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Wisconsin Badgers

2011.06.30 03:14 Wisconsin Badgers


2018.11.29 04:56 tygor For all things related to Forward Madison Football Club!

All things Forward Madison FC, the USL League One soccer team located in Madison, WI.

2015.03.13 05:05 WinkMe Madison Wisconsin area jobs

Why Ever leave Reddit when you can look for a job here! This subreddit is for the Explicit purpose of posting ads for jobs in the Madison WI Area. Please only post jobs that are from Madison or the immediate surrounding towns and cities (within roughly 10 miles). This includes Sun Prairie, Deforest, Cottage Grove, Mc Farland, Monona, Fitchburg , Waunakee, Verona and Middleton.

2023.05.29 17:30 EchoJobs NetApp is hiring DevOps Engineer, CloudCheckr USD 148k-181k [San Francisco, CA] [AWS PowerShell Python Ansible Puppet Chef Git SQL]

NetApp is hiring DevOps Engineer, CloudCheckr USD 148k-181k [San Francisco, CA] [AWS PowerShell Python Ansible Puppet Chef Git SQL] submitted by EchoJobs to SFtechJobs [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:23 troymonkey Maybe my computer can't run with an Intel i5. Maybe I was scammed.

I'm not a computer guy so bear with me.
Got a custom PC off Facebook marketplace a couple years ago and the thing runs great. It runs with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 and came with an Intel Core i3 - 9100F CPU. This handled what I needed it to for years, so I never installed the i5-9600k LGA1151 I brought at the same time until recently when I got more interested in recording minecraft footage and editing video, which is a laggy chore.
My Minecraft footage was unusable, frozen frames all the way through. I used OBS.
I installed the i5 with no problems except my computer will loop shutting itself on and off again endlessly, I can't even force power it off without pulling the plug. I can hear a difference already in how it runs or I'm high off fumes and a false sense of accomplishment. But there's no way to get it to stay on and my keyboard won't even light up before it's off again. After trying to get this to work for awhile I gave up and put the i3 back in, and thank God my crummy machine resurrected itself.
Anyone know what my issue was? Either I spent $300 on an ebay dud, my computer isn't beefy enough to handle the raw power of an i5, or I'm just messing up somewhere. Would appreciate any help or ponderings.
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2023.05.29 17:14 Iwish678 Where to sell houseplants?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows a good place to try to sell plants locally? I don’t have any rare plants, but I have a few kinds of monsteras that I’ve (lovingly) grown for a few years. I know they won’t go for much, but I am studying for the bar and running out of money for rent/groceries/ect. I had some financial support but now that’s gone. If I could even get $50 for all four, that would help immensely. Should I try Facebook marketplace? OfferUp?
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2023.05.29 16:51 Nickabod_ I’m hunting for an armchair design I can’t stop thinking about.

Back in April of this year, I was browsing Facebook marketplace and when I came across an armchair I liked the look of. When I clicked the listing, this thing grabbed me by the throat - it was possibly the most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever seen.
It was sold before I managed to get it, and the seller had already deleted all of their photos. The piece was listed in the Denver area. I’m here hoping somebody might help me find a photo of a similar (or the same?) piece so that I can recreate it.
It was a red-orange textured fabric (not leather, possibly tweed?) with visible wood detailing on the apron and legs. The design was very square, and fairly wide, it would’ve just fit two kids side by side.
Most details I struggle to remember but this: there was a striking three-flute vertical centered detail on the front apron which connected to thin spindle stretchers going to the legs. I believe the arms were also (partially?) upholstered, but I’m less certain of this.
I hope this fits the community; I just can’t stop thinking about it and would appreciate any help I can get. I swear I see this thing in my sleep. Thanks.
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2023.05.29 16:39 PM_ME_ASIAN_BOOBYS Facebook marketplace scraping - suspension, anti-bot measures

Hi am making Facebook Marketplace scraper, have 2 general questions

  1. Just got account suspended after not even a lot of requests (says it was suspended for being a fake account which is true)
How would I go about preventing this? It lets me make account with my own email domain so I guess I could automate making accounts. But then surely would need a lot of proxies
I would be fine with using my actual account for now but worried about it getting suspended for being a bot. Especially if I end up scaling

