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Gifs are great at getting quick to digest info, and /educationalgifs strives to give you educational info in this quick to digest format. From chemical processes, to how plants work, to how machines work, /educationalgifs will explain many processes in the quick to see format of gifs.

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2023.05.29 16:57 DuckSwimmer Happy 100k (+1) members

Happy 100k (+1) members
I wanted to make this at exactly 100k, but whoever that +1 is, god damn it. This is why we can’t have nice things LMAO
We appreciate you all and how this community has grown. How this is a place for employees to get together and discuss this lovely establishment, for guests to come and participate in the conversation AND to see what life is like from the other side of the counter and most importantly for a platform that’s a lot more informative and a million times better than Main Menu.
Happy 100k and many more milestones this subreddit will have to offer.
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2023.05.29 16:55 cruisingNW Foundations of Humanity 26 (First Impressions) - an NoP fanfic

Foundations of Humanity 26 (First Impressions) - an NoP fanfic
Thank you u/SpacePaladin15 for establishing the Nature of Predators Universe, and for allowing Fanfics to flourish!
Thank you again, u/Braquen, u/Acceptable_Egg5560, u/Liberty-Prime76 and u/BiasMushroom721 for proofreading! This is my side of the Nature of a Giant crossover!
Huu boi this got to 34k characters, so had to split the chapter. Hooray making a backlog!
Memory transcription subject: Valek, Venlil tourist
Date [standardized human time]: Sept 11th, 2136. Middle of 3rd Claw
I thought of happy memories of the last time my class and I had visited, “I couldn’t figure it out last time, but I was just a pup with a bunch of other pups back then. I know it has something to do with reattaching lines in the right configuration, but every time I got close--”
A black mass. A yawning, toothy pit! Hungry barks! “Teeth! TEETH! PREDATOR!”
I could see the beast’s gaping maw crawling forward to swallow me whole! I couldn’t let it get me! It would eat me! I couldn’t stop my momentum; I just kept getting closer to the inky void and gnashing teeth! I collided with the predator and thrashed and flailed against its wild mane, before my back legs found purchase and I launched myself back from whence I came.
Maeve’s voice shouted from behind just before her arm wrapped around me and halted my retreat, “What the hell, Valek? There’s no Predators he-EOLY SHIT!”
Finding sanctuary against my mate, I found my voice once more. “Big! Teeth! Call the Exterminators! Help! Teeth!” I thrashed in Maeve’s arm, trying to scratch at my prowling assailant.
A voice echoed from near the threat as another form appeared. “What happened?” A human? Another threat? He’s near the predator! He was looking at us! “Y’all okay?” His head turned toward the beast. “You okay?”
“I’m fine! Mostly surprised!” It imitated a Venlil with its movements, but I knew better! “It’s okay! I’m not here to hurt you!”
It was toying with us! Trying to get us off-guard! “Don’t eat us!” Protect your mate! “She’s dealt with Predators already! You’ll be sorry!”
I suddenly felt Maeve shake me. “That’s enough, Valek; get a hold of yourself.”
Get a hold of myself? Doesn’t she realize the threat? The-
“You forgot to say I should be set on fire, or that I’m a freak of nature.” I heard the beast say, now grabbing the edges of the hallway. “In case you need suggestions for insults.”
My voice faltered as I tried to understand it. The words were there, but my mind just couldn’t accept them. Maeve fell silent above me, but continued to hold me fast.
The other human brought itself beside the giant, “Oh my! ‘Nother human! Howdy there!” He raised his hand to his head, touching two fingers to his forehead, then flicking them in our direction. A gesture of greeting.
My ears snapped to the human as I tried to reconcile the friendly gesture amid my panic. Maeve, however, was undeterred and floated past me, coming closer to the monster. Alvi held my shoulder, and supported us against a nearby rope.
“Wow! You… You’re huge!” She had that same wonder in her voice that she always had when she found something new.
In response, I heard the familiar whistle of a Venlil laugh. It was coming from the… it’s a Venlil? “Yes. It’s a condition.”
Maeve continued her approach. She didn’t look the least bit afraid. Even though her arm remained in a cast; a cast given to her by the last predator she tangled with. But continue, she did. “I didn’t know Venlil could display gigantism! That’s incredible!”
I blinked. Gigantism? The translator was unhelpfully vague, something about making things big. The giant seemed similarly confused, “I’m sorry, my translator didn’t quite get that. Display what?”
Maeve reached back to us and I took her hand, and Alvi’s in my other, before she pulled us with her along the corridor. “Gigantism. It’s when a tumor grows on the pituitary gland controlling growth hormones, which causes it to overproduce. It can cause people to grow extremely tall.”
The creature’s confusion seemed to grow, though its body wobbled along with its tail; excitement? “Humans have Marklen-Jauntes syndrome??” Maeve asked for clarification before it continued, “Marklen-Jauntes Syndrome, named after twin giants. Its symptoms are basically exactly what you described!”
Maeve clapped her hands together with a quiet snap, “Oh! It sure sounds like it!”
The giant pushed off from the doorway, and Maeve pulled us into the boxy junction. Their conversation faded in my ears as the realization hit me. It was a syndrome. A medical condition. Maeve had moved to float around the giant as she and the other pair began talking in earnest. I felt Alvi squeeze my paw. “Valek. You okay there?”
My ears fell in worry, “I… I don’t know. I mean look at it! How can Maeve not be terrified of that?”
Alvi ran her paw through the fur on my shoulder, “I think she may have seen worse by now.”
The memory of those shadestalkers on the ground, and Maeve’s shriek of furious pain on the wind sent a chill down my spine. “But shouldn’t that make her more cautious? Make sure that doesn’t happen again?”
Alvi tapped the tuft of her tail against me, a lilt of humor on her voice, “If Maeve were cautious, do you think she would have joined the program? Or came to the Berrypatch?”
I pulled Alvi tighter against me; she was absolutely right. My attention drifted back to their conversation; they were talking about the medical issues of giants. I fully focused on what they were saying as Maeve was finishing her thought,
“... Hopefully, with the Venlil's help, that will change!"
The giant’s ears fell in...shame? It has shame? “You would have to keep it secret. If it was known it was to help giants, the Venlil might refuse.”
Hold on, we would gladly help! “W-we wouldn’t!” The giant’s eyes and ears focused on me, while Maeve and the other human turned to face me. "Our people wouldn't keep secrets like that just because they're big! We may not be the ones in the clinic, but we would gladly offer medicine and equipment.”
The giant let out a deep huff, as if I told a bad joke! “Sir… I’m guessing you haven’t heard of me. Is that correct?”
“N-no?” My tail curled around Alvi and I at my admission. “Should I…?”
The giant’s massive tail swayed behind them, “I guess introductions are in order. My name is Tarlim.”
“The Venbig!” The human announced with a flourish while he slowly floated past ‘Tarlim’s’ front, while the latter whistled in amusement.
“Yes. The ‘Venbig.’ And the Texan there is Jacob.” I saw his tail wag at the name. A sign of fondness for a friend. “May I know who all of you are?”
“I am Maeve, a pleasure to meet you,” She nodded, as she shifted her grip on the rope to reveal Alvi and I behind her. “This is Valek, my exchange partner,” I reflexively flicked my ears in acknowledgment, “And this is Alvi, a close friend of ours.”
Alvi hadn’t moved much beyond floating. She had one eye turned to stare fully at the giant, but otherwise seemed to have locked up, as she had before.
The giant, Tarlim, returned our greeting with a polite bow as he steadied himself on some overhead netting. “Good to meet you. Now, the reason I asked is this: I was imprisoned in a correctional facility before I was able to escape.”
Escape?! I exclaimed, in thought and in voice, “Y-You escaped??”
The giant tried to deceive us, but it couldn’t keep its condition a secret! I put myself between it and Alvi, “Get away from him! He’s dangerous!”
Maeve tried to be kind, “Valek if he’s here I would hardly think-”
But she didn’t know what that meant! We made a promise that we would teach each other about our people, even the bad parts. I had to warn her about it! “Correctional Facilities are where we put dangerous Venlil! People with Predator Disease who have shown themselves to be a threat to the Herd! We try to teach them how to live with the Herd, but if he escaped? He's gotta be dangerous if he had to break out!” I kept the threatening beast in my sight as I put myself between them and my herd.
The beast crouched threateningly, Fixing me with a predatory stare as its ears locked onto me, “Dangerous? Do you know what they put me through in there? The people running those places are monsters!”
“They help people!” I protested, amazed that someone could see their own care as harmful. “They treat people so they are safe around the herd!”
“Oh, HA!” The beast’s face cracked in an angry snarl, “You must feel so safe when we’re strapped into chairs and electrified! Or jammed into rooms where the only safe floor is too small for everyone! It must be soooo perfect to hear about that!”
“Th… That…” They WHAT?! No! “No! Even if that were true, it would be to teach you to stick together! They… They wouldn’t do something like that if it didn’t work!” …right?
A tiny voice spoke behind me, but the beast bore down on my senses, “Stick together! Suuuure!” It’s tail lashed behind it. It was going to pounce! “That’s why they tried to kill me for making sure more people could fit in the Circle! And obviously the electric chair was for proper fear response! That's why they commissioned a chair with enough voltage to fry me from the inside out!”
“Electric chair? You were in an electric chair?” That same tiny voice. Alvi’s words pulled me from my maelstrom and I reached for salvation. I needed Maeve.
“Yes!” The Giant had turned his attention to Alvi as I flew towards my human. “I have been put in that-”
“I saw you on the TV!”
I was wrapping myself around Maeve when Alvi said that. She… saw him? He was on TV? All of us had fallen silent to watch her, including the giant.
“Which part?” It asked with a heavy breath. “The final judgment? The election debates?” I heard a whimper coming from its throat. “When… when my father…?”
Father? It had a father? Wait, why is that a surprise? They were born, so they must have had one.
