after a 6 1/2-month break. She has been on the work tab to maintain her conditioning while she was on break. Looks ready to move into the elite class of fillies but may need one.
6) Dida (3-1) also returns from a 6-month freshening but has 12 recorded works since her return to training in early Jan.
3) Trail Ridge Road (12-1) finished 3rd in her last start, continues to work forwardly and trainer would like to get a black-type win for one of his homebred fillies. A perfect spot to achieve that goal as the most serious contenders are coming off breaks or cutting back too much in distance in one swoop. following the same path as the trainer's other trainee in here. Odds will likely drift up by post time.
8) She Can't Sing (9-2) took trainer 3 years of steadily sending this one out before she finally became a stakes winner early last year and added third more stakes wins, including a G3 on dirt before the year was over. She finished third in her only start this year, another G3 on dirt after grabbing the lead into the stretch but flatten out.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 3-6, $1 Tri Box 3-6-8, $.30 Super Box 3-6-8-9, $1 Super Key 3 with 6-8-9 with 6-8-9 with 6-8-9. Total Risks $29.20.
9th Race: New Orleans Classic S(G2) --- Purse $500,000 ---- 4 YO & Up --- 1 1/8 Mile:
2) Art Collector (8-5) has been trained by Mott for his last 9 starts and has banked more than $3M of his lifetime bankroll of $4M under his tutelage. Dam line has been one of America's best producing lines for several generation. Works since last suggests he will be tough to deny again. Top Choice.
4) Trafalgar (30-1) was claimed out of last start by trainer who does well with horses off claim in their first start, mostly by making minor equipment and step horse up in class one notch. However, this one is simply moving back into same class as he has been competing against since his two wins as a heavy favorite early in his career. In every one of his graded stakes tries, he has giving others an advantage in fitness and top race experience. Two works since he was claimed including a bullet work 10 days before scheduled start. Anything close to his M/L odds and I will gladly risk taking a shot with him to crash the board.
5) Rattle N Roll (10-1) was showboated by trainer with fast works when he should have been getting prepared and gaining experience to run in last year's Ky Derby and instead missed the cut. When he finally did get in top shape, he won three lesser stakes to add to the one that got him noticed as a 2 YO. Looks better prepared for his first start this year, though he may need a start to show his best form. His dam line has produced plenty of speedy type runners that excelled in top class, though he has shown a preference for running late. Can upset with his best race.
7) Mr Wireless (8-1) has finished 2nd in a pair of G3 tries this year. He has shown some ability throughout his career but is still seeking that breakthrough win. He will be making his first try at a G2 race but has two G3 wins to go along with his 2 G3 placings, so this is a logical next step up the ladder. His 5th dam, Summer Guest, won 4 top filly races as a 3 YO including the 1973 CCA Oaks and Alabama S, though none of them were graded then but grading was added the next year (1974 for filly races).
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 2-4, $1 Tri Box 2-4-5, $.30 Super Box 2-4-5-7, $1 Super Key 2 with 4-5-7 with 4-5-7 with 4-5-7. Total Risk $29.20.
10th Race: Muniz Memorial Classic S(G2) ---- Purse $300,000 --- 4 YO & Up --- 1 1/8 Mile Turf:
7) Another Mystery (6-1) is back to try again in this stake as he was no factor in last year's edition as an only speed wired the field and is also back. More front running speed looks to be signed up for this edition and an 8 pounds swing in weights from last year should tip his chances more his way.
4) English Tavern (12-1) raced last against the only speed who wired this race last year and cruised again. His two starts before that, he got the right setup but found the distance a little shorter than he really likes. If he gets another setup like those two races, which looks likely, and can stay out of trouble, he will blow by this field. Solid chance at an upset.
2) Rising Empire (20-1) was highly thought of as a 2 YO as his connections bid $700K to purchase him. So far, he has been a disappointment but 2 starts ago, they decided to give him a shot on grass, and he responded with a second and then a win. Sure, this is a big step up in class, but his works since indicates he might not be done yet. Could be he is finally realizing the potential that his connections saw in him when they risked so much money on him or he loves the grass. Maybe a risky proposition but he is dangerous if overlooked.
9) Risk Management (20-1) was claimed 3 races back by current connections for 80K. He won his last start in an O/C $40K NW2L6M race but his start just before that effort is the reason I feel he has a shot at a minor placing. On a yielding turf course that usually does not allow anyone to make up ground, he broke last but was rolling in the stretch though he failed to make up any ground on the three horses that sat close early, of which two are entered in this race, both 600K+ stakes winners.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 4-7, $1 Tri Box 2-4-7, $.20 Super Box 2-4-7-9, $.50 Super Key 7 with 2-4-9 with 2-4-9 with 2-4-9, $.50 Super 2-4-7 with 2-4-7 with 2-4-7 with 9. Total Risk $26.80.
11th Race: Fair Ground Oaks ---- Purse $400,000 --- 3 YO Fillies ---- 1 1/16 Mile:
I will pass on betting this race though I believe the outcome will be 5-3-2.
12th Race: Louisiana Derby --- Purse $1M ---- 3 YOs ---- 1 3/16 Mile:
5) Disarm (10-1) has made three starts with a win, a second and a third. His last start was his first start against winners and his first start in 6 months, he broke slowly, was rushed up early and then had no real help with the pace as the front runner set a moderate pace and cruised. This start, he will be the one that will play the catch me if you can game on his opponents. 5x5x5 to Fappiano.
11) Jace's Road (12-1) has made 5 starts with 2 wins and a third. His two bad races are tosses as it is pretty obvious, he did not like the kickback of dirt/mud on those sloppy tracks. 3rd dam produced Forest Secrets, winner of the 2001 G1 1M Acorn S and two other graded stakes at 9 furlongs, 4th dam produced Silverbulletday, fifth dam, Rokeby Venus, is the 4th dam of multiple G1 winner Arklow and 6th dam, All Beautiful, is also dam of Arts and Letters who won the 1969 Belmont S, foiling Majestic Prince's TC bid after finishing 2nd to that one in both the Ky Derby & Preakness S. 4x4 to Mr Prospector, 5x5 to Northern Dancer, 5x5x5 to Raise a Native. Also crosses 6x6x7 to Somethingroyal.
2) Instant Coffee (2-1) has done little wrong in his 3 wins in four lifetime starts. However, he shows a space of 28 days between his Lecomte win and his next work. Could be trainer had opted to pass the Risen Star and decided to work him up to the Louisiana Derby, but not as likely as trainer thought he came out of the Lecomte S, was tired longer than usual and required extra rest. He is now back to his usual spacing between works. I will be using caution with this one though. Complete outcross in his first 5 generations, but his 6th dam is a winning full sister to Affirmed.
1) Shoppers Revenge (12-1) has made 3 starts, bookending 2nd around a maiden win. He may not quite be ready to beat this type, but he is on the improve and likely to get these a battle. Biggest problem thus far is his tendency to break slowly but that will come with a little more experience. An easy work followed by two good works show his enthusiasm for racing has not yet falter. 4x4 to Narrate, 4x5x4 to Mr Prospector, 5x5 to Secretariat & Northern Dancer.
