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2023.06.01 19:24 sunsetlighthouse Ranking Bates Wedding Dresses

Hi everyone! I've been on a recent Say Yes to the Dress binge and have time to spare, so I thought I'd rank the Bates wedding dresses in order of preference. This is just based off my fashion preferences- it is in no way intended as hate or as commentary on the actual person wearing the dress.
  1. Erin- The dress itself was actually nice. It was the alterations that didn't work. It was really obvious they sewed in a t-shirt for modesty, and it's such a shame because the dress would have been so pretty without the modesty alterations.
  2. Whitney (original)- The bolero did not work at all. I also wasn't a fan of the skirt's draping- it looked too heavy and bunched for me. But I at least prefer the bolero to sewing in a shirt.
  3. Michael- The modesty alterations were less obvious than Erin's, but I still am not a fan of the short sleeves, pattern on the skirt, or the knot on the bodice. It doesn't really feel cohesive.
  4. Alyssa- I really like this dress, but adding straps totally threw it off. They're too wide and look like they're going to slip off any second. The bodice also seemed to be slightly thick. Had it been thinner and the dress kept strapless, this dress would be ranked higher.
  5. Tiffany:max_bytes(150000):strip_icc():focal(499x0:501x2)/Lawson-Bates-wedding75-68215707b65f4beb998beb2e4f3db3c3.jpg)- It looked very clean and appropriate for a coastal wedding, but the bow did not do it for me. I thought the neckline also hit at a weird spot. Having it be either a deeper V neck or a scoop neck and removing the bow would make a huge difference. Massive props for a sleeveless dress with a slit, though. It is certainly refreshing to see.
  6. Josie- As with many of the other dresses, it's the alterations that I dislike. The dress itself is gorgeous, and I really like the material of the skirt. But the modesty panel is really obvious and distracting, and the extra lining makes it much harder to see the beautiful details on the bodice.
  7. Esther- The style was flattering on her, and I liked that it had personality to it. I do think adding a belt and trading the crown for a simpler headpiece would have made it look more timeless, but it's still a very nice dress.
  8. Lydia:max_bytes(150000):strip_icc():focal(859x228:861x230)/Bringing-Up-Bates-Wedding-100222-06-2000-2362fa7fad89407f9c13ac376e07ad04.jpg)- This was hard to judge because it was such a pain trying to find photos of her from the front (this was the best I could do), but I really like it! It's very classic and the lace and buttons feel interesting without being overdone. It will age very nicely.
  9. Tori- The lace overlay of the dress was beautiful, and I really loved the train. It fit nicely and felt very classic. It was also modest without feeling very in-your-face about it. Bonus points for wearing her hair up to show off the back too.
  10. Katie- I'm typically not a fan of overly simple wedding dresses, but this one really worked. It was very timeless and the big skirt made it interesting to look at. I do wish the neckline fit a little better, but I don't think it took away from the look.
  11. Carlin- This dress was probably the most fitting personality-wise. It really screamed Carlin. The big skirt, flower on the waist, lace- it totally worked for her. I really liked how light the skirt looked and the floral accents.
  12. Whitney (vow renewal)- The difference between this and her original wedding dress is so stark, considering they weren't even five years apart. The high neckline paired with the sleeveless, lacy style is incredibly flattering, and her hairstyle showed off the back and paired nicely with the formal but still laidback vibe. The style really stands out compared to other Bates dresses that can sometimes blend together. No critiques here. 10/10
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2023.06.01 19:14 lvcas_637 Which hairstyle suits me best? Short, medium or long?

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2023.06.01 18:20 RedHeadridingOrca I really hate these haircuts! I hate my high forehead and thin hair.

