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2023.06.01 22:14 IntriguedStarfish $50 Referral + $10 Many Times Over + $10 From Me - Spritz Finance (USA)

$50 Referral + $10 Many Times Over + $10 From Me - Spritz Finance (USA)
Spritz Finance lets you easily use your crypto for everyday expenses. They currently offer a virtual debit card, crypto-wallet-to-bank transfer, bill payment using crypto and paying anyone to his/her bank using crypto.
Right now, if you sign up through my referral link and fund your Spritz virtual debit card with $50 or more with your crypto, you get $50 instantly! You can shop with your Spritz card or transfer your money to CashApp. There is also a separate promotion that rewards you a $10 matching bonus for your 1st payment for EVERY bill you have! I was able to score $110 total, for paying $10 each for all my 11 different credit cards.
Plus, I will personally thank you by sending you $10 for using my referral, upon payout confirmation!
Spritz accepts several kinds of crypto, but I recommend using MATIC (Polygon) because its transactions are dirt cheap (5-10 cents each time) and fast (seconds). Do use MATIC on Polygon Mainnet, NOT MATIC that's ERC-20 on Ethereum chain (Learn more). I'll be using MATIC throughout this guide, though you can use any supported crypto.
To Get $50 Referral Bonus + $10 From Me:
  1. Sign up for Spritz Finance using my referral link: https://app.spritz.finance/signup?grsf=iytq7z
  2. Verify your identity to finish your account set up.
  3. If you don't have a crypto wallet yet, set one up. I recommend Metamask, and you can follow this guide.
  4. From a crypto exchange, send at least $53 worth of MATIC (Polygon) to Metamask. Make sure you're withdrawing to Polygon mainnet, NOT to Ethereum/ERC-20. You want to have extra room of $3+ in MATIC for paying transaction fees later and $1 extra when withdrawing your bonus credit. Make the send amount $53 + $10 x number of your bills, in MATIC, if you are going for the bill-pay bonuses as well. You can read my tips section for how to transfer your crypto the same day and saving $ on fees when sending your MATIC.
  5. Back on your Spritz page, press "Spend" to set up your Spritz virtual debit card.
  6. Click "Fund with Crypto" and connect your wallet (Metamask etc.). Select/switch to Polygon network at the top of the screen.
  7. Enter $50 or more for the funding amount. Remember, you'll want to leave $3+ worth of MATIC in your wallet.
  8. Press "Fund with M" and confirm in your wallet to finalize your transaction.
  9. You'll see $50 added to your "bonus credit" INSTANTLY!
  10. DM me and tell me the email address you registered with Spritz. Upon confirmation of both our payouts, I will send you $10 via CashApp, PayPal etc.
In Step 5, you can choose "Off-ramp" instead to cash out $50+ your crypto to your bank account to qualify for the $50 referral bonus.
To Get The $10 Bill-Pay Bonus Many Times Over:
  1. Within 7 days of signup, go to "Pay" at screen-top to begin a bill-pay.
  2. Add an account to pay. You can add a variety of bills including credit card and utility bills.
  3. Press "Pay with crypto", connect your wallet and enter at least $10. The max matching bonus of $10 is added in the final amount.
  4. Press "Pay with M" and confirm to send the payment.
  5. Repeat the steps above for other bills. You get $10 for making your 1st bill payment for EVERY bill you have! I got $110 total for paying off 11 different credit cards :) If your credit card balance is zero, you'll just get $20 statement credit for use later on!
How To Withdraw/Use Your Bonus Credit:
You can use your bonus credit in one of the following ways:
  1. Top up your Spritz card to shop with it <--- (You can transfer to CashApp)
  2. "Off-ramp" payment (transferring crypto to your bank)
  3. Pay a bill
  4. Pay someone
Press "Apply" to apply your "reward balance". Do note that you do have to add minimum of $1 in MATIC for one of these transaction.
Tips On Moving Your Crypto (MATIC etc.) To Your Wallet:
Coinbase is a great choice if you're starting out with crypto because it's easy to use. But Coinbase and many other exchanges will make you wait a few days until you can withdraw your crypto you buy from regular ACH bank transfer. If you want to buy and withdraw crypto the same day, try this method:
  1. Buy bitcoin with debit card in Strike app (cheap fee)
  2. Send bitcoin to an exchange (cheap fee)
  3. Buy MATIC with bitcoin on exchange
  4. Send MATIC to Metamask
This page lists exchanges with low withdrawal fees for MATIC. Kraken and Crypto .com are good choices.
Spritz charges you nothing if your monthly total transaction is below $100. After that, you start to incur small fees. See Fee Table.
Spritz' referral program is described here (clarification: funding Spritiz card IS a qualifying bill payment).
Spritz' bill-payment bonus is described here.
USA only. There is no credit check.
Please feel free to DM me to ask questions. I appreciate you using my referral link!

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2023.06.01 22:14 talkingsmall Albums 5.2.1 Release Notes: Bug fixes!

Albums 5.2.1 is rolling out to users over the next week. If you want to get it now, you can download it from the App Store.
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2023.06.01 22:14 TheLiquidJam I used to work at a brewery – it was hard. So I built a game about running a brewery instead. Would love to hear what you think about it!

