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Urgent - Pictures of buildings - corner of 3rd St and Central Avenue NW, Albuquerque.

2023.05.29 13:28 chpictures Urgent - Pictures of buildings - corner of 3rd St and Central Avenue NW, Albuquerque.

Urgent - Pictures of buildings - corner of 3rd St and Central Avenue NW, Albuquerque.
Quick photo job in Albuquerque. $75 for 30-45mins.
Its a long shot I know, but I need some photos of 2 streets in Albuquerque, USA.
I would need someone who lives close by to the corner of 3rd St and Central Avenue NW to take some wide angle shots on their phone that looks at 2 buildings that are circled in the attached image and the map.
I am planning to use these images to create a 3d scene to use in a project. The process is called 'photogrammetry' where I feed these images into the computer and can make a 3d model. Super useful to what I am trying to achieve.
You would need to deliver at least 10-20 hires images standing at different spots so I can make the scene.
You can use either a camera or a phone camera.
You just need to provide the camera/phone model so I can extract the camera data.
You shouldn't use any zoom in the shots. Each shot should be clear and blur free.
I am more than welcome to be on the phone directing and you can send through any low res images while you are doing it via whatsapp so I get what I need although I will need the hi res versions sent through to do what I need to do.
I can also jump on a call to discuss any concerns and how to pay before you start.
If you can get up higher than street level then that would be an added bonus but not 100% necessary. I estimate this will take about about 30-45mins to complete once at the street.
I can pay $75 so if anyone wants to beer money for the week for a quick job then please let me know. You would be doing me a huge favour. DM me for more details.
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2023.05.29 01:07 BIGBOOSTING Sandals Royal Curacao Review

