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Roseville, California: News, Events & Info!

2011.09.09 17:51 Roseville, California: News, Events & Info!

Welcome to Roseville, California. Come on down to the galleria and spend some money! Incorporated since 1909, Roseville was originally a stage coach station called Griders. When the railroad arrived, the name was changed to Junction, and finally to Roseville. Now, it's a thriving city with over 100,000 residents and is growing dramatically each year.

2009.11.05 01:47 puttputt Regina, Saskatchewan

/Regina is a place for thoughtful discussion and events in our little city on the prairie.

2017.04.12 01:07 critfist A place to learn ancient cookery

Welcome to /ArchaicCooking. This is a subreddit for those interested in learning to cook and discuss the food of the past. Subjects can range anywhere from ancient Roman cookery to the delights of 1700's London. Generally, nothing from the 1800's and above.

2023.03.25 02:52 AnaWolfbay1412 [OC] Biggest self reported ancestry in each US state.

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2023.03.25 02:40 OutlandishnessGrand8 mediocre westcoast asian does decent

Intended Major(s): CS, Data Science, Game Design, Statistics
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
gonna be pretty vague so i dont get doxxed
  1. coding internship: taught little kids how to build websites in html and create games in processing (javascript), was an instructor and got paid, 2 weeks of work but 2 months of making lesson plans.
  2. red cross club: went to meetings and learned CPR + worked in food drives.
  3. Link Crew member: helped students on first day of school who were lost, hosted activites for freshman. Hosted orientation for freshman as well.
  4. math tutoring club: tutored students from algebra 1 to precalc, helped them with homework, gave practice problems, studied with them, etc.
  5. personal cs work: created a few projects using openCV, done a few projects in c++, java, and python. Created games in processing as well.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. AP Scholar
thats all i could remember off the top of my head but i also got a few local and school-specific awards too
Letters of Recommendation
My LOR came from my CS teacher who I've had for two years now, chill guy but we didn't talk much. We've talked about CS a little bit and I've asked him for help a few times, but I was a pretty quiet dude in his class.
PIQs were on math tutoring club, skateboarding, my cs internship, and link crew. I think they really carried my application for the UCs but that's just my personal opinion. Personal statement was also on my cs internship for Common App schools. I don't want to really go deep into them, but I mean this when I say it, those written parts were hands down the most beautiful stuff I've ever written in my life, I really put my soul into them.
(Briefly reflect on the quality of your writing, time spent, and topic of main personal statement.)
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
waiting on Cal Poly Slo, but no shot I get in for CS
Additional Information:
Compared to a lot students at my school (like 700 people in the graduating class), I felt like my academics were extremely weak and I was always afraid that'd cost me my admissions. Not only my academics, but my extracurriculars and testing were also pretty lackluster, it seems like my essays carried me. I'm suuppperrr thankful I got into a school because I was extremely afraid that I would just get rejected everywhere. I'd also like to note for anyone that's reading this and applies to UC schools next year or so on, they're definitely a shot in the dark for most of them. Also, apply to safeties, there are some really good safety schools out there and I thought I was safe going without any safeties (got very lucky). If anyone whose reading this knows who I am, plz no dox.
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2023.03.25 02:39 GlassBellPepper Allow players to more extensively customize world generation, structure frequency, ocean size etc.

