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The devtool dedicated to cyber-physical systems making hardware as modular as software.

2014.02.12 20:29 Himechan Custom Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

A place for Yu-Gi-Oh fans to show off their custom creations.

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2023.03.26 13:19 FaultedToast45 The Tale of the Sleeping Stealth Ship

In Orbit around Europa, FOEN stealth ship X51 slept, cloaked and stealthed, to be undetected by radiation sensors, heat detection, any way to detect an electromagnetic way and invisible to sight, radar and any other detection method short of stumbling across it and bumping into it and touching it. It sat this way, powered down with only essential systems powered by the EDEN fusion reactor onboard.
It and it's sister ship, the X53 was smaller and younger were forgotten by all, their existences once known by most of the Federation of Earth Military top brass, an incident brought them to the Sol system public’s attention where what looked like was a failed coverup of the two vessels accidentally colliding at full speed while cloaked, silent and stealthed in the iiner belt, by the Earth Intellegence Agency, with data leaked to the News companies suggesting both were destroyed and their wreckage was being recovered before Mars, the Belt Corps or Mars could get to them.
This wasn’t the case, the EIA, faked the incident under Federation Navy top brass's approval to enact Project Kuffhauser(known to the Brass as Project sleeping Stockpile for all the fusion bombs the vessels carried) in 2899, to test the feasibility of Cryostasis for Military applications and for how long time stasis affects the human body. Following a study done by the Europan Scientific Institute, from 2888 to 2898 (Officially from 2889-2899) with the results being privately released before being publicly released.
This project had a part hidden from the top brass with the only ones to know were the Military Advisor to the President of the Federation Of Earth, the EIA head, a select number of EIA operatives, and the Captains of X51 and X53 who knew the location of their ships and the intended duration and other aspects but not the location of the other ship which the EIA head only knew.
X51 was destined for 200 years of hard cyrostasis where the participants were basically dead except they could be revived and still have brain functions intact as the cyrostasis acted like freezing someone in time and pressing play when reviving them with revival taking a week with medical help. X53 was destined for 100 years of soft cyrostasis where the Participents experienced a sleep state along wth REM states, didn’t age due to nanomachines repairing their cells, their bodies being frozen while their minds were maintained for revival that took seconds to a minute.
X51 slept, forgotten, it’s sister ship forgotten, the people who knew of their continuing existence, dead. One retired, not allowed to speak and then passing on, one assassinated in a cold war turned hot, the select number, ordered into secrecy with some knowing, having their mind wiped of the project.
X51’s auxiliary sensor system, sat, outside of X51’s protective Bulkheads and armour which allowed the primary one to be stored away. The auxiliary system sat under the cloak, watching everything going on. It watched the start of the Jovian-Belt war burn through the Belt and the Jupitersphere and Earth’s intervention on the side of the neutral Europa, a Cold War between Mars and Earth brought on by their opposing involvement in the war, then the Cold War turning hot, devistating the inner system, the War that it and X53 were made for and under Project Kuffhauser were supposed to intervene in.
X53 was supposed to devastate Mars from a direction away from Earth and X51 to act as the armament launched by a dead-man switch and wipe life off the Surface of Mars and the Martian fleet if it tried to stop it if the Earth Government fell so there would be no one left, who would be willing to prosecute X51’s creww for violating the treaties on fusion weapons and commiting genocide.
The signal to reactiva and revive the crew the auxiliary sensor system was waiting to detect never came, the files still classified and forgotten. The sensors watched as it’s sister ship was discovered by the EIA in the belt, 100 years after it was supposed to have originally been reactivated and when the project for X51 should have ended as well but the signal to reactivate was never sent.
The auxiliary sensors watched as Human civilisation collapsed across the Sol system as Planetary governments crumbled and as hundreds of thousands of craft left the system, jumping off into the void with sleeper colony ships fitted with a FTL system called a jump drive, flinging them past the light speed barrier but still in real space. This caused the Ship’s AI to activate and go into stand by mode.
X51 watched, silent, unmoving, cloaked and with crew in stasis as a massive wave of radiation and beaming cosmic rays ripped appart Venus’ thick atmosphere, seting parts alight, causing a mass extinction on Earth, killing off 75-80% of life on the planet, the destruction of Earth’s orbiting colonies, the depopulation of the cities of Luna and then the disinfection of life from Mars killing almost everyone on the surface. The Auxillary sensors detected belt stations, and other infrastructure that was hit has been fried, and as the X51’s semi sentient AI processed this, it was too late to move the auxiliary sensors behind the bulkheads and the only way to stop the ship being fried was to isolate the system.
The last thing X51’s auxiliary sensors recorded before they were fried by the radiation, was the AI of the ship sending a kill command and the cloak falling The AI who governed X51 with the captain and crew in hard cyrostasis pondered what should it do, it was cut off from the outside, X51’s thick armour, bulkheads and radiation shielding made from depleted Uranium and other materials protected the inside and the connection to the auxiliary sensors were cut. It knew that cloak was working so it was draining some power and the Captain was the only one with permissions to turn it off with it on an isolated system, away from it’s control. It also knew that it could open the bulkheads to use the primary sensors but that could compromise them and could end up killing the crew if the radiation was stil around.
The AI concluded that it would deactivate it’s self and before doing that, create a script to reactivate it’s self when the ship’s reactor was low on fuel so the crew would be safe as it considered them the only surviving members of the Federation Of Earth Military it knew about.
In Orbit around Europa, FOEN stealth ship X51 slept, silent, stealthed and undetectable to all except physical contact but no longer cloaked but almost impossible to see as a coating, that was almost as dark as a blackhole, and absorbed radar, light and heat, was layered over X51’s hull. It sat this way, powered down with only essential systems powered by the EDEN fusion reactor onboard. AI deactivated and crew in hard cyrostasis. It slept continuously orbiting for 50,000 Earth years…its
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2023.03.26 13:18 itguy_tyson Guide to ptp systems?

