Intercooler ice tank with pump

Toyota Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell Mirai

2015.09.30 11:24 chopchopped Toyota Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell Mirai

Welcome to Mirai, a sub about the Toyota Hydrogen Electric Mirai, the first Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle for sale in the world. Ask questions, tell us about your Mirai or post anything you think is important relating to EV's in general, and please subscribe. "Toyota believes that to bet on a single technology to solve the challenge of decarbonising transport is too risky."

2018.03.07 00:49 Shanochi Heretic Gods

Heretic Gods is an ARPG in which players can enter a dark world, full of dungeons and monsters, set in the land of the Viking Myths. Your objective will be to enter the depths of a cursed abbey to banish the heretical gods.

2023.03.26 14:32 QuentinVance Noob question. German Empire defending Finland from the Soviets

Hello everyone
I'm playing German Empire (I kicked out Hitler and won the civil war and so on) and I'm trying to play non-expansionist, focusing on defending Europe from the Soviet Union.
It's now 1940 and the Soviet Union attacked Finland, the independence of which I guarantee. Since I'm defending, I don't really understand how this war is supposed to happen: do I need to simply defend Finland until Stalin decides he's had enough and buggers off, or do I have to actually defeat the soviets entirely, this time conquering their land through Finland?
Overview of my situation: Focus Tree:
I have 81 military factories (with 5 being constructed and 3 more on queue) and 136 civilian factories with a few more in construction. I built my military factories in Western Germany to make sure they can't be rendered ineffective by bombing (or at least they're not so exposed) and civilian factories are mostly in the east. I can't build forts on the countries I guarantee since I can't create factions, so I don't have access to their territory.
The game says my army consisting of 24 infantry divisions (which I deployed along the southern part of Finland) is stronger than the incoming soviets, but losses are somewhat similar right now and I haven't attacked yet, I'm just holding the line. My air forces are doing okay, there isn't much they can achieve for now.
My navy has complete, adamant, and unquestionable control over the Baltic Sea and is absolutely shredding the soviet baltic fleet. It's the second time I reload this game (the first time I wasn't happy with the results / I had no clear idea of what I need to achieve) and I keep sinking everything the russians send at me.
I know I can't beat the Soviet Union in terms of manpower, but can I actually exhaust their army somehow, and then push them back once they're weak? Is this even supposed to be a situation I can win?
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2023.03.26 14:32 alee137 My strange broken bone.

Last year i fell off a motorbike and put my hands before to protect me. My left elbow hurted me for 2 days and i only put ice and didnt go to hospital. 14 days later it was still a bit swollen, but i could use it and move it with no hurt at all since some days. I took x rays, compound fracture of radium (idk if correct english name). They couldnt believe i went 2 weeks with no hurt and could move, and i also fell on it with nothing. They said i must had proved pain because it is one of the painful bone to break. Idk i took 20 days of plaster and was all done. Strange experience
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2023.03.26 14:31 lbyc Gaggia Classic not heating up

I wonder if anyone can help with a problem I have. My Gaggia Classic (old style - three switches in a single block on the front) has always worked well but recently has stopped heating, so water comes out cold from the brew head.
The pump works and the light on the front comes on so I think this means it’s not the thermo fuse that’s broken. If I take the connectors off the left and right elements and off the two thermostats and then measure the resistance across each of these they all show low or zero resistance except one of the elements which is showing a high (but not infinite) resistance - about 17M Ohms. Could this be the fault? And, if the elements are in parallel, why would this make the water not heat at all?
Grateful for any thoughts on this or on what to investigate next.
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2023.03.26 14:31 wackyboomwhacker Metatarsalgia :( Should I run these upcoming 9+1 races?

Hello runners,
I woke up with throbbing pain in the ball of my foot. I think I have metatarsalgia. Icing and elevating it now. The internet says I should take 6-8 weeks off of running. But I have the 4M Run as One race planned for Sunday, the SHAPE race at the end of April, and the RBC Brooklyn Half in May.
Has anyone dealt with this injury before? Do you think I could run the 4M really slowly without further injury, just to get the 9+1 credit?
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2023.03.26 14:29 Maximum-Class5465 Shutdowns

Before you get all mad about "tanking", this post isn't even about why it's necassary for lotto odds but players who we have legit reason to shutdown for other reasons.
Top 2 should be Haliburton and Turner. Haliburton has dealt with various injuries this season and there's no good reason to risk further injury playing in what's essentially late preseason games. Haliburton has dealt with injuries on and off this season and no reason to risk a recurring one Turner has dealt with injuries throughout his career. I would also add Neismith due to his injuries, but maybe not since he still has somethings to prove
Haliburton and Turner have nothing else to prove this yr, and we shouldn't risk injuries by playing them in rather pointless games.
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2023.03.26 14:24 55ttyr Kosaka feels amazing with her pussy pumped hard

