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2019.11.09 00:40 Kezika Helluva Boss

For the VivziePop animation property Helluva Boss, set in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel!

2021.01.29 15:04 Helluva Boss Fanart: For all to enjoy!

This is a community for us to share fan art inspired by Vivienne Medrano's Helluva Boss series. There are so many talented artist out there! I hope that people through this sub will find new artists and support them! Each week I will also be adding a featured comic to this site.

2018.04.25 07:49 Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel is an upcoming comedy/musical adult animated series created by Vivienne Medrano.

2023.06.01 22:00 Parax362 i like animation rule

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2023.06.01 22:00 IvorFreyrsson English Magic, Vol. 2, Ch. 21

Guide available! Go here.
**Series beginning is **here.
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Once we had taken down the camp, I loaded the cart with the animal carcasses using my Hands of Air. While I was strong, there was no way I was lifting a female Dire Bear. Once our quarry was loaded onto the cart, I helped my Haarthuu friends up as well. They all situated themselves in the front seat, and I took my place behind the handle.
“Off we go!” I exclaimed and pushed off from the ground. It was difficult to get the cart rolling, but once I did, keeping it there wasn’t too much strain.
We continued in this way for about five hours, which is when we came to a hill that I would be unable to climb with the cart, and I doubted my companions would be much help. I had stopped and was leaning against the handle, breathing hard and heavily.
“Well, I can’t climb this, and I don’t have it in me to tunnel through. What should we do, Liss-ran?” I asked, panting.
Liss-ran sat there in a slight panic. “Um, I’m not sure. If there were Uror nearby, I’d say to convince one of them to help?”
I snapped my fingers. “That’s it! I’ll call Walter,” I said happily.
I closed my eyes and leaned on the cart.
“Yeah, Boss? You okay? You sound beat.
“I’m fine. Just kinda tired. Where are you located right now? I could use some help.”
“Yeah? Let’s see…. I’m about an hour or so away from where you are right now. What’s going on?”
“I’m pulling a cart through the woods back to Haruma. I’ve hit a hill that I can’t pull it over. It’s too loaded down, and I’m not strong enough.”
Ah. I see. Well, I can be there in an hour. Or should I send someone else?
“Well, this cart is narrower than the last. It may be a bit uncomfortable for you.”
“Okay. I can send a kid over to you. They’ll be able to carry you and pull the cart.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, boss. She’s on her way right now. From a different herd, so she can get to you faster.
“Okay. Should I give her some of my magic so she can communicate with me, or are you the only member I will be able to speak with? I don’t know how this all works.”
“Nah. Don’t worry about it. She’ll be able to understand you, and will take you home no sweat. If she decides to stick around, I might uhh… claim her. Have your woman try to bond with her.”
I laughed and let the matter drop. “Okay Walter. Thanks man. If there’s anything I can do for you, let me know. Oh. We’re leaving the week after last frost. Heading to Klearm. If you could meet us in Haruma beforehand, I’ll make sure you’re fed well and your coat is nice and shiny.
You got it, Boss! Looking forward to it!
I pulled my Pack off, and removed a large piece of leather, as well as my tools. “Gonna need these in a few. We have a female Uror heading our way. I’m going to make a harness and a saddle for her once she gets here, and we will be on our way. Sound good?” I announced.
Four heads looked at one another, then at me. “How did you manage that, Ivor?” Liss-ran asked incredulously.
“Uh, I just reached out to Walter, the Uror that brought us here. Apparently when you bond yourself to a Uror, you can speak with them from great distances. He’s an hour away. The female should be here much quicker. She’s from a more local herd,” I explained. “I won’t be able to speak with her the same as I do Walter, but I was instructed to see if Elizabet would like to try and bond with her.” I concluded.
“Okaaayyy….. If you say so, Ivor. I guess we get to see a different Uror,” Liss-ran said, shaking her head.
I rested there, cutting some strips from the leather for makeshift reins, belts and straps. I also took the time to fashion buckles from the Duplicated knife blade I had in my Pack. About fifteen minutes after I had finished making those, a shaggy Uror trundled up and halted beside the cart. She snorted and stamped a paw on the ground, seemingly eager to get this over with.
“Hello, my lady! Thank you for answering Walter’s call to help us. I trust he has explained the situation to you?” I said to the shaggy beast.
She tossed her head twice, which I took as an affirmative. “Excellent. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to fit you for a harness so we can hitch you to the wagon. Would you mind if I got to work? I’ll do my best to make it as comfortable as possible. If it pinches or is uncomfortable, please snort twice,” I said, receiving another toss of her head.
I smiled and got to work, crafting the harness from memory and sizing it to fit the much smaller female. After a few mistakes, she and I fell into a routine, and I had the harness crafted in short order. Once I explained the concept of the saddle to her, I began the process of making that, with similar results. All in all, it took us the better part of an hour to finish the work.
“There we are. Hmm. You know, I can’t just call you ‘Uror’ or something like that. May I call you Lady?” I asked.
The shaggy beast was still for a moment, and then tossed her head twice. “Excellent, Lady! I am Ivor, and we are going to Haruma. I will direct you, if that’s okay?” Another head toss and she began to strain against the weight of the cart. I quickly climbed up, and we were off.
With the assistance of Lady, we made short work of the hill in front of us. I let her choose the pace, and we were slowly, but steadily, on our way to Haruma once more.
“Liss-ran? How long do you think we have until we get home?” I asked.
“At this rate?” she said, taking stock of our surroundings and pace. “We should be there around dinnertime, I’d say.”
“Awesome. Just in time to have some of Gon-rash’s amazing cooking. This day is getting better and better!” I said happily, shrugging my Pack back onto my shoulders.
We rode and chatted for another hour or so, and I saw how lifted everyone’s spirits were. Even Tren-sun was cracking jokes and smiling.
After an hour or so, Kilik-ma called out, “Hey Ivor. What kind of entertainment does your world have?”
“Entertainment? Well, we have books, plays, theater, dance, songs, musical bands, and a form of entertainment that absolutely doesn’t and hopefully will never exist on Chaia, television,” I said. “Why?”
“Well, Liss-ran was describing your music to me when we were hunting, and I was curious to hear some.”
