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A place to talk about making an income online. This includes random jobs, online employers, sites that pay you and ways to monetize websites. These are sites and strategies that will yield the user minimum wage or better and allow them to provide for themselves.

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2023.06.01 20:53 Horror_Somewhere218 Need help moving boxes during the summer, paying

Just need someone to help me move boxes a couple times a week, will pay $50 for an hour of work since it’s a lot of boxes.
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2023.06.01 20:53 gursh_durknit Struggling to get my dog to go potty in our backyard

I have an older dog (9) and previously we lived in a high-rise apartment, so I walked her 4 times a day (including a brief morning and bedtime walk). We moved into a townhouse a couple of months ago and I've been trying to get her to go in the morning and at bedtime in our fenced in backyard and I'll even sit out there with her and let her meander, but she still won't go. She just holds it in.
All the advice I've seen on getting a dog to go in the backyard is to take them out frequently (especially on leash so they make the association), give them a command ("go potty", etc.), and praise them big when they do go. If they don't go, then come back inside after a brief period (like 2 min) and try again 15 minutes later.
My dog is so stubborn and will not go, ever. I even tried not taking her on her early afternoon walk yesterday, but just kept taking her outside on leash multiple times in the hopes she would go (as I'm sure her bladder and bowels were full), but she won't go, and I'm worried she's going to get a UTI from this training because I think she would literally hold her bladder for 24 hours if I let her (+ any possible accidents), so I'm at a loss as to what to do. I don't see much clear advice on what to do in this situation. All the advice just kind of says that dogs will eventually have to go and eventually they'll learn to go outside. She just won't do it though.
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2023.06.01 20:53 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi - Agency Navigator (Full and HD)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.01 20:53 winniep17 Advice Needed!

I am feeling overwhelmed and need any advice, reassurance, etc. on my current job situation. I will preface with the fact that I have only been working here for almost exactly three months.
I'm currently working as a full-time sourcer (full title: Talent Acquisition Specialist) for my company. My main responsibilities include sourcing RN's, LVN's, and occasionally therapists for 11 different locations, including numerous cities and towns within these locations, and really two different companies. Additionally, I handle job listing updates and perform administrative tasks in Wordpress. As part of my role, I was given control over all social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok. These accounts currently have low engagement and require attention to build our online presence from scratch. I'm responsible for creating every post and graphic, as well as reaching out internally for new content, and going to events for content. My primary focus is on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn at the moment. Recently, we acquired another company in a different state. I've taken over their social media accounts as well, which are in the same business category but differ in terms of content. I'm also involved in sourcing for this company now. In addition to these tasks, I've been designated as the representative for our company in college outreach. This involves finding colleges with relevant degrees for our hiring needs, reaching out to colleges, participating in job fairs and events, and communicating with their representatives. Furthermore, I'm now being assigned more communication and operations tasks as I transition towards a marketing role. These tasks include ordering brochures and promotional items for job fairs and events, as well as finding and attending events as a company representative. These events are located in various places, requiring overnight stays and using my own vehicle without discussing reimbursement options with the company. To summarize the timeline of my responsibilities: 1. Initially hired as a sourcer with associated tasks. 2. Given control over all social media accounts. 3. Responsible for content creation and collection. *Acquisition of another company.* 4. Managing social media for both companies. 5. Engaging with colleges, attending fairs, and representing our company. 6. Finding and organizing events. I'm seeking advice on whether my workload is too overwhelming for a new position or if it's just part of the learning process. I feel like I'm juggling multiple tasks and roles simultaneously. Although I don't want to complain, I must mention that my current salary is 55k with a slight bonus, totaling around 60k. This is my first job, and I received minimal training (only two days of training with recruiters). I primarily do what is asked of me or what I believe needs to be done. Lately, I've noticed that my work is not up to par, and it's becoming evident. For instance, my boss scheduled an 8 am meeting for me at 7 am and got upset when I missed the invitation. I've been feeling overwhelmed, and it's starting to take a toll. Lastly, I want to mention that this is my first corporate role after college. I've been in this position since March 2023, which is approximately three months. Despite interacting with various leaders who assume I have a comprehensive understanding of the company's operations, I often find myself overwhelmed due to the lack of training. To provide some additional context, I hold a bachelor's degree in business marketing and management, as well as a master's in business administration (MBA). I would greatly appreciate any insight on whether my workload is excessive, whether I should discuss this with my boss, or if I should consider requesting a raise. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.
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2023.06.01 20:53 EnvironmentalAd2691 UFC Vegas 74