  1. If anyone has clues what anti-bot measures are used on facebook marketplace I would love to hear
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2023.05.29 16:39 AJoiB [LISTING] Sheepshead Bay Walk-In Apartment

I’m looking for a single tenant for long term
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2023.05.29 16:34 TheEveningStar92 Almost bought a model steam engine from a drug user

Today I was about to buy a lovely little model steam engine from a guy on Facebook Marketplace. It was all going smoothly until I checked his profile in more detail and found a picture of him doing you-know-what. I blocked him and thankfully dodged that bullet.
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2023.05.29 16:11 Jumpy-Act-5513 Where can I “rent” a pickup truck for a 30 min pickup/delivery?

I’m looking at purchasing a large deck umbrella listed on Facebook Marketplace, but I don’t think my small Chevy Cruze has the space to get it home. It would be about a 25 min drive round trip (12-13 min each way). Umbrella and base would be transport ready but located on the seller’s deck up a few steps.
Does anyone know of a company/app that does pickups/deliveries like this in Grand Rapids? If so, would you mind including what the final cost was? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 16:08 East-Chemical4957 I'm done using Facebook marketplace my area keeps getting shipping/link farming scams from these Muslims & Africans

Everytime I go on the first thing I see $52 Nintendo switch, $107 electric trike, $94 PS5 all from Muslims and Africans who don't even live in my area it's getting annoying weeding out all these aholes Facebook seriously needs to do something and out write ban these scammers/possible bot scammers
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2023.05.29 16:03 Willson1_ PoE & WiFi Version 360° Fisheye 6MP Indoor Camera Available For Preorder! US&EU

PoE & WiFi Version 360° Fisheye 6MP Indoor Camera Available For Preorder! US&EU
Hi, y’all
The much-anticipated Fisheye camera is now open for pre-order! The 360 ° panoramic provides you with a view without blind spots.
Get Yours Now:
Main Features:
  • 360° All-Round View
  • 6MP Super HD
  • Smart Person Detection
  • 2-way Audio
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2023.05.29 16:03 Additional_Long_9279 Found this rug on Facebook marketplace, but it already sold! Really want this rug (or something very similar) for a room I’m designing! Any idea on the make/model?! Would love to track it down to purchase!

Found this rug on Facebook marketplace, but it already sold! Really want this rug (or something very similar) for a room I’m designing! Any idea on the make/model?! Would love to track it down to purchase! submitted by Additional_Long_9279 to findfurnitureID [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 16:01 robutt992 Need buyer to help with fb and Google ads for real estate related

Hello, My name is Rob Matthews, I run a small business assisting military families with purchasing a home. We try to reach out to these “Active Military” or “veterans” to let them know about our VA home buyers program. We have been working successfully for 6 years but want to grow. We need new ways to reach more people.
We work in all us states, except except for NV, UT, MT, ND, NM, MN, WI, WV, MD, DE, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME, HI, and AK . The target is the active military or veterans of the US military. Does this sound like something you could help me with? I would need you to run the ads to keep the most amount of people sending me messages. I have a assistant that will speak with them on facebook chat with a script I have designed to get their contact info. Do you have a way to add value?
Thank you
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2023.05.29 15:50 redditnoob48 Advise for new used car owners?

So I'm looking for something dirt cheap to use for maybe a year or so, mostly for doing odd jobs such as doordash and ubeeats part time. I'm pretty tight on the budget, and can only afford something under $2000, and preferably something below $1200. There are listings on Facebook Marketplace for such vehicles, some have rust (will fail inspection in MA), some mention having some defective part, such as an alternator.
What should I look for while buying a used car?
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2023.05.29 15:48 BaseAggressive3981 App/stranica za prodaju ili mijenjanje robe

