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I 27F and 25M both like each other but we are long distance

2023.06.01 20:23 ThrowRA52345 I 27F and 25M both like each other but we are long distance

25M is in the military, works in a secure setting that doesn't allow him to have his phone during work hours. we are currently a few states apart.
He has had two serious relationships. He was cheated on in both. He was long distance with one and got cheated on. He told me he doesn't want to do long distance.
While spending time together, I asked him 'what is the point of this if you don't want to do long distance?' he said because there's a super high chance they'll be relocating him back to the state I currently live in and then we would be able to have a relationship.
BUT he doesn't want to do long distance because 1. he is a bad texter and 2. he tried it once and he really got hurt over it (cheated on). so for him, that is now his boundary--we have to be in the same vicinity.
He said it is easy for him to detach himself from other people because he moves around so much. Like he has gotten so good at ghosting people. I asked him why? He said it's a def mechanism--like if he's constantly moving because of the military, he'll get hurt when he establishes ties that are too close. friend or relationship does not matter. He told me when someone starts caring about him, then it scares him because then he starts caring about them and that essentially ruins his ability to protect himself.
I told him well since you don't like getting close to people, I don't want to get too emotionally invested in you because it's just going to hurt me in the end. He said 'well, yes but if I move back here, then we would be able to probably work it out'
He was on a boys trip and I was going to work--none of us thought we would meet one another and connect the way we did. He told me i threw wrenches into everything and bringing up all these emotions of his. And now he's just overthinking it all and doing all these calcs in his head to see what the probability of this working out is. He was like why did I meet you because now you've also set the standard so high and I'm going to compare every girl to you
I think this situation really caught him off guard and now he doesn't know how to deal with these feelings
Assuming he moves back here (very high chance he will be but also small chance he'll be sent to Germany), we are still going to be two hours away from one another. And as a result, that is still sort of long distance. And if he isn't able to have that constant communication over text or call right now...when he is in a different state...isn't that just proof that even when we are in the same state, long distance still wouldn't work out?
We would only be able to see one another on weekends.
If he can't make me a priority right now and doesn't want to do long distance, then doesn't it just show that it isn't going to work even when he relocates to the same state as me?
Do I let go of this?
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2023.06.01 20:05 RFC2001 Rebooking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 - WrestleMania 40 - Part 43 (Long)

Unforgiven 2006 (Raw)
Date: 17/9/06
Location: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Jeff Hardy
(Jeff Hardy returns to the WWE after being away for 3 years the night after SummerSlam and immediately sets his sight on the Intercontinental Championship. Shelton Benjamin says that Hardy is going to wish he never came back after he embarrasses him at Unforgiven. Jeff Hardy wins the championship in his first big match back in the company to end Shelton’s 10 month reign as champion.)
Kane vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada
(An angry Kane wants revenge on Umaga for costing him the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. The Big Red Monster challenges The Samoan Bulldozer to a match at Unforgiven, promising to unleash vengeance. Armando Estrada accepts on Umaga’s behalf and promises that he’ll destroy Kane to remain undefeated. Umaga wins thanks to a distraction from Estrada.)
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
Carlito & Chris Masters (c) vs The Highlanders vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs D-Generation X
Women’s Championship:
Lita (c) vs Trish Stratus
(Trish Stratus announces that she’s retiring at Unforgiven but wants to bow out in style in her hometown of Toronto so she calls out Lita and challenges her to one final battle. Lita accepts the challenge and says that it’ll be a privilege to beat Trish in her last match while embarrassing her in front of her own people. Trish Stratus forces Lita to submit to The Sharpshooter and wins the Women’s Championship for the last time, bowing out in style the way she dreamed. Trish receives a standing ovation from the Toronto crowd as she heads to the back.)
Ric Flair vs Randy Orton
(The Legend Killer continues attacking his former mentor after SummerSlam even despite winning because that old man just refuses to stay down when he should for his own good. An angry Flair challenges Orton to another match here, Orton accepts.)
Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWE Championship:
Edge (c) vs John Cena
(With Rob Van Dam being out of the picture, John Cena challenges Edge to put the WWE Championshipon the line against him. Cena says apart from Edge’s cowardly act at New Year’s Revolution, him and Edge are even in a one on one capacity with The Rated R Superstar winning at WrestleMania and Cena winning at Backlash. Edge says that he’ll accept as long as it’s all on his terms meaning he gets to pick when it happens and also gets to pick the stipulation which Cena says is fine. Edge says it’s going to be at Unforgiven in his hometown of Toronto. The match? A match he made famous… Tables, Ladders and Chairs! Cena vows to shut Edge up and regain top spot on Raw, even if it means beating Edge in his type of environment. During the match, Lita interferes but she receives an FU from John Cena. Edge meanwhile sneaks up the ladder but Cena climbs up and gets to him on time, delivers an FU to Edge through two tables and retrieves the WWE Championship! Unforgiven draws to a close with John Cena back on top.)
(Trish Stratus vacates the Women’s Championship the night after Unforgiven and thanks the fans who give her an unbelievable ovation with Thank You Trish chants.)
(John Cena beats Edge in a rematch on the Raw after Unforgiven in a Steel Cage match despite Edge recruiting Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch because DX even the numbers.)
(Edge hosts The Cutting Edge and forms an alliance with Randy Orton. Rated-RKO is born!)
(Sabu returns and wins the ECW Championship against The Sandman.)
No Mercy 2006 (SmackDown)
Date: 8/10/06
Location: RBC Center, Raleigh, North Carolina
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Super Crazy
WWE Tag Team Championship:
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs The Pitbulls
Submission Match for the United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs William Regal
I Quit Match:
Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero
(Rey Mysterio demands answers and wants to know why on earth has Chavo Guerrero turned his back on him. Chavo says it’s really an easy thing to explain. He says that Rey was leeching off Eddie’s name when it should’ve been him and it makes him feel sick to his stomach. Chavo says he’s better than Rey and Eddie was too. Rey says all he did was honour his friend and win the title his late friend also earned before passing away and all Chavo is doing is spitting in the face of people like Eddie by taking his dedication of being World Champion away from him. Chavo challenges Rey to a match at No Mercy to prove he’s better than him. Rey accepts and the stakes are upped when Teddy Long announces it’ll be an I Quit Match. During the match, Chavo injures Rey’s knee and does so much damage with a steel chair to the point Rey has no choice but to say I Quit.)
The Undertaker vs Mr.Kennedy
(Mr.Kennedy wants to make a name for himself so he calls out The Undertaker although gets ignored by The Deadman. Kennedy takes matters into his own hands and attacks The Undertaker on an episode of SmackDown during a match against Finlay and finally draws his attention. Kennedy says The Undertaker no longer ignoring him is what he wants and demands a match at No Mercy. The Undertaker accepts and tells Kennedy he’s tried him so now he’ll make him famous and also tells him that he’s just dug an unnecessary grave for himself. The Undertaker is about to win until a debuting MVP provides a distraction to the referee. This allows Kennedy to smash Taker over the head with a chair before pinning him to escape with the victory.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Booker T (c) w/Sharmell vs Bobby Lashley vs Batista
(Batista and Bobby Lashley face in a SummerSlam rematch on SmackDown but this time to determine the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Booker T interferes, attacks both men and causes a no contest thinking it’ll mean he doesn’t have to face either man. Teddy Long however has news for Booker T and tells him his tactics have backfired because at No Mercy, he’ll be facing both men! Booker T is furious but Teddy Long tells him it’s his no one’s fault but his own. Booker T accuses Teddy of abusing power but says he’ll retain because he’s the best on SmackDown, Bobby Lashley says this is the opportunity he’s wanted and promises to take the chance with both hands. Batista says he never lost the World Heavyweight Championship and promises that it’s only a matter of time before he’s once again the top dog on SmackDown. Finlay interferes during the match and smashes Bobby Lashley over the head with his Shillelagh. This allows Booker T to capitalise and pin Lashley to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Batista delivers a Batista Bomb to the World Champion and signals this is far from over as No Mercy draws to a close.)
Cyber Sunday 2006 (Raw)
Date: 5/11/06
Location: U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cryme Tyme vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Carlito vs Chris Masters
(Chris Masters turns on Carlito after they lose their tag team title rematch against DX. This turns Carlito face in the process. Carlito says what Masters done wasn’t cool but what will be cool is him kicking his ass and beating him right in the middle of the ring. Masters says Carlito was the weak link of the group who he protected for months.)
Two-out-of-Three Falls Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Jeff Hardy (c) vs Shelton Benjamin (2-0)
Vacant Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs Lita
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
D-Generation X (c) vs Rated-RKO (By Disqualification)
(Edge and Randy Orton after forming an alliance immediately set their sights on the World Tag Team Championship . Edge says DX are nothing but a disease who are the reason he isn’t the WWE Champion meanwhile Randy Orton says Shawn Michaels is a legend he’s yet to take care of and he’s never forgotten about or gotten over Triple H turning his back on him when they were in Evolution together. DX say Edge and Orton are without doubt two of the biggest cry baby bitches in the whole company and will take nothing but pride punching their teeth down their throats at Cyber Sunday. DX are about to win after Triple H Pedigrees Randy Orton but Edge smashes The Game over the head with a chair which causes a disqualification. Edge and Orton attack DX with chairs and leave them in a bloody mess.)
Loser Leaves Raw Match:
Kane vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada
(Umaga wins clean to close out the feud and send Kane to SmackDown.)
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Rob Van Dam
(Rob Van Dam returns from suspension and asks John Cena for his one on one rematch. Cena says not only is he a fighting champion but he also has a point to prove seeing as Van Dam beat him at One Night Stand and their match at Vengeance didn’t have a clear winner so he accepts. Van Dam offers Cena to up the stakes further by making their match a Falls Count Anywhere Match and Cena accepts. John Cena retains after delivering an FU to Van Dam through 2 tables and redeems his loss from ECW One Night Stand. Both men shake hands after the match to close out the feud.)
(Rey Mysterio goes away to have knee surgery and is out for the foreseeable.)
(The ECW Roster cause chaos during a match between The Undertaker and MVP on SmackDown, destroy both men and others on the roster and do the same on Raw during a match between Edge and Shawn Michaels, making their message clear.)
Survivor Series 2006
Date: 26/11/06
Location: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs Chavo Guerrero
(After beating Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero says he’s restored pride and dignity back into the Guerrero name. Chavo is interrupted by Chris Benoit, a man Chavo thinks will be on his side. Benoit however tells Chavo that if he thinks he’s on his side after what he did to Rey Mysterio then he’s sorely mistaken. He tells Chavo what he did to Rey was disgusting, not what Eddie would want and Chavo is doing nothing but living in Eddie’s shadow. This enrages Chavo to the point he attacks Benoit and demands a match for the United States Championship so he can take something from him too like he did Rey Mysterio when he cost him the World Heavyweight Championship. Benoit retains after Chavo submits to The Crossface.)
Intercontinental Championship:
Jeff Hardy (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Johnny Nitro w/Melina vs Carlito
Title vs Career Match for the Women’s Championship:
Lita (c) vs Mickie James
(Lita says Trish Stratus retiring is hilarious and jokingly says if she loses to Mickie James at Survivor Series, she’ll retire. Mickie then dares Lita to actually put her career on the line against her at Survivor Series. Lita says she’s that confident seeing as she’s beating Mickie twice already that she accepts. Mickie James finally beats Lita to win the Women’s Championship and ends Lita’s career. Lita leaves to a chorus of boos and gets taunted by the crowd with goodbye chants. Cryme Tyme do NOT sl*t shame her.)
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Jimmy Wang Yang
World Heavyweight Championship:
Booker T (c) w/Sharmell vs Batista
(Batista says that he can’t stand Booker T and wants to face him one on one at Survivor Series. Booker T says no and has nothing to prove but Teddy Long grants Batista his wish after making a case that Batista hasn’t had his one on one rematch for the title he never lost. Booker T is furious and Batista tells him his days as World Heavyweight Champion are numbered since he’s never lost a singles match for a title. Booker T tries heel tactics and Sharmell tries to help too but their tactics backfire, Batista is prepared and counters, delivers a Batista Bomb and pins Booker T to win the World Heavyweight Championship.)
Survivor Series Tag Team Match:
Team SmackDown (The Undertaker, Kane, Bobby Lashley, Mr.Kennedy & MVP) vs Team ECW (Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, CM Punk & The Big Show) vs Team Raw (John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton & Edge)
(Paul Heyman says that ECW invaded Raw and SmackDown because he wants to establish the fact that ECW is well and truly back and can hang in the big leagues, even if it means causing a war. Teams are filled with men who can’t stand each other and this night is all about if they can get along and win for their brand. There’s plenty of chaos and fighting amongst the teams since Cena & DX hate Orton & Edge, Taker & Kane hate MVP & Kennedy, Sabu hates Dreamer. The match comes down to Rob Van Dam and Edge. Van Dam has the upper hand until Randy Orton RKO’s him and his partner Edge capitalises to win this match for Team Raw in a very fun and chaotic affair.)
(Sole Survivor: Edge)
December to Dismember 2006 (ECW)
Date: 3/12/06
Location: James Brown Arena, Augusta, Georgia
Extreme Rules Match:
Balls Mahoney vs Elijah Burke
Hardcore Holly vs The Great Khali w/Daivari
Extreme Rules Match:
The Hardy Boyz vs MNM w/Melina
Justin Credible vs Marcus Cor Von
Stevie Richards vs Test
Elimination Chamber Match for the ECW Championship:
Sabu (c) vs The Big Show vs The Sandman vs Tommy Dreamer vs CM Punk vs Rob Van Dam
(The Big Show leaves the company after this event to rest up seeing as he’s burned out from all the travelling.)
Armageddon 2006 (SmackDown)
Date: 17/12/06
Location: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia
Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship:
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs MNM vs Finlay & William Regal vs The Hardy Boyz
(Poor Joey Mercury still gets his nose broke here.)
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Jimmy Wang Yang
Bobby Lashley vs Finlay w/Little Bastard
(Bobby Lashley wants revenge on Finlay for costing him the World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy for Theodore Long announces that they’ll face off at Armageddon. Lashley wins here and is then traded to Monday Night Raw.)
United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs Chavo Guerrero w/Vickie Guerrero
(After losing at Survivor Series, Chavo Guerrero continues to attack Chris Benoit since he can’t accept what Benoit said about him living in Eddie’s shadow. Chavo gets Vickie Guerrero involved and Vickie says to Benoit that perhaps what he’s saying is true but Chavo’s heart is in the right place. Vickie comes to her senses and slaps Chavo which helps Chris Benoit retain as he locks in The Crossface and Chavo taps.)
Kane vs MVP
No Holds Barred Match:
The Undertaker vs Mr.Kennedy
(Mr. Kennedy continues attacking The Undertaker and claims beating him wasn’t enough, he wants to finish him. Kennedy claims Taker is nothing but smoke and mirrors nowadays, has reached a point someone needs to put him down and that man is MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR… GONG! Taker Chokeslam’s Kennedy and tells him they’ll face off at Armageddon in a No Holds Barred Match! Taker also tells Kennedy his fate will be sealed for good at Armageddon and he’s going to put an end to this for good. The Undertaker wins in a brutal affair.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista (c) vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(Booker T invokes his rematch clause and promises to win back the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista says he’s just getting started when it comes to being back on top of the food chain on SmackDown and promises just like at Survivor Series, he’ll kick Booker T’s ass to end 2006 on a high. Batista retains the title even despite Sharmell’s best attempts yet again to help Booker T win the title back.)
And that’s part 43 over and done with! 2006 is officially in the history books with 2007 just around the corner. I’ll be back tomorrow for part 44 where we’ll see Triple H injure his quad again, an iconic Royal Rumble match and the biggest threat to The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak in years. Stay safe and stay tuned!
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2023.06.01 20:02 DTG_Bot This Week At Bungie - 06/01/2023