Alvi spoke with what kindness she could, “I don’t remember much. I was still just a pup when the trial started, but I remember seeing your photo on the TV. My parents didn’t let me watch it after that. I started to research it after I moved out, that’s when I saw the Chair.”
I heard the giant growl. “That Brahking photo! They were so proud to hold me up even though I couldn’t!” Their attention swung back to me. “I don’t suppose, mister Valek, that was also justified?”
I stood tall at the challenge. This… They would not get past me. “I…! I don’t know about any photo! My Family doesn't have a TV, just a radio.”
They flicked their ears dismissively, before bringing them back to Alvi. Was it… kinder? When it was addressing her? “So you saw the chair.” They sighed. “It was only shown after the trial was done. Then you had to have seen what that management did. Instead of letting the place be investigated, they drove all the inmates outside so they could cause chaos! And slipped away while everyone was trying to figure out what happened!” It whistled a derisive laugh, “What about the crimes revealed? Producing and testing drugs to sell on the streets? How the sessions were altered for higher voltage? Oh! And do I even need to mention what happened to the women there?”
Its eye never left me, and I shrunk beneath it while Alvi spoke behind me, “No. No you don’t. What happened there was terrible, there’s no grooming that!”
“Worthy of the Arxur!” It huffed again. “What a title for that place. And you know what the worst part is?” It pointed directly at me with its primary claw; the insult clear in its seething voice. Singling me out as outside of the Herd. “I was in there because of that! Not some test, not Predator Disease, just stupid people Scared. O-Of. My. Size!!”
The rage in its throat was broken by its sobs, as its eyes bubbled with gathered tears, unable to fall for lack of gravity. This thing was crying? It had family, and it cried from remembered pain?
Maeve pushed off of her line, and drifted to the giant, her hand curling around their pointed claw and putting its paw back to their chest. Her words were quiet, a sharp contrast to the giant’s anguish. “I think that’s enough of that. I’m sorry that we had a rough start. We were in the wrong, and it wasn’t, and isn’t, ok for us to react like we did.”
We weren’t wrong! Look at it! How can we be wrong to be careful around something that could eat us without a thought?
I bet your dad thought the same thing.
The thought stopped my heart and flared my wool. When I saw it - No. Saw Him. - when I saw him I scratched and kicked, and I came out unscathed. He hadn’t so much as taken a single step toward us. Only talking. What happened? Why was I so afraid…
Maeve’s voice continued as my thoughts swirled, “We… are sorry for what happened, and want to make it right. I don’t want to intrude any more on your day with your partner, but can we treat you to something here? Valek tells me they have really good fried veg? I’ve never had Venlil Tempura before.”
Why is this familiar? What about this fear… The Meetup.
It-He… Tarlim? Heaved and hacked against waning sobs, barely croaking, “Y-You…you can’t make it right,” the words were only a whisper; barely captured at this distance. “This, all this, just made you more afraid of me. E-Every moment would be forced and shamed. Not genuine.”
This is the same fear I felt when I met Maeve. The same fear that was wrong. Fundamentally and completely. This fear…
Maeve answered without pause, “I think we could surprise you. But I won’t press it. Before I let you go, I’d like to end on a good…noooote…” Maeve checked her empty pockets, as her voice grew a more boisterous timbre, “ah man, I left my pad in the locker. Anyway, you’re way fluffier than the average Venlil, aren’t you? Well, humans have recorded something else called Hypertrichosis; Jacob may know it as Werewolf Syndrome. It manifests in humans as rapid and thick hair growth over their entire body! Jacob can show you when you get back to your pads. ”
Tarlim’s tail thrashed in distrust, but it-NO! HIS! ears fluttered, giving away their conflict. Maeve turned away and pulled herself back down the corridor we came from, scooping up Alvi and I as she passed. But I pulled away from her hand, meeting the eye of the giant.
Nothing about this fear is real. Who I am and what I do is MY CHOICE, and I had the gall to forget that.
“I reacted to you the same way I reacted to seeing Maeve for the first time - well, her hair, anyway. I’ve tried to be better, but I mess up sometimes. I’m… I’m sorry I messed up with you.”
I pushed off down the hall, and met my herd before we continued on.
“Wait!” We found our anchors, and turned to meet the bellowed plea. Tarlim dried his tears on his wool, before looking back at us. “There's a food court near the arcade.” Barely a pause as Tarlim took another breath; the same one I take when I make a Choice. “If we see each other there maybe… maybe we can start over…”
My mouth cracked in a human smile, and my tail swayed at the invitation. “I think I’d like that.”
Tarlim returned our kindness as we floated back down the corridor.
I wanted to just get back to having fun. I had come here with Maeve and Alvi to get away from reactions like that! Not… Not Be the reaction! This was- this was a vacation! Please just…
In. and Out. The Paw is not gone. We can make this work.
“Hey, Valek?” It was Maeve. My love, and my Choice. Her mask met my eye as I spun to meet her. “Are you OK?”
“I will be. I’m sorry for how I reacted.” I feigned a joyful flick and invited them to follow, “Come on! We can take another path and find something fun that way.” I floated ahead of my herd and led the way.
I checked behind me at the next turn and they were following a distance behind. Alvi showed her concern with her tail, while Maeve was unreadable through her mask. It was ok, we can put this behind us once we find something else to occupy us.
Well that was a disaster.
The Maze was more of a problem then I expected it to be. The maze itself was easy enough, but the ‘puzzle rooms’ turned out to be all of the rooms, but they were randomly activated. Sometimes we would fly into a room and it would shift color, pulling the supports into the wall and starting to list the game rules. The last room before we got out kept shifting the gravity, so by the time we made it to the exit we were exhausted in mind and body. Well, Alvi and I were. I don’t believe I had seen Maeve so energized.
“Wanna go again?!” Her voice was bubbling with sarcasm, and she couldn't contain her mischievous cackle when Alvi and I met her mask and signaled an emphatic No! In unison.
She pulled Alvi against her and asked her to hold on, quickly doing the same to me. She pushed off from the Maze exit to the open air in the center. She did the same kick as back in the maze and we started to spin, at which Maeve let go of the two of us to slow our inertia. We spun there together, holding paws and hands, before I spoke into the space between us.
“I’m sorry that I ruined the day. I thought we could go back to having fun, but I spoiled the mood.”
Maeve spoke first, “It’s alright Valek,”
Then Alvi, “It may not have been the best start, but he offered to try again.”
Maeve squeezed my paw and met my eye, “And I look forward to it. That's all we can really do: move forward.” She pulled us back into a tight hug, “Thank you, both of you, for a wonderful day.”
An angry gurgle bubbled up from our embrace, and Maeve continued, “But I could really do with a proper meal. Valek, you mentioned something about fried veg?”
I pulled away and looked around at the various signage, pointing at the exit we had entered from. “The food court connects with the Visor Arcade, so we can go out the way we came in.”
“Alright! Alvi, you hold on, and Valek? Don’t.”
Maeve kicked her legs again and set us spinning quickly, before flinging me in the direction of the exit, and she and Alvi the opposite way. I may or may not have squealed in terror during my hasty flight.
I was able to catch a support line as I passed. I looked out to see that Maeve had done the same, and was just pushing off to come my direction; Alvi was completely wrapped around her torso, like she was caught out in Galetime.
My tail thrashed behind me in admonishment when Maeve was in ear-sense. “You evil woman! You could have killed me!”
I could hear her - no, Alvi! - giggling as they floated over! She was having the time of her life! Maeve defended herself breathlessly, “Oh, come on, that was barely a brisk walk. I knew you’d correct yourself, that’s why I threw you instead of Alvi.”
I hit the pad and opened the bulkhead as they met me, Maeve barely correcting against a passing line to float cleanly through the threshold. Alvi disengaged once we were all inside. “Also because I’m her favorite.”
I flattened my ears in playful anger while she stuck her tongue out at me, and Maeve spoke up from the button. “Now, now, children, I love you both equally. One is just a little more biblical than the other.”
A little more religious? What?
“But I think it is time to come back to earth.” her hand hovered over the button while Alvi and I found our supports.
A button pressed, a growing hum, and our feet met the floor … Eventually. We had forgotten to remember that the floor was White, so we all collapsed on the semi-soft ground head-first. Thank the Sun for padding!
“Okay!” I heard Alvi comment, “Seems we’ve been re-educated on where the ground is.” She stood, shaking her wool. “Wish it hadn’t been a crash course.”
Maeve cackled from the floor as I stood, “HaHa! Multilingual pun! I love it!”
She was still giggling when we walked over to help her up. We were just dusting ourselves and flattening errant tufts when the exit hatch opened, and we stepped outside.
Alvi was last to step over the bulkhead, nearly tripping as her paw caught its lip. Having recovered, she asked, “Anything else you would like to do before lunch Maeve?”
Maeve took a quiet breath as we all waved an excited goodbye to Shishi, cold can of Sprunk in paw. “Speaking from experience, if we wanna do VR, and I kinda do, eating before may be unwise.”
Having reached our locker, I waited for Maeve to don her burka, “The Visor Arcade is on the way, and I’d love to show you this quick sightseeing game. It’s pretty basic, but it will show a few other Federation Homeworlds too!”
Maeve’s voice lit up, and I regretted that her eyes were hidden, as I knew they were shining! “I can see More worlds?! Yes, please! Let’s do that!” Maeve bounded forward almost to around the corner. “Uh… Where is it?”
I flicked my tail teasingly, “It is where we are going. You shouldn’t go running off, you know how strangers are.”
Maeve stood at the corner with her good hand on her hip, “Well then be a good boy and lead the way!”
I could feel my snout quickly blooming.
Oh, that’s not fair.
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2023.05.29 16:54 MarcelvanBasten Control is Remedy at its best. For the most part anyway