Hey all! After over a year of development my game Idle Brewery is live on both mobile app stores.
It's a classic underdog story of a small craft brewery going up against the big corporate giants.
Incorporates most of the things you'd expect in a craft beer game including:
  1. 48 different beers, complete with whimsical labels and absurd names.
  2. Wide range of different styles like lagers, pale ales, stouts, IPAs, belgians, sours, etc.
  3. A broad array of grains and hops (cascade, citra, galaxy, etc.).
  4. Supply and demand management, including dealing with negative marketing from Big Beer!
Now, if you're expecting it to be realistic... I can tell you right now that it's not. I spent months trying to make it work with actual brewhouses, mash tuns, etc. and the game became too complicated and, frankly, not fun.
However it still has many things you'd expect from a classic craft brewery! You can start a mug club, buy a brew dog, cold crash your tanks, add copper piping, etc. It also has some "non-standard" things, like hiring robot bartenders 🙂
If you want to give it a try:
  1. Android (Google Play)
  2. Apple (App Store)
Anyway, pumped to hear what you all think about it! Started building this a passion project, but have been working on it full time for the past 9 months and plan to continue adding to it. Cheers 🍻
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2023.06.01 22:14 gongroom Girlfriend mad at me for not going to see her while she is sick, because I prioritize my studies

I'm in college and it is around end of semester, which means I have exams for the next 2 weeks. My girlfriend recently got sick, and of course I've been talking to her through the phone, asking her how she is feeling, if she's been better, telling her stuff she could drink or eat to get better. She's feeling pretty bad, but around this time, I cannot risk my grades. I told her I would love to go and take care of her but I simply can't risk getting sick because I need to do these exams. If she hadn't gotten mad at me first, I woul've offered to see her on the weekend, because even thought I still need to study, I want to see her and can make time for that, but she got mad. She says that if she was in the same situation, she would go see me, that some papers aren't as important as a person, and that I'm egotistical for thinking this way and prioritizing my studies. She says that she feels that she can't rely on me because of me choosing not going to see her. I haven't changed my point of view and I told her that. I think that it does not have to do with either if my college is more important or her being "less important", I think it's a matter of timing and when to choose which one to do.
Also, I've not told her this but very clearly the problem is NOT that I only and only ONLY do uni stuff and NEVER hang out with her. We hang out a lot, even though my career requiers lots of studying I still manage making time for her every week and the issue is not this one, it's really this situation in particular.
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2023.06.01 22:14 lylemurphy1970 [WTS] NumisMecca: Your Online CoinShow. If you can't find it here...it doesn't exist