Just got back from Sandals Royal Curacao! This is a long review. I took over this subreddit to make it as informational as possible about the resorts, so here we go! Please feel free to ask any questions if I missed something.
We stayed May 22-27 in a Sunchi Swim-up Club Level room (HSUP). We were in Sunchi Building 8, which is the last building on one side of the resort. We stayed in 1253, which is the second-to-last room on the first floor. All that to say, Curacao is a long resort and you'll definitely get your steps in! But we were also right next to the dive shop, which was fantastic for us.
The swim-up room was amazing and highly recommended! We ended up using it more than the double infinity pool. They did a perfect job at keeping the in-room bar stocked with alcohol and juices/water (around 10am). We didn't have to call for anything once. So we would hang out in the pool (which connects across buildings 7 & 8, and there is a common area) and make our own drinks. Many times we were the only ones in the pool out of all the rooms. The swim-up pool is completely private, there is no entry except through a room, and there are a lot of gorgeous plants and flowers blocking it from the other side. Hummingbirds would be 1 foot away and were fun to watch. Floats are provided for each room. Use the ice bucket to keep bottles cool outside.
Ordering food from Room Service was consistently 40-45 minutes. At night it was quiet, as the music from the main area doesn't really reach building 8. No one would be in the swim-up pool after 10, it would start to get a little chilly with the wind. It gets very, very dark towards the Sunchi end of the resort. I recommend using the building side to reach your room, not the garden path.
Two subjective complaints:
(1) Housekeeping was very late. Some days they didn't come until 4-5pm, and the evening turn-down and towel replenishment didn't happen until 10pm. Between the swim-up and shower and wet floors, you NEED towels. We supplemented with the brown pool towels, grabbing them any time we went by the other pools. The late service could be because we were in the last building, but I'm not sure. The housekeepers did do a very thorough job and the rooms were clean and new.
(2) When we first checked-in, the back door's lock looked like it was forcibly broken and mangled. We had them replace it, but it still didn't lock. There is a second set of heavy wooden doors (blinds really) that do close and lock, so we weren't overly concerned. I don't think someone tried to break in, based on how the pool would make it hard to get to. But I can see someone getting locked out accidentally and having no other option but to break the door, since you can't get out of the pool area otherwise.
The service across all restaurants and bars was outstanding. We never experienced a wait or long times to get our ordedrinks. The waitstaff were happy to talk to you and literally everyone says hello as you pass by. Concierge was perfect and accommodating as well. Restaurants had most of everything, and they would tell you what they're out of as you sat down.
Pietra - Our go-to breakfast buffet. At lunch they change the buffet to different food by country (Asian, Mexican, American, etc.). The food was all great at lunch. I ate too many fajitas.
Vincent - Reservation required. I recommend the Escargots and Foie Gras. They were out of the Cured Beef Bresaola.
Toteki, La Palma, Kishi - Food trucks. These were great for a snack. Get the cuttlefish and shrimp from La Palma, and the General Tso's Steak Bao Buns from Kishi.
Strand - For dinner, absolutely get the Snapper. It was my favorite meal of the trip. My husband liked the Surf & Turf at Strand better than Butch's. Strand also has a lunch menu with American-type items on it. The shrimp Caesar wrap was a nice light lunch.
Butch's - Reservation required. We went twice for dinner, once for breakfast. For dinner appetizers, try the Waldorf Caesar, Crispy Goat Cheese Salad, and Grilled Black Pepper Bacon (definitely that one). The Aged Prime Rib and Chargrilled Lamb Chops were great. We also had the Surf & Turf and Steak Diane which were very good too. Absolutely get the Willy Wonka Brulee - it was my favorite dessert on the resort.
Gatsu Gatsu - We went twice. The sushi here is so good. It's 4 pieces per roll. I recommend the Champagne Lobster and Caribbean Dynamite rolls. Shrimp tempura and crispy chicken karaage were our favorite appetizers. They were out of edamame and tonkotsu ramen.
Kanaal - Nice to pop into for a cappuccino or sweets.
Zuka and Aolo's - did not try.
Note: We wanted to order champagne (Veuve Clicquot) but the resort (or at least Butch's, Kanaal, and Pietra) was out of that and several of their Proseccos. We did end up getting 2 bottles of Prosecco though.
Scuba Diving
Scuba was great and the team was a lot of fun. You have to do a check-out dive if you haven't logged a dive recently (they do check your log book if you want to avoid the check-out dive). We did ours around 11am and were able to go on an afternoon dive the same day (we were waitlisted, but some didn't show up). You sign up for dives starting at 8am 2 days out, so if you want to dive Friday, show up on Wednesday morning at 8am to sign up. They do keep waitlists for each dive. The dive shop has lockers! Great for if your room is at the other end of the resort and you don't want to walk with your stuff every morning.
The dive schedule seems highly variable - while we were there, they did 2-tank morning dives Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and a 1-tank afternoon dive those days. Tuesday and Thursday they do a 1-tank morning dive, and 1-tank afternoon dive. I'm not sure about Saturday-Sunday since we weren't there. But, they said just a month ago they were only able to do 1-tank morning dives each day and no afternoon dives, as the water would get too choppy. And yes, the water was very choppy and it was windy all day. I saw a red flag or two at the resort while we were there. So you may want to check out the weather in Curacao the month you want to book.
They mentioned all the dive sites were 5-10 minutes away, but we were able to go Double Reef Thursday, the farthest site at 30 minutes. There were several turtles, a reef shark, squid, and a great variety of fish and coral. It was the best dive I've been in on years. However, they said it had been a month and a half since they'd been able to reach the site because of the choppiness. A couple on the boat had been able to go with an offsite-company and enter via shore, so that's an option as well.
You can take a cab from the resort to Willemstad for $49 each way. Our cab was private and air conditioned. The drivers were very nice. They dropped us off next to the CURACAO sign, and pickup was there too (they gave you a card and you call them 30 minutes before you're ready to leave). Right by the Curacao sign, there's a tiny alley with a white and blue cow - go down that alley for some great gelato. There's also an ice cream place near the sign that claims to give you an orgasm in less than a minute, but I didn't partake. There are lots of cafes and souvenir shops around Willemstad. There's a fresh fish and fruit market. You'll be near where the cruise ships dock. Check out the bridge and forts. Pop into a casino for some much-needed A/C. As an aside, a local man very persistently forced his help on us (where are you going, follow me down this alley, etc...) and wouldn't leave us alone and stop following us even after we said we knew where we were going, and ultimately asked for beer money, but the city seemed safe. There were several police officers around the streets we passed. Just be aware of your surroundings (as in any city).
The bus ride from/to the airport took us 40-45 minutes. It's a very nice and comfortable bus. You'll see a Sandals area at the end after you pick up your luggage. The airport was very nice and modern and quick to get through (we were first off the plane though). On departure, there seemed to be only one main hot food place after security, but they have a VIP/Priority Pass lounge that had some good light food on the buffet and a hot menu to order from as well. Check if your credit card has that as a perk to avoid the long line at the other restaurant. It opens at 1pm.
Spa/Gym - The spa was nice and clean. You have your own private bathroom/changing area in the table room versus a general locker room. The gym had a steady flow of people, but wasn't ever too crowded.
Curacao is HOT in May. Seriously. It was 86 every day, with a heat index around 96-97. Now, I was born and raised in South Georgia where it gets 95 with a 110 index in the summer, but this heat hit different. The UV index on my weather app said 11. Wear sunscreen and stay in the water. And get used to being wet - it'll either be pool water, ocean, or sweat depending on your location at the resort. It was mostly sunny every day, with a few clouds in the afternoon. No rain. At night it cools off well enough. Thankfully there's always a nice breeze going on. But stay hydrated and pay attention to your skin. Walking around the city with the heat was a bit much, we started at 9 and made it to 12 before calling it quits.
I loved it! I highly recommend a Swim-up room, but maybe ask for a central building instead of on the edge of the resort (walking that far in the extreme heat with no shade gets old fast). Great service, wonderful staff. I would pick another month to go back though. May was just too hot for me!
Edited thoughts:
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2023.05.28 18:00 joyfulonmars Deals expiring August 18.

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2023.05.28 16:40 otterland For the archives: The Charlie Bob's menu. What was your favorite?

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2023.05.27 21:03 IndependentTime9227 Help Me Decide My Menu!

So per a previous post, I agree my old menu was too long. The nine courses would certainly take too long, and I want people who aren't huge eaters/ foodies to really enjoy as well. We're shortening our nine course menu to six. I was wondering what all of you would prefer.
Confirmed 4 courses: sea bass (main), Guinea fowl or duck (guest choice main), cake, and several mini-desserts
Choose your favorite 2 out of the following: amuse-bouche (four tiny appetizer bites as the first course), oysters (appetizer), celery root soup (appetizer), salad (served French style after the main course. On the sweeter side with poached pears), or a selection of French cheeses (after mains and before dessert)
Also, thoughts on our wedding cake flavors? We're having one cake that we'll cut, but are offering two flavors as an option to our guests.
Cake - Tahitian vanilla, bilberry, yuzu, lavender, and Cuban tobacco
"Gâteau de L'équateur" - Ecuadorean chocolate, cocoa nibs, espresso cream, bourbon gelato
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2023.05.27 18:46 superscarypickle Title: I am 23 years old and making $106,000 as a live-in nanny in a New York suburb