8) Single Ruler (15-1) has 1 win and one third in six starts. However, his last was his first start against winners in the G2 Risen Star, so connections, at least believes he will turn into a decent runner. He ran well considering he did not have the best of trips, but trainer tends to teach most of his trainees to run late as opposed to burning up energy too early in a race.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 5-11, $1 Tri Box 1-5-11, $.30 Super Box 1-5-8-11, $1 Super Key 5 with 1-8-11 with 1-8-11 with 1-8-11. Total Risks $29.20.
13th Race: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $75,000 ---- 3 YOs Louisiana Bred ---- 6 Furlongs:
10) Josie's Priority (12-1) First time starter. Brisnet shows trainer is 0-24 in the last two years with his first-time starters. This is a stat I normally pay little attention to, because every good trainer, jockey, owner, etc. goes on good streaks and bad streaks throughout their careers. This filly is working fast, is bred to be fast and has 2 stamina type 5F works that often separates first time starters from each other.
3x4 to Bright Candles, 4x4x5 to Mr Prospector, 4x5x4 to Northern Dancer.
3) Steauxlit (4-1) finished second in last start which was also her second start. Has bloodlines that is speedy and often wins early in their careers but spacing of workouts after last start is a concern. But it is not enough to throw out a horse completely because training at smaller tracks where trainers/owners have to ship from their farms to work and/or race is much different than larger tracks where owners that usually afford to pay for stalls at the track or training centers. 5x5x5 to Secretariat. The Speightstown angle.
8) Reddingandlee (15-1) has started twice and finished 3rd in his last start, but showed she has a late kick in both starts. Filly probably would like nothing more than to see an early speed duel where she is not chasing a lone front runner. Trainer is adding blinkers for this start, probably hoping it will help her focus and adds two works since her last start, a decent one which gave trainer what he was looking for and then a leg stretcher to maintain her fitness until race day. Win possibility increases greatly if early speed collapses. 4x3 to Mr Prospector, 5x5 to Northern Dancer.
5) Maliki Empire (5-1) started once and broke slow and last but was allowed to settle then asked to go nearing the turn for home and came running like a horse with some ability. No works since that effort but returns in 22 days. Trainer either believes that race took nothing out of her or risking that it didn't. Tough call but filly is well bred. 3x4 to Fappiano, 5x5 to Raise A Native. 2nd dam, Fara's Team, won the 1988 G1 7F Test S and 1988 G2 6F Prioress S.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 3-10, $1 Tri Box 3-8-10, $.30 Super Box 3-5-8-10, $1 Super Key 8 with 3-5-10 with 3-5-10 with 3-5-10. Total Risks $29.20. I know, my super key is different from other bets but is one of my "home run swing".
Race 14: Allowance O/C $20K ---- Purse $75,000 ---- 4 YO & Up La Bred Fillies --- N/W 2 La Bred Allowance Races or N/W 3 races lifetime of any type (maiden races and claiming races for 15K or less not consider in allowances) or $20K claiming --- 6 Furlongs:
6) Hail State (20-1) has terrible looking form since he returned after a 5 1/2-month break last November. Trainer has laid him off for another two months, not to give him more rest but to get him back into his top shape. All horses are required to have a race or at least one work in the last 2 months to be eligible to race and he fulfills that require with a work on March 18 at Evangline Downs in 49 breezing, the 6th best work of 38 recorded at EvD on that day and at that distance. If he comes back in his best form, he will easily beat these. Others in here has to hope for an off day from others for their best chances while this one only needs his best race to get the job done. Value choice.
12) George Allen (12-1) went much too fast early in his last on a track that has been as dull as I have ever seen at this FG meet where no one at any distance has come close to any track record. The winner ran what is considered a fast time in a romp, but he was almost 3 full seconds of the track record. Since he is coming back in 24 days, trainer gave him on easy work 6 days out from scheduled start. The new horse on the block. Ready to roll.
7) Tambourine Star (15-1) comes off a win against N/W 2 lifetime La-Bred allowance foes and it usually makes no sense to end up in this spot other than a trainer gets to enter the horse without any chance of him getting claimed for a chance to win a much larger purse than normally afforded this type. Otherwise, he has a chance at a bigger purse than horse won for winning his allowance race against easier company for the most part. One fast 47 3/5 work 6 days before scheduled race signals trainer wants horse up closer to the early pace than he has been lately. BTW, Fara's Team, who I mention in the 13th race as 2nd dam of Maliki Empire (my 4th choice) is 3rd dam of Tambourine Star.
9) G'wildcat (4-1) was claimed two starts back in this condition type class while winning the race then re-claimed by previous trainer while racing in same class in last start. Trainer obviously thinks he had the horse fit enough to win again or he likely would have moved on. One bullet work from the gate and then an easy leg stretching breeze 8 days from scheduled start will have him sharp.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 6-12, $1 Tri Box 6-7-12, $.30 Super Box 6-7-9-12, $1 Super Key 6 with 7-9-12 with 7-9-12 with 7-9-12. Total Risks: $29.20.
Race 15: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $75,000 --- 3 YO La-Bred Fillies --- 6 Furlongs:
2) Splitting Aces (20-1) has started twice and in both instances, she found a late kick well after the races had been decided. However, also before her last start especially, she did not have one work that should or could have indicated she was anywhere near a winning effort. Since her last start, she has one work since her last start in a 50 2/5 breezing six days before this scheduled start at the FG. She is well bred and will likely wake up very soon. Her sire, McCraken won a G2 and 2 G3 stakes races during his career, and her dam, Hallie's Dream, won 2 La-Bred stakes during her career. Broodmare sire, Pleasant Tap, was champion older horse in 1992 as a 5 YO but also finished 3rd in the 1990 Ky Derby. 5x5 to Blushing Groom & Buckpasser.
7) Lightening Mo (7-2) has started once and finished second after eyeing the pace battle early then going after the winner of that battle but could catch her and had to settle for second. One decent work followed by a leg stretching work 9 days before scheduled start to keep the filly happy until race day. 5x5 to Northern Dancer with Mr Prospector as the sire line and his son, Fappiano, as sire of 4th dam. Her 3rd dam, Freddie Frisson, is also dam of multiple G1 SW First Samurai.
8) R T's Cajun Lady (20-1) made one start last5 year at Evangeline Downs where she shot out of the gate, have to be straighten out, continued to lead to the turn, attempted to bore out again, and eventually saved second while no match for the easy winner. Likely just needed more time to mature and trainer gave her 5 months off before bringing her back in February and now has two works, both of which shows speed is still there. Hopefully, the greenness will be gone but won't know until race day. 3x4 to Mr Prospector.
6) Vivi Did It (8-1) is a first-time starter. Two of her last three works indicates she will be trying for the early lead, but I think her chances to win or wire this field if she had at least one five furlongs decent work. Often it is the difference between winning and just being a pace setter. 2x4 to More Than Ready, 4x5 to Seattle Slew.
My Risks $5 Ex Box 2-7, $1 Tri Box 2-7-8, $.30 Super Box 2-6-7-8, $1 Super Key 2 with 6-7-8 with 6-7-8 with 6-7-8. Total Risks: $29.20.
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2023.03.24 23:13 SnooGoats8671 Third Party Beneficiaries MEGATHREAD as requested by u/Impressive_Brief_324: What we forgot. What we should have learned in Law School but didn't. And what we need to learn for AdaptiBar to finally Adapt. July takers GTFIH.