For some reason, the hyperlinks from my older posts are not pasting new posts. I tried the various suggestions regarding pasting in edit mode and in markdown mode and still not working like it used to for me. And it would take days to recreate and I think there is some setting I'm not aware of. Any suggestions would be most welcome. The only real option at this time is to [GO HERE] for PMS. CLAD [GO HERE]. There you will find my full inventories with pics and or vid links all on one google doc spreadsheet. What is posted here is a very small slice of what is available. The document is always current, so you can browse it at any time for the most current inventory.
Grading. Grades are approximated and used to price point the coin. If you see something on a coin that you believe alters the grade, send a chat and, let's discuss it. In previous posts, I have had absolutely NO extra space to get wordy as you get cut off at like 40,000 some such characters. With the spreadsheet links, I can now get into more details about a coin, but not Im going to retroactively adjust descriptions.
Details, cleaned or polished means this coin will not likely grade and refers to the most obvious examples. That does not mean that one that is not designated as such will grade. I do not consider a dipped coin a details designation. Cleaned to me means there are cleaning lines, and often in the eyes of a grading company it is a matter of degree. Most mid-1800s proof coins have cleaning lines that are straight-graded. Typically I do not designate a coin with modest cleaning lines as cleaned or other minor detractors that MAY hold back a straight grade but instead, place a lower price on it. Many of these raw coins will not straight grade. Again, Im only going to call out the obvious examples, and we can discuss any coin you need more info on to make a decision. If you are planning on submitting your coin, please ask if I think the coin will grade. Early copper for instance is notorious for environmental damage yet the coin is still attractive for the type set collector. Again if you are planning on getting a coin graded or even just want more confidence about it, let's review the coin under a microscope and even UV light, etc, video.
I use "Making the Grade" Third edition to estimate grades. I also use the narrow definition of Scott travers when calling a coin uncirculated (no breaking in luster on the high points). Often, I have a coin slabbed in my PC that serves as a comparison. BU to me means a very choice example of an uncirculated. MS62-MS66. IF YOU ARE NOT happy with your purchase SAY SO. Don't be shy. Full refunds for coins that do not meet your expectations are encouraged.
Shipping is $4-$15. Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, PPFF. No notes. Credit Card add 3%
Half Cent
1809 VG10 $60
Large Cent
1794 Large Cent VF details $800 (Bids $1675 in VF20 and a VF details sold on eBay for $1600)
1795 Condor token $45
1802 VG $120
1802 Cent F15 Nice coin $260 (below bid)
1803 VG10 $150
1803 F $240
1812 Sm Date VF $500 (grey $700) off-center strike
1817 Large Cent with 13 Stars $120
1817 XF $160 13 stars
1818 VG10 $30
1819/8 VF30 Rare $125
1820 VF $45
1845 VG/F $20
1846 XF Tall Date $90
1847 VF+/XF $35
1848 F+ $25
1849 VG/F $24
1850 VF+ $35
1855 VF/XF rim dings $20
1855 AU+ $120
1854 $20
1888 1C Canadian AU $5
1860 VG10 Details $12
1861 VF $60
1863 $8
1863 $8
1864 Bronze VF $45
1864L G weak L $40
1865 Fancy 5 XF $42
1866 F $80
1868 AG $25
1870 Shallow N VG6 $100
1870 XF40 Bold N $225 (Cleaned with a jewelers cloth) Bid is $335, CPG $436 so steeply discounted
1871 IHC VG10 $120
1875 VG $22 Lt Graffitt
1876 $40
1876 VG $40
1878 IHC XF45 $225 (nice coin)
1881 XF $25
1884 XF $28
1886 Ty2 F $38
1889 VF $8
1889 XF/AU Rev-glue $20
1895 XF45 $20
1895 MS++ $75
1900 BU-RB $80
1900 G $2
1902 AU $5
1904 VF30 $3.50
1905 XF+ $4
1907 BURD ~ MS63 $120
1908s VF $120
1908S XF$160
1914D VG8 NGC $220
1930S 1C PCGS MS65RD $110
1931S 1C NGC MS64 RB $210
1937 MS66RD $50
1937 MS66RD $50
1939 MS66RD $34
1948D PCGS MS66RD $60
1950 MS66RD $80
1950D MS66RD $42
1951S MS66RD $42
1954 PCGS MS64RD x 2 $6
1954 PCGS MS65RD $8
1941-1961D mostly BU Lincoln Set $50
1942 $2
1944 BURD $4
1952S BURD $5
1954 BURD $2
1954D BURD $4
1958 BURD $2
1960 BURD+ $1
1960 BURD++ $1
2C Pieces
1864 x 4 $22 ea
1864 damaged $10
1865 $20
1866 $27
1870 2C AU58 $195 (below bid)
Clad 3C
1865 & 1868 3 Cent $20 both
1867 VF $21
1868 VG $18
1881 VF $25
Shield Nickels
1867 5C Choice AU $110
Liberty Nickels
1885 G $240
1897 AU+ $70
1903 G $1.50
1906 UNC $80
1907 AU+ 5C (arguably unc) $55
1908 XF $20
1910 XF+ $32
1911 XF+ $25
Silver 3C
1851 F $45
1852 VG $38
1852 F $45
1852 3C PCGS AU53 $175
1853 G $30
1853 VG $38
1853 F $45
1913 Ty ! AU+ $22
1913D Ty1 AU $45
1913S Ty1 AU $80
1916D VF+ $28
1916S F15 $80
1919 VG $2.5
1919 VF $6
1924 F $3
1924 XF $20
1926 s VG/F$55
1927 XF+ $11
1928 VG $2
1928 D AU+ 5C $50
1929 x 6 f/VF $1.50 ea
1929S XF $13
1930 VF$5
1934 VF $4
1934D VF $9
1935D XF+ $25
1935 S AU55 $25
1936D VF30 $4
1936S AU+ $20
1937XF+ $4
1937 UNC Blue electric tint $16
1937D AU
1938D MS65 NGC $60
1938D BU $20
1938D MS65 Range $35 PIC
1938D MS 65/6 $40
1938S BU $6.50
1942 and 1942D $.25
1943S 35% BU $10 x 2
Bust Half Dimes
1831 AU58 WOW $285 (bid is $375)
1835 F12 Bust Lg Date Sm 5C $65 (grey $83)
1835 F/VF $90
1836 Capped Bust H10C AU det. $150 (rim nicks, Lt. hairlines)
Seated Half Dimes
1852 F $30
1853 H10c XF45 $80
1856 VF $30 cleaned
Bust Dimes
1830 G+ $50 (bid ~$70)
1831 VG8 $50
1833 VG $42
1833 VG $45
1833 F12 $84 (F15 obv, VG10 rev)
1833 VF30 $120 (grey $120)