“Oh. Well, that device is back in Haruma, actually. I left it with Elizabet for safe-keeping, so I can’t use it right now to show you my music,” I said regretfully.
“Oh. Okay,” Tren-sun said, sounding dejected.
“But I’m feeling pretty good, so how about I sing a song for you?” I ventured.
Four voices replied in the affirmative, and even Lady tossed her head. Looks like I was committed. I racked my brain, trying to think of a decent one that I actually knew all the lyrics to, when a shiver ran through me. That’s it! I took a deep breath and began…
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?....” My rich baritone rang out through the forest, echoing off the trees and the mountain beside us.
As I was atop Lady and had my eyes closed, I was naturally unable to see the stunned reactions on the faces of my companions, as I was also facing away from them.
As I sang, the very air around us changed. The scent of snow that I had grown accustomed to had multiplied, finally depositing its bounty of crystalline glory across the entirety of the forest. Unnoticed by me, some of the buckles had been Duplicated, and now hung on the reins as small tinkling bells.
A smattering of small, blue birds had taken flight shortly after I began, wheeling their way south. The Haarthuu watched, openmouthed, as they took flight, as there had been no birds in those trees before.
Feeling joy course through my core, I opened my eyes to a forest covered in a blanket of fluffy snow. I continued, nearly trancelike, with my song, seeing the images from my mind’s eye blossom into being in a clearing to our left.
Two people made of snow, resembling myself and Elizabet, were building another snowman, giving him a defined beard and a book. These snowy puppets acted out the lyrics to the song I was singing, bowing and dancing about.
The scene shifted, and there was a fireplace made of snow, complete with dancing flames made of snow within. Two puppets, easily the size of a dire bear, pantomimed speaking and were then covered by a snowy blanket.
Once more, we saw an empty field, with the same three puppets from before. They danced and glided about the field, “speaking” to the snow-preacher.
As my song concluded, we saw the two puppets walking arm-in-arm beside the cart, and then they collapsed into a pile of wet snow once I closed my mouth.
As I came back to my senses, I realized I was sweating profusely, and my stomach was protesting loudly.
“Ivor. What. Did. You. Just. Do?” Liss-ran asked breathlessly.
I sat there, panting. Trembling, I reached into my coat for the jerky that I had taken to keeping there. I began stuffing piece after piece into my starving gullet, trying to stave off the unconsciousness that loomed on my horizon. I swallowed more and more of the meat, my mouth eventually going dry. I slung my Pack to the front, and pulled out the pitcher and drank deeply of its cool bounty.
My thirst slaked, my hunger staved off for the moment, I turned and looked at Liss-ran.
“I have no idea. It looks like I can’t be singing things like that. I hope I haven’t royally mucked up the weather…” I said in a shaky voice.
“Was that the Ancient Tongue?” asked Piri-thak.
“Ivor, we couldn’t understand a word of that. Are you telling me that you didn’t realize you were singing in the Ancient Tongue?” Liss-ran asked gently.
Realization hit me like a truck. I sang the weather into existence. It was effortless and easy. I didn’t even register that I was doing so until after I was done and the shakes hit. What’s more, I sang what I saw in my head into existence. All the images I would see when I heard that song manifested in this world as snowy puppets and props. Even the bells that were on the harness were exactly as my mind’s eye saw them. I could only guess that I may have created a new species of bird. I felt mortified.
“No… I had no idea I wasn’t singing in your language. Well. Now to deal with the fallout. Is this the normal time the snows would begin, Liss-ran?” I asked quietly.
“Thankfully, yes. It’s a week early, but nothing too far out of the ordinary. I wouldn’t worry too much about altering the weather. Those birds, though. That may be a different story. There _were _only twenty or so,” she replied.
I nodded and closed my mouth. This was a new lesson, and one that I needed to ensure stayed present in my mind. I zipped my coat up against the wind, and Lady trudged on.
As the skies darkened, we could see the main road that led into our home. Kilik-ma jumped down and raced ahead, probably to let the village know we were back a little early.
About ten minutes after he left, we had a throng of people rushing out to meet us. At the forefront were Elizabet, Talah-ma’at and our boys.
“Hi everyone! We’re a little early, I know. We’ve got some goodies in the back of the wagon, and a lot more in my Pack. Let’s get Lady into the city, and we’ll unload everything, okay?” I called out.
The crowd of maybe thirty individuals parted and walked beside us like an honor guard, leading the Uror into the central hall of Haruma. Once inside, I called the gentle beast to a halt, and dismounted. I unhooked her from the cart and began to remove her harness when she snorted twice.
“Lady? Is something the matter?”
The Uror walked out of the twin shafts of the cart and turned to face us. Or, more specifically, she faced Elizabet. She looked directly at her and tossed her head.
“Present your magic to her, Elizabet. See if she’ll take it,” I said softly.
Slowly, Elizabet raised a trembling hand and a small, iron-gray sphere rose from her palm and hovered four inches above it. She approached the shaggy beast with her outstretched hand, and waited.
Lady stepped forward and gently plucked the sphere from Elizabet with a delicate tongue. She stood there chewing on it for a moment, and it was then that I heard Elizabet gasp.
“She said her name is Lola. And that she’ll follow us wherever we go. And that you…” she trailed off and turned to stare at me with an arched brow. In a low, dangerous tone she said, “What. Did. You. Do?”
I knew that tone. I sighed and shook my head. “Thanks, Lola. I was going to get around to that shortly.” I said in a wry voice. I looked Elizabet in the eye. “I appear to be able to control the weather to a degree. I don’t know to what extent it goes, but…. I sang a song into existence,” I said, defeated.
Elizabet looked confused. “You… Wait, you can sing?”
Liss-ran piped up. “His voice is rich and deep, too! It was nice,” she said with a little giggle.
“And loud. He has some lung power, he does,” Tren-sun added.
“Does anybody else wish to make her even more upset with me than she already is?” I asked in a loud, exasperated tone. “No? Thank you.”
“Try it again, Ivor. Tell me what you did,” Elizabet said firmly, crossing her arms beneath her prodigious chest.
“Yes, genius. Tell us what wonder you pulled out of your ass this time,” Blainaut said, coming up from behind Elizabet.
“Oh, gods. Not again,” I said, hanging my head.
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Hey! I’m also uploading my work on RoyalRoad! Here is my profile IvorFreyrsson
Join me over at Words_From_Ivor for more!
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2023.06.01 21:59 AStupidUnknownUser HOW

