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Letter to me - 3

2023.06.01 20:42 ProfJD58 Letter to me - 3

This is the first full letter I'm uploading. The first two were attached to a photo or card, so this is a real letter and longer. I had just graduated college a few weeks earlier and had just gone to visit the previous weekend, but our separation, which we both dreaded, was just a summer away. As it turned out, the next letter did not come until the end of the summer because we found a way to see each other every other weekend and ran up our parent's phone bills in between.
Still, there's nothing like a letter from someone who loves you:
May 27th 1980
“Dear XXX,
Seeing as how I just saw you yesterday, it seems really silly for me to be writing you, but I miss you already. Also, I feel like writing a letter so you’re the lucky recipient. No luck so far with jobs, and my Mother isn’t helping matters any. She seems to think she’s the leading expert in job hunting, and I get sick of hearing her yap. Normally my Mother’s yapping doesn’t bother me, but I’m tense about this this too, so it just rubs me the wrong way. Today I filed my loan application – and good news (sort of). The bank raised its limit from $1500 to $2000. So I took the $2000. Not that I’ll enjoy paying it back, but I need the $$$. While I was in XXXX (nearby city) today, I ran into a high school buddy of mine that I haven’t seen in a long time and we got to talking about school and shit. We used to do a lot of acting together in school plays, etc., except he went to school for it and has done well. He’s going to London next Sept. to study with the London Royal Shakespearean Company. He was on his way to the XXXX library to work on his book. I read a chapter and it was VERY good. Boy, I was surprised! My 5th year high school reunion should be interesting if everyone I graduated with is off on such adventures. I hope I have something to show for it! I also talked to Sxxxx today. They go the proofs of the wedding pictures back, so I’m going over sometime soon to see them. Jxxx and Sxx say hello. Duke XXXXX was over and asked me to say Hi to “my main man.” I think he means you. So much for my adventures for the day. My sisters are driving me crazy, as usual. Kxxxx is out of school so she’s home all the time. I better have a job by the time Cxxxx and my Father get out, not just for the $$, but so that I can keep some semblance of sanity. What day of the week is your birthday this year? (The thought just occurred to me, but I’m to lazy to leave my cozy afghan and find a calendar.) I can’t afford all we did last year, but we’ll plan something for sure. Also, my Mom brought back a brochure from the hotel she stayed in in Boston, and they have excellent weekend package deals. For $88 you get two nights (either Sat./Sun. or Fri./Sat.) plus your breakfast – for two. AND you can reserve it in any of the chain’s hotels anywhere in the US. I was looking specifically at Washington DC or Boston. I didn’t think you’d be interested in NYC, but if you are, please tell me. My Mom loved the one in Boston. Maybe we should think about it. For a cheap vacation, it might be the deal. I want to get away with you for a while, maybe when you have some time off. Think about it, ‘cause we’d need reservations way in advance; at least a month. I’ll take care of everything, just let me know. So here it is, 11:33 pm and I’m sitting around, curled up in an afghan (only I need an afghan in the summer) with your picture. What a cutie! How come I miss you after barely 24 hours? Actually, I missed you last night by the time you hit Route 52 – you know, just a couple miles down the road. I’d say I was silly, but loving you isn’t very silly, in fact it’s the smartest thing I’ve done since becoming toilet-trained. I just hope we find some time before summer’s over to get away from parents, sisters and brothers, dogs, baseball games (oops, sorry) and everything else. I feel like I never get a chance to just cuddle and talk with you. There are always so many diversions (nuisances, actually). Once September rolls around, there will be so little of that I don’t even want to think about it. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic who listens to too much Barry Manilow, but girls always are no matter how practical they may seem. I hope I never stop appreciating you and start taking you for granted – but how could I/ Not that cute face. ANYWAYS – I’m going to sign off now. Hopefully this letter will get mailed – I’ve written you so many just for cathartic purposes. I’ll be talking to you soon. Love you lots & lots, XXXXX” 

Again, I would like to encourage comments. Is anyone out there interested, or am I just scribbling on a virtual bathroom stall?
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2023.06.01 20:35 ImaMasterDebator Good afternoon Boston, I am back with a list of things to do this weekend, June 1st - June 4th

Here's my list for this weekend, I'm sure there is plenty I missed so please add it down below. Also, at popular request you can now get this as a newsletter. Sign up and maybe one day I'll be able to afford Dunkin' more than twice a week.


Red Sox vs Cincinnati Reds @ Fenway Park @ 7PM
Discussion: Black Art @ MFA @ 7PM Join this conversation with Boston community leaders about what it means to have a “seat at the table” and why representation is vital in art institutions.
Julieta Venegas @ Shubert Theatre @ 8PM Hear Julieta Venegas - one of the greatest pioneers of Spanish-language pop music, live in Boston!
The Music of George Gershwin @ Symphony Hall @ 8PM Two of today’s most celebrated artists—Jean-Yves Thibaudet and Michael Feinstein - come together to celebrate the legacy of Gershwin and his peers.
Hayley Kiyoko @ House of Blues @ 6PM
The Backseat Lovers @ Roadrunner @ 8PM
Panchiko @ Paradise Rock Club @ 7PM
Rosie @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM


Red Sox vs Rays @ Fenway Park @ 7PM *Promotion: Lou Gehrig Day
First Fridays: Poolside Pride @ ICA @ 5PM Start pride month with ICA’s monthly after-hours party where you can enjoy art, dance, try summer drinks, and watch a dazzling drag performance.
‘True Crime Obsessed’ Podcast LIVE @ The Wilbur @ 7:30PM ‘True Crime Obsessed’ is a leading podcast in its genre, with over 200 million downloads.
Ricardo Arjona @ Agganis Arena @ 8PM
Hippo Campus @ Leader Bank Pavilion @ 7:30PM *With Gus Dapperton
Logic @ MGM Music Hall @ 8PM *With Juicy J
Thrice @ House of Blues @ 7PM
ARMNHMR @ Big Night Live @ 9:30PM
Big Wreck @ Paradise Rock Club @ 7PM
Jake Swamp and the Pine @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM


Red Sox vs Rays @ Fenway Park @ 1PM / 6PM
Beyond the Spectrum Kids: Oceans & Boats @ MFA @ 10:30AM In this class, kids will explore the theme of the sea and boats in art and make their own acrylic paintings.
Red Bull’s Cliff Diving World Series @ ICA @ 10AM Catch the season opening of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series at the ICA
Stars On Ice 2023 @ Agganis Arena @ 7:30PM *Featuring Olympic Champion Nathan Chen and other U.S. Olympic Medalists.
Sam Jay Stand Up @ The Wilbur @ 7PM
New England Film Orchestra @ Hatch Memorial Shell @ 7PM Family-friendly show with sci-fi and space film music.
Video Games Live @ Symphony Hall @ 8PM Feel the adrenaline with this immersive concert experience featuring music from the most iconic video games of all time, soundtracked by the amazing Boston Pops.
Walker Hayes @ Leader Bank Pavilion @ 6:30PM
GRYFFIN @ MGM Music Hall @ 8PM
GRYFFIN @ Big Night Live @ 10:30PM
BANG YOUNGGUK @ Big Night Live @ 6PM
Y’all Out Boy @ Paradise Rock Club @ 7PM
Peezy @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM


Red Sox vs Rays @ Fenway Park @ 1:30PM
Artist Talk: Tabaimo @ MFA @ 2PM Tabaimo joins an MFA curator and a scholar to discuss her groundbreaking work in capturing contemporary Japanese society through unique video installations.
Yoga & Meditation in the Galleries @ Peabody Essex Museum Enjoy a peaceful morning at PEM doing yoga at 9AM, followed by a session of relaxing meditation at 10.
Baroque Masterpieces from Epic Films in Concert @ Berklee Performance Center @ 8PM For this intimate solo recital, the triumphant Polina Osetinskaya turns to a program of some of the most enduring musical masterpieces in history.
Symphony for Science @ Symphony Hall @ 3PM Symphony for Science is an annual benefit concert that aims to raise awareness, funds, and hope for healthcare and STEM education causes.
Billy Joel Tribute @ Hanover Theatre @ 7:30PM A band plays tribute to one of the foremost songwriters of the twentieth century, Billy Joel.
Full Spin Drag Show x Britney Spears @ Crystal Ballroom @ 8PM
Eladio Carrion @ House of Blues @ 7PM
Inner Wave @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM
‘Pride Calling’ Party @ Big Night Live @ 8PM

All weekend

All weekend - 'Evita' Opera @ Loeb Drama Center @ 7:30PM Inspired by the real life of the iconic Eva Perón, this Tony-award winning rock opera is remastered and back on stage after much anticipation!
All weekend - 'Sleeping Beauty' Ballet @ Citizens Bank Opera House LAST CHANCE - Hear one of Tchaikovsky’s greatest compositions performed live by the Boston Ballet Orchestra and witness magic and adventure unfold before you.

Ongoing events

Ongoing - Musical Shows @ MoS Planetarium Museum of Science puts on special experiences adapting the music of Coldplay, Rihanna, Pink Floyd, and Prince to immersive visuals in the Charles Hayden Planetarium
Ongoing - ‘Wedding Fashion and Traditions Exhibition @ MFA NEW - The exhibition explores the origins and development of wedding customs in the United States through fashion, jewlery, and photography.
Ongoing - 'E.Jane: Drenched in Light' Exhibition @ MFA E. Jane's work explores the labor and inner lives of Black women and the future of Blackness and queerness.
Ongoing - ‘Otherworldy Realms of Wu Junyong’ Exhibition @ MFA Inspired by Chinese folklore and Greek mythology, Wu Junyong’s mixed-media works seamlessly blend diverse historical traditions with his contemporary experience to express human emotions, conflicts, and aspirations that transcend time and borders.
Ongoing - 'Touching Roots' Exhibition @ MFA This exhibition traces narratives of Blackness across the Atlantic world by bringing together work from artists who absorbed and reinterpreted African artistic practices, sacred customs, and cultural expressions.
Ongoing - 'Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence' Exhibition @ MFA The exhibition explores Katsushika Hokusai's impact during his lifetime and beyond. More than 100 woodblock prints, paintings, and illustrated books by Hokusai are on view alongside about 200 works by his teachers, students, rivals, and admirers.
Ongoing - 'Who Holds Up the Sky' Exhibition @ MFA Organized in partnership with a Ukrainian NGO, this exhibition presents the work of artists who have been documenting the war—providing testimony of Russia’s crimes and a glimpse into many Ukrainian citizens’ lives.
Ongoing - 'María Berrío: The Children’s Crusade' Exhibition @ ICA Innovative, unique, and touching, María Berrío's work is a blend of watercolor painting and collaging inspired by poetry, folklore, and realms of magic and how these elements are woven into our reality.
Ongoing - Simone Leigh Exhibition @ ICA Simone Leigh’s landmark masterpieces from the 2022 Venice Biennale are now on view along her other key works.
Ongoing - ‘American Art from the Spanish Empire’ Exhibition @ Harvard Art Museums The exhibition showcases Spanish colonial paintings from South America and the Caribbean and reflects on the colonial past of the America’s and the role of art in imperialism.
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2023.06.01 20:28 searedali My parents used to fight everytime we'd get in a car.

I lived a very boring life. I used to do tae kwan do but i quit that since my dad was never home and my mom didnt drive and it was too much of a hassle to run there 3 days a week in the rain etc. All i had at the time was a playsation 1, a computer that was only good to run those mini pinball games etc and our summer vacation time out. My dad would make time for us each summer to take us out. My parents, my sister and I used to go to this city nearby that has a beach. It was always the same drive, the same hotel, the same food and the same trauma. It was the only time i'd look forward to every year. We'd go swim, we'd have a bite to eat, he'd drink so he'd actually be approachable for once and happy and for that one second it would all be okay but going there and going back was usually hell. My mom was always late. We'd be in the car waiting and my dad has anger issues and low patience. He'd start yelling at us to yell at her to come out. I remember once he canceled because she took too long, another time he just drove off with only 3 of us until i yelled midway. The drive was 30 minutes. Usually they'd fight for 20 or 25 minutes until we got to the city and had to play okay. At first I didn't mind. I got to go out. But then slowly year after year it stacked up and started to drain on me. It wasn't a shock to see them fight anymore. I was somehow desensitized. Part of me never wanted to go out again. Part of me loved it when my dad was never home. Its the only time i could feel okay.
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2023.06.01 20:10 cr2502stroke Tv at outback steakhouse covers the score.

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2023.06.01 20:00 TQbrawler Our Rhododendron is a bit out of control, looking for advice on reducing its size

Hello! We bought a new home and the Rhododendron in the front yard is completely covering the bedroom window. Ideally we'd like to chop off the top of the plant to the bottom of the window, but there's hardly any leaves that deep.
There's also a gang of deer that devour most plants in the front yard, rhody included.
Any recommendations on the best way to prune/reduce the size?
Thank you!
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2023.06.01 19:51 Potential-Jeweler Rising sophomore looking for internships at law firms or news organizations!

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2023.06.01 19:35 TheCriticalTaco Getting tired of my inlaws living with us and need some perspective on this situation.

So my wife and I are newly weds, I am 24 and she's 25. We got married in November 2022 and finally closed on our first house January of this year, 2023. We're both out of college grads working decent jobs in a growing city (Austin, TX). I graduated first before her and moved to this city first, I had to pay full rent on my own when I was living here alone and that ate up about half of my then salary.

My family lives aboard and I only get to see them once every two years or three, lately I haven't been able to travel to them due to some visa issues so they are the ones coming to see me. My wife and I agreed that we would let them stay with us since they are coming from abroad and I only rarely get to see them. This includes my two sisters and both my parents, and we had agreed and talked about this in December. They are going two stay exactly two months, the girls are coming earlier, then my father is only spending the last three weeks of those 8-weeks.

Now, fast forward to April of this year, roughly only 3 months after we got our first house together and living alone, my wife's father (FIL) gets a new job in the same city we are in. He is making roughly what my wife and I make combined, and this is a huge step-up for him. His wife (MIL) also works, shes a realtor and also got other part-time remote work, so she is working roughly two jobs. To say that they have the means is an understatement. He is set to start work in April and they start looking for places to live.

First they decide that they want to buy a house instead of rent; fine, more power to you.
Then they find a house that they really like, lakeside just like their other lake-house, but turns out it is a new-build, and it will take some months to finish (they say 6mo, but they just broke ground in May, and there have been numerous delays due to weather, so I have a feeling it will be more than 6 months, that is just something contractors say to get you to sign).

So they asked my wife if they can stay with us until the house is done, agreeing to leave right before my family comes seeing as they had "booked" our place first. So they would be staying with us for two months (they currently are as I am writing this). When the wife brought this up to me, I obviously couldn't say no; tit-for-tat, if she will deal with my family staying, I will deal with hers.

The problem is it is now 6-weeks into their stay with us and I am starting to get fed-up. I don't feel like I am in my house any more and lost my sense of privacy. Everything we purchase (cause again, we got a new house and needed to buy new appliances, grill, oven, etc) the MIL takes pictures of and shares with their extended family groupchat (she's an oversharer), in that groupchat, one of the aunts LOVES to comment on everything we do, and keeps saying "Oh those lucky DINKS!!" (double income no kids).
I find that quite irksome just flat-out envious/greedy. That term is disgusting. We are two young people just starting out their lives and we are allowed to spend a little on our future house. Most of our old furniture tools are hand-me-downs I got from my college frat-house! Plus, no one told her to date a guy with a previous marriage with kids.

Not to mention, the in-laws don't have any kids in college anymore, haven't for quite some time. And even then, my wife graduated with student-loan debt, I didn't. My parents paid for everything for me, and are doing the same for my two sisters. I feel like that deserves some respect. Even though they earn less that what my in-laws make.