For a while, it looked like this would become my GOTY at the time of playing.
Control is awesome. It’s one of those games that you just want to play because of how good it feels to play it, which to me, was a Remedy first. I’ve always loved their games due to the aesthetics and narratives they encapsulate. The problem with them was always the mechanical side. From Max Payne to Quantum Break, none of their games have ever played great. Control is absolutely no different when it comes to story and art direction: the game looks incredible, with a very stylised presentation and masterful use of light, colour and cinematic tone. But what it does do differently is showing us Remedy at their gameplay peak.
I am actually somewhat shocked to see how much the studio has evolved on the gameplay front in a three-year span, since Quantum Break. The best example of this, apart from the character movement, can be found in the Arkane-like abilities Control allows you to use. You can shield, levitate, dash, and most notably, you can use virtually anything as a weapon (including enemies) by launching them. The latter in particular feels phenomenal to engage with. With the help of the surprising destructible environments, combat and interactivity become an absolute blast, and Launch becomes your main means of aggression - even if the game also offers you several effective, unique-looking guns to use. Tied to this is a rewarding sense of progression and power fantasy that Control infuses in the game as you through it and improve your abilities. This, more than anything, is the part of the game that I really loved.
Control is much more than that though. In true Remedy fashion, the story is rather mysterious, never straightforward and constantly engaging, even if the ending is a bit underwhelming. There are some truly interesting moments, impactful revelations, and if I had any criticism to levy against it, I’d say that the urgency imprinted on the narrative makes it illogical for the player to deviate from it in order to tackle some of the side content (though you can safely ignore stuff like the somewhat pointless Bureau Alert missions). Control’s story is highly interesting in the way that Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break’s stories are highly interesting. And part of it is handled through captivating worldbuilding and exposition, not just through documents, but through videos and curated shows (The Threshold Kids episodes are amongst the weirdest, creepiest things I’ve seen in games in recent years).
In fact, after playing it, I don’t understand the criticism I had heard saying there’s ‘too much to read’ in the game. I didn’t feel that - at all - at any point during the main campaign. The only exception to this was the AWE DLC, which in my opinion contained way too many collectibles, was way too driven by a fan-service appeal and, as a whole, was a low point in the whole Control experience. In fact, the introduction of this DLC towards the end-game phase threw off the pacing in a way that was so frustrating that made me ignore it and go back to focus on the main story. A story which, ironically, didn’t even need that expansion to offer the fans really interesting, logical and satisfying connections to the Alan Wake universe. Personally, I think the AWE expansion would’ve worked much better if unlocked only after the main game, since you can continue to play it anyway.
Another thing I loved about Control was its level design, which again, showed us Remedy in a way we hadn’t quite seen before. The Bureau building is incredible, vast, unique, and in a lot of ways a character in itself. Granted, navigation is a bit confusing until you get the hang of it, and if I’m being honest, I wasn’t really fond of the fact that some of the areas are initially locked - metroidvania-style - for no real reason. But the fast travel system works quite well and makes backtracking feel seamless, so no real issues there. Getting to know the building, with all its nooks and secrets, was an absolute joy and delivered no short amount of surprises and really high moments.
So my overall impression after playing Control is a really, really positive one. I ended up not loving it as much as Alan Wake just because I personally felt the story wasn’t as good and didn’t quite stick the landing. But there’s no denying that there are a lot of things in this game that highlight Remedy’s technical evolution and cement them as one of the most interesting, identifiable studios in the industry. Highly recommended. 8.5/10
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2023.05.29 16:54 prrrrji My ex (22M) bought me (19F) a plant to take care of during our breakup and left me with so many questions

My ex loves taking care of plants. He bought me a white orchid to take care of before breaking up with me completely. We actually already broke up over the phone and I asked him to just end things there because I don't want to have to break down in front of him in person. He insisted on coming to see me. Maybe he was trying to convince to let go, maybe he missed me, maybe he wanted to show respect for me; I'm not sure. He told me to keep updating him about my life, and he'll ask our mutual friends how my life is going. He told me that I can reach out to him anytime and wanted to keep in touch. I told him we'll be strangers, he told me we'll be exes. He told me he'll always know me for who I am and see me as a person, I told him he'll never know my progress and I'll simply be a memory or character to him. I asked him how is dumping me so easy for him and how his feelings can change so quickly. Then, he raised his voice and asked me if he looks happy, if he looks good -- and he was right, he looked just as miserable. We kept hugging before he eventually left. We broke up due to my fault because I was the one who broke his trust through a series of trivial lies. He told me it's better for me to be single and we both have problems that we need to work on. I begged and begged and promised changes but he's not willing at all. No matter what, his mind is set on breaking up. I started going to therapy and owned up, but he's just not willing to get hurt. He was the first man to treat me right and now it feels like I'll never find someone who treats me right.
I just have so many questions. Why did he buy me a flower? Why did he want to see me? Once we heal, will we ever be able to be together again? Does he care if I feel sad? Does he care if I move on, especially when he broke up with me for my sake? Do dumpers ever reconsider? Do emotions for male dumpers sink in right away, or do they slowly sink it after a while? It's so hard to move on when he treated me so well and cared for me until the very end. I can't villainize him because it was my fault.
I can't get past this stage of self-blame. I can't breathe when I wake up, and I have no motivation to eat or drink or work. Yet, a part of me feels relieved that all the begging and the breaking up are finally over. I don't know why I keep on gravitating from being absolutely miserable to laughing and making jokes about the breakup to being relieved; and the cycle repeats. Have you guys ever felt relieved after being dumped?
tldr; my ex bought me a flower during our breakup and left me with so many unanswered questions
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2023.05.29 16:54 Biscuit_Heffer Help rehabilitating leg after injury

