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Discussion of the Near Death Experience phenomenon

2010.08.10 02:16 danamal Discussion of the Near Death Experience phenomenon

The Near Death Experience is a phenomenon where a person dies and is resuscitated. While they are "dead" or assumed to be dead, they experience what many believe is the Afterlife. Both experiencers and those positively interested in the experience are welcome to post here.

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2013.09.10 16:28 Cuervoso Their last resort

Netflix TV series 'Ozark', starring Jason Bateman & Laura Linney

2023.06.01 21:36 PaladinVera Possibly Victorian era book, but written during the 80s-2000s

Hey guys! Me and my mum were talking about books recently and she dropped this one on me… but she doesn’t remember much.
Here’s what we’ve got for plot:
-the main character starts off as a little girl and the book follows her growing up
-she might be working in a factory during a portion of the book
-there’s a male love interest who is there throughout her life, but their relationship doesn’t work out
-she becomes more successful with her own business
-the book ends with her being older and she ends up with the guy from before
Other details:
Other than that, there’s no other details!
I’m really hoping that someone can solve this, because it was her favourite book.
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2023.06.01 21:36 Salt-Programmer-831 (22 Male) I want to move out after my degree, I do not know where to go currently live in NJ

As you can see from above I am a 22 Y/O Male currently working as a Used Car-salesman in NJ, I got to online university for my Bachelors in Computer Science. My girlfriend (Who is 24 and going for a degree in Health Sciences) and I have been throwing around the Idea of leaving NJ not only because it is too expensive, the prices of everything are gradually increasing more then other states, and housing itself is no longer affordable here. We've also discussed the possibility of kids in the near future. Both of our families are from here, when talking to my father about the possible decision to move out of state because of expenses in the nicest way possible he told me "Simply earn more", same with my oldest brother, mind you I love both of them, they've both been great to me my entire life, I do not wanna leave my family behind, especially my mother, and middle brother. However personally I've always like the idea of having land and not being too far from the water, an hour or less. I've started saving slowly for buying a house out of state, but with everything going on the world knowing where to go is almost impossible. Any help would be appreciated, note I know I'm from NJ so I'll take any roast in stride. Thank you =)
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2023.06.01 21:35 anytninf Raise?

So, I’m not sure if I deserve a raise at this point or not. But I would freaking love one 😂 the office manager mentioned me getting a raise as I got certifications which makes sense.
Right now I’m just a DA, doing on the job training, and I’ve only worked here a few months but I’m the only DA. I’ll be a RDA next year once I’ve hit 15 months. I’ve gotten my infection control and getting my X-ray cert at the end of the month. I do a lot of work in the back aswell as the front when I have time for it.
I’m getting paid minimum wage, which is miserable trying to get my bills paid. I saw what the last DA was making and was like heck yeah that’s where I wanna be, but she also worked here for 15+ years so it makes sense.
Is there even a point asking for anything? Should I wait for my X-ray class then bring it up if they haven’t?
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2023.06.01 21:35 SD-throwaway-ac Sugar daddy looking for a single female in the USA only

Hello im looking for someone to have a fun arrangement and something long term. I’m looking for someone who’s open with :
pics vids and voice messages in exchange for a weekly allowance and gifts. I use all the payment apps I won’t ask any fees but will ask for verification on an app
Things I’m looking for someone who’s, SINGLE age 18-27 ,not in any kind of relationship, has a great personality,fit /athletic and healthy . Please Reddit chat me And not looking for strictly platonic
please DONT JUST SAY Hi. In your first post If my post still up I’m still looking Please respond with the questions or else I won’t respond. Reddit chat me. I won’t answer comments
respond to these questions : Age ? , where in the states ? And are you single ? And bit about you ?. Also provide a photo if you have none on your profile that shows your figure not just a selfie
Mention your favorite food in Your first message
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2023.06.01 21:35 Ok-Establishment2191 New temu users