Third Party Beneficiaries MEGATHREAD as requested by u/Impressive_Brief_324: What we forgot. What we should have learned in Law School but didn't. And what we need to learn for AdaptiBar to finally Adapt. July takers GTFIH.
Alright here's the basic gestalt:
I attended a secret NCBE conference this Sunday in Salt Lake City about the Next Generation Bar exam
I took this secret video of what they said
These people are not fucking around
They hate us and are plotting our downfall every second
Every multiple choice trick they give us, they grow more powerful
They do not want us to become lawyers and make money
Alright I'm just kidding. They don't really hate us. I just like Daniel Day Lewis movies and wanted to put that in somewhere. So let's get into it:

So you really thought contracts could only be between two parties huh?

The NCBE is not amused by this
Let's get real for a second and talk third party beneficiaries... and let's use an example like we are five years old to help us get in the right mindset.
So let's say you are five years old and are playing with your friend in the park. Your mom says "Johnny July Taker... if you play well with your friend Freddy February Taker, I will buy you both ice cream."
We can think of this like a contract between little Johnny July and and his mom.
But now... how does Freddy February fit in? He's not directly part of the contract, but he's getting the ice cream too! The benefit of the contract is flowing towards him as well. You could even say, if you were waxing a little romantic... that perhaps the contract was intended to benefit him too.
He is what we call... a THIRD PARTY BENEFICIARY.

Neither Johnny or Freddy will be saved by the ice cream
You might be thinking... "Goat, that was just about the dumbest and least helpful example you've ever given me. That's not even a contract. How does Freddy even enforce his rights to get the ice cream?"

