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2023.06.01 21:41 Early_Procedure8909 am i the problem?

i feel like i keep getting into these situations where i’m misreading signs. just recently i was talking to this person who seemed to be interested, although they said they weren’t ready for a relationship. i was cool with that, said they can take their time but i was under the impression that there was still romantic intent. they would talk about kissing me and cuddling, and we’ve talked about sex before (like, in the context of us not just a convo about sex). then i mention cuddling one time and they tell me they’re only looking for platonic relationships. totally cool i get that, but why all the other stuff then? why tell me you like me? am i doing something wrong? is it normal for people to treat friends like that and i’m just unaware? i feel like i keep getting my hopes up and getting crushed.
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2023.06.01 21:41 JesseTheThreest [M4A] Looking for someone to waste time with

(Rq, M4A stands for Male for Any/All, right?)
Okay, so. I'm bored, and I've got nothing to do. So, I'm looking for someone to rp with. I've even got a bit of a story, too!
Here's a "short" rundown of my idea so far.
Basically, you're a person hired by a very low-profile organization/agency to reclaim what they describe as "lost property". This "lost property" is an alien by the name of "Eden".
He recently managed to escape the clutches of this organization, hence why you have been hired to find him, capture him, and bring him back to the secretive agency. Or, seeing as you've been paid a decent amount upfront, you could just capture him and keep him for yourself.
Oc's are allowed, as I've not yet fleshed out any actual hunter for him yet. If any information about Eden is needed, I'll happily share it. You can leave a comment, or request to dm if you wanna talk abt this, I won't mind either.
As the rules of the sub state, "no smut content". I'm not interested in erp in the least. So, yk, keep it to yourself if you had that idea in your head, though probably no one thought about it.
I'm trying to reach the 200 word base, so bear with me. As stated, I allow OC's, I would appreciate a description for them, although I don't imagine whoever responds to this wouldn't already plan on describing them.
Alright, I think that's enough text.
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2023.06.01 21:41 NicktheDouglas Some Facts About Rwanda

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2023.06.01 21:41 myles_master What all was new to World/Iceborne?

Hey all, I'm new to Monster Hunter, just finished Iceborne storyline and I'm so sad I didn't know about this series until this year! I'm curious what all was new for World/Iceborne compared to older games. I know Clutch Claw was new and had some interesting discussions on how strong it was. Were there new monsters in these games? Or weapons? Just curious!
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2023.06.01 21:41 The_amazing_cookie67 Well..

Hello everyone! I didn't expect this subreddit to get attention, no matter how small it is. I haven't posted anything here for a year I think. I feel really guilty about that. Last year was quite hectic for me.
School, depression and overall everything was overwhelming me. I gradually forgot about this place as well. I somehow remembered this today and immediately logged in. And what do I see? People! There are actually people posting here! I am so happy. I thought no one would ever notice this place. But here we are, right?
Anyway, I apologize for posting like, one single thing and just vanishing off from the face of the earth. I'm really sorry and I'll try to be more active from now.
Currently I have unit tests, so I can't really monitor the subreddit. I'm looking for a group of reliable people to be the mods here. I'd prefer people who have some experience moderating. Please dm me if you are interested.
Thank you and have a nice day/night!
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2023.06.01 21:40 Professional_Bet9314 Not quite my last note