I really hate these haircuts! I hate my high forehead and thin hair.
No matter what I do, my hair is thin, flat, and straight. I tried different layers, bob, inverted bob, medium, short, pixie. I really don’t like long hair. I prefer short haired especially in the summer. Do you have recommendations? Maybe a picture from internet of hairstyle? Help please?!? I never seem to have best haircut for a long time!
FYI: the black shirt one, I lost weight. I lost 68lbs. I’m planning to lose until my ideal weight. I’m almost there.
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2023.06.01 13:16 ResponseEmpty544 Curtains for guys with oblong face shapes?

I'm a 20yr old guy who wanted to change his hairstyle up a bit. Until now I had a man bun with the faded sides, with the bun being more on the back than on the top. I was thinking of changing my hairstyle to something like a taper with curtains (my hair on the sides is still short, but id grow it out over the next few months) as I heard it brings out the eyes. I think I have perfect eyes and thick eyebrows, but I'm uncertain if the hairstyle would work with my face shape, my hair is somewhat wavy naturally so I think longer hair looks better in general. Do you think the curtains would fit my look and what length should they be (my hair is as long as my face is right now so I can do whatever), or are there some better hairstyles you would recommend? If relevant I've got hazel eyes and dirty blonde/golden brown hair. Thanks in advance for the advice
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2023.06.01 12:58 onlinecoupons2023 Great Clips Promo Codes with 10% Off for June 2023

Great Clips Promo Codes with 10% Off for June 2023
Great Clips is a national chain of hair salons offering haircuts, up do's, perms, and other services at affordable rates. At this time, haircuts for both kids and adults are offered at under $25.
To save even mor and we’ll provide not only savings tips but also info on Great Clips coupon codes and any other promotions occurring at Great Clips!
Great Clips offers hair cut and hair care services for men, women, children, and even elderly persons. The hair services include beard trim, neck trim, bang trim, hair shampoo, and conditioning treatment. These services may vary based on the location you get your services. So check before you visit the salon if the service you are willing to take is available there. Along with the hair care services, do not forget to take the hairstyling services that include long style, short style, formal style, and perms. Perm is a special service, you might not get it in all of their salons.

Great Clips Coupons
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2023.06.01 12:28 Big_Independent8584 5 Cute Hairstyles for Growing Out Short Hair

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2023.06.01 10:36 jenhairvietnam Wig length chart

If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle with wigs but keep asking yourself the question “How to choose the correct length of wigs?”, here are a few tips we’ve put together to help you find the right answer and the perfect hairstyle.
Consider your height
Hair of the same length will look completely different in a person depending on their height. For example, for a short woman, the 18-inch wig will come close to the waist while for a taller girl, it will be just slightly below the shoulders.
Therefore, if you’re shorter than average, you’ll probably fit 12 to 16 inches wig. If you are of average height, 20 to 24 inches is ideal. If you’re taller than average, consider 24 to 30 inches.
How you’ll style the wigs
How you want to style your wigs will also affect the length you should choose. If you intend to keep the extensions straight and only trim the small part, the length of the wigs won’t change much. However, if you want to layer or curl your wigs, choose bundles that are two inches to three inches longer than originally intended.
Remember that wavy and curly wigs are measured straight. Therefore, if you want a specific length of hair, get a bundle that is 2 inches (5 cm) longer than the target length for wavy hair and 4 inches (10 cm) longer for very curly hair
" Are you planning to purchase a wig for the first time? Do you find it challenging to seek the ideal wig that suits you best in terms of length, style, and texture? Have you come up with a solution for how to measure wig length correctly?
Well, we are here to offer you a simple solution that can spare you stress. You’ll discover in this blog post why choosing the ideal wig length is crucial and how to do so by utilizing a wig length chart.
Desire to absorb right now! Let’s jump into the following article!"
#JenHair #JenHairVietnam
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2023.06.01 07:52 Any_Suspect_6736 3 Well-liked Jaclyn Smith Hairstyles

3 Well-liked Jaclyn Smith Hairstyles
Are you trying to find a high-quality wig that comes in a variety of colors and styles? Don't look anywhere else but Jaclyn Smith wigs. Her wigs are renowned for their superb craftsmanship, resilience, and lifelike appearance. Jaclyn Smith wigs are perfect for anyone looking to modify their appearance or add length and volume to their natural hair.
Her wigs come in a variety of styles, from traditional bob cuts to long, flowing hair, to suit different likes and inclinations. In this article, we'll examine some of the most well-liked Jaclyn Smith wigs currently on the market and examine the characteristics that set them apart from the competition. After reading our site, you will undoubtedly feel compelled and motivated to obtain a hairstyle.