Don't unsubscribe just yet
Okay I understand, it was simple - but stick with me for a second on this next example and I'll dial it in.
Let's say Johnnys mom thinks he has been eating too much ice cream and needs to get active. So she decides to call up Aunt Sally and say "Aunt Sally, I'll clean your house if you buy little Johnny July a new bicycle!"
Johnny July taker is now the third party beneficiary we spoke about before.
But how can he make SURE he will get his new bicycle (i.e. how can he ensure his rights VEST).
Well, we have four basic ways for a third party beneficiary to get their rights to VEST.

  1. Let's say Johnny calls up Aunt Sally and says "Thank you SO SO much for the bike! I am so excited to ride my new carbon fiber fixed gear bike to the hipster coffee shop and get a Golden Girls tattoo. I love you Aunt Sally!" This is manifesting assent, and it will allow your third party rights in the bicycle to VEST because you had awareness of it and acknowledged it.
  2. Or maybe Johnny learns about the new bike Aunt Sally is going to get him and he throws away his old bike. This is called detrimental reliance and will ALSO allow his rights to vest. (Hint: this is the most common tested way that third-party beneficiaries rights vest on the MBE).
  3. If there is an EXPRESS term in the contract between Johnny's mom and Aunt Sally that Johnny's rights in the bicycle will vest. (We normally see this with life insurance policies naming someone)
  4. If the intended beneficiary SUES to get their benefit of the contract.
Keep in mind that all these exceptions require little Johnny to have KNOWLEDGE of the bicycle deal. Your rights will NEVER vest if you don't know the deal even exists.
Before vesting happens in ANY of these four scenarios, Aunt Sally and Johnny's mom can modify or rescind the contract in ANY WAY they want, without Johnny's knowledge or input!

Wait a second Goat - what happens if someone is not named in the contract, but they just receive a benefit from the contract? Can a random weirdo just enforce their rights because the contract helps them out a bit?

Alright guys let's stop fucking around.
We got a few scenarios:
Let's run over a basic example of INTENDED beneficiaries first
Scenario #1: You list your daughter as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy = BOOM. That is an INTENDED BENEFICIARY. They were NAMED, they have RIGHTS.
Now let's talk about INCIDENTAL beneficiaries
Scenario #2: You are building a MASSIVE pickle ball court on your yard and have a contract with the Pickleball court builders.

All the old people in the neighborhood are STOKED, because they LOVE pickle ball and live right by you
Then you decide to NOT build it. Can the old people in the neighborhood sue you and enforce their rights as beneficiaries?
Final example: You are paying a mechanic to fix your wifes' CAR. She is an intended BENEFICIARY. Then the mechanic fucks up the repair. Can your wife's BOSS who needs her to get to work on time with the car sue the mechanic? No lmao. He is an INCIDENTAL BENEFICIARY NOT NAMED IN THE CONTRACT. YES HE'S GETTING A BENEFIT, BUT NO ONE IS DIRECTLY INTENDING TO BENEFIT HIM, SO HE CANNOT SUE.

Alright Goat gang stay focused let's push through this final section
Let's get into EXAMPLES of how it appears on the MBE.
Example #1: RELIANCE. Remember: The MBE is obsessed with this scenario: where a third party beneficiary RELIES on two other peoples' contract and then their rights become VESTED..
Yea I read this shit, so what?
Okay guys we got TWO BUSINESSMEN: Jake and Logan Paul. And they both agree to invest in your YouTube men's improvement channel: Becoming an Alpha Male. They both say they will give you 5 million dollars to get started on your channel.

What an opportunity
You go out and quit your job, purchase $4 million worth of Alpha male equipment (swords, katana's, kettlebells from Joe rogans website, Ashwaghanda root, books about eye contact)
Then they decide they DON'T want to help you anymore (because you are a beta male).
Are you an intended beneficiary? Did your rights vest?
YES. You were an INTENDED BENEFICIARY who MATERIALLY RELIED, and therefore your rights vested and their ability to MODIFY or CHANGE the agreement ended.
Once you rely = they can't change up the game on you.

If a guy is obsessed with the Full Send Podcast or the NELK boys I'm staying away
Let's say I owe the bank $10. And you tell me "Cut my grass SnooGoats, and I will pay the bank the $10 you owe." The bank learns about the deal.
Bank = Intended beneficiary. We intended for them to benefit, they have knowledge and want it to happen. Boom.
Easy, right?
Wrong, the MBE will always hit you with a SECOND layer of trickery. This hippie whispered to me at a smoothie bar the other day "The Matrix was a documentary bro." ... I laughed, but that is how this test sometimes makes me feel.
In scenario #2 they will then say this: "SnooGoats damaged your grass, and you had to pay $2 to fix it."
The answer is $8.
It's true, the bank is an intended beneficiary of the contract.
But they don't JUST get the good parts of the ability to enforce the contract.
They also have to deal with defenses people have against them (like the $2 deduction for fucking shit up with the grass).
The bank steps into the shoes of SNOOGOATS, and they don't just get the money, they get the DRAMA too. They get DEFENSES which can be asserted against them, just like they could have been asserted against me.
I hope that makes sense. We'll talk more about this with "Assignment" but just be on the lookout for this type of scenario.
Scenario #3: The Incidental Beneficiary Tries to Come Up on Some Cash
Okay the MBE likes to be on some really sneaky shit when they try to talk about incidental beneficiaries.
They have this one problem that caught me up on the streets of AdaptiBar one lonely night all those years ago.
There's this hospital right? And the hospital interviews these people to be janitors of the hospital and clean all the rooms.
Didn't these guys interview to be janitors in this movie haha
So the janitor service gets hired but they kind of fuck around and don't clean some of the patients rooms.
Then one of the super narcy main character patients tries to SUE and is like "wait a second... the whole purpose of this contract was FOR ME. THEY FAILED TO CLEAN MY ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL AND THAT IS WHY THEY EXIST. I AM SUING AS AN INTENDED BENEFICIARY, THIS IS BULLSHIT.
So are they an intended beneficiary? NO. Nothing in the problem said that the patient was an intended beneficiary. What if the cleaning service was just to benefit the staff? Or keep the hospital clean for investors who they want to show off to? I mean the patient could have been the intended beneficiary but they actually have to say it IN THE DAMN PROBLEM and the rights have to VEST like... this shit has to be CLEAR.
The problems will make it very obvious but then try to trick you into some type of logical fallacy like here where they make you think the ONLY thing they could have intended was to benefit the patients.
But it doesn't matter WHO YOU THINK IS INTENDED my young 3L.
NCBE back at their old tricks again