Hey, I´m a 14 year old. I decided to vent on here, because I have no one else to turn to, but I need to tell all this to somebody, the pain is just too much. I think it all started when I was 10, I started to sh, I began to realize that monsters aren´t really things with big theeth and claws that live in your closet, monsters are people out there and I noticed that being the gifted kid isn´t that much of a gift after all. My father also started to drink more, combined with the stress he had at work made a perfect abuser. I can´t remember if I ever got physically abused, but my brother did. My brother and I are total opposites, I was the gifted, nice child that always suceeded at anything she tried, he was the problematic younger brother. I learned very quickly, that talking back would be your wost option, he never learned that, so while I would get away with just being yelled at, he would get hit from time to time. The only time I can remember being physically abused was when I got into an argument with my dad about a test I failed, he grabbed my little arm and dragged me from the kitchen up the stairs into my room, where I got thrown into, he then pushed against the door on the other side, so I couldn´t get out. I can´t remember much of my childhood, but that day always stuck with me, that shit traumatized me so much, that I, till this day, get shivers when somebody grabs my arm. But apart from that we "only" got emotionally abused. I can´t remember one day, where we didn´t get yelled at for literally any stupid reason. Like the one time he was mad at my mom for leaving a dress out in the guest room, but my mom wasn´t there, so he yelled at me, broke a clothes rail and threw the metal bars across the room. And still, I love my dad. I hate that I still love him, but how can I not? I just want him to go back to be the loving, funny man that he once was, I like to think that if I try hard enough to be perfect, he will change, but I slowly realize, that I´m never going to be perfect, no matter how hard I try, he´s gonna keep on searching for flaws, for any reason to let out his anger. I´m so mad at the fact that because of him, I´m never gonna have a normal life, I know something is terribly wrong with me, I´m just too scared to admit that I´m literally never gonna be able to have a normal romantic realationship, a normal friendship, a normal life. I get so scared when he´s around, like so scared that I once passed out and threw up numerous times. I tried to off myself twice, without luck, I live in constant misery. I know for a 100% that I´m going to die by my own hands one day, it´s just the question of when. I have a good friend who has had the same expieriences, and I discuss my suicide ideas with her a lot. Our newest plan is to get to 18, smoke a lot of weed and then thow ourselves off a bride. I have reached out for help, but I don´t really want help, so I just never tell the truth. I find it very hard to listen to my friends problems, since they only revolve around boys and grades and what they´re gonna wear to the next party, like god, how can someone be this ignorant, they´re all so selfish and self-centered. As I´m writing this right now my heart is beating so fast because my dad is yelling at my brother again. My grades are constanly dropping, I´m burned out and just tired. I wish I could leave this world so badly, and I don´t need anyones pity, I hate peope who pity me, for fucks sake, why are you sad when it´s my problem to deal with. I also hate those selfish fucks who cry when you´re FORCED to show them your sh marks, IT WAS MY DECISION TO DO THAT, I DID THAT TO MY BODY NOT YOURS, WHY ARE YOU CRYING. This is not quite my last note, not yet my last note, I still have about 3 years left, I went through hell on earth, I don´t want you to cry when I´m gone, I want you to be fucking proud of me for lasting at least 18 years. I do feel sorry for all the people I´m gonna hurt, but they have to see that as me giving them a share of my suffering, if they can´t last through that, then they´re a hell of a lot weaker than me. I still have more things that fucked me up, but I´m too lazy to write em all down here. If this is the last note, because I couldn´t last any longer, then everyone who knew me can fuck themselves, because every single one of you distributed a small piece to my suffering. Also, fuck the world for not protecting a 10 year old child, there were signs, there were so many signs of abuse, no one can say that they didn´t notice. Also fuck all those teenagers, fuck you of making fun of me for a YEAR after I had a panic attack in class. I`m gonna put up my both middle fingers, I´m not gonna leave this world "making peace with my past", no that was not okay, I don´t want to say that no one is at fault for this, the ones who are, know damn well they are, so yeah, if you feel like you´re at fault, you are. I hope you live in misery, knowing that you killed a child, for the rest of your sad life. Theres just so much anger in me, why did no one help me? No seriously, why? Why did it have to be me? On another note, I want them to play Gagnam-style, How bad can I be? and the daycare theme from Fnaf security breach at my funeral, if you guys are the last ones that are gonna hear my true thoughts, I want you to search for my family and force them to play those songs at my funeral, thank you XD
P.s, english is not my first language lolololol
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2023.06.01 21:40 NicktheDouglas Some Facts About Rwanda

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2023.06.01 21:40 supbrother Advice on asking out a friend-of-a-friend?