Minecraft is a game about exploration and personal customization. We can customize a lot of things, but I feel that we need an update that allows you to better tune world generation to your desired parameters. I know that there are mods that can do a lot of this, but most players including myself do not use mods so I feel that this would be a good addition to the base game.
Such tuning could include:
Sea Level: Flooded worlds could be cool, with giant oceans that go down 100+ blocks and even further when underwater caves are taken into account. Dry land is scarce, and the oceans are as vast as the distance between stars
Conversely, worlds where water is scarce could be a fun challenge as well. Imagine spawning in for a custom playthrough, and trekking to an ocean only to find that the shore drops off into a vast wasteland of dead coral and lonely shipwrecks dotted across the barren landscape. Your only sources of water will be found deep beneath the earth - that is if they exist at all. Good luck, survivor.
Biome Frequency and Generation: Each biome currently in the game has a set rarity that determines how often it spawns, among other factors. What if you could tune biome spawn frequency? Want to finally find that Mooshroom Island? Make them super common
You could also make it so you can select which biomes you want to generate. By default a world can generate all natural biomes, but what if you really don't like a certain type, or really do like another? Wander the frozen wastes in a world made exclusively of frozen biomes, or stake out in the wilds in an expansive world of deserts, mesas and mountains. (wild west, anyone?)
Structure frequency: Allow players to tune how often structures spawn, either all structures or just certain types. Some structures would be limited by biome, so that would need to be taken into account.
For example: Want to play in a world of sprawling metropolises? Turn village generation waaay up. Want to explore a nether teeming with bastions and nether fortresses, locked in endless war? Go right ahead. Want to turn up the spawn rate of ruined portals so high that it seems like the world was just invaded by the nether? Go forth, and make your way in the netherrack scarred landscape!
Want to eliminate desert wells entirely, or play in a world that is more desert well than not? Uh, you do you I guess.
My personal complaint is the lack of large oceans. If you didn't know, a Minecraft world looks like this:
Mostly land, oceans surrounded on all sides by some landmass.
As you can see, the ratio of land to ocean is about ~65:35 going from observation. While a lot of players enjoy being able to walk across their worlds or avoid traveling across oceans, I prefer a different style of play. In my ideal world, the ratio would be flipped, and land would spawn as large continents, with vast oceans between them. I know that in the past, the oceans being too large was a major complaint, but with the new generation I genuinely miss the old oceans. Endless land that can never be fully explored kills my motivation. My ideal world would look something like this:
To be honest I'd want the oceans to be even bigger. Let me sail the seas, Mojang!
I understand that a lot of this would require nothing short of an overhaul. But recently, especially with trails and tales, Mojang seems very dedicated to letting players build their own story and world, and I know this would be a welcome addition among many players.
To end the post, I want to paint a picture of what this could be like (combining several examples from before):
You spawn in in at the foot of a great mountain. The land is barren, pocked with netherrack and shattered portals, like a wretched disease upon the land. They are the still standing remnants of a recent invasion from a nightmarish world beyond this one. Other survivors are rare, and civilization could be thousands of blocks away, if it still exists at all. You hunt for food, and survive the night in a dark cave. As the sun rises, you walk out into the open to try to find a source of water, but when you get to the ocean you find not water, but a barren dust bowl stretching down nearly a hundred blocks. At the bottom of the pit, no aquatic life remains, the only sign that it ever did is the dried out husks of coral reefs, strewn across the landscape like the decrepit bones of some once great animal slain and left to rot. As you reach the bottom, you find a single portal near intact. You repair and light it, and step through into a new realm that surely cannot be any worse than what you have endured thus far, right? But as you step through, you find no such salvation. instead, the great crimson caverns are filled with vast fortresses and impenetrable bastions, and an eternal war is waged on an endless battlefield.
If someone at Mojang reads this, please consider it! :D
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2023.03.25 02:29 FriedScrapple Everything I, an Italian, thought I knew about Italian food is wrong

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2023.03.25 02:27 DraGonMeraxe Reclutamiento global familia KX1 rally party KVK

Reclutamiento global familia KX1 rally party KVK
Reclutamiento KVK rally party antes de kvk para disfrutar del mismo ven, equipo mítico, sigilos, t5 y participar en todos los eventos KVK rally party recruitment before kvk to enjoy the same come, mythical team, stealths, t5 and participate in all events
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2023.03.25 02:22 FancyBobbyBob Seriously nobody thought to check when April 1 is… what a waste of taxpayers money fm!