Hey please help me reach my max so I can cash out for 50$ https://temu.com/s/n2kyLJUMtRZg4
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2023.06.01 21:35 GrouchyLettuce5619 F4m]I’ll ride on your dick and make you cum in my ass, after that I’ll gently stroke your dick with my hand and suck it till I drain it, I wanna fuck like a bitch, fuck me rough with any style you like you can hit me up on telegram @Userbaby2 and let’s meet up

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2023.06.01 21:35 CEO_Of_Drugs Anyone else think physics and math is just sorta neat

I don’t claim to be some kinda brain genius or whatever and i guess my thoughts on the subjects mentioned above are the only subjects that make me feel that way but specifically math and physics make me feel so in awe of this life. Like i’m extremely grateful that i get to exist in a time where that information is available and like i feel extremely lucky despite all the hardships that have come from this lifetime to just be able to study an aspect of the universe that feels so special. It’s like the universe hiding poetry in some weird made up concept, numbers in this case, and it’s just so indescribably beautiful to me. I don’t think i can express how fucking awesome physics is, the laws of motion feel like poetry it feels like the philosophy of the natural world.
it sucks that a lot of people kinda just take a class to get a degree and don’t ever seem to enjoy it really and like i’m not looking down on someone for feeling how they feel about the subject and that would be unfair since it seems like a lot of people struggle with it but fuck i just wish everyone could open their eyes to how unbelievably beautiful math can be. I make it my mission to help peers who struggle even when i struggle with it and it feels so correct and im grateful to be able to share that experience with others. And i know i will struggle and cry and probably be overwhelmed at some point trying to learn more but i’m just so fucking grateful that i can take like a quarter tab and just appreciate the beauty in my homework and the thought processes that help me solve it. I’m not that far into either subject but i’m hyped to to discreet math over the summer and i plan on self studying magnets and electromagnetism as much as i can this summer.
I hope you all find something that brings you as much joy and wonder as math and physics (also chemistry and poetry and sociology and a whole bunch of other subjects that blow my mind but i’m not taking those right now) and i hate that we don’t build confidence in these subjects in everyone because i think everyone deserves to feel that awe. I love you all take care of yourself please this life is a blessing.
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2023.06.01 21:35 peacheouting Still terrified

Ok so I had sex April 23 which was also the first day of my period to my knowledge he pulled out ever since that day I’ve literally been extremely stressed at the thought of the possibility of being pregnant 3 weeks after having sex I had random spotting for 2 days I’ve had multiple negative test and 1 negative blood test my period is 10 day late and I’m so scared that I might actually be pregnant every though they said it’s nearly impossible to get pregnant during your period I’ve seen stories of people who got pregnant during their periods this has taken over my life since April 23 40 days now I don’t know if my period is late due to extreme stress or pregnancy despite multiple negative test I have panic attacks multiple times a day because of this
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2023.06.01 21:35 NairoD4Christ If you live in Tempe, Arizona.. and want to hit postinos

Tap in if your a girl that’s 20-25 and wants to hit postinos with me. I’ll show you what I look like in the dms, I might as well use this as tinder
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2023.06.01 21:35 DreagxHeaps Gonna miss the show tonight because American Airlines delayed my flight 5 hours

Sorry, need a place to vent. Coming from Massachusetts, currently been sitting in NY on a layover (that was meant to be 2 hours) for 7 hours. The plane lands in Nashville which is 90 minutes from the Caverns. The people in front of me at the gate were upset and the employees told the group of 5 to go look for a new flight, told me the best they could do is a meal voucher. I know American is shitty but it’s all I could afford to get out there. This fucking sucks.
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2023.06.01 21:34 Lazy_Mouse3803 Tiktoker screams inside a Wendy’s restroom for a “prank”.