Hi folks, I’m a newcomer here so apologies in advance for any accidental rule breaking. I know similar questions have been asked before but this felt unique enough to post myself.
I met a girl this weekend through some mutual friends who really got my attention. Right off the bat she was introduced in a way that made it obvious we had a lot in common and we seemed to hit it off nicely, not to mention her and my dog absolutely fell in love with each other. The problem was that it was a short-lived thing and we were all basically in one confined room, plus I thought she might’ve been there with a guy, so I didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask for her number (turns out she wasn’t “with him” and is definitely single). To be blunt, this girl is exactly the kind of person I’m interested in and I’m really excited about the idea of getting to know her better. For context, I’m 28 and I think she’s 25. My basic general question is, do you have recommendations for getting in touch with her? It’s highly unlikely we’ll see each other again any time soon, so I feel like I need to make a move otherwise the opportunity is lost.
I may have jumped the gun already by asking the main mutual friend about it. She said she didn’t think it was weird for me to try and get her number, and she asked if she should ask the girl if she’s comfortable giving me her number, to which I said yes. But this was a few days ago and I’ve heard nothing back. I don’t want to be annoying and bother her about it but I also don’t want the opportunity to pass; let’s just say dating is rough here and it’s hard to meet new people organically like this. Would it be weird to reach out on Instagram directly? Our mutual friend posted a picture of her holding my dog with the girl tagged which seems like an easy icebreaker. Or should I ask my friend for an update, or maybe just wait it out a little longer? The girl is now on a trip and isn’t fully moving back for a month or two so I’m not sure how patient I should be. I’m a patient guy but I just worry about basically being forgotten.
Sorry if this seems blown out of proportion. I rarely date because I hate these initial steps but clearly part of that is because I’m simply bad at it, so any advice is appreciated!
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2023.06.01 21:40 Historical-Orchid-50 AITA for blowing up at my Fiancée after she insisted that I don't need my cane on our wedding day?

Me and my fiancee are getting married in a few months. And last week, we've talked about what to do and what not to do at the wedding. She brought up my cane that I use to assist my walking (I have sustained a permenant injury in a car accident I had 4 years ago) and said I should consider trying to not use it on our wedding day. I was confused. I asked why and she went on about how nice it'd be for me to look "healthier" and said that the cane is just an accesory since I can still walk on both legs. I told her that it saves me a lot of pain and discmfort and that it's essential in my everyday life. She said our wedding does not happen everyday and that this day should be considered special to me and then encouraged me to do "rehersal" walk to "prove" to me that my cane isn't needed on the wedding day. I repeatedly said no. Then when she brought it up yesterday, I just blew up at her and told her it wasn't happenning. She began crying saying I was being harsh on her when she's putting effort to get me to look and feel as healthy as possible. We stopped talking and she said she had my best interest at heart and I blew up at her and hurt her feelings. Now she's waiting on an apology.
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2023.06.01 21:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Mateusz Rutkowski – New Money Blueprint (

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2023.06.01 21:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Sabri Suby – Quantum Growth (

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.

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2023.06.01 21:40 Venum66678 What is the better development, AM4 or LGA 1200, LGA 2066 if I want to max out the socket, which one is worth more if I only use the machine for games?