Wig of Jaclyn Smith

Use wigs by Jaclyn Smith to give your personality a fresh look! A well-known actress and entrepreneur, Jaclyn Smith is best known for playing Kelly Garrett in the hit TV show "Charlie's Angels." She has also served as a spokesperson and brand ambassador for a variety of goods, including wigs.
Her wigs come in a variety of styles, colors, and lengths and are produced from premium synthetic fibers. The wigs are made to be light, soft, simple to wear, and appropriate for both casual and formal settings. They are very simple to maintain and can be washed and styled as required. Without further ado, here are a few of her well-known wigs:

Hand-tied Editorial Lace Front Wig

Looking for a striking appearance that can be worn in a variety of ways? You have the freedom to develop your own distinctive look with the Editorial Lace Front Hand-Tied Wig.
This cute and charming shoulder-length bob wig has incredible volume, texture, and dimension thanks to the gentle layers of rich, beachy waves.
Kanekalon synthetic fibers are made of low-maintenance materials that are easy to clean, and the 100% hand-tied fibers allow you to brush the hair in any direction you like for maximum styling flexibility.
Purchase one from Paula Young®. It's essential to add to your collection of wigs!

Wig called Shoreline Stroll

Looking for a seductive new appearance? Allow the Shoreline Stroll Wig to improve your appearance.
The fluffy, meticulously razor-finished layers add a tonne of volume, texture, and natural movement to this short, stylish, angled crop wig. Additionally, the capless design gives off a light, airy feeling for maximum comfort.
You'll enjoy the attention this Jaclyn Smith wig attracts, so don't miss out!

Spotlight Wig

Are you looking for the ideal wig that will make people stare wherever you go? Check out the Spotlight Wig.
The face is nicely framed by broad, slightly graduated sides with razor-finished ends for an always-on-trend look that is both fashionable and gorgeous. The soft, brow-skimming fringe draws attention to the eyes. You'll be the center of attention in this sophisticated chin-length bob wig.


Women looking for a top-notch, cozy, and stylish wig should definitely consider Jaclyn Smith wigs.
By endorsing the business with her name and reputation, the actress promises that the wigs are of the highest quality. You can pick from a range of gorgeous and chic wigs from Paula Young®'s Jaclyn Smith collection. The collection's range of lengths, colors, and styles makes it easy to find the perfect wig for women.
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2023.06.01 07:45 YesReboot Stopped Fin 10 months ago (Aug 22), After slight shed, hair has remained the same.

So long story short. I did minoxidil for 8 months or so. Got sides (headaches and dark circles under eyes) I had an initial shed but no real regrowth. I quit min, but wanted to still do something, so took fin. Tried it for 6 months. It worked better than Min for sure, but sides were too much. libido reduced, erection strength reduced, orgasm intensity reduced. These technically could have a number of causes, but I had nipple sensitivity which I have never had in my life. I knew it was hormonal. I decided to just try to accept being bald and at least my dick would work and I wouldn't develop gyno.
My plan was to slowly have shorter hairstyles and then eventually just shave it off. I figure it would be hard to accept at first, but I would eventually get used to it. However, I noticed my hair isn't thinning at an accelerated rate, so it's kind of giving me hope and prolonging me accepting my fate of being a bald man.
I don't know how to process it, but I guess I will just take it month by month. I am 36, Norwood 2 with diffuse thinning. I have already taken min and fin, so I do have true thinning. I got a better job recently and my stress levels have gone down. Is it possible I do not have Male pattern baldness, but simply had stress induced hair loss for the past decade? The men in my family are bald though, so I do have the genes.
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2023.06.01 06:53 Impressive-Ad-59 Bryan Fury's new hair