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2023.06.01 21:34 localabyss Sundowning pain

Recently my LO has become super agitated in the evening, claiming constant stomach pain that doesn’t get better even when we give her pain meds (she has chronic GI issues). Could this be sundowning? She also becomes very angry when I try to give her the pain meds. It’s every single evening at this point, and it just doesn’t seem very logical to me that it’s every evening, consistently at 4pm.
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2023.06.01 21:34 fukkatsusekai Dropped like nothing

I (F) started a thing with a friend (M) at the start of May. We had been talking a while before then but just as friends. I was also in another relationship until April but broke it off with them after a mutual decision was made. I’m still friends with them & we get along just fine.
However, this new -thing- happened suddenly & intensely. We really clicked & we really had lots of fun. Everything was initially by him at first. We basically had phone sex after I told him I was attracted to him & he told me he felt the same. And then after we did it, he told me he didn’t want a long-distance relationship. I asked him what he wanted to do and gave him several options. In the end, he asked if we could still be friends with benefits but also get to know each other more to eventually become more if it works out. So, I said yes. I wanted that too at the time.
After that we spent all the time we could together. He always wanted to talk on call, always messaged me when he could. We talked about lots of things and got along well. He told me he loved me first. He told me he would be my partner after I explained what the term meant to me (it means more to me than what it might mean to others. The term partner to me means being life partners - being there for each other, loving each other, agreeing to stick with one another & care for each other. More important that just bf/gf…). I told him how I felt about that and he stated he was my partner. Whenever he made such statements, I always asked him if he was sure. He’d assure me that he was. Insisted that he would. So I would accept it and be happy about it. I also told him how I rarely ever told anyone I loved them… it’s hard for me to say. I can’t even openly tell my family that I do. But after a while, I told him I did. And I did. I do now too…
We did lots of things. Shared intimate moments, talked about things, exchanged pictures & videos. At his request, we would even fall asleep over call together or I’d bring him into the shower with me just so he could spend time even then. He told me he loved me often. He would tell me he’d miss me when I was at work & he was waiting for me to get off… he even said he’d come visit me later this year. He said my cats were his babies & that one day he’d have actual babies with me.
And then one day, after weeks of this, he told me he spent time with a friend and had fun. I was happy for him & curious about the friend so I asked about them. I even joked about it being a date. And then he told me it wasn’t a date… but he did like them. That they were pretty (they had shared photos). And it got me thinking… so the next day I ended up asking him what exactly we were doing. It felt like an actual relationship. He called himself my partner…. Yet he was involving himself with someone else. And then he said he didn’t know. Days later he completely stopped saying he loved me. That he missed me. He stopped messaging as much. He didn’t tell me he loved me back or missed me when I would tell him.
And, after a lot of thinking and anxiety, I asked him about things. Basically he didn’t love me like that anymore. He decided after my initial asking that he didn’t but wasn’t going to tell me… after much more inquiry… basically I was just dropped. He didn’t know why he called me his partner despite him declaring that he was after he knew what I felt about it.
He still wants to be friends and I’m just devastated. I’m not doing well. It’s foolish and I was dumb to get swept away like that. Idk what to tell him now that he’s just talking to me how he did before this whole thing and I’m just crushed. Everything we did ceased. He doesn’t spend time anymore… he hardly messages… all that time we spent together is now empty for me.
Anyways… I wanted to share my story because I frankly don’t know what to say or do now. Pretty sure people are going to tear me to shreds for this, which, I understand. But I’m lonely and I don’t know how to cope rn. Sorry for the length of the post & the stupidity of it all.
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2023.06.01 21:34 JulianBean27 Aussie’s curbside moment

I get it. It’s easy to go hard on how “messed up” or shut down Aussie can be. I just don’t understand how in these scenes that we have watched it happen, the trigger has been so clear! And I haven’t seen many posts about it. I am not excusing the running away behavior BUT Aussie isn’t wrong: Aussie isn’t being listened to or heard. Mildred was aggressive in her tone with Aussie in their conversation. It definitely wasn’t a true vulnerable conversation that Mildred was attempting to have. It was a “you’re gonna listen to ME” convo. Sam did the same type of tone twice with Aussie in episode 8. I really thought they’d get it right in their conversation in bed after the friend hang. But Sam went into correction mode after Aussie has literally just explained that they feel they aren’t enough, need to be perfect and they don’t feel heard by her. I agree with Aussie’s assessment that the focus has been entirely on their growth. “The new Sam”. I get it. Stand up for yourself. Don’t enable Aussie any longer. I don’t blame Aussie at all about feeling defensive during the friend hang. It almost felt like the presence of Sam’s friend gave Sam some steam to just go in hard on Aussie’s shortcomings. Her tone was awful, I would absolutely have struggled to listen to my partner talk to me and about me like that in front of one of their friends. I am so glad that Aussie was able to connect the trigger to their core wound from childhood. This whole show is just the perfect example of attachment styles and core wounds being so present in adult relationships. Mildred for example. Massive abandonment wound. So when she perceives the threat of abandonment, she goes full survival mode. It’s the same for Aussie.
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2023.06.01 21:34 newyork0120 Fox News Is Not Conservative (Part 1)