When I was a teenager, I tore my meniscus and had it removed. Years later I had a back injury that pinched nerves and caused a lot of sciatic pain. Half of my left foot is numb now, but is getting better as I make progress. However my left leg is noticably smaller and weaker than my right.
I have to roll my feet when I run because I can't catch myself on my toes and spring off on my left leg. If I skip rope. It has to be with both feet because I can't hop on just my left foot.
I don't have much trouble with things that mainly use my thigh, but I have a really hard time doing exercises that require knee and ankle strength.
I was hoping for some advice on how to strengthen those muscles & even my legs out. Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.05.29 16:53 jordanclock Traction control light coming on when stopping or accelerating from a stop

Hey all you mechanically gifted people!
I have a 2014 Chevy Sonic with about 87k miles. Starting about a week ago, I noticed some subtle changes to how it feels when stopping or accelerating from a stop. First, it feels like idling is a bit rougher. Second, coming to a stop feels slightly jerky. Third, the car seems to start moving faster than it used to when I simply release the brake. These are all small changes, but I'm sure you all know how those kinds of things can stand out when you've had a car for so many years.
A few days ago, though, my check engine light came on. I knew it would be time to take it in at that point but nothing stood out as particularly wrong so I've been driving as necessary still. Since then, I've seen my traction control light come on a few times in rather odd circumstances. Twice it has happened when I was pulling into a parking spot and a few more times it has come on when coming to a stop at a light and then accelerating from a stop. I don't feel any slipping and the roads have been bone dry around here.
I'm not expecting much in the way of answers here because I know descriptions of problems from non-mechanics are notoriously unhelpful. It would just be nice to have an idea or two of what the problem could be while I'm waiting for my appointment.
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2023.05.29 16:53 TommyChi Advice on Setting Up My Business and Website

So I’m starting an LLC and with that LLC being the Parent Company I will have a handful of DBA’s. Initially 2 DBA’s. One of those DBA’s will Need A Website.
Questions •Does the website name have to be the same as the DBA Name? •How Do I go about Registering, Trademarking, Patenting, the names and concept? (If I can even patent a concept..) •What do you all recommend as being the best way (best as in cost efficient, fairly easy for someone who has no idea what they’re doing, but has help that is a genius on computers degrees and all) •The website must have a very detailed search function.. I do I input a search option into a website? (That’s always confused me)
This is my first or probably many posts as I get to work on this project. Any advice is extremely appreciated since I have no idea what I’m doing. Thank y’all so much
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2023.05.29 16:53 frusthrow drug test clarification

i have a DISA drug test coming up this week.
hair and urine test.
i wanted to know what is the detection range and permissible limits allowed to pass. company - oil and gas

i havent done any hard drugs in life.
but been exposed to passive marijuana smoke and 1 month back took 2 half puffs from a vape which i later came to know had some form of "legal engineered of marijuana" or something. i still dont know what it is exactly. i didnt even know that stuff existed in vape and i dont vape regularly either. maybe 1-2 puffs of flavored ones in 2-3 months. dont smoke regularly also - very occasional drags once in 2-3 months.

its been 30 days since i mouth fagged or so that vape whatever it was and i otherwise havent smoked up in months n months - i am expecting to pass the urine test

but what abt the hair test? it says 90 days and for repeated drug use which i definitely dont but because of that vape thing, im still paranoid. can someone please clarify?

also how many days will DISA take to give the results?
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2023.05.29 16:53 jollyspiffing Weekly Wildcard League Report - GW38

Weekly Wildcard League Report - GW38 Entries remain open, join code: 62bcum
The weekly wildcard league is a league with unlimited free-transfers trying to nail the dream team each week - see the joining details below.
This week in the fantasypl Weekly Wildcard League the Team Of The Week was 'Mansplaining FPL' managed by 'u/drearyDusk ⠀' with a GW score of '78'
Top scouts this GW
rank id team_name manager GW_points GW_transfers
1 3310022 Mansplaining FPL u/drearyDusk 78 7
2 7592633 Weekly Wanderers Mike Laskey 78 16
3 5010893 YOLO Sindre Haugen 77 14
4 456494 BEST ELEVEN James D Soh 76 7
5 16985 Catch me if you Kane SlipperySimplicity / 72 10
6 1274664 Areola’s Areolas Max Basta 71 3
7 4698648 Hits n Giggs Jimmy B 70 7
8 5069626 Born 2 be Wildcard Wildcard Sam 70 13
9 5705467 Vancouver Titans CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM 67 3
10 3091427 Liverpoops Alex Chen 67 21
11 1416472 Boly magas Parikshit CH 65 15
12 7596049 Savage vs Scout u/ Savage9645 65 9
13 1968231 Dream Team Tiago Costa 62 7
14 439319 Scouting for goals Scout Master 62 12
15 3273078 Harvardsportsblog Harvardsports. blogspot.com 61 10
16 1795393 PG Tips FC Steve Webb 60 6
17 8786569 Eberechi's Ebonies FMDK00 ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 59 7
18 5796 WILDCARD BOYZ u/ Rembata37 58 14
19 7551062 YOLO Sindre Haugen 58 11
20 7022949 Official scout Official Scout 56 9
21 4199657 Sterling Effort Faust R. Peggi 56 8
22 9329092 La Casa Del Rey Don Oussama 51 6
23 8108322 The Misanthrope Victor Shawn Awatt 50 3
24 1110323 Flat Balls Thomas Illescas 49 11
25 406656 lacroix Charbel Bou Khalil 48 3
26 10118082 Borussia Teeth Idrees Awais 47 3
27 708428 Wildcard FC u/ chibibabymoon 42 4
28 259370 HaaLund ke Baal Jaggu WC 40 13
29 6304618 BaduRanciu George Bebeselea 36 3
30 4238920 AGP Max u/ Esseth 33 7
31 154428 Lollypop FC Olga Silbery 28 10
32 529864 stillTrashAtFPL Mwai Chatha 26 4
Favourite picks this GW
name selected captained gw_pts
Alexander-Arnold 28 0 4
Salah 24 11 5
Kane 22 6 16
Fernandes 15 2 10
Álvarez 14 1 2
Rashford 13 3 2
Eze 12 1 2
Ødegaard 11 1 3
Trippier 11 0 0
De Gea 10 0 7
Son 10 1 5
Wilson 9 1 1
Watkins 9 0 9
Tarkowski 9 0 8
Mahrez 7 0 2
Mitoma 6 0 1
Estupiñán 5 0 1
Gabriel 5 0 6
Maddison 5 1 2
Rodrigo 5 0 2
White 5 0 6
Guéhi 4 0 2
Ederson 4 0 3
McNeil 4 1 3
Ramsdale 4 0 6
Isak 3 0 2
Jesus 3 0 12
Pickford 3 0 5
Schär 3 0 2
Firmino 3 1 5
Castagne 3 0 2
Ramsey 3 0 9
Iheanacho 3 0 5
Johnstone 2 0 3
Saka 2 0 6
Garnacho 2 0 2
Alisson 2 0 0
Mbeumo 2 0 5
Dalot 2 0 2
Groß 2 0 5
Barnes 2 0 7
Andersen 2 0 2
Tsimikas 2 0 -1
Lewis 2 0 2
Mitrović 2 0 -1
Steele 1 0 2
Pinnock 1 0 15
Botman 1 0 3
Mac Allister 1 0 2
Foden 1 0 2
Mina 1 0 8
Aké 1 0 8
Casemiro 1 0 2
Arrizabalaga 1 0 3
Van Dijk 1 0 0
Wissa 1 0 2
Havertz 1 0 1
Henry 1 0 7
Enciso 1 0 2
Lindelöf 1 0 2
Douglas Luiz 1 0 7
Willian 1 0 5
Almirón 1 0 2
Ayling 1 0 0
Iversen 1 0 2
Keane 1 0 0
Bowen 1 0 1
Jones 1 0 1
Dubravka 1 0 3
Diogo Jota 1 0 13
Kelleher 1 0 2
Kiwior 1 0 13
Sergio Gómez 1 0 2
Martínez 1 0 3
Trossard 1 0 9
Palmer 1 0 2
Cash 1 0 1
Emerson Royal 1 0 2
Gibbs-White 1 0 4
Sancho 1 1 9
A.Doucouré 1 0 11
Overall weekly wildcard League:
rank id team_name manager total_score total_transfers
1 3310022 Mansplaining FPL u/drearyDusk 2605 234
2 8786569 Eberechi's Ebonies FMDK00 ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 2571 374
3 7592633 Weekly Wanderers Mike Laskey 2563 329
4 456494 BEST ELEVEN James D Soh 2544 257
5 5705467 Vancouver Titans CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM 2534 98
6 7596049 Savage vs Scout u/ Savage9645 2506 302
7 16985 Catch me if you Kane SlipperySimplicity / 2486 224
8 8108322 The Misanthrope Victor Shawn Awatt 2476 86
9 406656 lacroix Charbel Bou Khalil 2469 130
10 4199657 Sterling Effort Faust R. Peggi 2443 317
11 3273078 Harvardsportsblog Harvardsports. blogspot.com 2440 193
12 439319 Scouting for goals Scout Master 2434 359
13 5069626 Born 2 be Wildcard Wildcard Sam 2428 283
14 708428 Wildcard FC u/ chibibabymoon 2426 211
15 1968231 Dream Team Tiago Costa 2425 167
16 5796 WILDCARD BOYZ u/ Rembata37 2419 261
17 4698648 Hits n Giggs Jimmy B 2417 276
18 7022949 Official scout Official Scout 2408 254
19 3091427 Liverpoops Alex Chen 2407 96
20 1416472 Boly magas Parikshit CH 2401 97
21 1274664 Areola’s Areolas Max Basta 2387 95
22 529864 stillTrashAtFPL Mwai Chatha 2365 154
23 1110323 Flat Balls Thomas Illescas 2348 238
24 4238920 AGP Max u/ Esseth 2295 172
25 1795393 PG Tips FC Steve Webb 2245 143
26 259370 HaaLund ke Baal Jaggu WC 2225 180
27 7551062 YOLO Sindre Haugen 2134 318
28 5010893 YOLO Sindre Haugen 2133 326
29 10118082 Borussia Teeth Idrees Awais 2114 83
30 6304618 BaduRanciu George Bebeselea 2061 159
31 154428 Lollypop FC Olga Silbery 2006 223
32 9329092 La Casa Del Rey Don Oussama 1969 89
Join the scout league:
The aim is to make a secondary FPL team to try and get the most points from your 1st XI each week, with no restrictions on transfers: - Transfers will not count against your "scout league" score (they will still be counted on the official site) - Points are only scored for the first XI each week, subs don't count. - Captain only, Vice-Captain will not be counted - Auto-subs will not be counted. - Chips will not be counted (you can play them if you want, but they won't affect your score)
I'm still confused how does this work? People in this league create a secondary team and try and pick the best XI each week without caring about transfer costs/hits. Scoring is done manually to exclude any transfers costs and also excludes bench players. The score/rank on the official site will usually be terrible because of the many transfers, but that's not what counts for this ML, it's what gets posted in the table above that counts.
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2023.05.29 16:53 Helixagon Just finished 90, I got thoughts