Source: https://www.bungie.net/7/en/News/Article/06_01_2023_twab
Happy TWABsday, Guardians! How are you doing!? How many fish have you caught? Have you skedaddled through the dungeon yet? What’s your favorite thing so far about the Season? What about... [deep breaths] Ok, ok, it's time to calm down. It’s just something special to see all your social posts tackling Ghosts of the Deep, working with Sloane, and did I mention fishing already? It gets us pretty hyped.
Anyhoo, let’s get back on topic. Here is what we shared last week and what we are going to read about today.
Last week in TWAB:
  • Marathon was announced!
  • Our new PlayStation crossover.
  • Guardian Games has concluded.
  • Save the Dates for Season of the Deep!
  • Cutscenes for days.
  • Guardian Ranks reminder.
  • Aquanaut is now available.
This week we’ve got:
  • Ghosts of the Deep recap.
  • Dungeon-themed items in the Bungie Store.
  • [email protected] announcement.
  • M:\START
  • Prime Gaming update.
  • The weekly update from the Player Support Team.
  • Weekly Art of the Week and Movie of the week picks. ##The Dungeon
Image Linkimgur
Were you one of the Guardians who dove deep into a Titan Archology only to arrive face to face with the Lucent Hive? Did the Lightbearer Knights, Ogres, and Wizards show as a blip on your radar only to be taken down by your fireteam in a blaze of (insert your favorite subclass here) energy? And how was your battle with Šimmumah ur-Nokru? Did you rise from the waters in your shiny new armor with your fancy new weapons ready to fight on?
Your will has been tested yet again, and you have triumphed. Congratulations Guardians, you deserve this victory lap.

New Bungie Rewards

Speaking of the dungeon and its sweet, sweet rewards, we now have the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon hoodie, Ghoul title pin, and Ghosts of the Deep dungeon pins available for purchase! These Bungie Rewards will be available only to players who complete the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon by August 22, 2023, at 9:59 AM PDT.
Image Linkimgur
Don’t know what Bungie Rewards are? When you complete Triumphs, collections, and in-game challenges you unlock collectibles for purchase from the Bungie Store that celebrate your hard-earned achievements. Head on over to this page to learn more!

[email protected]

Image Linkimgur
Eyes up, Guardian. It’s June, and June is Pride month here in the States, so just as we have in the past, be sure to keep your eyes on the blog for future Pride updates coming soon.
But, if you’re feeling festive and want to do something rad for a good cause with a cool reward, head on over to [bung.ie/pride](bung.ie/pride) to earn The Infinite Prismatic emblem for a $10 donation. All funds raised during the month of June will do directly to the It Gets Better Project.


You all may have seen this on Twitter already, but we wanted to make sure you saw we released a Marathon themed emblem in Destiny 2 for all players today. Go redeem it now!
Image Linkimgur

Prime Gaming Update

Welcome to the latest Prime Gaming update. It’s finally time for me to give up the skedaddle shenanigans and let you in on where that came from. This month we are vanishing into thin air, and then transmatting out with our Ghost and skedaddling on over to the next fishing hole.
Image Linkimgur
  • Ninja Vanish emote
  • Redline Ghost Shell
  • Skedaddle Legendary Sparrow
  • The Deep Ghost Projection
If you don’t know what Prime Gaming is, you can check out our article and learn more!

Player Support Report

Aquanauts, assemble!
Image Linkimgur
The Player Support team is back this week and ready to share with you the most recent update of known issues in the Deep and beyond.
Known Issues List Help Forum Bungie Help Twitter


Players experiencing issues accessing the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon should be aware of the following vital information:
  • Players must acquire the Rise quest from Hawthorne in the Tower in order to launch into the dungeon for the first time.
  • Ownership of the Lightfall Dungeon Key is required. This is included in the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition or can alternatively be purchased on its own through the Eververse store. It is not included with purchase of Season of the Deep.
  • Players missing their Dungeon Key from purchase of the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition need to log into Destiny 2 on the platform where that purchase was made to unlock the Dungeon Key on their account. At this point it will be available on all platforms linked through Cross Save.
  • Dungeon Keys are applied to individual Bungie accounts and cannot be game shared.
Anyone still experiencing issues that do not fall into one of the above categories can reach out to us via our Missing Eververse or Add-On Item contact form where we can investigate further.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum.
  • Some players are unable to give out Commendations.
  • Players can get stuck outside of the final boss arena after self-reviving in the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon.
  • The Hive symbols in the side rooms of the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon’s final encounter do not respawn within an encounter cycle if a player dies before depositing their Vestige. They will re-appear as expected once players have completed a damage phase.
  • The Sunbracers Exotic Warlock gloves are not extending the duration of Solar grenades.
  • The cooldown timer for The Navigator Exotic Trace Rifle's catalyst is missing a description and will display as a blank timer when activated.
  • Getting frozen while using the Arbor Warden Exotic Titan chest can sometimes cause players to lose the Barri-nade class ability. Respawning after player death or unequipping and re-equipping the Exotic will restore the intended class ability.
  • Getting kills with Skyburner's Oath and Vesper of Radius is causing larger explosions than intended.
  • Some Iron Banner weapons are missing their glare in the Crucible.
  • The Athrys's Embrace Exotic Hunter arms does not display the "Strengthened Heavy Knife" popup when activated in the Crucible. Players should note the Exotic is still working as intended, it is only the visual indicator that is missing.
  • Guarding with the Arc Staff super while using the Blight Ranger Exotic Hunter head is consuming extra Super energy.
  • The Stronghold Exotic Titan arms are not always granting the Restoration buff when expected.
  • The new Season of the Deep Exotics are not dropping from the Vex Strike Force activity.
For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article . Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help Forum.

Instructions Unclear

Bruno: So, you all really liked fishing. Please, just follow the tutorial and do it as we told you. Use baits that are safe. Don't try to push other Guardians in the pond with Swords nor Sparrows. We are not liable for any accident that may occur.
Movie of the Week: Instructions unclear
Video Link

Come on Guardian, Let’s Go Party

Hippy: Who knew that the trailer for the upcoming Barbie movie would be such epic meme fodder for the Destiny 2 community? There were a few incredible (and funny!) spins on this but since we’re deep into Season 21, and our favorite Motes master is back in the spotlight, let’s check in on ‘ol Drifter, shall we?
Art of the Week: Barbie meets Destiny 2
Very excited for The Final Shape #Destiny2Art #barbie pic.twitter.com/qh0s9yX0Zt
— (sana) drxgony COMMISSIONS : OPEN (@drxgony) May 28, 2023
Bonus Art of the Week: A Guardian in the wild
And with that - it's finished![#Destiny2Cosplay](https://twitter.com/hashtag/Destiny2Cosplay?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw) #Destiny2Art #Destiny2 pic.twitter.com/xTZoiJpiw0
[email protected]@h (@LooksLikeVespa) May 28, 2023
And there we have it Guardians, this week’s TWAB. Being just two weeks into the Season, there is plenty to do, even more fashion choices to go through, and so many fish to catch. Also, who can tell me which Pulse Rifle or Scout Rifle is your favorite this Season? I’m an Outbreak player through and through, but this is the Season of “Sam changes it up,” so any and all suggestions are welcome.
Alright, it’s time for us to skedaddle, but we wanted to share one more thing. Before you click, just as a quick note, there are no plans to unleash these giga-Screebs on you in the live game... for now.

