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caught my bf of almost 5 years (28M) cheating on me (27F) by sending explicit messages to girls on onlyfans (update)

2023.06.01 21:09 SpotNo2194 caught my bf of almost 5 years (28M) cheating on me (27F) by sending explicit messages to girls on onlyfans (update)

I kinda want to try to make this short but essentially I found out my bf was subscribed to girls online I found this out months ago but at that point he wasn't talking to them just purchasing photos and videos. It upset me but I didn't mention anything to him I suppose part of my people pleasing issues popped up and in my head it was still just p0rn. About 2 years before I caught him doing the same on snapchat, he had made a compliment here and there to the girl who was sending stuff but nothing too vulgar, we talked about and how much it upset me. He agreed to stop. About a week ago something told me to check his computer and there it was. He was talking to multiple women and saying rly nasty stuff and i was mortified,
I knew this was a possibility that he was still getting pictures but the stuff he was saying...its traumatized me. We live together and also have a dog which makes this even more complicated. That day I packed a bag for him and told him to leave but a few days later invited him back bc our dog was getting really stressed out. Since then I tried to be cordial with him, but Im angry and I feel like i'm downplaying my own hurt in this. I've been having weird nightmares and im so disappointed in myself for staying even though ive been feeling like there's something missing in our relationship Hes shown so much remorse since and is trying to show me how he wants to change, but honestly not as much as I want him to, but I also feel like I need space and not really sure if I care if he does. I'm so back and forth on this. My only friend lives thousands of miles away and my family situation is also not great so staying with someone else really isnt an option. Today he came home from work and I blew up on him, I was just stewing on how much he betrayed me and how i've already been through so much trauma in my life and how I shared about that with him and healed with him and now we're in this situation…
I told him I need to take time for myself and grow and heal as my own person and possibly see other people (im bisexual but i've never been with a woman (i know i know)) hes agrees and is giving me that space but there is this dark looming feeling that our relationship might be over. But we both have admitted that we don't want that. He told me that if we did break up he would probably move back to his hometown which is 5 states away and the idea of that makes me sick. We had a really long talk tonight and hugged at the end and just sobbed in each other's arms. I wish I never went snooping but in the end I was right he was cheating on me. I just feel very alone and confused and alone right now and would really appreciate some advice esp from anyone who has been through something similar. Do you think its possible to prevail in this relationship? Or should I call it quits?
Update: I wrote this out about a month ago and since I have unfortunately have been trying to give him another chance, he’s been showing remorse, taking me out more and going to therapy, but in the back of my mind I’m pretty sure it’s not going to work out luckily I just passed my nursing exam which is exactly what I needed to increase my income and move out. I went through his computer again today and found a burner Reddit acct that he still to this day likes pics and vids of girls online. Although he’s tried to rehab this it’s obvious he doesn’t care enough to stop looking at this sh!t. It’s good he’s in therapy bcs it’s becoming more obvious he has a p0rn addiction…I’ve read your comments and I appreciate the positive words and the belief that I can get out of this situation. I’m not gonna mention it to him, I'm just gonna save my money, bite my tongue and stay with my family periodically and move. I still don’t know what to do abt the dog though!!
TL:DR I found my bf of almost 5 years sending nasty messages to girls on onlyfans + a Reddit account where he does the same that he continues to use after I’ve confronted him. I’m very confused bc we live together and have a dog and it’s a rly tricky situation to get out of.
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2023.06.01 21:09 Available-Basis3617 I can't seem to forgive my ex