Hey guys,
Just joined this server recently, within the last month or two. 23 years old, just graduated college, and I love sports betting and gambling. Love to play table blackjack and craps. 2023 has been really nice to me in regards to sports betting and table games, I think I’m up around $400-450 in sports bets and like $150-200 in table games. Nothing insane, but I work a pretty normal job so I just do it for fun and try to not get carried away LOL.
I figured I’d start posting some plays, giving some insight into my picks. By no means do I actually expect anyone to tail my picks, but if you do, comment and let’s ride. Attached I’m posting one of my biggest hits as of recent memory, an 8 legger turning $5 into $200. My unit sizes range from $5 to $40 typically, so this was a huge win for me. I’m also gonna post my slips for UFC Vegas 74 this weekend. This card honestly sucks in terms of betting, there’s nothing I’m totally confident in. I love Kai Kara France, but Albazi is legit so that’s a fight I’d like to just watch and enjoy.
With a last minute fill in, I think Jamie Mullarkey is a lock, which given his odds at like -450, Vegas thinks so too. So I threw him into a lot of parlays just as a boost. I really like Luan Lacerda and Tim Elliott. Lacerda is a fantastic BJJ centered fighter, which happens to get Da’mon Blackshear. Elliott is purely a gut and heart pick. If you haven’t seen him in the media lately, his now ex-wife was/is sleeping with one of his best friends. Along with losing his coach in that betting scandal, it’s been a tough time for him. He needs this win. Desperately. And that’s all I need from a man to put a few bucks on him. I think Jared Gordon should win for sure, even with that nasty headbutt by Green. Jim Miller is still a beast though and that’s why I took him first round KO for $5. I only see Miller winning in that first round, anything past should be all Gordon. Albazi by Sub in Round 3 was just a fun, spur of the moment pick. Let me know what you guys think, and again, my confidence level for this card is like a 5/10, it’s just a weird one.
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2023.06.01 20:52 Real_Nospar A little over a week since heat treatment.

Just wanted to give an update on our experience with heat treatment and maybe give positive outlook to those having a hard time dealing with bed bugs.
About 48 hours after our heat treatment I found a bed bug climbing wall near my grandfather in law's chair (ground zero). I instantly got a ziplock bag and sealed it inside. Not going to lie I panicked a little seeing one again but reminded myself that they also put down a residual and good chance that this bug was dying. I did call our bed bug specialist the next morning to tell them what I found. He helped ease my nerves and said to give time for the residual to work and call him back in 7 days. Throughout the week I found a few more freshly hatched nymphs which I caught and sealed in the ziplock bag as well. Within 48 hours of being in the bag they died which told me that they had went through the residual.
I called the specialist Tuesday this week and told him my findings and he was confident that things sounded good but went ahead and came out today and did another spray of aprehend and checked everything. Let me know he could only find 1 alive bed bug which was an adult. Said I might see a few more in the next week as they die. Told me to go ahead and monitor another 10 days to give any potential new eggs to hatch.
We are not out of the woods yet but the fact that my wife and I have not had a bite on us since the heat treatment. Can't tell with her grandfather as he doesn't react to bites. Either way I am fairly confident we our nearing the end of the battle. Just gonna keep monitoring.
I will say this if anyone is around same area as we are in the tri-state area of KY, OH, and WV. I highly recommend Bee Gone Pest Control. They have been nothing but wonderful and understanding through all of this. Answer any questions and walk me through what they are doing and what they use.
Hope this gives a little positivity to those who need it in dark times of dealing with these pests. I will do another update in 30 days to see where we stand in the battle.
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2023.06.01 20:52 TheTiggerMike Thought everyone ought to be reminded of this.