Stay Crafty,
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2023.06.01 19:57 SprigganApologist New player, can never seem to avoid an immediate alert spiral in labs. Help requested

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2023.06.01 19:20 Major-Chance-2512 492 to 517 Guide

First I will show all of the statistics from practice.
FL Scores:
AAMC FL1 [Diagnostic] (8/20/2022) 492 (120/125/124/123)
KAPLAN FL1 (9/24/2022) 502 (125/124/126/127)
KAPLAN FL2 (11/12/2022) 505 (126/124/126/127)
KAPLAN FL3 (11/26/2022) 508 (127/125/126/130)
KAPLAN FL4 (12/3/2022) 505 (124/126/126/129)
KAPLAN FL5 (12/10/2022) 504 (126/125/125/128)
KAPLAN FL6 (12/30/2022) 505 (125/127/125/128)
KAPLAN FL7 (1/14/2023) 504 (126/125/125/128)
KAPLAN FL8 (1/23/2023) 501 (125/124/126/126)
KAPLAN FL9 (1/28/2023) 506 (126/126/127/127)
KAPLAN FL10 (2/4/2023) 507 (125/127/128/127)
KAPLAN FL11 (2/11/2023) 505 (126/125/128/126)
AAMC FL2 (2/25/2023) 512 (128/127/128/129)
AAMC Unscored (3/11/2023) 512 (126/130/127/129) **Scored with Blueprint Sample Test Calc
AAMC FL3 (3/26/2023) 513 (129/126/130/128)
AAMC FL4 (4/08/2023) 514 (127/127/130/130)
AAMC FL5 (4/22/2023) 510 (127/126/128/129)
OFFICIAL EXAM (4/29/2023) 517 (128/129/129/131)

Avg KAPLAN = 504.7 (125.5/125.3/126.3/127.6)
Avg AAMC = 512.2 (127.4/127.2/128.6/129)

Behavioral Science (76%)
Biochemistry (68%)
Biology (74%)
General Chemistry (70%)
Organic Chemistry (69%)
Physics (69%)
CARS (belongs in the dumpster)

AAMC Materials:
Bio Qpack1, Vol1 (86%)
Cars Diag Tool (67%) **[this was done markedly earlier in my study period than any other AAMC material]
Chem Qpack (88%)
Physics Qpack (89%)
CARS Vol 1 (73%) first half dramatically harder!
CARS Vol 2 (86%)
Independent Qbank (formerly flashcards) [Overall] (85%)
Official Guide to MCAT [B/B (87%)] [C/P (77%)] [P/S (93%)] [CARS (83%)]
Section Bank [B/B (80%)] [C/P (73%)] [P/S (82%)]
Beginning Stages (Sept - Dec):
Started off with KAPLAN Videos for content review. Found these very helpful because they were short, easy to sit through, and tested your knowledge at the beginning/end of each topic. The books were just too long and boring tbh.
Also Started Milesdown in Nov, aiming for ~100 cards/day.
Used Khan Academy on very few occasions.
I was studying around 1-2 hrs/day at this time period.
UDongle Stage (Dec - Mar):
Once the Kaplan Videos were done, I was just left with Kaplan Qbank (probably the worst resource I had access to) and KAPLAN FLs.
Started Uheadache in Dec. I used untimed with review, which goes so much slower, but I believe this is better for the beginning because it puts more emphasis on the content review aspect of Uranus.
Middle of Jan I transitioned to timed without review on Ujungle. I would mark this as the definite end of a focus on content review.
Beginning of Mar I got sick of Milesdown Anki so I just stopped lol (never made it through the whole deck).
Probably studying 2-3 hrs/day average in this stage.
AAMC Stage (Feb - Apr 22)
Ran out of KAPLAN so I moved to AAMC FLs.
Ran out of Umonkeys so I moved to AAMC material.
Started with Qbanks, then CARS packs, then Section Bank and Official Guide.
Studying 2-3 hrs/day.
Final Days:
Reviewed the Kaplan Quicksheets.
Practiced C/P and P/S with Altius section tests (free).
Tips for review:
In the beginning, review everything meticulously and make sure you really understand topics that you are missing. If you're studying over 6-7 months like I did, I can guarantee that whatever you study at the beginning will quickly escape your brain if it doesn't constantly come up in review. The most frustrating part about this whole process for me was reviewing some topic in-depth, and two weeks later I see it on an FL. I answer the question without even knowing that I had reviewed it two weeks prior until I check through my notes for an entirely different reason.
Tips for C/P:
I want to emphasize how important it is to really understand what the question is asking. The passage can sometimes make a simple question seem complicated so if you are confused with a question, the first thing I would do is go back and read the question again like you've never seen it before.
Tips for CARS:
The best method of improvement is practice. The only advice I can offer for fast results is to try to force yourself to really be interested in the passage. Don't think about the questions while you're reading, just listen to what the author is saying.
Tips for P/S:
Flashcards... Flashcards... Flashcards... Also, I think being good at CARS is particularly helpful for this section as it seems they are shifting towards more text and less graphical figures.
Important Note:
It will be very tempting to quickly google things during FLs. Just remember that googling will distort your true score. Logically, it doesn't make much sense. It makes you doubt your good scores, feel extra bad about low scores, and you're going to go back and review anyway so what's the point? Source: I googled at least a few question on every FL :( [less toward the end though :)]
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2023.06.01 18:43 Kyaptehn So, about the current abyss......

Anyone else think that the current abyss is designed to simply piss you off?
First, they start with 2 cryo heralds, which i think even with a pure pyro team still takes a fuckton of time to do. The only "quick" solution to it is sunfire Jean and that heavily limits your team as it takes 2 units i.e. jean and bennett. Because as of today there is no pyro unit that applies pyro as fast as xingqiu applies hydro. Not to mention if you don't dodge ALL of the hits, you will get permafrozen and die quicker than teppei. So shields? Sure you don't take damage but ain't dealin' em as well and wow would you look at the time.
Second, they put the thunderbird and oh boy you would wonder how it gets worse. with melee attack sometimes miss cuz it flies (i mean why not right?), it constantly teleports, and don't get me started on the homing lightning pillar thing. At least they put the chicken in which is a solid boss.
and lastly, third, yes it gets worse. I think by far this is the stupidest, most brainless chamber they ever made. So first half, the cancer beasts, they are tankier than all of the weekly bosses, moves way too much to the point where it sometimes pushes you off, glitches you by sending you flying, or one just dashes off to the other side of the arena and when you run to it you will end up running out of stam and from then on your just dead. But oh no why stop there, with little time left because of the tanky wriggly pair of nutsacks on the first half. They put the Inquisitor, that has four different elemental shields, and each time they get destroyed he would pop another DIFFERENT SHIELD that completely messes your rotations and completely wastes your time. By the third shield you destroy he goes to a vulnerable state....... FOR 5 FUCKING SECONDS. BRO EVEN I LAST TWICE AS LONGER DURING SEX LIKE COME ON.
Anyways. Thank you for reading my shitty rant. At this point I think hoyoverse just wants genshin to die because they fixed almost every problem genshin has but in another game, the current update is just TCG like dude that's not genshin impact at least with non combat events you get to run around the open world, and from the looks of it the next update doesn't have a new character or even a new weapon? (correct me if im wrong).
So basically what i'm trying to say is.... After seeing how Star Rail is. Genshin? Kinda shit now innit?
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2023.06.01 18:19 Dear-Adhesiveness-64 Dream come true.

Dream come true.
This is In regards to first arc free promotion officially ending.. I have been playing this game on and off since 2012 and I finally conpleted first arc on 3 wizards this past month.. I'm not one of those who are not willing to pay anything to play infact I have been trying to buy the membership but I couldn't because PayPal isn't available in my country and kingsisle wouldn't accept my cards. This has been my dream for so long and it has made me excited and wanting for more (second arc and so on).. hopefully I'll get to max level someday.. but this post was just me being happy... Btw really proud of my storm (the stats).
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2023.06.01 17:30 True_Till6259 Now get points for gems - deck of fate

Now get points for gems - deck of fate submitted by True_Till6259 to RaidShadowLegends [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 17:10 nierrein-guide [NOTICE] Monthly Premium Shop Update

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation. This is a message from the management team.
Monthly Premium Shop are now available for purchase as of Jun. 1 0:00 PST.

Sale Duration

Jun. 1 0:00 - Jun. 30 23:59 PST

Monthly Mission Packs

Special Monthly Mission Pack
Mission Details
Obtainable Items
Clear Daily Challenge 1 time
Free Gems x500
Clear Daily Challenge 10 times
Free Gems x1,000
Clear Daily Challenge 20 times
Free Gems x1,500
Achieve a score rank of S1 in Subjugations
Insignia of Quality x2
Achieve a score rank of SS1 in Subjugations
Zenith's Brilliance x1
Achieve a score rank of SSS1 in Subjugations
Black Pearl x1
Play 10 Arena matches
Free Gems x500
Play 30 Arena matches
Free Gems x1,000
Achieve 500th place in Arena rankings
Free Gems x1,500
Clear Fate Board Event Quests 1 time
Insignia of Skill x1
Clear Fate Board Event Quests 3 times
Zenith's Brilliance x1
Clear Fate Board Event Quests 5 times
Black Pearl x1
Monthly Mission Pack A
Mission Details
Obtainable Items
Clear quests 10 times
Free Gems x3,060
Clear quests 100 times
Skip Ticket x100
Clear quests 200 times
Skip Ticket x100
Clear quests 300 times
Skip Ticket x100
Clear quests 400 times
Skip Ticket x100
Clear quests 500 times
Skip Ticket x150
Clear quests 700 times
Skip Ticket x200
Clear quests 1,000 times
Skip Ticket x250
Clear quests 1,500 times
Skip Ticket x500
Monthly Mission Pack B
Mission Details
Obtainable Items
Log in 1 day
Free Gems x3,060
Log in 2 days
Small Stamina Recovery x200
Log in 3 days
Ruby x50
Log in 4 days
Aquamarine x50
Log in 5 days
Emerald x50
Log in 6 days
Topaz x50
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Tanzanite x50
Log in 8 days
Insignia of Skill x2
Log in 9 days
Insignia of Quality x4
Log in 10 days
Zenith's Brilliance x2

Monthly Item Packs

Monthly Mythic Slab Pack
Product Details & Bonus Contents Paid Gems x3,060 + Large Cursed-God Antler Bit x500, Medium Cursed-God Antler Bit x1,000, Small Cursed-God Antler Bit x3,000, Large Slab Fragment x500, Medium Slab Fragment x1,000, Small Slab Fragment x3,000 Purchasable Amount 1
Special Monthly Pack
Product Details & Bonus Contents Paid Gems x3,060 + Shop Medal x6, Zenith's Brilliance x1, Black Pearl x1, Skip Ticket x100 Purchasable Amount 5
Premium Enhancement Pack
Product Details & Bonus Contents Paid Gems x10,000 + Shop Medal x20, Zenith's Brilliance x2, Black Pearl x2, Insignia of Skill x2, Insignia of Quality x4, Skip Ticket x300 Purchasable Amount 10

Monthly Free Gems Bargain Packs

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Product Details & Bonus Contents Paid Gems x10,000 + Free Gems x2,000, Skip Ticket x200 Purchasable Amount 10
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Free Gems Bonus Pack C
Product Details & Bonus Contents Paid Gems x3,060 + Free Gems x600, Skip Ticket x40 Purchasable Amount 10
Free Gems Bonus Pack D
Product Details & Bonus Contents Paid Gems x1,500 + Free Gems x200, Skip Ticket x10 Purchasable Amount 10

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With the Premium Pack Renewal, Shop Medals can now be acquired and used at the Shop Medal Exchange for Advanced Handbooks, Premium Summon Tickets, and ★★★★ character weapons. See the Shop Medal Exchange for more information on exchangeable items and weapons.

