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2012.11.02 23:08 Ceraphas Shitty Gifsound - Get your crap together.

The place for GifSound combinations that are so terrible they are good. One person's crap is another person's art. Lets see your crappiest "art".

2012.10.14 10:48 metabeing Music GIF Station

Combine your favorite GIFs with your favorite music to make instant mini music video mashups. Where gifs come to get down, jump up, get busy, bust a move, walk it out, twerk it, do the creep, twist, and shake their money makers.

2023.05.29 16:04 nezukochananimefan so I was looking too see what my little cousin search and I am about to put bleach after this

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2023.05.26 16:39 Novel-Command-8445 Someone said we needed a page so we have a page.

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2023.05.22 15:58 Adventurous-Deer-910 I got a lot of DMs for potty training info (we worked with ABA therapist)

I got a lot of DMs for potty training info (we worked with ABA therapist)
So I potty trained my nonverbal son with the help of an ABA therapist via FaceTime. This women has potty trained kids with a wide variety of disabilities. Day one you buy them there favorite drinks even if it’s unhealthy one day of drinking sprites or whatever they want. You also let them drink on toilet. Day 2 is normal drinking. The first day is very very intense and hard. I wanted to give up because it was a constant but I kept pushing. Now my son is potty trained. If you have any questions I can explain further or try to help in comments!
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2023.05.21 21:45 M3rlin88 Bath time used to be fun.

My daughter (2 year old) loved the bath, bubbles, soap and toys. This used to be a breeze seeing her splashing in the tub.
She pooped in the bath and when she saw that long brown snake (her words) she let out the most gut wrenching scream I've ever heard. The terror in her eyes, face and body as she practically lept out of the tub and in my arms.
Had I know she was pooping I would've commented something and yoinked her out sooner but as I said she loves or loved the bubbles. Under the foam the brown snake came alive in her mind.
Me and wife have now tried for 2 weeks to make bath time fun again but to no avail. Protest, screaming and fear of the bath is strong. There have been attempts of giving her a cat bath with heavy protests but acceptable.
This evening my wife and I had enough and filled (ankle height) the tub with bubbles and her favourite bath toys and said to ourselves. Fuckit she REALLY needs a bath.
I regret this decision gif.
But we powered through with soft voices, reassuringly hugging her in-between but she still cried, screamed (RIP my ears) and protested the entire time.
After drying her and putting on the pajamas with lots of hugs and kisses she fell asleep in record time.
Any advice from you fellow dads to this? Me and the mrs are at our ropes end.
TL;DR : Daughter pooped in the bath and is now terrified of taking bath ever again.
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2023.05.13 16:32 TotemGenitor [DND] Power Word

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URL: /Twittecomments/13frlhv/cat_and_dog_torture_videos_litter_twitter_adding/jjx9eko/
I can’t even.. it makes me sick just to read that header. :poop:
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2023.05.11 10:47 0kills I play Honkai Star Rail

Hey guys, trailblazer here. Today i discovered something really joyful i wanna share to you all. So while i was tb 40 and out of stamina, i finally got the urge to leave my bedroom after 480 hours of nonstop playing star rail. I felt so numb. My knees weak. Arms heavy. Must be mom’s spaghetti.
Anyway, so i went to toilet to cosplay as mc cause im trash, and problem! I became pregnant from looking at all the pregnant gifs here in star chat. I couldn’t poooppy da doopy quickly, it was stepbrother im stuck tasukete svarog!
So in my anime voice, i ask myself… daijobu weaboo? But it did not work. I still could not unstuck in toilet.
But then brilliance arose! I had idea. Pompom muted me. But i am fire mc. Poop was stuck. But i cannot. Forever be. So i go
“Korede” and jiggle jiggle make tummy wiggle. A little more. Yes. Good. Pooop almost unstuck.
I go OWARIDA!!! And i unleash kraken. I am now unstuck. Good. I am now trailblazer equiblirum 3
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2023.05.09 01:04 The_Bluejay250 it just keeps going and going