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2023.06.01 21:52 onepassafist need some tips

so i’ve played through the game a few times, but now I decided to start a fresh character and world to do some stupid fun shit in. that stupid fun shit would be fist fighting the bosses.
so far, i’ve done 2 Eikthyr at the same time, which I probably won’t do for the others… but what would y’all say is the best way to go about doing this for the other bosses? i’ve got some ideas but I just wanted to reach out and see what people thought.
my main goal would be to power level fists, but seeing as I usually have been using weapons, im having a hard time thinking about how to do it. I have considered farming eikthyr because I went from level 17 to level 29 over the course of fighting them both, but I wanna know what y’all think. (i’ve died a few times so it’s down to level 20 😭)
*note that i’m only fist fighting the bosses, not every enemy in the game. I started to do that but I do not have the time to punch a troll or 12 greydwarfs that are all chasing me at the same time.
**also, only because i’ve seen a lot of mods on the sub lately, i’d like to specify that this is Vanilla Valheim
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2023.06.01 21:51 thatguyonthevicinity Just finished CF route as my first FE game in hard/classic. The last battle was insane but I managed to keep everyone alive in 34 turn 😭

Apologize if this is not acceptable, this is my first post here and I'm using a mobile phone too. Spoiler ahead.

First, I just want to say I love the gameplay so much. I never had a Nintendo device and I just recently bought a Nintendo switch last month so decided to try FE3H.
Here's some points about my gameplay:
Some things that I love about the game:
Some things I don't like:
Overall, I had a good time, I checked my playtime and it's 78 hours to finish CF route. Wow. And people said it's the shortest of all. I probably will try Claude route next.
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2023.06.01 21:51 zchira [PC] [2005-2025] 2D platform with tragic ending

Platform(s): I played it on the PC (windows)
Genre: 2D, platform, scrolling from left to right
Estimated year of release: Unknown - probably somewhere 2005-2015
Graphics/art style: not remember. Maybe 2.5D rendered, or 2D with parallax scrolling. I think there were some shaders effects
Notable characters: Player character is tragic man. Probably depressed. Some tragedy occured (lost his family). He has alcohol problem. Those traumatic events are chasing him.
Notable gameplay mechanics: I think there are moments when the character can drink alcohol and the screen starts wobbling (shaders effects)
Other details: At the very end of the game, the final boss is some gigantic creature (mechanic), a few screens tall. After that the player is standing on the top of some very tall structure. He jumps from if, and that is the end of the game. While he is falling, credis starts, and the screen starts to fade...
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2023.06.01 21:47 RoohsMama The main characters’ toxic relationships with their partners is unfortunately an issue that ‘Ted Lasso’ failed to address.