1834 AG/G $35 (below bid)
1835 F15 Obv, VG Rev $75
1835 XF $200 (below bid)
Seated Dimes
1853 VF $36
1854 F $22
1862 F+ $30
1876CC G/VG $22
1877CC G details rev damage
1877CC AG $5.50
1877CC G (rev nic) $20
1886 VG $15
1892 XF+ $70
1901 VF$12
1902 AU58 $90
1904 VF $12
1905 UNC$140
1905 XF+ $30
1908 VG$5.50
1910 VF $12
1911 VG $6
1911S VF$22
1912 AU+ +$80
1912D XF45 $35
1913 VG $6
1913 XF+ $25
1914D XF $24
1916 F12 $4
Mercury Dimes Losta Mercury dates on the spreadsheet
1916D NGC AG3 Cleaned $685
1921 F15 $90
1926 G $2.75
1931 VG $6
1931S VG $9
1931S F+ $12
1934 VF $3
1937 XF $3
1937D VF $3.50
1938 PF66 NGC $340
1940 UNC FSB $20
1941 F $2.20
1941 PCGS AU50 $10
1942S BU $8 (I have multiples)
1943 FSB$14
1943D BU $10
1943D BU FSB $16
1943S BU $10 (I have more of these)
1944 BU++ $18
1944D MS66 FSB $60
1945 BU $10 (I have many more of these)
1954 PCGS PR67 $40
1960 NGC PF67CAM $22
1963 PCGS PR68CAM $25
1993S PR69DCAM $10
1955S 10C BU$3 (x50)
1993S PR69DCAM silver $12
1997S PR69DCAM $10
1998S PCGS PR69DCAM $8
2006S PCGS PR69DCAM $10
2009S PCGS PR69DCAM Silver $12
2011S PCGS PR69DCAM Silver $12
1947D BU $3
1948D BU $3
1948D BU $3
1953 BU $3
1953D BU $3
1955S BU $3
20 Cent Pieces
1875S ANACS Soapbox EF40 $240
1875S 20C XF45 $250
Bust Quarters
1834 25C VF30 $170
1836 VF30 scratch $140
1836 VF35 $200
Seated quarters
1854 arrows F filled hole $20
1857 F details $20
1857 XF45 $120 (could swing AU)
1876 XF $62
1876S AG $18
1876s VG $25
1876s F+ $36
1877 G $18
1877 25C XF Details repaired $15
1877 CC VG $50
1877S G $18
1891 VF $48
Barber Quarters better
1892 XF45 $90 Rainbow tone
1894S AG/G $13.50
1897 VG $10
1899 VG x 3 $9
1899 AU58 (problem free) $160
1901 AU+ $110
1905S AG $35
1906D G + $6.50
1907O $6
1907S G $10
1908 VG $8
1908D AG/G $6.00
1909D G $6.25
1910D G $12
1911 AU+ $135
1911 D F15 $175 (rare this nice)
1912 VG $8
1914 VG $8.50
1915 S VG $38 PIC (704,000 pop) Grey bid is $46
1915D $6
1916D XF $45
1916D VF $25
1916D G $6.50
1916D VG $9
1916D VG+ $9
1916D AU $110
1917 Ty1 F+ $60
1918D BU FH $400
1920 VG$15
1920 F $20
1920 VF20 $15 Rev scratch
1923 VG+ $18
1925 MS63+$285
1926 VG $7.50
1926 F $9
1926D VG$15
1926D F $24
1926S G+ $9
1926S F $15
1927 VF $12
1927 VF $12
1927D Gx 4 $13 ea
1927D VG $17
1927D VG10 $22
1927S VG $60
1927S VG+ $68
1928 VG $7.5
1928 F $8
1928 F15 $12
1928S VG $8
1928s VG10 $8
1928S F $12
1929 VG $7.50
1929 VG10 $8
1929 VF $12
1929D F $12
1930S VG $7.50
1930S VF $12
1930S XF 1 2 3 4 $30
1930S XF45 2 $45
Slabbed Washingtons
1944 NGC MS66 $50
1950 NGC MS66 $50
1954S NGC MS65 $28
1956 PCGS PR68 $60
1958 PCGS PR67 $25
2004S TX PCGS PR69DCAM $15
2005S CA PCGS PR69DCAM $15
Washington 25C
1932D XF $155
1932 D AU $275
1932S AU+ cleaned $130
1934 AU+ $20
1934 BU $35
1935D VG $5.75
1945S BU 25C $22
1954D BU+ $12
1956 BU++ x18 $10 ea
1957 PROOF+ $16 PIC
1958D AU+ $5.75
1959D MS63 $8
1960D UNC $5.75
1960D Blast BU $7.50
1962 Proof $8
1963 Proof $8
Bust Halves
1823 Ugly 3 VF25 $300 (scratch)
1824 XF45 $210
1826 VF25 $115
1827 Sq base, no knob XF45 $185
1829 F $85 sm letters
1830 VF Lg 0 O-122 R1 $100
1830 XF45 ANACS (Lg0,sm Let) $220
1833 VF20 $90 1833 VF20 $85
1834 Large Date Small Letter F12 $75
1835 Capped Bust Half F12 $80 (obv F15, rev VG)
1835 VF $95
1835 XF Details (scratch rev) $120
1836 LE VF30 $90
1836 LE VF20 $85
1836 LE XF45 50C $225
Seated Halves
1843O 50C AU53 $425
1854 50C G $40
<1854> F light rev scratch $58
1857o 50c AU55 $500 (way below bid)
1860 50c AU $375 (bid)
1860O AG $30
1867S AU58 $750 (super flashy)
1873 50C W Arrows XF $185
1875 VF30 $90
1876 50c XF $125
1917D Obv G $25
1917D rev PIC $24
1917S G $14
1919D $35
1919D 50C G $40
1919S AG $20
1920 F rim ding $18
1937 UNC $60
1938D F Cleaned $60
1938D VF30 $100 (CPG $128)
1939D AU $30
1940S BU++ $70
1941 AU+ $22
1942 AU$20
1942 UNC $30
1943 BU $38
1943 AU+ $22
1943D AU $20
1945S MS65 CAC Fatty NGC $165
1947 D BU++ $55
Franklin Slabs
1950D PCGS MS64FBL $70
1955 PCGS MS64 $34
1963 NGC MS65 $35
Kennedy Halves 1965 SMS MS67 $40 1982S PR69DCAM $10
Seated Dollars
1859O Seated VF30 $430
Graded Morgans
1880/9 PCGS MS63 $180
1881S MS64 CAC Fatty NGC $140
1881S MS64 NGC Fatty $120
1881 CC PCGS MS63 $775
1883O Binion BU NGC $120
1883S NGC AU50 $180
1885 MS64 ANACS
1885O MS63 Rattler $110
1885O MS64 NGC Fatty $120
1886 PCGS BU $90
1886 PCI MS63 $75
1887 NGC BU Binion (~MS62) $150
1887S PCGS AU58 $150 PL mirrors
1889CC Morgan NGC VF35 $2750
1889CC Morgan NGC F12 $1350
1889S PCGS AU55 $180
1892 AU58 $310 (one of those 58s that looks better than a 61)
1921 Binion $90
Peace Dollars
1921 F $170
1921 XF $250
1921 XF45 $250
1921 AU $275
1921 NGC MS62 Peace $650
1922D AU (rim) $34
1923 MS60 bag marks $34
1924 VF $34
1924 AU+ $38
1925 AU $36
1925 AU $38
1925 BU $45
1925 UNC+$42
1925S NGC MS61 $190
1926 XF $36
1926D F $32
1926 D AU55 $80
1926 S UNC $100
1927 XF $40
1927 AU $60
1927 AU58 $80
1927 AU58 $80
1927 UNC hairlines $100
1927 AU53 $65
1927S AU $90
1927S AU+ $125
1928 Key Date UNC+ $400
1928 BU $420 (450 grey ms60)
1928S VF+/XF $36
1928 S VF30 Rev ding $40
1928S XF $40
1928 S AU $100
1928 S AU+ $125
1934D F $35
1934D VF $38
1934D VF $38
1934D Peace XF $70
1935S F $34
1935S VF $36
$1 Presidential
2007 John Adams MS65 No edge lettering $95
1918 Abe Half $220
2009P PCGS Abe Lincoln $1 $80
2020 PCGS PR70 DCAM End of WWII Medal $270 (holder has wear) $779 Ebay.
1888 1C Canadian AU $15
1968 Mexican Olympic Dollar $25
1883 Hawaii MS60 $250
1953 Cinco Peso $21 (one with hasp remains)
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2023.06.01 22:14 ThorNsfw german release is a bit late, but i want to play this so badly