The in-laws are making roughly four-incomes, buying a new lakeside house, got a new car, yet we are the one envied of what little we have when we make purchases. It feels annoying. And I am a very private person, I don't like sharing what we purchase.

We also don't have privacy in the sense that, I can't lay down with my wife on the couch and do nothing. I can't just walk around the house in my underwear or no shirt. We barely get to sit and watch TV now, we have to retreat to our room and watch there. They (in-laws) leave on weekends to go back to their place and then com back Sunday-night. I live for those weekends when they're gone, but during the week it feels like I am confined.

My only worry now is that, after my parents leave in August, they ask to come stay again until their house is done god-knows when...

Am I an asshole for being annoyed at their stay? Shouldn't they just rent out a place until theirs is done, or buy something that is already done? I am willing to accept the situation now, but if they do ask to stay after, I am afraid I will have to say no to my wife.

EDIT: I also want to say that the FIL has helped us fix a lot of things in the house, and installing new toilets. They also did help us move-in. But I feel like that still does not offset the change in our lives when they can very easily rent-out. The MIL also got proceeds ($8k) from the sale our house since she was our realtor, even though I am the one who found the house, toured it, and sent it to her. All she did was the paperwork and the "representation", which wasn't much and frequently made mistakes.
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2023.06.01 19:19 amateurWriterNumber [Underlord] Orthos' Lost Days

A fanfic about what happened to Orthos after he left Night Wheel Valley.
Archive of our Own Link
Since some of yal don't want to go out to an external site, I've also posted the text here.

Chapter 1 - A Turtle’s Pace

Pillars of shadow madra stood tall, between them a wall of darkness that swallowed even the sky. It dominated the landscape; day felt like night and even the bravest beasts dared not approach. A single ripple distorted the massive portal, and out stepped a turtle. Wider than he was tall, taller than a man, leathery skin and massive shell black like charcoal, with eyes red like smoldering flames.
Orthos looked up to the sky and closed his eyes. A single tear rolled down his eye and sizzled away to steam on his cheek. He took a deep breath and breathed out smoke.
It was the first time Orthos had really been on his own ever since Eithan had brought Lindon to him, deep in the belly of Serpent’s Grave. His life had been a whirlwind since then. It had all moved so fast, too fast for a turtle. Lindon would be fine, he had Yerin to grow with and Eithan to protect them both. Orthos needed someone to grow with too, someone more his speed.
He would strike out to Lindon’s home, Sacred Valley. From what Lindon had said the pace was slower out there, and he had family that Orthos was looking forward to meeting. His father Jaran, his mother Seisha, and his sister Kelsa. What a family they must be to have produced Lindon. Orthos would meet his adopted family then choose who, and what, he was to become with them.
The great black turtle raised his head to the setting sun and set out West.

Chapter 2 - Resolve

Wake up, walk, eat, sleep; Orthos plodded ever westward. The days blended together into weeks. The solitude gnawed at him. He was lonely in a way he hadn’t been in a very long time, since he lost himself in the bowels of Serpent’s Grave. His mind wasn’t his own back then, but in some ways this journey was harder than those dark times.
The caverns were known to him, they were safe. There was nothing on this journey that could truly threaten him, but he was heading into the unknown with only Lindon’s stories to guide him. A sense of unease crept into his thoughts as the reality of his situation hit him and the weight of his decision settled heavily on his back. He was truly alone. He couldn’t simply go back to Serpent’s Grave, the sense of shame and failure would be too great.
Orthos shook his head and gobbled down a choice rock. Dragons didn’t second-guess themselves, and they didn’t retreat. He huffed out a plume of smoke and ignited the Burning Cloak for the first time since he’d left Night Wheel Valley.
He dashed across the land of the Ashwind continent, a comet of black and red. He reveled in the strength of his body and the coherence of his mind, reforged by the Life Well. He flared his spirit and basked in its strength, brought to the very peak of Truegold by the Heaven’s Drop.
And he laughed. His amusement rumbled across the valley he sprinted through. He laughed in delight at how good he felt, at the freedom he now had. The freedom offered by his own strength, and by his circumstances. Perhaps this journey was something to look forward to after all, rather than something to be endured.
Soon Orthos would meet the soulsmith that inspired Lindon, Wei Shi Seisha. He would be swapping war stories with the great warrior Wei Shi Jaran. He would meet the genius of the Wei clan, Wei Shi Kelsa. Orthos would meet his adopted family, grow with them, and…advance.

Chapter 3 - Best Served Warm

Months on the road had ground Orthos’ joy down to a dogged resolve. But now he was close. He recognized the Transcendent Ruins from Lindon’s stories. It was a massive pyramid. In his Copper Sight the colossal bricks shone with the bright yellow of strong Earth aura, while vital aura from the surrounding area was drawn to its peak; faint streams of color were drained from miles around and drawn up to the pyramid’s peak.
Orthos breathed out an exhausted sigh of relief, faint trails of smoke left his nose and his body sagged. He was so covered in dirt and dust from the road that he looked more brown than black. Even the coal-red of his shell was muted.
He trundled toward the ruins and the sprawling town that had sprung up around its base. When he reached the ramshackle gate he was challenged by a sacred artist with a very familiar goldsign.
“Halt beast!” Said a reedy voice haughtily from atop the gate. Orthos never stopped moving, but he did spare the young one some words. “What do you want hatchling?” He grumbled.
“I said halt!” The youth’s voice cracked, and his metallic hair clicked and clacked as he turned his head to look for support. Orthos walked up to the gate and shrugged through it, breaking down the doors and chomping up the pieces that fell off before continuing on into the town.
The commotion at the gate brought unwelcome attention. More representatives from the Jai clan turned up, as well as their equally cowardly minions; Sandvipers. Orthos grunted and plodded on, looking for some water and a place to sleep.
A spear landed in front of Orthos; its point stuck fast into the ground and its haft wobbled back and forth. “He said halt, beast.” The speaker was an elder Jai, though not quite as old as the ones Orthos was used to from Serpent’s Grave. This one was just old enough to have some bass in his voice and some hair on his lip. He was flanked by Sandvipers, subtly cycling their madra.
Orthos turned his head to look this new Jai up and down. “No,” he rumbled as he bit down on the spear, chewed it up, and swallowed it whole. The Jai artist stood still, mouth agape, as Orthos continued on his way. The Sandvipers that flanked him faltered, no longer cycling, simply looking between Orthos and their leader.
Wandering deeper into the town, Orthos found what he was looking for, Fishers. Gesha must be unique among Fishers, these other ones were too easily cowed, and didn’t even try to haggle with him. They simply asked for his assistance subduing some beast in exchange for all the water he could drink and a place to sleep in a warm forge.
Orthos woke to the sound of hushed whispers. “I don’t care whose turtle he is! I see no Underlord here, and I see no other Blackflame. And if he IS that turtle we will be rewarded for this. So just do as I say.”
Orthos grunted and shook himself awake, “I am no one’s turtle. But I do have a human.”
The doors of the forge were slammed shut and barred from the outside. Toxic gas filtered in through each side of the building. Forged needles of Sandviper madra shot through cracks in the walls. Orthos retreated into his shell to shrug off the first volley, then cycled the Burning Cloak and erupted from his shell in anger. He burst through the nearest wall, colliding with a Sandviper on the way out. The Sandviper flew into a building and slid down, unmoving, his remnant slowly rising.
Orthos raced around the corner to find the elder Jai from this morning standing ready, new spear in hand and skin alight with the Jai enforcer technique. He wasn’t alone; two Jai and one Sandviper stood behind him. Orthos roared in rage and unleashed a Dragon’s Breath. All four sacred artists burned to ash.
There was gas from every wall, at least two more Sandvipers. Orthos darted around the building and made short work of his remaining enemies. Remnants from his opponents converged on him as the forge burned bright in the night. Orthos twisted braids of Fire and Destruction aura in the sky above the remnants, ending the battle in a single decisive blow.
After it was over, among the ash twisting in the wind, the Fishers finally showed up to find Orthos eating what was left of the forge. They saw the Jai spear among the ash outline of bodies, and said he owed them nothing for burning it down.

Chapter 4 - Every Mountain has its Thorn

Beyond the dead remains of the Transcendent Ruins, past the blighted lands filled with dreadbeasts, Orthos found Sacred Valley. Four peaks, one surrounded by a great ring of white light.
Orthos finished crushing the bones of his latest victim and gulped it down. These dreadbeasts were foul, but they were the only meat to be found in these accursed lands. Even the trees here were afflicted with something foul.
Now he just had to find a way in. Four peaks, four entrances to Sacred Valley. Lindon knew surprisingly little about his own home; he’d not ventured far out of his clan’s land, and he only visited one of these sacred peaks before leaving.
Heaven’s Glory, stewards of the easternmost peak, under the glowing ring. Lindon had experience with them, and a grudge to settle if Orthos had any say in the matter. Heat burned in his shell at what Lindon had told him about these people. But that vengeance was Lindon’s, and dragons didn’t steal. Unless they were gold.
Another peak then, and another entrance. Lindon had mentioned something about a wonderful bath at the peak to the southern peak, some appetizing sounding rocks to the western peak, and favored fruits of his childhood grown near the northern peak. Orthos’ stomach churned and rumbled. His choice was made for him it seems, the fruits to the North it was.
Days later, Orthos came upon a wall of thorns. The plant life was free of the blight of the Desolate Wilds. It shown with healthy brown and greens, and it had a satisfying crunch. “Finally,” Orthos thought to himself, “some good food.”
Orthos ate his fill, and then he ate some more. He chewed his way through thorn and briar for the better part of a day until finally he saw light ahead. With one final bite Orthos tore into Sacred Valley.
Before him lay grassy plains and tilled fields, dotted with barns and white trees with purple leaves, bearing heavy fruit.
Two remnants approached him with obvious ill-intent, guardians of this path. Orthos breathed out smoke and cycled Blackflame; it would be good to move around after such a large meal. They fled before he could attack. Orthos let out a booming laugh, “Entertainment is as good as exercise I suppose.”
So the great black turtle trundled into Sacred Valley.

Chapter 5 - Finding Family

The days dragged on in Sacred Valley. Orthos wandered, using his Jade senses and Copper Sight to search for the Path of the White Fox. Lindon had said it was a complex path of light and dream. Orthos had been catching hints of White Fox madra in the wild but it was never enough, and it was getting harder.
Each morning Orthos woke up weaker than the night before. Something about this place sapped his strength; the vitality provided by the Heaven’s Drop was already gone. He could scarcely call himself Highgold anymore. Even the aura was weak, the color of the world drab in his Copper Sight. The inhabitants of this place stayed away from him for now, but soon his advancement would leak away and it would no longer hold the wild at bay. Orthos snorted out a gout of smoke, “No matter,” he rumbled, “A dragon doesn’t fear a challenge.”
He’d need to eat to keep his strength up. The vegetation here was rich in flavor, if spiritually poor. Orus fruit Lindon called it. Too sweet for a turtle, but the trees they grew from had a satisfying crunch. Orthos tore up the stump of an Orus tree and crushed it between his jaws.
There was a commotion deeper in the forest, loud enough for Orthos to hear it over his own chewing.
“Finally, something happens here.” Orthos turned toward the noise and opened his senses, and what he saw raised his spirits. White Fox madra, being used liberally, and it was being tailed by a horde of Life practitioners, the gardeners for this mountain..
Orthos bounded towards the disturbance, but the White Fox madra disappeared again. He waited in a shadowed hollow to observe. Turtles were patient. The White Fox madra appeared sporadically, coming right towards him, when suddenly a young woman ran through a bush and almost into his hollow. She was a White Fox iron and she looked like Lindon, back when Lindon was still weak.
Orthos stared the iron down. “Wei Shi Kelsa?”
The iron stopped trying to run around him and looked at him, recognition of the name in her eyes.
“Took me long enough to find you,” he grumbled, “but a dragon does not give up.” Orthos leaned his neck down and noisily at a branch, taking his time to chew and swallow. “I am called Orthos,” the turtle said. “I come from your brother Lindon.”
Wei Shi Kelsa froze, her body trembled and her control on her spirit broke. “He’s alive?” She whispered.
All the while the Fallen Leaf school continued to close the distance, lending an eerie green glow to the forest behind her. Wei Shi Kelsa came back to her senses, “We have to get out of here,” she ordered. “Can you run?”
Orthos laughed. A dragon did not run, not from gardeners. But he could forgive her. She was family, and she would not have met many dragons here. “I am pleased by you already, Wei Shi Kelsa. And I cannot run.”
The turtle walked past Kelsa and faced the rising verdant glow of the forest, lit by the frail aura of Irons, Coppers, and a single Jade.
“Not when I can fight.”
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2023.06.01 19:08 Main_Dependent378 AITAH for posting a picture with my cousins?

This has been bugging me for the past few weeks so I wanted random people on the internet to help me out.
Some backstory: I (27F) grew up with two older sisters (30F and 37F). The middle one and I never meshed and she was disowned by our parents on her wedding night (looooong story for another time; I wasn't even involved with what happened but she chose to cut me off too). Regarding the oldest, she recently voiced that we never had a bond growing up because she felt very parentified due to her being 10 years older. I can't help but empathize because 1) it greatly sucked for her and 2) I was not the easiest child to deal with. Her and I still remain in contact but I see her more as a friend than I do a sister given our history. She may feel more or less the same.
Onto the situation at hand. My oldest sister lives about 10 mins away from my Godparents while I live in a separate city (takes about 1.5 hours to get there from where I live). My Godparents LOVE to host fight nights; they have a bunch of drinks, multiple TV monitors, they hire taqueros, it's a whole thing. When the Canelo fight was due to air, you bet they were party planning and they invited me and my boyfriend (31M) to attend. Of course we said yes. I didn't tell my oldest sister I was coming to town since I wasn't there to see her. My partner and I were having a great time eating and spending time with my Godparents and their friends.
Lo and behold, before the fight is about to begin, in walks two of my favorite cousins who I haven't seen in 10 months. Obviously, I'm ecstatic and a little emotional and my bf and I spend the rest of our time there with them. To capture the moment, I take a selfie with all four of us in the picture and captioned it "I missed you" with a happy-tear-drop-face emoji.
I'm unsure if my sister saw it and sent it to my mom or if my dad saw it and showed my mom, but about 10 mins after posting the picture, I get a text from my mother along the lines of, "You're 10 mins away from your only sister and you couldn't bother to visit her while you're in town. You're really starting to piss me off". She made sure to put the emphasis on "only sister". I responded saying that I'm sorry it all happened that way but next time there's a big party, I'll invite her. My mom responded, "Bulls***, you know she doesn't like that part of the family". In order to pacify it, I just responded "Sorry" and left it there. I kept enjoying the night with my cousins.
After the event, I vented to my bf on the way home how ridiculous my mother was and that I can see whoever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want and that my sister doesn't have to be involved in whatever I do when I come back to town. My bf stated that he understands where I'm coming from and have a right to feel the way I do and definitely have a right to do what I want but, he also stated that I don't hit up my sister enough when I do come back to town nor do I make that much of an effort to visit her so he feels my mom's reaction is also justified, though extreme.
I accept the fact that I don't hit up my sister enough but, as explained in the backstory, I don't feel that type of bond with her where it's a "priority" so to speak whenever I do visit my hometown.
More backstory: I saw my sister two weeks before this event happened when she came up with my mother to spend the day with my boyfriend and I. My mother lives out of state with my dad.
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2023.06.01 19:06 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NV Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Tridant Solutions, Inc Registered Nurse- Emergency Room- Per Diem Blue Diamond
Geoffrey Baughman-Farmers Insurance Agency Customer Service/Sales Representative Boulder City
Boot Barn Seasonal Sales Partner Carson City
Big Brand Tire & Service Tire and Lube Technician Carson City
U.S. Bank National Association Float Client Relationship Consultant 3 (Banker) - Capitol Carson City, NV (40 hrs) Carson City
Ascend Medical Obstetrics/Gynecology Elko
Riverton Elko Chevrolet Buick GMC Service Porter Elko
SunSource NV - Outside Sales: Account Manager - Industrial Supply (Mining, Hydraulics, Lubrication, MRO) Elko
Riverton Elko Chevrolet Buick GMC Lot Attendant/Porter Elko
ExamOne, A Quest Diagnostics Company Medically Trained Mobile Collector (PT) (NV) Ely
Bluetree Practice Services Dental Assistant for the Dentists' Office in Fallon Fallon
Industrial Transport Services Hiring CDL A Solo and Team Company Truck Drivers! Home Weekends! $115,000 Annual AVG! Fallon
H&H Recruiting Class A Truck Driver Fernley
Nevada Cement Co., LLC Truck Driver CDL-A Fernley
Encompass Health HIMS Coder Henderson
Goodwill Industries Of So Donation Attendant Henderson
Florida Canyon Mining Inc Accounts Payable Clerk Imlay
Summit Materials (West Region) Loader Operator - Swing Shift - Sierra Ready Mix Jean
Evergreen Pharmacy Pharmacist Las Vegas
Life Storage Associate Store Manager Las Vegas
Boys And Girls Clubs Of Southern Nevada Licensed Youth Mental Health Therapist Las Vegas
Symbia Of Colorado Llc Warehouse Associate Mccarran
Mesa View Regional Hospital Pharmacist - PART-TIME (16 hours per week) Mesquite
Baker Hughes Global Facilties Leader Minden
OAP Transportation, LLC d/b/a O'Reilly Auto Parts CDL A - Home Daily - Reno Mogul
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nv. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 19:03 Zyphyrius I (22M) am having a difficult time with my girlfriend (21F).