It might not be a popular opinion but I know I’m not alone in being unsatisfied with Ted and Beard’s relationships.
Ted accepted the job in England to give Michelle the space she asked for.
But it was Dr. Jacob who advised them that space was needed - the same guy who later became Michelle’s boyfriend. The fact she didn’t see anything wrong with this tells us that Michelle is not in the right head space. Yet we’re supposed to think that the failure of the marriage was purely Ted’s fault. No blame was placed on Michelle.
While Michelle was happy after the divorce, Ted was stuck. He didn’t want to move on. Rebecca told him to focus on Henry, so it makes sense for Ted to move back to Kansas. But did Ted have to move back in with Michelle (as implied in the last scenes)? This seems detrimental to his growth. Why not stay in a separate apartment?
As for Beard, we’re supposed to rejoice at his blatantly toxic relationship with Jane. Still, they suit each other… I can’t complain.
The show just cannot let the lead characters have healthy amorous relationships.
Roy and Keeley had such a great dynamic, but Roy was too insecure. Just when he was coming to terms with himself, it’s Keeley who becomes all weird (because she’s on a rebound from her rebound relationship…. with a boss… who denigrated her… but who Keeley kept chasing anyway). The show’s writers just couldn’t let them be happy.
Then they inexplicably had Jamie and Roy fight over Keeley.
As for Rebecca, she dated Sam even though this was problematic due to the power imbalance. Thankfully that ended…
Nate and Jade are fun to watch but Jade is such a blank slate.
The healthiest relationship was exemplified by Higgins. Thank God for Leslie…
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2023.06.01 21:35 Darkt1mes PlayerFinder Beta - Now Supporting Diablo IV

PlayerFinder Beta - Now Supporting Diablo IV
We are delighted to announce the beta release of PlayerFinder, your ultimate app for connecting with fellow players to form groups in Diablo 4. One app, all your LFG needs in the world of Sanctuary!
The PlayerFinder team consists of dedicated Diablo fans, and we believe it's essential to prioritize Diablo 4 as one of the first games to be included in our beta launch!
What is PlayerFinder?
PlayerFinder is a mobile application (soon to be available on desktop) designed to match you with gamers who share similar play styles, progression goals, character classes, item preferences, and more for Diablo 4. Playing Diablo 4 alone can be a daunting experience, especially when it's meant to be enjoyed in co-op. How many times have you wished for a reliable group to tackle challenging dungeons or conquer formidable bosses? We aim to bridge that gap and make it effortless to find like-minded players, specifically tailored to Diablo 4. Our goal is to reignite the excitement of cooperative play, reminiscent of those unforgettable Diablo LAN parties and endless nights of adventuring with friends! No more endless waiting on forums or hoping for chance encounters in the world of Sanctuary.
Discord VoIP Integration - We've made it seamless to use Discord for in-game communication across different platforms. Connect with your group regardless of whether they're playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.
Lobby Chat - Utilize our real-time lobby chat to communicate and strategize with your group before embarking on your Diablo 4 adventures. PlayerFinder also provides quick access to user game account information, enabling you to swiftly add one another and dive right into the game!
Advanced Lobby Filters - Fine-tune your group selection with precise filters that cater to your preferences, ensuring you find the perfect team of Diablo 4 players.
Push Notifications - Receive real-time push notifications about player updates and lobby status, even when you're not actively using the app. Stay connected and never miss out on a potential group opportunity.
Friends List - Build a network of fellow Diablo 4 enthusiasts who love the game as much as you do!
Why not just use Discord?
Discord is a fantastic platform for community building, but when it comes to finding specific teammates for Diablo 4, it lacks essential features that streamline the process. PlayerFinder fills those gaps, enabling you to spend more time playing and less time waiting.
How do I join?
It's simple. Visit our website at: https://playerfinder.gg/ or download the application from the App Store or Google Play store.
Stay updated on all the latest news, upcoming features, and participate in weekly beta meetups with the developers to help shape the future of PlayerFinder by joining our dedicated Discord server: https://discord.gg/playerfinder
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2023.06.01 21:30 merfolkJH sf6 : question about solo "arcade" mode

beside the "world tour build your own fighter gta like", is there a classic "You vs max difficulty Ia", and try to beat the game, with all characters ?

"arcade mode vs Ia": like, you take a character, you chain fights vs 8 others, and at the end you unlock some arts ? From what i vs read, there is, but can someone give me more details ?

I am not interested in "tutorial /training modes or so". A plain old shool : you start at bottom and must chain win X fights, with limited "continue option's". And this for all characters, with for example, different reward for "easy / normal / hard" victory.

Thanks for clarifications, it was one of our favorite activity, a sort of "PVE" relay, trying to win everything in "difficult" mode. I wonder if i will find this in SF6.
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2023.06.01 21:18 Cl0udCh4ser Undertale TTRPG: Hellmode