5 years ago I was in love with a guy, the interest was mutual, I was at a very vulnerable time of my life so he led me on growing the relationship emotionally and suddenly he ghosted me. We always somehow worked together so he was around but we never had real contact. I get past that and I was living my life with my son like home, work, beingmom, very quite life, i was very active at work, i had ambitions and even though I wasn'tlooking for it activwly i was hopeful to be in a loving relationship. Suddenly 2 years ago he took over the company I was working at and started to build the friendship again. Suddenly he was giving me lifts, following me to office get together and pulling me out early. Started to discuss a side business.. In short he was coming on very slowly but surely. He had alot of time to study me. And he proposed. I was floored. After that everything was very fast we got married in very short time. What I wanted was very simple I wanted a family and a man to protect me, before any Andrew Tatu guys came along let me tell you I am doing very good at work and I certainly don't need the financial support. What I needed was the man to show me he is the head of family. So I kept on working. When though he used to say his wife cannot work. He was covering whole our expenses so it was not money issue. I realized he was not happy around me and always escalating situations to fights, not by me but by refusing to sooth my feelings. Cuddling is a problem, ok don't cuddle but let me be near to you, I live off touches no that is a problem too. He divorced me very swiftly after a fight, not consulting anyone, no reconciliation. 1 month of ghosting and then talak.
Looking back I am not delusional the relationship could work. He wanted me intimately and this was his sole reason to marry. I even feel liberated because I don't get tense around someone I supposed to be relaxed and playful.
What I can not forgive after nearly half a year of divorce is that he knew what he wanted was not what I wanted but he went with it anyway.
I feel like I was robbed of my hopes and dreams.. Tuesday was my birthday and I fell sick because of all these thoughts. I turn 42. He stole every little bit of I once had. I was alone but I had my dreams. Now I barely function, I keep going to work, I take care of my son. Everything is bare minimum.
Before I told him I forgive him but I kind of take it back. Is it bad?
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2023.06.01 21:08 Itsmiamiaa My husband can’t understand why I’ve fallen out of love with him.

For starters I got pregnant when I was 18 and his mom made us get married, wasn’t really our decision, but I was okay with it. He was only 20 and he did work while I was a stay at home mom, the only reason he really took on that role was so that he didn’t have to watch our daughter. He was always so nice to me until I got pregnant and since then, there’s no name under the sun that he hasn’t called me. I really enjoyed being a stay at home mom, and I’m not complaining about that.. but he has spent the majority of our daughters life high (weed) and always cared about friends more than family. Which I always excused because he was so young.. but now he’s 27 and not a ton has changed. I posted about Mother’s Day a couple weeks ago and you can read that if you want. I told him he has to stop smoking, I’m not against weed at all but for 1 it’s not something he did at the start of our relationship & 2 it seriously makes him manic. I understand he’s an adult, but I’ve told him if he doesn’t stop that’s his choice, but leaving will be mine.
Anyway.. I’ve spent the last 7 years being called a bitch, whore, slut (I slept with 2 people before I met him), bad mom (I gave up every bit of a social life to raise my daughter) lazy (I’ve been working since our daughter turned 2 and always worked as a teenager), he’s even called me ugly.. every single little fight he’ll say he hates me or wants a divorce.. and after the fight he of course says he didn’t mean any of it.
He’s broken a lot of my stuff, almost all of the doors in our house don’t close right from him slamming them, he’s punched a hole in the walls at every place we lived (2 apartments and 2 houses now), he’ll go in my closet and throw all of my clothes on the floor and say sorry but just leave it until I finally pick it up. If I don’t do or say exactly what he expects, he will give me a passive aggressive attitude for the rest of the day.. and there’s so much more..
After all of this he can’t understand why I don’t care to work things out anymore.. there’s nothing to work out. I mean we can’t even go two days without arguing if we tried! He thinks it’s ridiculous that I don’t feel a whole lot of love for him after everything and that I just want to go out and be a “whore”.. like dude, once we’re done I want to be alone for the rest of my life! Why would anyone ever even want to take a risk of doing something like thing again?!
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2023.06.01 21:05 Financial_Fly569 WIBTA if I don’t co-sign a mortgage loan with my sister?