We have been dating for about 6 months (LDR) after dating a guy who basically had no interest in treating her like she should be treated. We texted for the first time and I told her about how she should step away from talking to people that do not want her to find God or glorify him in life. We have a lot of similarities, interests in common and after a week of talking, led to her being comfortable enough to call me on the phone for weeks straight, with her even updating me on if she was leaving the house, or if she had to go to work, which is a shock to me since I have struggled in my love life and never understood what it feels like to be genuinely in a relationship.
She had told me something along the lines of "you have no idea how much this means to me" and that she was thankful for someone like me in her life at that specific time in which she needed it I guess? I told her to focus on herself, focus on what she wants and what she needs to accomplish and don't seek to please people, which should go for everyone. A month in or so she decided she was going to breakup with her ex-boyfriend (LDR) which was rude to her, vulgar language towards her (calling her names basically) and etc. She told me what she should do and how to go about the entire situation. I told her she should take direction for herself again, and that it is good she wants to grow in her faith and more.
We started dating after she broke up with her ex, and it was honestly amazing. She is an amazing woman, serves within her family church, she serves at home, helps with her family, basically what any guy would want that has his head screwed on tight. I even complimented her on having a verse amongst her bio in which I told her I was attracted not just by her qualities and other worldly traits, but that she could share her faith openly which made me love her even more and share my experiences with her, which made us feel like we're more than boyfriend / girlfriend.
She'd buy me things, food if i was hungry while I worked long overnight hours since I have been job searching and most don't go well, always issues financially, and she has been there for me regardless of my highs and lows, and told me she will love me regardless if I succeed or fail. We'd play games together, movies, the usual couple thing, share our faith experiences and the word of God, and it was a good thing I felt like.
So the issue at hand is that from time to time within the 6 months of dating, we've been tempted a few times as far as masturbation. Obviously this is a sin, and goes against what God has intended for in his creation of sex (correct me if I'm wrong) and that we should enjoy this with our spouse / husband. I personally have an issue determining if it is lust or love. I still want to quit altogether with her and find a way to refrain so we don't jeopardize anything between us and plant unwanted seeds that could destroy us in the future. I've never been educated so much on the sex part when I was a kid other than wear protection if I was tempted to do it. I've steered towards masturbation as I grew up watching my father get with countless women, and my parents divorced. I didn't want that, I wanted something my grandparents have, they've been married for 42+ years and I type from their house as we speak. I haven't talked to my grandfather on how he managed to keep my grandmother around or how God played into that.
My girlfriend also has had a past of dealing with being horny and has recently been fighting it off strongly due to us being together, same issue with me. I feel guilty rejecting her when she wishes to do it with me, but also guilty after doing it. She also feels the same way since we are really craving into the physical touch since it is a desired love language, cuddling, hugging, etc. She texted me and told me that she couldn't do it anymore and kept going into a cycle which she wanted to break free from and not tempt me, and in which she declared that she was disappointed too and also ashamed that she showed someone she isn't married to her body. (which we both have.)
In short, she wants to leave everything and go back to the "old her" in which she knew God so well they had full on conversations, and nothing was in the way of her love for God. She grew up with it instilled inside of her with nothing else emphasized. Me on the other hand, my family are Christians too, but lately I have been feeling that my type of Christian upbringing and how i was taught is nowhere near what she experiences. I feel like i should give up entirely and let her go, despite in these past years I've grown so much with God and actually take time to read the bible, and learn the word myself instead of sitting listening to parents and going with the flow with what others do in my family.
My uncle went out of his way to even call me a man of God, but I feel so beneath my girlfriend when I start to question myself what I have learned. Everything is so hard, and it's making me restless and lose sleep. I imagine if I give it to God I can get rest, and not worry about my girlfriend or anything in general. I basically get so much compliments of being a man of God from my family yet I don't have the things I desire or progress others have. Am I envying others by saying I want my relationship to turn into a marriage like the ones I see so much shoved into my face each day I walk out? It's even more frustrating that I am walking with God, yet it's getting ready to crumble and this will be the biggest heartbreak I've experienced. My girlfriend said she wants nothing but salvation for me, and I said the same for her, but why must I be apart from her as we are in this world? Am I not good enough for her? Why couldn't I have found God's word sooner and not take my parents word for it? Why did no one explain deeply about the troubles of love to me?
TL/DR: Me and girlfriend struggling with lust or love, my upbringing wasn't as smooth as hers in terms of being Christian and walking with God, I feel as her Christianity status trumps mine. She wants to "leave" everything to focus on God only, but stay with me and contact me still to check on me and that she still loves me. She said she wishes that God sends me a woman that supports what I want to do (she supports me and what I want to do which is GOD duh), a woman that sees how special I am (she saw that), and that doesn't take me for granted (she doesn't take me for granted).
(I'm not confident or feel like the man of God that others see me as, so please let me know how I should take this situation in. I love this woman dearly and she does as well, I feel tight in the chest just thinking about leaving her after how much I've grown with God and found her while I was doing so.)
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2023.06.01 19:00 nahimavegan (Selling) Huge list of 1100+ movies! Lots of New and Rare titles!