Hey, I'm a Brazilian and I've been making a Tabletop RPG based on the Magic and Story of Undertale together with the use of Ordem Paranomal's (Paranormal Order) System made by the streamer Cellbit and his Team. I've been experimenting making new stuff with the use of the basics of Cellbit's system for a long while by now, such as making new classes and such and I've come into the conclusion of making it themed around Undertale, my favorite game together with Pokemon.
Here's kind of how it works, even though our Campaign has been going for 2~3 months already:
You choose a Soul as a Class and build your Stats between "Strength, Agility, Intelect, Presence and Vigor" based on the Soul's skillset (which I will explain soon), each stat represents how many dice you roll, such as 2 Strength being "2d20". You also have some skills similarly to DND, such as "Perception and Investigation", but since stats in Cellbit's RPG affect the dice and don't (usually) affect the rolls, skills tend to add a +5 or more to the roll based on its level of training (fun). So when you have the skill "Fighting" (Your character's martial expertise) at "Trained", you will roll two d20 with a +5 on each, and the highest is your result.
I know I know, what is more interesting to you all is the Undertale part, let me explain :)
I made a class with many different Abilities that represent each Soul. From "Love" (Monsters) and Patience to Double Traits and even a system for each based on quests in battle to make you get "Filled with Determination" or whatever other trait you have. Although, the reason why it's called "Hellmode" is because the values you can reach with combos are very high and the Bosses have more than 2k HP.
Here's an example of the Starting skills of "Desire" (How Determination is called in this Campaign):
Reminder: It's the Class with the lowest HP, Mana and Sanity in general. So you are basically a Combo Maniac that can go back in time but you have the HP of a Wizard.
•[SAVE] & [LOAD]: You can save any moment of a Scene as your [SAVE]. Once per scene, you can load your save point with a reaction using [LOAD], and you return to where you were. All of your HP (Health Points) and EP (Effort Points or Mana), along with any effects on you are restored to the time of your [SAVE]. 3rd Level: You gain +1 Standard Action, Movement Action, or Reaction when using [LOAD].
•[RESET]: The power to restore the values of the universe is in your hands... how big is your spirit to have so much presence in the world? You can spend EP to restore your or an ally's value, the cost of EP depends on the value. Position (2 EP/Reaction): After moving, return to the starting position. It counts as a Move Action. Skill (4 EP): A skill is activated a second time. (3 times per scene). HP (5 EP): Recovers HP equal to the HP lost in the last round (2 times per scene). EP (10 EP): Recovers EP equal to the EP used in the last 2 rounds (1 time per scene). SAN (Sanity) (20 EP): Restores all Sanity (1 time per mission).
3rd Level or Higher: You can recover 1 Use of [LOAD] when using 10 SAN (1 time per Scene). 5th Level or Higher: You can spend 25 HP to switch your EP and SAN, swapping their current values.
If anyone has any questions about the system, feel free to ask them. I'm not sure if I'll be always available to answer them though. <3 Just sharing the stuff I've been working on for fun.
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2023.06.01 21:17 NickeKass My take on the new DLC

Its fun but we need more levels!
Owl - I like her card/secondary ability. I was able to beat R8 solo only firing my gun to open vaults. I may have had the aggressive assault blessing where I get charges back every 3 seconds. Only a few bosses in act 1 gave me problems. I have read up today on how to use her primary. I will try that later.
Red panda - I like having the mech. You can revive it, it can revive you. My team had 2 of them going at once last night. They were helpful tanking the bosses. I tried doing a rocket built that turned out ok even though I did not get any secondary skill damage to it from scrolls that I recall and only the 300% ascension. I dont know what the fire mode is for the mech or how to activate it. I do like that I can fire a rocket at the mech to heal it. I want to replay and go for a pure mech build.
Weapons Wolf Gaze - It fels like its an SMG with a few added bonuses. I didnt notice them going off. It feels like a demon lore but instead of increased damage it does some random effect. Star Ring - I do and dont like this one, I might need more time to test it. It creates a ring around you that you need to expand and collapse to damage enemies. Not great for single target but good for groups of normal enemies. You can probably kill things faster with skills or secondaries but maybe someone fill find a good use for it. Jet Octopus - I have not used this one yet, I will try it tonight Brick - I like this one. If you crit with it, a star spawns. Collect the star and your next hit is a crit that also spawns stars, even if its not a normal crit location. Its a sniper rifle with a 4x crit. Faster RoF then a rocket launcher but single target. I find it fun to use and the damage is just run. Theres something comical about being a cute little animal throwing bricks at the heads of other creatures thats funny in game.
Getting ascensions from other characters - I feel this is a waste. You pick two and you still have to see if they even show up on goblets. You get 6 to pick from, you can pick 2. In the few runs I have done, only of the other ascensions showed up.
Vault - I like the idea, I can get behind that, but I can see it ruining games. You find a vault in the level that, instead of having a scroll chest, has a red craftsman that will store 9 weapons for you or you can with draw them. It also gives you a backpack to hold extra weapons. Maybe your at the end of the run, a brick with a permanent bonus to crit drops but your current weapon is already at +29 and the brick is a +10. Store the brick. Bring it out next game. Store it at the end of the game, repeat. If you die with the gun outside of the vault Im almost positive you will lose it. This will have people saving rainbows and shotguns though. Personally not my thing.
Worth the price? Yes but it could be better. I like the new characters better then turtle and bird. I would like it if we could get more campaign levels and I would also like it if we could do away with the frozen/cursed goblets at the end of act 4. They really hamper builds. I haven't tried the spiritual assault map yet but I will this weekend. Still, SA is not the main focus for me and friends.
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2023.06.01 21:15 AcceptableAir5842 Zero and Azure difficulty