Hello all, first time writer and a long time reader. I’m on mobile and flustered so sorry I’m advance. I (26f) need some thoughts on a situation going on between my parents, older sister (28f), her fiancé (28m) and I.
At the moment my parents and sis are trying to convince me to cosign on a 4br 3 bath house loan of 500,000+ at 5.25% interest with my older sibling. I still live and pay rent to my parents because they host my 4 disabled cousins and need help. Due to my inability to realistically live alone with my current pay, I comply to most things until this mortgage loan crossing the line. Here’s the deal:
  1. I “have” to sign on this loan with my older sister, but she doesn’t feel comfortable living with me there at the home. Currently, she lives in an apartment and has a fiancé that is unemployed and paying half of the down payment/rent. However, he’s not taking on the loan. He is fine with me living there, it’s only her. My sis knows the living situation w/ parents is not good hence why she moved out. Now she’s not helping me in a time of need but I am obligated to help her with a loan I cannot access the property to (???)
  2. Both of my parents are in huge debt because they “own” two homes and two brand new cars that are not paid off hence why they cannot co-sign themselves. Their debt to income ratio makes it so that I am the only person in the family currently that has a steady income and good credit score for this to work out. They said if I don’t cosign within three days, my rent is raised to use that money to pay for my sis. Also, they deem me to be a terrible daughter, ungrateful, and selfish if I don’t. They claim this can set my sis and I up but they don’t even have the money to set themselves up at their mid 50’s.
  3. I am only currently paying off a 14k auto loan over 4yrs and am consistent in paying. They believe I am not doing enough with the money I make and it’s not going anywhere therefore it’s their’s to use. They see my free time at something for them to access, not free of mine to use.
  4. My parents and sis believe that I will get a return on this loan cosigning in the future. They said I have to wait my turn and see how the housing market changes. Their intention is that they will help me out in the future on a house loan, but I have my doubts based upon previous track record ( the car they coerced me to buy and now I have a 14k loan to pay)
I personally do not want to sign with this loan, but am backed up into a corner. If I don’t sign the loan, I am forever banished from family ties so I will have to start from scratch. If I do sign the loan, I now have to hope and pray payments are made on time and hope that I can eventually benefit and have them cosign on a house for me in the future. I hate being taken advantage of.
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2023.06.01 20:59 Legitimate-Rabbit-82 Choosing another rent place

Hi, I've been living in a 2 rooms apartment for 2 years, paying 200€/month, with a 1000€ salary. This month I got a promotion at work and I will have a 1600€ salary.
The place where I am living looks bad and has roaches and other insects coming constantly from the neighbors.
I want to move out, I am a 24 years old male living alone with no friends, working from home in Bucharest, with plans to leave the country before winter (to Slovakia, and i have a few salaries worth of savings to cover the accomodation expenses).
I tried looking at apartments online and most of the decent ones are at least 300€ going to 600€. I found a good looking 2 rooms apartment for 400€ but I don't know if it would be a good idea to move there, from the finances point of view.
Would it be ok to pay basically double for the rent considering my salary? Should I instead struggle more staying here with the roaches for a few more months until I'd try to leave the country?
Thank you in advance for any replies.
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2023.06.01 20:58 itsjustanotheralt83 Time and space giving me clarity on reality