2 used options are given: Z590 motherboard + I5 10600 processor and X570S motherboard + Ryzen 5 3600XT Intel is a bit more expensive because the motherboard is also better. Are you wondering which of the processors has better performance? And which of my Muskhin 2933mhz cl17 rams would work better (32gb) dual channel. But I'm more interested in the possibility of development. An I9 11900K overclocked well above 5GHz is better or a Ryzen 9 5900/5950x, but I don't know if these are worth it for gaming if I'm developing anyway in a few years, so the Ryzen 7 5800X3D would be better because I've seen that it's a little faster than these if I'm just playing games? I can't really push these Ryzens to 4.5ghz either. I don't care about consumption because the card takes a lot anyway. The issue of development is so important because now there is only one RTX 4070. With an I9 7960X, which I hope these smaller processors will also provide progress. But I will also upgrade the GPU to RTX 4090 or 4090 Ti. This is where you need a powerful cpu. I also play with this card between 1440p and 4K, as much as the 6800 XT is capable of 4K. Or should I go further inside the socket to an I9 10980XE processor or some 10xxx X lga 2066 processor. I think the 10900X, 10920X or 10960X is also perfectly enough for gaming? I9 9960X or 9980X maybe? Do these reach 11900K gaming performance or better?
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2023.06.01 21:40 rosaaalynee Boruto’s new squad post time skip?

(new to the sub and recently finished the anime/manga)
Been seeing edits of this all over TikTok and was wanting your guys’ opinion!
I wouldn’t consider them as a “squad” but the only people who know the truth about Boruto. It’d be interesting to see the dynamic 🤷🏽‍♀️
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2023.06.01 21:40 Xzenergy Cube [Chapter 4]