Prices are firm, but I take off $.75 for every $10 spent (multiple items)
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355 HD/MA $4.5
48 Hrs 4K/VU $6
600 Miles HD/VU $4
80 for Brady (2023) HD/VU $6.5
A Journal for Jordan HD/MA $5
A Man Called Otto HD/MA $6.5
A24 5-Film Set (X, Green Room, It Comes at Night, Hereditary, Witch) HD/VU $15
Ad Astra 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Addams Family (2019) 4K/IT $4.5
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Agent Game 4K/VU $5
Air Force One 4K/MA $6
American Carnage 4K/VU $5
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Anatomy of a Murder 4K/MA $5
Annie (1982) 4K/MA $5.5
Ant-Man & Wasp Quantumania (2023) 4K/MA $9.5 or HD/MA $8
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Assignment HD/VU $4
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Banshees of Inisherin HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
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Bride of Frankenstein (1935) HD/MA $3.5
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Bullet Train HD/MA $5
Captive State HD/MA $4.5
Casablanca 4K/MA $6
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Cats (2019) HD/MA $4
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Charlie Brown 4-Film Set (A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Bon Voyage, Snoopy Come Home, Race for Your Life) HD/VU $15
Christmas Classics Set (Home Alone, Jingle All Way, Miracle on 34th Street '94, A Christmas Carol '84) HD/MA $18
Cinderella (2021) HD/MA $4.5
Clerks 3 4K/VU $5
Cliffhanger 4K/MA $5.5
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Creed 3 (2023) 4K/VU $10
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Death of Me HD/VU $4
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Dracula (1931) HD/MA $3.5
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Elvis HD/MA $4.5
Empire of Light HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
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Glass HD/MA $4
Godfather HD/VU $4
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Great Wall HD/MA $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Green Inferno HD/IT $3.5
Green Lantern Beware My Power HD/MA $4
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Grumpy Old Men HD/MA $4
Guns Akimbo HD/VU $4.5
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Scream HD/VU $4.5
Secret Garden (2020) 4K/IT $5
Secret in Their Eyes HD/VU or IT $3
Sense & Sensibility 4K/MA $5
Seven Psycopaths HD/MA $4
Shawshank Redemption 4K/MA $5.5
Shazam! Fury of Gods (2023) HD/MA $9
She Said HD/MA $6.5
Shooter 4K/VU $5
Silent Night, Deadly Night 3-Film Set (3-5) HD/VU $8
Silent Twins 4K/MA $6
Silk Road 4K/VU $5
Sing 2 HD/MA $4
Sing Street HD/VU $4
Skeleton Twins HD/VU $4.5
Smile HD/VU $5.5
Smokin' Aces 4K/MA $5.5
Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Origins 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Son of God HD/MA $3
Sonic Hedgehog 2 HD/VU $4.5
Source Code 4K/VU $5.5
Spartacus HD/MA $3.5
Spider-Man No Way Home HD/MA $4
Spinning Man HD/VU $4
Spirit HD/VU $4
Spontaneous HD/VU $4.5
Starship Troopers 4K/MA $6
Strange World HD/GP $4
Stripes 4K/MA $5
Taken 2 HD/MA $3.5
Tangled HD/MA $4
Tar HD/MA $6
Teen Spirit (2019) HD/MA $4
Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls Mayhem Multiverse HD/MA $6
Teeth HD/VU $4.5
Ten Commandments (1923) HD/VU $4
Ten Commandments (1956) HD/VU $4
Tetro HD/VU $4
The Batman HD/MA $4
Thing (1982) 4K/MA $5.5
This Means War SD/IT $1.5
Thor Love & Thunder 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/GP $3.5
Till 4K/IT $7
Time Freak HD/VU $4
To Sir With Love 4K/MA $5.5
Tomb Raider Cradle of Life 4K/VU or IT $5.5
Top Gun Maverick 4K/VU $6 or HD/VU $4.5
Touched With Fire HD/VU $4.5
Town SD/IT $1.5
Transformers Dark of Moon 4K/VU $4.5
Transformers Revenge of Fallen 4K/VU $5
True Grit SD/IT $1.5
Tucker Man & His Dream 4K/VU $5
Turning Red HD/GP $3
Twilight 1-3 (Ext Editions) HD/VU $10
Umma HD/MA $4.5
Uncharted HD/MA $4
Uncut Gems HD/VU $4
Underwater HD/MA $4.5
Underworld 5-Film Set HD/MA $17
Venom Let There Be Carnage HD/MA $4
Virtuoso 4K/VU $5
Vivo HD/MA $4.5
Voyagars 4K/VU $5
W. HD/VU $4
War of Worlds 4K/VU $5.5
War on Everyone HD/VU $4
Warhunt 4K/VU $4.5
Waterworld HD/MA $4
Weekend HD/VU $4
What We Did on our Holiday HD/VU $4
Where Crawdads Sing HD/MA $4.5
Whiplash HD/MA $4
White Christmas HD/VU $4
Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance with Sombody HD/MA $5.5 or SD/MA $3
Wicker Man (1973) HD/VU $4.5
Wind River HD/VU $4
Winnie Pooh Springtime with Roo HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Wolf Man (1941) HD/MA $3.5
Woman King HD/MA $5.5
Women Talking 4K/IT $7
X-Men Days of Future Past Rogue Cut 4K/IT $5.5
All other movies (A-Z)
101 Dalmatians HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
12 Years a Slave HD/MA $3.5
13 Hours Soldiers of Benghazi HD/VU $2.5
1917 HD/MA $3.5
2 Fast 2 Furious 4K/IT $3.5
2 Guns HD/VU or IT $2.5
21 Jump Street HD/MA $3
22 Jump Street HD/MA $3.5
3 From Hell (Unrated) 4K/VU $4 or HD/VU $2.5
31 (2016) HD/VU $2.5
310 to Yuma 4K/VU $5
47 Meters Down HD/IT $3.5
47 Meters Down Uncaged HD/VU $3.5
47 Ronin HD/MA $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
50/50 HD/VU $4
71 HD/VU $4
A Clockwork Orange 4K/MA $5
A Dog's Purpose HD/IT $3
A Good Day to Die Hard (Ext) HD/VU $2.5
A Most Wanted Man HD/VU $3.5
A Quiet Place HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
A Quiet Place Part 2 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
A Wrinkle in Time HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Abominable 4K/MA $5.5
About Time HD/VU or IT $3.5
Action Point HD/IT $2
Adore HD/IT $3.5
Adventures Of TinTin HD/IT $2.5
After Earth HD/MA $3
Age of Adaline HD/VU or IT $3
Aladdin (2019) 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Alex Cross HD/VU or IT $2
Alfred Hitchcock 5-Film Set (Saboteur, Shadow of Doubt, Trouble with Harry, Marnie, Family Plot) 4K/MA $24
Alice Through Looking Glass HD/GP $3
Alien 6-Film Collection HD/MA $18
Alien Covenant HD/MA $2.5
Alien Resurrection HD/MA $4
Alita Battle Angel 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
All Eyez on Me HD/IT $3
All Money in World HD/MA $3.5
Allied HD/VU $3.5
Aloha HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1
Alvin & Chipmunks Road Chip HD/MA $2.5
Amazing Spider-Man 2 HD/MA $4
Amazing Spider-Man HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1.5
American Assassin 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
American Frontier Trilogy (Sicario, Wind River, Hell or High Water) HD/VU $7.5
American Made 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
American Night HD/VU $4
American Reunion HD/VU or IT $3
American Ultra HD/IT $4
Anchorman 2 Legend Continues HD/VU or IT $2.5
Angel Heart 4K/VU $5.5
Angel of Mine 4K/VU $5.5
Anna 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Anna Karenina HD/IT $3.5
Annie (2014) HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1.5
Annihilation HD/VU $3
Antebellum 4K/VU $5
Ant-Man & Wasp HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Ant-Man HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Apollo 13 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Arctic HD/MA $4
Army of One HD/VU $3
Arnold Schwarzenegger 6-Film Collection (Last Stand, Total Recall, T-2, Red Heat, Maggie, Hercules in NY) HD/VU $14
Arrival HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 HD/VU $5
Assassination Nation HD/MA $3.5
Assassin's Creed HD/MA $3
Atomic Blonde 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3
August Osage County HD/VU $3
Avengers Age of Ultron HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Avengers Endgame HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Avengers HD/GP $3
Avengers Infinity War HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Back to Future 3 HD/MA $3.5
Back to Future Trilogy 4K/MA $14 or HD/MA $9.5
Bad Boys for Life HD/MA $4
Bad Grandpa HD/VU or IT $2.5
Bad Words HD/IT $3
Bambi 2 HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Bambi HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Bangkok Dangerous HD/VU $4
Bank Job HD/VU $3.5
Barbie & Her Sisters in Great Puppy Adventure HD/VU or IT $3.5
Barbie in Princess Power HD/IT $3.5
Barbie Star Light Adventure HD/IT $3.5
Battle of Year HD/MA $3.5
Battleship HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Baywatch HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Beatriz at Dinner HD/VU $4.5
Beauty & Beast (1991) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Beauty & Beast (2017) HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Before I Fall HD/VU or IT $3.5
Begin Again HD/VU $3.5
Beirut HD/MA $3.5
Ben-Hur (2016) HD/VU or IT $3.5
BFG HD/MA $3.5
Big Eyes HD/VU $3.5
Big Hero 6 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Big Lebowski 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Big Little Lies Season 1 HD/GP $2.5
Big Short HD/VU or IT $3.5
Birth of a Nation HD/MA $3.5
Black Panther 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Black Widow HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Blackhat HD/IT $3.5
Blair Witch (2016) HD/IT $2.5
Blair Witch Project (1999) HD/VU $4
Blockers HD/MA $3.5
Bloodshot HD/MA $4
Boardwalk Empire Season 1 HD/VU or IT $4
Bombshell 4K/VU $5
Book Club 4K/IT $3
Book Club HD/VU $2.5
Book of Life HD/MA $3.5
Born a Champion 4K/VU $5
Boss Baby 2-Film Set HD/MA $6
Boss Baby HD/MA $2.5
Bourne Identity HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Bourne Legacy HD/VU $2
Bourne Supremacy HD/VU $3.5
Bourne Ultimatum 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Boy 2 HD/IT $3.5
Boy Erased HD/MA $4
Boy HD/IT $3.5
Boyhood HD/VU or IT $2.5
Braveheart HD/VU $3.5
Braven HD/VU $4
Breakfast Club HD/IT $4
Breakthrough HD/MA $3
Burnt HD/VU $3.5
Butler HD/VU $3
Bye Bye Man (Unrated) HD/IT $2.5
Cabin in Woods 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $2.5
Call of Wild 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Campaign HD/MA $2.5
Captain America Civil War HD/GP $2.5
Captain America First Avenger HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5 or SD/IT $1.5
Captain America Winter Soldier HD/GP $3.5
Captain Marvel HD/GP $2
Captain Phillips HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1.5
Carol HD/VU $4
Cars 3 HD/GP $2.5
Case for Christ HD/IT $2.5
Chaos Walking 4K/VU $5
Chicago (Diamond Edition) HD/VU $4
Children (2008) HD/VU $4
Christopher Robin HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Cloverfield 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Coco HD/GP $2.5
Cold Pursuit 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Collection HD/VU $3.5
Columbiana (Unrated) HD/MA $4
Come & Find Me HD/VU $4
Commuter 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Company of Heroes HD/MA $4
Contraband HD/IT $3
Cooties HD/VU $4
Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of Dead, Hot Fuzz, World's End) 4K/MA $15
Counselor HD/MA $4
Courier 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Crank 4K/VU $5.5
Crawl HD/VU $3
Crimson Peak HD/IT $3.5
Croods HD/VU $3.5
Cruella HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
D Train 4K/IT $4
Daddy's Home 2 HD/IT $3
Daddy's Home HD/VU $3
Dark Tower HD/MA $3.5
Darkest Hour (2017) 4K/MA $5.5
Darkest Minds HD/MA $4
Darkness HD/IT $3
Dawn of Planet of Apes HD/MA $3.5
Daybreakers 4K/VU $5.5
Deadpool 2 (w/Super Duper Cut) HD/MA $4
Deadpool HD/MA $2.5
Dear White People HD/VU $3.5
Deepwater Horizon 4K/IT $3
Dementia 13 (Director's Cut) HD/VU $4
Despicable Me 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Despicable Me 3 4K/MA or IT $5
Despicable Me 4K/IT $5 or SD/IT $1.5
Detroit HD/MA $3.5
Devil's Due HD/MA $3.5
Dilemma HD/VU $3.5 or SD/IT $1.5
Dirty Dancing 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Disney Animated Short Films Collection HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Divergent Allegiant HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Divergent HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $0.5
Divergent Insurgent HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Django Unchained HD/VU $3 or SD/IT $1.5
Do Right Thing 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Doctor Strange HD/GP $2.5
Dom Hemingway HD/MA $3.5
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot HD/VU $4
Doom (Unrated) 4K/MA $5.5
Doorman HD/VU $3.5
Doors 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Dora & Lost City of Gold HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Downton Abbey Movie HD/MA $3.5
Dracula Untold HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Draft Day HD/VU $3.5
Dragged Across Concrete HD/VU $3.5
Dreamkatcher HD/VU $4
Dredd 4K/VU or IT $4 or HD/VU $2.5
Duel (2016) HD/VU $3.5
Dumbo (2019) HD/GP $3
Dune 4K/MA $5.5
Dying of Light HD/VU $2.5
E.T. Extra Terrestrial 4K/VU or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Edge of Seventeen HD/VU or IT $3
Edge of Tomorrow 4K/MA $5
Edward Scissorhands HD/MA $3.5
El Chicano HD/MA $4
Emoji Movie HD/MA $3
Encanto 4K/MA $4 or 4K/GP $3.5
Ender's Game HD/VU $2.5
Enemy at Gates HD/VU $4
Enough Said HD/MA $3.5
Epic HD/MA $3
Escape Plan HD/VU $2
Eternals HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Everest 4K/MA or IT $4.5
Ex Machina HD/VU $3
Exodus Gods & Kings HD/MA $3.5
Expendables 2 HD/VU or IT $1
Expendables 3 (Thea) HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Extreme Prejudice (1987) HD/VU $4
Fast & Furious (2009) HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Fast & Furious 6 (Ext) HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Fast & Furious 6-film Collection HD/VU $12.5
Fast & Furious 7-film Collection HD/VU $14
Fast & Furious 8-film Collection (9 Films) HD/MA $17.5
Fast & Furious 9-film Collection (11 Films) HD/MA $20
Fast & Furious HD/VU $3.5
Fast Color 4K/VU $5.5
Fast Five (Ext) HD/IT $2.5 or SD/IT $1
Fatale (2020) 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Fate of Furious (Ext) HD/VU $2
Fate of Furious (Thea) HD/VU or IT $1.5
Fault in Our Stars HD/MA $3.5
Fences HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Ferdinand HD/MA $3.5
Fifty Shades Darker (Unrated) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Fifty Shades Freed HD/MA $4
Fifty Shades of Grey (Unrated) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Fighting with my Family HD/IT $4
Finding Dory HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Finding Nemo HD/GP $3.5
Finest Hours HD/GP $3
First Blood 4K/VU $5
First Man HD/MA $4
Flight HD/VU or IT $3
Florence Foster Jenkins HD/VU or IT $3
Footloose (2011) HD/IT $3
Forever My Girl HD/IT $3
Fortress HD/VU $4
Four Kids & It HD/VU $3.5
Fox & Hound 2 HD/MA $4
Frank & Lola HD/VU or IT $3
Frankenstein (1931) HD/VU $3.5
Free Guy HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
French Dispatch HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Friday 13th Pt 3 HD/VU $3.5
Frozen (Sing-Along Edition) HD/MA $2 or HD/GP $1.5
Frozen 2 4K/MA $4 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Frozen Ground (2013) HD/VU $3.5
Frozen HD/GP $2
Furious 7 (Ext) HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Fury HD/MA $3.5
G.I. Joe Retaliation HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Gambit (2012) HD/MA $4
Gambler HD/VU or IT $3
Gemini Man 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Gentlemen 4K/IT $4.5
Get Out HD/MA $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Ghost in Shell (2017) 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Ghost Team One HD/VU or IT $3.5
Ghostbusters (1984) HD/MA $3.5
Ghostbusters 2 HD/MA $3.5
Ghostbusters Afterlife HD/MA $4
Girl on Train HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Girl With All Gifts HD/VU $4
Girls Trip HD/VU or IT $2
Glass Castle 4K/VU $5.5
God's Not Dead 2 HD/MA or IT $2.5
God's Not Dead A Light in Darkness HD/MA $3
Gods of Egypt HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Gold (2016) HD/VU or IT $2.5
Gone Girl HD/MA $4
Good Dinosaur HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Good Kill HD/VU or IT $3.5
Grace Unplugged HD/VU $2
Gran Torino SD/IT $1.5
Greatest Showman HD/MA $3.5
Green Mile 4K/MA $5.5
Grey HD/VU or IT $3
Guardians of Galaxy Vol 1 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2 HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Guest House (2020) 4K/VU $5
Guilt Trip HD/IT $3
Gunman HD/MA $3
Hacksaw Ridge HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Hail, Caesar! HD/IT $3
Halloween (2018) HD/MA $3
Hammer of Gods HD/VU $2
Hands of Stone HD/VU $3.5
Hannibal Season 1 HD/VU $5
Hard Target 2 HD/IT $1.5
Hardcore Henry HD/VU or IT $3.5
Hate U Give HD/MA $4
Hateful Eight HD/VU $3.5
Heat HD/MA $3
Heaven is for Real SD/MA $1.5
Hell Fest 4K/VU $5
Hell or High Water HD/VU $2.5
Hellboy (2019) 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Hercules (1997) HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Hercules (2014) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Here Comes Boom HD/MA $3.5
Hidden Figures HD/MA $3
Hillsong Let Hope Rise HD/IT $2
Hitman (Uncut) & Hitman 47 Bundle HD/MA $7
Hitman's Bodyguard HD/VU $3.5
Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Hocus Pocus HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Home Again HD/MA $3
Home Alone 2 HD/MA $3.5
Home Alone HD/MA $3.5
Homesman HD/VU $3
Honey 2 HD/VU $3
Hop HD/MA or IT $3
Hope Springs HD/MA $2.5 or SD/MA $1
Hostiles HD/VU $3
Hot Fuzz HD/VU $4
Hotel Mumbai HD/MA $4
Hotel Transylvania HD/MA $3.5
Hours (2013) HD/VU $4
How Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 4K/IT $4
How to Train Your Dragon 2 HD/MA $2.5
How to Train Your Dragon HD/VU $3.5
How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy HD/MA $9
Hugo HD/VU or IT $3
Hunger Games 4-Film Collection HD/VU $8
Hunger Games Catching Fire HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $0.5
Hunger Games HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $0.5
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 HD/VU $2.5 or SD/VU $1
Hunter Killer 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Huntsman Winter's War (Ext) HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
I Can Only Imagine HD/VU $4
I Feel Pretty HD/IT $2
I Frankenstein HD/VU or IT $2.5
Ice Age Collision Course HD/MA $3
Incredibles 2 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Incredibles HD/GP $3.5
Independence Day Resurgence HD/MA $2.5
Indiana Jones & Temple of Doom 4K/VU $5.5
Indignation HD/VU $4
Initiation 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Inside Out HD/GP $2
Instant Family 4K/IT $3.5
Internship SD/IT $1.5
Interstellar HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Into Woods HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Invisible Man (1933) HD/MA $3.5
Invisible Man (2020) 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Iron Man HD/GP $3.5 or HD/GP $2
Iron Mask (2019) HD/VU $4.5
It Follows HD/VU $3.5
It's a Wonderful Life 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Jack & Jill HD/MA $3.5
Jack Reacher HD/VU $3
Jack Reacher Never Go Back HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Jacob's Ladder HD/VU $4
Jarhead 3 Siege (Unrated) HD/IT $2.5
Jason Bourne HD/VU $2.5
Jason Statham 4-Film (War, Crank 1 & 2, Transporter 3) HD/VU $10
Jason Statham 6-Film (War, Crank 1 & 2, Bank Job, Wild Card, Transporter 3) HD/VU $14
Jaws 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Jeff Who Lives at Home HD/VU $4
Jersey Boys HD/MA $2.5
Jesus Music HD/VU $3.5
Jigsaw 4K/VU $4.5
Joe HD/VU $3.5
John Wick 1 & 2 Bundle HD/VU $4
John Wick 3 Parabellum 4K/VU $4.5
John Wick Chapter 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
John Wick HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
John Wick Trilogy (Parabellum 4K) HD/VU $9
Jonah Hex HD/MA $4.5
Joy HD/MA $3
Judy 4K/VU $5
Judy Moody SD/IT $1.5
Jungle Book (2016) 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Jungle Cruise HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Jurassic Park 3 HD/VU $3.5
Jurassic Park 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Jurassic World 5-Film Collection HD/MA $14
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3
Jurassic World HD/VU $2.5
Justice (2017) HD/VU or IT $3
Justin Bieber Never Say Never SD/IT $1.5
Kevin Hart Let Me Explain HD/VU or IT $3
Kick-Ass 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4 or SD/IT $1.5
Kid Who Would Be King 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Kidnap HD/VU or IT $2.5
Killer Elite HD/IT $3
Killerman HD/VU $4
Kin (2018) 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
King Kong (2005) 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Kingsman Golden Circle 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3
Kingsman Secret Service 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Knick Season 1 HD/IT $3.5
Knick Season 2 HD/IT $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Kung Fu Panda 3 HD/MA $3
La La Land 4K/IT $3.5
Labor Day HD/VU or IT $3
Lady & Tramp HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Lady Macbeth HD/VU $4.5
Last Christmas HD/MA $4
Last Exorcism HD/VU $4
Last Knights HD/VU $3.5 or SD/VU $1.5
Last Man (2019) HD/VU $4
Last Stand HD/IT $2
Last Vegas HD/MA $3.5
Last Witch Hunter HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Leatherface HD/VU $4
Legend of Hercules 4K/IT $3
Leprechaun 7-Film Collection HD/VU $12
Les Miserables (2012) HD/VU or IT $2
Let Me Explain HD/IT $2.5
Let's be Cops HD/MA $3.5
Life (2017) HD/MA $3.5
Life of Crime HD/VU $3.5
Life of Pi 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA or IT $3.5
Light of My Life HD/IT $3.5
Like a Boss HD/VU $3.5
Lilo & Stitch 2 Stitch Has a Glitch HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Lilo & Stitch HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Lincoln Lawyer 4K/VU $6.5 or HD/VU $4
Lion King (1994) HD/GP $3
Lion King (2019) 4K/MA $4 or HD/GP $2
Logan HD/MA $3
Logan Lucky 4K/MA or IT $4.5
Lone Ranger HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Lone Survivor HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Long Shot HD/VU $3.5
Longest Ride HD/MA $3
Longest Week HD/VU $3.5
Looper HD/MA $3.5
Lorax (1972) HD/MA $5
Lorax HD/VU $3
Lords of Salem HD/VU $4
Lost World Jurassic Park HD/MA $3
Love & Monsters HD/VU $4
Love Coopers HD/VU or IT $4
Love, Simon HD/MA $3.5
Loving HD/VU or IT $3.5
Luca HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Lucy HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Mad Max 2 Road Warrior 4K/VU $5.5
Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted HD/VU or IT $3
Madea's Witness Protection SD/IT $1.5
Magnificent Seven (2016) HD/VU $3
Maleficent 4K/MA $4 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Maleficent Mistress of Evil HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Mama HD/IT $3
Man Who Shot Liberty Vance 4K/VU $5.5
Mandela Long Walk to Freedom HD/VU $4
Martian HD/MA $3.5
Mary Poppins (1964) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Mary Poppins Returns HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Matrix Resurrections 4K/MA $5.5
Max Steel HD/IT $3
Maze Runner Death Cure HD/MA $3.5
Maze Runner HD/MA $3.5
McKenna Shoots for Stars HD/IT $2
Mechanic Resurrection HD/VU $2.5
Megan Leavey HD/IT $3
Midnight Sun HD/MA $3.5
Midway 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Mile 22 HD/IT $3
Million Dollar Arm HD/GP $2.5
MindGamers HD/MA or IT $3.5
Minions 4K/MA or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Misconduct HD/VU $2.5
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children HD/MA $3
Missing Link HD/MA $4
Mission Impossible 3 4K/VU $4.5
Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol HD/VU $2
Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Mission Impossible 6 Fallout 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Mission Impossible 6-film Set 4K/VU $23 or HD/VU $17
Moana HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Moneyball HD/MA $3
Monkey Kingdom HD/MA $3
Monster High Electrified HD/VU or IT $2.5
Monsters University HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Monuments Men HD/MA $3.5
Mortal Engines 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Mortal HD/VU $4
Mortal Instruments City of Bones HD/MA $3 or SD/MA $1.5
Mother! HD/VU $2.5
Mother's Day HD/IT $2.5
Much Ado About Nothing (2013) HD/VU $4
Mud HD/VU $2.5
Mulan (2020) 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Mummy (1999) HD/VU $4
Mummy (2017) 4K/MA or IT $4.5
Muppets Most Wanted HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Murder on Orient Express HD/MA $3.5
My All American HD/MA or IT $3.5
My Fair Lady 4K/VU $5.5
Nebraska HD/VU $3
Nerve HD/IT $3.5
New Mutants HD/GP $3
News of World 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Night at Museum Secret of Tomb HD/MA $3
Nightmare Alley 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/GP $3.5
Nightmare Before Christmas HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
No Escape (2015) HD/VU $3
No Strings Attached HD/VU or IT $3.5
No Time to Die 4K/IT $4.5
Noah HD/VU or IT $2.5
Nobody's Fool HD/IT $2.5
Non-Stop HD/VU or IT $3
Norm of North HD/VU $2.5
Nostalgia (2018) HD/MA $3.5
Now You See Me 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Now You See Me HD/VU or IT $2.5 or SD/VU $1
Nutcracker & Four Realms HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Oblivion 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Occupation (2018) HD/VU $3.5
Occupation Rainfall HD/VU $4
Office Christmas Party HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Olaf's Frozen Adventure HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Ong Bak 2 HD/VU $3
Onward 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Other Woman HD/MA $3
Ouija HD/IT $3.5
Ouija Origin of Evil HD/VU or IT $3.5
Outlander Season 1 Vol 1 HD/VU $5.5
Overdrive HD/IT $2.5
Overlord 4K/IT $3.5
Oz Great & Powerful HD/GP $2.5
Paddington HD/VU $3.5
Pain & Gain HD/VU or IT $3.5
Paranormal Activity 3 (Ext) HD/VU or IT $3
Paranormal Activity 4 (Unrated) HD/VU or IT $2.5
Paranormal Activity HD/VU $4
Paranormal Activity Marked Ones HD/VU or IT $3.5
Passengers HD/MA $3
Patriot Games 4K/VU $5
Patriot's Day HD/VU $3
Peanuts Movie HD/MA $3
Penguins of Madagascar HD/MA $3.5
Pet Sematary (2019) 4K/IT $3.5
Peter Pan (1953) HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Peter Rabbit HD/MA $3.5
Pete's Dragon (2016) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Philomena HD/VU $2.5
Pinocchio (1940) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Pirates of Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Pitch Black (Unrated) HD/MA or IT $4
Pitch Perfect 2 4K/MA $4 or HD/VU $2.5
Pitch Perfect HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. 3 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Planes Fire & Rescue HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Planes HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Playing with Fire HD/IT $2.5
Pocahontas 2 Journey to a New World HD/GP $3.5
Pocahontas HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Point Break (2015) 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Poison Rose 4K/VU $4.5
Pompeii HD/MA $3.5
Possession HD/VU or IT $2.5
Power Rangers (2017) 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Precious HD/VU $4.5
Predator (2018) HD/MA $3
Predator 4-Film Collection HD/MA $11
Premium Rush HD/MA $3.5
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1.5
Primal HD/VU $3.5
Prodigy HD/VU $4
Project Almanac HD/IT $3.5
Protege HD/VU $4
Punisher 4K/VU $5.5
Punisher War Zone 4K/VU $5.5
Purge Anarchy HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Purge Election Year 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Purge HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Quarry 4K/VU $5
Queen & Slim HD/MA $4
Queen of Katwe HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Ralph Breaks Internet HD/GP $2
Rambo (2008) 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo 3 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo 5-Film Collection 4K/VU $23 or HD/VU $17
Rambo First Blood Pt 2 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo Last Blood 4K/VU $4.5
Rango HD/VU $3.5
Raya & Last Dragon HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Rear Window HD/MA $3.5
Reclaim HD/VU $3.5
RED 2 HD/VU $2
Red Dawn (2012) HD/VU or IT $3
Red Sparrow HD/MA $3.5
Replicant (2001) HD/VU $3.5
Replicas HD/VU $3.5
Requiem for a Dream (Director's Cut) 4K/VU $5.5
Resident Evil Retribution 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Resurrection of Gavin Stone HD/VU or IT $2.5
Revenant HD/MA $3.5
Riddick (Unrated) HD/VU or IT $3
Ride Along HD/VU or IT $2.5
Ride Like a Girl HD/VU $4
Ring HD/VU $4.5
Rings HD/VU or IT $2.5
Rio 2 HD/MA $3
Riot HD/VU or IT $3
Risen HD/MA $3
Robin Hood (1973) HD/MA $3.5
Robin Hood (2018) HD/VU $3
Robocop (2014) HD/VU $2.5
Rocketman (2019) 4K/IT $4
Rogue One A Star Wars Story HD/GP $2
Ron's Gone Wrong HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Rough Night 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Runner Runner HD/MA $3.5
Rush HD/VU or IT $3
Safe HD/VU or IT $2.5
Saige Paints Sky HD/IT $3
Same Kind of Different As Me HD/IT or IT $3
Samson HD/MA $3.5
Santa Clause 2 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Santa Clause 3 HD/MA $3
Santa Clause HD/MA $3.5
Santa Clause Trilogy HD/MA $9.5 or HD/GP $8
Savages HD/IT $3
Saving Mr. Banks HD/GP $3
Saw 7-Film Collection (Unrated) HD/VU $18
Saw 8-Film Collection HD/VU $20
Saw HD/VU $3
Scarface HD/VU $4
Scary Movie 5 HD/VU $4.5
Scary Stories to Tell in Dark 4K/VU $4.5
Schindler's List 4K/MA $5.5
Scouts Guide to Zombie Apocalypse HD/IT $3
Scream (1996) HD/VU $4
Scrooged HD/IT $4
Secret Life of Pets 4K/IT $4.5
Secret Life of Walter Mitty HD/MA $3
Selma HD/VU or IT $2.5
Sex Tape HD/MA $3.5
Shack HD/IT $2.5
Shallows HD/MA $3.5
Shang-Chi Legend of Ten Rings HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Shape of Water HD/MA $3.5
Sharp Objects HD/GP $2
Shaun of Dead HD/MA $4 or 4K/IT $4.5
Shaun Sheep Movie HD/VU $3
Sherlock Gnomes HD/VU or IT $2.5
She's Having a Baby HD/VU $3.5
Shivers HD/VU $4
Show Dogs HD/MA $3.5
Siberia (2018) HD/VU $3
Siberia (2020) HD/VU $4
Sicario HD/VU $2.5
Side Effects HD/IT $3.5
Sing (2016) 4K/IT $4
Singing in Rain 4K/MA $5.5
Sinister HD/IT $2.5
Sisters (Unrated) HD/IT $2.5
Sixteen Candles HD/MA $4
Skyfall HD/VU $2.5
Skyscraper HD/MA $3.5
Sleeping Beauty (1959) HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Sleepless HD/IT $2
Smokey & Bandit HD/MA $3.5
Smurfs Lost Village HD/MA $3.5
Snatched HD/MA $2
Snitch HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3 or SD/VU or IT $1
Snow White & Huntsman (Ext Edition) 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Snow White & Seven Dwarfs (1937) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Solo A Star Wars Story HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Some Kind of Wonderful HD/VU $3.5
Songbird 4K/IT $4.5
Sonic Hedgehog 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Soul HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Southpaw HD/VU $3
Southside With You HD/VU $4.5
Spider-Man 4-Cut Set (Spider-Man 2 w/ Thea & Ext) HD/MA $11.5
Spider-Man Far From Home HD/MA $3.5
Spider-Man Homecoming HD/MA $3
Spider-Man Homecoming/Far From Home Bundle HD/MA $6
Spies in Disguise 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Spiral 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Split 4K/MA or IT $5
Split HD/MA $3.5
Spongebob Sponge out of Water HD/IT $2.5
Spy Who Dumped Me 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
St. Vincent HD/VU $3
Stand Up Guys HD/VU $3.5
Star Trek (2009) HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Star Trek 1-4 (Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, Voyage Home) 4K/VU $18
Star Trek Beyond HD/VU $3
Star Trek Into Darkness HD/VU $2.5
Star Wars Force Awakens HD/GP $1.5
Star Wars Last Jedi 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Step Up Revolution HD/IT $3
Sting 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Straight Outta Compton (Thea & Unrated) 4K/MA $4.5
Straight Outta Compton (Unrated) HD/MA $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Strangers Prey at Night HD/MA $3
Suburbicon HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Sudden Death HD/IT $4
Suits Season 2 HD/IT $3.5
Sum of All Fears 4K/VU $5.5
Sundown Vampire in Retreat HD/VU $3.5
Super 8 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Super Buddies HD/GP $2
Sword in Stone HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Taxi Driver HD/MA $4
Ted (Unrated) HD/IT $3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) HD/VU $2.5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of Shadows HD/VU $3.5
Terminator 2 Judgment Day (Ext) HD/VU $4.5
Terminator 2 Judgment Day HD/VU $3.5
Terminator Dark Fate 4K/VU or IT $4 or HD/VU $2.5
Terminator Genisys HD/VU $2.5
Thanks for Sharing HD/VU $4
This is 40 HD/MA $3.5
This is End HD/MA $3.5
Thor Dark World HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Thor HD/GP $3.5 or SD/IT $1.5
Thor Ragnarok HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri HD/MA $3.5
To Kill a Mockingbird 4K/IT $4
Top Gun (1986) 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Total Recall (1990) HD/VU $3.5
Toy Story 4 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Toy Story HD/GP $3.5
Toy Story of Terror HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Transformers 4K/VU $5
Transformers Age of Extinction HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Transformers Last Knight HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Tremors A Cold Day In Hell HD/MA $2.5
Triple 9 HD/IT $3.5
Trolls HD/MA $2.5
Trumbo HD/IT $3.5
Trust HD/VU $4
Turbo HD/MA or IT $3
Turning HD/MA $4
Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $0.5
Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 1 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Twilight HD/VU $4
Tyler Perry's Temptation HD/GP $3
Unbreakable HD/GP $3.5
Unbroken HD/VU or IT $3
Uncle Drew HD/VU $3.5
Underworld Awakening HD/MA $3
Untouchables 4K/VU $5
Valerian & City of a Thousand Planets HD/VU $3.5
Vampire Academy HD/VU $4
Van Helsing HD/MA $3.5
Vanishing (2018) HD/VU $4
Veep Season 6 HD/IT $3.5
Venom HD/MA $3.5
Victoria & Abdul HD/MA $4
Vivarium HD/VU $4
Voices (2014) HD/VU $4
Walk HD/MA $3.5
War for Planet of Apes HD/MA $3
Warcraft HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Warm Bodies 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3 or SD/VU $1.5
Warrior 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Werewolf Beast Among Us (Unrated) HD/IT $3.5
West Side Story 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
What Men Want HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
When Game Stands Tall HD/MA $3 or SD/MA $1.5
Whisky Tango Foxtrot HD/IT $3
Why Him? HD/MA $3
Widows HD/MA $3.5
Wild Card HD/VU $3
Wild HD/MA $3.5
Wilson HD/MA $3.5
Winchester HD/VU $3.5
Wolf of Wall Street HD/VU or IT $3.5
Wolverine (Unrated) (w/Thea) HD/MA $4
Wonder HD/VU $3
Wonder Park 4K/IT $2.5
Wonder Woman 1984 4K/MA $5.5
Woodlawn HD/MA or IT $3.5
World War Z HD/VU or IT $2.5
Wraith HD/VU $4
X-Men Apocalypse HD/MA $3
X-Men Days of Future Past HD/MA $3
X-Men First Class & Days of Future Past HD/MA $6.5
XXX Return of Xander Cage HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
You Were Never Really Here HD/VU $4
You're Next HD/VU $3.5
Z for Zachariah HD/VU $4
Zero Dark Thirty HD/MA $3.5
Zeros & Ones HD/VU $4.5
Zootopia HD/GP $2.5
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Catch Maxi Cabs is committed to delivering secure, dependable, and efficient transportation services to clients in Perth. Since 2018, our company has focused on providing exceptional maxi cab services that cater to the distinct transportation requirements of our customers. Whether it's airport transfers, city tours, weddings, or corporate events, we ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.
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2023.06.01 18:47 0hMyStars Roche looking to sell Vacaville, California plant