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2023.03.25 02:21 arborealham [OC] Biggest self reported ancestry in each US state. Meh

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2023.03.25 01:59 pidginpost Barber chop customer hair, collect beef and potatoes instead of money. Bartering dey common for dis hard time economy

Barber shop for southwest Ontario wey family dey run don begin accept food instead of money for haircut after one customer pay with beef and potatoes. Financial planner Shannon Lee Simmons talk say dis na example of how people dey do bartering well well because of hard time economy.
Read di original article here
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2023.03.25 01:35 babyxxpigeon17 A Niagara vacation

It was so terribly cold. Snow was falling, and it was almost dark, when out of the blue, my wife called me at work. "We're going to Niagara Falls for the weekend. I got us an awesome deal!"
We had both been working at our first "full-fledged" jobs for a year and had reached that moment after graduation when you suddenly realize you can't make that impact on the world your student enthusiasm once promised. At first, I just sighed. It was the dead of January, and I had already expended all my energy on a week of inconsequential stress. I just wanted to collapse on the couch for two days. Sarah felt a similar weary exhaustion. I could tell. Her tone was more hopeful than excited, but she had dreaded the routine we were sinking into and was trying her best to pull us free.
I looked to the ceiling and adjusted my telephone headset. At that time I was working at Stats Canada on the tele-query desk. I took a deep breath and, as convincingly as possible, said, "Sounds good." I don't think she bought it, but we went nonetheless.
This was Niagara Falls before the casinos when there was a very distinct off-season. When we got to the hotel, we were given the details of our "lovers' special". One dinner to be used either Friday or Saturday, two breakfasts, a roll of tokens for the arcade, 10% off some "4D" movie ride experience, and a 2-for-1 coupon to Max Tussaud's. I guessed it was Madame's nephew? We also got a bottle of sparkling wine in our room and chocolate treats on our pillows. I was impressed. It sounded good.
When we got into our room and saw the "bottle" of wine - basically an aeroplane-sized glass and half - and the chocolates - "fun wrapped" Oh Henry's left over from Halloween - we both started to laugh. The tone for two wonderful days had been set. We decided to cash in on our dinner coupon right away.
The restaurant off the lobby had hopes of being better. There were huge panoramic windows that promised a view of the gorge. Unfortunately, they had some winter moisture problems that day, and it felt like we were defrosting amid the dripping streaks and foggy patches. The decor was your standard booths and tables though the "romantic" lighting was unique. Dollar store battery-powered tea lights were lodged inside thick tumbler glasses and shed a muted pleasantness in a "what a great idea for a craft" sort of way. I had a feeling they were created by our waitress since she was the one who always seemed to be fussing with them. Only one other couple was in the dining room, so she attended to us immediately.
"Can I get you something to start?"
"Sure." "Thank you, that would be nice." We both responded simultaneously.
"And what would the lady like this evening?"
Sarah smiled at the flattery. "I think I'll have a glass of white wine." She glanced over at me to see my reaction. This was a subtle cue of the mood to follow. Diet Coke was usually the beverage of choice. She didn't normally drink alcohol. One glass numbed her nose and made her giggle far too easily. When she did drink, however, it meant she was comfortable with my company and open to anything to follow. I raised my eyebrows in a debonair way.
"And for the gentleman?"
"Do you have Foster's on tap?"
"Yes we do."
"I'll have a pint please."
Sarah smiled at the happy memories I invoked. At university, Foster's was my signature beer. It was at a time when Crocodile Dundee was a known name, and Australia was inexplicably cool. 15 cent buffalo wings and a pitcher of Foster's was the Tuesday night special at the London Arms pub. There the Classics Club would meet and, as a group, circle the wagons and drink ourselves into extroverts.
As soon as the waitress left, Sarah smiled at me. She reached out and held my hand across the table. With my gaze on hers, she slipped her foot from her shoe and slowly began sliding it up my pant leg.
"I got a pedicure this morning." She announced seductively.
I nodded and pretended I didn't notice her invitation. "What colour?" I asked.
"I'm not telling." She teased. "You'll just have to find out later." Her devious little smile was gorgeous.
"Mmmm. I can't wait."