I've played CoS 1 and 2, and was wondering how difficult Zero and Azure are in comparison? I'm mainly playing for the story and characters, and i've read that playing Zero and Azure before continuing to CoS 3 is a good idea story-wise. Just for reference, i played CoS 1 on normal and found especially bosses annoyingly hard, which is also the reason i played CoS 2 on easy. I don't like using one character over another because they are mechanically stronger, if i enjoy the other character more.
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2023.06.01 21:12 UncommonSimp I wish BSD was more character-driven

I wish BSD was more character driven than plot driven. Like BSD has so many interesting characters, Wouldn't be nice if we were to explore the Akutagawa siblings a little? Like give them some issues. How about Kunikida and Katai? How was their past together? Katai Known Kunikida for 10 whole years. Ango's Pov about Odasaku? How was they relationship like in comparison to Dazai. Koyo and Chuuya? Do they share a special bond and what will Chuuya do if Koyou was dead. Other than the man who she try to escape with, Is there anything more to Koyou's character, She's been in the mafia the longest so what was her relationship with her old boss? The Tanizaki siblings, Why is Tanizaki to overprotective of Naomi? Are they actually siblings? What happened to their parents? Dazai's backstory, What was he doing before he joined the mafia. Soukoku? I want one of them to die. What happened at 17? Will there be any further more development? Why is mori so fucked up? Like I want these questions to be answered rather than vampire bs, That has been dragging for sooooo looonggg.
I feel like this becoming MHA, manga wise because there are no stakes. I can't take anyone's death seriously because their either fakeouts or noone really die. If Fukuzawa lives, then I am leaving this manga.
This is why Chuuya is popular And Why many people love Odasaku, Out of everyone Those two are the most fleshed out characters in this series. , I want to feel something, These characters are so great but a good chunk of them are wasted potential. (if u need me imma be in the Oshi no ko fandom))
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2023.06.01 21:11 Renegade1765 What type of art do you like to draw the most? What topics do you like to depict in your artwork?

I have many, but I personally like doing cross-over fan-art. Wherein I take two or more characters that have certain traits in common, and put them together. Either having them interact or fight, or be drawn in the style that belongs to a different franchise. For example, for Easter I decided to draw two rabbit-themed characters fighting each other, in this case being Cinderace from Pokemon, and Miruko from My Hero Academia. I have others in mind: Storm from the X-Men vs Weather Report from JoJo; or Nosferatu Zodd from Berserk vs Battle Beast from Invincible. Or something like Devilman, or the Seven Great Demon Lords from Digimon, drawn in the style of Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss. The reason why I love doing this sort of art isn't just to pay tribute to these characters and series that I'm so fond of, but also in a way to bring people of different fandoms together. I'm not suggesting that my art can create world-piece or something. But it's nice when people that normally wouldn't see eye to eye, see their favorite characters represented together. Plus, maybe if they aren't familiar with the other franchise, they can be intrigued and learn more about it.
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2023.06.01 20:58 funkasaurus88 DAE Vince can only create stereotypical racist gimmicks??

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2023.06.01 20:52 ThebigMTness My burning question

While lurking in other peoples posts I should take the opportunity to ask you guys myself.
I don’t want to resort to the wheel just yet. This could be my main/2nd! I’ve got basically no legion (1.9k I think?) and my highest level is a 220 DW. 2nd highest is my 210 Kain that idk what I’m doing on probably.
I’ve got two competing criteria for this character which is either: 1.Loads of damage (like numbers coming up fast I think that’s neat) - NL,MM, and Bmaster 2.Stupidly invincible -Mihile ,DA, or even Bishop maybe?
Reasoning: 1 is apparent because a bunch of numbers makes me happy. For 2 I’ve been thinking that I need a character to not just boss with but practice bossing as well. For context, I just did normal Damien for the first time ever and that’s the hardest boss I’ve hit. I got wrecked like 6-7 times. Also he dropped nothing, go figure. If I could take a character and fight these bosses in or out of practice without getting one-shot I’d be a pretty happy guy.
What do you guess think? Thanks for the input!
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2023.06.01 20:50 TheLone0taku My Capcom VS Sega Roster mock-up (DLC included)

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2023.06.01 20:49 Fit-Pool-7699 Was a 7-year-old me justified for being mad about the Robo Fortune reveal in 2015?

So, be me, in 2015. I’m 7 years old, ready to play more skullgirls like I do, every day after school until I saw a new character on the selection screen. A robot cat, nice. So, I download the DLC (for some reason it was free for my ps3 at the time), and I’m pretty happy, it’s like cool whatever, she’s a robot version of Ms fortune until I realize she’s the last character made. Now, for me and many others, this was the last skullgirls character and the game was going to be “done”. I was VERY upset when I was 7 because, like, man, we could’ve got Annie, Umbrella, Venus, Aeon, Panzerfaust, Leduc, Hive, Ms. Victoria, D. Violet, or Ileum. NO, a robot cat, a character made up from the spot and people voted on it. (I’m just speaking from my 7-year-old sense, not what I think now) and I’m thinking “We already have a joke character, it’s Fukua…why do we need two?” So I was sad until years later we got Annie, Umbrella, B. Dahlia, and now Marie is on the line. But, was I justified for being mad? Like, we could’ve gone out with a “bang” character, like Annie, she was always so close to winning back in the day, but we never got her. Or Marie since she’s the boss character. I just felt like Robo Fortune was just a wack last DLC character, Like in my honest opinion, I felt like Alex should’ve chosen the last DLC character (like he’s doing now) but, I understand “making the fans happy” Like, they tried to make her relevant by making her storyline the most cannon (which since all these dlc characters are coming out, I’m pretty sure that’s going to change…) But, I dunno. I love Robo Fortune, but I just feel like she wasn’t the best last dlc character, y’know.
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2023.06.01 20:45 Severid Group loot sucks