I love my twin flame. We spent 8 months together, 6 of them being just pure magic. Y’all know what I mean. It was ecstasy, time stopped and it was just pure bliss, for both of us. The last 2 months brought out a lot of trauma and hardship as we started holding the mirror up to each other.
And I will always love her. I can’t help it. But in the midst of the emotional firestorm that was us separating, I was not in my right mind, I felt myself losing this person I loved so much and it blinded me to reality. We had fully broken up a week or so prior, after several weeks of being in that weird in between stage. It was a Sunday, she sent me this long text that said that all she wants every day is me, that not a single day goes by she doesn’t want to come home to me after work, but she knows deep down it’s not what she needs right now, that she needs time on her own to figure herself out as an individual. I mean, fair enough, but now with time and space I recognize that it was something she was saying to save face as she was already starting to entertain at least one other person. Two days later, a Tuesday, she comes over so we can trade our belongings back, and she comes over with hickeys on her neck. I had seen her the same Sunday she sent that text, and no hickeys then, which means what, she went and did that the same day she sent that text? The next day? And in the moment I was calm, I almost didn’t care because I loved her so much. I asked her why she did it so fast, and she said she was trying to distract herself, forget and move on. I asked her if it worked and she teared up and said no. She was over for two hours that night, and there was still so much love and connection, those energies are unmistakable. We fooled around a little that night, talked open an honest, and agreed I wasn’t going to reach out, that I would give her space and if/when the time was right she could reach out to me.
It’s been a little over two weeks since then, and initially I was a mess. I guess I still am, but I’m not breaking down and crying like before, moreso a numbness. I approached what she did with this other guy through a lens of compassion, that she was doing what she was doing to cope and hide from powerful feelings about where we were at. But, the more time that goes by, and the more I reflect, the more betrayed and upset I feel. How could someone who loved me so much and so genuinely, someone who shared such an intense and powerful connection to me go and sleep with someone 24 hours after telling me that I’m all she wants. It makes me angry, at her and myself for so easily letting her off the hook that night. It’s been over 2 weeks since then and she hasn’t reached out so she is no doubt continuing to distract herself with him or someone else, or multiple. Maybe she’s already starting to see him in a new relationship. It just makes me so angry and so numb. It makes me wonder that if she even ever did reach out, would I ever be able to look at her the same? Did she really just want to be single so she could go out and party and sleep around, even though she said no one before compares and no one new will ever compare? Try to find someone she thought was better even though she told me no one has ever made her feel the way I do, that no one excites her or has ever loved and taken care of her like I do? That I was the first person she ever felt could be her future husband? Did she decide even after everything we had and were, that someone else was a better option? How long was it going on before our split?
This time and space is opening my eyes to the reality of who she is, and how different that is compared to the person I saw and the story I was telling myself about her. When we met and hit it off immediately, as twin flames do, she was seeing someone else, but I wrote it off because he was a real piece of shit that abused her physically and emotionally. But now I see she is the kind of person who can’t allow herself to be alone, who will seek comfort in the arms of men, even when it isn’t in her best interest. The kind of person who will run from her thoughts and feelings by using drugs and alcohol. She has past traumas and I empathize so much with her. I loved her with every part of me, I wanted to save her. I offered her a stability she never had before, and she calmed down a lot. She wasn’t drinking during the day anymore, she was getting to work on time, she was smiling and laughing and saying how happy she was. Now I realize I never could save her, and she has to save herself.
She’s running, not just from me but herself. She is a damaged person, and yet even after typing all this, I love her so much, unconditionally, every day. I just want so badly for her to heal and find peace and love within herself, but fear now that with my absence she will spiral back into the damaging lifestyle she was living before. And there’s nothing I can do to stop it.
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2023.06.01 20:56 WinAny6955 parents crossing boundaries with hubby & i