I use a lot of ubiquitis P2P systems like the nanoststion 5acl which does 450mbs which only cost $80ish
And then you've got things like the nanobeam ac2 which is double the price and does 300mbs?
My question is how are you meant to know what's the best product for the situation? Is there a guide that someone has done? The majority of applications i install them in are less than 100m and I don't want to waste money. But I've had a few where I've done ptmp and ice just always gone a rocket with a omni directional but I'd love to be able to help choose the right product and with the 6 and 60ghz products it's becoming even more tricky especially with the generationsof gear, I don't want to be wasting money on the older products
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2023.03.26 13:18 Sharp_Pop640 My old rescue dog won’t get up on the couch because her last owner trained her not to but we want her to

our dog is very settled in our home, we’ve even had her for years now. she just turned 11 and is still showing signs of fear from habits with the last owner. for example once we were on a hike with her and i found a stick to use as a hiking pole as such, my dog was walking beside me and was shivering out of fear, her last owner obviously used a stick and hit her when she pulled on a lead, there are other habits like this: like going up the stairs and getting on a couch. we have tried many times to get her up and she has gotten up very briefly because i put some treats on it for her but straight away she got back down and had her tail inbetween her legs. any ideas on how i would be able to get her up and to stay?
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2023.03.26 13:18 Due_Set7720 200 FREE Udemy Certificiate Courses - 26/3/23

View All Courses:
  1. Introduction to Microservices-
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2023.03.26 13:17 utkubengi What are the best lead generation tools for B2B companies?