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2023.06.01 22:14 coolfishmom Substrate change or nah

I currently have a 5 gallon tank with live plants, one snail, and one betta. It's set up with gravel and now I know better and want to switch to a soil. Not sure if I have melting or dying plants :/ I have a couple options but not sure what would be best so I'd love some advice!
  1. I have a small filter and a gallon bowl thing that I could put the new substrate in with maybe a snail and plant to get it cycled in to switch?
  2. I could use root tabs until I'm ready to upgrade tank sizes
  3. I should convince my husband to let me get a 10 gallon and cycle that to move the betta then get shrimps for the 5 gallon. (This one is kinda a joke until we have the funds to upgrade but a future option that's just better to wait for?)
TIA! And here is a picture of Fourth Cat doing one of his fave activities, chilling under his cryptocoryne ♡Fourth Cats cryptocoryne
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2023.06.01 22:14 Important-Abrocoma-3 Iceland lost roll - Jökulsárlón Galcier Lagoon

I am currently in Iceland on vacation and yesterday while shooting some pictures by the glacier lagoon a roll of shot film must have dropped out of my backpack. The roll is completely normal film canister with a roll of Ilford Hp5+ inside. I didn’t notice this until I had traveled hours away and I have absolutely no way of returning to search for it. It’s a real shot in the dark post but I wanted to post just in case the person who finds it happens to 1) be on Reddit or 2) be a film photographer for would understand how much it would mean to me to have the roll returned. In all likely hood it could already have been tossed out as trash but, I thought why not try?
The real bummer is if someone finds it and think it would be fun to develop it to see what it is it was pushed to 800 and I didn’t mark the roll. Developing it at box would be the 2nd tragedy in it’s short life
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2023.06.01 22:13 Spec0000 Having trouble playing online

I'm able to play stuff like Fortnite, Disney plus and play Minecraft but can't play Naruto ninja storm 4 or vermintide 2 I thought it was the storage device that was causing it but it still doesn't work
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2023.06.01 22:13 ConfidenceExpert162 Hey guys,

I’ve got a set of messages. So apparently somebody wants to buy rights to my art work for fair bit of money (6 k for 2 pieces) which is too good to be true in my opinion. They want it in digital format so I would need to take picture or something of it (?) and I’ve read that buying rights to art is not that unusual. But this person posted all of his pictures within past month despite having account since 2011. They live in Scotland though they want to pay in dollars. I am suspicious, but then could it be true? Is it just a scam? Have anybody else ever got similar messages? I just think they want to pay too much money for a little artist like me who doesn’t really sell art. Could anybody advise me what to do?
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2023.06.01 22:13 ColdLobsterBisque I’m an urban explorer. I found something I probably shouldn’t have.