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2023.06.01 18:39 LSPhere All The New Horror - June 2023

All the new horror movies (and some shows) releasing throughout June 2023. There’s at least a couple potential horror gems this month. A couple promising looking dark & strange (thrillers, etc.) releases as well. Enjoy
I’ll continue editing and adding to this list frequently as new info comes out.
What horror releases this month look interesting? .
⇩ Slide to left ⇩
Releases Notes Date Link Location
Horror Releases:
Subspecies V: Bloodrise (horror) prequel; vampires; supernatural; castle; the dark ages; bloodline June 2 IMDB Screambox; Full Moon Features
The Boogeyman (horrothriller) supernatural; haunted house June 2 IMDB Theaters
Pollen (horror) supernatural; creature June 6 IMDB VOD
The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (horrofantasy/drama) teen girl; quest to cure death June 9 IMDB VOD
Brooklyn 45 (horrohistory/drama) supernatural; friend group; veterans; seance June 9 IMDB Shudder; AMC+
Devilreaux (horrothriller) supernatural; 1800’s; voodoo June 9 IMDB VOD
Beau is Afraid (horrocomedy/mystery/drama) ‘embarks on epic, Kafkaesque odyssey back home’ June 13 IMDB VOD
Scream of the Wolf (horror) supernatural; werewolf; abandoned mansion; movie crew June 13 IMDB VOD
Cannibal Cabin (horror) friend group; lost; cannibals June 13 IMDB VOD
The Hopewell Haunting (horror) paranormal June 13 IMDB VOD
Jagged Mind (horror) blackouts; strange visions; time disturbance; strange girlfriend June 15 IMDB Hulu
The Walking Dead: Dead City (mini series; horrothrilleadventure) spinoff; zombies; Manhattan June 15 IMDB AMC
Aged (horrothriller) supernatural; caregiver; haunted house; B-horror June 15 IMDB VOD
The Blackening (horrothrillecomedy) killer; friend group; cabin June 16 IMDB Theaters
Seire (S.Korean; horrodrama) supernatural; folk-lore; newborn baby; bad luck June 16 IMDB VOD
Peppergrass (horrothriller) restauranteur; attempts robbery from veteran; B-movie June 16 IMDB VOD
God is a Bullet (crime/drama/horror) cult; ex-member + ex-cop; revenge June 23 IMDB VOD
Run Rabbit Run (horror) strange daughter; past-life memories; family secrets; psychological June 28 IMDB Netflix
Dark and Strange Honorable Mentions:
The Days (Japanese mini series; history/thriller) Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident June 1 IMDB Netflix
Follow Her (thriller) struggling live streamer; isolated luxury cabin; strange host June 2 IMDB VOD
Simulant (sci-fi/thrillefantasy) near future; humanoid; A.I. uprising; gov manhunt June 2 IMDB VOD
Esme, My Love (thriller) mother; child; terminal illness; abandoned farm June 2 IMDB VOD
Black Mirror (series; S06; sci-fi/mystery/thriller) anthology June 15 IMDB Netflix
Fear the Invisible Man (thriller) supernatural; strange guest; invisible man June 13 IMDB VOD
Quicksand (thriller) couple; hiking; quicksand; survival June 23 IMDB Shudder; AMC+
*It’s decent work tracking down all the horror films across the internet, and checking up on their ever changing release schedules. These sites help a lot. Sources:
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2023.06.01 18:28 LunaNyx_YT Theory/Teoria: Point Nemo and spaceships/Point Nemo y naves espaciales. **SPOILERS**