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2023.03.26 14:24 Repulsive-Pattern-57 The drone operators of the Ukrainian 110th mechanized brigade drop a munition on Russian invaders in the trench with a destroyed tank visible nearby in the Avdiivka region

The drone operators of the Ukrainian 110th mechanized brigade drop a munition on Russian invaders in the trench with a destroyed tank visible nearby in the Avdiivka region submitted by Repulsive-Pattern-57 to RussiaUkraineWar2022 [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:23 Repulsive-Pattern-57 The drone operators of the Ukrainian 110th mechanized brigade drop a munition on Russian invaders in the trench with a destroyed tank visible nearby in the Avdiivka region

The drone operators of the Ukrainian 110th mechanized brigade drop a munition on Russian invaders in the trench with a destroyed tank visible nearby in the Avdiivka region submitted by Repulsive-Pattern-57 to UkraineWarVideoReport [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:22 Brochswerebrothels Can I make a Radioactive Dragon and what would that look like?

Point 1. Normal dragons breathe fire, breathe ice, breathe acid or breathe poison. Do some even breathe rocks? So could you have a dragon that breathed radioactive fire?
Point 2. My home brew setting has a healthy helping of SciFi, so normal Element creation is there (and most fantasy has iron and platinum and gold, etc, so I’m guessing they would have some radioactive elements.
Point 3. I have a (b)BEG who is tricking miners, dwarves and Drow out of all the Cobalt they can mine as worthless non-magical/non-martial metal, so why not some uranium mines?
Point 4. How cool would a lair be where at one point you stop meeting corpses with giant spider bites and sword wounds and just find ones curled up in foetus position for no apparent reason?
Point 5. I really want a radioactive dragon.
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2023.03.26 14:19 10_minute_ban Rape apologist in r/vaushv (about trans people having to disclose their genitalia)

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2023.03.26 14:19 HiddenInSecuriti3 I am sick of my mental breakdowns

Hi everyone, first time posting here. I can’t tell if there is something wrong with me. I have gone through what I will call two breakdowns ever since I left college.
The first was when I was not doing well on my first job and I got yelled at by my boss causing me to mentally breakdown with my anxiety at an all time high. It lasted for about 8 months. During the first 3, there was a week where I almost went to a mental hospital. I was highly anxious, sad, depressed with uncontrollable amounts of fear for feeling like I am a fraud and useless.
It happened again at another company and I went through the same thing but it was shorter. It lasted about 3 months and is still somewhat going on.
Both cases followed the same format I dealt with the struggle alone not reaching out and asking for help. I like to be alone and handle things on my own. Once everything became too overwhelming, whether it was a relationship, work, finances, or school, I broke down and it was noticeable to how I felt with my feelings, my work, my work performance. I would constantly complain even more so with to my mom and friends on a daily basis.
It then became me obsessively trying to find out if I have a mental disorder. It would fluctuate between narcissism, schizoid, borderline, then back to narcissism.I would be venting to friends and random people that I may have it and these are the instances that show it and no one is really telling me.
There was a period of a week where I was so down and depressed which typically happens in the winter that someone suggested to me I should go to the mental hospital to be seen. I have driven close to it but turned around and felt like I could handle it on my own. It usually slowly gets better over time and I go to an actual therapist to be seen.
Then I usually feel I need to quit work out of shame and live a minimalistic life because I might have covert narcissism or maybe I don’t by taking self diagnostic tests online. My work performance also always tanks I feel. Then I repeat what I feel over and over again.
I fight this belief I have narcissism by taking care of myself, living in the present moment, meditating, and continuously finding videos and podcasts about it. I also take a lot of personality tests and books to try to negate it.
I usually reach a point where I accept that if I do have Narcissim or some secret disorder then it’s okay because there’s nothing I can do. I usually go out and do things like buy coffee to make me happy.
The latest recommendation from my therapist is that I take anxiety and depression medicine. At this point I have had enough of obsessing over it and accept that I may or may not have it.
I don’t want this to happen again…I feel like it takes such a mental toll on things I value - my friends, my family, my career, on myself…
Looking for insight on this…
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2023.03.26 14:18 K-Eve Sprained my ankle. Worried about walking for my wedding?