Another week, another catastrophic drop in sales for Bud Light. Six weeks have passed since the boycott began - the boycott that many critics—including many on the Right—assured us would fail, and sales of the goat urine beverage plunged another 25%. The week before, sales dropped 24%. A cause of even greater concern for Anheuser-Busch executives is that the company’s other brands are ALSO seeing significant losses - sales of Budweiser were down nearly 10% for the second week in a row. And this is what Anheuser-Busch gets, and rightly so, for betraying their mostly working class conservative customer base in order to promote transgenderism.
So then I asked, “What should Fox News get?”, because that’s what Bud Light got. What should Fox News get? The Daily Signal has a report from journalist Mary Margaret Olohan laying out the “conservative” media conglomerate’s official company policies pertaining to trans employees. Now, Fox pretends to object to the invasion of women’s spaces by men, but its own policies tell a very different story. Citing the radical far-left Human Rights Campaign, the employee handbook grants employees at Fox News the right to use whatever bathroom aligns with their “gender identity”, and it guarantees that they’ll be addressed according to their “preferred pronouns”.
Under the category “Gender Transition,” Fox’s employee handbook promises that the company is dedicated to “expanding and strengthening” efforts to “sustain a more inclusive work environment.” The Fox employee handbook is posted on Workday, where employees can see company guidelines or policies, a former employee told The Daily Signal.
“Employees who are transitioning their gender have the right to be open about their transition if they so choose, and to work in an environment free of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, and without fear of consequences or transphobia for living openly,” the policy says.
Citing the Human Rights Campaign, one of the most prominent LGBTQ organization in the country, the Fox handbook defines a slew of LGBTQ terms, including cisgender, gender expression, gender-fluid, gender identity, gender non-conforming, gender transition, LGBTQ, non-binary, and transgender.
For the past several years, Fox received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, “the nation’s foremost benchmarking survey and report measuring corporate policies and practices related to LGBTQ+ workplace equality.” A former Fox News employee told The Daily Signal that the company frequently mentions this perfect score in employee training materials.
So, they’re very very proud of having gotten a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign, which is, again, a radical far-left organization. As a former Fox employee mentions in the article, Fox spends a lot of time attacking woke corporations, but forgets to mention that it is itself a woke corporation. In fact, there is absolutely no difference between Fox and any of the woke corporations that it pretends to criticize. This also creates the rather funny possibility that a female pundit who goes to Fox Studios to do a segment complaining about men in women’s bathrooms may visit the restrooms after her segment, only to find that she is sharing it with a man.
Now, if you’re more gracious than me, you may want to excuse all of this by arguing that Fox is only following the law in the states where its offices are located, it has no choice. And if that was the case, it would make Fox merely a pitiful capitulator, but the fact is that their advocacy for trans ideology goes far far beyond anything that is required by law… yet. Keep in mind that Fox has, for a long time now, made the editorial decision to refer to trans identified males as “she”, and trans identified females as “he”. So even in articles and commentary ostensibly critical of men who invade women’s spaces, STILL, its journalists and commentators refer to those men as women, thereby kneecapping their own argument.
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2023.06.01 21:34 Strange_Designer_477 My girlfriend is ghosting me