Ya know, I was about to start this gruesome tale with a funny opening. Like, “Be me. Be stoopid urban explorer. Find manmade horrors beyond my comprehension. Cry. Imitate greentext for funny.” But it just seemed wrong, wrong to make fun of the helpless victims I encountered. So, I decided to instead say something more sensitive. I hope they find peace. In heaven? In the void? Outside Samsara? Wherever they believed. I’m an urban explorer, as I said in the title. I have seen such terrors such as “Cursewords spray painted to walls” and “S+H 4EVER”. Jokes aside, I mostly just delved into condemned, but rather new buildings. Like that one office building that was built in the ‘90s and the company made a new one. Not a sanitarium with ghosts still haunting, or a pagan church with miles of catacombs. Nope. Just some boring old offices, decked out with some old Halloween decorations to draw more clicks- and more money to my empty, college kid pockets. But I was… commissioned? I guess? By some guy to explore this old hospital. Several thousand dollars were promised to me, with a hundred in advance. I was tempted to take that prepay and run, but I figured- well, it couldn’t be bad. Just an old hospital. This “old hospital” turned out to be so, so much more. I was determined. The weak, can’t-play-horror-games loser I am thought I could handle it. As you’ll see later, I absolutely couldn’t, and I don’t think anyone could, honestly. I agreed to the guy, perhaps a bit too quickly, and he sent me the coordinates. Some hulk of a castle-asylum in Montreal. I had a quick thought of Project MKULTRA, but a quick google check let me know Alan Memorial is still used, for much less sinister purposes. Thank God, honestly. I don’t have the balls for that. Never will. I went with some buddies- Alan, Kelly, and Iz. Alan is a bit of a weird dude, but not in the sweaty way. He fangirls over a few books, but don’t we all? Kelly is a mechanic of the finest degree. She’s working towards an undergrad in general engineering. Iz loves the gym, has quite a lot of muscle for a shorter girl. We all bonded over a weird night at a pub, but that’s a story I’ll tell another day. To make a long story short, we all have our strange encounters with the unexplainable, and we try to forget it. And we have- just normal college kids, with nothing extra special about us but Kelly’s pet sugar glider. Alan and Iz had been with me to a few places, to be guests in my exploring. Just those old office buildings, though. When I told them, in the group chat, Iz and Kelly were quick to accept. Alan took a bit of coaxing, but eventually agreed. After I had everyone together, I finalized the payments with that contractor- four thousand, perfect to split. I should have been more skeptical about where that money came from, but at the time, I didn’t care about the legitimacy. As I said, broke college kid. We packed- a good length of rope, eight pairs of disposable gloves, and my recording equipment. Some other stuff, but it wasn’t of much importance. I fueled my old ‘07 Tundra, and off we went to somewhere in Montreal. When we got there, it gave my goosebumps. Iz laughed, and tried to break the ice with an awkward joke. “Kinda like Mystery Inc, huh?” She was met with silence. All of us were a bit scaredy cat, grim faced. I finally sighed, and with the help of Kelly and Alan, set up my camera and mics. “Make this a good one, guys. Our paychecks are riding on this one.” I collected myself, and plastered on a good old YouTube face. The group followed, and I motioned a “3, 2, 1”. “Hi guys! We have two big surprises for you today- number one, I have my friends Iz and Alan here, and a never-seem-before star, Kelly! We’ve got a great video here, and we would all appreciate it if you could blow up my Buy me a Coffee! Onto our second exciting thing for you today; we were gifted a massive amount of funding for a new, huge project- we’re here in Montreal, to explore an old, shut-down hospital! We’ve heard some reports of supernatural activity here, so maybe we’ll find some ghosts not yet at rest, still haunting… and they’ll haunt you too if you don’t smash those like and subscribe buttons!“ Kelly cringed a bit, and I felt a bit bad, for the clickbaity way I had to speak. Algorithm is a bitch, and this payed the bills well. I couldn’t change. “Now, we’re gonna have a look inside!” We walked up the dramatic stairs, and made a few comments about how absolutely 100% not clickbait spooky it looked. As we neared the antiquated maple doors, I creakily opened into the Feather’s Edge Hospital. A spew of dust and decay shot into our faces, making all of us sputter. “This place has been left for a long time, huh?” I asked the camera. We continued into a reception room, with a high ceiling and a dusty, gaudy chandelier hanging from the ceiling, its old-fashioned bulbs long broken. A skitter and a crash came from the dark corner, and my head turned like a whip. “What was that?” Kelly asked, already nervous. “Probably a raccoon… or maybe a spector!” I made a whistling noise, and Alan chuckled. Iz clicked on her flashlight, and made her way through scattered debris to a large, long desk. She swiped her finger across it, and it came back covered in dust. The desk had nearly a half inch of it, covering the surface. “Seems like this place hasn’t seen someone in… decades, probably.” Iz observed. “Seems like.” Alan concurred. Eager to get on with this, I tried to seem enthusiastic as I said, “Let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of this place!” Alan lead the charge, towards a large doorway, guarded with doors not unlike those you would see a deli. The old lock seemed rusty and broken, what looked like makeshift picks rotting in the keyway. Trying to ignore that, we strode through. A strong scent of rot permeated the air. “Something died in here.” Kelly seemed like she was ready to throw up. I was close, to be honest. “Wow. That’s… that’s something.” Alan said. “Let’s- agh- forge ahead!” Not even ten steps further, we came across out first big thing- a rolling hospital bed. Its metal frame was rusted, close to collapse. The sheets were crumpled and unmade, stained by a dark, crusty stain. Old blood. Kelly’s face turned a sickly, almost cartoonish yellow-green. “M-maybe we should, uh, cut the camera?” I swallowed a lump in my throat. “We’ll just.. send this to the guy. We won’t put this on the channel.” I kept the camera rolling, determined to keep it in one shot. “I don’t wanna do this!” Kelly wailed, and stepped back, one, two, and turned. She broke out in a run, and as I looked at Iz with one of those “looks”, I heard a sickening crack in the air. Alan whipped around, just a few milliseconds before me and Iz. I saw a shadowy hand scamper back to the corner. Kelly lay, a steady flow of crimson from her forehead, next to a blunt, yet twisted piece of metal, which was now stained with her fresh, bright scarlet blood. We stood for eleven seconds. Eleven seconds that held half my life, how eternal that moment was. Eleven seconds ago, there were four living people in this room. Now, there was three. “What the fuck.” Alan broke the silence with vulgarity. To be fair, I was barely an inch away from shouting obscenities. He broke into a sprint towards the doors, and pulled them open. Or, tried to. They were firmly locked. “What the fuck. What the fuck. What in the *fucking* hell-“ Alan was cut off by a scamper of a… something, in the relative void of a corner. My eyes darted around, first to Iz, who was just standing there, shaking, then to the creature. At first, I thought it was another body. Vaguely human-shaped, sprawled out. Its head shot up, and stared straight into me, pearly whites gleaming. Its eyelids were gone, leaving two eyes, piercing blue, wide as saucers. Staring right at me. Its jaw went slack, the not-quite-human loosening its hinges, preparing to speak. Still smiling, it said in a guttural voice, “Welcome to hell.
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2023.06.01 22:13 Stevetherican I WISH there was a 2D mode!