A few days ago (Tuesday) I was walking on my treadmill and (I started to do Peloton tread). For exercise I alternate between Peloton bike, weights and now treadmill. This was only my second time trying their treadmill class. It went fine and I had a very normal day after that. No fall, no weird misstep that I even remember.
Around 2 am I woke up with an awful pain in my ankle. So bad I wanted to cry. I wanted to try to get up to get myself an ice pack but I couldn’t even move. I looked at my ankle that looked completely normal to the eye. No swelling, no bruising, maybe a little bit red but still very normal. I decided to go back to sleep and thought maybe I was having a spasm or something but that wasn’t the case.
I tried little by little and I could put weight on it, but it hurt to do so. I got so terrified it might be broken that I went to urgent care yesterday (Saturday.) Basically they took a scan and told me my foot is not broken, just sprained. I’ll post a picture of how she told me to recover. She told me it will take a few weeks, probably around 2 in my case to feel better. She thinks because I didn’t feel it until later in the night it is not that bad of a sprain. She told me if it does not get better in a few weeks, to call a foot doctor she gave me the number for. I’ll post her directions and a picture of my ankle for reference.
I am going to try my best to take the time to recover. I luckily work from home but there are still errands I do for work that requires me to drive. I went out and got an ace ankle brace and a bunch of ice packs too.
I am a soon to be bride and my wedding is on July 1st. I am terrified thinking about walking on my wedding now. I am terrified weeks will go by, my ankle will not get better and this will still be a problem in the future. This is my first time with any major sprain (no sprains, no broken bones) so it’s just new for me. What if it’s not really a sprain, but something worse??!?! All I keep reading about is how I should get an MRI but I don’t really have the means to right now. I’m freaking out I guess. I don’t want to be able to not walk on my wedding day…
Do you think sprained ankles usually lead to something more?? Do you think I’ll be fine to walk in July?? Thanks for any input or comments.
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2023.03.26 14:17 2612posty I found the Mf’ing starboy

So there were no signs of any gold stars since I made my final post explaining how creeped out I was.
Yesterday I found some of the kids in my apartment playing and I asked them in a chill playful manner, “so which one of you has been putting those stickers on my car” and they all screamed my neighbors sons name 😂
He’s a little kid, hardly 6 I guess, and I wasn’t surprised since me and my neighbor often talk about muscle cars and he tells me how his sons like my car.
However the kid left for a holiday apparently on day 4 (when I made a post with stars on my front window) and thus it surely wasn’t him who put star stickers on my trunk when I was out. I’ve made my peace believing that it was probably a redditor who happened to spot the car at the right time in the right moment and went on with the stickers 😭😂 which I don’t really mind since it’s harmless and goofy at the end of the day but I would appreciate y’all telling me about it later just so I don’t feel paranoid over having attracted a Reddit stalker… I was genuinely freaked out when I saw stickers on my trunk while I was out and I even took a break from this app cuz the idea of having a stalker and feeling watched is pretty creepy 😭
Overall I feel relieved knowing that it was my neighbors son doing it every morning, I’ve decided to take them all on a ride and get em ice cream when he’s back lol, andddd about the redditor who did it while I was in amwaj islands Mc D, I would appreciate it if you came out too and we could laugh over this and appreciate how u executed this in such a short time span 😭
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2023.03.26 14:15 Exciting-Mousse895 I know everyone in my class uses me, and I'm done with it.