Sleep was a respite only in the way it separated the past from the new. A fresh start each day meant something different. You had survived and were still providing, still waking up everyday, optical lens’ able to catch the light of whatever star you labored underneath.
Gareth knew something was being lost. A call from the chambers of his sleeping physical brain, the hidden gods and their infinite creativity caged behind a synthetic wash of sedatives, used to keep the outer realms of consciousness at bay.
He was thinking of lost dreams, trying to remember the night terrors he had as an adolescent, shrieking to the dark wind at something he now couldn’t picture.
“Are you hearing me? They want you to absorb thirty-five percent of losses, covering just the gloves alone. What the fuck were you thinking Gareth?” Eris tapped elegant mechanical hands folded upon the jet black steel table between them.
Gareth looked up, “I was thinking about the narrative. I was trying to find the time.”
“Oh bullshit,” Eris scoffed, “Triarch will be coming through those doors in twelve minutes and thirty-seven seconds, they left me unbriefed.”
Gareth’s glove was still as he sat and tried to ignore Eris. If they wanted him off the restoration sector, then fine. By all means. He would be happy to operate anywhere else. Even containment and corrections were beginning to look bright.
Silence descended between them as they waited for their superiors to arrive, worry twisting their stomachs. Eris was tapping a weathered spot on the back of his right hand, something he always did when he was nervous. Gareth had worked with him for over a century and it was a habit that had never changed. The sound resonated with some part of his stimulant addled brain.
“What was in it, anyways?” Eris finally asked.
Gareth shook his head, “I don’t know, it’s sitting in my laboratory. Mostly data from the airbase we’re passing over.”
Gareth wondered if the LIDAR scans had been completed. There was also the secured safe, which was sitting in his lab. Awaiting his dissection.
Eris shook his head and huffed, “so all this for pretty much–nothing? Fantastic.”
The entrance chimed and Eris stood to attention as a team of deadly looking security gloves guided a smaller administration official into the wide, low chamber.
The one called the Triarch.
The security team dispersed to the corners and entrances of the room and the affluent looking Triarch took his seat. The glove he wore was refined and set him apart from the others, just as it was intended to do. Hand pitted copper inlays and traces of gold glinted in the low lighting of the meeting chamber.
“Eris, please.” Triarch motioned towards the middle edge of the table, where a seat had already manifested from the floor.
“Of course, thank you.” Eris sat, the small nervous tapping of his hand just under the awareness of the rest.
Triarch’s optics focused on Gareth, “this isn’t the first time we’ve met.”
“It is not.” Gareth replied.
“I believe our last meeting was in regards to workplace safety. It feels as if we’re repeating ourselves. Eating our own tail.” Triarch placed both hands flat on top of the table.
“The added layer of chemical security was unexpected, the first time I’ve ever encountered such a modification. Tetrahyrdolytic-M88, a substance used in arc fusion reactors to keep the inside of the reactor free from molecular impurities. This is the first time I’ve seen it used outside of its intended application, if I’m to be honest.”
Triarch’s head twitched to the side, “this is something that would have been discovered, had the proper safety protocols been followed.”
Gareth had no reply. It was unambiguous, he was right as right could be. If they had tapped the outer seal, it would have registered and they could have proceeded in a different manner. Trigam’s way.
A safer way.
“You’ve been behaving as if our resources are infinite,” Triarch began, spreading his hands, “thirteen engineers, the cost of refacing and repairing the research bay, and the resignation of another one of your assistants. All for some comparable data. Where does it end?”
Gareth looked up, meeting Triarch’s opticals, “research requires sacrifice. The advances towards the narrative demand risks and I feel I’ve uncovered a relevant datagem from the airfield we are currently moving through.”
Triarch shook their head, “there are few datagems in our work worth the cost of the damage done today. The war here has already been lost, Yok Theron doesn’t care for the corpuscant he leaves behind. We are in a war, Gareth, that’s the reason we’re out here. To rebuild that which was lost, because we can’t afford to lose more. You’ve been through a lot of gloves, but younger inexperienced workers don’t have the same luxury. There’s a psychological impact, as well as monetary.”
Gareth conceded, “you’re right. I understand, my lack of discipline has been bothering me lately. Eris has given me direction and I will seek further counsel.”
The many lenses on Triarch’s face seemed to focus, “see that it’s done, archeotech. Your debt to the guard is beginning to cast a shadow.”
Triarch stood without warning and collapsed into the middle of his security, as they folded out of the dark door and were out of sight and mind. All meetings were like this, simple and as fast as possible.
“God almighty-,” Eris gasped.
Gareth sat, motionless.
Eris moved from the side of the table to the seat across, as he had been sitting before, “are you in this room? Did you hear what he just said?”
“I’m at the end of my rod, I heard him.”
Eris folded his hands, screeching metal sounding, “as your liaison, I need you to listen to me very carefully, Gareth. You need to focus, for fuck’s sake. Please, I beg of you.”
Gareth glanced down at the orange plastic covering his arms, sleek and dense. He could feel the anger flush through him, his actual skin rippling with heat and potential. So far away, but instant all the same.
“Leave me to my work, I’ll stay down. I promise.”
“Stay in your lab, at least for the next forty-eight hours. As soon as things calm, we can re-task and discuss where we’re at. Does that sound simple and doable, at all, to you?” Eris stood.
“Simple, totally doable.”
“Thank you-,” Eris moved to leave the meeting chamber, walking as if he were surrounded by broken glass, “I’ll catch back up with you in two days.”
Eris turned and exited the opposite door, a wave of air rushing out and away as it whooshed closed.
Gareth sat there for a while, unmoving. There was a small silver fleck of imperfection on the surface of the table and he was focused on it, his mind far away in a place where the pressures of life fell away like a cocoon, the blossom of worry and pain distant and stale.
“Sample D-1 seated and currently awaiting instruction.” Rube’s voice ripped him from the depths he was falling into.
“Initial analyses?” Gareth asked, standing and leaving the dim chamber.
“Grade composition of container: Pb, heavy lead shielding. Weight: 77kg-”.
“Please move the test article to hazard bay 443, I’ll be up shortly.”