Lead generation is essential for any B2B company looking to grow their business. However, with so many tools available, it can be challenging to know which ones to choose. In this article, we'll explore the best lead generation tools for B2B companies and how they can help you generate more leads and grow your business.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that allows you to search for and connect with potential leads on LinkedIn. With Sales Navigator, you can create targeted lists of potential leads based on criteria like industry, job title, and location. You can also see who has viewed your profile and get insights into your potential leads' activity on LinkedIn. Sales Navigator also integrates with your CRM and allows you to send messages directly to potential leads.
Leadfeeder Leadfeeder is a tool that allows you to identify which companies have visited your website and track their activity. With Leadfeeder, you can see which pages potential leads have visited, how long they spent on your site, and what actions they took. You can also create targeted lists of potential leads and get insights into their company size, industry, and location. Leadfeeder integrates with your CRM and allows you to send messages directly to potential leads.
HubSpot HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform that includes tools for lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead management. With HubSpot, you can create landing pages, forms, and CTAs to capture leads on your website. You can also use HubSpot's lead scoring and lead nurturing tools to segment your leads and send targeted messages. HubSpot also includes a CRM that allows you to track your leads and manage your sales pipeline.
ZoomInfo ZoomInfo is a tool that allows you to build targeted lists of potential leads based on criteria like industry, job title, and company size. With ZoomInfo, you can also access contact information for potential leads, including email addresses and phone numbers. ZoomInfo integrates with your CRM and allows you to send messages directly to potential leads.
Clearbit Clearbit is a tool that provides data enrichment and lead generation services. With Clearbit, you can enrich your existing lead data with additional information like job title, company size, and industry. You can also use Clearbit's lead generation tools to find new potential leads based on criteria like job title, company size, and location. Clearbit integrates with your CRM and allows you to send messages directly to potential leads.
OptinMonster OptinMonster is a tool that allows you to create targeted pop-ups and forms to capture leads on your website. With OptinMonster, you can create personalized messages and offers based on your visitors' behavior and preferences. You can also use OptinMonster's A/B testing and targeting features to optimize your lead capture efforts.
Hunter Hunter is a tool that allows you to find email addresses for potential leads. With Hunter, you can search for email addresses based on domain name or specific keywords. Hunter also provides additional information about the potential lead, including job title and company.
In conclusion, these are some of the best lead generation tools for B2B companies. By using these tools, you can identify and connect with potential leads, capture their contact information, and nurture them into customers. However, it's important to remember that tools alone won't guarantee success. It's essential to have a solid strategy in place and to use these tools in conjunction with other tactics, like content marketing and social media, to reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.
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2023.03.26 13:17 not-surprised How to charge 12v 30ah li-ion battery pack in car using cigarette lighter? hello i have this battery and im using the cigarette lighter of the car while the engine is on to charge it. Since the voltage and the current coming outside the cigarette lighter of the car is variable (11-14v) I was wondering if I shouldn't do it to preserve the life of the battery. Are there some alternative to charge it inside the car? I know there are some smart charger but this battery doesnt have bmc cable connector. What could I do it?
I added one fusible to protect the battery in case of failure and a diode in order to let the current go just to charge the battery and not vice versa (in particular when car is off). I use this for a dashcam.
Is there something I could use to have constant DC 12v and ah while using car?
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2023.03.26 13:17 Electronic-Sea-947 Weird feeling after rehair and change of bridge

I went to the luthier to have my bow rehaired and after noticing how my bridge was, it was decided to change it. I also now have new rosin (Bernardel vs some pirastro rosin that came with the violin already used). My experience of playing has completely changed and the sound is different too, which was expected. However, I have a very weird feeling regarding the contact of the bow with the strings. It feels like it is not enough. There is enough rosin for sure on it, but for example, I tried staccato and it was not successful. Of course it may be my skills on this one but overall the feeing is there whatever I do. Could that feeling be due to one of the changes that were done?
To mention that my strings are 1.5 years old so it could be part of the reason but the grip was still felt better right before I brought my instrument to the luthier.
Thank you for your help
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2023.03.26 13:17 SlowCrates How long before AI can answer research questions before the physical process of research is even done?

I used to date a neurophysiologist, and she described her job as experimenting with different chemicals/materials to discover how they interact with other chemicals/materials/what have you. She says her job was interesting to her, but boring to anyone else, and that at the end of the process, whatever she discovers is barely a footnote in any larger eventual breakthroughs that come of it.
Research like this is being done all over the world for all different reasons. That data is largely available online. But deeper, that data has correlative data that hasn't been used yet.
An AI should be able to "skim" all of these research papers and find answers to questions that haven't been asked. Such as what certain materials have in common, or based on what they're made of, what else they're capable of doing, etc.
AI should be able to present unasked questions, and based on the results of previous parallel studies, come close to an answer. These answers should obviously be verified by human beings in an academic setting, but eventually, as AI gets better, humans will find that the "proofing" is less and less necessary.
The question is, how close are we to that happening?
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2023.03.26 13:17 hands---free HAT Dr. Bill's Notes:Of course, there are many different types of hats that can be shown by using your hands to describe what those hats look like or how they are worn. WIDE-BRIM HAT: BASEBALL CAP / BASEBALL HAT / BALL CAP: BEANIE: NEWSBOY CAP / NEWSIE CAP