Ps : On mobile, posted in a rush.
I'm currently in high school, and all i have to say is that ; it's hell.
Ever since we've been back to face to face classes, it's never been the same. All my classmates are so mean and fake.
I'll tell you a few experiences I've had/know about them because it getting too unbearable :
First off ; There's this girl that I've known since kindergarten, but only befriended her around the 1st grade. She used to be kind, funny and caring. Nowadays, it's like she's entirely different, she usually talks to me first but then acts like i was the one who initiated it.
She's dumping everything negative about me to multiple people in our class, and even outside it. She exaggerates the story so much, it's like I'm not myself anymore.
"Yep, it hit me really hard when i found out how fucked up (my name) was" then she proceeds to not elaborate. Then a few weeks ago she says she's "Okay" with me now through a friend, I know she'll only befriend me to talk badly about me behind my back. I don't know what i did wrong, I wasn't the best friend someone could have ; but i do try my best. I, gave them space, attention, time, gifts, whatever. It still wasn't enough i suppose.
I do think I'm not likeable enough as a person, not likeable enough to befriend immediately. Just to keep around until the time is right.
A friend showed me screenshots about things she'd say about me so here's a general list of everything ;
  1. I'm literally the worst, no one could compare.
  2. I'm too sensitive/insensitive.
  3. I'm replaceable.
That's all the ones he showed me, but they're generally the same.
This is all I'll say for the 1st person, because there's still alot - please do bear with it, though.
2nd person is someone i used to be close with, we "rekindled" – but in, actuality she talks behind my back.
a few weeks ago she said she gets "sick" every months or so, and its why we can't hangout. But earlier i overheard her talk about to the 1st girl ; If i remember correctly, the conversation went like this :
"Hey 1st girl, I'm free later since my Mom isn't home. can we hangout later? "
Then later in the afternoon she said we couldn't hangout because she's sick and such. I let it go, i understand.
I thought i could trust her, especially since she says she's glad I'm back in her life before she goes. But now, I'm unsure of what to feel towards her, it feels so wrong, it feels sickening.
The rest of the people are all generally 1 in the same, so I'll mix them all up. Apologies if this gets confusing ;
Most of the girls use me for money — Whenever we hangout, sometimes they invite me somewhere. Then when we get there they suddenly say 'I don't have money' and then ask if i could buy them something, Even if i told them things such as 'I don't have any' or 'I don't have enough' they push anyway. Then they start calling me a "Rich auntie" - speaking of which, Everyone calls me a rich auntie. Anyone outside of my class who hears about it think it's sickening, i do too. I don't understand why you'd use someone like that. Though, I've known for a long time. I just didn't want to do anything about it, not until they started bragging..
A few days ago they went to the park, A dude came up to them and they started bragging about me apparently, and how 'if you just ask her, she'd spend her money'
It's gotten so bad, I've started not bringing my wallet anymore so when they look through my bag, there's nothing. I haven't been able to save anymore, it doesn't help that all my "friends" hangout almost everyday, even when they have no money.
Speaking of which, I got into a fight with a classmate. I simply asked what they did and such when they hungout because i didn't come, He got defensive then said i was a rich kid. i fought back and the arguments got repetitive, so i kicked him. He started arguing with me in another group chat, and later on Called me childish and how immature i am for continuing the fight. He said "Your thoughts are always full of money, i suggested a food place so we could just have fun because hangouts don't always mean you have to waste your money!" even though i repeatedly told him the same things such as "I was only asking why you offered to go there" and "We could've gone elsewhere so we didn't lose any money" — Then the argument ended because someone wanted to hangout and he let it go. I mentioned how i was losing money because of people using me, and that just because i get ___ a day, doesn't mean I'm "rich" - then he says "you're such a wasteful child." Then i blocked him everywhere.
Later on, This girl who watched the argument go down ; kept forcing us to get along again. she kept saying "you're my, only friends, yet you still fight" fuck, she even added him twice in the gc i kicked him from after i repeatedly told her 'No.' she only stopped when i told her once again that 'If you do this again, I'll kick you out too' Then she acted all upset when I told her it didn't concern you.
2 hours later, The dude apologizes on Snapchat and says "Sorry i thought with my emotions instead of my brain, i hope we could stay friends. you're fun to be around" then he screenshots the apology. (Snapchat tells you)
All this happened on Friday last week, and even more things happened. We didn't have proper classes and they were all being so loud, my head was hurting. The president (1st girl) didn't help either. In fact she encouraged them to get louder, she didn't do anything.
And in the afternoon we had a screening for Journalism, Me and a few other girls who were using me joined. During the captioning phase, they kept asking me things while i thought of my caption, they even took pictures instead of focusing. I ended up giving 3 of the 5 girls captions. And they even asked me for a pen and paper to use, they brought nothing. One of them even wanted me to transfer pictures to her so she could pass them instead.
Speaking of journalism, this other girl joined us. And this girl is so bad. I'll make a list for you : 1. She cheated multiple times, got caught once but still keeps cheating. 2. Already has a boyfriend, calls him hubby 3.Has that 2020 wattpad phase humor going on 4. Glorifies Eating disorders and suicide. 5. One time me and a few other friends went to her house, there was a guy also there. she came back wearing boxers (which was like underwear) and a thin tank top. She wasn't even wearing a bra underneath. 6. Very clingy 7. has the worst grammar 8. Condescending
Overall, literally everyone in our class despises her. Her friends talk badly of her too.
It didn't help when she cried to her mom about bullying (She didn't get a line in our performance because she didn't attend any practice.)
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2023.03.26 14:15 run-for-cover-zoot Success story: house wired with transfer switch

A couple of years ago I had my house wired with a 10 circuit transfer switch. $950 When we had an ice storm a couple of weeks ago we lost power. I plugged my portable generator into the plug on the side of the house, started it, then went to the basement and flipped the switches from line to generator. I had furnace, hot water, lights and outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms. It worked exactly as I had planned.
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2023.03.26 14:13 Repulsive-Pattern-57 The anti-tankers of the Odesa 28th mechanized brigade destroyed a Russian T-72 tank with the Stugna-P ATGM