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2023.06.01 20:52 Aaron1314 Meeting with the Commander

I’ve recently received a UIF 4 months ago for my 3rd Pt fail. I understand I should’ve been more proactive in getting in-shape and its a learning lesson and I passed my last PT test to stay in. I am a SrA with close to 4/6 years complete. I took the UIF on the chin and took care of my fitness so I can be successful. Around 3 weeks ago my phone died during the night and I woke up a few hours late. I went to go speak with the Senior and I received an LOR which I expected because it was my fault because my charger broke and I didn’t replace it. I took accountability and wrote my rebuttal. Now fast forward 3 weeks and I’ve been told im going to see the commander for being late. I’ve been dealing with severe depression/anxiety which have weighed in my PT and my work for the past year, i’ve been trying to move forward positively and everything is seeming to crumble around me. I fear of the consequences of the punishment im about to receive and I’m wondering if any of you guys have any experience of the possibilities of what can happen in that room and how I can move forward in a positive manner. I sleep 15 hours a day and I need to turn things around.
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2023.06.01 20:52 No-Perception-2128 I was scammed into a job and it’s giving me severe depression

After months and months of job rejections, I managed to do what I thought was impossible: get a job from networking. There were so many red flags from the start, but I ignored them all. Long story short, I was working an event for my college job and I was introduced to someone who we’re gonna call John (all names I used are completely made up) John was super nice, and he asked me what I was majoring in. Once I told him he got super excited and asked if I was looking for a job. His company needed someone to run their social media accounts, and I was a marketing major so it seemed like a pretty good deal.
The problem was the job listing didn’t exist. No matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I just had what he was telling me to go off of. I went in for an interview (I believe I was the only person ever interviewed) and it went amazing. John was super supportive, and everything he told me I was gonna do sounded right up my alley. He made the company sound amazing, and I really felt like I would fit in. Then, when I got the job everyone was so happy for me. Everyone in my life thought I had insane luck, and I finally felt like I was done with the hardest thing I would have to deal with for a while. I declined an offer to stay with the company I was interning at because the pay was a joke, and I felt like life was amazing.
It’s been a month, and now I know all of that was a complete lie. Everything from his personality to the job he told me about was entirely made up. In my first week I was told that the main thing I would be doing wasn’t any marketing, but instead secretary work for someone we’re gonna call Alyssa. Alyssa is misogynistic, a terrible person, and horrible at training. The job isn’t anything that I signed up for, and I would’ve rejected it immediately if I would’ve known.
I feel tricked and lied to. The few times I’ve seen John since he has been incredibly rude and condescending. The company culture is horrible, everyone hates each other and we all spend our lunch breaks eating lunch in our cars. Alyssa gives me severe anxiety because she expects me to understand every little thing with no training, even though we both know I have absolutely no experience or education in this type of work.
I’m in the process of applying to new jobs and interviewing, but it’s almost impossible considering they gave me so few PTO days and I had a stomach virus so I used a lot already. I can’t just leave because I need a job to pay for my apartment, and I signed a lease. I’m just so pissed at myself for thinking I had something good for once, and pissed at the company for tricking me.
Everyday I wake up depressed and when I go home I’m even more depressed because that means I have to do it all again tomorrow. I take daily crying breaks in the bathroom, and I feel like a waste of space. I don’t want to die, and I know that for a fact, but everyday I look out the window and think how easy it would be and how it would be all their faults.
I hate my life. I had a bright future, amazing grades, and numerous awards but somehow it’s all gone to waste.
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2023.06.01 20:52 xamberlynnx Just got this email...I've never ordered a latte in my life.

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2023.06.01 20:52 niart Grayzone in the reaping phase of sowing/reaping?

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2023.06.01 20:52 Born-NG-1995 The Search for Snake River: Bad Endings

  1. You succumb to heat exhaustion and lose your way in the desert.
  2. Your family gets heatstroke and is too weak to continue.
  3. Caleb gets some men to go with him to search for water, but they never return. The train goes in search of water, but soon, all of the animals die, and you end up stranded in the desert.
  4. An arrow frightens Pa's horse while he's getting off it. It runs and drags him several feet. By the time it stops, Pa's leg is so badly injured that he is forced to give up his dream of reaching Oregon.
  5. You will die of pneumonia.
  6. You will die of scurvy.
  7. Hannah and Samuel get scurvy. Fort Bridger is several days away, and you don't know if you'll make it there in time.
  8. You die of dysentery after eating beans that have been cooked in oily water.
  9. A rattlesnake delivers a fatal bite to you.
  10. A horse breaks Pa's legs, forcing you to return to Fort Bridger.
  11. While waiting for your oxen to heal from a bad accident, you get dysentery and die.
  12. A hot spring burns you badly.
  13. Bandits rob you of your belongings.
  14. You abandon your wagon, but after four days, your water runs out, leaving your family without a means of survival.
  15. A forest fire burns you and your family.
  16. You and your family stay in a cave after a forest fire, but with no supplies, you have no idea how to go on.
  17. A flash flood destroys all your food supplies.
  18. You drink some tonic for a cough, but drink too much and end up poisoning yourself.
  19. While trying to get a wheel that is floating downstream in the river, you slam into some rocks and are either killed by the impact or thrown into the river and drowned.
  20. The train ends up stranded on an island.
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2023.06.01 20:52 ZZZLionZ Stuck and need som advice