Normal: English
Italics: Español

TLDR; Point Nemo is not only home to Cthulhu's city, but irl is also the spacecraft graveyard. The place where the various space centric agencies of the world dump their multi million dollar equipment into to prevent disasters in the mainland,
What if the QSMP is a simulation held inside of a controlled enviroment made in a repurposed spacecraft?
El Punto Nemo no es solo la localización del supuesto hogar de Cthulhu, pero también en la vida real es lo que se conoce como el cementerio de naves espaciales. El lugar donde agencias internacionales especializadas en viaje espacial dejan caer sus equipos valorados en los multi millones para prevenir desastres en tierra firme,
Que tal si el QSMP es una simulación mantenida adentro de un ambiente controlado en una nave espacial?
Note that the \"heaven\" where the eggs end up in shares a lot of similarities with the inside of man-made spaceships like the ISS/noten que el \"cielo\" a donde llegan los huevos comparte un monton de similitudes con el interior de naves espaciales humanas como la ESI.
Now I have some questions to ask the lot of you, I will not deny the possibility of a more supernatural explanation, but considering Luzu is sharing minds with what seems to be an artificial intelligence, coupled with the revelations given to us by SOFIA A N D the existence of a "glitch monster" in the world, it is safe to assume everything that they're going through is artificial in the technological way-
I ask of you, if the eggs truly have souls and they're truly dead WHY can their parents request to PHYSICALLY see them one last time? and why does Cucurucho physically REMOVE them from the world to do this? if this was truly heaven... it sure does look too much like a controlled enviroment, with moving walls that can reveal very SMALL spaces where the eggs are held. which are usually four walls with no exit except the one that leads to the atrium. to the center.
If upon death the eggs truly are DEAD, and are truly sent to heaven... why is the layout of "heaven", and the way "heaven" works so much like a livable satellite, or a controlled enviroment like the International Space Station? (which is both)

Ahora, tengo algunas preguntas que hacerles, no voy a negar la posibilidad de una explicacion mas sobrenatural, pero considerando que Luzu esta compartiendo mentes con una Inteligencia Artifical, junto con las revelaciones que nos dio SOFIA y la existencia de uno "monstruo glitch" en el mundo, es facil de asumir todo lo que estan viviendo es artificial en el sentido tecnologico.
Les pregunto, si los huevos en serio tienen almas y estan muertos en serio POR QUE es que los jugadores pueden pedir verlos FISICAMENTE una ves mas? Por que es que Cucurucho TIENE que removerlos de la isla FISICAMENTE para hacer esto? si esto fuera el cielo en serio... se mira bastante como un ambiente controlado, con paredes que se mueven que revelan espacios MUY PEQUEÑOS donde mantienen a los huevos. Usualmente 4 paredes sin salida excepto la que lleva al centro.
si al morir los huevos estan muertos EN SERIO, y enserio llegaron al cielo... por que es que el "cielo" y como funciona trabaja muy sospechosamente como un satelite que puede mantener personas, o un ambiente controlado como lo es la Estacion Espacial Internacional?
(note that the fact that it is a completely controlled enviroment is a feature even showcased in Quackity's promotional videos on twitter. if we are to believe "heaven" is that white, clinical place then that means both Quackity's are IN HEAVEN in those videos. Yet they're not dead. Heaven isn't a different layer of reality, it is a PHYSICAL place in the world.
noten que el hecho que es un ambiente completamente controlado se puede ver hasta en los videos promocionales de Quackity en twitter. si hemos de creer que el "cielo" es ese lugar blanco, clinico y VACIO eso significaria que ambas versiones de Quackity ESTAN EN EL CIELO en esos videos. pero no estan muertos. El Cielo no es una diferente realidad, es un lugar FISICO EN EL MUNDO.)

And think about it. think about it very carefully. we are shown how the members of the island arrive- but their ways of arrival are straight up nonsensical. irl there is NO LAND in Point Nemo- even if we are to take the cruise and the plane as understandable methods of reaching the island there is NOWHERE TO LAND.
You may be thinking "But Arabella, what about the recording of the black box from Baghera?".
Bold fucking statement incoming, okay? I think we can all agree they're pretty much in a simulation, right? how deep it goes, and it's full true nature is something we don't know, but the fact that baghera doesn't FULLY remember why she got on that plane is VERY telling.
if you are a evil federation, that's baiting and kidnapping people for whatever purpose- you NEED a explanation on why that person dissapeared. an allibi.
You even need an allibi to sell the lie to the people you've kidnapped. we already stablished, reaching Point Nemo by plane is impossible as there is NO LAND. People, listen to me-
what if the information from the black box was planted? Cucurucho and the other QSMP admins are constantly patrolling the world, it was either planted for the moment the plane crash was staged or planted AFTER the plane crash.
I need you to once more, repeat after me, and hold it in your brain matter: The ways that the QSMP members have arrived to Isle Quesadilla make no sense because there is no actual land in Point Nemo, specially a land mass as BIG as Isle Quesadilla.
...unless, of course. it does exist. They ARE at Point Nemo, just NOT surface level. they are, in fact, above it.
of course I have no way to confirm they actually ARE aboard a giant satellite like the ISS, but considering all the hints that are being left it actually makes a LOT of sense, it being a satellite actually would make it so INDEED the players have a far harder road ahead of them when it comes to escaping- as unlike if it were underWATER like a giant underwater base, the fact that it is above the planet's surface makes it far more treacherous for them to make their escape. depending on how far above the surface they are, as anything above 100 km (62 miles; 54 nautical miles) above the surface WILL trigger re-entry burn.
On top of that, simulating the day and night cycle is haaaaard, and would require a lot of resources... that would be unnecessary if the Island is a giant enclosed terrarium on board of a satellite.

Y piénsenlo. piénsenlo con mucho cuidado. se nos muestra cómo llegan los miembros de la isla, pero sus formas de llegada son directamente absurdas. En la vida real NO HAY TIERRA en Punto Nemo, incluso si tomamos el crucero y el avión como métodos comprensibles para llegar a la isla, NO HAY DONDE ATERRIZAR.
Pero pueden estar pensando "Pero Arabella, ¿qué pasa con la grabación de la caja negra del vuelo de Baghera?". Una declaracion MUY atrevida, ok? Creo que todos podemos estar de acuerdo en que están en una simulación, ¿verdad? qué tan profunda es, y su verdadera naturaleza es algo que no sabemos, pero el hecho de que Baghera no recuerde COMPLETAMENTE por qué subió a ese avión es MUY revelador.
si eres una federación malvada, que está hostigando y secuestrando personas para cualquier propósito, NECESITAS una explicación de por qué esa persona desapareció. una coartada.
Incluso necesitas una coartada para vender la mentira a las personas que has secuestrado. Como ya establecimos, llegar a Punto Nemo en avión es imposible ya que NO HAY TIERRA. Gente, escúchenme-
¿Qué pasa si la información de la caja negra fue plantada? Cucurucho y los otros administradores de QSMP están constantemente patrullando el mundo, ya sea que lo plantaron para el momento en que se escenificó el accidente aéreo o lo plantaron DESPUÉS del accidente aéreo.
Necesito que una vez más, repitan conmigo y manténganlo en sus cerebros: las formas en que los miembros del QSMP han llegado a la Isla Quesadilla no tienen sentido porque no hay tierra real en Punto Nemo, especialmente una masa de tierra tan GRANDE como Isla Quesadilla.
...a menos que, por supuesto, existe. ESTÁN en Point Nemo, pero NO al nivel de la superficie. están, de hecho, por encima de él.
por supuesto, no tengo forma de confirmar que realmente ESTÁN a bordo de un satélite gigante como la ESI, pero teniendo en cuenta todas las pistas que se están dejando, en realidad tiene MUCHO sentido, siendo un satélite en realidad lo haría así que DE VERDAD los jugadores tienen una les espera un camino mucho más difícil cuando se trata de escapar, ya que a diferencia de si estuviera bajo el AGUA como una base submarina gigante, el hecho de que está sobre la superficie del planeta hace que sea mucho más traicionero para ellos escapar. dependiendo de qué tan lejos de la superficie estén, ya que cualquier cosa por encima de los 100 km (62 millas; 54 millas náuticas) sobre la superficie PROVOCARÁ una quemadura de reingreso.
Además de eso, simular el ciclo diurno y nocturno es difícil y requeriría muchos recursos... eso sería innecesario si la isla es un terrario cerrado gigante abordo de un satelite.
Thank you for coming to my deranged ted-talk.
Gracias por venir a mi platica de loquita.
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2023.06.01 18:19 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 20 Jobs in Omaha Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Boot Barn Assistant Store Manager Omaha
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U.S. Bank National Association Business Banking Relationship Manager Omaha
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Coleman Worldwide Moving Helper / Packer / Mover Omaha
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Westside Community Part-Time Warehouse Custodian and Equipment Repair Specialist Omaha
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in omaha. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 18:18 ObjectiveCrazy6902 Dealing with potential (currently non-existent) immediate family pregnancies/infants when picking a date and venue

Vent but looking for advice that we’re not in the wrong. We got engaged early May and have done some price gathering over the last few weeks. We toured some local venues on our lunch breaks, and went to my hometown Memorial Day weekend and toured a few in my home city (a 2 hour drive from most of fiancé’s guest list, but local to mine). We were thinking October 2024 or May 2025, but have settled on May 2025 because of FH’s sisters wedding Labor Day 2024 and a savings timeline.
Realistically, we can save about 20% doing it in my hometown as COL is so much less, and the venues are generally cheaper and nicer for the same price. We were… underwhelmed… by the local venues that fit our budget and guest count, where we found 5 awesome contenders back home. Also, my parents will be the only set contributing financially (as well as FH and me). My FH’s parents can’t afford to help, which is fine and we’re not entitled to it, but I think adds needed context. His family’s side also is 65% of the guest list despite contributing nothing due to sheer size (his parents were each one of 8 kids).
We went to a Monday cookout with his immediate family and told them we are leaning toward doing it in my hometown, and if anyone had any blackout dates for May 2025. His two sisters and brother were like “well we might be super pregnant or with an infant in that timeframe.”
I’m not sure if they’re remarks meant “hint hint move it home”, but honestly, if they’re 40 weeks pregnant or 1 week postpartum they probably wouldn’t go to a local wedding either, right? But we’re also at the stage of life where we can’t plan around peoples non-existing pregnancies - we wouldn’t get married for like 10 years! But it would suck for FH to not have a sibling there, especially his brother (will probably be best man). We also already pushed our preferred date back to accommodate his sisters wedding…
We would also accommodate any children of our siblings at the wedding even if we don’t include other kids
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2023.06.01 18:16 JustADude155 A letter I wrote myself half a year ago about my current situation.