When the waitress returned with our drinks, we immediately retreated to our personal spaces as if we had been discovered by the chaperone. Sarah opened the menu and began to salivate at the variety.
"Can we add an appetizer to the package dinner?" Her question seemed innocent enough.
"You're on the package?" Our friendly waitress disappeared, and we were no longer a lady or a gentleman. She ripped the menu out of Sarah's hand and took mine before I had even opened it. She then scurried to her podium and brought back a tattered, grease-stained, photocopied page that we had to share. We both burst out laughing.
The waitress was flustered that we were not as bothered as she was. "The drinks are NOT included!"
"What choices do we have?" I asked, expecting the usual chicken or fish. I had been on many packages before with my parents.
"Coffee or tea." The waitress snapped.
Sarah and I looked at each other in amused disbelief.
"I'll have coffee please." I didn't even flinch at the ridiculously limited package. I was eager to get my order in early.
"And I'll have the tea!" Sarah followed my lead. "Can I have some milk with that?"
"Yes." The waitress snarled.
"Fantastic!" I enthused.
"Yes, great! I'm glad we got the package, Honey." Sarah joked.
The waitress stormed off and returned sometime later with our lettuce-only salads drowned in Kraft's Italian dressing and our chewy chicken dinners, which she had thoughtfully allowed to cool. She tossed the plates on the table and left us to peacefully devour our deal. We didn't see her again until we requested the bill. For some reason, we found it amusing to leave a generous tip, which of course, defeated the purpose of the package, but we didn't care. It was fun.
The rest of the holiday was marred with similar off-season products and services. The wax museum was only half open, so we couldn't see the pop stars of the seventies. I didn't think it was a problem, but Sarah pouted playfully. She really wanted to see young Bowie. Meanwhile, the arcade was particularly stingy about spitting out coupons. So much so that Mike, the scraggly-haired repair guy, ended up escorting us from game to game and repairing the devices on demand. In no time, he was acting like an old drinking buddy. He joked and laughed, then, out of the blue, revealed that working at the Niagara Falls Fun Centre wasn't his career choice, that his dream was to be part of a travelling carnival. He desperately wanted to see more of the world, he explained and socialize with a greater variety of "wildlife." Mike winked at Sarah to punctuate his meaning, then began advising her on which games to play.
Sarah was partial to Skee ball and clearly had career potential in the sport, but Mike quickly pointed out that the token-to-coupon payout was not the best. In a furtive whisper, he revealed that The Storm Stopper was your best bet, provided the arcade had left it on its original factory settings. He assured us the ones here were "cool." The game had lights that ran around the outside in opposite directions and you had to hit the button at just the right spot to win. It looked impossible, but Mike was right; if you calculated tokens in versus coupons won, it was the best deal. It only took a little practice to win a minor jackpot every 5 or 6 times.
We would cheer each win as if Toronto had won the Stanley Cup. I would give a quick fist pump and a full lung "Yes!" while Sarah would jump up and down screaming, "WhoooHooo!" Of course, in the end, when we cashed in, "Mike's secret" only bumped us up from a key-chain flashlight to a "deluxe" nail beauty set. Mind you, it did come complete with clippers, scissors, a file AND a cuticle scraper. Not only that, it was all neatly packaged in a paisley-patterned pink and green plastic vinyl case. Mike was so pleased to give us our prize and to be honest, we were thrilled to win it if only to see his broad chicletted smile. It was more of a trophy than a grooming set.
That night, I made reservations for us at a fancy Chinese food restaurant - the Bamboo Garden. When we arrived, we had half-expected renovations of some sort. Instead, the place was immaculate. Gentle pools teeming with goldfish highlighted the epic black and red Ming dynasty decor. Real candles flickered on crisp white tablecloths. Again, the restaurant was virtually ours. The reservations on my part were entirely unnecessary. In fact, as soon as we entered, they knew us by name and guided us directly to our table. A live lounge piano caressed the air, its notes danced vaguely around familiar harmonies until finally, as if prompted by our presence, a song emerged immediately accompanied by the velvet voice of oriental karaoke. It was our song remastered
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2023.03.25 01:19 AbuNiko Looking for steak, seafood, Italian, and middle eastern food