The Final Scenario #4: Goddamn this contracts material is boring as hell
Okay so the last "trick" we should note is that sometimes they play around a little with the timelines.
They'll say some slick shit like
Bob borrowed $5,000 from the bank 20 years ago then declared bankruptcy.
20 years later, Bob sold Tim his T.V. and in return for it, Tim agreed "to pay $5,000 in satisfaction of Bob's earlier debt to the bank."
The bank learns about the deal between Bob and Tim... can they bring an action and sue to get the $5,000?
And you're sitting there just blown away on the MBE like... "damn, is there some time limit to this shit? Is there some weirdass exception involving bankruptcy I didn't know? Damn... I shouldn't have taken BarBri those little shits."
The answer is this is totally fine. This is just a straight up intended beneficiary problem.
The bank's rights have vested because they have knowledge and are SUING. Remember, this was our fourth example of the final way their rights could vest?! Knowledge + SUING. There's no time limit or weird rule, this is just a straight up intended beneficiary problem.
Okay guys that's it, so just to go over the simple stuff we need to remember one more time:
Put that in your outline and PROSPER my young July gang. I feel like a proud father teaching you guys sometimes.
How I feel when you guys get a problem wrong on UWorld
Hope you guys understood some of that
Hope everyone is having a dope Friday!
- Goat
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2023.03.24 22:47 DJBurns2002 FNAF Timeline theory/rant 🙃

