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Ideas on extreme minimalism. A hypothetical extreme minimalistic inventory and a few practical foundational thoughts on the matter.

2023.06.01 00:18 Awkward-Upstairs-191 Ideas on extreme minimalism. A hypothetical extreme minimalistic inventory and a few practical foundational thoughts on the matter.

I have been trying for the last five years to reach extreme minimalism. The benefits have been widely discussed however few offer practical ways to achieve it. I decided to start a discussion on it, sharing ideas and to make it easy to follow we start from the opposite. Not from what we have but how we would start if we had absolutely nothing.
Imagine yourselves absolutely naked in the middle of nowhere, a barren landscape on neutral temperature. You can snap your fingers and instantly get/equip what you need. How would you start?
According to the hierarchy of needs, we humans need shelter water and food to cover our absolute immediate needs.
First snap of fingers we get a pair of underwear. At least a pair for now. Let's get to work. We need shelter. There are many options to choose from. Mobile home or conventional. And small enough to clean. For mobility we pick a small trailer truck which these things: a single mattress on a plank and on the other side of the trailer a shower booth with a toilet bowl next to it. Next to the mattress there is a small kitchen sink with 80 cm countertop. Below the countertop there is a minibar fridge and next to it a built-in air-fryer. Under the plank of the mattress there is a single long (1.8 m.) drawer which splits in 2 compartments. One side -the longer one- is our cloth capsule wardrobe which we filled with basic clothing: 2 short T-shirts, 2 long T-shirt (all plain - neutral color), 2 shirts 4 underwear, 4 socks (2 short - 2 long) 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of bluejeans, one chico pants and one jacket. The smaller compartment has utensils (2 sporks 2 plates 2 knives with teeth, 2 stainless steel mugs, one for you one for a potential guest) The trailer does not have laundry machine the clothes are so few they can be washed by hand and dry in the sun.
The paragraph above is our base. It keeps us safe, rested, fed and watered. (Under the sink there is a small filter so we can drink the water.) In case we need to travel outside of the country we put everything in a 20-30 liter backpack and we are ready. In case we don't want the mobile home at all and we can rent accommodation, just take the clothes on the backpack and ready to move.
On technology: Our smartphone is enough nowadays to pay almost for everything even contactless payments. Just in case, an extra debit card would do the trick to withdraw cash if required especially when travelling abroad. The phone can also keep notes so no need for pens and notebooks. Either a light 15'' inch laptop or an ipad with a wireless palm keyboard can cover longer sessions of work that require more comfort on screen size and typing. Phones have good cameras for photos, if this is an actual hobby perhaps a small high resolution camera could be added. One charger and a power bank must be included here. Either on phone or laptop/ipad we can have online access to any book or news we may want to read no need for bulky book carrying.
Documentation: ID, Passport, driver's license should be enough to go almost anywhere. Authorizations, tax paperwork, credentials such as degrees or certifications can be mostly stored and verified online (thank you camera scanner) however this differs from country to country and from institution to institution so check what can be equally valid online as is in paper.
Tools and pharmaceuticals: Considering we have little, no tools are required. If something breaks down we replace it. Pharmaceuticals, if required, must be enough to last until next pharmacy is in range and our online prescription should allow us to buy more. Just in case meds should be bought only when required.
And pretty much that's it. Some basic clothes and basic technology on a backpack is all we need to live and create space for experiences not revolving around stuff. As Plinius the Elder said: ''Romans love to spend so much on shiny colorful marbles, statues and paintings...However when a fire breaks out they weep, not only for the unique treasures they lost but for the fortunes they spent to buy them.'' This goes not only to the hoarders, maximalists and over-consumers but to these minimalists who spend on few but very expensive items. (I am looking at you, Burberry coat and latest Mac ''minimalist'') Frugal, extreme minimalism with easy to replace stuff is the answer to fully detach oneself from material possessions and live life without the materialistic stress.
Please feel free to add ideas or anything you think it is absolutely essential but missing from the list.
PS: Nobody starts with absolutely nothing how to reduce the existing material possessions? Depending on item use one of these steps in that order: Either Sell, Donate, Abandon (leave it outside of a trash bin on a plastic bag for someone to pick it up) Recycle, or throw it straight to the trash. Online search is enough to gauge the value of almost anything. (Marketplace, Craigslist, buy-sell social media groups etc or even find the price of your item as new from an online shop and sell it 30-50% cheaper)
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2023.05.22 02:13 Cant-thinkofname What do you guys think?

Hello Subaru people!
I would like to join you! I have always loved this model of Subaru and I was wondering what you guys think. Is it worth it? What maintenance questions should I ask the person selling it? What should already have been done or replaced to this vehicle? Thanks!
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2023.05.16 22:19 thebigdirty Anyone want to chime in on a 2008 Fleetwood saratoga vs a 2010 Jayco Jay Series before i buy one?

My current popup has probably seen the end of use from us. More problems to fix than i care to deal with. I'm looking at used models, want to have a toilet this time (not sure if cartrige or black water tank is better, we typically dont camp more than 3 nights). and an outdoor shower to hose off kids. I'd rather NOT have inside shower but seems like most will have it. Other than that, A/c is useless to me.
anyway, my budget is probably around $5k and have found these two.
2008 Fleetwood saratoga that i can get for $4750. Highwall, solid shower walls seem nice. the Self-storing high pressure outside stove with quick disconnect is intriguing but i dont quite know what that is. Oven might be a nice feature once or twice a year. also, from the owner:
Some things to consider:
or a
2010 Jayco Jay Series. This one seems less used and obviously a bit newer. The shower looks jankier (but may also be nice to not have it in the way as it wont get used much inside and isn't the highwall (i'm 6'6"). Front storage seems nice feature as well.
we dont need plush comfort, we'd rather be in a tent to be honest but with a 4 and 9 year old, the popup trailer is a necessary evil for a couple years. Not sure if either has a better roof, more durable (we aren't the gentlest family especially with a 4 year old.
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