Gareth walked through the massive inner structure of the Cube, making his way towards the MOL-44 printers. There would be a printer in the back left, just finishing a small ceramic urn full of ashes. He plucked the perfect white urn from the printing plate and left the upper sectors, making his way down to the bottom of the Cube.
It took two levicors and a small escalating platform, the journey to the usual outer seal he used was long and winding, taking him through the inner bays in a zig-zag pattern. The more random his habits, the more control he felt over his life. When everything was synchronized, unplanned deviation gave a sort of rush. A rush that washed away the sour taste of the meeting he had just sat through.
“Your debts are beginning to cast a shadow.”
Shadows were the result of light and he felt no brightness within. It was all darkness, no definition any longer to navigate.
Focus on the narrative, he thought to himself.
The pain he endured paled in comparison to what these people must have experienced in their final days or hours. The sky ablaze, nuclear death raining down, more bodies than flies. Oceans boiled, the atmosphere sheared off.
The echoes of his wails were nothing against the hurricane.
Gareth had finally reached the bottom level and could see the outer access door still a ways away, lit by a blue runner from above. He glanced down at the small ivory urn, making sure it was still intact. When he looked back up, there was someone standing in front of him, silhouetted in the dark.
Trigam’s voice called out through the cloud, “what do you do out there?”
He was a couple meters away, optics glinting in the low blue light.
Gareth stopped, his heart rate spiking, “what are you doing down here?”
Trigam spread his dark metallic hands and sauntered forward, “making sure you don’t wander off and have an accident. What else?”
Gareth tried to ping Rube, but his local gateway was blocked.
“What’s so important outside, that you would throw away a MK-V research glove? Like it’s scrap.”
Gareth started backing up and bumped into a solid plate of metal. He had walked past two gloves pressed against the walls like waiting vipers uncoiled, both wearing Atlas exoframes normally used in mining and heavy labor. They grabbed him by his arms and legs and raised him up, so that his feet were just off the floor. The sound of squealing and crunching metal and plastic echoed down the dark walkway.
“c15,000, c20,000? What is it? It’s more than MK-III engineers, I know that much.”
Gareth strained against the hold he was in, his small white urn shattering under the struggle. Ash and ceramic shards fell to the floor unnoticed.
“So what is it? Why do you walk out there?” Trigam asked, the angular build of his glove’s face inches away from Gareth’s.
Trigam didn’t allow him to answer, instead he rammed a charged copper spike into the side of Gareth’s neural controller, just inside his breastplate, sending waves of pressurized spasms through his glove and into his body, back in the seed tank billions of miles away. Gareth screamed, but his agony was scattered by the network jammer currently enveloping the small group.
“Everyone said you were brilliant, eccentric. Working with you was something like rediscovering yourself,” Trigam laughed, “I was your slave for eight months and now I’m considering joining Yok.”
Trigam depressed a small switch and the pain spike went dead.
Gareth gasped for air through the feeling of being unwinded, his head spinning and his rage turned ashen and to despair.
“We can’t afford our own debt and we won’t take on yours.”
A short silence fell between them, before Gareth’s legs and right arm were pulled and ripped away from his body. Sparks and caustic hydraulic fluid sprayed in a wide arc, covering the shifting metal of the interior walls.
“Loss is part of the process,” Gareth sighed, “but I wouldn’t expect you to understand that. You never were very good at understanding that.”
Trigam smeared the clear oil along Gareth’s cheek, “you would be the expert of loss as well. Your bitch died and now you try to follow her, but Aetherguard will never let you die. You’re too special to them.”
The Atlas exosuits chomped down into the floor as the two holding Gareth started forward and hauled him towards the access door.
“It’s ten hours until sunrise, I hope you enjoy the little bit of leisure time we’ve bought you.” Trigam said, the access door whooshing open next to him and revealing the pitch dark howling night.
Gareth was tossed, like a dead battery, out into the ivory sand, tumbling end over end as he fell thirteen meters to the ground. The impact jittered his sensor core and his optics began an automatic reset, showing him the massive shifting wall of the Cube upon coming back online. He would give anything to close his eyes, but the pitch black was as close as he would get.
Every actuating joint and stabilizing core was damaged in the assault and now his entire glove vibrated in a kind of mechanical desynchronization. He hoped it would shake itself to pieces before he had to wait the agonizing hours for the star to rise over Kine’s horizon and cook him. The sooner he could get back and report this to Eris, the better his rage would be soothed.
Or so he hoped.
He still had slight control of the right arm they had left him and so he used it to push himself onto his back, face up and exposed to the sky above. His infrared lens gave the cosmos an ethereal shade, so much more to witness when looking outside the normal range. The sight of it all turned his awe to bitterness and guilt at the reminder of the casting away of his physical flesh. Not so much a loss, but a disconnection, controlled and bound by the numbers sworn fealty to as a neophyte. The end result was a sight so magnificent and so replicated it morphed into remorse.
No answer came, they had damaged his communication module as well it seemed. He was on his own in the desert. He could already see the small search drones, their thermals scanning the glowing sand, looking for an imperfection in a backdrop of white.
When he looked down, the sand tinkled and blazed with the same astigmatism as in the small desk art piece, in Eris’ office. He looked and realized the sand wasn’t crushed silicate, but tiny individual diatomaceous shells, heaped by the trillions. He magnified and marveled at the radiating mass grave of microscopic animals. There was something about this last rape in the environmental brief, but the fact seemed to have slipped away, lost in a trillion other details of calamity.
North was a ridgeline rising out of the dunes, he could try to climb that and then throw himself off when he reached a sufficient height. Perhaps he could cut a few hours off of the current timeline, get back to the Cube and wring necks. The plastics and soft materials of his glove had all already sloughed off, leaving him a mechanical shell crawling across the wasteland, one arm dragging himself along.
Perhaps this was what it felt like, a fraction of the narrative’s suffering.
His neural core was pulsing, the flash of agony on the back of his subconscious reminding him he could feel at all.
He knew it would only be a fraction of what Trigam and his thugs would endure.
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2023.06.01 21:39 juxst_eden This is vent I just need to get it out to something or someone