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance- old 401k- $21,704 and IRA- $27,218 I don’t currently have a 401k through my employer and I’m totally fine with that, I max out my IRA in January of every year.
Savings account balance-$24,042
Checking account balance-$6,445, this is pretty high for me, I transfer $5,000 to my brokerage account anytime this hits $7,000
Brokerage account- $214,695
Credit card debt- just my current monthly balance, right now it’s $900
Total Net Worth- $293,204
Section Two: Income
Income Progression:
So I have been posting diaries every year for several years now so feel free to go back and check those for a detailed income progression. Last time I wrote a diary I was a nanny in DC. Shortly after I interviewed for my current job, the family and I meshed perfectly. It was the perfect situation for me so I pounced on it. I have no intention of leaving my current job anytime soon, I love the whole family and the kids love to say that they have three parents and that warms my heart. My year anniversary at my job is coming up and the parents and I spoke and they really want me to stay so in a few weeks I will be getting a raise to be making $121,000 a year.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
I get paid weekly and if it is a 4 Friday month I make $5,600 a month and if it is a five Friday month I get $7,000 a month. Once in a while I work overtime and then that gets added in. There are no deductions here other than taxes, I don’t have a 401k and I’m still on my parents health insurance.
Side Gig Monthly Take Home
I occasionally babysit for the family I nanny for, and they pay me in cash for that. I also occasionally babysit for other people or dog sit and I also get paid cash for both of those. I probably make less than $2,000 total a year from this though, it is incredibly infrequent.
Section Three: Expenses
Rent- I don’t pay rent since I live with the family I work for, they obviously don’t charge me anything in terms of rent or utilities and they pay for almost all my food.
Retirement contribution- Maxed out at the beginning of the year.
Donations- I donate to libraries often by paying them extra when I go to book sales. I also donate to planned parenthood and food banks semi-regularly. I probably donate between $3,000- $5,000 a year, but I don’t keep track.
Cellphone- I pay my mother $55 a month for my phone.
Subscriptions- Spotify duo for my boyfriend and me, $12.99.
Car payment / insurance- I own my car and bought it cash and then I pay $106 a month for insurance. I have a work car that I use for everything during the week so I’ve been thinking about just getting rid of my personal car because I use it so infrequently.
Cast of main characters-
A- 9 yr boy I nanny
B- 6 yr girl I nanny
C- 18 month baby I nanny
L- my boyfriend
Day 1
6:15am- I wake up and find A coloring so I sit with him and start a new book, Pineapple Street, while he colors.
7:30am- Coffee and breakfast time, I have an iced latte and some oatmeal today. I say goodbye to the big kids before school and then go off to shower and get ready. I notice I am running low on Nespresso pods and shoot L a text asking if he wants anything, he requests two sleeves he has been meaning to pick up, so I place an order from the Nespresso site for 5 sleeves total plus I got a free sleeve. ($56)
9am- time to start work! During the day it is just me and C. Almost every day we have some form of a mommy and me class and today is no exception. I make us green smoothies to take and then we head out to class.
10am- Class is over and we head to the park for a bit. It is pretty nice out and we love picnics so I pick up lunch for us on the way there. I got tuna salad and a veggie wrap for us to share. I asked for ½ a pound of tuna but they gave us a whole pound of tuna and I was too shy to say anything, oh well. Ok also this might be an unpopular opinion but whenever baby and I go out to lunch I put it on my personal card. We have food at home and I don’t think the parents should pay for mainly me wanting to go out for lunch, even though they would be totally fine with me putting it on their card. ($23)
11:30am - We have our picnic lunch and play for a little longer before we head home for nap time which is at 12:30. On our way home I swing through H&M and get B a cute dress since her birthday is coming up soon. ($24.03)
12:40pm- C is napping which means I get to enjoy a nice quiet house. I throw a load of laundry in and read my book on the couch for a few hours and finish Pineapple Street and I loved it. I also do some light online shopping and place an order from Old Navy for some long summer dresses to wear for work. I order several with the intention to only keep a few. ($83.85)
3:30pm- C wakes up from their nap and A and B get home from school. We do a quick snack and then have to head out to drop A at basketball. We come home and play for a bit before I finish working.
5pm- I am done for the day! I head out to go to a library book sale. I have dinner plans that I am running late for so I do a quick look around and get 15 books. Library book sales are often super cheap and charge max $2 for books, this one said that they were charging me $10 for all these books but I gave them a $20 and told them to keep the rest as a donation. ($20)
6:30pm- I arrive at my mothers house for dinner, my aunt and some cousins are visiting from out of town and I am very excited to see them and catch up. We have chicken, burgers, and veggies on the grill for dinner.
9pm- My cousins and aunt head out and I help my parents clean up a bit before I head to bed. I try to start Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes and fall asleep after a few pages.
Day 1 total- $206.88
Day 2
6am- I wake up and scroll tiktok for a bit before deciding to finally get up and make myself a latte. I take my latte outside and read Giver of Stars while I drink my coffee.
8am- I shower and get ready and have half a cream cheese mini bagel and a banana for breakfast.
10am- I head out for another library book sale and there is a line out the door before the sale even starts. I get in and realize that more than half the people here are book resellers who are grabbing everything in sight and scanning all the barcodes and just being pushy and rude. Book resellers at library book sales really frustrate me because I feel like that is not what book sales are about, in my opinion. This made me think about all the other possibilities for these books and it sparked an idea in my mind to set up a bookshelf at a women's shelter or a hospital near me with a large variety of free books for people there to take as they please. They wanted to charge me $7 for over 20 books, so I gave them $20. ($20)
11am- I meet L at a different nearby library. He is studying for the bar right now so I decide to use this time to teach myself how to code. I find a course that I want to take on coursera and sign up for it. It’s $50 a month but I get a 7 day free trial for now.
1pm- I get hungry and talk L into going with me to Whole Foods for lunch. I loveeee the Whole Foods hot bar and we each get a box and in mine I get the kale salad, roasted chicken, and some pasta salad and L gets roasted veggies and chicken. Somehow the price always surprises me, I pay for both of us. ($46.05)
3pm- I finish my work and head home. I hang outside in the hammock and read Giver of Stars for a bit before my brother tracks me down for some family game time. We decide on Catan and in the middle of the game L shows up and goes to the home office to finish up his bar prep for the day. I win Catan and some people are a little salty about it.
6:30pm- For dinner my parents get a pizza and salad for all of us since no one feels like cooking.
8pm- L and I are tired from all the work today so we head to bed and watch The Fosters for a bit before falling asleep.
Day 2 total- $66.05
Day 3
6am- I wake up early and decide to be productive so I go organize some cabinets in the kitchen before L wakes up.
7:30am- Everyone is up and my parents are a little confused by my random early morning mass reorganization. I make my latte and head outside to drink it while I finish Giver of Stars.
9am- We have crepes and french omelets for breakfast, L and I go on a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood before he heads out to study for a bit before his graduation ceremony later. I impulsively make an offer of $85 on some lightly used Veja sneakers on poshmark and it gets accepted, with tax and shipping it ends up being more than I planned to spend. ($97.27)
11am- My brother builds model rockets and launching them is a family affair. We head over to a local park with huge fields to launch the rocket. I get to launch the rocket today (woohoo!) Everyone else has the job of tracking the rocket to figure out where it lands so that it can hopefully be retrieved. After 5 minutes of looking for it we find it in the middle of the road and it remarkably is almost in perfect condition.
12:30pm- I keep seeing pasta salads all over my tiktok feed so I head to the grocery store to get the ingredients for one. I get radicchio, pasta, basil, anchovies, a lemon, roasted red peppers, and shallots. ($28.16)
