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The Black Dragon

Music from the Time of Vlad Dracula (ca. 1431–76)

Black Dragon

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“Highly recommended” ~ Fanfare, January 2011

“Exquisite" ~ Early Music America magazine, March 2011

Cançonièr proudly presents its new recording, featuring 15th-century music from the time of the infamous Vlad the Impaler, whose tyrannical rule of Wallachia (Southern Romania) shocked Europe. Featuring Michel Beheim’s German poem about Vlad’s deeds, French and Italian dance music, German songs, music of the Byzantine court, Balkan folk songs, Turkish classical music, the Lamentation for the Fall of Constantinople by Guillaume Dufay, and more!

Annette Bauer: recorders, bells, voice, percussion, lute
Phoebe Jevtovic: voice
Shira Kammen: vielle, harp, voice
Tim Rayborn: voice, percussion, citole, lauta,
tromba marina, ‘ud, psaltery

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