This is a letter I wanted to send myself around half a year ago but didn't maybe because of what a bad place I was in (and still am), maybe I just needed to get some of the things out of my system. Today I found it and it reignited some things in me, and I wrote some more words about what is currently happening to me. I changed the names and some other things to remain anonymous. It's long and all over the place and I don't expect anyone to read it all honestly.
TRIGGER WARNING: Suicidal ideation, Suicide, Depression, Recklessness, Rejection
As before, I wonder what's going on in your life right now, because, honestly, I don't even feel like writing this letter at this point. Things are really bad, and today I have a good enough day to write something up but I don't feel well at all, and it doesn't seem like things will get better, if ever. Part of me knows that things always change and there's a chance that they will change for the better, but from my experience it doesn't usually work out, I seem to be switching from one issue to another, be it writing a thesis, finding a job, or my current state. I really can't seem to catch a break and for once be at least somewhat happy and satisfied with where I'm at in life.
I'm gonna tell a little bit about my situation and refer to some of the things you said in your email. Most of it will be about my "relationship" with Amy, and how much it affected me mentally.
I moved in with Amy and things are bad in ways I can't even describe. First thing is that over the beginning of the last year I fell in love with her and really, badly wanted to matter anything to her and be important to her, and for her to show that somehow for me. We went together on a trip to mountains and generally spend more time together than ever before. I really felt the chemistry between us, i thought we got a long really well. We talked at the fireplace party and she said she's too fucked up to date me, and that she would never do this to me. Since I moved in with her as a flatmate there were some things that bugged me about the way she is, like careless about a lot of things (mainly her safety and well being), horribly under eating in the name of some fucked up "diet", not listening to my guidance about most things, like not taking breaks at the gym, and other minor things that really bugged me and kinda felt conflicting because she doesn't seems childish, in fact quite the opposite, but some of those behaviours certainly felt like that at the time. But generally things were good, at least most of the time, we spent time together, went to gym, watched shows, threw a few parties etc.
As the time went on, things got worse, and I don't even remember every bad situation that happened over the last 5 months. Some early days she cried a lot, but it's this kind of stiff hopeless cry that really gets me. She doesn't feel emotional, she feels empty, her eyes are really scary sometimes... One day she got really drunk, I think it was an anniversary of her best friends passing, I was really anxious, because she didn't seem like she was controlling herself at all, and I don't know, seeing people just empty, hopeless, out of control, careless and drowning themselves in alcohol ALONE just affects me in a really bad way mentally. When we drove the next day to get her a bookstand (which she was really obsessed with getting this exact day) she was acting really manic and on the edge, I was so nervous that I shook her one time when she said something especially deranged (idea of driving with the complete bookshelf in the public commute), I don't know the last time I felt so much out of control of the situation and shaken, even though the whole situation is seemingly so fucking innocent. One day she threw away a line about how it's so stupid that suicide is a sin. We complain a lot about our lives and make dark humor jokes in our group, and yeah, there is always something real beneath them, I sometimes do have dark thoughts, and I feel like I have a lot of issues as well, but this is all heavy stuff that I wouldn't talk about freely and lightheartedly. I didn't thought then how serious she was, well I kinda did, because I asked her the next day about this, and she laughed saying "Are you serious right now? xD" And she said "Yes, of course I was serious". Before that she talked how she was so tired she was barely able to drive and see other cars, which worried me so much that I can't even describe it, and she didn't say it in a worried tone, just like she wanted to brag or something, I don't know why (she does that A LOT). And I don't know, but it was REALLY traumatic for me to hear her say those things like this, I couldn't sleep for days after this, I was in an especially bad place then. She said she first was going to do it when she was a teen, then once her mother dies, and right now since she knows it's a sin and she wants to see her family and friends she has to live to 50, thats how long she expects to live without killing herself. I said that she still has people here, do we not matter to her at all?, and she said that in the afterlife she has more of them. I said that doesn't she care anything about her health?, because she do goes to doctors and stuff, and she said she only does so because of her mother, she never went to a doctor because she wanted to. She said that she doesn't understand how atheists don't kill themselves immediately. She said it all without blinking an eye about how fucked up what she's saying is, it wasn't like confessing, more like explaining basic facts, and that's the thing that I think fucked me up the most, because if I were to say those things I would be shaking and having difficulties with every word, not throwing this stuff this carelessly.
I am writing wild scenarios in my head about how fucked up things she did in her past, in the parties etc. and they make me really anxious and depressed that she's like this and not much more innocent as I usually pictured her (and still sometimes do, because she's not acting toxic or deranged 100% of the time, she actually shows a lot of care for certain things, she loves every kid and animal etc., she never even smoked a cigarette), because she never seemed so much like a typical club party girl that gets into trouble a lot, well I knew she partied and drunk a lot, but she always seemed kinda different from that. Most of the time she's not like that, she can behave with a lot of compassion most certain situations. She talks about all the speeding tickets she got (and got out of by sweet talking the policemen), she texts all the time while driving, she admits to driving recklessly when alone, she lies to her mother all the time about how well mentally she is, how much she's drinking, like she were silently going on all fours between bedroom and bathroom bc she was so drunk, sometimes she even lies about having passengers when driving to the city we live in because she's so unwell she drives alone and makes stops along the way to make it, she lies about how long it took for her to drive. Sometimes I feel like everything is fake because of some of these things, like I am loosing the touch with reality.
One time we drove back to our hometown, and like halfway through she started to get really sleepy, I could see by the corner of my eye that her head was going down for a fraction of a second. I wanted to switch to drive, but she was having none of it, saying that she already planned to drive home herself and if she planned it then it will happen. I started to get really anxious and frantically started to think of the ways to do something, I stupidly suggested that I will drive my car after her once we get to my home, and she said "You really ARE fucked up xD", because she would still be inside her car and how that would help? And I know it wouldn't, but I panically tried to find something, that's just something that I came up with on the spot. I just told her to text me immediately when she gets home (and she did), but the whole situation was just so fucking stressful for me, I even then told my mother about what's happening but without darker details.
She seems to have a problem wich alcohol, although certain situations can prevent her from drinking extensively, like seeing the kids in school the next day. It's kind of scary how much she can drink and then be sober the next day.
One time she was on her period (they get really bad for her) and she wanted to drink some alcohol because of the weekend, but she was on her first week of antidepressants and all those things caused me not to go to my friends and stay with her to look after, she became really tired after a while, she was barely staying on her feet, when she went to take a shower before bed I asked her to not lock the door and she didn't. I went to clean the dishes, and I think I heard something but I didn't pay attention or anything, but later she was in bed and clearly trying to hide from me that she collapsed under the shower. She was okay, but the fact that she didn't want to admit it to me made me really anxious and depressed. She was so out of energy that I had to hold her the water bottle to drink from. I felt so bad, I don't think I could sleep that night.
She doesn't let me drive because once I drove with her when being really nervous and weren't like the best at it, it kinda angers me because it's double standard as fuck, not letting me drive when I'm nervous, but driving when you're almost sleeping. And I don't consider myself a bad driver, apart from once loosing control when going to friends wedding I have never have an accident. She also gets really mad if I'm going to drive after drinking single beer and waiting like 4 hours after it, and that's NOTHING compared to the things she does.
Sometimes I'm hesitant to tell her some of the things I think, partly because it't pointless, and partly because her response would just make me more triggered, angry, anxious and depressed.
Sometimes I don't know what to do, telling anyone about those things (like her mother) seems like breaking her trust, and those are personal things that I really shouldn't tell my friends about, hence I tell them to my therapist.
What's scary and fucked up is that depression is not only hopelessness, sadness and lack of energy, but for some people also being mad about everything, saying really hurtful things to people that love you, hating on and judging literally everyone, becoming really sickly, strongly obsessed about something, behaving carelessly and recklessly. And every attempt at trying to address those things is responded with some hateful, poisonous comments or "I'm just like that", one time I said to her that she should care less about something, and she responded with a lot of hate that I should just stop "shaking my hands when I'm nervous, can I do that? can I?" I feel so fucking bad sometimes, because part of me wants to scream into her face about the things she does, and at the same time:
I know that it's an illness, and I don't know if that would be bad of me to be angry at her about anything
I'm worried about things she would say to me back, she sometimes seems to revel in hurting people emotionally or at least being really good at it and constantly looking for topics when arguing with someone, and I'm really fragile, sensitive and easy to hurt, for some reason especially to things she says to me
I don't feel like I can have any influence on her actions, although she does comment a lot of the time that other people do, like her mother of her one female friend etc. so sometimes I feel like it contradicts itself, although she does say that she needs to be controlled in some way to do what it said, like being yelled at or being put in the position with no choice, and I don't want to be like that and I don't think I have the strength of character to be like that, and never will
She sends a lot of memes about depression to our group chat, and I personally don't think they're helpful, at least for me, I'm not feeling like someone is going through the same thing as me and it helps, it's more like everyone is trying to drag each other down, some of those memes are as hopeless as you can get, making fun of therapy and psychiatrists, never having any happiness (dementors can't do anything to you), missing yourself and thinking its too late now to regain it, generally memes about not being a human anymore and never being again etc., being put into a mental hospital if you tell your therapist everything, about hating and despising other people. There's this friend that she says is way worse than her, and that he doesn't even want help unlike her, that he's so used to it he almost likes it, I honestly don't know if that doesn't also affect her. One time we drove to our hometown, 5 of us with him and a few others, and they were talking about suicide, and some other friend said this cliche line about suicide being the most egotistical thing a person can do, and even though he was quiet the whole ride he just said "Yeah, right" from the back. I don't know, I guess it depends on the person, but for me surrounding myself with this topics would make me feel worse and not understood. She also has a lot of kids in school with mental issues, she has a kid who is supposed to be after a suicide attempt (that's also one of the things that froze my heart, when she said that she knows he and his parents are bullshitting because he would be put to the hospital for 3 months, but how would she know that?), or generally kids that are on SSRIs and that one time kid told her justifying himself that he took the double dose of antidepressants and she was holding herself not to say "me too!". They had a movie night and they played UNO, and she said that out the 3 kids she played with, all of them were in a psychiatric hospital.
One time at a party in front of everyone she said she thought about jumping out of a window, but being crippled her mom would have to deal with that so she wouldn't do it like that. Other time she said she changes the mind when she loses the energy, she would try to hang herself but would become tired and not do it. Once also we talked about unrelated topic, and I said as a trivia that dead bodies can produce sounds like exhaling, and she said she knows that because she know a lot about dead bodies, and she reads a lot about that... Once she said that she doesn't understand that atheists don't immediately kill themselves when someone close to them dies. Once she said something about there not being anything left of her inside. Once she said that her mother was worried she would be locked up in a psychiatric hospital, but she had to assure her that she knows how to mask everything, and she's not dangerous to others so that wouldn't happen.
Am I too innocent for these topics? Sometimes I feel like a kid listening to adults, and that I don't know and don't understand them and I feel small and worthless.
I think there are a lot of different ways to direct that recklessness and negativity through things like exercise, media escapism, music etc. and not things like hard partying, drugs/alcohol, reckless driving, acting angry etc.
I think that deeply believing that chemical imbalance is the cause of depression is very hurtful, because it's not completely proven and might turn some people off from forms of treatment that could potentially help them.
Escapism is a big thing for me, and I think that it helped me cope with a lot of things. Books, movies, music, I spend a lot of time looking for new music and artists.
I'm becoming very nosy and kinda controlling around her (well not actually controlling cause that's impossible with her, but just very nosy), I want to eardrop her conversations with her mother, to always know what she is doing, to know how well she is all the time.
There's no appreciation for me being around, even more so, saying that you don't matter that much, and what do even have or experienced together to be close. And that she can't really be close to people that don't immediately say what they're thinking (like me, she said, even though when i asked if she thinks I'm a fake friend she said no but I'm not honest), but part of me feels that it's bullshit, everyone hides something and only lets a part of themselves out, although it's true that sometimes I act more quietly and like I'm obviously hiding something. I feel inadequate and really bad because of that because the things I experienced in the last months were big for ME, and definitely changed me, but I guess they were nothing to her.
Sometimes she talks about how it's weird to her that normal people have dreams about having homes, vacations etc. One time she said how when she was little she said she never would be boring and bitter like adults, and then depression hit her. Recently she said she finally has a dream, to be able to rent a studio apartment to finally live alone. It kinda affected me, because I DO live with her (apart from others), and that would mean that she wants to get out from me too. One time she said that she hopes someone lively and fun will move in with us once our current flatmate get out, and that would mean that she is bored with me and my character, and she much preferred the previous one.
With the whole moving out thing, she sometimes talks about things getting better, like closer to spring she will renew the gym subscription, we will decorate the balcony for parties and hanging out (of course she said something about sleeping drunk in there...), and generally some things like that. It does make me wonder, do those lower points happen especially in autumn/winter ? I mean, I know there's even a disorder for that but I can't imagine there being such a huge difference.
When she started school, she became really overwhelmed with the amount of exercises she had to do before lessons. Most teachers don't have everything done beforehand but she said she absolutely needs to, and because of that she spent most of the time just doing them or resting, she was so obsessed with doing them she wanted drop out of our mountain vacation trip because she would be too much behind, and she got angry at me for saying that she needs a rest and that my talking doesn't help anything.
Over a month after the school she started the meds, and it doesn't feel like they helped her, at the beginning they only made her really sleepy and out of energy. In some ways i think that they made her worse, or maybe she just didn't have the energy to hide some things. I remember her reading the drug leaflet and noticing loudly that it may strengthen suicidal thoughts, i then read it myself because I was worried. It's honestly a bad thing that she had to check with the psychiatrist only after 2 months and not sooner because it wasn't helping her. On the second visit the doctor was surprised that it didn't help her (which I think might be a bad thing from her since it reinforces the thought that nothing will help her), and decided to up the dose for next 3 weeks to rule out the drug, and mentioned another stronger drug that she will prescribe her, and Amy asked her is it's a drug that is used in a psychiatric hospitals because she wanted to know, and apparently yes. I'm kinda scared what might be happening when she starts it, because the upped dose of current one doesn't seem to change anything. One time she asked me if I think they could lock her up if she caused an accident while driving while on this drug (if its not allowed to drive on it, because she admitted she would anyway), which again messed with my head a lot. The doctor also said that she might be more immune to various drugs than most people, and she said that it's probably true because a lot of the drugs she takes are quite strong, and she takes A LOT of them, hormones for acne and her very strong and long periods, inhaled steroids for asthma, antidepressants, drugs for sleep. Sometimes she ignores signs of some of her illnesses, like anemia. She sometimes offers people prescription drugs like antidepressants or antibiotics, which makes me really angry because those shouldn't be given around like candies, but like I said earlier I never told her it makes me angry. She also said that she only counts on the meds to work, if they won't, she would off herself
I joked a few times that we could get a cat here, I know that it's no cure but animals can certainly be a help for people who are going through rough times. She really took the subject seriously some day and convinced everyone, including our tenant and flatmates, that we should get a cat. She really wanted to have this one specific cat about 2h hour drive from us, so we drove there, but the cat got away from our car, and we couldn't find it. Few hours later when we got home she was convinced that we killed that cat and started asking everyone if they want anyone dead, because she can arrange that, because everyone around her dies, and she didn't want any cat at all anymore. But we eventually took Luna, and the missing cat was found later. After a few weeks with the cat, our flatmates started complaining about about the cat being in the apartment and not only our rooms (WTF?) and about its litter box and food. Amy was already really annoyed by them, especially this guy who is a little dumb, talkative and annoying, but this whole situation took it too whole another level. She almost couldn't control herself with how much they got on her nerves, merely hearing them walk on the corridor would make her furious. One night in the middle of the week she started going to the kitchen to get drunk to be able to sleep because of them. I obviously couldn't ignore that so I went with her to just be there. She changed topics every few seconds, talked about something that its a good thing our knifes are not sharp, she was generally acting very ill, which usually makes me extremely anxious and quiet. I feel like she was noticing that and she said "why aren't you talking with me ? X and Y always had gossips with me in the kitchen...". Then she went to sleep, texted me a lot about 100 different topics, and then went back to drink some more, then when she went to sleep she texted me something that made me feel like my brain is being fried. She send me a receipt of her drug and it said that overdosing it might cause heart problems and even death, and she added "if I found out that suicide is not a sin, or something changes, I already know the way <3". I didn't know what to do with myself for a good few minutes. My mind was racing and frying, my heart was frozen, and it took me a good while to calm down. Eventually I just took our cat and took it to her to sleep with, but didn't bring the subject, I just couldn't, I was too weak.
Next day she started being obsessed with moving out of here, far away from them, she started looking for available apartments and firstly I wanted to move with her, but the more I thought about this, the more I thought I just couldn't handle all of these things mentally. She was pushing me to define my stand on this, and just said "fuck it" angry at me for not being decisive," I'm gonna move with another guy I know", but I don't think that worked out since she eventually started looking for studio apartments for herself. Eventually I went to her and said that I think I want to live alone, that i feel kinda unstable mentally myself, and I wanted to let her know that I'm not wanting to let her go, but she was just like coldly "I'll be fine" without much emotion behind that. I then started to pour out my things about her (at first she said she didn't have the energy for that, but asked her to listen), how sometimes I felt like she has something negative about me that she doesn't tell me, that's she's colder to me than usually, she said that she's like that to everyone now, and I said that I felt like it was more personal, and she denied. I asked her if she thinks that I'm fake and she said "not fake, but you're not telling what you're thinking" and that she couldn't be close with people like that (or something along those lines). She said that I should have told her all of that right then. She always prides herself for always saying exactly what she means and being painfully straightforward. I also tried to confront her about being negative about my therapy, because I said to her I went to therapy, and she said "and you think it will help you ?" kinda ironically, and i was really hurt by that, she doesn't really believe in therapy and said that judging by colleges in our country her mother is a better therapist than most Ts here. She said then that she meant if I THINK its going to help me, not mocking, and when I said that I don't respond to "how was it?" is because I was worried she would mock me, she replied with "whatever , if you say so". I also said that I'm secretive because telling the truth would make other people hurt me, and she said "well of course".
To this day I don't know if I hurt her with that conversation, I'm not even sure if she understood that I'm very bad mentally right now mainly because of her. I felt really guilty about abandoning her, and talked about it extensively on a therapy session. I know that to save anyone you have to save yourself first, but I would be just proving that she's fucked up and everyone will eventually abandon her. On the other hand, I don't know if she cares AT ALL about me leaving her, maybe I really do am just a flatmate and not much else anymore.
Her mood massively affects mine, I could have the best day of my life and one sentence from her could easily ruin that. Sometimes I get anxious when I hear her walking on the corridor or when she gets back from school because I have no idea what mood she might come home with.
Most fucked up thing is that despite all of this is sometimes I'm still attracted to her. All it takes is one smile, one good day and I'm still rethinking if I would ever want to be with her. And there are also very good reasons for that, she can be very caring, lovable, funny and clever. I also fantasize about her sexually to some small extent. And the thing is that I never before found her very attractive and wasn't interested in her.
How does her mother fit in this ? I don't know but she lost her father as a child, she was taking her to therapists and psychiatrists since she was a child . Sometimes I feel like she can make her worse by saying certain things, like when missing cat was found and saying that it was bad and scary and that we could be taking this one right now. She might have been very overprotective (or might have good reasons to) but Amy was being rebellious and reckless anyway, which might have caused how many lies she tells to her.
When it comes to me, I've never been in such a bad state mentally, today is not the worst but the general period is without a doubt the worst time of my life. Even before all of this I was SURE I needed some help with my mental health, but everything that was happening, her darkness sipping into me, triggering me, listening and talking about suicide all the time for literal months can't be good for anyone although I think I try to show her it doesn't affect me that much, me internally reacting very very badly to her strange and sometimes deranged and reckless behaviours, feeling on the edge a lot of the time due to her, not being able to think about anything else, all that made me finally take the step and make an appointment with a therapist. I noticed in myself symptoms of depression, social anxiety and ADHD, I'm still not sure if I would be diagnosed with anything but I do know that something is wrong with me, especially since others don't seem to be so deeply affected by her despite being close to her for longer than me. There were days where I couldn't sleep, in which I had a strong feelings of hopelessness, depressing feelings about her, myself, my life and the whole world, I researched a lot about depression, and some places are really bad to get into because there is no hope in there, people just drag each other down and write that nothing ever worked for them etc. I even thought about reading up about some therapeutic techniques I could use on her, but now I notice how stupid that sounds.
I sometimes think if she realizes how difficult it is to listen to some of the things she says and does. And I'm not talking about her being difficult and with a quick temper, but just genuinely pouring this darkness on those close to her.
In terms of therapy, I'm still not sure if it can help me with anything. I'm not discounting the people that it did help, but I'm just not sure about me. I know that it probably takes time, I do genuinely feel better when someone listens to all of that (even if I feel like a fraud sometimes because there are surely others that come to her with heavier stuff) even if it lasts only some time after the session. I'm not even sure what would therapy do to me, like what exactly could it possibly change about me, will I care less, will I just cope better, will I change my personality, or will it just be something that I can tell myself that I'm doing without actually helping me
That's a weird one, I'm kind of angry at her for being the best or at least very good at a lot of things, that (when she wants to of course) she can befriend literally everyone and people adore her (like the kids in school, parents congratulating and being shocked how great the kids are doing at school), she had a lot of boyfriends and always seem to have some guys trying to get to her. She's shockingly charismatic, talkative and social when she wants or needs to be. I'm always complaining about not having friends and then she scoffs at me for that I don't know what I'm talking about, but I don't interact with 10% amount of people she does even though she ALWAYS ALWAYS talks how antisocial and what a b she is (meaning she's mean to everyone), she knows a shit ton of people, shocking number actually, especially when you think about her mental state
I really try to be a good friend, but that seems to not be enough. I try to help her with everything, doing the shopping, being with her and talking, asking how she feels, figuring out ways to maybe not help but at least show the support.
Right now we're still gonna live together and I'm gonna move in to the bigger room, and I plan to be in our hometown working remotely more to be better mentally, but I'm still unsure how all that is gonna work out...
Sometimes I feel like I'm fluctuating with how much this really affects me, It feels random, some moments I think all of it affects me less and am able to just go somewhere else with my thoughts, but not always.
==== 6 months later====
Some time has passed since I wrote those last paragraphs, actually it's already 6 months, and in some ways things are better, but in some they are much worse. She got better, not all the way she was before, she still hates being with people and is very mean, sarcastic and emotionally careless (she recently found out she'll probably won't be able to have kids and it didn't faze her at all), throws a joke or two about suicide but it doesn't seem so serious now, she got off meds as far as I know (because I don't know much anymore, but I'll get to that), she found a psychiatrist that first wants to make all kind of tests before prescribing her any drugs, she actually talks about plans for the future, is able to cook for herself, is more social, she's even going to a wedding with a friend she almost hooked up with a month ago (that's also a big thing that for me I want to write about later).
As for me, I'm much worse in a few ways. These things she said and did affected me very deeply back then and I wanted a way to cope with that, and I started to call my old friend Jane and tell her some of the situations that were happening here. I felt bad about it but I just couldn't help myself, I had to tell someone. That was before I got my therapist, and I'm mainly talking about everything with her now, but I was so caught up and messed up with everything, that even after starting the therapy I also talked about some of the things with my ex who is still my good friend, I mentioned she has depression and takes meds to one of my colleagues (without any details), and I mentioned that she has some problems and thinks about moving out to another friend, one day I also told everything to my parents (without the most disturbing details) because I was on a verge of a mental breakdown and just couldn't bring myself to come back here. I also once told our new roommate that Amy is very weird and obsessed about some things like loudly closing doors etc. without telling much else though. That's a lot of people and honestly I don't trust myself that I didn't say anything else to anyone although I doubt it as I don't have much friends or interact with people a lot. Not that it excuses me, but she wasn't really too secretive about it and seemed very open to talking about being depressed and hating life etc. I certainly broke her trust and I feel like shit for it, nothing really excuses me and I can't change what I did, which is slowly killing me inside.
She confronted me about it when I came back from my parent house after telling them everything and finally got the courage to text her about the way she treats me, about what I did wrong, if she thinks that I'm hiding something from her or that I'm insincere about everything I do. Because she's very different to me than she was before and it honestly kills me inside. She told me she regurarly catches me lying about irrelevant small things and she has no idea why but recently she doesn't even trust herself, let alone someone else. I don't think I ever deliberately lied to her but I might have unknowningly responded with wrong information so she doesn't get mad ex. who didn't do the dishes or something. The worse thing is that she said that she heard things, certain minor details about herself from people that should know absolutely nothing about her, and she doesn't want anyone to know anything about her. Of course she didn't specify what details (and if they were even something private, but I can only assume yes by her reaction) and what people (to not break their trust) and I've been thinking about it ever since. She said that I was never her friend, I never knew anything about her and she doesn't really consider anyone her friend since O died from cancer. And that you can't just take anyone from the street and befriend them, and that we can just normally live our lives separately and not get too involved with each other, which really, really fucking hurt me to hear from person that I cared so deeply for, that I tried so hard to show that she matters to me, and to which I gave up so much of my own mental wellbeing to the point of feeling mentally ill myself (at least much more than usual).
I of course haven't told a word anyone since that conversation, and not because I was scared someone might tell her again, but I realize what a huge mistake that was and I honestly hate myself more than ever for breaking her trust and being such a piece of shit and not being able to change what happened or even to make up for it.
Our relationship gets kinda better at times, she talks to me normally sometimes mainly about our cat, although never for too long and practically never initiates a conversation, she barely texts with me, ignores me a lot, she doesn't really talk to me about what is happening with her life and work etc. I mostly find out anything from her conversations with others when I'm present, she is a lot more social with her friends recently and when she sends some screenshoted memes on a group chat there's always someone she's texting with, she's online a lot despite not writing me back, she goes out drinking with her friends every few weeks and I'm never a part of it anymore, I never drive with her back to our town on weekends anymore, and all of that while she live behind a wall, and this actually real rejection is quite honestly making me feel actually suicidal at times, and it gets worse with time to the point that I'm worried I might do something to myself, maybe not now or soon, but in the future, and I even sometimes write vague scenarios in my head about it. Apart from still going to therapy (which still doesn't seem to help me) I signed myself up to a psychiatrist despite my therapist saying that she doesn't see anything clinical in me, with the main issue being an ADHD diagnosis, as that's what I thought most accurately explains my struggles (especially RSD), and I did get diagnosed but I feel like I might have bended the reality a little and not actually have it, I am on my 2 days of meds (upped the dose today) and don't really feel much apart from a very light headache and dry mouth, so I guess that won't fix me after all.
When we were on a mountain trip a month ago I was feeling very bad, because while I was still a part of it and went with everyone, she treated everyone completely different to me, she was laughing, joking with them, being nice and talking to and being interested in them, and the others are not really my close friends so I was feeling a bit alone and isolated. The last night of the trip she and one of the guys (the one with which she's going to the wedding) went for a walk in the middle of nowhere together completely drunk, pissing everyone off for being irresponsible. But while everyone was scared and angry, I was depressed and I guess suicidal, I still have feelings for her despite everything, and seeing that she can go out into the night kissing some guy and after everything can't even hold a conversation with me or tell me anything nice was honestly doing very bad things to my head. And I remembered when a year ago she said she can't be with me, she's too fucked up and couldn't do that to me, but she knows this guy for almost 2 years now and considers him a colleague too so how's that different? I don't even smoke but I smoked like a whole pack of cigarettes that night...
When we came back from the trip I was in a very bad place mentally and said that I wanted to talk, I told her that I can't do this anymore and that I can't control the envy that I feel and that I'll probably have to move out even though I don't want that, and I don't want to leave her alone with our cat, she gave me an impression that she wants me to try, she mentioned my ex that's still my friend and that I got over her, and I told her it took me literal years to get over her, and she said that "so it's possible", we talked some more, maybe the most we talked in weeks if not months about various things, and I felt that things were going to get better, But they didn't. A few weeks passed and I feel just as rejected as before.
I can't disinvest emotionally from her, I can't stop thinking about what she thinks of me, if I'm fake and dishonest and always hide my true motives, and I don't think there is a point in confronting her again and apologizing and hoping for forgiveness, I feel like current state of my life will never change and even if we stop seeing and living with each other anymore, it will still take me years (if ever) to get over everything that happened in the last year because I'm not really better mentally when I'm home with my parents, I still think about it all the time. I don't want to leave this place, and I don't want to leave her with a cat she'll have to take care on her own, I don't know what to do anymore.
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2023.06.01 18:08 brainpower4 Need a gut check on our scheming