3pm- The pasta salad was very delicious, I get ready for L’s law school graduation tonight and head out with my family. We meet his family there and sit through a very normal graduation ceremony.
8pm- After some pictures and hugs we head to his parents house for some light food and cake. Which is sweet and fun. After I head back to my nanny family's home and get ready for the week ahead. While laying in bed I start regretting my sneaker purchase and dm the poshmark seller and ask if I can cancel my order. I then scroll tiktok until I fall asleep.
Day 3 total- $125.43
Day 4
6:30am- I don’t know why I keep waking up so early this week, it is starting to get annoying. I pick out a new book, Cleopatra and Frankenstein, and sit on the couch and read for a while. I get a dm back from the poshmark seller saying she already dropped them off at the post office this morning (I’m calling bs but whatever).
8am- Starting work a little earlier today, I put the big kids on the bus and then take C with me to my room to get ready for the day. I let them pick out my outfit and then they hang out with me while I brush my teeth and all that jazz.
9am- I throw some laundry in before we head out for the day. Today we go to a new playground and play for a while and I meet some nice moms. We exchange numbers to get the kids together some time. Making work friends is often hard for me, many mothers don’t want to be friends with nannies for some reason and many nannies around here are older and don’t want to be friends with me.
12pm- We head home and do lunch. Hummus with nutritional yeast, cucumbers, and pita for C. Leftover chicken, melon, and cucumber for me.
2pm- I’m craving a smoothie but C is still sleeping so I take the blender outside and make a green smoothie and save some for C when they wake up. My go to is Kale, spinach, mango, pineapple, almond milk, greek yogurt, ginger, chia, flax, and collagen powder. I leave the collagen powder out of C’s smoothie because I don’t think toddlers should be having that (not sure on this though and now I’m going to be doing some research.)
4pm- Big kids came home, did snacks and homework and we headed out to drop them off at their after school activities. C and I head to whole foods to pick up food for the house. We get milk, chicken, kale, berries, eggs, and a few other random things. The total is $63 but I put it on the parents card. I also was running low on collagen powder and I obviously had to facetime my gym rat brother so he could decide for me, he picked one for me and that I paid for myself. ($35.90)
6pm- Dinner time, we have leftover pasta and meatballs with broccoli and the parents come home and we catch up about the day.
7pm- I take a shower and finish Cleopatra and Frankenstein and do some more work on the coursera course that I signed up for before I go to bed at 9:30.
Day 4 total- $35.90
Day 5
6:20am- I’m officially annoyed that I haven’t slept in once this week but whatever.
7am- Coffee, start a new book, this one is The Way I Used To Be.
8am- Put the big kids on the bus and take C with me to shower and get ready. Then I throw a load of my laundry in. They are extra cranky today for some reason and throwing themself on the ground crying over everything. I quickly make some spinach scrambled eggs for myself for breakfast before starting the dishwasher and running out the door hoping fresh air will calm them down.
10am- We just finished a 3 mile stroller walk and now we have a library mommy and me class today. C is a little less cranky but still not their normal chipper self. After library class we hang out in the library and play with other kids until it’s lunch time.
12pm- I’m craving a bagel again so we go out for bagels and I get my normal whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and C gets a mini bagel with cream cheese, I pay. ($6.22)
12:30pm- C is napping so I pop my airpods in to listen to my book on libby. I make another outside green smoothie, fold my laundry, unload the dishwasher, and make chicken and carrots for dinner. Then I sit outside and work on my coursera course until the big kids get home from school.
4pm- More homework, reading and then rushing to after school activities. It is my personal opinion that kids these days are way too overbooked and if I have children I am signing them up for one after school activity a week and that is it. C and I go to a local library until we have to pick up A and B.
5:30pm- Dinner of chicken and carrots and leftover wild rice and then we all had leftover chocolate cake for dessert. Parents get home and I dip out quickly tonight and go to my own space. The amount we hang out after I’m done working varies drastically day to day, sometimes we all hang out and other days I disappear almost as soon as the parents are home, depending on how overstimulating the day was.
6pm- I do a face mask and unwind while I scroll tiktok and reddit. Once in a while I feel a desire to delete all social media but I never actually follow through. I don’t post on social media at all though, other than an occasional reddit post, so I kind of have that going for me.
7:30pm- I read until I finish my book and then I scroll on tiktok until I fall asleep around 10pm.
Day 5 total- $6.22
Day 6
6:45am- Slightly better wake up time. I move to the couch and start The Housemaids Secret. At 7 I make my coffee and then shower and get ready.
8:30am- I grab C and we hang out in the kitchen while I make breakfast for myself. Today I do toast with jam and cream cheese. I then make our green smoothies and we head out.
9:15am- We take a nice 2 mile long stroller walk to a friend's house. They have a music teacher come over once a week and hold a music class in the backyard for about 15 of us.
11am- Class is over and we head to the playground for a bit and we were going to have a picnic lunch but C is in a mood. So we go to the grocery store and all C wants to eat are raw green beans so they snack on those while I shop. I pick up some random ingredients to make a variation of the pasta salad that I made earlier this week that maybe the kids will eat. I get mozzarella, artichoke, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and olives and put it on the parents card. Mid shopping I realize that my period just came on fast and heavy and I am bleeding through my light blue shorts in the grocery store. We check out quickly and run home.
12:30pm- Very fun dealing with a period mess while having a curious toddler in the bathroom with you. C is napping and I listen to my audiobook while I make pasta salad.
4pm- Once again homework, snack, reading time, and then rushing out the door for afterschool activities. C and I go to the playground between dropping off the big kids at their different activities.
6pm- I have plans with four friends today so I head out to a bar to meet them. I don’t drink but my friends always want to go to bars so I just go to have fun. On the way there I want a sweet treat and swing through Wendy’s for a small frosty. ($2.49)
10pm- I get home and instantly crash.
Day 6 total- $2.49
Day 7
7am- Finally I am awoken by my alarm. Coffee and then a shower and finishing The Housemaids Secret.
8:30am- I start working and C hangs out with me while I make breakfast. Today an omelet with kale, tomatoes, and spinach. Of course we then make a green smoothie to share.
9am- We head out for a stroller walk before our mommy and me class of the day. We get a good 3 miles in and then go to class.
11:45am- class wraps up and we head to Whole Foods to get everything I forgot yesterday. We get salmon, spinach, berries, bread, and a few other random things. I put it on the parents card. I get the notification from poshmark that the sneakers got delivered and I’m reminded of how stupid of a purchase that was.
12pm- We do a quick lunch of pb and j with flax and chia, and pineapple before an overtired C goes down for their nap. During nap I make salmon for dinner and fold A’s laundry and put it away. I then do a little more of my course and realize it is not as extensive as I thought it was and I am not going to learn much from it at all and withdrew from the course.
4pm- What a surprise; time for homework, snack, reading, and then dashing off to after school activities. Today B doesn’t have anything so after we drop A and a friend off we come home and play outside before dinner.
5pm- A gets dropped off by his friends mother and we have salmon and leftover pasta for dinner. I then hang out with everyone until the kids go to bed.
7pm- I facetime L and we chat for a while until he has to go have dinner. Then I finish Housemaids Secret and scroll tiktok until I fall asleep.
Day 7 total- $0
Weekly total- $442.97
Clothes and beauty- $205.15
Food and beverage- $197.82
Books- $40
Reflection: Other than those very regrettable sneakers, this was a very standard spend week for me, maybe slightly on the higher side. I put everything on my credit card normally and my bill is normally right around $1,000 a month. I love my job and I love that my expenses are so low that I don’t need to worry too much about budgeting because I’m always saving around 80% of my monthly income every month. I know my living situation is very unique so if anyone has any questions I would love to answer them in the comments!
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2023.05.27 09:37 IndependentTime9227 Help Me Decide My Menu!