  1. Just finished watching it so I have a lot of thoughts.
A lot of it felt like it was just gonna be mostly feelgood and it did go down that road, not a bad thing after the bleakness of much of the series. But Kelly's whole arc felt really forced. Especially how it's dealt with at the end - "oh I've been clean for two weeks now" suddenly and Lol being like "do you know how hard it is that I couldn't come and see you?" Like is this even Lol? The characters I know are fiercely loyal and protective even if flawed, so the idea that she wouldn't come and drag Kelly back home if she knew where she was is bizarre to me. Or that she wouldn't go off on Harvey for kicking her out and losing her to the streets. Harvey was a bit out of order but that's been said by many already.
The drugged-out rave gangbang with Kelly was gross but it really just felt like Kelly was bored/feeling grossed out by her own actions than it being rape which seems to be the consensus. It's gross but at no point does she seem to be making any attempt to not be there. It feels like in Skins where Effy is just "banging the pain away" using sex as a tool to try and feel something. I guess Kelly had a lot of leftover angst about her dad and this is the way of showing it. In the first part we see her waking up with what looks like an older guy, and the gangbang is with a bunch of older dudes, so there's probably something going on there. Genuinely trying to understand how other people interpreted this scene and maybe understand a bit better.
It felt like a lot of stuff didn't get tied up very well or was rushed, like that. Only so much you can do in these 4-episode series but it felt like they introduced drama fecklessly and then resolved it just as fecklessly. The Shaun and Smell subplot also. Just sorta ... ended.
The Gadget and Harvey pairing also could have had some depth and development but it didn't really go anywhere. Gadget at least stepped up from comic relief a bit. Sidenote: let's be real, I'm pretty sure people only like Harvey because they want to bang Michael Socha.
Seems like they cut down the cast again, Meggy and Banjo are gone which is fine, Flip's gang is gone ... fine. Smell was barely around.
Shaun's scene at the rave was a highlight. Finally a bit of insight into what he's thinking, tying it back to the movie, and maybe a bit of growth.
Lol's mum has very inconsistent characterisation. Previously time they portray her as more of a shrinking character which explains how she could've been so scared of Lol's dad, in her own words, even though she knew abuse was going on. That was also weird because she fully welcomed him back in 86 and I don't think her knowing was ever intended based on all of 86, it was just a retcon to try and tie things up in the scene. Contrary to being a shrinking violet, in front of Woody's parents she is a mouthy working class stereotype which feels like they just changed her character for a crowbarred-in scene where it's working class vs middle class. Bit of forced drama, bit of comic relief. But I dislike when characterisation is changed so obviously just to fit into a plot.
Combo was mainly who I was sitting around for to see if he got the good ending. He .... didn't. And again leaving his fate as a cliffhanger offscreen was so unsatisfying. If it's a horrible ending fine but don't just leave it hanging. It feels very much like a lot of stuff is deliberately left unresolved to leave room for a wrap-up, but I don't know if it'll feel satisfying considering it'll be 10 years later.
I do feel a bit more sympathy for Milk here than some others. He is obviously torn between family and wanting to forgive Combo. You can see how wrenched he is about it all. I do wish Combo had had a happier ending here, but it is what it is.
This is England was definitely strongest in the movie, I think it slowly slid out from there. I think the TV series really was more of its own thing than a continuation of the film's themes and plotlines, but that's fine. I absolutely fell in love with Woody as a character, though he was great in the film too. The absolute humanity he shows in the series. His love for his bird.
Smell was also a highlight of the whole series. Had 0 sympathy for Shaun in 88. Dumbass.
Nuff said. I didn't want this to be all negative but I had to get some of those thoughts off my chest as 90 left me feeling a little flat. I was able to binge the movie and shows but now it's gonna be a painfully long wait to (hopefully) a final movie.
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2023.05.29 16:53 Rook_to_Queen-1 Do you folks prefer Narrative-focused games, or games with lots of systems to interact with?

So, I’ve recently been thinking about what I actually want to play solo, and I figured I’d bring the discussion outside my own head.
Some of the hyper-popular systems designed with solo in mind are are Narrative-focused. Ironsworn and the many many journaling games—it really just comes down to stats and dice and Oracles. You don’t really have individual class mechanics or “mini games” representing different systems. Fishing is a roll. Finding things is the same sort of rolls.
Most games with individual classes with specific abilities or systems to interact with are not primarily solo and just your standard systems being played with Mythic or something.
Do you guys find that too much in the way of systems (say, like, the crafting portion of Scraps) and less focus on freeform roleplay pushes you away from a game? (Like, at that point, would you rather just play a videogame?)
I was thinking about this when playing Apothecaria and wishing there was more to the potion-making and finding ingredients. And then playing some games on Steam that had the sort of systems I’d like to see… but then, would I actually enjoy that as a ttrpg?
Meanwhile, Scraps has the core crafting system, but then very little surrounding it so that it’s basically just a journaling game with a single mechanical system attached, and that doesn’t feel like enough to me either.
But then I have to wonder… would I actually want to play a solo ttrpg village witch game that had separate systems/mini games for fishing, gardening, potion-making, and “dungeon-delving” for ingredients? Or at that point would I just be like “eh. I’ll go play Stardew Valley”
What do you all think? Where do you fall on the question of “how many systems is too much for a solo ttrpg experience before it’s more appealing to just play a videogame”? Are there any examples of Solo ttrpgs with a variety of systems to cover different activities?
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2023.05.29 16:52 N1ceCarr0ts Questions about insurance, starting the process

I'm hoping someone here has some advice. Sorry, I'm a bit clueless here, but I'm at a point where I'd really like to start the process of getting phallo, but I have no idea what my insurance would cover, if it covers any of it. How do I go about finding that information? Will the surgeon or their team be able to tell me if I schedule a consultation?
For context, I have United Healthcare, but I know different plans cover different things. I have an app that's supposed to list what is covered, but so many sections of the app are inoperable, and I would rather not have to call and explain my situation as a trans person to a stranger if I can avoid it.
Also, do most surgeons offer a virtual consult or do they usually have to be in person? What advice do you have for getting started?
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2023.05.29 16:52 Formal-Information36 Even though the break-up was something we planned, she has become so cold and emotionless towards me..is that normal?