HAT Dr. Bill's Notes:Of course, there are many different types of hats that can be shown by using your hands to describe what those hats look like or how they are worn. WIDE-BRIM HAT: BASEBALL CAP / BASEBALL HAT / BALL CAP: BEANIE: NEWSBOY CAP / NEWSIE CAP submitted by hands---free to learnASL [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 13:17 Houndguy Do politics really matter here? Because I'm not a Socialist but I believe in Social Democracy

I'm asking because, in another thread, I was called the C word. Conservative.
I don't consider myself to be a Conservative. I'm not for book banning, or locking transpeople up, or killing those that have an abortion. Sorry to use extremes like that but these are all things that "Conservatives" here in America have either said or supported outright.
The reason why I'm asking is that I do believe that we have to go more Green. That radical measure do have to be taken, not so much for me because I'll be dead in 30 to 50 years, but for the younger generation coming up. Frankly governments and business isn't going to save your asses.
Now that being said, I have spent most of my life in Finance/Banking and Insurance. It's how I've made my living (I'm 57 now) and I am a Social Democrat.
That means that I believe in things like socialized medicine. In have a solid Social Security (Pension) system and a host of other things. In other words a "Walfare State." Sadly most Americans often don't understand the terms I'm using because they are simply not taught them. It's a sad state of affairs.
That also means that Capitalism does work, warts and all, but we have to rein it in constantly otherwise it will run over you. This is something that Adam Smith said as well but no one actually reads Adam Smith when they talk about Capitalism.
When you start to study economics you realize that nearly every country in the world has an economy of mixed Socialism and Capitalism.
Green does work, and we are seeing a divestment from Oil and Gas Companies (starving them from funds to make future investments) and an increase in funding for Solar, Wind and Geothermal. It's not happening fast enough, but it is occurring.
Sadly companies will greenwash you. Politicians will lie to you and continue to do what benefits their biggest campaign contributors.
I'm stating this because, frankly, I see a lot of leftist conversation but no clear plans or ideas on how to implement that. Not all plans will work in the same area, not all ideas will pan out. We are all here because we believe in a better future (and frankly after finding this group I'm feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time) but you need to be organized and make it happen.
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2023.03.26 13:17 szupresszor 20[M4F] Europe/Anywhere - looking for a serious relationship.

Hey there! I am a 20 years old guy from Romania, Europe. Lately I felt lonely and I decided to try my shot here trying to find someone truly special to share my days with. Currently I am working a full time job and I live alone in my appartment. I am looking for someone to starts things slowly, not rushing it. I would like to talk about our daily routine, work/school, share our days about what happened or how we feel or any random topic we have in our mind. I am open to a long distance relationship.
Some infos about my personality:
I am an introverted, shy and emotional. As a person I am caring, loving and protective and I give all my attention to the loved ones to make sure they feel good.
My appearance is the next:
Slim body type, 190 cm tall (6'2), 80 kg (176 lbs), blondish hair and blue eyes.
My hobbies and interests include the followings:
- Learning about new cultures and languages. Currently I speak two languages on native level which include Hungarian and Romanian and I would like to learn about other languages and cultures.
- History. My favorite topic of history would be middle age (Eastern European) and the two World Wars.
- Geography. All the mountains, seas, rivers, lakes which are surrounding us are so beautiful. Since I live in a mountain city I used to hike too on smaller mountains.
- Sports. Mostly I enjoy playing and watching football which I used to practice too before, but now only as a hobby. Other sports which I like are handball and waterpolo.
- Music. I like to listen mostly to everything related to rock music and rap music. But I am open to other music genres too and I would like to hear about your music taste too!
- Gaming. In my free time when I am off from work I play games on my PC on Steam. Maybe we could play some games too together if you are up for it!
- Movies and series. I don't watch them that much, but if it's a good movie or serie I would not turn it down. The best movie I watched is Shawnshank Redemption and serie I watched was Peaky Blinders which I still didn't finish it. I am open for any movie night if you have good suggestions.
- Youtube. I like to watch gameplays and travelling videos mostly. I like travel videos because one day I would like to travel too around the World if I have the opportunity.
If you are considering to send me a DM, make a small introduction. Mostly I used Discord to chat, if you are ok we can move there, but Reddit chat is fine too! I am open to exchange pictures too once we get to know each other better.
Have a great day or night.
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2023.03.26 13:16 raziel11111 My Sisters class choice...