Pozdrav ljudi Kako su nam krenule toplije temperature sirom lijepe nase, odvazio sam se da odradim reviziju ormara i da zamijenim zimsku za ljetnu, ofucalu robu da bacim al sam skuzio da imam dosta robe koja je ili nova ili jako rijetko nosena pa sam mislio zasto je ne prodati ili tome slicno. Mene sada zanima jel postoji kakva aplikacija ili stranica gdje ljudi objavljuju svoju robu koju bi prodali a da nije facebook marketplace Hvala vam svima na pomoci
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2023.05.29 15:42 LittlestKittyPrince Large amount of camera equipment stolen at Anthrohio - any info appreciated

Large amount of camera equipment stolen at Anthrohio - any info appreciated
Last night , discovered around 11 PM, a friend of mine came back to his hotel room at the Crowne plaza north hotel in Worthington Ohio, to find all this camera equipment stolen. Prices censored. Any information at all would be appreciated, we're checking Facebook marketplace, craigslist, and local pawn shops but have had zero luck so far. Please if anyone has information, reach out to me!
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2023.05.29 15:42 ProductsMagazine GOOGPT-4 BUNDLE Upgrade Review

GOOGPT-4 BUNDLE Upgrade Review
GOOGPT-4 BUNDLE Upgrade Review - Get The ENTIRE GOOGPT-4 Upgrades Package At A Huge Discount. Skip All The Upgrades And Get Full Access To All The Features Of This App Today For A Huge Discount. Plus our revolutionary AI Profit app that has the potential to generate a whopping $2,375 in weekly profits.
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Create Mind-blowing Images in seconds with our AI Text to image feature. GOOGPT4 streamlines your hassle of designing and allows you to produce eye-catching, professional-grade mid-journey images that captivate your audience just from a simple text and tell your story in an instant.
Text to Website/Landing Pages - Currently Selling At $67:
Transform Any Text Into A Fully Functional Website Or Landing Page In Just Seconds. Website plays a very important role in our business as it helps establish online presence, engage with customers and improve credibility. Google-4 creates a stunning website for you from just a text prompt to engage with your customers . Say goodbye to hours of coding and designing, and hello to effortless website creation. Say goodbye to paying huge monthly plans to brands like WIX, Clickfunnel, Convertri today…
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This help you generate content for:
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2023.05.29 15:33 knarfolled I found this on Facebook marketplace for free, anyone interested

I found this on Facebook marketplace for free, anyone interested
It’s in Pennsylvania
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2023.05.29 15:31 StarLordFloofer Lady uses stock photo for sympathy…somebody fell for this. She’s mutuals with some of my mates I’d better let them know

Lady uses stock photo for sympathy…somebody fell for this. She’s mutuals with some of my mates I’d better let them know submitted by StarLordFloofer to mildlyinfuriating [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 14:57 1ViewTask_VK The Importance of a User-Friendly Platform: The 1ViewTask Experience

The Importance of a User-Friendly Platform: The 1ViewTask Experience

In today’s corporate world, using a user-friendly platform has become a necessity. There are so many tools that are available in the marketplace but talking about the best one, 1ViewTask is the one. All tools are based on artificial intelligence and offer multiple amazing features. But there is something special about 1ViewTask that I will disclose in this blog.
I am a professional content writer, working for three years. I usually work on multiple writing projects and the workload is huge most of the time. Earlier, managing tasks was not an easy thing for me, I was always stressed or used to having trouble fulfilling deadlines. Then a few months back I came across a tool, known as 1ViewTask. I used it for personal purposes and the sign-up was free. I was given a free demo by the team of the software.