I suppose I am the dumper for initiating the break up but I feel towards the end it was rather mutual.
Here is my story:
I dated a co-worker for almost 8 months and she is much younger than me. It was the most intense, romantic and passionate relationship I was ever involved in (she has the zodiac sign Cancer), despite us sharing different cultural beliefs and religions. We were very much in love and it showed. On three seperate occassions thoughout the 8 months she sent me three love letters and her gifts were always so thoughtful. For context, I am a muslim and she is a christian (not very practicing though on her end). I knew from the first day it would be challenging because of the circumstances, including the fact we work in the same office and on the same floor albeit in different teams and the fact that the age gap meant we had different levels of emotional maturity. Also, I am at a stage in my life where I want to date to marry, whereas, I do not think she is ready for marriage. That was showing as the relationship progressed. Around 4 months in, we had a talk where I told her that I was starting to feel somewhat guilty because being in the relationship after all and not knowing how secure our relationship would be and that I am not conforming to my faith was overshadowing all the beautiful moments we kept experiencing. She was open to learn and try and embrace Islam but of course needed a lot of time for this. We agreed 4 months in around December that come March (when it would be Ramadan and I wanted to focus on trying to be a good muslim again) we would try and transition from being romantic partners to friends or something of the like, considering we work on the same floor and that we did not want to totally cut each other out of our lives. I also told her that I did not want to close the door on her completely but that maybe if we gave ourselves the chance to work on ourselves and the flaws that were causing friction between us, who knows, we may reconnect and be in a much better place like 12 months down the line. I was also open with her that maybe I needed to give myself a chance to try and meet someone from my own culture (as that would make marriage easier to some extent) and she can figure out what kind of man she really wants to be with (for exampe she has the more western mentality of wanting to do everything with a partner lik they were married without yet being married if you know what I mean).
In terms of the flaws, I brought to her attention that she needed to stop being judgmental, confrontational, impulsive and to give me the benefit of the doubt when things are not always so rosy or when there is a difficult moment. Our arguments were emotionally draining everytime there was a moment of adversity. We had several arguments where everytime something was not particularly pleasing to her, or where she had a different optionion / disagreement, she would often handle such situations differently to me. Needless to say, she is, in my view, not very emotionally mature. Of course, I also committed some mistakes like not always being very attentive to her emotions. Like, some situations could have also been avoided if I was a bit more tactful.
Our last argument was mid march and even though I apologized to her and explained to her my point of view, when I made three attempts to talk to her in person (to ensure we remain amicable as the break up was looming), she did not show much enthusiasm to meet in person based on her replies (i.e.. telling me she cant meet without implying a future time to talk OR telling me to call her instead of in-person) . I took that as a sign she was not willing to talk and I never reached out again. I felt I also needed to respect my dignity and stop trying to reach out.
I took the advice of many experts to undergo NC and its been two months of no contact whatsover. When she sees me in the office, she may walk past me but not make eye contact. Literally, she would look downwards.
Last week, since we work in the same company, an assignment came to me where I had to involve her because of her background knowledge. I noticed, in writing as well as verbally, her tone with me was rather sharpish, direct and straight-to-the-point. It was not one of warmth. At one point she called me on MS Teams (work communication system) to discuss the report but it was like "hi, okay, so I read your email, what do you mean by XYZ". She was simply direct and kept it stricly work related. Towards the end of the call, I asked her "do you have a minute as I wish to discussing something non-work related with you.." to which she replied "I am in the office actually" but her attitude still showed she was not willing to talk about something private (granted also someone else was in the office). However, I thought to myself, she would still write to me on the chat and say that after work she may have a minute, or, she would have taken the laptop to another empty room to be alone. So, that made me feel again she was not very willing to speak to me. After the call, we messaged each other regarding the assignmnet and I wrote "Thank you for the collaboration" to which she replied "pleasure". Again, a straight and direct response.
So, technically, I did not break the no contact rule but after 2 months and since it was work-related, we did end up having some form of communication without touching on the unresolved issues of the past. It is akward for me and it hurts to walk past her office (literally 4 meters apart).
I would like to know whether I assesed the signals correctly that she is not open to talk right now? Or, has she simply moved on? Is she still angry because she thought I would try harder to speak since March? Should I give it more time and wait for her to speak to me? This is a girl who kept writing and saying to me she is madly in love, wanted to have children with me, travel the world, and just be beside me. I just do not understand how cold she has become, yet we both knew and were aligned on the transition months ahead of the break-up.
She has not deleted my number from whatsapp.
Notwithstanding the above, I very much love her. I think of her everyday.. I hope you can guide me and tell me if you think there is any hope she will reach out on her own or if I should just move on completely? This is my first real break up.
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2023.05.29 16:52 blackjacksandhookers The finale wasn't bad by any means, but it felt like the show was trying too hard to give us a twist ending.

Some people are really mad about the finale, others are saying it's one of the best finales ever. I find myself in neither camp. I think the performances and most of the writing were top tier as always. But IMO the writers put too much into pulling the rug out from under us with the ending.
The Waystar board is apparently very, very strongly pro-Deal at the beginning of the ep. Then the balance suddenly goes the other way and without too much effort by Ken's bloc. Similarly, Shiv and Rome seem to reconcile themselves to King Ken and then just brutally smack him down at the ending (without a clear trigger). I understand their sibling relationships are complex, but I don't think we got enough buildup for the final betrayal.
The buildup for Ken coming out on top but becoming Logan-esque in the process- that certainly was there. I think that in modern TV, some writers put too much stock into "shocking" the audience. That can certainly be good sometimes: Kendall accidentally killing the waiter and tanking his hostile takeover was a great example. But in this case I think the writers just didn't want to take the logical route even if it would've been better for the story.
Imagine if after Ken's siblings backed him, he was still short of votes (which would make sense, since like I said he was struggling at the ep's beginning). In order to bribe some votes, he has to betray his promise to give ATN to Shiv and Socials to Rome. He secretly makes this deal, and only reveals it to the sibs after the vote goes through for him. They hate him and leave. Would a Michael Corleone ending be so bad? Who cares if it was the expected ending for many fans? I want to cite earlier comments fans made on this topic:
>Like having an obvious ending doesn't mean it can't be executed well. Better call Saul and breaking bad had fairly obvious endings but were executed well and as a result are well liked by most people.
>In fact, I'd argue the obvious ending is often the best one. It's where the story naturally headed. If people can recognise the direction a story is taking, that's a sign of good writing. It's when writers try too hard to be subversive that things get messy.
The show seemed to value the fact that "You'll never guess how it ends", but I'm not sure if that gave us the best ending.
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2023.05.29 16:52 FamilyGuy_Apologist Can someone explain how the point system works?

Is the point system just completely random? How does the game know how many points to give and how many to take from you? It always feels like you take one step forward and three steps backs. The star system was less frustrating and much simpler imo
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2023.05.29 16:52 Silent-Bit-5538 Soon-to-be ex-husband won’t stop trying to “punish” me.