Premium Monthly Pass

Premium Monthly Pass
Product Details Premium Monthly Pass Purchasable Amount 1

Standard Monthly Pass Rewards

Monthly Pass Lv.
Premium Summon Ticket x1
Small Stamina Recovery x20
XL Character Enhancement x150
XL Weapon Enhancement x150
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Small Stamina Recovery x20
XL Character Enhancement x150
XL Weapon Enhancement x150
Small Stamina Recovery x50
Skip Ticket x10
Small Slab Fragment x100
Small Slab Fragment x100
Small Cursed-God Antler Bit x100
Small Cursed-God Antler Bit x100
Premium Summon Ticket x1

Premium Monthly Pass Rewards

Monthly Pass Lv.
★★★★ Premium Summon Ticket x1
Ruby x50 Skip Ticket x10
Aquamarine x50 Skip Ticket x10
Emerald x50 Skip Ticket x10
Insignia of Quality x2
Topaz x50 Skip Ticket x10
Tanzanite x50 Skip Ticket x10
Advanced Handbook x5 Skip Ticket x10
Advanced Handbook x5 Skip Ticket x10
Insignia of Skill x1
Medium Slab Fragment x100 Skip Ticket x10
Large Slab Fragment x50 Skip Ticket x10
Medium Cursed-God Antler Bit x70 Skip Ticket x10
Large Cursed-God Antler Bit x30 Skip Ticket x10
Awakening Stone Exchange Medal x1


Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.
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2023.06.01 17:10 nierrein-guide [NOTICE] Mama Point Missions Update

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation. This is a message from the management team.
The Mama Point Missions have updated on Jun. 1 0:00 PST. Mission rewards that have been cleared but not yet claimed when Mama Point Missions are updated will not be available after the update. Please claim rewards before then.

How to Play Mama Point Missions

Mama Points are special points that can be earned by completing missions. Save up Mama Points to trade in for Remnants, Premium Summons Ticket x10, and other items. Excluding Remnants, the items at the Exchange will refresh every 1st of the month at 0:00 PST. More Remnants will be added to the Exchange at a later date.

About Remnants

Acquiring Remnants will raise the stats of the corresponding character. While they come at a high cost, Remnant boosts apply to all your acquired costumes for one character.
* View your acquired Remnants on the Important tab in View List/Sell or in Extra Stories in the Library. * You can acquire up to 3,500 Mama Points per month. For this reason, you may not be able to trade for all the items at the Exchange. * Mama Point Missions will take the place of previously held Mama Medal Marathons.

Mama Point Missions

Mama Points can be earned by completing missions related to the Arena, Subjugation Battles, events, and more. Event-related missions will be added when each event opens. * Please check the Special tab on the Missions page for details.


Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.
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2023.06.01 16:59 crusify_me Hera's Ascension to the Top

Some things I noticed in the past few months as Hera has ascended to the top of AOE:
Recent Results
6 months ago, Hera had only two s-tier wins (HC + Holy), but in the past 6 months, he's won 3 of the last 4 s-tier tournaments (TGM, NAC, KOTD), two of which I consider part of the "grand slams" of AOE 2. This brings him to a total of 5 s-tier wins which include online, lan, Arabia-only and mixed map wins. He's in his best form ever and hopefully this continues...

Ladder Grind Paying Off
While I don't think elo is directly correlated to how well a pro player performs in tournaments, Hera's constant ladder grind I think is finally paying off this year. I think he mentioned in his interview that he plays on average 10 games/day, which is A LOT. You're often forced to play bad matchups on ladder and I think he's just had more practice if anything than his competition.

Macro/Game Awareness to Another Level
We've always known he's a fast player and a micro nerd (see Franks game vs Viper in last KOTD), I've been surprised and impressed by his level of macro play and overall game awareness. He's playing aggressive when need be, knows when to add TCs, seems like his transitions timing are always on-point and just knows exactly what to do at each phase of the game. In the last KOTD, watching Viper play Vivi and ACCM, there were many games when Viper was behind early but when he reached Castle, he just added TCs, boomed a bit, opponent couldn't do enough damage, and eventually just won with eco in imp. I felt like Hera was always able to capitalize on this vs Viper in their set and never let him get a free boom off. Any type of greed was severely punished.

Becoming a More Complete Player on all Maps
While I think opponents will still always pick closed/water maps against Hera (like Arena, Islands, etc.), he has improved significantly on all types of maps (not just open land maps). His recent performances on Northern Isles has been impressive and I no longer think there is a map where its a "civ loss" or "map loss" for him (unless its vs Vinchester on Arena).
submitted by crusify_me to aoe2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:55 hundertzwoelf Pre Match Thread: VfB Stuttgart vs Hamburger SV (Bundesliga relegation play-off)

Bundesliga relegation play-off game 1

Th. 01.06.2023, 20:45 CEST

📌 Mercedes-Benz Arena, Stuttgart


Press conference
Hoeneß: No, weren't focused on the play-off directly after the game. We were disappointed, that we didn't make it. We took Monday off, to clear our mind. Now, we're focused again. About HSV: I watched both relevant games in parallel and it was very dramatic.
H: I don't feel like they're nervous, they are focused. Slowly, but surely, the pressure is rising again though.
H: From our perspective, it wasn't really our plan to have to play this match. But, I'm pretty sure HSV didn't plan on this either way. It's hard to say. I think it's all due to the state of mind of the teams, and I think we're prepared well in this aspect.
H: I was torn between the two, to me it was 50/50. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but I think from a mental perspective, Heidenheim would've had nothing to lose, so HSV is maybe the easier to play against.
H: We worked there in parallel and we had some points of contact, but I haven't played against him or even seen him since. That's a really long time ago.
H: I'm not going to tell you what I did exactly. They are not going to be normal matches.
H: It's 180 minutes, not just one game, one finale. And we don't want to miss a single minute. Our goal is always to approach games in a way so that we can win them. Every opponent needs a different approach and I'm not going to tell you how we're going to tackle Hamburg.
Our total record against them: 118 games, 48 wins, 24 draws, 46 losses. 190 goals for, and 180 against.
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2023.06.01 16:46 IdRatherBeLurking Watch Part Megathread Find a party near you!

It's gameday! There's watch parties going down across the globe, so share any you know of here and I'll link them in the thread.
Fort Collins
San Francisco
South Carolina
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2023.06.01 16:28 JacobRodgers The Broken World Coming Soon!

The Broken World Coming Soon!
The Broken World, a game system agnostic introduction to Ashen Frontiers (post-apocalyptic fantasy for Pathfinder and 5e) is coming soon! After a brief introduction, it takes an encyclopaedia-style approach to tell readers about the world of Pherot, why the setting is called Ashen Frontiers, the peoples, places, Arcane and Elemental magics of Pherot, the strangely common psionic powers, and more. All of the text is edited and vetted, and most of the art is in place. I just need one more piece, coming in soon, to show off the last remaining Ancestry that needs illustrating. And, then, I should be able to release it for free then, and release the next set of articles on Patreon as well!
One Page Preview:
submitted by JacobRodgers to DarkSun [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:20 WwwWario The true timeline placement, and why TOTK's memories happen before everything we know [THEORY] [SPOILERS]

This is a sort of Part 2 of my grand theory of "Ancient Zonai", and you can read Part 1 here:
Strap in, because this is a long one! Spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom, Breath of the Wild, and Skyward Sword.
I'm a believer that the lore in Zelda isn't just slapped on. They've said at least since 2001 that they have documents written about how each game connect, and when they put so much work into describing symbols and potential backstories for small things in THREE different books, I think it's safe to say that the connected lore is important to Nintendo.
But, before I go on with my theory, it's important to establish something I've just recently started to think about: The Legend of Zelda are LEGENDS in the games. I believe each game shows what really happened in those times, but because each game is so far apart, the events of other games are merely myths and legends within the world of Zelda, as many games explain many times. Aka, what happens in the games is true, but the stories told within the games are legends. How the world was created, who the godesses were, what happened i previous eras, etc. that are explained in-game are how the residents of the world at that time interprates history, because it's all (again) legends and myths.
One of the major head twisters in TOTK is "Where is anything taking place?!". Is TOTK's memories between SS and OOT? Or in the distant future, before BOTW? Where is the Great Calamity 10 000 years before BOTW taking place? Does it happen before all other games, and that 10 000 year gap is our timeline of games? Etc.
BOTW is confirmed to be far, far into the future compared to all other games, which means the same for TOTK. Wether the timelines have merged, or if only 1 is canon and the others are legends within this world, or if all are canon and this is still in one of the timelines, is unknown. But where is TOTK's memories taking place?
I believe they happen in the distant past, even before Skyward Sword.
There are several things that goes against this, I know; Hyrule was established after SS, not before it. Demise was the origin of Ganondorf, so it can't take place before SS. They talk about the Master Sword, but that wasn't forged until SS.
Well, let's begin (and keep in mind, this is purely FUN for me to do! I love lore that is very hidden and subtile like in the Zelda universe. Weather it's correct or not, I'm still having a blast, so don't shoot me for getting certain things wrong or for disagreeing with me haha).