Dear Destiny community. I've tried for years to get my Sister to play D2. Finally the time has come. This is the story of how they turned to the dark side. (more like Gray side)
After Finally convincing her to join me. She had to pick her class. She started with a... Hunter! YUCK! literally the first thing She asks once she gets the basics down. "Is there a Pure Black shader?" I Chuckled , and Cringed at the same time. I pointed her in the right direction. After a while of testing her new Edgy black stasis hunter. She was finally ready for something new
She decided she wanted To try Warlock Storm caller to be specific. None of the other warlock classes interested her. This made me a bit sad since I have and always will be a Void walker, (no seriously my time on void walker is like 94% out of all characters lmao) BUT THATS OK! She has her own tastes. She seen a Storm caller out in the world looking like a starwars sith and decided to try it out. Luckily she had just gotten her free Risk runner to fit the build nicely. She couldn't really handle the Warlocks glide. She continuously said "this jump sucks" and follow that up with " I miss my hunter"
(quick side not, she did attempt blink after watching me be a total giga chad with it. I'm one of those insane warlocks who use blink all the time even in platforming sections. It did not go well for her lmao)
Finally, She had seen the sweet business and got excited to try it out. I then mentioned " its a fun weapon but its mainly a titan thing" She asked "why?" then I followed to explain the whole "Actium war rig , sweet business combo" . That alone pushed her to make a Titan. It made it even easier that Xur JUST sold the Actium Rig so she didn't have to wait for it.
So far this is where she has stayed. She mains Hammer of sol Due to her love for Ragnaros in World of Warcraft. As a True Void walker , I was sad to see her not ever pick a Void subclass for any of the 3 main classes. I was hoping she would be as fascinated with the Void as I was.
But none the Less I figured I would share this little story to let all my Titan Acquaintances know they stole my sister from me. She's already began to ask for different crayon flavors and started coloring her titan Rainbow.
(seriously These class stereotypes write themselves I never mentioned anything about them yet I always laugh when she follows them xD)
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2023.03.26 13:16 The_Swan101 CFIF #5: More on Othniel Charles Marsh’s Dinosaur Fanfiction

CFIF #5: More on Othniel Charles Marsh’s Dinosaur Fanfiction
In my previous post, I discussed Othniel Charles Marsh and his bizarre secret collection of dinosaur fanfiction. While I’m glad I had the opportunity to introduce a new perspective on a renowned American scholar, the sheer breadth of Marsh’s manuscripts are so overwhelming that one could only complete a cursory investigation of his work in the space of a single blog post. For today’s fact, I strive for a more granular analysis of Marsh’s writings, while introducing some features that further qualify his work as “fanfiction.”
Most people familiar with fanfiction have heard of the term “OC.” An OC, or original character, is precisely what it sounds like: a non-canonical figure introduced within an existing media universe. Since Marsh’s profession revolved around discovering real new creatures, there was no need for his fictional writing to take such a “non-canonical” turn. However, Marsh did generally show preferential treatment in his writings for species that he discovered—and a disdain for species he didn’t discover. Take the sauropod Amphicoelias, discovered by Edward Drinker Cope in 1878. Despite being well-known for its large size, Marsh described the species as “a shallow beast, whose shape [clearly] disguises a natural impotence.” Cope and Marsh notably feuded during the Bone Wars of the 1860s and 1870s; perhaps Marsh used his fanfiction as a creative outlet to express his hatred towards Cope.
Ironically, Marsh’s rivalry with Edward Cope did not stop him from taking exceptional pride in a species that Cope named after him: Colosteus marshii (Cope named this species after Marsh before the enmity intensified). Of all the dinosaurs mentioned in Marsh’s literature, none feature in recurring narratives as frequently as Colosteus marshii, being mentioned in over 200 entries throughout Marsh’s 32 years of manuscripts. Within his extensive remarks on the species, Marsh most frequently comments on its “pugnacious temperament” (perhaps to compensate for its small stature), its “impressive dexterity,” and, most notably, its “enviable virility.” Within the structure of traditional fanfiction, C. marshii seems to occupy a role similar to a “self-insert,” or a character introduced to a narrative that is meant to represent the author.
One might note with curiosity why Marsh’s self-insert identifies with stubbornness and a high sex drive. Although I cannot offer a concrete explanation for the former trait, the latter characteristic is common in Marsh’s work. I briefly discussed Marsh’s writing on Ammosaurus yesterday, but it warrants additional attention here. In particular, Marsh laments in a 1892 manuscript that “the great anachronism of my life is my inability to see the [Ammosaurus] engage in that … glorious [mating] act.”