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2023.05.07 10:19 HAM1SH Mad pooper

This story is from about 3+ years ago, but it needs to be told.
At the end of October 2018, my boyfriend (25M) and I (25F) moved out of the place we were staying at with my boyfriends parents and in with a roommate (31M). (The roommate also happened to be family to my boyfriend)
Before we moved in we made a couple rules, the main ones being everybody clean up after themselves so nobody ever has to deal with a mess and nobody is allowed to smoke tobacco inside, outside on the patio is fine, but none inside (I was the only one of the three of us who smoked tobacco, and I always smoke outside, so it was an easy rule to follow)
The first month or so went fine, we all worked full time so we didn't cross paths too often, but by the end of November we started having issues.
He would never close his bedroom door, it stunk in there and he'd get mad at me if I closed it when I was home on my days off. He said the cat needed to be able to get in there. She didn't go in there when he wasnt home, ever. We weren't supposed to have animals, but he had a cat and was in the apartment before we moved in, we like cats, we didn't mind. But he said the washing machine lid needed to stay closed because the cat might jump in it (if you don't know, a washing machine should stay open or it will get mildew or mold, and smell disgusting, and make your clothes smell disgusting instead of washing them) that was a war.
And the most major issue, he didn't flush his own poops. Seems like an exaggeration, but i have messages saved from back then, my boyfriend and I discuss in one of these how we had each flushed someone else's shit around once a day, each. I don't know how often you poop, but by my calculations (using my own schedule as a gage) not only was this man taking two or three shits a day, he wasn't flushing any of them. This turned in to a battle where he called me disrespectful for asking him to flush his shits, and at one point he physically came at me (I pushed him back and he flailed away like a wet rag but not the point, I'm a 5 foot 5 woman and he's a 6 foot 2 man, and all I wanted was for him to respect us and flush his own poo)
The roommate acquired himself a girlfriend around mid-November when the girlfriend was over they would go to his room and have loud obnoxious conversations and louder more obnoxious sex. This was mostly fine, until we noticed that she was literally avoiding us, it got to a point where we started to suspect that maybe she was a teenager and he didn't want us to know he was a predator, or something. (I would like to note that when the girlfriend was in the apartment the roommate did actually flush his own shits.)
At one point I confronted him about his girlfriend being weirdly standoffish to us, and said she is allowed to come out of his room for air when we are around, we aren't going to attack her. He said she is scared of me because she has anxiety. (I myself have severe anxiety so I understand the feeling)
I let that go and decided there was no reason she needed to interact with us if she didn't want to.
Until the issues started with her, one night I went to go to the bathroom (his bedroom was right across from the bathroom) and when I exited the bathroom his bedroom door was wide open with her spread eagle on the bed and her vagina up and out pointing right towards the hallway. I said nothing about it that night, but reiterated to the roommate to shut his fucking door when they're fucking.
New Years arrives and I wake up on the first with a terrible hangover, smelling tobacco and bong water all through the apartment. The roommate and his "girlfriend" (it was around this time we found out that the girlfriend was a prostitute and he was actually just a client, which explained her behavior, although he maintains to this day that they were a couple) aren't in the apartment so I message him and ask why I smell tobacco. He says it was a "one time thing", she smoked tobacco and weed in his bong, she spilled it on his bed and it won't happen again. (The house rules apparently don't apply to hookers)
On January 5th, four days later, I am sitting in the living room, he has his door open as usual, and I hear the tell tale sounds of a bong being smoked. As I've said, I have bad anxiety, so, instead of getting up and knocking on the door or verbally saying anything, I message him "If she is taking tobacco bong tokes in the apartment, she can go outside" And add a gif of Bilbo from the Hobbit saying "And stay out!" Which I thought was quite funny myself. The next thing you know, without saying a word, she took her shoes and stomped out of the apartment, slamming the door on her way. Following that the roommate comes out of his room to tell me I ruined his life and he doesn't know if she will ever be coming back. (All because she couldn't go stand outside on the patio for 30 seconds to smoke)
This last incident turned in to a doozy, he threatened to unalive himself, we knew after that night we needed to leave, and we got out before the end of January 2019. Now we have lived in an apartment without roommates for 3.
((This is nowhere near everything I just didn't want to make this 200000x as long as it already is, I think I put most of it in there))
Edit to add: when he made that threat, we called 911.
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2023.05.06 00:13 ThekingofShibauni777 Twitter not fake

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2023.05.05 22:22 TheJawsDog Burn the place down, have a wonderful crap and just leave when the fire brigade get there.