Woo-hoo happy birthday techno. Turning 24 today king. I think that I need to acknowledge the fact that he was a big part of my life and that because I wasn't close to him as a person doesn't mean that I don't miss him. Today is the 1st of June 2023 and 11 months after he passed. I remind myself every first of the month that he's gone and then it's the grief process all over again. The feeling that he won't be back but refusing to believe it. The way that I deal with his passing is forgetting it and when I remember I break down. Every month is hard but I think that 1st of June will always be more difficult than the others. In a month it will officially be a year. I'm so scared and tired and I want to cry about it. I can't cry and I just sob without tears a hand over my mouth at night. Around 1am when everyone is sleeping I let myself think of him. Remembering the fact that he made me happy is hard but the fact that he did prove that there were good things. I hope that some day it will be easier to acknowledge and finally remember him as the happy memories he made and not by only the grief that is hanging heavy above my head all the time. I hope never to forget him but to remember the happiness that him just existing brought me. In any case again a happy birthday to our king at pvp (and orphan slayer) technoblade this June 1st and everyone remember that he would want us to stay happy :) o7
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2023.06.01 21:39 LanguageNo7891 The bible may be missing books

The title was a little extreme and please forgive any misspellings i am typeing on my phone but please tell me wat do you think about the fact that the bible was curated by humans. The bible was curated by humans because we couldnt get god or his angels to do it and also we wanted to make sure that no non canon books made it into the bible but if that is the case who says that canon books weren't also removed to make the current or even the kjv bible for instance the book of enoch was removed but is refrenced by the bible. Please share your thoughts
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2023.06.01 21:39 ThrowRA-04020 Please help me settle this debate...