Image: Othniel Charles Marsh
Ammosaurus was hardly the only species that Marsh excessively sexualized. Of the approximately 350 dinosaur species that Marsh mentions in writing, reproductive characteristics and practices are featured for 158 (45%) species. This might connect to Marsh’s aforementioned desire to make dinosaurs fit into a familial institution. However, such a conclusion would also disregard the growing public attention aimed at species’ reproductive habits after Darwin’s 1859 publication of On the Origin of Species.
(For the morbidly curious: cross-species breeding is rarely a topic of conversation, only being mentioned in around 20 of Marsh’s entries. Of those 20 entries, C. marshii is a participant in cross-breeding investigations on 7 occasions.)
Having constructed a literary universe that saw consistent entries for 32 years, there is so much that has to be left unsaid about Marsh’s writings. Even after a second analysis, I haven’t been able to discuss the storylines within Marsh’s fanfiction, recurring characters (although he generally refers to species by their official title, he does occasionally propose new names, such as when he named a Diplodocus after his uncle, George Peabody), or how his dinosaurs mimicked contemporary political drama from his era. That being said, I hope that my investigation has opened a door into the “richness” of Othniel Marsh’s non-academic writing that has long evaded the public eye.
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2023.03.26 13:16 evi1995 My sister just told me she took her abusive bf back. Why is it affecting me so much?

My sister just told me she took her abusive bf of 3 years back (on and off). This POS has treated her like absolute shit their entire relationship ( hit her, cheated on her, emotional and verbal abuse) but she KEEPS TAKING HIM BACK.
I’ve spent money and countless hours on the phone with her all day and night while they’ve had explosive fights and she’s hysterically crying, trying to help her. They’ll break up, she’ll call me and talk shit about him and how he’s a loser and she’s glad she dumped him but then take him back the next month and expect me to “get over it” because he said he’s “going to change”. It never happens so it becomes a cycle.
I’m beyond exhausted being there for her. I have a 2 year old, I feel horrible giving her time that I can otherwise spend with my son. My ex best friend was also in a similar situation and I would juggle both her and my sister because they kept making bad decisions and they leaned super hard on me for support while they continued digging their own graves.
I would be sleep deprived from having a newborn and helping these two with problems they’ve created for themselves.
Safe to say, that friendship took its toll on me and we’re not friends anymore.
I don’t know what to do about my sister. I know I don’t want to help her because it’s a waste of time. I love her dearly but I cannot have her in my life if he’s in her life. Is that bad? I really feel so used by her and my ex friend. Is that an irrational thought? Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.26 13:15 Good_Cup8725 Am I doing okay? 25yo on £25k in financial services

Hi there,
I was wondering if I could get any advice on how to improve my financial situation. I'm more concerned with financial independence than retiring early but I don't feel like I'm doing well.
Salary: £25k (Financial Services - Admin)
LISA: £5k
S&S ISA: £1k (FTSE Global All Cap)
Savings: £7k (£5k with Barclays at 5% interest, £1k in premium bonds, £1k with Chase at 3.1% interest)
Pension: £3k (3.5% personal contribution, 9% employer contribution)
I used to invest £100 a month but have upped this to £150. I aim to save between £700-800 a month for a house deposit (I have a partner so not looking to buy alone). I live at home and pay around £300-350 in rent.
My degree isn’t STEM or anything related to finance so I’m worried about my ability to increase my salary. I am currently studying for the investment management certificate.
If anyone has any advice on some paths to improve my situation I would greatly appreciate any guidance.
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2023.03.26 13:15 ohnono0203 Desperate for help magical thinking is impacting my life and motherhood