hiii. this is gonna be long i’m so sorry — first time mama here at 23 years old now. i had my son a year ago, and a few months in we lost the place we had been staying at so that resulted in us needing to move in with my parents — which at first was ok, we were able to save money and my parents were able to see their first grandson grow at the most precious age / time of their life. Some info about my hubby && i — i’m a stay at home mama & my hubby works in warehouses 40+ hours a week night shift to get by, we also qualify for food stamps but that covers maybe 25% of what we spend a month on food. we have a one year old and an elder boy whose my hubbys son (my stepson) whose not always with us.
Well after a few months issues started arising with some of our food, drinks, and socks and other random misc items going missing/ breaking or being used without being asked or letting us know that they used the rest of something etc etc etc. that then began leading to my dad hardly stocking up the fridge for my brother (21 - works and makes just as much if not more than us) and my mom (who is handicapped and sick). This is a huge issue because we can afford food for our family of four, but we cannot afford to feed 2-3 extra people all the time. i’ve told both my parents that their son can buy his own food & nothing gets done abt it ; side note, they BABY the fuck out of him he does nothing for himself no laundry dishes nothing. my dad also gave up on cleaning the living area & they have damn near a zoo in here with animals — it’s being put on me the sweeping and mopping, and yknow it has to be clean and safe for my son to crawl around, to say the least if i don’t mop it’ll go over a week maybe two without being done and it gets pretty disgusting. i already have so much to do (cooking cleaning laundry watching my son whose running around & getting into everything) it’s hard to keep up on a house of 7 people and two adults are just not doing anything to clean or help around here. (brother and dad) my mom helps with the dishes and whatever she can which i really appreciate that’s also why i try to give her whatever bc she truly does try.
Months have gone by with the same issues, i approach them and ask them to let me know when they use something or ask and sometimes they do but i’d say about 90% of the time esp with my mom there gets to be no communication & i’ll notice stuff missing when i go to cook dinner and whatnot … this leads to me running out and grabbing more food bc what i thought i had stocked up is now gone or not enough to make what i am doing. My dad doesn’t give my mom any money or anything so i try my best to give her whatever I can and get her whatever she wants too whenever I can but it ends up being taken advantage of because she’ll ask for 3x the amt i offered or start doing it consistently and on top of that takes things behind my back and lies about it or says “i’m sorry i didn’t know” when in fact she does & i’ve told her several times over and over again. this almost feels like i have an extra kid on my hands & we in fact can’t afford that , i feel like we haven’t been able to save money whatsoever because we have our normal bills // rent , car,gas phone & child support & on top of that spending like damn near 800 a month too for just food alone because of the situation i’m in. i feel so shitty even getting angry about this because it is just food BUT my kiddos eat a lot and so do we, and it’s become so expensive now a days to just simply get by, we are struggling in a sense and she knows that. otherwise we’d be out by now because we hate it here & me exclusively breastfeeding my son due to him not taking bottles or sippy cups after a few months has made it so difficult to even consider working.
now my predicament, what do i do? how do i go about getting this fixed besides returning to work and leaving my son with my mom (who i now in fact don’t trust too well because she lied straight to my face several times now abt shit) . i’ve been wanting to return for awhile and have been confident in her watching my son as they have a great relationship but as of recently i’m concerned that she’s feeding him things my hubby & i wouldn’t normally, putting things on we don’t want him to watch and just simply not being very interactive w/ him letting him sit in front of the TV which she knows we severely dislike. we put it on here and there but just for very specific things & def not for hours on end. i’m about to lose my damn mind and i went off on my mom for the first time ever about all of this, and it’s had me up all night stressing out. i can go back to work but i worry my son will just be sitting around, my bf isn’t home til 1-2pm daily 5x a week && sleeps very early at like 7/8pm bc he goes in at like 1-2am. he can maybe watch him while i work but i work food industry as a server so you know how crazy and inconsistent / late those schedules can be and i don’t want him to burn himself out as he’s the main income & i love him too much to have him burning himself out like that…. we have the opportunity to move out later this year as my bfs mom is trying to buy a place and have us take over her apartment, but idk how much longer i can wait because all of this is also getting in the middle of my hubby & i causing arguments between us too. also should note i sold my car a while back because the ac sucked and i was essentially paying for it to sit since i couldn’t drive it w a newborn or baby. so now we only have one car til i return to work and get another one… so i have to go around his crazy schedule & nap / sleep time or interrupt it if we decide to have him watch him fully & not my mom.
help // advice pls. am i in the wrong for yelling at her & them for in my eyes crossing my boundaries that i’ve set like 10+ times?! or thought i have because they love crossing it. or am i being a bitch?😭 like i swear i’m trying my best to not lose my shit but ya can only handle so much before exploding right?😭 sorry this is so much i’ve been up all night thinking abt this. i feel like i’m being taken advantage of and that no one respects me here.
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2023.06.01 20:55 Top-Blackberry1024 3 gallon upgrades/stocking ideas?

3 gallon upgrades/stocking ideas?
3 gallon Marineland tank. I have 3 neon tetras and 2 julii corydoras (I know I didn't do enough research but I change the water weekly) Is there anything I can do better with this tank or do I just need to leave this set up alone and stock the tank better next time? Someone in my home has a shellfish allergy so I can't put any snails or shrimp in there next time. I was thinking 3 otocinclus? What do you think?
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2023.06.01 20:55 Mrgomnrd In season 5, the liars should have had to go on the run with Alison (reposting this bc I really like it)