As the title suggests I’m looking for one of each for my stay here the next few days. Preferably if they are located in or near the old city, Karakoy, or Eminonu area. Bonus if there’s a nice view too :)
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2023.03.25 01:17 Necessary-Sandwich-9 My Kitchenplace Department Merchandising 🤩

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2023.03.25 01:00 Haunting-Army931 25 [M4F] Los Angeles, CA / Santa Clarita / Thousand Oaks / SoCal

Hello! I'm looking for someone around my age to cuddle with this weekend in Santa Clarita :) tonight! (Fri) or Saturday night.
I'm staying at a nice hotel for work - we're running a huge tournament for kids here haha. I'm sure in the evening I'll be quite ready to relax. I'll get us some (free!) food and we can watch a show in my room, have a deep convo about life... or just lay in each other's arms and do nothing! Super chill, low pressure.
NOT looking for anything sexual. Just company and physical touch. We can be platonic and fully clothed. Let's discuss ahead of time. I will 1000% respect your boundaries and help you feel safe any way I can.
I live in the Thousand Oaks area (east Ventura County, west LA). I'd love to also find an ongoing "friend with cuddle benefits." Long-term thing or just once in a while, all cool!
A little about me: I'm 25M, white, 5'8. Slim, in pretty good shape. "Adorkable" I'd like to describe myself as 😅 but you can be the judge
I work with kids teaching Chess and am vegan/plant-based. I don't drink, smoke or do any drugs. I'd describe myself as conscientious, gentle and compassionate. A few things I love are trail running and hiking, animals, pop punk and rock climbing.
DM me if you're interested! I will of course send pics, we can chat first and whatever you'd like.
thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful rest of your day ☺️
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2023.03.25 00:58 -6310 In search of a nice place for a weekend

So basically I'm looking for recommendations for a nice place to stay for a weekend, in the north-west of the country.
But I have some requirements, first of all adults only. So I can really enjoy some peace and quiet.
Second it needs to have good food like something similar to Verges de montagne Testour.
Third the rooms need to be clean, spacious and overall pleasing something like Maison Dedine in Sidi bou said.
Lastly it has to be small scale, no big hotels like Badira or Cigalle.
Recap: recommendations for comfortable weekend getaway, NO KIDS, good food, great rooms, small scale.
Your help will be appreciated.
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2023.03.25 00:55 Bumblebe5 Palisades Center Trip Report: Friday Fun (3/24/23)

My mom and brothers went to Buffalo, NY. So me and my dad went somewhere better. Of course I mean Palisades.
We left at 5 pm. I brought my Knuckles stuffy. I filmed a video (actually a sequel to a Black Friday video I filmed at the Bergen Town Center with a Sonic stuffy) about Knuckles exploring the Palisades Center.
Dad let me go thru a few corridors, though I never got to see where they led to. We went to Burger King and had the Impossible Whopper, since it is Lent, and I can't eat meat on Fridays. It wasn't filling.
Then we went to Target, and I bought a bottle of Sparkling Ice (I need those to survive, since I gave up soda for Lent.) We went to Dave & Buster's after that.
I played Fruit Ninja (no bombs), Injustice Arcade (I got Green Lantern on my team this time round, but he died, and my dad hit the Special Attack button for me), Star Trek, SpongeBob, and the Terminator VR game. I told the guy running the game about how Terminator reminds me of the Superman TAS "New Kids in Town" episode, and he actually got that. I made his day. Then I played Mario and Sonic (played as Knuckles, got up to Day 2 Gymnastics and failed) and Ring Toss.
Then we went by the Ice Rink to find that storage room where all the old stuff like the Brazeiro animals were. We didn't find it, but we did find some old logos on the floor, including Oscar Meyer and DiGiorno (which weren't even in the mall. Why would they put them there?) I have some questions about some of the stores that were on the floor, but I'll save it for the Knuckles video's release, since I got them on tape.
Then we went over to the west parking garage to see if we could find the Rainforest Café props and Food Court stuff. We ended up finding some Home Depot storage and Best Buy auto shit. Then we left.
Funny things: when we were at Target, there were these two guys talking about SpongeBob. "Will you increase my wages? Will you let me play my clarinet? Then I'll give you the secret formula!" Then we heard a guy say, "Jamar, what the fuck?!" in a different aisle. They were probs employees. Whoever you are, thank you for making me laugh.
I can't wait to go back. I don't think I've seen everything.
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2023.03.25 00:37 mr-rabbit-13 Butteries and more ...