MatPat, you done amazing work, multiple claps and a half are in order. Though I do have some things he may have left out and I would like to mention. Anyone feel free to tell me your opinions, just be respectful 🙂 as this is basically just my opinions with pieces of evidence that can be taken differently depends on you interpretation of the timeline.
I believe in Elizabeth’s death being the reason William does at least some of what he does among other specific things. It makes sense in my opinion for obvious reasons like you said:
This addresses the point on why Elizabeth’s death can’t be before CC’s in Game Theory's second timeline video. All the minigames themselves aren't supported to be 100% what happened, they are just to provide story and lore. Baby's minigame and her story don't match. And why would she even tell us the story since Michael said "they thought I was you"? And she clearly states she was in a room exactly like the party rooms in the other locations so she has definitely been around since the time of Fredbear's Family Diner, so William would have little reason to build a killer animatronic who's purpose is to capture kids.
Plus William wouldn't even consider not having his kid supervised after the bite of 83, even if he made the animatronics or not.
While there's an argument that the little girl with green eyes outside Fredbears Family Diner, no evidence hints to that being the case and she looks more like Baby then Elizabeth anyway.
Now here are some points that further explain why Elizabeth died first and also other points that may help with your own timeline:
  1. In FNAF 1, the news articles say that the murder suspect was arrested. This could be Henry since it would explain why he was absent for so long.
  2. Elizabeth’s death explains the sister being absent in FNAF 4 and why William has an entire bunker made under his house where he watches his children as he wouldn't go to such lengths at that point without a reason fit too well to ignore.
  3. There's no reason that the bite of 83 and Elizabeth's "death" can't happen around the same time as each other. Especially since Michael's behavior in FNAF 4 is similar to how people deal with loss, to force repressed rage on others, like the Brother did to his Sister in Hello Neighbour Hide and Seek.
  4. It just makes sense from a storytelling standpoint, Scott said himself that FNAF 4 was supposed to be the end of the franchise and he told the story he originally wanted to tell. FNAF 4 left some things up in the air that we couldn't fully understand so Sister Location exists only because Scott wanted to expand the lore and what better way to do so then to further explain what the story he's telling us while also adapting it into a new story that follows the first 4 games.
  5. The Funtimes can't have been made for the primary reason to lure and capture kids since there was the bite of 83, multiple murders and restaurants being closed and the original Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy which contain the bodies of said murder victims.
There would have had to have been so many red flags if versions of those characters made from both the Co owner and a suspect to said murders that William couldn't get away with or even do his plan of capturing kids at parties and luring them after all that stuff.
  1. Scott knows that even with all the sci-fi and chaos in this franchise, there still has to be some realism and possibility for this stuff to happen otherwise the story wouldn't be fascinating and create a whole community that now we all both love and hate at the same time.
  2. Elizabeth’s death can be the reason why the Security Puppet exists. Henry knows Elizabeth and knows exactly what happened to her, as evident from him calling Scrap Baby Elizabeth in FNAF 6. He would have wanted to have precautions as he doesn't want anyone, especially his own daughter suffering the same fate.
  3. Why would the Security Puppet only be programmed to care for the kids with green wristbands unless that was their reason to have been made in the first place.
  4. Obviously Freddy's doesn't close straight away because there would have to be the odors from the decay of the bodies or the children. So the restaurants would have had to stay open for a while after the murders leaving William and Henry an excuse to not be at Fredbear's Family Diner when the bite of 83 takes place. William talks out of the Fredbear plush every day except for the day when it happened.
  5. Baby and even Ballora aren't considered Funtime animatronics and are instead called Circus Baby and Ballora. This implies that they had to have been made before William made the Funtimes since they would have been locked away, which is backed up by the fact that Baby's story heavily implies that she was at either of the 2 Fazbear locations.
  6. The gas leak thing is obviously William covering up tracks when capturing more kids for his experiments. If Circus Baby’s Pizza World never opened then how could William successfully capture the kids without anyone noticing.
  7. Finally, how in fact could the funtimes be used for being rented for parties right after all the locations were shut down? There would have to be time for William to handle his loss of his youngest son, to handle all the legal issues and being a suspect to the murders. With that, then when he has to get off free of charge, realize that the animatronics are acting weird and Baby's eyes changed and then conduct his research and experiments to find out about remnant and how the souls work inside of the animatronics.
Now, these were just concerns that I have with the timeline as we know it currently. I can happily accept myself being wrong as all I really want is to contribute what little I can do for a community that personally helped me and got me fascinated as a kid.
That being said, Elizabeth’s death can make sense as the motivation for William killing the first group of kids and when he was gone doing it his youngest child to be forced in the Fredbear suit's mouth putting him in a coma, since William at this point would be working at Fredbear's Diner so he would be there either watching on the plush cameras or actually in the Location while it's happening.
Among some of the other stuff I left out, this can make some sense in the long run. It definitely doesn't fit 100% and I completely respect your opinion, but nothing fits 100% in this franchise at this point apart from that it's so confusing and frustrating to figure out at times. I just want to throw my hat in the ring, and also this can fit in the timeline currently.
Honestly I and many others completely agree with Matpat's beginning of the timeline, both you and him did such amazing work. Here is what I think comes after your timeline so far and it does kinda line up with Fuh-NAF's latest theory in this video along with Game Theory's beginning of the timeline.
With that said, here’s my version of the FNAF Timeline:
This timeline continues from your first video as that was perfect 👌:
1983: With William being jealous of Henry getting so much credit just because he made the animatronics, being the reason for most of William's success, etc. So when he learned how to make animatronics, he tried making his own first animatronic (Baby) for Fredbear's Family Diner (she said herself that she was in a location that exactly fits the Fazbear locations). But he rushes to test Baby out, so he tested Baby out on his daughter saying she was a friend for her to play with. Hence the quote "didn't you make her just for me".
Seeing his success he quickly brings her to Henry to show her off and rub her in his face without actually making sure everything was working properly in Baby with all of the cool stuff he made her with (helium tech for balloons, ice cream dispenser, etc) as he was too focused to one up Henry’s own creations and prove he was superior.
When showing Henry his masterpiece and giving her a test run after it going so well, in the end he fails the test run as Elizabeth being a young child oblivious to what is going on, ignoring her dad from making her stay away from Baby as she is dealing with other kids which makes her jealous or for whatever reason. She then goes to Baby which accidentally results in Elizabeth being killed due to a malfunction as again Baby was William's first Animatronic and he didn’t do any further tests beforehand.
Fyi, Henry talks to Baby by Elizabeth in FNAF 6, meaning he knows all about what happened to her and who she really was.
This results in William losing it because he knows he was the only one to blame in his eyes as he made Baby but also blindly blaming Henry as he, in William’s eyes, was the reason why all this had happened.
With that, builds the bunker, locks away Baby and sets up the cameras and technology he uses to keep CC away from the animatronics because of what happened to Elizabeth and he wants him to stay away from Henry all while he deals with his sadness.
This was working for a few days until CC’s party where both William and Henry were either not watching or at the Sister Location, Micheal after taking his feelings out on CC like how Hello Neighbour's son does to his sister, scaring him and eventually causing his eventual death.
CC dies in the hospital, William makes a promise to fix CC, the springlock suits are moved to the storage area in the Sister Location, William punishes Michael greatly with nightmares of the incident and after William blames Henry for all this as with their own complex relationship, him making Fredbear and all the pent up aggression he had indirectly got from Henry.
1984: Since then, Micheal is still being tormented while William stays in his bunker for his own business, Afton Robotics, making way to torture Michael and also building the funtime animatronics for renting out parties, deserting his family and only going out to work or to get drunk to cope with his losses.
Then 1 night after becoming extremely drunk from drinking all his sorrows away in Jr's, he then gets kicked out for being there to much or causing a possible scene, he then goes to the pizzeria because he has nowhere else to go, kills Henry’s daughter because he wasn’t thinking straight, William gets a taste for murder, heads home, the Puppet is born and Michael gets lured away by Golden Freddy.
1985 - 1987: After a while William finally builds up the courage to face the monster who he created only to find that she was different due to Elisibeths soul possessing Baby.
This kicks off William's experiments. He then goes back to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and kills the first 5 kids and then either blames the murders on Henry for what William sees as revenge and what Henry deserves or Henry was just falsely convicted as seen from the new articles seen in FNAF 1 saying that a suspect has been convicted, explaining why he is nowhere to be seen from the missing kids incident to FNAF 6.
He then modifies the Funtimes to lure and capture kids for his experiments under the pretense of them still being rented out for parties to avoid as much investigation as possible. This later leads to William discovering remnant and how it works, so William then disassembles the toy animatronics as parts of the original animatronics were used to make them to gather remnant to use for experiments.
1987: After a long while, Henry gets released from jail due to lack of evidence and word of William doing bad stuff making him the new prime suspect.
William misses doing his "work" by himself and he is at great risk of being attacked by the Funtimes due to the pieces and memories of the original souls within them. William sees that a new Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria opens, possibly by Henry to either try and rebuild the franchise or to trap and lure William, and this both angers and interests him.
William wants the Franchise to die so he goes to the Pizzeria but then finds that the new toy animatronics are a problem via their facial analysis database. So he waits for his time to strike.
Via the anime Freddy vs Foxy cutscenes, we know Henry tries to catch William but keeps failing.
William eventually now has an opportunity when the bite of 87 happens by one of the animatronics, I think Mangle btw.
The Restaurant shuts down and William takes Freddy, Bonnie, Chica Foxy and the deactivated toy animatronics and extracts them for their remnant and parts for experiments.
William is now free to do what he wants so he commits 5 more murders himself which catches The Puppet's attention and he now knows everything they need to try and stop William.
1993: William takes a page out of Henry’s book and tries to lure and trap Ennard as he wants him back. He opens a new location with the original rebuilt animatronics as well as having a new place to experiment with remnant, but this catches the attention of the Puppet and Golden Freddy instead.
With the plan not working out, William closes the restaurant, waits a few nights in the storage room to avoid being caught and then the animatronics are lured by William to dismantle them but the souls are set free which results in William getting springlocked.
That very same week, before William goes to the old location tells Micheal to go to the bunker since he wouldn't be there himself and to avoid the risk of being attacked by the funtimes.
Ennard uses Michael to find answers and takes the job as security guard at the location to find William and gather more remnant and parts but William thinking it's Michael doesn't want him to ruin his plan so he fires him.
The reason why I feel these events happen in the same week is for a few reasons. Because there would have to be a decent time gap from when the Funtimes were stored away, William would have to be able to, and would have had a reason to, have Michael go down in the first place and if England scooped Micheal while William was around then he would attack William the first chance they get.
William spends 30 years in the storage room while Micheal spends the 30 years looking for his father after finding out about all the stuff he is responsible for.
From this point on until 2023: during this time:
The Vengeful spirit stays with William to make sure he's dead while Ennard kicks Baby out.
The Puppet sets all the souls within the pizzeria at the time except the vengeful spirit free with the Happiest Day including CC. Even the 5 dead kids are there via the 5 masked kids sitting at the tables enjoying cake.
Henry hears what happened and is on a quest to find the Puppet.
And Mangle is supposedly still around 🤷.
2023: years later finds out William is still around and is found. News breaks out about Fazbear Frights and both Michael and the Puppet try to put an end to this for good.
Sometime after the fire, it's found out that William is still alive again and the events in Fnaf 6 happen.
William’s soul is now in hell being tormented by Golden Freddy and possibly the Puppet as we can theorize from their dialogue in UCN.
Sometime after 2023: Fazbear Entertainment is still around and they mass produce the Fnaf Animatronics as shown in FNAF AR and develop FNAF VR by using salvaged parts of the animatronics.
Part of William’s consciousness or so of his remnant or agony corrupts the game and infects, Jeremy, Tape girl and Vanessa as well as an unknown number of people.
Thats as far as I can get without leaning off the headcanon cliff without the risk of falling, 😆.
I can't wait to see what you come up with from this point on in the story. What do you think about this 🤔?
Thank you for taking the time for reading this, it means a lot 🙃.
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2023.03.24 22:13 TeamVegas780 Possible RB Landing Spots & Draft Captial for 2023 NFL Draft