So per a previous post, I agree my old menu was too long. The nine courses would certainly take too long, and I want people who aren’t huge eaters/foodies to really enjoy as well. We’re shortening our nine course menu to six. I was wondering what all of you would prefer.
Confirmed 4 courses: sea bass (main), Guinea fowl or duck (guest choice main), cake, and several mini-desserts
Choose your favorite 2 out of the following: amuse-bouche (four tiny appetizer bites as the first course), oysters (appetizer), celery root soup (appetizer), salad (served French style after the main course. On the sweeter side with poached pears), or a selection of French cheeses (after mains and before dessert)
Also, thoughts on our wedding cake flavors? We’re having one cake that we’ll cut, but are offering two flavors as an option to our guests.
Cake - Tahitian vanilla, bilberry, yuzu, lavender, and Cuban tobacco
“Gâteau de L'équateur” - Ecuadorean chocolate, cocoa nibs, espresso cream, bourbon gelato
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2023.05.26 17:47 autobuzzfeedbot I rely on Trader Joe's for easy-to-prepare meals and snacks for 2. Here are the 17 staples I swear by.

  1. I make healthy meals with Norwegian farm-raised salmon fillets.
  2. Trader Joe's bool kogi can be the star of a meal.
  3. I make sandwiches with shaved beef steak.
  4. Trader Joe's Argentinian red shrimp are the best for quesadillas.
  5. Trader Joe's salad with BBQ-flavored chicken is our favorite when we're in a rush.
  6. We also regularly make Caesar salads.
  7. Flat filet Anchovies are the best enhancement for a Caesar salad.
  8. When grilled, Trader Joe's sweet mini peppers have so much flavor.
  9. Italian dry salame has been a weekly staple for us.
  10. Trader Joe's burrata balls taste so fresh and enhance tomatoes or grilled peaches.
  11. Truffle mousse pâté with crackers is a satisfying, easy snack.
  12. The pub cheese with cheddar and horseradish is a great midday pick-me-up.
  13. Trader Joe's honey-wheat pretzel sticks pair well with the pub cheese.
  14. Volpi's Roltini snacks are great for a quick bite.
  15. Trader Joe's brownie-crisp coffee ice-cream sandwiches are the best late-night treat.
  16. Mango cream bars are refreshing on hot days.
  17. Crispy dark-chocolate-chunk almond cookies are the best dessert.
Link to article
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2023.05.26 16:29 millenniumxl-200 Brat Toes