Hey all,
Lived in Aberdeen of the past couple of years and unfortunately it is my time to say goodbye, regretful having to go to southern England, but hey, that's life, there's very few jobs in my field so needs must.
Anyway, I'm coming up for the last time (as someone who still technical lives there) this weekend to had over the flat and wanted to bring back a few Aberdeen/shire 'delights' for my new colleagues to sample.
Obviously, butteries are something that I will be bring back down with me, but is there anything else (food wise) that may be worth sampling that I may have missed. Nearly all of my colleagues are not British so more generic Scottish foods may count too ... no haggis though, that's a bit too obvious! Kind of looking forward the the expression on the Italian's faces when they ingest a kg of butter, lol.
On a side note - for all those that slag off Aberdeen, yes it has had it downturns but it still has a huge amount of character, great people (other than the odd oil and gas wanker) and easily the most attractive countryside and coastline this country has to offer. You'll be fine in the longterm and I am gutted that I wasn't able to make it my permanent home. If you've never lived in the South / South East of England you don't know how lucky you are - I pay more for a flat literally half the size and now I'm surrounded by egocentric cunts with shrill accents, FFS. And yes, I'm English, although Northern which is slightly more acceptable in my book, although I may be slightly biased in that respect.
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2023.03.25 00:07 Muffin-Numerous How I’ve been stable the past 2 years :D

How I’ve managed my episodes for 2 years now
Hey, bipolar 1 here, diagnosed 5 times because of unbelieving parents. I’m sure many of you have gone through the same thing. I had a tough road to get to this point, and it started when I mistreated and broke up with da loml. She helped me get help, understand what was going on in my brain at a time where I was going off the rails. It was the worst episode I’ve ever had, lasting 6 months total, the last 2 months slowly getting better but still smoking weed to continue being manic because I was so confused. I broke up with her while manic, even though she knew the stable me and tried her hardest to work with me through all my conditions, but manic decisions aren’t based in reality. After we broke up, it was a quick road back to depression. I do not condone them as it’s different for everyone else, but I did some deep thinking ;) and decided that I loved myself and everyone around me, and I was deserving of love and peace. I started living the way my younger self always dreamed of living, a nature freak. I spend 90% of my time in nature now, fresh air and sunshine does so much it’s unbelievable, I was able to hop off lithium with no mood swings because I treated it with sun exposure and good food (lots of fish) and kept busy on adventures, always exploring, and forcing myself to sleep early. Right now I’m kayaking from Sebastian to key west, camping anywhere I can find and mostly eating what I catch. I have not had a depressive thought or manic actions in so long that I forget about my diagnosis, and just live. There is a way out without drugs, but you have to work hard and live healthy and sober, doing what you love, and not working/removing yourself from toxic environments. I wish you all the best luck on your journeys, but I think everything’s gonna be ok for y’all if you just relax and flow :).
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2023.03.24 23:50 thekidcurtis Red Hot & Blue — Park West

Was a fan of Red Hot & Blue in Falls Village for years when it shut down and knew it was coming to Park West. Finally made it over and lemme just say…amazing. The food and service was outstanding and I highly recommend.
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2023.03.24 23:40 BeaverBattalion [CA PC Namalsk] CDN Beaver Battalion Hardcore No Rules

If you’re looking for a hardcore, no rules, survival server with an emphasis on interaction in an environment with no restrictions and no rules, this is the server for you.
The loot economy is tweaked only to add a small amount of building supplies (nails and sheet metal) and a very small amount of additional food. The feel of Namalsk remains the same with extreme cold, frostbite and food that requires thawing.
This server will break the mold of the CDN banner by offering survivors an opportunity to play within a no holds barred environment, with no rules and no limitations to what you’re able to do. This server will test your skills and abilities and constantly force you to make tough decisions. Will you survive by finding other survivors to team with and double your efforts, or by exploiting those same survivors and take what’s theirs? Will you be a friend or a foe?
CDN Beaver Battalion was founded on February 1st 2023, and is a brand new community. for information and discord
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2023.03.24 23:38 8bitninja Hit up your local viewing party tomorrow. All g's are always welcome.