By season 5, the show is declining. Alison is back, but they don't make the most of her character. The liars' interactions with her are limited as she is soon incarcerated. Additionally, the whole show starts feeling like it's dragging. It needs a shake up.
Instead of the ridiculous Alison is A plot, they should have had all the liars accused of Mona's murder, and all of them consequently making a run for it together. They would have to rely on Alison to lead them. This could explore Alison's life on the run over the past 2 years, and put them in new situations, as well as develop her relationship with each girl individually.
It would allow the audience to see Alison in a more sympathetic light (the core four could maybe reflect on how lonely Alison must have been, and how utterly miserable her life was) but still showcase her capabilities and survival instinct, that she managed to survive alone age 15, the network of contacts she set up.
Spencer would have to allow Alison to be the leader (as Alison knows what she's doing) and they could struggle against each other, until they eventually learn to work together in trying to work out who A is (making suspect boards etc), and become joint leaders. A would be trying to find them, and the girls would know this, so they would have to be very careful.
As they would have to get jobs, Alison and Hanna could work in the same place and this would allow for some scenes to work out their issues. As for aria and emily, maybe the 5 could have had 2 bedrooms, so those 2 would share with Alison. Or they could pair of to go investigate stuff together at different points. This would allow for them to each have individual interactions with her.
As all 5 girls would have to get jobs, this would allow for development away from home. So we would see Aria away from ezra. The 4 would feel bad leaving their parents as the the parents would be under pressure from the police, and this is likely to upset emily the loyal one the most.
This would show the liars relying on each other more then ever. It would give new situations ( A is chasing them, having to navigate low profile, jobs etc) and most of all, they would have to cheer each other up when they would inevitably become miserable.
This would end with A finding out where they are staying, kidnapping them and taking them all to the doll house, but Alison somehow escapes. She returns to Rosewood and is immediately imprisoned until Tanner sees the video and she is released and joins with caleb and Ezra to get the girls.
Thanks for reading! So honest thoughts and opinions? Any and all feedback is welcome, I want to know what people think!
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2023.06.01 20:51 Liggsz Attendance Next Year

So I’ve noticed a trend on this sub that people who actually live in Gulf Shores aren’t the biggest fans of this festival due to the crowds it brings and the chaos over the festival weekend. After this year’s festival, I can honestly say I don’t think that’s going to be as big an issue moving forward. The security was OUT OF CONTROL. Even as someone attending with nothing illegal on me, I did not feel safe while at the festival. For this reason, I and several other people that I have talked to, will not be attending next year. I’m sure we aren’t alone on this. It breaks my heart because Gulf Shores has literally been a second home to me my entire life, and I’ve come to this festival every year except for 2. But I just can’t go through what I went through again. So, citizens of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, you got your wish: The crowds will not be as large next year and you can keep your beautiful little beach town.
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2023.06.01 20:45 ThrowRA_Chef51320 AITA for leaving my gf home alone?

I think I might be the asshole for leaving my gf alone and uncomfortable at our apartment. Me and my gf have been together for a little over a year and we live together with 2 dogs (M2.5 F 6 months) My mom asked me to come home (1.5 hours away) for 2 days next week to help with my grandma. My grandma is being released from a physical therapy rehab that day and my family all of work obligations those 2 days. I offered to take the puppy with me for those 2 days as she’ll bark all day while my gf is at work and we could get evicted for that. My gf isn’t fond of the idea because she doesn’t want to separate the two dogs, this is a strict boundary for her which she will not budge on. I offered to take both dogs with me so they aren’t separated, and she then said that it’s not fair that she’d have to stay in the apartment alone. We do live in a rather sketchy apartment complex for the time being so I understand her reservations. I’m between a rock and a hard place here. My mom has asked me for help numerous times over the past few months and I’ve had to turn her down. AITA for wanting to go help my family and leaving my gf home alone?
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2023.06.01 20:43 Imaginary_Isopod9467 Tracey Vanderhulst wasn't the only pedophile at yucaipa high school