I finally googled what my OCD subtype is and it’s magical thinking.
I have seen a psychologist about this but she doesn’t seem to be great and understanding OCD she said it’s understandable as I have anxiety and the reason I do it is to feel like I have control of my situations which makes sense but she didn’t really give me coping advice. I need to find someone again who specialises in OCD..
Anyway my thoughts are all based on my postpartum anxiety fears around scary things happening to my little girl.
“If you don’t open and close this app 3 times before you use it something bad will happen to her”
“She needs to be dressed in this outfit not that outfit or an accident might happen”
“Don’t use instagram after 10:00 or something bad will happen”
Ect ect.
New things every day.
Because I’m so scared of something happening to her I just follow through with my thoughts and it’s becoming an all time low exhausting.
I tried to expose my self to my thoughts by not listening to them and every time I’ve done that then a Coincidence has happened and she’s gotten sick, or hurt.
So it made me feel like maybe the world was against me some how.
I also get worried that my intrusive thoughts will manifest if I think about them too much.
What works for magical thoughts?
Does going on anti anxiety medication help?
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2023.03.26 13:15 marcusjennings51 I can't control myself from using ChatGPT for my degree. How can I stop?

Hi everyone.
For some context, I'm a first year Aerospace student. I go to one of the top universities in my country and have a pretty deep-rooted passion for aircraft, but I've really been struggling mentally recently; not only from this transition that has been much harder than I thought from high school to University, but everything that is going on with AI at the moment which has made me feel useless and has got me into this habit of using it to solve problems.
I'm very invested in GPT-4, and I still can't get over how quickly it can solve problems and to the depth it explains it. It just keeps getting better, and whenever I can't solve a problem, I put it into ChatGPT and get it to solve it for me. Afterwards, I feel absolutely awful. It's like watching an X-rated video only to feel disgraced after release; literally that feeling. I know using ChatGPT is literally long-term career suicide, but the assignments I've had have left me really burnt out (I know I'm a first year, I'm sure its nothing to people well into uni), and I keep resorting to this 'easier' option to solve problems, when I said to myself when it got released that I would only use it as a learning tool, not a replacement.
As an example, if I'm feeling the pressure and I have a quiz due one night, I use ChatGPT to answer most of the questions. It feels absolutely horrible as I know cheating is unfair for other students, but I cannot describe the impulse I get to use ChatGPT because it just makes life so 'easy.' Then, I delude myself into thinking I've learnt something once I've quickly skimmed over the information it spits out, and then I continue.
GPT4 has really upped the game too. It rarely gets complex math wrong now and I feel like I'm spiralling out of control. I really need some way to force myself to stop, but I don't know how. If you want me to drop out, that isn't happening, because I'm certain something can be done and won't give up.
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2023.03.26 13:15 Angel_ariaa Can't seem to catch any Z's because I'm green with envy over this person who started a biz I've been itching to kick off forever. And to make matters worse, I'm TERRIFIED to even launch it now because someone beat me to the punch. Anyone else been in this boat? Help a fellow entrepreneur out.

Hey guys, wanted to share my thoughts on something that's been bugging me. So there's this person in my industry who launched their own business during Covid and kept their job while building it up. Props to them, right? But what's got me feeling some type of way is that they basically used their job to milk connections and get clients, and now they're going full time into their own company. Meanwhile, I have a clause in my contract that makes starting my own business risky and against the rules.
On top of that, since we work in the same industry, we'd be covering the same ground and using the same business services/connections. And while I have so many ideas for a great business, I'm too scared to take that first step because I feel like everything's already been done. It doesn't help that we're in a really small industry with only around 40 of us, but a huge client pool. This other person basically came in at the perfect time and laid the groundwork, making it even harder for me to figure out how to enter the market.
I know I shouldn't be mad at this person, but the truth is I'm just envious. So my question to you guys is, how do you push past these feelings and get out of your own way? I was actually tossing and turning in bed over this and had to get it off my chest. Would love to hear your thoughts!
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2023.03.26 13:15 Joey6543210 Rediscover the beauty of x2 11