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2023.03.24 23:36 TaylorhamSPK From Jersey to Maine

Just moved to Windham from NJ. One month in and so far I feel like Maine has been the best kept secret going. This state is so very different from Jersey and in every great way possible. Slower pace, way nicer people, not one honked horn has been made and i didnt see one jersey state bird thrown my way. Great beers and even better green. I mean don't get me wrong, the jersey food scene is top notch, I do miss my pizza places on each corner, Italian deli's (I'd punt a little kid for a prosciutto mozzarella tomato balsamic sangwhich rn) and the Famous Jersey staple (and no, not the shit smelling meadowlands)- trentons own Taylor Ham egg and cheese. It's like bacon but better. But overall, way better than the tri state.
But to no fault of my own I didn't research enought. Didn't know about that vehicle excise tax and these special garbage bags (5 bags for $13!!!!!!!!!!????) that have to be used or the town won't take reg garbage bags???? Is this everywhere or just windham?
Anyway, this state has been beautiful so far, not looking forward to black fly season or ticks but nonetheless, happy as fuck to be here.
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2023.03.24 23:35 frostmas What exactly is French food?

I like looking at other culture's foods (I've been really enjoying mexican food), but I can't figure out what french food really consists of.
There are a lot of distinctive flavors in mexican food, chinese food, italian, etc., and it's easy to know what it is.
On the other hand, it seems like french food focuses more on technique than ingredients. I've seen french recipes that use ingredients I normally see in other cultures, so it seems like french food can use practically any ingredient, but it's the technique that matters most. Is that an accurate assumption?
What exactly is french food?
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2023.03.24 23:06 mxldevs TIL dogs are allowed in places where food is served

According to the health protection and promotion act for food premises
14. (1) Every room where food is prepared, processed, packaged, served, transported, manufactured, handled, sold, offered for sale or displayed shall be kept free from live birds or animals. O. Reg. 493/17, s. 14 (1).
Along with some exceptions
  1. Service animals described in subsection 80.45 (4) of Ontario Regulation 191/11 (Integrated Accessibility Standards) made under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 that are in an area of the food premise where food is served, sold or offered for sale.
  2. Live birds or animals that are offered for sale on food premises other than food service premises, if the medical officer of health has given approval in writing for the keeping of the birds or animals on the premises.
  3. Live aquatic species displayed or stored in sanitary tanks on food premises.
So the idea of being able to go to a cafe and play with some dogs while sipping on some drinks was probably ok, cause it wasn't food
In 2018, someone opened a dog cafe in Toronto (dogs and coffee TO) but shut down a year later due to lack of profit as a result of only being able to sell drinks and crazy rent at queen/bathurst.
It seems shortly after they shut down in 2019, additional exceptions were added to the law
  1. Live dogs in an outdoor eating area of a food service premise as long as food is not prepared in the eating area.
  2. Live dogs in an indoor eating area of a food service premise if,
i. the only food items that are manufactured, processed or prepared at the food service premise are low-risk food items, and
ii. the dogs are in a room where only low-risk or pre-packaged, ready-to-eat food items, or both, are served, sold, offered for sale or displayed, and no manufacturing, processing or preparation of food items takes place in the room.
Granted, it's limited to low-risk food only so I'm assuming that's still a pretty big limitation on what kind of foods would be allowed to be served. For example, you won't be ordering steaks to enjoy with your dog.
But perhaps we might see more dog cafes in Toronto? Not sure if these kinds of businesses have already popped up and are thriving, nothing's showing up on google.
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