For context, I'm Black. And sorry this long.
Part 1: My bf's team lead (Joe) had another coworker (Bob) say the N word with the hard R so he could make a stupid video. My bf overheard and went OFF. When he told me I praised him and said he did the right thing.
Part 2: A few days ago my bf sends me a pic that Joe took of Bob, "Joe took this epic pic of Bob..." I responded "I honestly do not care about that man." He said he "doesn't either but the pic is epic." I said that he's entitled to his own opinion but I disagree, and that I don't really wanna hear about him considering. This was his response:
"Ok. Well, you need to let it go. Not forget about it but let go. I already did my part and yelled at both of them. And they're my coworkers whom I will have stories to tell you about because I work with them. I don't want to tell you anything about work if all you're going to do is bring that up everytime I share a story about work with you babe."
At this point I was HEATED and wanted to go off so fucking bad. But this is what I responded:
"Your response: 🚩🚩🚩🚩 I don't NEED to let anything go. If you didn't want me to feel some type of way then you never should've told me. Your coworker is a POS for even thinking to do what he did, let alone following through. The fact that you're tryna police my feelings is actually insane. Just because you want to tell me the dumb shit he does."
When I got home of course it turned into a big ass argument and now he "feels racist" because I said stuff like "your friends are an extension of you", "I wouldn't want to keep people like that in my life" (I understand that's his coworker so I specified outside of work)," I would question that person after witnessing that", etc. I even gave an example of how my friend did some cheater shit and it took me years to "let it go". (And honestly our friendship is still kinda suffering). Like I'm not saying you have to cut him off, but you're not even gonna fall back a little. Like oh well he said sorry so it's like it never happened.
At the end of the argument I told my bf I know that's not who he is, I know he wouldn't do anything like that and that he did the right thing telling them off.
Here are my issues: 1. I asked to not hear about them and my bf basically said get over it because of what EYE want to do. 2. There was no questioning of their character afterwards.
I left out some stuff, but that's the gist of it.
So reddit, am I wrong for not wanting to hear about these people? Am I wrong for what I said that's making him feel racist?
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2023.06.01 21:39 Cautious_Bank9661 roommate for Parkside Village Building H

hello!! i am looking for a roommate :))
i am residing in Parkside Village in Building H with the Black/Pan-African Scholars community! not sure if it's worth noting but while i am a POC, i am not of black or african-american descent.
i am a 20 yr old transfer student (female, she/hehers) looking to dorm with other female-identifying folk! i am a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and i will be going to COTA (theater major)
i am completely fine with animals (not allergic!) and i prefer a quieter space or a normal amount of noise.
i go to sleep around 11pm - 11:30pm and wake up around 7:00am to 7:30am.
i'm not a smoker and i like to clean weekly.
i don't mind visitors as long as its not frequent and i get a heads up in advanced!
some fun facts about me:
- i'm from the bay area so i'd actually like to explore the LA/LB area while i'm at CSULB
- huge fan of star wars and marvel!!
- i love to make friends and hang out! but beware that i am shy, introverted and awkward, so it takes time for me to adjust!
- i love going to the gym to gain some hypertrophy and work on my flexibility (a little bit contradictory, ik LOL)
- i love listening to music (Ruel, lyn lapid, role model, ariana grande, SZA, etc)
DM me if ur interested! (even if ur not interested in dorming and wanna be friends u can DM me too!)
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2023.06.01 21:38 Ok_Honeydew2459 “The Passion of the Christ” is just a horror film prequel

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2023.06.01 21:38 therealgranpappy Started a Pistons newsletter. What should I write about?

Of course I have written about Monty and the draft, but I was curious if there was anything else that Pistons fans might want to read about this off-season? The newsletter is also linked in my Reddit profile if anyone is interested in subscribing.
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2023.06.01 21:38 nibba912 Dealer lied about trim level

I bought an 07 Infiniti G35 Sedan kind of last minute as I was almost out of options and needed a vehicle asap. I paid $7.7k for a supposedly Sport Sedan. They told me it was a sport trim and that it had been in a minor accident once before with no current issues. I realized when I got home that there were in fact issues, steering wheel and automatic shifter shakes when braking from anywhere over 50mph, has mismatched tires, suspension started squeaking after a week, pulls to the right now, and the title doesn’t say it’s a sport trim. They had an “S” badge on the back to make it look like a sport as well as the sport front bumper. Engine also now sounds a bit rough as well. They were in a rush to sell as if they knew what was up but I was oblivious to it unfortunately. Any advice on how to go about this is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 21:38 Much-Cupcake-8915 Presidental facts about George Washington.

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