The world was created by Din, Farore and Nayru, and the godess Hylia is said to be the protecter of the Triforce. I believe she wasn't a spiritual pure godess so to speak, but a human with goddess powers, aka like Zelda, and her family protected the Triforce for generations as the Triforce is hidden in the Sacred Realm. Through legend and myth, she was believed to be a goddess as she was the first one to show magical powers.
The Zonai was one of the very first races to exist alongside humans, and they were living in islands in the sky. They were blessed with technological knowledge to help and serve the gods. They decended upon the land, and people thought they were gods at first due to their appearance, magic, and highly advanced technology.
The world flurished, and the Zonai created the ancient robots seen in Skyward Sword, and later the Temple of Time in Lanayru seen in both TOTK and Skyward Sword. Why and how, you ask? In SS, we learn the robots were active thousands of years prior to the game, meaning an advanced civilization lived thousands of years before SS. The robots' body parts are connected with energy just like Zonai constructs. The robots' ship, the Sand Ship, has the Zonai swirl symbol on it, which even is confirmed in one of the 3 Zelda lore books to be the clear symbol for the Zonai.
Aka, this Sand Ship is a Zonai ship, and those ancient robots are Zonai robots. There is no question. Why else would they choose to use this symbol in these places? Now, what were the robots mining in the Lanayru Mining Facility? Probably Zonite. As we see when using Timeshift Stones, Lanayru was once filled with green fields of grass in the ancient past.
And what's right next to the Mining Facility? The broken Temple of Time. And what is almost directly blow TOTK's Temple of Time? The Abandonded Central Mine. And what do we see in TOTK's memories? A fully in-tact Temple of Time, in green fields, built with very similar white-stone material to the one from Skwyard Sword:
In other words: Both in Skwyard Sword and TOTK, we see the first Temple of Time, and both have mines next to them. It's the same temple. The ONLY thing I cannot figure out, is that the TOTK temple is said to have been sent to the sky as a hero was destined to awaken there. So if the SS and TOTK temples are the same, but the SS temple has decayed, when did it rise back into the sky as a fully constructed temple again? Here I need your help.
Now, Rauru, the sage of light from OOT, is written to have built "the second Temple of Time", meaning this one in SS is the first one. King Rauru built the first Temple of Time, and light sage Rauru was named after him and built the second temple thousands of years later. It all makes sense.
Rauru has Secret Stones, perhahs he made them himself or they were gifts from the Gods.
Years passed after the temple and robots' creation, and the Zonai tribe became less and less (not sure how, but probably due to marrying and breeding with humans). The Sheikah tribe who protects the Royal Family is taught the technology from the Zonai. Rauru married Sonia (a decendant of Hylia who thus posessed magical powers), and the two of them finally united all the lands and created Hyrule.
So to sum up so far: The world was made. The advanced Zonai race decended from the skies, taught the Sheikah their tech, built robots to mine Zonite, built the Temple of Time, and eventually Raru and Sonia founded Hyrule and became its first king and queen.
Ganondorf was then born and did not want to bow down and be united with Hyrule. But a demon lived inside him. He killed Sonia, took a Secret Stone, and his demon inside came out, and Ganondorf became known as the Demon King. Yes, this happens before Demise. Stick with me. A war breaks loose known as the Imprisoning War, and Rauru gathers sages and, through sacrificing himself, Rauru seals Ganondorf deep underground, warning Ganondorf (or the Demon within him) that a hero with the blade to repel evil will one day come for him. How can this be, when the Master Sword wasn't forged yet?
Because Rauru's decendants made the Goddess Sword.
We know Rauru and Sonia had a child, as Sonia is a blood relative to Zelda. This means this child is part Zonai, part hylian and has the blood of the original "Goddess". Because the Royal Family now has blood of Zonai as well as the Godess, it explains why Zeldas in the future has both the power of light and time. Rauru and Sonia's child may very well be named Hylia, renamed after that first Goddess. I believe Rauru knew, and was even responsible for, the creation of the Goddess Sword. Look at its design - its neon-green color is perfectly Zonai in nature:

The legends in the games says the "Godess Hylia made the sword", but that's the legend. The fact is that one of the first Hylia's long decendants made the sword, or Rauru himself did - or, Hylia the decendant made it, which fits. This is also why the ancient robots protect a Sacred Flame on the Sand Ship, because the Zonai constructed them too. This explains how Rauru knew a hero with this very sword would one day defeat Demise/Ganon's demon, because he knew of the sword's creation.
Thousands of year pass, and the Zonai are almost no more. Only Rauru and Sonia's long, long decendant named again Hylia of the royal family, as well as sages and the Sheikah who has kept the Zonai technology and knowledge, are alive. Perhaps a few Zonai are left, becoming more like savages and develops into their own branch... Keep that in mind.
Then one day, the demon within the Ganondorf who was sealed deep underground, leaks out through cracks in the earth.
The demons, and Demise himself (the Demon King as he's also refered as), literally comes out from where Ganondorf is sealed. The Demon has left Ganondorf's body and is now in his pure form. Demise is the true form of the demon that resided within Ganondorf all those years ago during the Imprisoning War, and he has now ascended from Ganondorf's body and up to the surface. And as we see, the scar from the Tear that Ganondorf used can still be seen in Demise's forehead:

Hylia and the rest manage, through their Zonai technology, to lift the land into the sky just like her ancestors of the Zonai could. She then keeps fighting, uses the Triforce, and seals Demise.
Thousands of years pass, and the ancient Hyrule on the surface fade into legend. Only Gorons and other species are left down there, and the ancient Rito are now exctinct. Skyward Sword happens, and at the end of the game, Demise finally unleashes the never-ending curse upon Link and Zelda. THIS explains why there is no Link or Master Sword during TOTK's memories - because Demise's curse isn't active yet. SS doesn't show the origin of Ganondorf, but rather the origin of the curse. From THIS point on, a boy with a hero's spirit and the godess' blood are reborn anew alongside Demise's incarnations.
People later start to learn of the Sacred Realm and the Triforce and conflict came from it. Rauru, most likely a long decendant from Rauru and Sonia, thus built the second Temple of Time in history, made that the only entrance to the Sacred Realm and sealed it behind the Door of Time. Even though the Zonai who served the gods are long gone, there are a few humans remaining who were long decendants of the Zonai and thus still posess their magic. Due to their dangerous magic and evil intentions, they are banished to a different world called the Twilight Realm, and their ancient magic are sealed within what's called the Fused Shadow. Why is the Twili the same as the Zonai?
Because first of all, it's never stated WHO got banished, only that they were interlopers who were skilled at magic. And they are shown as hylians, but they have Zonai blood (just like Zelda has Hylia's blood and thus her magic). The Zonai blood still remains in certain hylians after mating with them for eons. These hylians, now transformed into the Twili after being in the Twilight Realm for so long, still posess their ancient ancestor's magic, seen through their green magic, their anti-gravity magic, and Swirl Symbols. The Fused Shadow is filled with Zonai Swirls and even has serpants breathing fire, another very common Zonai symbolism. And hell, even Zant's throne is filled with Zonai Swirls identical to the ones we see in BOTW and TOTK... and, at the top of the throne, we even see a big Zonai Eye symbol...

There is literally more evidence of the Twili being long decendants of the Zonai than evidence that contradicts it.
Zelda and Link's decendants later brings all lands together and founds the new Hyrule once again.
A civil war breaks out, and from there, Ocarina of Time occurs, and events repeat themselves in an eerily similar matter as they did all those thousands of years ago; Ganondorf is born and does not want to be under Hyrule's regime. Yet, at this time still, the ancient corpse of Ganondorf is trapped deep, deep underground. People say two Ganondorfs cannot exist at once. But why not? The Ganondorf from deep underground is essentially dead, and the Demon powers aren't in him. He's basically kept on ice through countless thousands of years. The very first Ganondorf is sealed deep below the Earth throughout all of the Zelda games.
After all the games, X amount of years pass and we end up with the Great Calamity, where this malice from the ancient Ganondorf finally leaks out, and the Sheikah (who still has the technological knowledge they learned from the Zonai all those years ago) constructs the Divine Beasts and Guardians. Coincidence that Sheikah's protectors (Guardians) are called the same as the presumably Zonai-constructed Guardians from SS?
The Sheikah are then "banished" by the king for being too dangerous (again, that happened to the Zonai, only more dramatic back then). The Yiga Clan that forms here is similar to what happened to the Zonai. Zonai and Sheikah became the Twili and Yiga Clan. Again, history mirrors itself. Master Kogah of the Yiga Clan? Crazy and unpredictable? Sounds familiar to Zant, doesn't it?
And even though the pure Zonai race was gone long before Ocarina of Time, their remains can still be found throughout the series - as seen with the Twilight Realm and the symbols and magical similarities. If these are built by the Zonai when they were still fully present, or if they're made by hidden decendants in the present times, is unknown.
The Tower of the Gods share the same dot-connected pattern as both the Fused Shadow and the Sheikah Technology in BOTW. Tower of the Gods is also filled with Zonai square swirls, especially in the boss arena and the boss itself. The boss (Gohdan) is even designed like a Zonai construct with its mask design, eye symbols and the blue-green colors and yellow top.

As you see in BOTW and TOTK, there are 2 main swirl designs the Zonai are known for: The square swirls as seen in the pics above, and the rounded ones with a little tail at the end. This may represent different lineages of the Zonai, where the square ones represent the original good ones, and the rounded ones represent the lineage that evolved into being more barbaric and eventually become the interlopers.
The Earth Temple from the Wind Waker shares a fun similarity to BOTW's barbarian armor. HIGHLY probably a coincidence, but fun to think about nontheless:

Both the doors in the Earth Temple and the Barbarian Armor set have skulls and pink-purple hair or spikes. May again be a coincidence. However...

The temple also seem to be filled with ancient symbols that are not Hylian. And, most importantly...

The boss of the temple seem to have the Zonai swirl on his belly, alongside the swirls all along the arena walls. This one is a long reach, but it's fun to theorize if the Earth Temple is an ancient Zonai constructed temple. It's worth noting that the boss wears a mask, a staple among the Zonai... It is possible that the Earth Temple has acted as a prison for the savage Zonai at one point.


World was created. Zonai served the gods in the beginning and were highly advanced. Hylia was the first woman who posessed godlike powers and she was a human. Sheikah was a tribe who protected her and her family, aka the royal family. The Zonai decended to the lands and created the ancient robots, a ship for them, and had them mine Zonite in the Lanayru Mining Facility. They taught the Sheikah their technology. They married with humans and the races started to merge. Various structures were built, including Tower of the Gods. The original Temple of Time was created close to the mine, and Rauru the Zonai and Sonia the human brought the lands together and made Hyrule. Ganondorf was born and had a demon inside him, and he killed Sonia and took one of the Secret Stones, bringing out the demon within him. Rauru created, or started the process of creating, the Goddess Sword. Ganondorf was later sealed deep underground by Rauru and the sages he chose. The pure Zonai race faded into legend but blood relatives in form of humans remains.
The demon within the deeply sealed Ganondorf leaked through the ground and escaped thousands of years later. This demon was known as Demise. The scar on his forhead comes from Ganondorf's earlier Tear placement there. Hylia used her ancestor's technology and/or magic to once again raise islands into the sky. Demise was sealed, and Hyrule became forgotten and only certain races survived and lived on the surface. Demise broke free, Link (the first hero) was born and found the old Zonai Goddess sword, forged it into the Master Sword, and defeated Demise. Demise's curse was created, binding the 3 of them together for eternity. The old, deceased corpse of Ganondorf was still sealed deep, deep below the Earth.
Generations pass, decendants of the Zonai who has become power-hungry and dangerous in magic, was sealed to the Twilight Realm. Rauru, a decendant/relative of Rauru and Sonia, built the second Temple of Time and blocked it off with the Door of Time. Hyrule was once again united and founded.
A civil war broke loose and the Hero of Time was born. Ganondorf was born again with the power of the Demon King, while the ancient first Ganondorf was still sealed deep below the ground. The timeline split. Various artifacts and structures from the ancient Zonai can still be found.
In the distant future, the sealed ancient Ganon has his powers leak through the depths and into the world as Calamity Ganon. The Sheikah, having passed down the ancient Zonai knowledge through all generations, makes weapons to defeat it. 10 000 years later, Calamity Ganon comes back, and is eventually defeated. Link and Zelda then finds the very first Ganondorf from eons back, sealed deep below Hyrule Castle. The war depicted on the walls is the very first war. The first war against Ganondorf and the demon Demise.
Hyrule has been founded many times throughout history, and the Zonai Rauru and the Hylia decendant Sonia founded the very first one, way before Skyward Sword.
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2023.06.01 16:10 graywolt Total Flipped Action - Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island & Monster Cash