Tracey Vanderhulst wasn't the only pedophile at yucaipa high school
I unfortunately had to mature pretty quickly growing up. I knew what grooming was and I knew better when my PE teacher would have me just hangout with him alone while my classmates would do there own thing. He asked me where I lived and genuinely creeper me out one of the one times I did run he hugged me after (not avoiding my breasts) and told me I looked good out there. I went home ans cried. I stopped going to school and almost didn't graduate. When I returned to school it was literally when I started the next grade. I failed all of my classes. And it was all because I was scared to go to school. Then I found out about the articles.
My coach would let his son substitute. Take what u want from that. This is his son. Fuck yucaipa high school. There were 3 separate school shooting threats there. There 2 attempted Suicides I know about. One of those were sucessful.
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2023.06.01 20:35 Dazzling_Historian13 Get Farworld Pioneers Free Download On SteamGG.net

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2023.06.01 20:30 AutoModerator Nuggets vs Heat Live Stream ReddiT?

And so we're almost up to the final stage of 2023 NBA playoffs live streams, which kick off in Denver. On Thursday, the NBA Finals begin with the Heat vs Nuggets live stream.

Watch Live Now>>https://4k.megaeventlive.xyz/nba/

Watch Live Now>>https://4k.megaeventlive.xyz/nba/

Where to watch in the U.S.: NBA Playoffs games air on TNT, ABC, NBA TV and ESPN. All available on Sling TV, with ABC games simulcasting on ESPN3, currently on sale at 50% off for the first month.
Watch from anywhere: with ExpressVPN.

It was a see-saw affair. Miami dominated Games 1, 2 and 3, then Boston owned Games 4, 5 and 6. Finally, Game 7 started off slightly close, until Miami started to pull away with the lead.

Sadly, Boston's Jayson Tatum wasn't able to be his full self, as an early ankle injury in the final game of series reduced his performance. He only added 14 points overall — hitting 5 out of 13 shots. Now, the Heat advance to the Finals.

In one of the most competitive games of the Western Conference Finals' short four-game series, Jokic and the Denver Nuggets refused to let the Lakers stay alive. This was the only game of the series where the Lakers ever had a serious lead, and it was as high as 15 points at the half.

Yet, the third quarter saw that lead disappear, as LeBron James amazing first half —31 points in the first 24 minutes alone — wasn't followed by a stellar second half. Now, he has, as he told the press "a lot to think about."

Here's everything you need to know to watch the NBA playoffs online:

How to watch NBA playoffs live streams from anywhere on Earth with a VPN
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Not sure which VPN is right for you? We've tested many different services and our pick for the best VPN overall is ExpressVPN. It offers superb speeds and excellent customer service. But you've got other VPN options as well. Here are our top picks.
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2023.06.01 20:30 ThrowRA_Chef51320 Me (26F) and my gf (24F) can’t agree on me going away for 2 days

Me and my gf have been together for a little over a year and we live together with 2 dogs (M2.5 F 6 months) My mom asked me to come home (1.5 hours away) for 2 days next week to help with my grandma. My grandma is being released from a physical therapy rehab that day and my family all of work obligations those 2 days. I offered to take the puppy with me for those 2 days as she’ll bark all day while my gf is at work and we could get evicted for that. My gf isn’t fond of the idea because she doesn’t want to separate the two dogs, this is a strict thing for her which she will not budge on. I offered to take both dogs with me so they aren’t separated, and she then said that it’s not fair that she’d have to stay in the apartment alone. I’m between a rock and a hard place here. My mom has asked me for help numerous times over the past few months and I’ve had to turn her down. So now I’m either at risk of losing my relationship or letting down my family again? I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.01 20:29 RA-throwaway042020 My partner (41/M) is pressuring me (36/F) to move in together. I need advice on establishing a healthy timeline to cohabitate or is his behavior a red flag?