Lemme set the scene
So here i am, obsessing over a new character cuz he's "literally me", blah blah blah, you get it, and this time around its Bryan Fury, but mainly his NEW look in T8, i found an old reddit post on bryan's hair, but they were giving advice on his older look, and given the new graphics of T8 his hairlooks MUCH nicer, tho I'm not sure if its the graphical update or a slightly different more complex hairstyle
So (QUICK question) would you describe his new style as a grown out buzzcut/could it be obtained through growing out a buzz cut like they said in the old post? Cuz his hair seems a little more visually appealing then before, and my eyes aren't trained enough to recognize if its a different style or not
(SLIGHTLY LONGER question) incase there's any fashion stars on here, what attributes would you say someone would need to pull off a haircut like Bryan's Ive had medium length hair for awhile and got no clue how i'd look with something that short
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2023.06.01 06:46 Top-Plane-2569 The Different Styles of Visso Hair Extensions Try something new

Visso Hair Extensions, available through ExpressBeautyOnline, offer a wide range of styles to suit various hair preferences and fashion choices. These versatile extensions allow individuals to experiment with different looks, add length, volume, or texture to their hair effortlessly.

In this article, we will explore the different styles of Visso Hair Extensions, providing options for everyone's unique style.

Straight Hair Extensions

For those who prefer sleek and polished hairstyles, Visso Hair Extensions offer a selection of straight extensions. Whether you have naturally straight hair or want to transform your curls or waves into a smooth and silky style, Visso Hair's straight extensions are the perfect choice. These extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, giving you a sleek and flawless appearance.

Wavy Hair Extensions

Visso Hair Extensions also provide wavy options for individuals who desire a more relaxed and tousled look. These extensions add texture and movement to your hair, creating beachy waves or soft curls. Whether you want a subtle wave for an everyday look or glamorous curls for a special occasion, Visso Hair's wavy extensions allow you to achieve effortless style with ease.

Curly Hair Extensions

For those who embrace their natural curls or crave voluminous ringlets, Visso Hair Extensions offer a range of curly styles. These extensions are designed to match various curl patterns, from loose waves to tight coils. With Visso Hair's curly extensions, you can enhance your natural curls or add curls to straight or wavy hair, achieving a bouncy and voluminous hairstyle.

Layered Hair Extensions

Layered hair extensions provide a dimensional and textured look to your hairstyle. Visso Hair offers layered extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair, adding depth and movement. These extensions are perfect for creating a voluminous and full-bodied hairstyle, whether you have short or long hair.

Colored Hair Extensions

Visso Hair Extensions also cater to individuals who want to add a pop of color to their hairstyle. The brand offers a range of colored extensions, including highlights, ombre, and vibrant shades. Whether you want to experiment with a bold new color or add subtle highlights, Visso Hair's colored extensions provide endless possibilities to express your unique style.


Visso Hair Extensions, available through ExpressBeautyOnline, offer a diverse array of styles to suit different preferences and fashion choices. Whether you desire straight, wavy, curly, layered, or colored hair, Visso Hair Extensions provide a seamless and natural-looking solution. Embrace the versatility of Visso Hair Extensions and transform your hairstyle with confidence and ease, expressing your personal style effortlessly.
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2023.05.31 23:43 18192277 Want to get a buzz cut... but worried about my hairline