Total Flipped Action - Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island & Monster Cash

Ella wins Total Drama Island!
Ella wins Total Drama Island in a 10-2 vote.
When Dawn sings "You've Got a Best Buddy" from Toybox Film, Ella is able to get that last bit of motivation & outrun Jasmine to win Total Drama Island. Ella is crying tears of joy & can't believe that she won. Scott says that he can't wait for his money, & Anne Maria throws her can of hairspray at him to shut him up. Beardo, Sierra, & Staci start chanting "Ella", which gets everyone besides Scarlett, Alejandro, & Scott, who is nursing his bruise, to cheer. Alejandro is still in the outhouse, now wondering who won while fiddling with the door.
Zoey consoles Jasmine, saying that at least she gets about c$2,300, & the fact half of the money will be going to charity. Jasmine goes up to Ella, & thanks her for the money she got, & says that Ella was a great competitor.
At the final campfire ceremony, Chris announces Ella as the winner of Total Drama Island. Ella cheers and receives her check and the final marshmallow. Ella puts the marshmallow in her pocket, saying that she'll keep it for the memories. Geoff comments that it's time for them to do something, to which Beardo, Geoff, & Owen dump Chris in the lake to the cheers of the other campers and Chef. When the boys chase after Chef to throw him in the lake next, Jasmine asks if Ella liked seeing Chris dumped in the lake. She giggles, saying yes. The camera pans out from Jasmine & Ella, revealing the boys chasing after Chef in the background. Later, Alejandro finally breaks out of the bathroom, just in time to head on the boat to the playa.
Total Flipped Island Final Statistics
22nd - Staci
21st - Sierra
20th - Cameron
19th - Sadie
18th - Anne Maria
17th - Scott
Eliminated - Harold
16th - Beardo
15th - Scarlett
14th - Sky
Eliminated - Brick
13th - Owen
12th - Dawn
11th - Katie
10th - Trent
9th - Zoey
8th - Brick
7th - Izzy
6th - Harold
5th - Geoff
4th - Alejandro
3rd - Max
2nd - Jasmine
1st - Ella
Highest Ranking Male Screaming Gopher - Max (3/22)
Lowest Ranking Male Screaming Gopher - Scott (17/22).
Highest Ranking Female Screaming Gopher - Izzy (7/22).
Lowest Ranking Female Screaming Gopher - Staci (22/22).
Highest Ranking Male Killer Bass - Alejandro (4/22).
Lowest Ranking Male Killer Bass - Cameron (20/22).
Highest Ranking Female Killer Bass - Ella (1/22).
Lowest Ranking Female Killer Bass - Sierra (21/22).
The episode begins with the campers throwing a final party at Playa Des Losers on their last day before they have to go back home and return to their normal routines: Brick, Cameron, & Owen are playing Beardo, Harold, & Max in a game of ultimate frisbee, Staci & Sierra are chatting over burgers, & Anne Maria is blatantly staring at Alejandro. In the confessional, Alejandro is asking why Anne Maria is still infatuated with him despite the fact he literally eliminated her. Anne Maria comes in & says it's the fact that he's hot. Back at the party, Izzy is feasting herself on marshmallows and soda, which she ends up barfing from, but goes for more, which somehow charms Owen. Alejandro is saying that he has no clue how he is going to face his family like this, & hates that his older brother Jose has another thing to dunk on him with.
We cut back to the frisbee game, & Brick tosses the frisbee to Cameron in the end zone. Cameron catches it & gains a point while jumping & cheering wildly. Dawn & Zoey are watching & cheering. He asks if this is what organized sports are like, & Brick says yes.
Suddenly, Chris arrives holding a briefcase and offers the campers one final challenge: a race to find a briefcase that contains one-million dollars. The challenge is to locate the briefcase and bring it back to the Dock of Shame. Chris sweetens the deal saying that Ella can keep the initial 100k & still play. Ella immediately runs off with Beardo to find the million, but no one else budges. When Chris says that Ella & Beardo are about to win a very easy million, they finally budge, but not before it turns into a 20-person pile-up. Cameron suggests that maybe they could share it, but everyone besides Dawn & Brick is still bickering. They all untangle themselves, & get into the following groups:
Sierra, Staci, & Sadie
Cameron & Dawn
Katie & Geoff
Anne Maria & Alejandro (in the confessional, the latter's eye is twitching)
Sky, Zoey, Jasmine, & Trent
Owen, Izzy, & Max
Brick & Harold
Scott & Scarlett are the only ones that lack partners, so they begrudgingly team up.
After two hours pass by without anyone finding the suitcase, Chris gives the first clue about its location over the loudspeakers: "It's just hanging around." The case is then seen hanging from a tree branch. Alejandro is seen walking around the woods with Anne Maria, paparazzi, who can't concentrate because she keeps staring at him.
Then, wandering with Owen & Max, Izzy thinks it'd be a great idea to think like a tree to find the case, hanging from it and singing. Max asks how Owen puts up with this as Izzy is insane, which Owen replies with "insanely hot"
Scarlett & Scott reach where Owen, Izzy, & Max are, & overhear where Izzy thinks the case is. Scott hops onto the tree & tries to hijack the vine, getting into a slapfight with Izzy. Trent, Sky, Jasmine, & Zoey are looking around, & notice the case in the tree. Jasmine reaches up to grab it, but a eagle takes it & flies away, causing them to groan. Just as they leave, Katie and Geoff walk right under it and start making out. Chris, watching from a helicopter above, is visibly annoyed at their incompetence. Alejandro can't stand being with Anne Maria any longer, so he ditches her by saying that he needs to use the bathroom. When Anne Maria realizes this, she is pissed.
Sierra, Staci, & Sadie are walking around when Staci asks why Sadie joined them. She says that she wants to give her friend time with her boyfriend & thought that Sierra & Staci were cool. They beam at the compliment, then Alejandro shows up. He asks Staci & Sadie where they've looked for the money, & they tell him everything. He leaves smirking, & the aforementioned girls slapped their faces.
The eagle with the case finally drops it, & it lands on Scott's neck, knocking him out. When he wakes up, he sees that Scarlett is gone, prompting him to call Scarlett a traitor. Then he realizes that if the situation was flipped, he'd do the same thing, & compliments her idea before running to get the case.
Because Scarlett is not very athletic, she is now dealing with a stitch. In the background, Scott & Jasmine are catching up to her, causing her to turn it up a gear. Eventually, Scott & Jasmine simultaneously tackle the genius redhead, causing the case to fall into the river. The groans of Trent's group, Scott, & Scarlett can be heard all over camp.
Back with Sierra's group, they are all griping about how annoyingly good he is. Sierra is saying that he should've eaten the laxative cupcakes he made for Jasmine, which get giggles from Sadie & Staci. On top of a cliff, Geoff & Katie are making out, & nearly fall from a cliff.
Alejandro is scaling a tree, trying to find the case. He gets very close to an air balloon with an intern in it, causing said intern to notify Chris. The host dispatches Chef on an ATV to stop the threat. The intern tries to hit Alejandro with a boombox & cable, but Alejandro grabs on & chases the intern out and hijacks the balloon, where he then starts to head off towards the campgrounds.
Brick & Harold find the floating case but must go upwards because Scott has blocked the only other way. So, Harold quickly builds a parachute to cushion the fall. Him & Brick initially float down safely, but then a pebble rips a hole in the parachute, causing them to descend quickly. They create a crater when they fall, & Brick says that he lost the case when they were plummeting. They find a canoe & start to paddle away. Cameron & Dawn find the dented case & pick up the pace so they can get to the dock. They run into Ella & Beardo, which prompts Cameron to ask if they should split the money, as c$250,000 isn't a bad reward. They all agree & go back to running. Scott hears their fall & runs back into the forest.
Anne Maria has given up on looking for Alejandro & is now looking around for the million. She sprays her hair, which alerts Bacon that she's nearby. He roars at her & Anne Maria is petrified. Bacon bites on her head, losing all his teeth, which embarrasses him, causing him to run away. Anne Maria is smirking while tapping her hair, which clanks metallically.
Ella, Beardo, Dawn, & Cameron are finally out of the gorge when they hear a whoosh from a hot-air balloon. Alejandro throws down the boom cord, successfully tying it around the case. Alejandro is now trying to steer, but it's getting tough because the four have now hopped onto the boom cord. He attempts to shake them off by going through a tree, but all that does is get the four closer to the basket.
Back with Geoff & Katie, they are walking through the woods and encounter a baby moose, attempting to reach a branch that is too high up for it. Geoff decides to help it by lowering the branch, but Geoff slips on a mud slick, causing him to land atop the moose. When the baby's mother appears and sees Geoff on top of its baby, it's enraged.
The moose starts chasing Geoff and Bridgette. Meanwhile, Chef, on his ATV, drives up to Zoey, Jasmine, Sky, and Trent, who have had no luck in the competition so far, and asks if they've seen the balloon. He explains the situation, including how Alejandro has the case and is on his way to the finish line. Both he and Zoey believe that Alejandro will definitely win. While Chef is talking, Jasmine picks up a small log nearby and knocks Chef out with it, hijacking the ATV and taking Zoey, Sky, & Trent with her. Elsewhere, Anne Maria is still searching. Geoff and Katie then race by, still being pursued by the angry moose. They tell Anne Maria to run as they race by, and she complies, joining in the dangerous chase.
Alejandro's balloon starts to float into the campgrounds. Dawn, Cameron, Ella, & Beardo manage to climb into the basket with Alejandro. However, this only puts them in more danger as Alejandro puts Cameron in a headlock and demands the case from them, or they will fall. Harold and Brick arrive in the campgrounds shortly after and see the hot-air balloon with Cameron, Dawn, Ella, Beardo, & the case all inside. They quickly abandon the canoe and race into the campgrounds, only for Sky, Trent, Zoey, and Jasmine to emerge from the woods on their ATV. They are driving close to the air balloon, hoping to take it down.
In the boathouse, Sierra, Sadie, & Staci are gearing up with fish water & paintballs to take down Alejandro. Staci says that she's learned a lot about paintball because her uncle owns a paintball arena. She says that she's not lying, as she has them as friends now. The three of them hide behind the communal washrooms, finding an airborne Alejandro. They see Geoff, Katie, Anne Maria and the moose race by, and quickly retreat. Meanwhile, the three campers who are being chased by the moose see the massive diving board platform & climb up. As they climb up to the safety of the incredibly high diving board, Sky has an idea. She runs into the mess hall & grabs the mounted moose head, running back & passing it to Zoey. She shows it to the moose & scares it into running away to the woods. Meanwhile, the hot-air balloon is about to crash, with only Sky seeing this. With Alejandro strangling Cameron, everyone in the basket doesn't realize any of this until it's too late. Dawn, Cameron, Ella, & Beardo are forced to jump because of this, & the fact that an eagle is about to tear a hole in the balloon. Alejandro thinks he's won but is forced to jump because of the eagle.
9 people are now on the diving board, & 8 of them are trying to knock the case out of Alejandro's mitts. Jasmine shows up out of nowhere, climbs the ladder, & successfully knocks the case out of his hands. It hits the edge of the pool below at an angle, and bounces straight towards the communal washrooms where Sadie, Staci, & Sierra reappear. Sierra grabs it & tells her teammates to run, but Max trips Sierra & grabs the case. Staci & Sadie splatter Max with fish water & guts, making him scream & throw the case into the air. Izzy shoves Staci out of the way, catches it, & runs with a full head of steam. It looks like Izzy will have a cool million until she trips on thin air & fumbles the case towards the dock.
It is at this moment when everything starts to fall apart:
Izzy quickly gets back to her feet and chases after the case.
Trent & Sky run past Sadie & a bucket-headed Max, but Owen is catching up.
Scarlett runs out of the forest, right in front of the wobbling diving board. It breaks, & everyone besides Anne Maria is sliding on the speeding diving board, which picks up Scarlett. The former's hair has made a crater in the ground.
The moose, after having presumably defeated Zoey, rides in with Zoey on its back, also racing towards the Dock.
Harold is running to the dock, trying to reach the case.
As the moose rides onto the Dock, it bucks Zoey off its back into the water.
The diving board group slides by, heading straight for Izzy, Scarlett, Trent, Harold, Max, Owen, and the case just as they are all right on the end of the Dock. These fifteen campers instantly collide at once, & land in the water along with Zoey, who's there already.
As these sixteen emerge to the surface, the briefcase is floating by itself in the water, until a shark rises beneath it and swallows it. The seagull with the fragment of net wrapped around its neck points and laughs at the campers' misfortune, until the same shark eats it. Chris then arrives in a helicopter and is disappointed that the campers lost the case. He then tells the sixteen of them the bad news: they are all tied. So, to break this tie, they will all have to return for another shot at the million dollars in season two. Ella, Cameron, & Owen are the most enthused about this, while others like Scarlett & Jasmine look less pleased. He tells the dry campers - Scott, Anne Maria, Sadie, Staci, Brick, & Sierra that they will be watching on the sidelines, losing their shot at winning. Scott is the most vocal against this, & Jasmine asks if she & him can switch. Chris says no dice, as the fine print says that you must play if you are told.
In the confessional, Katie & Sadie are sad to be separated, but Sadie says that they both will be fine, as they have other friends, & they handled being apart for over a week. Scarlett says that after this season, she will not be messed with, & will take revenge on "the purple haired gnome". Chris then tells the returning sixteen campers to report to a brand-new location in two days, where they will compete in a whole new set of challenges, and the last one standing will receive one-million dollars. He then tells viewers to tune in for the second season.