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2023.05.05 18:50 OverallGamer696

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2023.04.30 19:36 intergalacticskyline The scammer in my DM's doesn't take my jenkem request seriously

The scammer in my DM's doesn't take my jenkem request seriously
I just need my fucking fix, I'm feining like a crack whore for some rancid jenkem 😭
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2023.04.26 21:47 UnusualWind5 A story so great, I had to share.

A story so great, I had to share.
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2023.04.24 15:08 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/ApexLegends recap for the week of April 17 - April 23

Monday, April 17 - Sunday, April 23


score comments title & link
829 146 comments Why can't Apex do this?
1 1 comments Found this Nessie on storm point and I was wondering if this is already been discovered
0 0 comments Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands


score comments title & link
2,706 422 comments The last two maps we got both followed the same theme which was a mix of Greenery and Rocks. Should the next new map follow the same theme or have a diffrent design to make it unique? I personally would like more of a Cyber Punk style map + Big POI's around the edge and small POI's in the middle.
2,043 417 comments We're only 4 months into 2023 and there are already six Collection Events. Previous years have this same amount of Collection Events spread out in just 12 months.
1,763 622 comments I’m over these collection events.
1,551 678 comments Current state of Apex is beyond tragic and as a person who enjoys playing solo - I am so close to deleting the game at this point.
1,480 168 comments Let's remember the best trailer ever made


score comments title & link
8,981 179 comments "He cooked bro" 🤣
4,950 140 comments Most toxic thing you can do with Vantage's ult
3,840 233 comments My consistency is unmatched with PK
2,463 71 comments well, that was close
2,383 251 comments solo lifeline vs trio


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4,074 254 comments Demon Slayer x Apex concept by artist @hunnypuzzle
3,736 124 comments [OC] Would my cat make a good legend?
2,677 81 comments Finisher ART PIECE #324 "Falling Down That Hill"
1,924 50 comments My homemade Amateur wattson cosplay
1,122 9 comments Wattson moment (artist @x_kawauso_x)


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9 1 comments Apex Item Shop Dt. Apr 18 2023 GMT
4 1 comments One hiding spot I never used before
2 0 comments Recommendation to get rid of heirloom-farming bots
1 1 comments Does your game feel like 60hz when using G-sync?
0 6 comments What are the best steps to take to progress?


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4 3 comments Take Off eSports is hosting scrims!
1 0 comments Apex Fusion Series Tournament #1 - 6 games ( 3SP + 3WE ) ALGS Points System


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5,864 106 comments New Universal Holospray, and I love it
4,647 86 comments "Appear Offline" - lol
2,903 64 comments If Fuze was American
2,069 88 comments It's rough for Octane too...
1,601 87 comments Lesson of the day: Don't charge at a bloodhound scan

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2,232 82 comments [Gameplay] I know my gunplay isn’t great but this is one of my favorite clips of all time
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1,704 403 comments [Gameplay] I pinged asking for the gold kd shield a few times, typed in chat asking teammate to drop it, and even dropped my own kd nearby as a sign and Oct does this in response
1,197 75 comments [Gameplay] Using Maggie’s ULT is sometimes like playing Russian Roulette (yes I’m bad)
1,182 33 comments [Gameplay] Saving the homies 😊
1,128 38 comments [Gameplay] I am Spider-Bot.
1,100 148 comments [Gameplay] Can't Leave, Can't Play. One teammate who's XP Farming. One never joined. Can't leave else banned for 10 minutes. :) So much fun.
1,095 394 comments [Question] Are lobbies full crossplay now? I’m on PC and got 2 console players on my team. Not upset about it btw, just wondering.