I miss the days of Pokemon TCG GB, where my hands and phone wouldn’t fry, there were no silly avatars, more than 1 song in the whole OST, and being able to play for more than 2 games before my device died lol
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2023.06.01 22:13 Hot_Music_5534 PS5 vs Series X

PlayStations my preferred platform to play on but I know the series X version has FSR 2.0 basically making it 4k. Im just wondering if FSR 2.0 on the series X is actually noticeable enough to get it on my less preferred console. Thanks
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2023.06.01 22:13 waggishwalrus How much will nicotine REALLY affect my rhinoplasty?

Im 10 days post-op from my closed rhinoplasty. Recovery has been pretty easy so far and i've had my cast removed. My surgeon told me that he didn't care if i vaped before surgery but that for healing i should abstain for 2 weeks after. The thing is, I was planning on quitting all together since it seemed like a good time and it was going well until today when i got some really bad news about the health of someone close to me. After that I'll be honest it's hard to care about healing because I want to use some nicotine to cope with this bad situation.
I understand how nicotine works and how it slows healing but for the most part the issues people describe tend to be "increased swelling" or just to avoid "complications." Basically what i want to know is if i get some nicotine right now how bad is it really going to be for my nose job?
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2023.06.01 22:13 Significant_Bar8746 Nice checkmate to hit 1100 for the first time

Nice checkmate to hit 1100 for the first time
Haven't played since I'm too scared to drop down again
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2023.06.01 22:13 rldkyce May + $53,918. This is how I utilize "mistake tracking" to make myself aware of bad habits, allowing me to avoid these mistakes and increase my net profit without having to increase my size.

May + $53,918. This is how I utilize
I am a small caps trader that primarily focuses on scalping. I have been trading for 3 years and spent 1.5 years trading options in large/mid caps and the past 17 months trading small caps.
I use ThinkorSwim and Das Trader as my brokerage and I have been closely focused on tracking my "mistake trades" since the beginning of 2023. The result has been that even in some months where my net gain has been similar as previous months, my overall profit is higher because I had less losing trades.
May Calendar

May total losses
Mistake Tracking:
No matter an individual's style of trading, all traders have experience emotional trading to some degree. For some people this is a small issue, but for others, it can be a main reason they are not achieving their full potential.
I noticed this was a problem with my trading. So I started tracking my trades at the end of each month. I categorize my losing trades like this:
  • Failed thesis

  • Boredom Trades
  • Overtrading
  • Greedy Trades
  • Revenge Trades
I split "Failed thesis" from the other 4 categories because failed thesis trades require a more in-depth review and edge refinement, whereas the other 4 types stem from discipline and focus.
When I reviewed a few months of my trading at the start of 2023, I found that I was averaging about 10x trades a month that were COMPLETELY avoidable. A quick revenge trade after a failed thesis, overtrading on a slow day, or a greedy trade at the end of a great day. In the moment they didn't seem like much to me, but when viewed altogether I realized I was hemorrhaging $5k-$10k a month in essentially "free money".
Over the course of the next few months I focused heavily on tracking those mistakes, and I immediately became more aware of my bad habits during the trading day. After a couple months, I was down to 3-5 bad trades a month instead of 10, and now I can go a couple weeks with only 1 or 2 discipline slip ups.
Even though I still make these same mistakes, I have quantified them and am actively working to decrease the frequency that I make them. I am not sure it is possible to avoid mistakes completely, but simply being more aware of them (tracking) has drastically reduced the amount of them I make. This puts more profit straight into my pocket, and motivates me because I can see the improvement.
I shared this post because it has been one of the easier improvements for my trading that has had a direct result on my profit. If you have any more questions, or want to learn more about my trading/other educational content I share, follow me https://twitter.com/kycefn. I post threads, PNL, charts with prints, and respond to all dm's (takes some time). Thanks.
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2023.06.01 22:13 ChuckBevitt Will you upgrade from the Pico 4 to the Quest 3?