TDA Cast
Monster Cash
We see an old, clunky bus driving up to the set of Total Drama Action that has the castmates who made it to season 2. The bus stops, & Cameron, Izzy (who refers to herself as E-Scope), Owen, Ella, Zoey, Trent, Beardo, Katie, Geoff, Dawn, Harold, Alejandro, Jasmine, Max, Scarlett, & Sky get off the bus, taking a look at the film lot. Alejandro & Jasmine are glaring daggers at each other, while Max is ignoring the glare Scarlett is giving him.
Beardo, Ella, Cameron, & Dawn are talking animatedly about their lives, with Beardo saying that because of the show, he's been getting bigger DJ gigs. The other three congratulate him for this, then Chris shows up & tells the cast about the new confessional, & the new elimination ceremony, which is called the Gilded Chris awards. Scarlett asks why he's so vain, & Dawn says that it's because he wasn't loved enough as a child. After the snickers subside, Chris says that today's challenge is to race to a pair of trailers before the monster catches them.
When Chris says to go, everyone starts running, with Izzy immediately getting captured. In the makeup confessional, Owen is asking how he's going to compete with the giant monster. Sky asks Trent how they are supposed to find the actors' trailers, & a confident Alejandro tells them to follow him. He runs off, & Trent & Sky don't follow him. Alejandro gets captured by Chef, but it takes a second before he is picked up. Chef admits that Alejandro is hot, while Alejandro is saying in the confessional that at least he has his natural beauty, even though most people hate him. Geoff & Katie are making out on the ground, & Jasmine runs up to them & says that they are here to compete. Geoff & Katie seem to realize this in the confessional, but then go back to making out.
One by one, each castmate is captured, and deposited into a bounce house by the monster, eventually leaving Owen as the last person standing. When Chef finally finds him, and attempts to pick him up, Owen's weight makes the monster malfunction, since he's too heavy to pick up. Ten hours later, an exhausted Owen finds the other castmates and releases them from the bounce house by puncturing it with a sharp needle he had found.
The castmates are at the dining hall for part 2 of this challenge. Before Chris can even explain anything, Owen goes ham on all of the prop food, finishing in less than a minute. Chris explains that he needed to find a golden key, & Owen tosses him one he found in a prop turkey. All of the girls besides Izzy are weirded out by this, while all of the boys say that Owen's got guts.
As the castmates make their way to the trailers, one trailer is accidentally crushed by the monster, who is bringing E-Scope back from their date. When asked to choose which trailer the guys get, Owen, much to the other guys' anger, chooses the recently crushed one, claiming "it has more character." The girls cheer happily while the guys get mad at Owen, until Chef crushes the other trailer as well.
After the trailers are repaired by Chef, the castmates make decisions on who to bunk with. For the boys, Beardo bunks with Harold, & Geoff with Max. Cameron requests that he doesn't share a bunk with Alejandro, so Owen volunteers, making the last bunk pairs Cameron & Trent, and Alejandro & Owen. For the girls, Ella bunks with Dawn, Sky bunks with Zoey, Scarlett bunks with Izzy much to the former's chagrin, & Katie gets a bunk to herself, as Jasmine will be sleeping on the floor.
Early the next morning, Chris yells into a megaphone to wake the castmates up, just to mess with them, before letting them go back to sleep, reminding them of their required early morning wakeup. After Chris signs off the episode, the monster roars in the distance, and Chris demands the monster be deactivated.
After the credits, Scarlett says that she won't be outplaced by Max, & that everyone should watch out, because she will do anything it takes to win. Her eyes flicker red for a minute before turning back to green, then the episode ends.
Vote two people for invincibility, & feel free to come up with any plot points!
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2023.06.01 16:09 MitchTJones Offered my first contract role, no idea what to ask for pay.

Hi, I just got offered a contract by a small start-up to do the following within a 2-week timeframe:
  1. Implement a blog page on the web app
  2. Implement a new landing page
  3. Implement an FAQ page
  4. Implement an About Us page
  5. Handle payment methods integration
  6. Newsletter subscription feature implementation
  7. Optimize the admin panel for improved functionalities
Obviously that last point is a bit nebulous and will need further clarification, but points 1-6 seem fairly straightforward. I've never had a contract role before, and they're asking me to provide a fee amount for these services. I'm a mid-level front-end dev (going on 5 YoE) - I'd really appreciate any insight into determining the right price as I have no experience in this arena.
Thanks for any help!
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2023.06.01 15:41 maryjanepurplerain How terrible is my pyromancer build?

I'm only concerned with skills and devotions right now. This is my first "original build" and it's going to be a pure chaosflame caster. I feel like I got the skills down pretty good, but my devotions feel very unoptimized with some wasted points. Would someone be willing to take a look and give some advice, maybe see something that I'm not seeing?
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2023.06.01 15:33 AbsoluteScenes21 Small changes that would make a big difference

There has been a lot of talk about selling fewer tickets or moving to a bigger site but to me it seems there is a lot of small changes that could be made that together would massively improve the on site experience without having to totally overhaul the entire festival.
  1. Stagger the set times on the 2 biggest stages. This year most of the bands playing these stages were starting and finishing at almost exactly the same time. Not only does this suck by creating more clashes for fans who want to see bands on both stages it also was major contributor to all of the queues. When you have the two biggest crowds of the event both having sets finish at the same time then of course you end up with everyone going for food/drink/toilet breaks at the same time. Stagger the stage times and you halve the amount of people all dashing off to the toilet or for refreshments at the same time meaning less queuing and fewer people moving around the site at once.
  2. Move the food stalls. I can't speak for the southern site but at SD North theres a large area after the wristband collection point outside of the arena that is mostly empty and could easily hold the all of that cluster of food stalls that currently sits right in the middle of the site as well as probably several more vendors and another decent sized block of toilets. This would free up space in the arena and would mean that even if queues do build up they won't be cutting across the arena making it difficult to move between stages.
  3. Have the Big Green Coaches set off much earlier. The gates open at 9am yet there are some coaches from other cities not even scheduled to arrive until 11am-1pm or later (and that's if they don't get stuck in traffic). This discourages people from booking on those coaches because they might miss bands if they arrive later. Have them scheduled to arrive no later that 10.30am (ideally earlier) so that more people are incentivised to use them rather than come by car. It will also mean those coaches are not contributing to the heavier traffic later in the day
  4. Improved signage both inside the festival site and on the roads around it. Self explanatory really. Also have stewards/police much stationed further out along the roads approaching the site. Theres no point people finding out they can't park after they have sat in traffic for ages. Let them know what the situation is and how long the wait is going to be before they even join the line of traffic so they can decide if they would rather park nearby or further out and walk in.
  5. On site wifi. Again this one is kinda self explanatory but as well as being helpful for people trying to find their friends it would actually make it possible for the event organisers to more easily share important information with fans. There was a guy in front of me struggling to log into the seetickets app at the main entrance to show his ticket. And yeah sure he probably should have made sure he had that sorted before he even left the house but I am sure he wasn't the only one who had issues like that trying to get in and for everyone who it happens to it delays everyone behind them in the queue.
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2023.06.01 14:59 TimKonn XP wall

So I got most of my party (12) to lvl 6 after the first region.. next 2 regions I managed to get 4 to lvl 7.. Keep in mind, all 3 regions are 100% complete...Now In lundren, I literally cant advance with this XP wall. I heard get the training dummy from the arena.. except my team of 4 is practically dead after round 1 even on Novice due to the other teams health/armor pool and damn wolfs... How do I advance here? I couldn't even imagine a merc dying and needing to level a new one up.
I was loving this game till this point lol just not fun anymore. I should not have to grind contact missions at 60xp (2600xp to hit lvl 7) a piece in a single player merc game.
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2023.06.01 14:48 RiddledMeChris The worst of SCJerk (May 2023)