Top Comments

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665 Majselfy said >I know my gunplay isn’t great you just shot one time xD
448 iamzani said pretty much the ranked experience in a nutshell. Was 300 from masters last split, the experience has been the most mentally exhausting experience I have ever had in game. All the issues above become s...
385 Realseetras said It's an exploit. There was a removed video posted here a while back of someone doing the same exploit to get into silvegold ranked lobbies as a high diamond.
259 TheNobodyYouForgot said Just delete it honestly. It isn't getting better no matter how much people want to scream and cry about how it's "steadily improving."
256 MastaGibbetts said god i wanted you to get knocked so bad when it was your turn to finish him. would have been the cherry on top

Awarded Posts

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850 - 114 comments 1 Heartwarming [Discussion] Can't bring myself to play anymore.
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2023.04.21 20:29 Spare_Ad1017 Bug

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2023.04.21 07:25 rotten-cucumber Good guy

Good guy
Great hll player, nice man 100% tolerant
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2023.04.17 19:00 remotectrl Happy Bat Appreciation Day!

Bats are very interesting creatures! They are worth an estimated $23 billion in the US as natural pest control for agriculture. Additionally, they pollinate a lot of important plants including the durian and agave. Additionally, their feces has been used for numerous things and is very important to forest and cave ecosystems. Quantifying their economic significance is quite difficult but it makes for a good episode of RadioLab. There's a lot we can learn from them as well! Bats have already inspired new discoveries and advances in flight, robotics, medical technology, medicine, aging, and literature.
There are lots of reasons to care about bats. Unfortunately, like a lot of other animals, they are in decline and need our help. Some of the biggest threats comes from our own ignorance whether it’s sensational disease warnings, confusion of beneficial bats with vampires, or just irrational fear. And now fears and blame for covid-19 have set back bat conservation even further.
Bat Conservation International has a whole section on bat houses on their website. Most of their research is compiled in a book they publish called the Bat House Builder's Handbook that includes construction plans, placement tips, FAQs, and what bat species are likely to move in. It's a fantastic resource. An updated version came out recently as well and a lot of designs can be found online as PDFs. This covers the basics for what to look for when purchasing one. There are a few basic types of designs, which are covered in the handbook, and lots of venders sell variations of those, though most will require a little TLC before being put up (caulking, painting, etc). Dr Merlin Tuttle, founder of Bat Conservation International, distilled the key criteria better than I can hope to in his piece on bats and mosquito control. You can also garden to encourage bats!
If podcasts are your thing, I’d highly recommend checking out Alie Ward’s Ologies episode about Chiropterology with Dr Tuttle, but there are also episodes about bats from Bugs Need Heroes, Overheard at National Geographic, 99% Invisible, and This Podcast Will Kill You. If you like soothing British voices in your podcasts, BBC’s Animals That Made Us Smarter has a few episodes about bats (that’s a great all ages podcast). There’s an echolocation episode of BBC’s In Our Time, and the Bat Conservation Trust has an entire podcast called Bat Chats.
And finally, some more Bat gifs:
Thank you for subscribing and caring about bats!
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2023.04.16 22:30 SnookiWookieeCookie Let’s see what you guys think

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2023.04.16 19:47 HopperAlex "poop will save my toilet" lol.