A year ago my partner and I called it quits after ten years. While it was very amicable at first (we would meet up to talk logistics and catch up on how we were both doing), I soon found out that he was lying to my face and being friendly while purposefully poisoning my reputation behind my back. He told his family and friends that I was in a relationship and had an affair while we were married, which is completely untrue. Initially when I heard this, I thought he was trying to make himself feel better and I brushed it off as “sticks and stones” nonsense. I was dead wrong.
A family member of his texted MY WORK this lie, which ended up causing me to take unpaid medical leave since I soon experienced harassment at work because of the rumor. We lived in a small town. When I confronted him about the rumor and what has happened to me because of it, he said “it was easier to say I was in a relationship instead of telling the truth.” Many people who I thought were my friends and family now call me a “whore” and have tried to make me feel small. I’m completely and totally alone.
During the majority of our relationship, he was in school and I supported us. I bought all the furniture, groceries, paid rent, pet adoption and care fees, and even sold my stock and emptied my 401k to support us and put a down payment on a house. I also did all of the invisible labor and planning. He’s the classic “if I tell him to do chores I’m nagging, but if I write them down he doesn’t like the ‘honey-do’ list format.” Now he’s a doctor making over 200K, and I have zero income and slowly dwindling savings left from selling the house. He’s also constantly bragging to anyone who will listen that he has had “so many tinder dates” who are all “way hotter” than me.
I asked him for alimony, and he said “he doesn’t owe me a cent.” I told him a was going to involve a lawyer, and he said he would “bleed me dry” on fees before I saw any payment from him.
When I left, I was only “allowed” to take one pet (I had to unlearn a lot of bad habits because I had always bent over backwards for him and put him first). It was only after that I realized how much he had used me and that I was right in wanting to leave. Oh, he also guilt tripped me into sex. He would cry and say “you don’t love me” or “you don’t find me attractive” until I just gave in.
Now, because the court won’t accept that I have no income but am technically employed, he’s now suing me for divorce so that it will be “easier” for him rather than pursuing the mutual divorce that we had always talked about. I feel like he won’t stop punishing me for leaving until I am dead. He’s taken everything from me, and I have nothing left.
I’m completely at a loss for what to do next. Should I hire a lawyer even though it’ll drain the last of my funds? Does anyone have advice for how I can get him to stop punishing me or how to protect myself? I feel like there’s nothing left for him to take, but every time I say that he finds something new or I hear a new rumor about how “terrible” I was to him. I feel so used and thrown away.
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2023.05.29 16:51 Advanced_Sprinkles37 Why Kannadigas are so much stupid and hypocrite??

1) When I went to bangalore, environment was hostile for me (personal experience), few kannadigas cursed me for not speaking their 'Regional language' that is kannada. I can speak my own Regional language, English which is a Global language and Hindi which is a common link language for majority of us.
2) So I came to know that there are many kannadigas from karnataka living in Mumbai, and many other different states, earning their bread and butter, and not learning any regional languages of those states. They learn only Hindi which is a common link language and they go on earning their bread and butter without any hostile situation for them in our states.
3) So my point is, kannadigas many times complain that they learn Hindi when they go to North india, but north indians dont learn kannada when they come to Karnataka. They consider every state above them as North india lol, but they don't learn regional languages, because according to them, hindi is a language of north💀💀. This uneducated people don't know that every state has their own regional languages, UP has 8, Bihar has 13, Chattisgarh has 90, Maharashtra has multiple too and we gave a common link language that is Hindi. But these kannadigas only learn hindi and don't learn our regional languages.
4) So my question is, as they only learn hindi in our states, and never bothered to learn our regional languages, they don't respect that, 99% of them, so why they force us to learn their regional languages In their states like Hypocrites???
I m fine with English Hindi and my own regional language, why I should learn their regional language when 1000s of kannadigas lives in my state but don't learn my regional languages?
Also one most interested part is:- They give counter arguments that when you go to America you have to learn English, so learn kannada in karnataka, but someone tell these fools that in America, English is litrally mandatory, you people should make kannada mandatory in Karnataka, because even kannadigas speak English in office, so how I m supposed to learn when there is no use of it??
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2023.05.29 16:51 bltfoad Advice: How to quickly move a sales meeting in the right direction

Getting sales meetings takes time and effort. It costs a lot of money and time. To get an appointment, you must be relevant in the eyes of the prospect and eliminate everything that's not relevant.
The same applies when we get the meeting - it's about cutting down absolutely everything irrelevant - and delivering the correct information to help the prospect decide.
Therefore, the job of a B2B sales rep is to understand the context of the given prospect quickly: are they familiar with the solution, are they speaking to any other vendors, and what made them take the meeting?
These questions will warry a lot based on the product and category. You ask questions to understand where the prospect is in their buyer journey, the premise of the call, and the main points for which they will decide on a solution.
After asking it in a few meetings, you will know if a question is good.
These questions will reveal the exact next steps: a detailed demo, bringing in a decision maker, consulting the prospect on how to solve the problem, educating them on the space, and many more.
And over time, the answers will tell you what to expect: is this a long sales cycle or a hot lead, and what's their actual buying intent? Ultimately, this is what a good B2B sales rep is supposed to gauge!
P.S. I'm working on a sales product that cuts 40%-60% of the sales process. Check it out - it's called FirmDisco - and feel free to message me for any founder-led sales-related questions :)
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2023.05.29 16:51 fanficwriter1994 "Champion of Hyrule" Challenge Update