So I’m 24M and in a tough spot in my life, i’m not making enough money to pay my bills and was in an accident that I believe i could end up liable for and have no car. I’m thinking of jumping into a different line of work I’ve mostly worked at restaurants, i quit a good job i had(bad decision)because i was depressed and sick of it. i ended up at a new place and i’m not even making 2k a month right now, i could ask to move up to make more money but god knows how long that would take and I’ve only been here about a month. I’m thinking of trying to get a construction laborer job or a railroad laborer job just somewhere i can make a good salary and possibly move up amd learn a skill, I don’t really have skills just bartending but i am known for being an extra hard worker, I’m not lazy, my physical abilities is pretty much what i have to offer and my time of course. I was thinking maybe about getting a cdl too I’m just stuck and not sure wich direction to take, it’s hard not having a vehicle right now and my options are limited and I don’t have anyone to fall back on and I don’t want help anyway. Does anyone have advice about getting into a new industry ? I would imagine they look at my resume and see all restaurants and not wanna accept me. How would i go about this and does anyone have any ideas that i could do that i’m not seeing?
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2023.06.01 20:52 lardingg8 Spoilerless advice for people new to the game.

Talk to everyone in town at Lookout Landing (first town once you're on the surface) before setting off on your adventure and complete their tasks. Also go to the ranch you are directed towards next.
I didn't do either of these things. I just went 'Fuck yeah adventure time LET'S GO!' and I missed out on what turned out to be some very basic and helpful functionality and knowledge of the game until I had an embarrassing amount of hours into it.
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2023.06.01 20:52 Sf52016 Saw someone repost this on Twitter. Think this holds any truth? Might be bs but thought it was interesting

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2023.06.01 20:52 lylemurphy1970 [WTS] NumisMecca: Your NumisMatic WalMart. Disclosures Post