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2023.05.26 01:37 Hustlechick00 Dinner tonight for $8.50! Excited to try the beer cheese and brat flatbread.

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2023.05.25 22:51 SouthLondonLass Birthday Meal - To binge or not to binge! Update 🙌🏼

Just wanted to post saying thank you to all whom advised me on what to do or rather what not to do for my birthday lunch out today.
My husband took me to a really high end Brazilian grill, it was incredible. They freshly prepared and carved the meat for us, they had amazing meats, cheeses, salads, breads, everything.
I had one slice of each of the meat, two of the wagyu and two of the lamb! I avoided the rice, potatoes, etc as I just didn’t want any. I did have some freshly made bread, with these amazing Brazilian deli meats and house made cheeses, ugh it was amazing. I just enjoyed the cheese, meats and bread even more than the sliced meat I think! Lots of healthy salad bits so I didn’t just go nuts on other stuff. But I moderated myself and didn’t go overboard at all!
I then had a portion of those 4 little/mini ring donuts that they sell at those little British stalls - not sure if they’re elsewhere in the world, but usually at theme parks, beaches, arcades etc - where they freshly cook them and add toppings (Lotus Biscoff and Nutella. Drool worthy, warm, perfect, ugh), as it was our alternative to having birthday cake. I shared these with my husband instead of eating the portion fully to myself, came with a small ice cream bar.
I’m done now! I didn’t go overboard, I had a lil treat, I had my meal, lots of protein a little carb and fat.
I was so worried about going overboard, after I had the meal I kept thinking, maybe I could eat this… oh maybe I’ll have a milkshake and a waffle. I just now at 9.30pm thought maybe I’ll order McDonald’s. But I haven’t and I didn’t. I wanted to enjoy my birthday but I didn’t want to lose control and I’ve managed that! Didn’t weigh myself this morning either. As of yesterday I was 25lbs down since April 11th. I’m just so happy with myself! Great birthday without restriction and without binging - 10/10 in my mind!
Tomorrow I’m back on track! May take me an extra day or two but it’s worth it. What’s health without those special days?
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2023.05.25 20:08 Imaginary_Media_3879 girl wtf

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2023.05.25 16:16 Successful_Handle_31 This menu with no prices at a corner bar

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2023.05.25 11:37 No_Bread_2987 This menu with no prices at a corner bar

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2023.05.25 07:18 DJHelium People who post "Offer" at the trade site would love this place!

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2023.05.25 04:50 data-artist This menu with no prices at a corner bar

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2023.05.25 04:39 TheLoneDeranger76 Would you work here?

Would you work here?
This sounds like a nightmare
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2023.05.25 04:39 rustyprophecy Coroners have bars?

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2023.05.25 00:39 sevenoneSICKs This menu with no prices at a corner bar

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2023.05.24 22:17 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 692