It’s been 2 days since she hasn’t answered me via call, text or anything! I would see her online on Facebook not posting but just being active. Sometimes I would even catch her reading my messages, it would literally say “read message at …” I’m so upset how clear can it get from here?
She’s done this a while back in the beginning of our relationship saying how she was going through things every other few days but apparently I found out she was planning on ghosting me around that time frame and would keep coming back for when it was convenient for her whether it was emotionally or if she needed the money.
Now this time I don’t know if it’s similar or if she’s seriously going through something because she hasn’t been like this for months and I thought we were doing really well. I gotten closer to her family, I’ve been there for her kids… even managed to take her to a nice/fancy hotel for a couple of days. I was literally just at her place for a week or two and had to leave because I was needing to help my grandma and all of a sudden when I came back home or back in town she messaged me a few times talking about “Good morning. I’m just stressing over rent it’s nothing you did” and I haven’t heard from her since.
I’ve been calling her back to back and messaging her back to back and still nothing.
She’s pregnant and her due date is this month. I don’t know if she’s going through labor already or if something happened but her being online and somewhat reading my messages makes no sense to me.
Can someone put two and two together and help me with what’s going on.
I even got in contact with her cousin today. They’re close as well and he’s really chill and open minded and told me how with her and her boyfriend she seems to care more about him and the kids and not as much about me (in other words) right now and to just keep contact from a distance right now because of the kids and other things. He doesn’t talk to her as much either but he told me how he knew her all of his life so he knows how she can get sometimes.
Still though, in my opinion she could’ve still reached out but she’s always playing this game if going MIA. She hasn’t done it in a while but apparently it’s starting again.
Kind of random and irrelevant but there was a point and time where she was talking absolute crap about me to one of my close friends and how the s*x wasn’t the best and how she didn’t truly love me etc and she said all of that to basically side with him and get money out of him (he shown me messages) but this was a while ago, a few months ago to be exact but it still hurts. She said a lot of horrible things about me as well that wasn’t even the worst part.
Her cousin earlier today mentioned how if she was really into me and took me seriously that she would’ve been territorial of me and possessive like how she is with her boyfriend of 9 years. He mentioned how he was testing her acting as if he was hitting on me and wanted my number and she didn’t care to give it to him and how we would’ve been cute together (in other words).
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2023.06.01 21:34 Oscarcctv This made me lose the love of my life my fiancé .

Loved her , love how she was loyal to me love how she did everything for me , love how she was literally my only and best friend . It’s been 2 days since we broke up but we’ve broken up so many times about this before , I can’t go back and won’t go back like this … she don’t deserve it I don’t deserve it . Dealing with self hate for all the hypocrisy, all the irrational thoughts caused by this illness . But I was going down hill fast . My Heart is broken but I do feel some relief . For the first time … a tiny bit of relief ..
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2023.06.01 21:34 In_Yellow_Clad Huh -- (A One Shot)