At this point, we have no idea when most of the 2023 RBs will be taken off the board, with the exception of Bijan (1st) and maybe Gibbs (2nd). As many people have pointed out, the RB position has started to lose value in the eyes of NFL teams and RBs are not expected to be drafted as high as they used to be. Combined with the glut of 27-29 year old RBs still leading NFL backfields, the growth of RB committees, and the deep incoming RB draft class, we are looking at a lot of uncertainty coming into the 2023 draft.
This year, NFL teams may decide to take an RB 1 round later than they used to because they know the same RB, or an RB of similar caliber, will be available at a later pick. While this strategy will probably work out well for the NFL teams, it could really test the mental fortitude of the Dynasty community when it is time for Rookie Drafts.
We have been taught time and time again that RBs with day 3 draft capital run the risk of being replaced in the next draft. Even if a team selects an RB in the 4th round to be used the same way a 3rd round RB is used, we will still never have faith that they will hold onto their backfield the next year. This is the reason why all of our butts will be clinched tight during the 2nd day of the NFL Draft.
Looking at current NFL backfields, we can try to guess how many new RBs will land in the golden range. The two different groups of NFL teams that are most likely to take an RB this year are either (1.) Teams with aging RB1s and/or RB1s that might get traded or cut for cap space, and (2.) Teams that have Jags for RBs.