For some reason, the hyperlinks from my older posts are not pasting new posts. I tried the various suggestions regarding pasting in edit mode and in markdown mode and still not working like it used to for me. And it would take days to recreate and I think there is some setting I'm not aware of. Any suggestions would be most welcome. The only real option at this time is to [GO HERE] for PMS. There you will find my full inventories with pics and or vid links all on one google doc spreadsheet. What is posted here is a very small slice of what is available. The document is always current, so you can browse it at any time for the most current inventory.
Grading. Grades are approximated and used to price point the coin. If you see something on a coin that you believe alters the grade, send a chat and, let's discuss it. In previous posts, I have had absolutely NO extra space to get wordy as you get cut off at like 40,000 some such characters. With the spreadsheet links, I can now get into more details about a coin, but not Im going to retroactively adjust descriptions.
Details, cleaned or polished means this coin will not likely grade and refers to the most obvious examples. That does not mean that one that is not designated as such will grade. I do not consider a dipped coin a details designation. Cleaned to me means there are cleaning lines, and often in the eyes of a grading company it is a matter of degree. Most mid-1800s proof coins have cleaning lines that are straight-graded. Typically I do not designate a coin with modest cleaning lines as cleaned or other minor detractors that MAY hold back a straight grade but instead, place a lower price on it. Many of these raw coins will not straight grade. Again, Im only going to call out the obvious examples, and we can discuss any coin you need more info on to make a decision. If you are planning on submitting your coin, please ask if I think the coin will grade. Early copper for instance is notorious for environmental damage yet the coin is still attractive for the type set collector. Again if you are planning on getting a coin graded or even just want more confidence about it, let's review the coin under a microscope and even UV light, etc, video.
I use "Making the Grade" Third edition to estimate grades. I also use the narrow definition of Scott travers when calling a coin uncirculated (no breaking in luster on the high points). Often, I have a coin slabbed in my PC that serves as a comparison. BU to me means a very choice example of an uncirculated. MS62-MS66. IF YOU ARE NOT happy with your purchase SAY SO. Don't be shy. Full refunds for coins that do not meet your expectations are encouraged.
Shipping is $4-$15. Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, PPFF. No notes. Credit Card add 3%
Silver 3C
1851 F $45
1852 VG $38
1852 F $45
1852 3C PCGS AU53 $175
1853 G $30
1853 VG $38
1853 F $45
Bust Half Dimes
1831 AU58 WOW $285 (bid is $375)
1835 F12 Bust Lg Date Sm 5C $65 (grey $83)
1835 F/VF $90
1836 Capped Bust H10C AU det. $150 (rim nicks, Lt. hairlines)
Seated Half Dimes
1852 F $30
1853 H10c XF45 $80
1856 VF $30 cleaned
Bust Dimes
1830 G+ $50 (bid ~$70)
1831 VG8 $50
1833 VG $42
1833 VG $45
1833 F12 $84 (F15 obv, VG10 rev)
1833 VF30 $120 (grey $120)
1834 AG/G $35 (below bid)
1835 F15 Obv, VG Rev $75
1835 XF $200 (below bid)
Seated Dimes
1853 VF $36
1854 F $22
1862 F+ $30
1876CC G/VG $22
1877CC G details rev damage
1877CC AG $5.50
1877CC G (rev nic) $20
1886 VG $15
Barber 1892 XF+ $70 1901 VF$12 1902 AU58 $90 1904 VF $12 1905 UNC$140 1905 XF+ $30 1908 VG$5.50 1910 VF $12 1911 VG $6 1911S VF$22 1912 AU+ +$80 1912D XF45 $35 1913 VG $6 1913 XF+ $25 1914D XF $24 1916 F12 $4 Mercury Dimes Losta Mercury dates on the spreadsheet 1916D NGC AG3 Cleaned $685 PIC 1921 F15 $90 1926 G $2.75 1931 VG $6 1931S VG $9 1931S F+ $12 1934 VF $3 1937 XF $3 1937D VF $3.50 1938 PF66 NGC $340 1940 UNC FSB $20 1941 F $2.20 1941 PCGS AU50 $10 1942S BU $8 (I have multiples) 1943 FSB$14 1943D BU $10 1943D BU FSB $16 1943S BU $10 (I have more of these) 1944 BU++ $18 1944D MS66 FSB $60 1945 BU $10 (I have many more of these)
Roosie 1954 PCGS PR67 $40 1960 NGC PF67CAM $22 1963 PCGS PR68CAM $25 1984S PCGS PR69DCAM$8 1993S PR69DCAM $10 1955S 10C BU$3 (x50) 1993S PR69DCAM silver $12 1997S PR69DCAM $10 1998S PCGS PR69DCAM $8 2006S PCGS PR69DCAM $10 2009S PCGS PR69DCAM Silver $12 2011S PCGS PR69DCAM Silver $12 1947D BU $3 1948D BU $3 1948D BU $3 1953 BU $3 1953D BU $3 1955S BU $3
20 Cent Pieces
1875S ANACS Soapbox EF40 $240
1875S 20C XF45 $250
Bust Quarters
1834 25C VF30 $170
1836 VF30 scratch $140
1836 VF35 $200
Seated quarters
1854 arrows F filled hole $20
1857 F details $20
1857 XF45 $120 (could swing AU)
1876 XF $62
1876S AG $18
1876s VG $25
1876s F+ $36
1877 G $18
1877 25C XF Details repaired $15
1877 CC VG $50
1877S G $18
1891 VF $48
Barber Quarters better 1892 XF45 $90 Rainbow tone 1894S AG/G $13.50 1897 VG $10 1899 VG x 3 $9 1899 AU58 (problem free) $160 1901 AU+ $110 1905S AG $35 1906D G + $6.50 1907O $6 1907S G $10 1908 VG $8 1908D AG/G $6.00 1909D G $6.25 1910D G $12 1911 AU+ $135 1911 D F15 $175 (rare this nice) 1912 VG $8 1914 VG $8.50 1915 S VG $38 PIC (704,000 pop) Grey bid is $46 1915D $6 1916D XF $45 1916D VF $25 1916D G $6.50 1916D VG $9 PIC 1916D VG+ $9 1916D AU $110
SLQ 1917 Ty1 F+ $60 1918D BU FH $400 1920 VG$15 1920 F $20 1920 VF20 $15 Rev scratch 1923 VG+ $18 1925 MS63+$285 1926 VG $7.50 1926 F $9 1926D VG$15 1926D F $24 1926S G+ $9 1926S F $15 1927 VF $12 1927 VF $12 1927D Gx 4 $13 ea 1927D VG $17 1927D VG10 $22 1927S VG $60 1927S VG+ $68 1928 VG $7.5 1928 F $8 1928 F15 $12 1928S VG $8 1928s VG10 $8 1928S F $12 1929 VG $7.50 1929 VG10 $8 1929 VF $12 1929D F $12 1930S VG $7.50 1930S VF $12 1930S XF 1 2 3 4 $30 1930S XF45 2 $45
Slabbed Washingtons 1944 NGC MS66 $50 1950 NGC MS66 $50 1954S NGC MS65 $28 1956 PCGS PR68 $60 1958 PCGS PR67 $25 2004S TX PCGS PR69DCAM $15 2005S CA PCGS PR69DCAM $15
Washington 25C
1932D XF $155
1932 D AU $275
1932S AU+ cleaned $130
1934 AU+ $20
1934 BU $35
1935D VG $5.75
1945S BU 25C $22
1954D BU+ $12
1956 BU++ x18 $10 ea
1957 PROOF+ $16 PIC
1958D AU+ $5.75
1959D MS63 $8
1960D UNC $5.75
1960D Blast BU $7.50
1962 Proof $8
1963 Proof $8
Bust Halves
1823 Ugly 3 VF25 $300 (scratch)
1824 XF45 $210 1826 VF25 $115 1827 Sq base, no knob XF45 $185 1829 F $85 sm letters 1830 VF Lg 0 O-122 R1 $100 1830 XF45 ANACS (Lg0,sm Let) $220 1833 VF20 $90 1833 VF20 $85 1834 Large Date Small Letter F12 $75 1835 Capped Bust Half F12 $80 (obv F15, rev VG) 1835 VF $95 1835 XF Details (scratch rev) $120 1836 LE VF30 $90 1836 LE VF20 $85 1836 LE XF45 50C $225
Seated Halves
1843O 50C AU53 $425
1854 50C G $40
<1854> F light rev scratch $58
1857o 50c AU55 $500 (way below bid)
1860 50c AU $375 (bid)
1860O AG $30
1867S AU58 $750 (super flashy)
1873 50C W Arrows XF $185
1875 VF30 $90
1876 50c XF $125
1917D Obv G $25
1917D rev PIC $24
1917S G $14
1919D $35
1919D 50C G $40
1919S AG $20
1920 F rim ding $18
1937 UNC $60
1938D F Cleaned $60
1938D VF30 $100 (CPG $128)
1939D AU $30
1940S BU++ $70
1941 AU+ $22
1942 AU$20
1942 UNC $30
1943 BU $38
1943 AU+ $22
1943D AU $20
1945S MS65 CAC Fatty NGC $165
1947 D BU++ $55
Franklin Slabs
1950D PCGS MS64FBL $70
1955 PCGS MS64 $34
1963 NGC MS65 $35
Kennedy Halves 1965 SMS MS67 $40 1982S PR69DCAM $10
Seated Dollars
1859O Seated VF30 $430
Graded Morgans
1880/9 PCGS MS63 $180
1881S MS64 CAC Fatty NGC $140
1881S MS64 NGC Fatty $120
1881 CC PCGS MS63 $775
1883O Binion BU NGC $120
1883S NGC AU50 $180
1885 MS64 ANACS
1885O MS63 Rattler $110
1885O MS64 NGC Fatty $120
1886 PCGS BU $90
1886 PCI MS63 $75
1887 NGC BU Binion (~MS62) $150
1887S PCGS AU58 $150 PL mirrors
1889CC Morgan NGC VF35 $2750
1889CC Morgan NGC F12 $1350
1889S PCGS AU55 $180
1892 AU58 $310 (one of those 58s that looks better than a 61)
1921 Binion $90
Peace Dollars
1921 F $170
1921 XF $250
1921 XF45 $250
1921 AU $275
1921 NGC MS62 Peace $650
1922D AU (rim) $34
1923 MS60 bag marks $34
1924 VF $34
1924 AU+ $38
1925 AU $36
1925 AU $38
1925 BU $45
1925 UNC+$42
1925S NGC MS61 $190
1926 XF $36
1926D F $32
1926 D AU55 $80
1926 S UNC $100
1927 XF $40
1927 AU $60
1927 AU58 $80
1927 AU58 $80
1927 UNC hairlines $100
1927 AU53 $65
1927S AU $90
1927S AU+ $125
1928 Key Date UNC+ $400
1928 BU $420 (450 grey ms60)
1928S VF+/XF $36
1928 S VF30 Rev ding $40
1928S XF $40
1928 S AU $100
1928 S AU+ $125
1934D F $35
1934D VF $38
1934D VF $38
1934D Peace XF $70
1935S F $34
1935S VF $36
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2023.06.01 20:52 _Froz3n_ Riot Games and the LCS Orgs have directly caused many of the problem we see in the LCS, and now the players are paying for it.