Badrapra - a name that would go down in history - is a planet smack dab on the edge of human space, a planet that sat at the junction of several supply lanes and commerce hubs, and was for all intents and purposes, a fortress world as a result. Considering it was the only way through a region of space that was known for lost ships that ventured out into the twin nebulas, from which nothing but space wildlife ever returned, it was as you might think, a damn important planet to hold onto. A planet from which a counter attack could be launched in any direction, a chokepoint that couldn’t be breached without exorbitant cost to resources and manpower. A planet from which a foe could strike at the heart of humanity should they take it.
Which was why Humanity and the Ta’Ex were currently brawling over it. The reasons for the current interstellar conflict aren’t important, what is important is this planet, over and on which the two belligerents have fought each other to a standstill. Upon this planet is a fortress, a fortress garrisoned by some of the most seasoned men and women of the Terran military, and trenches span the entire planet, surrounding cities and industry as protection against invasion.
In orbit it is much the same, sort of. Instead of trenches there are reefs of defense satellites and weapons emplacements, shoals of warships patrol the space around the planet and the lanes that all are forced to use. It was built to be impenetrable, imposing in a way that any foe would cower at the mere mention of it. And yet…
And yet the Ta’Ex had launched a bold assault upon the planet, bringing four of their largest fleets to bear down upon the defenses. It was a brutal fight, losses were heavy on both sides, but neither was willing to back down. It was the same on the ground, the Ta’Ex had made planetfall with relative ease, only to find themselves staring at trench lines that were miles thick and brimming with all manner of terrible weaponry. Since humanity was unwilling to give up their defensive positions and simply let the enemy break themselves against said defenses, things quickly devolved into a game of waiting and patience.
The Ta’Ex had boldly walked right into the fire, thinking they could easily beat such defenses, they were quite wrong about that. In less than four hours they’d lost several thousand troops to coordinated artillery, air and ground fire, while humanity lost not even a percentage of that. So the Ta’Ex decided to emulate humanity instead, building their own counter trenches and emplacements.
And now the course of any engagement was predicated on who was winning in space. Regular supply drops and the rotating of troops off the frontlines became exceedingly difficult at times thanks to the back and forth nature of the spaceborne conflict. So, as is want to happen in such cases, the soldiers grew bored, and in some cases, desperate.
For example, on the day the battle would end. Nobody knew it at the time, but one small event would change the course of the battle in favor of humanity, as the Ta’Ex would get a taste of what humanity was truly like, and it would be a thing that shook them to their core.
A fine morning indeed, or so it appeared. The silence over the trenches was an illusion that could be shattered at any moment by artillery or gunfire, yet none came. And so the Ta’Ex commander watched the birds in the sky instead, sipping on a hot drink that was his species' equivalent of human coffee. It served to give him that extra little jolt that would keep him awake, something he needed these days since the most that ever happened were one side hurling insults at the other and the occasional potshot just to remind the enemy that they still existed.
I, Lord Commander Issal, turned my attention to the device they were building, it was a two fold thing. The first part of it would project a moveable shield which could theoretically withstand an orbital strike and would allow their troops to advance on the enemy trenches without fear of death. The other part, was a directed energy weapon, one capable of leveling entire city blocks if they so wished, or even striking at an orbiting capital ship with reasonably grand results.It would be a good weapon to use when they began to advance, as it could soften targets with ease in a way that artillery wasn’t quite capable of.
At the moment only the cannon was built, and even that wasn’t fully ready for deployment, there were several simulations still needing to be run, but I was confident that soon we could begin a proper assault, once the shield platform was complete. That said, I had a feeling of unease settle over me as a heavy fog rolled in and partially obscured the sky.
A few orders later and I was certain that any potential attack could be thwarted during such a phenomenon. What I wasn’t expecting was to see a shape walk out of the mist that was distinctly not a Ta’Ex. See, we Ta’Ex are a very tall species, they sport six limbs, four arms and two legs. The second pair of arms are smaller and widely considered to be vestigial at this point in their evolution. Their bodies covered in a light coating of fur, vaguely avian heads and a long stinger tipped tail. Like some sort of really fucked up hybrid of a bird, scorpion and a dog as the humans would say. That generally didn’t offend the Ta’Ex, they understood that some species were really only able to compare them to somewhat similar creatures on their homeworlds, that was alright.
What walked out of the mist was not Ta’Ex, but human. Smaller than the Ta’Ex by at least four human feet, lacking the extra limbs and fur, plus no tail which was just wrong on so many levels. I expected a human in power armor, which we had discovered to be exceedingly devastating against us, with no real counter beyond sticking a det-pack somewhere where they couldn’t reach and blowing them up. Instead, this human walked casually through our trench in what they call ‘shorts’ and a ‘t-shirt’, their hair messy and the beginnings of something called a ‘beard’ showing along their jaw. Even their boots were untied, loose and flopping around their hideous feet as they walked.
So stunned we all were that nobody moved as the human walked wearily up to the cannon controls - which I know really shouldn’t be out in the open like they were, but the design of the cannon resulted in the controls being outside rather than protected internally- and just stared at them for what felt like ours. I was about to bellow a war cry and charge the human when they finally moved. It felt as though my perception of time slowed as I watched their five fingered hand curl only four digits, what they called an index finger rigid and extended as it rose into the air, and then began a descent towards the control panel. Nobody moved, nobody even dared to breathe, as that finger pushed a button.
Nothing happened, and the human seemed to be confused by this, as they pushed the button several more times before they tried simply holding it down. When even that didn’t work they let out a little huff of annoyance and started pushing other buttons, till one actually did something. He paused when the capacitors began drawing power audibly, quickly too, and finally the first button he’d been pressing lit up as the charging sequence finished.
With a soft shrug and a frown of sorts they pushed the button one more time, before the sky was split in two and darkened considerably as a violet beam of energy lanced forth from the cannon. It lasted for thirty seconds before suddenly shutting down, the cannon barrel smoking and the human looked surprised before they shrugged and uttered a sentence that would haunt me forever.
“Huh… So that’s what that does. Neat.” And they turned around and walked casually back through the trenches. When they reached the perimeter they climbed up and out, sauntering lazily across the open fields between our lines. A flurry of panicked comms chatter reached me finally, and as I listened with a mounting sense of horror and even embarrassment, I learned that this random human who had fired our weapon quite by chance, had also heaped more misfortune upon us.
Our flagship was in flames.
Against all odds, the stars had seemingly aligned for this one human to make an unguided and unintentional attack against the pride of our fleet, using our very own weapon against us, all because he’d let his own curiosity get the better of his judgement, and because I, in my shock, had simply allowed it to happen.
I sat down heavily, and wondered what to do. Two hours later, word had spread far and wide, and we no longer wished to fight these apes, for what new misfortunes could they heap upon us in their pursuit for the cure to boredom? An hour after that, the war was over.
– – – – – –
When Corporal Flynn made it back to his particular stretch of shitty trench, he found the company CO standing there waiting for him, and he did not look impressed.
“Just what the hell were you thinking Corporal!?” Captain Mcgowan practically spat, and the corporal stared blankly at him for approximately two seconds before responding, realization crossing his face before he grinned broadly.
“I was bored, sir.”
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2023.06.01 21:34 amysteryname TikTok changed their remote working policy right before sending me an offer