Section 1: Is SCJerk finally becoming self-aware?
In previous posts I've detailed how SCJerk has become one of the most toxic spaces on Reddit, with users consistently pumping out conspiracy theories and misinformation, whilst also engaging in bigotry and exhibiting almost-psychotic vendettas towards certain individuals. It finally appears, however, that some users have realised how far down the rabbit hole the subreddit has gone. Let's start with an SCJerker attempting to call out other users for making fun of Mercedes Mone's recent injury;
People jerking Mercedes Mone getting hurt is a direct shot at the majority of SCJerk pretending they’re not just as big of marks as SC.
The thread gets so heated that a mod has to lock it, but not without leaving this pinned message;
This thread is a shit show, and we're locking the comments before it gets worse. OPs point stands, so the thread is staying up. If you are going to post about an injury, at least find a way to spin it to a jerk, such as the Forbidden Door post.
The user who made the thread then makes this post a few days later explaining the harassment he received;
What the fuck happened to this subreddit? Earlier this week, I wrote up a thread about people using Sasha Banks’ injury as justification for openly shitting on her. I got called a mark. I got called a Sasha Twitter stan. I got downvoted relentlessly, even when I reiterated what other people said that were upvoted. It got so out of hand that the mods locked the thread but left it up because they agreed with me. It was this subreddit acting more like squaredcircle than I have ever seen in my, like, ten years on Reddit. This subreddit has gotten so fucking nasty with its jerks that’s it’s not even fun anymore. I don’t watch STARDOM and I don’t even like Sasha, but the shit that got sent to me, the shit I got inboxed to me, and the RedditCares messages I got from it, for having the audacity to say “if you’re using her injuring her ankle as a justification for your own dislike of her or her being bad, you’re a fucking Basement dwelling asshole” is fucking sickening.
In the same vein, an SCJerk user comments on others having a fixation with hating ex-WWE female wrestlers;
SCJ is more upset that Sasha and Toni Storm left the Fed than the Fed themselves
I take the "Toni Storm is a druggie" thing personally. A lot of people think I'm a stoner because I "give off the vibe" and talk a little slowly when I'm tired, shit gets annoying fast
Like her being a druggie here irks me. It started out as a joke and turned to a full blown fact here. Like being an addict is a worst kept secret and she would've went to rehab by now. Sasha like damn. Tell us on the Lilly doll where Sasha hurt you to some pepes.
The Anti Sasha stans are as bad as Sasha stans.
One user notes how tribalistic the subreddit has become lately;
There are few things more frustrating when it comes to WWE things than the discourse on this subreddit about Bianca Belair. Every time someone criticizes her, it becomes a race to type out the “durrrr Gunther duhhhhh except black woman” comparison. There’s absolutely no middle ground with the majority of people here and that sort of mindset is becoming way too popular and way too Basement-lite for me. It’s getting ridiculous how tribalistic people on here are getting nowadays. That stupid ass post bitching about the mod team was a big indicator of it.
Another user remarks on the low-key racism he's seen;
As a black Kenyan man, this sub has a lot of benevolent racism towards minorities where we’re treated like kids who need protection. Last night Bianca got booed by a full stadium of Puerto Rican fans and that was okay but online when she’s booed it’s because of racism from white people. What kind of hypocrisy is that? Not everything is racist when it involves black wrestlers because it is very patronizing.
Over on /Wreddit (which we'll come back to later), users talk about the amount of conspiracy theories being pushed on SCJerk;
The amount of stupid conspiratorial thinking that goes on within some Anti-AEW people, esp in SCJerk, is frustrating as hell. AEW will probably sell out Wembley and it'll be a big deal, stop acting like there's some sort of con afoot. I know these guys want AEW to fail but it gets old criticizing them for stuff that isn't even real.
Section 2: The discontent continues
Throughout the month SCJerk users continue to show their discontent at how SCJerk is being modded (i.e. mods are now actually removing edgelord material instead of letting anything and everything stay up). One user complains about a post being removed by the auto-mod, prompting other users to comment;
We should vote on what kind of content should be allowed in here. Every post having to be a parody of a basement post is pretty constricting.
Jannies shouldnt have this much power. No wonder this site is dogshit echochamber. Cowards dont even use their username.
Just a few days before this, another user had complained about one of his posts being removed by the auto-mod;
Waiting for this post to get removed. The jerks have come full circle.
The overcorrections with modding are pretty inconsistent now
That’s why this sub is dead now
One user sums up their feelings simply by saying;
Can you even post anything in here anymore without it being deleted by mods
As an added note, the auto-mod account SCJerk-ModTeam is not only still stuck on -100 comment karma (the lowest a Reddit account can reach) but new comments made by the account are still being heavily downvoted by salty SCJerk users very much unhappy with its continued existence.
Section 3: Does SCJerk actually like wrestling?
Earlier in the month, a thread about a Dax Hardwood tweet is made on SCJerk;
The amount of people that want wrestling to fail will never not blow my mind. LFG Wembley.
SCJerk users take this as an opportunity to calmly and rationally give their opinions on the state of the wrestling industry and AEW's place in it;
Not so much wanting wrestling to fail, just wanting your manchild boss to fail and fail harder than just about anyone ever in the history of pro wrestling.
I like how anytime someone criticizes/expresses dislike of AEW the fans/some of the talent/TK take it like theyre shitting on entire industry. I dont want AEW to fail because of some die hard WWE fanboyism, I want it to fail because fuck TK and all his dickriders
Nobody wants wrestling to fail. We want shit-head promoters like Tony Khan to stop showcasing ballet dancers, acrobats, and cosplayers as his feature attractions while actually good talent gets shelved or tossed onto a weekend show.
I want pro wrestling to succeed. I Iove pro wrestling. However, I want to see Tony Khan fail. I am so excited for the day AEW shuts down. Tony Khan has done serious damage to the US indie scene with his terminally online self, fan base, and the complete disregard for wrestler safety from both. Wrestlers are just toys to be played with and discarded when bored. There's a reason you don't see people making fun of Impact fans and NWA fans. Yes, there are less of them, but moreso they don't act like the petulant owner of AEW, and they don't have a post history from wrestlefap and they don't act like a shonen protag they so desperately think they are.
As has been the case for some time now, SCJerk would have you believe that they support the wrestling industry as a whole but that they simply don't like AEW. With that being said, let's look at how they react to other non-WWE wrestling promotions;
At least Sasha ended up in Japan. Naomi is in the dead zone that is Impact. I don’t care how good their women’s division is, it’s still a dead zone. I hope things are better there, compared to when their Knockouts Champion had to take a second job at a Sunglass Hut.
That Impact stream leading to Naomi's debut had less than a thousand live viewers. DAE she's so much happier making less money for less fans?
Speaking of irrelevant wrestling promotions...Does anyone have Naomi & Impact’s ratings? Did she increase them or no?
I don't know why the basement is rooting for MLW.
Rooting for the little guy. because none of them have watched the product and realize how bad the little guy is and how little he pays talent brutalizing themselves for nothing
This brings us nicely onto the next section;
Section 4: Wreddit is a Pro-Wrestling news and discussion sub, modelled after NBA to be open to all brands
The SCJerk affiliated subreddit which is described as 'the better balanced place to talk shop' surely has a better track record of positivity towards other wrestling companies, right? Here's a look at the diverse and wide-ranging discussions pertaining to non-WWE promotions this year;
When it's announced that AEW will be getting two more hours of programming a week with Collision, the response from users is less than welcoming;
Too much fucking wrestling.
There's not much variety here though. AEW, Impact and ROH are just indie spotfest fucking wrestling and WWE is bland boring corporate wrestling. Like yeah it is better that it's not just WWE and Impact but there's not much variety here.
I'm talking on a generalized basis, week to week it's majority indie spotfest wrestling with a mix of bad garbage wrestling thrown in.
So. Trash
Another A&W show that will tank in the ratings. It’s one thing for RAW to compete with a single MNF (and occasionally two), but these idiots really want to compete with college football with a roster centered around over 40 reject has beens and some never weres? I’m curious to see how Shad Khan handles this on his taxes.
Why? Genuine question: is there a need for so much wrestling every week? What's the total weekly amount of hours of new material right now? More than 10 hours are more than daytime soap operas must churn out, and they're notorious for just stretching stories beyond the limit of pointless filler. Wrestling has also reached that point IMO. Can't be a coincidence if ratings have been tanking and nobody really cares outside the inner circle of addicted and obsessed serial watchers.
How odd that a subreddit based around wrestling fans discussing wrestling has such a negative attitude towards a wrestling promotion announcing a new wrestling show. It's almost like these people don't actually like wrestling.
Section 5: Edgelord behaviour, miscellaneous nonsense & users we lost
In reference to Naomi/Trinity;
Then maybe it's better she isn't around, she has a record of not doing her job 100%. Shama lama ding dong is still wrestling. (For the touchy ones, I'm kidding.) Edit: I knew someone would get butthurt. Hahaha
In reference to Brodie Lee's passing;
He died of Post-Fed Syndrome and you need to apologize to Amanda right now, you can find her on Tinder in the greater Jacksonville area
In reference to the Outcasts;
"Will show tits for cash" seems more appropriate for at least two of them.
SteveStogers69 - Long time SCJerk member becomes the latest prominent user to be suspended from Reddit.
Section 6: Help Wanted
As you can tell, these monthly posts have been getting longer and more detailed as time goes by. If anyone who reads these wants to help out (e.g. sending me posts which I should include) then please feel free to message me or drop some links in the comments section.
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2023.06.01 14:17 teaconfused Busy boyfriend and worried gf and lack of communication

Edit: my bf and I live in two different cities, he’s a 20-25 min drive from my place but because I don’t drive it’s an 1.5hr commute by bus (3 of them) each way. He lives with his parents since he took a gap year so I can’t go to his place and nor is he home often. The other side I live alone and his workplace in my city and sports arena is somewhat in my area
My bf has been way too busy since he started his job. We had only been dating when he started working there and now we’re nearly 2 months into our relationship. Last night because of smth he did I finally burst open and told him about how I felt . It weren’t well organized thoughts nor did I have solutions. Just 4 days before that I texted him how I felt and back and forth we texted paragraphs and fixed it. This time I had to say it on call. I told him I felt I’m on a pedestal, he’s been too busy, I’m settling for the bare minimum’s and everything. I told him what my friends thought too. He ofc got pissed that my friends who don’t have happy relationships themselves said stuff and that they didn’t know shit about him, they didn’t know shit about us and how could I listen to them. He was telling me I need to mature up and not be such a kid. He thought I’m finding excuses to slowly breakup and I thought he’s doing the same. He made me sound desperate for a moment saying should I call u instead of working x times a day etc; and I’m like I never told u to quit ur job or sports for me. Mans has to drive around a lot, Ik his job is exhausting and he claims that everytime he’s free after work or in the morning he calls me and on his day off he “tries to give me as much time” Tbh idk how to feel about things because we both don’t have solutions. I didn’t have anything because even Ik I was being absurd to some extent but on the other hand he wasn’t being too helpful either and I altho he was pissed I felt that he turned the things on me instead. Yesterday was the first time ever he actually got really mad at me and spoke in a rather louder voice which he has never done till date. He said that I need to stop being such a kid and mature up, and how did I even turn 19 then. And when I told him abt my fear about him leaving me he said that if he had to he would’ve left longtime back. But he loves me and wants me. (Ik him, he’s the kinda guy who if he doesn’t like smth he will make an excuse or not put any effort at all and leave.) he as reassured me time and again that he loves me and won’t leave me but due to circumstances I always feel the lack of effort. I told him my concerns yesterday even tho I know he has to go on a work trip and I won’t see him for 4-5 days. We have a lack of communication, not sure how to fix it but we want to be together. He’s joining my uni in 3 months and that’s all that’s keeping me going at this point. I know I’m busy too but with my adhd I struggle with prioritizing and then I focus more on him than on myself. My anxiety kicks in and makes things worse. I told him this is happening because I fear losing him and I don’t wanna be hurt again given my past. And he said he loved me and he wanted to make it work and everything but I can’t seem to believe his words, I know it’s absurd to expect him to drive so much everyday at work, to his academy and everything and also want him to come see me but what else am I supposed to do when I don’t see him often? We ft in the night after 11 cause that’s when He comes home and I’m famished by then, he rarely wakes up before 10am while I’m up at 7 and I study or prep for school or work. If he’s ever up by chance he calls me for an Hr when he needs to get ready for work. The thing is since we see each other so less we never really have much convo or rather meaningful serious convos. I lowkey get hurt over how things are going and ik relationships take time and effort and we both want to be in a long term relationship so I’m not sure what to do.
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