Note: This is an update on my challenge, since I had this idea brought to my attention. It kind of makes sense to me anyway.
You awaken, startled, and find yourself in a strange room with blue water flowing from up high, you standing in the center of a hexagonal platform with six other platforms, adorned each with a different symbol, at each of the points of your platform.
Standing on the platform with the yellow symbol you find a blonde woman who you would recognize to appear much like Princess Zelda from the The Legend of Zelda series, though none of them seem to match her appearance exactly.
"Greetings, traveler from another world." Speaks up the woman, smiling mildly at you. "I am Hylia, goddess of this realm and agent of the GOlden Goddesses who created it. I am sure you wonder how you got here or if this is even real, but I assure you, it is. I have brought you here on recommendation of a certain, impish deity from outside this realm, with a request." Explained Hylia and a lifts a hand to create a ball of light.
"I was granted the ability to host a, as your people call it, Jumpchain, and directed to take you on as a Jumper, as for why I am doing this, well... There hasn't been born a hero in this timeline. Link doesn't exist here." She sighs and shakes her head.
"For that reason, I have called on you, to take the role, so let me get to the actual rules next." She explains.
  1. You must take each Main Series Zelda game jump in chronological Order, as in the timeline chronological order.
I. Skyward Sword
II. Minish Cap
III. Four Swords
IV. Ocarina of Time
V. Majora's Mask
VI. Twilight Princess
VII. Four Swords Adventures
VIII.1 Adult Timeline/Downfall Timeline your choice
VIII.2 Wind WakeA Link to the Past
VIII.3 Phantom Hourglass/Link's Awakening
VIII.4 Spirit Tracks/Oracle of Ages or Seasons
VIII.5 None/Other Oracle game
VIII.6 None/Oracle of Scenario
VIII.7 None/A Link Between Worlds
VIII.8 None/Zelda 1 Gauntlet
VIII.9 None/Zelda 2
IX. Breath of the Wild (Final of this section of the chain)
  1. You may not use the Universal Drawbacks Supplement.
  2. You may only use standard Supplements such as Cosmic Warehouse or it's replacers, Bodymod as well as Housing, Dock and so on Supplements.
  3. You can choose 1 Drawback in a Jump when you make your build, it's negative effects are doubled but you may take it's CP into all other Jumps too, granting that CP the Drawback gave to your starting budget.
  4. CP carried over from Drawbacks are cut in half during Gauntlets.
  5. Companion Purchases and Imports are free of charge.
  6. If you hook up with somebody and have a child, it can become a Companion.
  7. You cannot quit the chain until you're done with all of the above jumps as well as one more additional Jump.
  8. You must take the role of Link and do his job.
  9. As Link, you must be Hylian though in the Adult Timeline you may choose to be one of the other races as that Link wasn't initially chosen but become the hero of his own volition, you carry the race choice into the Spirit Tracks Jump.
  10. Heart Container are a thing here too, but you will start each Zelda Jump with only the starting 3 heart containers. They work as damage sponges, keeping you save and healthy until they run out.
  11. You cannot take the Triforce between the Jumps of this section of the chain, if you as Link would have one of the Triforce aspects, fine, that is just part of the jump. But you cannot rip the Triforce of Power out of Ganondorf's stiff corpse after Twilight Princess and take it into Four Swords Adventures, sorry.
  12. During Gauntlets and Powerloss situations (Item or Perk loss) you may choose 10 Perks and 10 Items from the jumps listed above and take them along into those jumps but they're scaled down to local levels if they're too OP.
She took another breath, smiling a bit. "Naturally I won't demand this without further recompense after you save my world, naturally." She states and takes a last breath before running into the rewards for basically marathoning all of the Zelda Franchise:
  1. You will be known in future Jumps as "The Hero of Light", with all things dark and evil knowing you on sight and knowing that you have faced far worse than them in your time. This grants you the sort of treatment reserved for police officers as these beings know, you are the Immune System against their kind.
  2. You may take Generic First Jump, Generic Virgin and Generic First Gauntlet following this series of jumps. However, Gauntlet rules for powers are in effects in these jumps.
  3. You are granted the Triforce for real this time, though because of divine politics it isn't omnipotent outside the world of Hyrule. Once per year it can be used to grant a wish up to and incuding something on the level of restoring the Lorule Triforce or reviving the dead.
  4. The Triforce grants, for each of it's components, one of the following boons:
I. Power: Grants Immortality up to three times a Jump with only extreme damage from weapons that are explicitly powerful against you working. Also grants a x10 boost to all physical attributes.
II. Wisdom: Grants near limitless magical power, greatly increase intelligence, a x10 multiplier to the speed at which you're learning new information, as well as allowing you to grant your Perks to another person if they agree to it.
III. Courage: Never be frozen in fear, always able to react and act. You also have a strong will, able to withstand incredible hardships, resist attempts to break your will and even resist any and all efforts to possess you. Lastly, no amount of time can rust your blade, your skills will remain as fresh and well oiled as if you had been practicing nonstop for years. Lastly, if you would die for real, another you is born and the plot and your time in a Jump shall not continue until that you is at least 12 years old, which in Zelda terms means they're ready to kick ass and take names.
IV.1 Additionally, the three grant the following spells: Din's Fire: Create a powerful fireblast around you at base, may also be used as Pyrokinesis and heat control.
IV.2 Nayru's Wisdom: Create a bubble shield around you that lasts 3 minutes at base, may also create a panel or large dome shield of up to 50 meters in circumference. Attacks cannot penetrate this shield while it lasts.
IV.3 Farore's Wind: A Teleportation Spell, can bring you to any building you've been to or out of a building you're in, regardless of teleportation restrictions. Has enough range to reach the International Space Station in your world from the Mariana's Trench's deepest point.
  1. All of your Companions, gained here, share a Companion Slot, meaning that for the price of one Companion, all of them can be imported. However, they do not share the same companion stipend, instead each gets their own as separate companions with a +400 CP to any stipend they would get and another +300 CP for Item Sections and any special sections of a jump. Don't want your comrades getting held back, right?
  2. Weapon purchases and upgrades stack, all manual upgrades are also fiat backed. In essence, if you have several purchases of the L2 upgrade applied to, say, the Master Sword, each of them will multiply the power of said weapon.
  3. Fi, Sword of the Hero: The spirit of the Master Sword, Fi, has regained complete self-awareness and may manifest once more in physical form. I have integrated knowledge acquisition abilities into her that will work in all future jumps similar to how it worked in the time of Skyloft. She also imports separate from Companion Slots automatically with 800 general CP and 400 CP as a stipend for Item sections and other sections like that separate from Items or Perks. CP from importing her directly naturally stacks on top of that but not in the way of the other companions. Lastly, she can, like in Hyrule Warriors, assume the form of the Master Sword which she can manipulate telekinetically and has all the same upgrades and powers as your own strongest variant.
  4. The powers of the champions are now your own to command. Mipha's Grace, Daruk's Protection, Urbosa's Fury, Revali's Gale and Link's Time Dilation are all abilities you now possess on the same level as said champions, and yes, the time dilation is an actual ability, not just a game mechanic. However, Daruk's Protection doesn't work against electricity and can be broken through, and Mipha's Grace still takes some time to cast.
  5. Hyrulean Hero: You have earned the loyalty, friendship and in some cases love, of so many people in this world, why should we leave you to on with just a pittance of that? At will you can summon an army of Hyrule's various races of light, from Hylians to Koroks and Kokiri, of all the eras you have visited. They are equipped to the peak of their respective armed forces capabilities, Hylian Knights standing with Goron Warriors, Zora Pikeman flanking Kokiri Bowman and Gerudo Skirmishers preparing to charge in after Rito bombing runs, Sheikah Shinobi preparing to go in with an army of Guardians. Just be careful, this is still a medieval army, Guardians or not.
  6. (NEW) Companions can import into Generic First/Virgin Jump/Gauntlet with 1000 C to use and a Origin of their choice. They will come along with you through the levels of the Jump/Gauntlet, obviously.
Once again she took her time to breath through after the rant, before smiling at you. "So yes, please do your best to be the very spirit of the hero, I will await the day you finish. Ah, another thing: The various actions you can perform and the detriments that are listed, they all apply to jumps after the jumps here in this world, only that you don't need to continue into another Zelda Jump, if there are any left." She explains and smirks a bit.
"Naturally I wouldn't mind having one or more Zeldas coming along with you, I heard it is fairly entertaining when the fate of my world isn't at stake. Hint Hint."
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2023.05.29 16:51 aogamerdude My view on death

What better time than to bring up the matter of death than on memorial day -maybe. As I grew up with a grandmother, she was very proactive in taking flowers to Graves, it was often a full week/weekend preparation project, but I remember seeing many others doing the same on memorial day. I say project because you know if you've ever gone out doing the same you know you need the fake flowers, gas, something to eat, etc. It was actually better to get out than stay home. I think I didn't go once or twice & nothing. But I don't remember how many graves flowers were placed on or how many cemeteries were visited, probably 4- it often took place of a full workshift or a bit longer. About when I was 20 & had a boomer buddy I was a little surprised to learn that some family generations can be spared from war as he & his father were not military, he would have been in Vietnam while his father would have been in Korea, & somehow even his grandfather was not military. I'm the first in both my bloodlines to not do military, that's not from lack of trying, it's more that I didn't meet standards (for flying) & I didn't want to go through the rest of the military options. But as I rarely say I'll see one of our generation who is a vet & remember for sure why I didn't go in. I'm not afraid to die. I guess all the cemetery visits were my first curiosity of death & talking about it with elders as I grew up. For some years I forgot about it, then when myself & close relatives least expected it my mother died, when I was 13. That was the first time I eventually figured out I was not afraid of death, during the processing of tragedy, though the years passed on as I grew up. I previously posted about my out of body experience in this sub but I would say that was not at all like dying, maybe it was more like a supernatural adjustment or not but it was definitely out of body. I don't think I ever posted about blacking out while drinking before but I've only blacked out once back when I was 25, which while it's not death I'd say it's the closest I'd experienced like it so far, since I've never been revived or resuscitated. I've experienced better days over the years though, living better & for the positive matters, I'm not suicidal but I look forward to no longer seeing, hearing, or experiencing all the negatives going on in the world, though I'd also say there's plenty of opportunities to see, hear, or experience the good matters yet to happen. I might say I share a curiosity of what's going to happen when this world no longer remains but I don't want to dwell on that too long, might miss out on some good things you know.
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2023.05.29 16:51 bltfoad Advice: How to quickly move a sales meeting in the right direction

Getting sales meetings takes time and effort. It costs a lot of money and time. To get an appointment, you must be relevant in the eyes of the prospect and eliminate everything that's not relevant.
The same applies when we get the meeting - it's about cutting down absolutely everything irrelevant - and delivering the correct information to help the prospect decide.
Therefore, the job of a B2B sales rep is to understand the context of the given prospect quickly: are they familiar with the solution, are they speaking to any other vendors, and what made them take the meeting?
These questions will warry a lot based on the product and category. You ask questions to understand where the prospect is in their buyer journey, the premise of the call, and the main points for which they will decide on a solution.
After asking it in a few meetings, you will know if a question is good.
These questions will reveal the exact next steps: a detailed demo, bringing in a decision maker, consulting the prospect on how to solve the problem, educating them on the space, and many more.
And over time, the answers will tell you what to expect: is this a long sales cycle or a hot lead, and what's their actual buying intent? Ultimately, this is what a good B2B sales rep is supposed to gauge!
P.S. I'm working on a sales product that cuts 40%-60% of the sales process. Check it out - it's called FirmDisco - and feel free to message me for any founder-led sales-related questions :)
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2023.05.29 16:51 Templerscout Any tips

(Sorry for bad english) I am now in the Arena where all the poison mist is i think it is grievance ascends or something like that. And i dont know how to deal with the Arena where you get attacked by 2 sword ghosts and 2 of the other ones. Like that wasnt enough most of the Arena gets destroyed under my feet. In short i really need help.
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