So, as some of you may know, Riot has put out a statement, and in said statement, they shot down every demand the LCSPA made. Now, I've noticed that a lot of people have been criticizing the LCSPA, and while I think criticism against them is warranted in some cases, I believe it is fair to say that Riot and the LCS orgs have done far more worthy of criticism and have caused a lot of the issues that led up to what's been going on.
Let's first start off with the ChallengeAcademy. It has been reported that for years now, the LCS orgs have asked Riot to drop the requirement to have an NACL team. The teams have stated financial reasons as the purpose for this, which in my opinion is ridiculous because it sounds like from the very beginning they didn't even try to make it more financially viable. The way it has been described makes it seem the orgs never had a plan to change the system to make it better and just kept kicking the can down the road till they could eventually get rid of it. I'm not mad at the orgs for failing to make the NACL sustainable, but because it seems they never tried to.
Now another criticism that the old system had was that everyone would talk about NA talent, but not that much NA talent came out of it. To that, I would argue that it's because the teams didn't even care to try. They didn't try to make the second-tier league more sustainable while also paying ridiculous amounts of money on imports. Now, while I don't care inherently if a player is imported or not, I do care if you spend millions of dollars on players who are equal to or worse than the NA players you already have, and then whine that you have no money to run your academy team. Now, I should clarify that not all imports could be replaced with NA players because that's not true. However, I don't see any reason why players like Eika, Bolulu, SwordArt, etc, were chosen over NA players.
Furthermore, I already hear you saying that a lot of academy players were super expensive because of massive contract buyouts. To that, I would argue that it's still the LCS orgs' fault because it was them who determined the prices and caused a significant number of players to be stuck in contract limbo forever. A great example would be Copy, who, while might not have been the #1 best mid in NA, would still be top 5.
Continuing on with the problems with LCS orgs, it's very clear that a handful of them don't care about the LCS. It seems like the orgs don't want to put in any meaningful effort into keeping themselves afloat and expect Riot to do it all for them. TSM spent $13M on a training facility, 100T spent $35M on theirs, C9 spent $5M on Perkz, TSM again spent $6M on SwordArt. This year, it was reported that FLY wanted Faker for $3M, and TL offered more. These teams are willing to just throw money away and then complain about how they can't afford an NACL team.
It seems that the LCS orgs were just spending money willy-nilly without thinking about how to remain financially sound. Then, when the money stopped coming in, they started begging Riot to bail them out. By allowing teams to go through with this, Riot has sent a message to these orgs that they will do anything they ask, even if it costs working people their jobs and livelihoods, to keep them up because if they don't, and the orgs start failing, and the whole thing will come crumbling down. At this rate, something like this is going to happen again, where teams will ask Riot to pull them out of the hole they put themselves in without the teams needing to change any of their behavior.
Now that we have the NACL stuff mostly out of the way, we need to go over how Riot has done nothing to deal with the orgs' awful behavior towards the players. The absolutely monstrous Danny situation, the reports that teams are threatening players with anything they can to get them to play, etc. Riot seems to be all for putting the foot down on the players with this latest statement but seemingly unwilling to do so for the orgs. Probably because Riot isn't well known for being the best to working people if we go by the latest $100M settlement.
Lastly, we come back to the LCSPA, and this is where I have to speculate a lot, but follow with me. If I'm looking at everything the players are and I see all this stuff going on with Riot and the orgs, I wouldn't blame them for acting out and trying to scramble for whatever stability and control they can get for themselves. I never honestly thought that the LCSPA would get everything they wanted, but I supported them because it looks like they are trying to keep the LCS from crumbling on top of them.
Note: There was a lot more I wanted to go over, like how Riot basicaly gave orgs blank checks that they wasted on who knows what, how players don't feel like they have any power and are completely at the mercy of Riot and the orgs, etc. But I got stuff to do today and who know maybe I'll make another post or answer stuff in comments, cuz this post is already long enough.
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2023.06.01 20:51 HolyMoly228 Problem with building/starting downloaded projects