Read More: The Importance of Coordination in Teamwork: Tips for Effective Task Execution

Then I began working and I understood how to create tasks. Task creation is quite easy and the software offers a lot of add-ins. A user can create a quick task and detailed task. I use quick task creation most of the time and I use detailed tasks when I have to involve my client in the portal too. I get to choose priority, compliance type, activity type, company information, recurrence pattern, and many more options from detailed tasks. I also attach the required documents so that my record is safe within the tool.
Being an admin, I get the feature of adding my client to the portal to help them see the progress of the project. I provide limited guest user access to my client which allows them to peep into my work and they can suggest changes to me wherever required. If huge companies use this tool, I am sure they are going to benefit a lot from it because the features are amazing.
Another feature that I admired about this tool is of maker-checker concept. Whilst I create my tasks, there is an option of assignee and reviewer. As per the concept, the assignee is the person who is supposed to work on the task, so I keep myself as the assignee. The reviewer is the person who is responsible for double-checking and approving the completed task, I usually keep my clients as the reviewer. This feature makes things easier for me and the clients too and it has helped me gain better exposure in working as a content writer.
I get to view my dashboard, which is quite vast as it has three different kinds of views and lots of filter options. Using the dashboard, I am able to view my overall productivity and the working hours that I devoted to completing a task. also, whilst I am completing a task, I turn the time tracker on which enables unlimited screenshots and provides proof of what work has been done throughout the time. As per my knowledge, the finance industry will be flattered if they get to know about this tool.
There are daily tasks on my plate so I assign tasks beforehand, 1ViewTask sends me a notification via email every day reminding me of my tasks for the day and I am able to fulfill my deadlines on time. This software has helped me in organizing my work routine and I have become better with time management too. There are so many features that people can explore, and for that, they must sign up for free. I am sure you will love this tool, the features are quite fascinating.
For more information, follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Quora.
Source: The Importance of a User-Friendly Platform: The 1ViewTask Experience
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2023.05.29 14:42 BringMeTheWinchester GRiZ is the GOAT

I'm writing this after seeing you at my first EDC-LV '23. both of your sets were absolutely incredible. I had a great time and met great people. I don't know if I believe in synchronicities, but I just want to lay out my connection to you and your amazing music. 1. I first got introduced to your music in 2015. My college roommate and now best friend showed me your music and he brought me into the rave community and taught me about PLUR. 2. my friend is the brother of Celia West. I don’t know if this story is true, but he told the story of how Celia was either your “manager” or that you stayed on her couch in Madison WI early in your career. I would love to know to what degree this is true. 3. I was at your Triple Rainbow Festival at Alpine Valley, and I was one of the poor unfortunate souls that got targeted by the undercover cops in the parking lot. I was rocking your jersey and pashmina and I must have stuck out like a soar thumb to them. I may have the record for the largest “possession” ticket. Mine was $1000 and friend was given a $300 ticket. THANK YOU for helping us out with that. My friend was not in a great place and your generosity meant so much to him. 4. This same friend and I were at your first set at EDC-LV ‘23 in the middle right of the crowd. It was absolutely rowdy in the best way. My friend has always been very stoic and hates receiving help in any way, but that night he was fighting the trip and was having a rough time. During your set he began to overheat and have a freak out. I was having an amazing time dancing to the music, but realized he needed help. (we used to 🤟 hand sign to indicate SOS) he had the sign up and I knew immediately to jump into action. I got him out of the crowd and gave him water and anything else he needed. He then was able to be vulnerable with me and explain what he was feeling. I know this event is a big milestone in our friendship. so thank you for providing the good vibes and amazing music for us. 5. I was walking down the street between Tropicana and MGM Grand and i found what looks to be your signature in the concrete “GRiZ ‘07” is this you or am I crazy? https://i.imgur.com/c1X8azE.jpg 6. Your GRiZTRONICS set was fantastic! I met so many great people and traded a lot of kandi. During this set I determined that I wanted to more involved in the rave community as a way to spread love the best way I know how. I bought my first kandi and perler kit and intend to be the best rave dad I can be and taking care of our PLUR community. I already got my ticket for next year’s EDC and hope to see you there, or LL, EForest? 7. This is a side note but I have a tattoo idea of getting Mr B. and a Grateful Dead Bear jamming together with a Sax and Guitar. I'm a huge dead fan as well and am seeing them (Dead & Co.) in Chicago for their farewell tour. I hope this gets to you and that you are able to take to time to respond, if not just keep making great music and bring great vibes to the community, you seem to have no problem with that. Drink Water! Show Love Spread Love -Ky
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2023.05.29 14:33 SE_Ranking Brand New Local Marketing Tool: Everything You Need to Get Your Business on the Map and Attract More Clients Through SEO