The anti-tankers of the Odesa 28th mechanized brigade destroyed a Russian T-72 tank with the Stugna-P ATGM submitted by Repulsive-Pattern-57 to RussiaUkraineWar2022 [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:13 Repulsive-Pattern-57 The anti-tankers of the Odesa 28th mechanized brigade destroyed a Russian T-72 tank with the Stugna-P ATGM

The anti-tankers of the Odesa 28th mechanized brigade destroyed a Russian T-72 tank with the Stugna-P ATGM submitted by Repulsive-Pattern-57 to UkraineWarVideoReport [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:13 TazTheTerrible Make the Perihelion Heat-based

So the Perihelion has a ton of usability issues when trying to use it in CQC, and I'm not going to go into depth on all of them in this post.
But one big one, which will be exacerbated by the cap on how long a charge can be held, is the way it uses ammo.
Mechanically speaking, if you want to make a charge weapon interesting, the charge up should be a meaningful, tactical choice, where both uncharged and charged shots present different pros and cons.
The Perihelion suffers in this regard: the fully charged burst feels like the only way of firing the weapon that's worth it.
That's bad enough in itself, but this is worsened by the fact that it's a 3-round burst in a weapon that only has a 3-round mag.
Every time you don't fire a full burst it's bad, not just because the shot itself is less powerful, but you're now stuck with an incomplete mag that cannot achieve a full burst anymore until you've sat through the whole arduous reload (and THEN the charge up time on top of that.)
In any reasonable design of a charge up weapon with a time cap like this, you'd want the weapon - in case of surprise - to be able to fire an uncharged shot or two at a target that appeared out of nowhere as a first reaction, before settling into the rest of the combat. But currently with the Peri that means you're faced with a partial mag, incapable of a full burst, and the two bad choices of either immediately reloading, or trying to land another weak shot or two to empty the mag, delaying you even longer till you can have another burst.
The solution?
Heat-based ammo pool.
Make the delay proportional to the kind of shots fired.
If you shoot one un-charged shot from a heat-based ammo pool, you only need to wait 1/3rd of the full reload time to be at full capacity again.
This would make a 2-charge also an acceptable thing to throw into the mix, depending on how the combat is pacing out, instead of it being exclusively about the full charge and everything else feeling terrible.
Really, given how obsessed the devs have been about making heat-based ammo the Vanu Gimmick on small arms, it's a little surprising we haven't seen it yet on this type of weapon that would actually mechanically synergize with it, and we got "no bullet drop" on a tank cannon with 225 m/s muzzle velocity instead.
((EDIT: A way to cancel a charge would be swell too, obviously, but this suggestion should at least partially solve the same problems and seems much more achievable without adding an extra keybind to tanks just for cancelling a mechanic only a single gun on a single tank has))
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2023.03.26 14:13 Splendstrom Mysterious air hose connector for bike pump

Does anyone know what type of male aipneumatic connector I need for this bike pump? The bike shop is baffled but Amazon is lousy with the hoses (you just need to buy a whole new pump).
Inner dimensions are 4.8mm,. Fits a M5 bolt quite well. Just cant figure out what to search for on the internet.
I plan on making the hose myself so I can attach a schradepresta valve pump head to end of the hose.
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2023.03.26 14:11 theCurryMan74 Thoughts on buildings Eclipse as mythic?

I tried it in few games, seems really good vs tanks and bruisers. Main issue is that you cant go phase rush. Only way would be to always go sunfire with eclipse and phase rush (and skip deadmans? thats why it sounds like a bad idea).
Anyone tried it consistently? Def feels better than triforce build but worse than stridebreaker imo
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2023.03.26 14:11 Tallfuck What has been the most significant development/progress to the tech in the last 2 years and who are the players in the space?

I thought it might be a good opportunity to have a discussion about what is actually happening in the space rather than have another ‘analyst decides moons are worth $5’ post.
I myself am not overly involved in the tech or have the slightest idea of how it works, but we have been in a pretty extended bear market despite the recent pumps, and I would assume a number of projects have continued to make significant developments during that time, or new projects with bold ideas have come out.
I know moons and their potential impact on social networks has become a theme of the sub, but is there anything else that has started the next wave of progress in the space?
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2023.03.26 14:07 sabrinarose2 Stealing

A kid comes into my store every sunday and takes 4-5 16lb bags of ice and just walks out with them. I know we have a no-interference policy. Do I let a manager know?
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