Context: I applied for a technical role at TikTok at their SF office. At the time of applying, the expectation was working 3 days in-office / 2 days working remote, which is completely fine with me. Role had a very wide salary range ($120-230k, depending on tier and experience). I proposed $150-155k + some sort of signing bonus + equity (likely in the form of RSUs), all of which she said she can work with.
After 3 rounds of interviews, the recruiter got back to me saying that the team really liked their conversations with me and think my experience could add a lot of value to the team. She then said that the next stage is the offer stage, where it was implied that I’d be receiving an offer… on one condition.
The recruiter wants to first align on a new office days policy. My team specifically wants to meet 5 days in-person at the office because they “believe in in-person collaboration”.
This isn’t a complete dealbreaker for me since this is a role I’ve really wanted for a couple of months now and I’d love to work at TikTok, but it’s so disappointing and honestly a bit of a shock since I had the expectation that it would be 2 days of working remotely.
Given that this wasn’t originally agreed upon or even mentioned in the job listing or early convos with the recruiter, I want to try and negotiate — either in the form of greater compensation or challenging the policy so that I can work remotely for part of the week (I don’t think this option will work in my favor since there are other candidates in the pipeline they’d reach out to instead).
I’m leaning towards accepting an offer, which hasn’t been discussed yet, but I want to make sure I’m getting the best offer I can get with this new change. Any advice on how to go about negotiating would be SO appreciated!
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2023.06.01 21:34 domyates Looking for a homeless guy (and his cat).

Can anyone help me locate a homeless guy I've seen in Birmingham, often seen sitting on the streets with his cat on or near Bull Street and the closed off street, or near Martineau Place. I'd like to help him out.
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2023.06.01 21:34 AutoModerator [Bundle] Iman Gadzhi Courses

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2023.06.01 21:34 Xanny_bee what’s holding him back?

what’s holding him back?
Explanation of the situation: I’m in a crush situation with a person I know from a work related environment, but we’re same age for those who might worry :D. I asked the cards what’s holding him back exactly in our connection (cause he gives me feelings like he wants to deepen the connection but then is holding back a little idk) and I got this spread. I can’t really tell what this could mean, I can only guess that he would probably make himself vulnerable (with heart and key) and that he’s probably conflicted between something new (child) and being “safe”/ in the comfort zone (house) and prefers to fantasize ?(stars) What would you say?
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