Group 1 - Old RB1 Group 2 JAGS
Titans (Henry. Age: 29. Trade Rumors and no good backup.) Falcons (AllgeiePatterson. 5th Round Draft Pick & 32 Yr. Old.)
Bengals (Mixon. Age 26. Potential Cut Candidate for Cap Hit.) Cowboys (Pollard. 4th round draft pick that is only guaranteed 1 year with the team.)
Vikings (Cook. Age 27. Trade Rumors and Cut Candidate.) Bucs (R. White. Late 3rd round draft pick. Fournette was just released.)
Chargers (Eckler. Age 27. Trade Rumors and no good backup.) Dolphins (Mostert/Wilson. Ages 30 & 27. Both on Two-Year Deals worth under $14 million combined.)
Browns (Chubb. Age 27. No good backup.) Bears (K. Herbert/Foreman. I am on the fence on whether they will draft another RB after signing Foreman, but they have so many picks in rounds 2-3.)
Cardinals (Conner. Age 27. No good backup.) Eagles (Penny/Gainwell. Injury concerns for Penny. Gainwell 5th Round.)
A few teams that could be wild cards for RB picks include Saints (Kamara/Jamaal), Kansas City (Pacheco/CEH), LA Rams (Akers possibly still recovering from injury), Houston (Peirce/Singletary), Bills (Harris/Cook), Denver (Javontae recovering from ACL), and the Patriots (Rhamondre/JRob). However, I did not include these teams in my predictions because they have either made moves to sure up their backfields, or because they seem okay to go into next season with who they already have.
With the 12 teams listed, there are a total of 11 picks in Round 2 and 13 picks in Round 3. I am leaving Round 1 off this list, but just assume someone takes Bijan in the 1st. I have also included the first half of Round 4 as a warning to what teams might wait to the 4th to grab a guy like the Texans did with Damien Pierce last year (4th Round 2nd pick). Any picks in the back half of Round 4 or later do not really matter in this breakdown because nobody in the back of the 4th or later will be selected by a team with the intention to take over a backfield.
Round 2: Round 3: Round 4 (4.01-4.16):
Pick 34 Cardinals Pick 64 Bears Pick 103 Bears
Pick 41 Titans Pick 66 Cardinals Pick 105 Cardinals
Pick 44 Falcons Pick 72 Titans Pick 110 Falcons
Pick 50 Bucs Pick 74 Browns Pick 113 Falcons
Pick 51 Dolphins Pick 75 Falcons
Pick 53 Bears Pick 82 Bucs
Pick 54 Chargers Pick 84 Dolphins
Pick 58 Cowboys Pick 85 Chargers
Pick 60 Bengals Pick 87 Vikings
Pick 61 Bears Pick 90 Cowboys
Pick 62 Eagles Pick 92 Bengals
Pick 94 Eagles
Pick 96 Cardinals
If my theory about NFL RB trends is correct, RBs will generally be drafted later than they have been the last few years. In 2020, 2021 and 2022, some of the 2nd Round RBs that were seemingly drafted to take over a backfield were taken at Picks 35 (Swift& Javontae), 36 (Breece), 41 (WalkeTaylor), 52 (Akers), and 55 (Dobbins).
Outside of Gibbs or maybe Charbonnet, I do not see many RBs in the 23 class that will be taken in the early/mid 2nd Round. Unlike the 2022/2021 classes, the 2023 class has a lot of RBs in the same tier to choose from, and all the teams with picks in Round 2 also have picks in Round 3. Furthermore, there are not multiple RBs fighting for the #1 spot like in 2020, but a top dawg (Bijan), a tier down to Gibbs, and then a large 3rd tier of players. If another RB gets more buzz going into the draft, they might be taken earlier in the 2nd, but as of now I do not see many RBs going in the first half of the 2nd Round.
I am predicting that End of Round 2/ Beginning of Round 3 will be the MEAT and POTATOES of this class. I am not going to try to guess which RBs are taken by what team, but the teams listed above with picks 34-54, that decide to pass on a 2nd Round caliber RB because the position is so deep, also have picks in the 3rd. I would be shocked if we see less than 3 RBs go in picks 58-75.
The beginning of Round 4 may change the way we value 4th round RBs. As stated above, Damien Pierce was selected as the 2nd pick in the 4th round. While we did not know it at the time, he was able to take over the Houston backfield immediately and seems to have a good chance to survive this upcoming draft as RB1 of the Texans (barring another ETN/JRob draft decision). Since there are 3 of my targeted teams with picks in the early 4th (Falcons have 2 picks), I am guessing that one of the teams will hold out and try getting a talented prospect (that would usually go round 3) in the 4th. If this happens, I will NOT be scared to take this RB in my rookie draft because I believe this is the direction the NFL is heading, all the previous statistics about 4th Round Draft Busts be damned to hell.
Conclusion: After looking at the teams who are most likely to select a RB, and looking at the pick each team has, My final prediction is that 1 RB is taken in the 1st (Bijan), 3 RBs are taken in the 2nd (Gibbs in early/mid 2nd, 2 other RBs at the very end of Round 2), 3 RBs are taken in the 3rd Round and 1 RB is taken at the top of the 4th, but will still have a good shot at hitting like a day 2 back.
Disclaimer: This post, while made using some basic logic and applied to real facts about the NFL Draft, may be biased by my desire for a great RB class. I own the 1.03, 1.06, 1.07, 1.09 and 2.03 in this upcoming draft and my best RBs are Dobbins, Penny and Allgeier. I desperately hope this class hits.
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