My coterie of independent fledglings is playing in a heavily modified Chicago by night setting (potential spoilers), and are just getting ready to start a REALLY dangerous political story arc, and I thought it was worth getting an outside opinion before we jump into the deep end.
The players:
A pissed off independent Lasombra who feels he and his clan are being wronged by the Camarilla with the move to be incorporated. Wants to use the forces of American Far Right extremism to shatter the status quo in the city and in the process weed out the Cam and start over.
A Brujah civil rights lawyer who is in deep with the least she was until she frenzied in Elysium and got herself blood bonded to the Prince. Yes, it is a massive problem.
A Catiff investigator pretending to be a Ventrue, with a focus on Auspex. So far, he's gotten away with it, but it will again me a major problem at some point.
A Catiff book shop owner childer of a Tremere. Yes, he has blood sorcery. Yes, it's going just as well as you'd imagine. Our coterie has a 2 dot enemy Tremere.
A Tzimisce surgeon who is working towards the goals of his mysterious Methusala Mwala. All we know is that they don't align with any of the sects as they currently exist.
The situation:
After some early successes, we've gotten a reputation as reliable, discrete, and fast when it comes to finding information. This led to us getting two separate offers, more or less, at the same time.
First was a request individually to our fake Ventrue from the Senechal to work with the Malkavian Primogen to discredit his Sire, the head of a massive Ventrue run multinational corporation, so that he could assume control of the family business.
The Malk, true to form, treats the whole thing as a wonderful joke is anonymously blackmailing the Sire into publicly humiliating himself. Through some great investigating by our fake Ventrue, he discovered that the Primogen is threatening to leak his real identity to SI. Every single one of our characters agrees that getting SI involved over essentially a prank is a completely unacceptable and stupid move and justifies his death, one way or another.
A short time later, we get called to visit Mr. Fat Cat Sire at his office building, where we are hired to find whoever is anonymously threatening him, at the price of 2 minor boons to the coterie, or 1 major if we both find and eliminate the culprit. During the visit, a well-timed Premontion and a little sleuthing helped us discover that he was somehow involved in the werewolf attack that killed the last Prince and has been taking meetings from the group of Hecata which recently took over NYC at the end of our last Chronicle. Again, we all agreed that letting lose a pack of werewolves on the streets of Chicago was an action worthy of death. Plus, he's a despicable person who tried to make us sign a contract in blood enforced by the Tremere, and we don't like getting pushed around.
Lastly, we discovered that this guy is a MAJOR financial player, to the point that his death, if done poorly, has the potential to seriously destabilize financial markets.
The plan
We all agree that Mr. Malk and Mr. Money bags need to go. While some of us are on board for collapsing the global financial structure, we've agreed that we'd effectively be declaring war on all of Clan Ventrue if we were ever remotely implicated. That means someone needs to be able to come up with the ball at the end of all this, and the logical choice is the Senechal. (Our Lasombra and Brujah aren't happy with this and are looking for another solution)
We DO want to get paid somewhere along the line, and that means dealing with the Malk before the Ventrue. Luckily, our fake Ventrue has a meeting scheduled with him for his part in the "prank" and is going to wear a wire to capture the conversation on tap and try to incriminate him. Evidence in hand, we set up a hit on him, and Torpor Mr. Malk. Specifics of the hit are TBD, but the Brujah has an assassin Gangrel as a Mwala who might be interested for the right price. Premonition is a hell of a power, though, and we have no ideas how to get around it yet.
Ideally, we aren't implicated, but this next part is tricky regardless. We need to go to Mr. Fat Cat's place, show him the evidence, give him the Torpored body, collect our boon, more or less immediately cash it in, then somehow find actual evidence of the Werewolf/Hecata stuff, and scurry over to the Senechal to get his fat ass Blood Hunted.
Obviously, there are holes in that plan big enough to drive a truck through, but we figure that, in the worst case, we use the boon to get Mr. Fat Cat to cover us for the disappearance of the Malk Primogen and cut out losses there.
BEST case, which seems unlikely, everything goes perfectly to plan, Mr. Fat Ass gets taken down, and the Senechal inherits, we manipulate him into making a play for Prince with his newfound wealth, then get to take advantage of the internal struggle to topple the whole tower in the city, with the loss of the Prince, Senechal, a Primogen, and one of the largest bank rollers in the city.
So screwed are we?
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2023.06.01 18:02 PurpleSolitudes Best Internet Monitoring Software

Best Internet Monitoring Software
SentryPC is a powerful internet monitoring software that allows parents, employers and individuals to monitor and control computer and internet usage. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, SentryPC has become the preferred choice for those who need to keep an eye on computer and internet activity.

In this review, we will take a closer look at what makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software and why it has become so popular among users.


The first thing that sets SentryPC apart from other internet monitoring software is its comprehensive set of features. Whether you are a parent looking to protect your children from online predators or an employer concerned about productivity, SentryPC has everything you need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.

Free Demo Account Available

Some of the key features of SentryPC include:

  • Keystroke Logging: SentryPC captures all keystrokes typed on the monitored computer, including passwords and chat conversations.
  • Website Monitoring: SentryPC tracks all websites visited by the user, allowing parents and employers to see which sites their children or employees are accessing.
  • Application Monitoring: SentryPC records all applications used on the computer, including the duration of use, providing insight into how time is being spent.
  • Social Media Monitoring: SentryPC monitors social media activity, such as Facebook posts and Twitter messages, giving parents and employers insight into online behavior.
  • Screenshots: SentryPC captures screenshots of the monitored computer, allowing parents and employers to see exactly what the user is doing.
  • Remote Control: SentryPC allows parents and employers to remotely shut down or restart the monitored computer, lock the keyboard and mouse, and even log the user out of their account.
  • Alerts: SentryPC sends real-time alerts when specific keywords are typed or certain actions are taken, such as attempting to access blocked websites.
  • Reports: SentryPC generates detailed reports on computer and internet activity, making it easy for parents and employers to identify trends and patterns over time.

Ease of Use
Another key factor that makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are not technically savvy, you can easily install and use SentryPC to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
The software is easy to download and install, and once installed, it runs quietly in the background, capturing data without interfering with computer performance. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly access reports, alerts and other monitoring tools.
SentryPC also offers a mobile app, which allows parents and employers to monitor computer and internet activity on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and provides real-time access to all monitoring features.

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Customer Support

SentryPC is committed to providing excellent customer support. Their team of support technicians is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance with installation and troubleshooting.
In addition to email and phone support, SentryPC also offers live chat support, allowing users to get answers to their questions in real-time. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base, which includes articles, tutorials, and videos to help users get the most out of the software.


SentryPC offers flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of different users. The plans range from $59.95 per year for a single license to $995 for 100 licenses.
The basic plan provides all the essential monitoring features, while the premium plan includes advanced features such as webcam capture and audio recording. Users can also customize their plans by adding additional licenses or upgrading to the premium plan at any time.


Overall, SentryPC is the best internet monitoring software on the market today. Its comprehensive set of features, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support make it an ideal choice for parents, employers, and individuals who need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
With SentryPC, users can rest assured that they have the tools they need to keep their children safe online, enhance productivity in the workplace, and protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

Free Demo Account Available

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2023.06.01 18:01 OCA_doctoryellow What I am doing wrong with water?

What I am doing wrong with water?
Utilities are always a headache for me. Since the beginning, I am struggling with the water system.
A big water processing plant has a theoretic capacity of up to 300 m3 and can be fed with up to 3 big pipes (126 m3 each). However, it doesn't matter how redundant I made my network or how many pumps I place in my city, I have never seen the total flow of water processed being higher than 150m3. Now my city of 16,000 inhabitants with two water networks has thirsty comrades.
There is no electricity problem (I have 5 substations to ensure redundancy) with plenty of wattage and voltage year round. This issue happens also if I use wells though I prefer inlets.

What is wrong with this network?
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