Hi! Very often I encounter issue with projects (e.g. from GitHub), because they should work, but there is always something missing and it's not mentioned in the description. As an example I will give you my current problem:
Link to the project mentioned below: LINK
My university gave me an assignment. It is based on a scientific paper. People who wrote it also wrote a code that simulates some operations. University provided me a link to this project. My task is to use that code to perform these simulations myself and write conclusions about it.
The problem is, I can't build this project. Together with other students we tried different methods, but nothing seems to work and fixing issues usually brings up more and more errors.
What we did step by step: We have created a new empty C++ project in Visual Studio 2022. Included all the files from the project. As instructed in the readme, we added "/bigobj" and "/openmp" switches. Most of the errors are related to the missing libraries/headers. Firstly it said we were missing "sylvan.h" header. I downloaded it, inserted to the project and pasted a directory to project properties. Then the same problem was with "boost". Downloaded, inserted. Error solved, but more appeared. Then I had to download unistd.h, which lead to downloading times.h, which lead to utime.h, which produced 444 errors, many of which are missing .h files.
We spent a lot of hours trying to figure out how to build it. Deadline is coming soon and we can't even start the assignment itself.
I would really appreciate any help, guide, solution or whatever that could help us in this situation. In advance, thanks to everyone, who will look into it and write any valuable answer!
And yes, I gave up downloading all of the missing libraries one by one, because I assume these 444 errors will produce 1000 more, so... it's a waste of time.
Additional info to avoid questions:
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2023.06.01 20:51 third_dude Any research into a linux UI for cloud computing?