I like to get my hair cut as short as possible and then let it grow out as long as my dysphoria will let me, it saves on haircut costs and I like having an inconsistent appearance. I've always wanted to experiment with a VERY short hairstyle, like Chester Bennington or Leslie Feinberg type short, and then let it grow out. But ironically, the more I pass, the more I feel like I missed my opportunity to do it. I know I'm a man and my hairline is normal for a man but I feel weirdly insecure about a haircut that would show off my 22 year old's MPB.
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2023.05.31 22:53 iceroadthrower I love being bald, yet miss my hair at the same time

I love being bald the look the feel all of it it’s better (and lower maintenance)than any hairstyle I ever had .
But I miss my best hair at the same time. When I was in 10th grade I had the best hair I’d had golden natural blonde and shaggy (think Eric foreman ish) it had never looked better, I loved it. The Saturday after school ended My dad was buzzing my brothers hair and I got this impulse and asked him to buzz my hair. I kinda missed short hair, and it would be cooler in the summer. So My mom and sister thought it was awesome watching my long hair get sheared off.
Am I a weirdo for having this feeling or weird nostalgia for these memories ? Anyone relate to this ?
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2023.05.31 22:32 Chakraalexis Don't know what to do with my hair

Hi so my hairline, and hair in general, is very thin and so are my edges. You can see my scalp through my hair and it's like a major insecurity of mine to the point where I struggle to leave the house because Its so visible. I'm starting to buy things that could help but I know it might take a while for my hair to grow back so I was wondering what I could do in the meantime. I honestly want to just cut off most my hair but I won't look good w it short so I was thinking I could get braids but wouldn't that be a bad idea considering they pull a lil bit on ur hair and I dont want to make the thinning problem worse. Wigs could be a good alternative too but I have no clue how to even install them or anything about them. Are there any hairstyles I can try that cover up my hairline?? Idk I just need some ideas because I'm really insecure or should I just suck it up and deal w it the way it is.
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2023.05.31 17:24 EchoEquani Male hair

Just curious in the past 3 weeks. The girls have gotten new hair? Why haven't the guys gotten any new medium or short or long hairstyles lately?We want new hair to!
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2023.05.31 16:36 Tasty_Recording_8541 Another short about their hairstyles
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2023.05.31 14:57 eltonrocketman Hey guys! Evolution of a hairstyle you recommended me a while ago, this is my 7th month, should I let it grow a little bit more or cut it short like always, or any other suggestions thank you!

Hey guys! Evolution of a hairstyle you recommended me a while ago, this is my 7th month, should I let it grow a little bit more or cut it short like always, or any other suggestions thank you! submitted by eltonrocketman to malehairadvice [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 14:07 wwigg520 Wig Wam Band Hair Extensions For Women Long Wavy Hairpieces Synthetic Hairdo

Wig Wam Band Hair Extensions For Women Long Wavy Hairpieces Synthetic Hairdo is a brand that has been making waves in the world of hair extensions. This particular hairpiece is designed for women who are looking to add length and volume to their hair without having to wait for it to grow out naturally. It features a long, wavy design that can be used to extend existing hair or to create a completely new hairstyle.
One of the best things about the Wig Wam Band Hair Extensions For Women Long Wavy Hairpieces Synthetic Hairdo is its versatility. It is able to work with both long and short hair, making it a great option for women who love both styles. It can be used to add length to short hair or to create a fuller, more voluminous look for longer hair. Additionally, wig and pen because it is made from synthetic hair, it is easy to care for and can be washed and styled just like natural hair.
Another great feature of the Wig Wam Band Hair Extensions For Women Long Wavy Hairpieces Synthetic Hairdo is its ease of use. The band is designed to easily attach to your existing hair, making it quick and easy to add length and volume to your locks. Additionally,
the wavy design of the hairpiece means that it blends seamlessly with your natural tucker carlson wig hair, resulting in a very natural-looking end result.
Overall, latisha sensationnel wig the Wig Wam Band Hair Extensions For Women Long Wavy Hairpieces Synthetic Hairdo is a great option for women who are looking to add length and volume to their hair. It is versatile, easy to use, and provides a natural-looking end result. Whether you are looking to extend your existing hair or create a completely new style, this hairpiece is definitely worth a try.
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2023.05.31 13:26 Interesting-Hour-259 Any recommendations for a new hairstyle?