I have killed bosses equal to 4.5 full clears and have rolled higher than 50 once. My character has to be bugged in some kind of way because it is becomming quite insane at how unlucky I am I have rolled multiple 1s on pieces of tier I also have received only 1 tier set piece from 3 vaults the way tier I know it is possible to get an omnitoken from sark (killed 3 times nothing) and from completing KSM etc but still it is insane to me how I have only rolled higher than 50 once in like what has been maybe 15-20 if not more rolls. I want to prefice that this is for pugging only I completely understand that group loot in a guild is way better but still.
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2023.06.01 20:30 ChippersNDippers Bought my first console in many many years, here are the games I played (1 year or older)

I'm an old man as far as Reddit goes (41). I grew up on JRPGs on my NES/SNES, back in the day. Lots of video store rentals of FF6, Chrono Trigger and random terrible JRPGs that I played as it was summer and I had no money but a lot of time (Beyond the Beyond and Tecmo Secret of the Seven Stars, I'm looking at you).
I had the worst year of my life this past year. Lost a ton of money to a successful business tanking, lost my marriage and lost my wife. I literally was ready to just throw in the towel on life.
Luckily, I got a lot of help and life has taken a new path and new opportunities. That being said, I am fairly broke and I have a lot of free time and a need to have some low-stakes distractions.
These past six months, the Switch really helped me have fun and pass the time while working on my mental health. Video Games can become addictive and can take over someone's life, but playing a lot of games have really given me a good distraction when the walls felt like they were closing in.
All these games are over a year old, so I figured they are fair game
Live A Live - What an unexpected gem. I had no idea that there would be enough interest in an old Japan-only release to have them clean it up and re-release it with full translation for an English audience. This is the kind of thing I dreamed of when I read my EGM back when I was a JRPG fanatic.
This really took me back to my younger days with my SNES. The game looked beautiful, most of the story arcs were really well done and diverse, the combat was a bit so-so but everything else was very polished and fun.
I sat and played through the game over the course of a few weeks. The final 'final' boss was a treat and I loved how the stories all culminated to tell an over-arching narrative. It was also delightfully weird in all the right ways. My favorite character was 'cube', hardly any combat skills but my little robot buddy had a heart of gold.
Fire Emblem Three Houses - This was the first title I picked up and it kept me busy for two months of midwest winter. This is the type of game I didn't even know I needed in my life.
I played through the game 4 times to get each of the endings and enjoyed playing on the hardest difficulty (I did use NG+, not quite the masochist required to start fresh without those boosted benefits).
I've read a lot in my life and I was impressed at how well the narrative was crafted. I was genuinely surprised at some of the twists and turns to the game. The opening anime intro had me invested in the story right away.
The grotesque human/technology 'monsters' hit an HP Lovecraft vibe that hits a very specific spot for me. Sure, some of the tropes were a bit 'meh' but each of the main characters had their own arc that was very satisfying. They also did a really smart thing by completely changing how each main character acted if Blyeth was with them or chose another route. It really helped sell how important you were to the narrative.
My favorite path was Silver Snow as I felt like it was the path I would likely take in the 'real' world. I also thought it told the perfect story of a religion coming to terms with itself and the destruction it can bring upon the world...even with the best of intents. I didn't get to makeout with the leader due to some missed choices but I can't deny that she was a very well done thirst-trap pope vibe.
A+ game, sad to see there is nothing else like it but also glad I got to have the experience.
Zelda: Breath of the Wild - I always found Zelda games to be a bit too hard for me to find them enjoyable. Rather than bash my head against a wall, I just used a guide for each of the legendary beast puzzles and found myself having a fun time.
I fought all the bosses with my own wits but just never found much enjoyment by figuring out extended puzzles. I loved the technology betrays the creator stories and BoTW really hit on those notes really well.
I know people say Tears is the better of the two, but I found BoTW to be the far superior game with the more interesting main baddie and the more interesting story of technology turning on those that created it. That is a story I'll take over most other stories.
I know everyone says it's a 10/10 masterpiece...but for me, it's a really fun 8/10 game. I liked the darker notes and wanted more of that but I also understand Zelda has a light-hearted feel to it and can never go down a path too dark for its audience.
And...that's it!
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2023.06.01 20:22 PugInABox5868 Feedback on S4 Experiemental. Wanna hear your thoughts.