Brand New Local Marketing Tool: Everything You Need to Get Your Business on the Map and Attract More Clients Through SEO
Brand New Local Marketing Tool: Everything You Need to Get Your Business on the Map and Attract More Clients Through SEO
If you're running a local business, you know how crucial it is to secure a top position in local search results. That’s why local SEO is your golden ticket. To help you stay ahead in today's marketplace, we've launched our very own groundbreaking Local Marketing tool.
Equipped with awesome features like local rank tracking, reputation management, and citation monitoring, our tool provides everything you need to enhance your business's visibility in local SERPs. And since it's part of the SE Ranking ecosystem, you'll have access to a variety of other essential SEO tools to boost your local rankings.
Let's dive into each feature and explore its full potential for your business.
Local Rankings
This robust local rank tracker empowers users to monitor keyword rankings in Google Maps results for multiple business locations. Users can specify several target keywords and tracking points for each location, such as cities, regions, streets, or addresses, and essentially anywhere rankings are tracked. This tool makes it a breeze for businesses to stay on top of their Google Business Profile's position on Google Maps. Armed with these valuable insights, users can quickly identify fluctuations and prioritize tracking search terms that drive the most traffic and profit to their business.
Local Rankings
Local Marketing Audit
The Local Marketing Audit allows users to evaluate their website's optimization for local search and uncover any issues that might be impacting its performance. This report provides detailed explanations of the issues identified in three key areas: Google Business Profile, business listings, and customer reviews.
Local Marketing Audit
Google Business Profile
With this feature, users can track and analyze how their Google Business Profile is performing. All data is pulled directly from GBP, giving you real-time insights. It allows users to connect multiple profiles to the Local Marketing tool and access all the statistics on a single dashboard.
This feature provides everything users need to gain valuable insights into the search queries that visitors are using to discover their business profile and how they engage with it. Users can view data from various time periods, ranging from the past seven days to the entirety of the available timeline. They can even analyze crucial metrics on a single screen, such as searches, views on Google Search and Maps, website visits, direction requests, phone calls, and even photo views.
Google Business Profile
Business Listings
Our Business Listings tracker provides businesses with a detailed overview of their listings (citations) across the key business directories monitored by it. Users can find out which local directories list their business and which ones don't. They can also identify NAP errors in their listings and make edits directly from the SE Ranking platform.
Business Listings
Our reviews manager provides valuable insights into a business's online reputation by diligently tracking and analyzing user reviews. We collect data from top platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, and Tripadvisor. With this tool, users can reply to customer reviews from Google and Facebook directly within the platform, making it easy to manage feedback from several sources.
We've also integrated an AI-powered review semantic analysis feature that highlights the most commonly used words and phrases in both positive and negative customer reviews. The deep understanding of customer opinions that this tool offers is a game-changer for businesses looking to leverage them within their marketing strategy.
Our reporting feature gives users to showcase their local SEO progress with style by letting them create fully customizable reports. With SE Ranking, users have the flexibility to combine both national and local SEO data within a single report to create a comprehensive overview of a website's performance.
What makes this tool unique?
Comprehensive toolkit: As an integral part of the SE Ranking ecosystem, this tool extends beyond local rank tracking, reputation management, and even beyond integration with Google Business Profile. Users also have access to essential tools like the On-page SEO Checker, Backlink Checker, and Backlink Monitor. This comprehensive toolkit provides the vital data necessary for effective local SEO strategies.
Accurate and reliable data: Just like our renowned Rank Tracker, the Local Marketing tool upholds the same level of accuracy and reliability. Users can count on us to deliver precise insights into local rankings, ensuring they have the most accurate information at their fingertips.
User-friendly interface: We understand the importance of simplicity and efficiency. That's why the Local Marketing tool features a user-friendly interface. With an intuitive dashboard and clear data presentation, users can easily access and analyze information. This easy-to-use design empowers them to make effective decisions that propel their local marketing efforts forward.
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