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2023.04.15 07:21 A_Stinky_PeePee A video about a woman who drinks 3 Dr Peppers a day

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2023.04.14 11:58 BlockchainDaemon Goblintown Creator Trashes NFT Artwork, Disables Trading in Royalties Stand

Truth Labs, the creator of the Goblintown Ethereum NFT collection that went viral as the NFT market slumped last year, has been accused of "rugging" holders this week by changing all of the project's artwork into animated GIFs of a middle finger holding up three additional middle fingers.
"Fuck royalties. Fuck supporting building and creatives. Flipping is the heart of what makes Web3 special. Honor the flipper, fuck the community. Long live the slow rug," all 10,000 of the animated NFTs now read.
The change comes amid an ongoing stand by Truth Labs in favor of enforcing creator royalties, following recent changes by top marketplaces Blur and OpenSea to only enforce a minimum 0.5% creator royalty fee for many projects. A creator royalty is a fee attached to a secondary market sale of an NFT, and typically ranges between 5% to 10% of the sale price.
Starting today, metadata for all u/goblintown, u/secretsociety, u/The187 and Grumpls has been refreshed. We are upgrading the contracts for all ERC-721’s in the Truth ecosystem. — Truth Labs (@truth) April 11, 2023
The sarcastic and facetious tone appears to represent the company's view of a broad shift among some traders that no longer honor full creator royalty amounts when selling NFTs—and perhaps also the marketplaces that enable such behavior.
In addition to the artwork change, Truth Labs announced Thursday that it had disabled any bidding, listing, or trading of Goblintown NFTs on OpenSea and Blur as the company prepares to move its NFTs to new smart contract that fully enforces creator royalty payments on-chain. Smart contracts hold the code that power autonomous decentralized apps (dapps), as well as NFT projects.
Truth Labs said that it will automatically airdrop a new version of each affected NFT—with the original artwork—to holders' wallets by the end of the day on Sunday.
Bidding, listing, buying, and selling on Blur and Opensea have been disabled for u/goblintown, u/secretsociety, u/the187, Grumpls. The holder snapshot is taking place now and any buys, sells, or transfers that occur from now until the completion of the airdrop are high risk and… — Truth Labs (@truth) April 13, 2023
"Rugs" are typically described as projects that creators have abandoned or failed to live up to promises with. Truth Labs hasn't done that, but the sudden artwork change and trading limits aren't sitting well with all holders. The company also did the same with its other, less prominent NFT collections, including IlluminatiNFT, The 187, and Grumpls.
Truth Labs did not immediately respond to Decrypt's request for comment.
Goblins, Nihilism and Poop: Here’s What’s Going On With Ethereum NFTs
Why does this matter? Truth Labs wants to preserve creator royalties and continue to receive its chosen percentage of revenue from all secondary sales of its NFTs—a sentiment that many other creators, projects, industry figures, and even NFT marketplaces have echoed in recent months amid disruption in the NFT space.
Starting last summer, new marketplaces undercut the long-standing practice of honoring full creator royalty fees, grabbing away market share by luring away users with less expensive trades. As a result, more established marketplaces eventually followed suit as their once-dominant market share disappeared.
Blur Overtakes OpenSea as Ethereum NFT Trading Skyrockets
Royalties can be a considerable revenue source for NFT creators, especially on once-trendy collections like Goblintown. The project has seen over $101 million worth of trading volume to date per data from CryptoSlam, although the vast majority of that came in May and June 2022 shortly after the initially free NFT mint.
"We as a team are committed to enforcing a royalty level that makes farming an unprofitable activity. All Truth collections will have 5% royalty going forward," Truth Labs wrote on Tuesday. "Farming" is a reference to Blur's NFT marketplace, which rewards traders for flipping NFTs, but is seen by some in the industry as a form of market manipulation.
Although the royalties debate is contentious among NFT creators and collectors, Truth's move to support royalties hasn't been well received by many Goblintown holders. Some have accused the team of failing to provide "value" to Goblintown owners, as well as engaging in "centralized decision-making."
"Not giving your holders the chance to [make] this decision goes against the ethos of this space," tweeted ArtsDAO co-founder Rahim Mahtab in response to the news. Another Twitter user called the trading halt "unacceptable," adding, "Go back to Web2."
Goblintown started as a blasé, devil-may-care project designed to embrace toilet humor, as well as the degeneracy and debauchery of NFT traders and the subculture that's emerged around it. But today's move has some collectors wondering why its creators expect them to play by their rules.
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