I'll be upfront, this update is shaky. I wont say GSG owes us more, as I've gotten hundreds of hours across tons of promotions on every character, enjoying more updates than some of you have done EDD's.
This update doesn't sit right with me at all. I have a lot of complaints, and I want to say this as feedback for the devs, since I know they *do* care about player opinion, as they've proven time and time again.
The rockpox corruptor isn't fun to fight. The trail it leaves on the floor both inflicts rockpox *and* does damage? This boss can cover the entire room in it's trail, and it inflicts both the rockpox status and does neurotoxin damage? Nobody likes being stunned and having to button mash out of rockpox, and it feels incredibly anti-player when the whole room does it. I do like the weakpoints on it- though it has to be said managing the floor hazards, with both the lithofoam and lithovac alongside the boss is too much, especially when swarms can spawn in the middle of the fight. If it weren't for jet boots or friends helping out- this boss is just hellish to fight.
My next concern is of the jet boots- I appreciate the idea, but frankly it feels in a really weird position in this game. They spawn in any mission, and its entirely random if you get them or not. Initially, I thought they would be introduced alongside a new mission type- with large caves that would warrant the need of new movement tech. However, simply placed inside random missions it feels terribly out of place.
Furthermore, its more of a personal concern, but the movement with the jet boots feels very floaty and awkward, changing directions is sluggish and with the addition of grab attacks like the stingtail, nemesis and even caretaker tentacles over the years- it makes me question why GSG really loves their stuns and slowdowns. Rockpox is just the latest offender, and seemingly its only getting worse. I would much prefer a focus on player agency, as adding tacked on (random chance) movement powerups like jet boots just doesn't fill that gap.
That said, the update isn't all bad. I really do like the new glyphid varieties, and I truly think enemy variety is one of DRG's strong points. I would encourage GSG to focus on what makes these enemies fun to fight compared to less well received enemies like rivals for example.
Also, whoever put the randomise loadout button there needs to rethink. I'll give you some of my bismor if you just move it out of the way, for example to the right side of the screen or something similar.
If I could go back and change this update- I'd personally prefer the rockpox effects are toned down, jet boots are displayed at the mission terminal as guaranteed to show up (or not), with more controllable movement that covers slightly less ground. Perhaps jet boots are tied to the rockpox corruptor, so if one appears in the mission, you're guaranteed to have the other.
All in all I'm sad that I was able to see everything in the update in just 2 games- the first of which my team instantly wiped on the boss. The beer is funny, the hacking game is my least favourite of the three but all in all just "fine" tier.
I'd like to reiterate that GSG has been good to us, but it's quite apparent that this update has been very lacking in terms of content compared to previous updates. Players appreciate new things to unlock, and this update has brought none of them. (aside from the battle pass? unlocking the beer?)
Of course, I'll still be mining in the caves from time to time, but honestly I'll have a hard time justifying it, when games like these tend to rely on long term support. Of course the game is still fun- my issue is merely with this update alone. I'd prefer for fellow dwarves not to witch hunt, and play the experimental for yourself first. And devs, if you do read this- thank you for your time and consideration of player feedback. Rock and stone.
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2023.06.01 19:56 nomorethan10postaday Afterimage, Loss the broken wings boss: don't do what I did.

So here's some context: I'm not a fan of brute-forcing a boss by spamming health/mana potions or food in Afterimage, or any other game that allows that for that matter. In Breath of the wild, I would rarely eat something during a fight, for example.
And so that's I've been doing in Afterimage. At the beginning, I would still use potions sometimes, but over time, I started exclusively using the basic heals that you get back anytime you go to a savepoint or die.
It worked pretty well for a while, but recently it started becoming less viable. First there was Alvess the everstorm, which was generally a pretty fair boss, but it just had a lot of hp and required pretty quick reactions the whole way. Then, there was Valo the first knight, which is also fair if very difficult, but I gave up on it for now when I learned that it had a secret second phase.
And now, Loss the broken wings, the boss that locks triple jump. Despite taking me less time, this was much more frustrating than Alvess. The first phase, while being too slow-paced for my taste, is something you legitimately out skill. With enough practice, you can no-damage the first phase consistently.
The second phase, however...Oh my god. That attack where it jumps to the ground several times while leaving a golden trail behind it looks impossible to do non-damage in a legit way. What is the not legit way? Well, turns out you can cheese this attack by wall jumping in one of the corners. Yeah...
Unfortunately, the rest of the second phase isn't much better. It starts firing way too many of his feathers, which have very tricky patterns, and so I just did not see a world where I could fight this boss fairly. Once again, the upper corners of the room saved me. I found this ability that makes a water droplet fall any time my character jumps. So I just double jump near the wall until the boss died. It's not foolproof, there are ways that the boss can hit you, but it's way easier to try to challenge it on the ground.
To see if I missed something, I've checked a boss compilation on youtube, and at the very least that particular person also didn't know how to do this without damage. He simply had a more powerful weapon than I did, more hp than I did, and was 3 levels above me...and he also stunned the boss right before the second phase started. That's another thing, btw: I'd say that in one out of ten attempts at least, there was a moment where the boss would just randomly stand still for about 15 seconds. At first, I thought it was a glitch honestly, but it's happened enough times that I'm wondering if it might be intentional, and if yes I wonder how to make it happen.
In conclusion, this boss doesn't deserve a fair fight, burn every one of your resources to take down this asshole. As for me, unless the next boss I find turns out to be very different, I think I'll actually start playing the game as intended instead of playing this self-imposed challenge lol.
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