Now that the Quest 3 has been officially announced, with a processor that’s twice as powerful as the Quest 2, will folks who already have the Pico 4 consider upgrading to the Quest 3? I LOVE the Pico 4, but I’m planning to get the new Quest, even if only to have both. One thing I want to find out, will the more powerful processor allow better visuals when using Virtual Desktop for PCVR?
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2023.06.01 22:13 AutoModerator [Full Program] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

If you want Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact us on + 447593882116 (Telegram or WhatsApp).
If you want to run a successful agency and wonder how, look no further than Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator course.
With over 50 hours of step-by-step training, Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator covers EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. It's almost like a plug & play system with plenty of success stories to back it up. From signing clients and running Facebook ads, to building out your team and invoicing, this course has everything you need to know.
Inside the Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course, you'll find:
The Core Curriculum for starting an agency A custom e-learning platform just for agency owners Website templates, funnels, ads, and more Template contracts, sales scripts, and agreements With this course, you'll learn how to:
- Start your agency
- Find leads - Sign clients
- Get paid - Onboard clients
- Manage client communication
... and much more!
To get your hands on Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 447593882116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.01 22:12 subversive_marigold What makes me a victim?

TW: SA, mobbing Like, I don’t want to victim blame here. I might have internalized it, but I wonder:
I’ve been mobbed and (sexually) abused by multiple people in my life.
Somehow I seem to attract predators.
I have ADHD inattentive type and I read that neurodivergent people are especially at risk but does that explain it? I guess not because not every victim is neurodivergent.
I’m also diagnosed with BPD and I once read that people with BPD often meet people with narcissism for some reasons I forgot. So that would be something to keep in my mind and be aware of. It might have been a pseudoscientific text though.
What is the mechanism/theory behind revictimization?
I guess part of it is that I’m attracted by men that show a certain behavior because I’m used to it and it’s at least familiar, so that probably plays a role.
A therapist once told me I had trouble setting boundaries and tried to help me with how to say no but it’s not like I didn’t communicate my boundaries. People around me just don’t seem to respect them to various degrees. Sure I had difficulties saying no after it didn’t have any effect time over time again, but I can’t be sure if that protects me in the future because it didn’t in the past.
How can I protect myself going forward?
I take pepper spray with me, fully aware that that wouldn’t have made a difference in previous abuse situations. I live pretty isolated because I’m scared of getting hurt again.
Is there anything about my behavior that screams "easy victim“ to abusive persons? Has previous abuse somehow "marked" me as easy target?
I’m just so sick of it. Every time things start to get better something bad happens and I want to break that cycle. I really don’t want to blame myself here or any of you but rather get more options moving forward. What do you think?
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2023.06.01 22:12 Homies_Mike_Tyson I think I just deleted my GBL stardust rewards on accident

I have played all my GBL battles almost every day this season. I wanted to see how much stardust i would get when i collected the season rewards. Well, I went to the battle page, but did not star piece beforehand. There is only one button on that page, and thats to claim the rewards. No X button, no option to go back. So i quit the app, popped a star piece and went back to collect only to find nothing there. I did not get any stardust, I have been waiting, reloading the game, and I think i literally just deleted all of that stardust. I'm gonna send a support ticket, but wow, if this does not get resolved, what a massive, massive loss.
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2023.06.01 22:12 Better_Fact6717 Seeking Info on Importing and Selling Nicotine Pouches (Snus) in the STATES (Louisiana)

Hey there!
I'm a fellow Swede living it up in the US, and I'm curious about the rules when it comes to importing nicotine pouches, also known as "white snus," specifically in Louisiana. I know the laws can be different from state to state, so I wanted to get the lowdown on bringing and selling tobacco-free snus here.
So, here's the deal: let's say I have a snus factory back in Sweden that could whip up a product for me to sell here in the USA. But before I get all gung-ho about it, I need to know what kind of laws I'll be dealing with when it comes to importing and selling nicotine-containing goodies. I know the US has been cracking down on vaporizers lately, but snus isn't quite the same since you don't inhale it. And it's not exactly covered by tobacco laws either, since it's tobacco-free. It seems like the snus market is still pretty fresh and not fully established here in America, and I'm having a tough time finding info specifically for Louisiana.
So, friends, I've got a few questions for ya:
What are the laws in Louisiana regarding importing and selling nicotine pouches?
Are there any special restrictions or requirements I should be aware of when importing snus into Louisiana?
Do I need to slap on any specific labels or meet certain health and safety standards when I sell these pouches in the state?
Will I need any licenses or permits to import and sell snus in Louisiana?
Are there any cool agencies or folks in Louisiana who oversee nicotine products and can hook me up with more info?
Any help or advice you can offer on navigating the snus scene in Louisiana would be much appreciated. Just keep it real and make sure the info you share is up-to-date—I wanna play by the rules, you know?
Thanks a ton
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2023.06.01 22:12 briannababe714 Account temporarily banned, will new phone get banned too?

My 2 accounts were locked about a week ago for “violating terms” . One was a personal account and the other one is the one I know got deleted for violating terms but it locked my personal account too. I know the lock can last about 6 month or more. Would getting a new phone solve it all? I am due for a new phone anyways. But I don’t want to log in with my Apple ID and have the same thing happen. Is it just the fact that it is a different phone that is not banned okay? Also, will trying to log into my personal account make the new phone banned too? help would be greatly appreciated (:
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