Capes and Conundrums
“Two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty fives, one with cheese and a large soda.” Robin says before covering the communicator again. “You sure you don’t want anything?”
“That’s not for all of us and leftovers?!” Merretta demands in shock.
“Have you seen all the calorie counts on those? It’s barely enough for me alone!” Robin says and Albin snorts. It’s a bit of involuntary amusement. But it’s a good step to untangling whatever clusterfuck he’s landed hip deep in.
“Are either of you hungry?” He asks them both. There’s a bit of waffling at that point. Merretta doesn’t want to seem demanding and Albin is revving up the teen mood again so he wouldn’t even admit to being hurt if he was shot at this point. Robin turns back to the phone. “Could you double that all? I’m trying to feed people and everyone’s being cagey about what they want.”
“...Are you a Lydris?”
“Oh... oh so those stories are true... okay. It’ll be there in... uh... do you want this dropped off at a specific address or to home in on your communicator via drone?”
“Drone please.”
“Half an hour at most. Unless you leave the city and lead my drone on a merry chase around the planet, in that case it arrives when you stop being an idiot.”
“Good to know. Thank you.”
“Thank you for your custom mister human. The credits have already been deducted from your account. Have a good day and enjoy your meal. Meals.”
“Have a good day.” He bids the operator and hangs up the call. “So you’re getting some food out of it kid. Is that bribe enough to get you to talk?”
And of course that joke was the exact wrong thing to say. Because teenager. The sulking goes from a three to a fifteen on a ten point scale and Robin can hear the Linkin Park playing as the boy crosses his arms, glares into the distance and hunches in on himself.
The fact he’s sulking while sitting on the back of Merretta’s truck for lack of a better place to sit really detracted from the scene. Although the background of ash dunes and the distant obsidian wall of the massive cave that the city sits in does add to it.
So there the boy sits. Having decided to just clam up and glare. If a recruit acted like this he would be getting ALL the hell from the Drill Sergeants and then shortly after the rest of the squadron would join in for dragging them back. But this is a civilian instead. A civilian alien teenager no less.
Robin lets out a huff after a few minutes of waiting for the kid to speak. “Who is your daddy and what does he do?”
“What?” Albin asks as the tone in Robin’s voice suggested it was a joke but the words had made it a serious question. The sheer dissonance has him confused a bit.
“Who is your daddy and what does he do?” Robin asks with a bit of the accent.
“What are you doing?”
“Who is your daddy and what does he do?” Robin asks again and Albin groans.
“He’s a housefather alright! Geeze!”
“And why are you so angry with him? What did he do?” Robin asks.
“He got Beaky killed!” Albin shouts before clamming up and going back to sulk.
“And who is Beaky?” Robin asks and Albin clams up further. Merretta huffs a sigh and motions for Robin to step away from the truck with her.
He follows and he crouches down to her level. “This really is weird, someone’s son should be so well cared for that if he was this upset at home he’d be locked up in the safest and most comfortable room they have with at least three doctors in there.”
“I know it’s not adding up, that’s why I’m trying to figure it out. If the kids father did something to hurt him then his mother and other mothers should have swept in to cover for it.”
“Unless he’s been sneaking out. But I’ve been looking up missing person alerts and there’s nothing about this kid.” Merretta states and Robin sighs.
“More and more confusing. Unless he’s got a history of going off on his own and they have no reason to think he’s in danger... on a planet so volcanically active that it’s capital has a five layer thick blast shield that could survive a planetary detonation.” He says.
“I can hear you both!” Albin calls over to them.
“Then maybe you can tell us more! Who’s Beaky, what did your Daddy do to get them killed and other such details?” Robin asks and the sulk returns. “That’s a no...”
The sulking continues for a bit until Robin gets a text that tells him the food was ready earlier than expected and the drone’s on the way.
“So I hope you both are hungry because deep fried foods don’t taste anywhere near as good reheated.” Robin remarks.
“... I’ve never had any...” Albin says. So food is a safe subject? That’s good.
“Why not?” Robin prods and it seems like Albin is sulking again. Whoever or whatever Beaky is it’s clearly something tied to it.
“It’s usually roasted or flame kissed. Grilling is popular too...” Albin says and Robin lets out a pensive noise.
“Well deep frying is usually a treat, but some people can screw it up pretty badly. Want to see if Avianatics did?”
“... Isn’t that a fast food chain that specializes in bird flesh?” Albin asks.
“Sure why not? Deep fried bird. Feh...” Albin goes into an even deeper sulk and Robin mentally slots Beaky, whatever it is, as a bird. Likely a pet, a pet that the boy’s father somehow got killed. Which is a damn good reason to be pissed off and sulky.
The drone that flies over is a boxy thing that swoops through the sky right towards Robin and opens up to reveal several paper bags with the white and yellow logo of Avianatics. He unloads the food and quickly grabs the first of the mini-burgers. His order may have been long, but the fact that he was more or less ordering individual chicken strips with a tiny bit of bread and sauce on them with three to four fries for the side said about everything that needed to be said about that. The large version had nearly ten fries.
Thank god it was all dirt cheap. Otherwise he’d have just seen if he could twist someone’s arm back at base to bring him something worth eating from the mess hall.
Albin has half of one and so does Merretta. Though Albin spends his time just sort of sniffing at the meat as if considering.
“So...” Robing begins. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I can understand of your situation is that you’re very upset with your family for a very good reason.”
Albin says nothing but he’s defensive again.
“To put it good and quick, you had a pet. Beaky, meaning likely a bird of some kind, and your father got it killed, recently no less. So you came out here to sort your head on straight and ran into our bit of craziness.”
“You also couldn’t find peace of mind in the city so you came back out either hoping for us to be gone or for a place you could just sit and cope with the loss right?”
“Sorry for screwing up your grieving kid. How close am I?”
“... He didn’t directly kill Beaky, but he doesn’t care. No one cares that Beaky is dead! He was an amazing and well trained Tharoso Wing! A juvenile too! In five years I could have ridden Beaky! They would have been proof that I could do it! That an animal tamer in a family full of hunters has a place! But no! No! They heard that I taught Beaky to swoop near targets and distract them and they drag my little Tharoso onto their stupid hunting trip and he just... he...”
“Got killed. Was your father leading it?”
“No... no but he’s the one that let it all happen. He... I wanted Beaky away from it. It’s too hot here past the shields for him, it was at any rate... but... my sisters...”
“Oh... oh no.” Robin says as even more clicks in place. The Daddy issue is that daddy forced him to share when he was afraid his pet would get killed. And that’s exactly what happened. So he hates his sisters for killing his pet and hates his father for using his authority and allowing it to happen. Fuck.
“Damn. Let me guess...” Robin says after a moment. “Your family doesn’t care for the fact you’d rather tame a beast than shoot one so their reactions are basically ‘good riddance’.”
“Yeah.” Albin confirms and Robin groans in frustration.
“Yeah...” Robin remarks. “You have every reason to be angry and don’t let anyone say anything else to you.”
“What?” Albin asks. Whatever he was expecting it wasn’t that.
“Situation sucks, you’ve been screwed over pretty damn hard by the last people who should do that. Life sucks, take the time to deal with it and then get back to living.” Robin says and Albin stares at him. “What?”
“That’s it?”
“Yes. Mourn your loss, vent your rage and get started on the next thing. Life doesn’t stop just because you feel like shit. All pain fades and you have to keep living. Life isn’t fair, and will never be fair. The trick is learning how to make it unfair for you.” Robin says. “As in, unfair in your favour. It’s easier if you’re willing to deal with the fallout.”
“The side effects of something. For instance, you could literally bring in the police to help you even the score with your sisters. After all. Beaky was your property wasn’t he? They got him killed, they destroyed your property. That’s a crime. If your father forced then that’s aiding and abetting. Also a crime. Now, bringing the law against your family is the kind of thing that burns down bridges hard and fast. But it can leave one hell of a statement.”
“Burn down bridges?” Albin asks with a very interested look on his face.
“To destroy your path, reputation, connections, opportunities. Basically bridges connect things. Burning a bridge is destroying that connection. So you can retaliate, and retaliate hard against your family for what they did. But it’s not something that you can take back.”
“So you’re saying that them taking and killing my pet was a crime and I should call the police on them for it?” Albin asks and looks confused when Robin shakes his head.
“I think that you should think about. Think about all the ways the situation can end. Worst case scenario you might be thrown out of the home or cause a schism in the family. Could you handle going from the black-sheep to the ignored child? Could you handle leaving the family behind entirely? Or breaking it apart as people start taking sides?” Robin explains.
“... You’re talking like I have a bomb I can set off.”
“You basically do. They hurt you, and committed crimes while doing so. They’ve given you a huge amount to work with if you’re willing to use it.” Robin says and Merretta outright laughs.
“Yeah! That sounds hilarious! You should do it!” She cheers.
“Only if you’re willing to accept all the consequences. If things are bad now, how much worse will they get when they’re convinced your an enemy and have what constitutes as proof in their mind.” Robin warns him.
“I didn’t even want to come to Skathac... I wanted to stay home and work with Beaky...” Albin mutters.
“Think he could get them on kidnapping for that?” Merretta asks and Robin considers.
“Not likely, he’s underage and they’re his legal guardians. It would be hard enough for him to get them on the theft and destruction of property, I don’t think that cruelty to animals would work in a place such as this as it’s a hunting outpost so laws in that area are likely far more lax.”
“What are you, a lawyer?”
“At times. Although I’m a Contract Lawyer. You need a Personal Injury and possibly a Family Lawyer as well.” Robin explains and Albin blinks.
“Why are there so many different kinds of lawyers?”
“Because law is complicated and it’s practically impossible to know all of them enough to be effective. Someone who tries to know about all kinds of laws is generally useless at actual legal work for any of them. You need to specialize.”
Robin’s secondary communicator goes off and he checks it.
“It looks like you’re about to get your chance kid. We’re five minutes out from a couple of doctors arriving.”
“I had a child crying against me. You can bet that I called for medical professionals.” Robin answers.