I love interacting with a linux command line - everything is a file, the permissions system, the users and user groups ect. More importantly, I've already learned how to do it and so has everyone else.
But when I look at AWS or GCP, they have similar concepts but somewhat clumsily implemented. I need a GUI to do everything and they always have custom names so I can never tell what's happening. Is there such thing as a linux like interface to a cloud network?
Maybe each project would be a single ip that you can ssh into. Your S3 files would show up as files in the system but you can mount files from other "systems"/projects. Your users show up as users, your user groups, then for the processes which are also files, those would be like the AWS lambda. VMs would be like EC2.
Then an entire company would be able to ssh into a single "server" and create cron jobs to run processes which would actually be creating lambdas/workers in the cloud using cloud formation/etc.
It would be so much easier than learning an entirely new UI "for the cloud". I can't be the first one to think of this. Is there some name for it that I can research?
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2023.06.01 20:50 kla1989 Chest pain

I’ll start by saying that I am not the one with VCD, my teen is. Now to the question. She had an attack yesterday (this comes after a 15 hour long attack last week), but she says her chest still hurts- almost like she’s bruised inside. Is this a normal thing? Continued soreness after an attack I mean.
This is all really new to us and I honestly have no idea what to tell her or how to help with this.
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2023.06.01 20:50 confadencaluser dying rat

dying rat
Luna 🌙🐀 passed away half an hour after I took this photo😭😭 I have four other rats. What do I do? how do i let them know? I don’t know what to do i’m devastated
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2023.06.01 20:50 juzoinadress some questions as a new hire?

i got hired and have my first day today. so i wanted to ask some questions even tho ik all stores are different. my manager didn’t give me anything to review or tell me anything. do i need to wear my hair up is the first cause it’s to my shouldersish so i feel it’s an awkward hair cut cause most ppl there have long hair or rlly short hair. ik your like in on the food compared to other fast food places but i didn’t need to wear mine up at my other job (chick-fil-a). also what’s like the policy on jewelry and stuff typically. at my other job i was allowed necklaces if they were like tucked in and bracelets weren’t allowed rlly but everyone wore them. ik these are kind of specific questions that prob vary store to store but some general advice would be nice. i may also ask my manager tonight. ONE last thing! I work at a downtown area so i have to pay for parking at a lot nearby would they have anything that i could use to not pay for parking / a pass / idk?? it’s expensive and paying it for like 5hrs every few days is 🧍… anyways thx 😖
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