I bought x2 11 in May last year during its sorta fire sale and main purpose was for the included rechargeable usi stylus because my other Lenovo stylus chewed through batteries like breakfast. Since the weak snapdragon cpu was not able to handle the daily work I need, the other finely crafted, gorgeous hardware became essentially a glorified charger.
Then I started using it as a pure tablet. There are limitations of the tablet mode, but the biggest one is the keyboard. I kept the keyboard tucked away most of the time so it doesn’t add to the bulk as a tablet, unknowingly destroyed the biggest strength of the chrome OS.
Things took a turn recently so I’m liking this little gem more and more. First, I enabled crostini and rclone copied a folder of photos on that vm. If you’ve used crostini to any stretch you will understand it must have the keyboard to function properly. Second, I started using Bitwarden and now all my passwords are in one place so I don’t have to worry about different chrome profiles just for the passwords, which is a huge relief (don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner). All these combined is now x2 11 feels more capable and more useful.
Another beauty here is the 4:3 ratio. When playing long videos, I prefer to set up the portrait split screen mode so my video is on the top and what I can read (such as Reddit) is on the button. The 4:3 ratio gives me a big video screen and also a big window to browse. On my other chromebook 14c, because of its bulk, it’s very difficult to do that in portrait. If I do it in landscape split screen, the video is about the same size compared to 11 x2 despite a much larger display and much larger heft.
Of course nothing is perfect. The cpu is still weak no matter how I dress it and the keyboard is far from lapable but useable occasionally for a few key strokes if I’m in the couch. However it’s a lot more useful than what I made it to be and I’m happy:)
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2023.03.26 13:15 dinesh115599 How to speed up internet connection on Laptop

In this article i will teaches you how to get the high speed out of a slow Internet connection. but note If you are using the internet connection with the lowest package data from ISP, then internet speed will be less than the actual speed you want, there are a some steps you can take to get real internet speeds according to the plan you're paying for. Follow below step for speed up internet in computer or smartphone. Read Continue
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2023.03.26 13:15 JimNotFake Cant upload to itchio

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2023.03.26 13:14 TheFoxingUser my feedback (i guess) leveling, mechanics, etc.

it's 2023... leveling shouldn't be miserable with 3/5 classes feeling boring, weak, and nearly unplayable until you get a legendary power(of which is likely not going to be a thing because beta drop rates increased so it's largely unavailable for hours on launch)
there's 2 legendary powers for whirlwind, and most likely a unique... all of which could be in the tree for whirlwind, and in general melee is fundamentally mechanically inferior to ranged currently with no real response in sight.
melee is either unplayable garbage that can't go near anything without dying, or it's effectively invulnerable and easy mode with very little in between and it seems they're so far off the mark getting that right, and even if barb/druid/melee rogue did 2 times the damage they're still just miserable to play having to chase things down and having considerably weaker talents because all of the power is outsourced to legendries instead of being strong on it's own and THEN feeling overpowered with a legendary.
legendary powers also feel mandatory effectively just being set items like "if you're playing this, get this bcus it says the thing you're using" and that's it... ESPECIALLY when there's 2 or more specific powers to enhance said skill, and furthermore to this with skills like hydra where you just straight up double it.
tuning is one thing, but you can't fix mechanical strength very easily and that's why almost everyone agrees sorc just * FEELS * the best to play. i've seen a lot of feedback of "i liked how difficult it was" and then they've just played barb/druid only because the others are doing x5 more damage, and in some cases 20 times more without legendary powers. it doesn't matter if leveling is only a temporary journey it's going to happen multiple times and "it's fine at endgame" isn't justified if even ONE person does get there just because you made it so miserable to play without all the shinnies.
necro currently is just invincible with bloodmist cdr which again "it's just beta" but an oversight that bad and simple is horrendous especially when it feels like they've just straight up ignored problems, and have just completely out of touch solutions to "empty dungeon? well just fill it back up" instead of the actual problem being having to back track all the time, and pretending there's 120+ dungeons when in reality there's just 15-20 that's been copy pasted and aren't that fun to do. these dungeons don't even feel like "dungeons" in what most people would call them... some don't even have bosses. these are basically instanced bounties from D3 and nothing more. when i think of a dungeon i think a lot of trash, some elites, and multiple bosses that all drop something unique; you could do away with the entire vapid notion that there's all these dungeons and put many of them together.. the affixes even if all of them were enabled are not enough to make any of these feel any different.
i've played diablo since the first one as a kid, but i saw another thread here saying "you just don't like arpg, they're repetitive and grinds" and that sentiment is just pathetic. there should be enough content in the game that it doesn't feel repetitive and if dungeons are anything to go by... the game is going to feel old in less than a week. if you expect nothing better then you will only ever get nothing better. this is diablo 4... we expect better.
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