First Last Next
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2023.05.24 05:33 sexyratsinhats I spotted a mess up!

So I watch stuff over and over and basically just listen to it in the background while doing everything haha. I do this with like 6 different shows.
But the mess up I caught was supposedly Amy is allergic to mushrooms as told in Season 5 episode 13: “Favoritism”. But in Season 4 episode 8: “Managers Conference” she is saying the key to eating the hors d’oeuvres is to put the mushroom on top on the mini grilled cheese!
Nothing big, but I just caught it haha. Has anyone else found an Oopsie?
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2023.05.23 19:43 jillianjiggs92 Fellow vegans, I need your vegan wedding menu ideas!

We have an amazing caterer who is open to creating a custom menu. I have a rough idea, but I'd love to hear if any of you have had any favourite wedding meals or have any suggestions:

-Sausage rolls
-Hummus and caramelized Ontion Crostini (maybe with some fried rosemary?)

Main Dinner
-Vegan wellington (with mushrooms, walnuts, lentils, or other in-season ingredients, wrapped in flaky puff pastry )
-Grilled Vegetable Lasagana Rollups
- Polenta Rounds with mixed mushrooms and sauteed greens OR Balsamic roasted brussel sprouts
- Sundried Tomato and basil arancini
- Roasted Root Vegetable Medley
- Mixed greens salad

- Mini apple crumble
- Raspberry and chocolate tartlets
- and a third one? Suggestions are very welcome here.

Late night
- Red pizza
- Leftover appetizers (that way there's less waste!)
- Doughnuts from a local doughnut shop
- Veggies and dip
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