Any recommendations for a new hairstyle?
I don't really like the way my forehead looks with this hairstyle. I'd try anything except for really short hair.
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2023.05.31 11:33 halinspecscart What are some of the hairstyles that I can try out with eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses such as aviator prescription glasses fix your impaired vision while making you look extremely stylish. You can opt for a lot of hairstyles and make others drool at your charming look. I try out a lot of hairstyles- stating them right here, take a quick look.
If you have short hair, make sure to try out this pixie cut hairstyle. Glass wearers look absolutely stunning with this haircut on. Be the showstopper with minimal effort, and show off your breathtaking personality by styling your hair and putting on trendy glasses.
Look edgy and chic with blunt bangs- slay your look by investing in pretty eyeglasses. Even if these kinds of hairstyles are a little bit high maintenance, you will fall in love with yourself- that’s a promise.
If you are looking for a hairstyle that is chic, simple and subtle, all you need to do is opt for a low ponytail and that’s it. Seamlessly goes with every eyeglass, this particular hairstyle will make you feel and ease and comfortable.
Top bun and messy hairstyles look great on everyone- it shows off your natural beauty with utmost ease. Get your hands on round eyeglasses and look cute and of course, lovely.
A layered and straight hairstyle is all about bringing out the gorgeous icon in you. Whether you are attending your office or hitting the streets with your mates, this kind of hairstyle is nothing but convenient and easy. Pair them with different types of eyeglasses and that’s it- you will find yourself as the centre of attraction.
If you have straight long hair, you can use a hat that won’t hide your face (of course). Enjoy your own signature look with stylish glasses and cute outfits.
These are some of the amazing hairstyles that look great with eyeglasses. Take care of your eyes and turn heads- grab your glasses with just a few clicks.
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2023.05.31 10:55 JessJessTheJetPlane My mum won't let me cut my hair!

I am 17 and not allowed to cut my hair because I'm a girl. A trim is okay but not anything more than that.
My hair has been growing out from a pixie cut I had when I was 12 and since then I haven't gotten more than a trim. In this time my mum has become Christian, conservative and very traditional. For the most part our beliefs are the same, hers are just much more extreme.
My long hair now reaches my waist and I don't like managing it. I'm not good with different hairstyles and can barely do more than a pony tail. It takes all day to dry naturally after a shower. Long hair does look good on me but it's not worth the effort.
I recently asked my mum if I can have it cut to my shoulders and she flat out said no. My dad has since said it's okay but she won't listen to him. She says it's a sin and that I'm being rebellious. Mind you I'm live the most boring life, I'm homeschooled, don't have friends and never break any rules. She has also said that short hair will make me look bad and I need to take care of my appearance for my future husband (I can't even "court" until I'm 18)!
She said I'm asking for too much! There is no reasoning with her and I am so frustrated! I haven't asked for anything this whole year. Even at Christmas and my birthday I didn't ask for or expect presents because my dad had lost his job (we are okay financially now tho).
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2023.05.31 09:35 YonEarthWudUsayDat Does having long hair prolong sinusitis?

I'm a male and I usually have short hair. Recently I've been experimenting with different hairstyles and I've noticed that I seem to have headaches and mucus build-up when I grow my hair long.
I was quick to dismiss it because if that was the case then women who have long hair would also have a similar issue right? But these days I've noticed that whenever I wash my hair, it takes a lot longer to dry up and the wet hair might play a big role in causing these headaches.
On the contrary, I went on a vacation last month to another country and I didn't seem to have sneezed or coughed during my time there. So should I cut my hair short? (I've been growing it out for a year and I'm reluctant because of the work i've put in)
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