I (36/F) have two kids (16/M, 3/F), they are both with me 100% of the time. I do not receive any child support and I am the head of household/sole provider for my family. I make approximately 100K as an independent contractor with my own consulting business.
I am widowed, and my spouse passed away approx. 4 years ago.
I have been dating my partner (41/M) for 1 year and 7 months. He has one child (6/F), he has his child 50/50 with his former partner, he pays child support and makes 120K plus bonus and has full benefits as a salaried employee. He is very stable and loving.
My partner has never been married.
I have never met his former partner and have no desire to - she is a very high conflict person and they often disagree regarding everything from the clothes their child wears, haircuts, what school she will attend, her extracurricular hobbies, etc. Because he has 50/50 custody of his child, we have always spent very little time together when he has his custodial time. Since he only has her half the time, I am a very independent person and we haven't been dating very long (IMO) this has always been my preference and seemed to work well for everyone. I have never dated anyone who has a child before although children generally love me and I have always had an easy time getting along with children I've known.
In the beginning I was very clear about taking things slowly, I did not begin dating for 2+ years after my spouse passed away (my partner is the first/only person I have dated since being widowed). I also vocalized being totally unwilling to consider cohabitation until my son graduated HS early in our relationship. My son will be a senior this upcoming school year.
Slowly over time my partner has essentially disregarded all of my boundaries/concerns about "moving things to the next level". It is my view that he sees moving in together and getting engaged/married as the primary (if not only) indicators that a relationship "is progressing". Recently he got into my phone without my knowledge or permission and read through all my text messages, social media and web history. He did this due to anxiety, fear, and insecurities specifically revolving around why our relationship isn't "progressing" in the way he thinks it should be.. we almost broke up but decided to try and work through it.
Additionally, it has always been my dream to become a homeowner. I grew up in abject poverty, became a teen parent, am orphaned etc. This drive to succeed and grow (emotionally, financially, creatively, spiritually, in my career. etc) is a huge part of who I am as a person and how I view myself in the world. Due to this I've always been a hardworking, fearless and independent person.
Some months ago my partner began pressuring me to buy a house together. We both have near perfect credit, necessary income levels, and savings. I do not make enough income/have enough savings to purchase alone in the area I currently live in.
For reasons beyond my understanding now I entertained this idea as a sort of fun "what if". We went to several open houses and spoke with a mortgage broker who broke down our pre-authorization limits etc. We have not applied for pre-approval.
My partner's current lease ends in July. His landlord requires 60 days notice. My current lease ends in October. My leasing company requires 30 days notice.
As it stands now my partner "lives" at my home with my family and I 100% of the 50% he is child-free and spends 100% of the time he has his child at his own home.
My partner is now heavily, heavily pressuring me to give him the OK to give his notice to his landlord with plans to move into my home with his child and blend our families, with future plans to buy a home together when my lease is up.
I really love my partner and I feel our relationship is generally healthy and balanced however I also feel in my heart of hearts that I do not want to cohabitate because of how uncomfortable I feel being pressured, having my privacy disrespected with the phone thing, giving up my dream of buying a house myself, blending our families during my son's final year of school and my (non) relationship with his child.
His child has always been extremely cold to me, she is jealous of my daughter with her father and in general is just extremely uncomfortable to be around. I understand it is a delicate situation and I have always tried to give her kindness, show an interest in her, give her space to adjust to her father dating someone, etc. Honestly I would be fine continuing to date and even becoming engaged without cohabitating until his child is much older and more emotionally aware/mature.
This situation is further complicated by his highly restrictive custody agreement. He must live in a certain school district, located in the wealthy suburbs.
I have always made it known that I am an independent and free spirited person. I absolutely HATE the suburbs. Previously I have lived in multiple states in my country and travelled full-time doing "van life" for 5+ years before my husband passed away. The idea of living in a cookie cutter home thisclose to houses on both sides while paying $$$$ to be there makes me sick to even consider.
My partner goes back and forth between saying "we can do whatever you want and of course I want you to have your dream life" to basically disregarding that this goes against what I want so much and pretty much insinuates that I just "don't understand how good it will be" and "it will be worth it". He says we can do whatever I want but I know that is not true and we can ACTUALLY do only what his ex-partner agrees to, and they have never agreed on anything ever.
By now with all the pressure and this timeline to give notice to his landlord immediately I feel absolutely sick with anxiety. Today my partner will hand-off custody and come over to spend the week at my place and I feel like hiding under a blanket or jumping off a bridge. I have been vocal about all my concerns all along but also somewhat agreeable about considering all our options, I truly don't understand how I've ended up backed into this corner. We communicate pretty well in that I feel comfortable talking about my needs, fear etc but now with everything closing in I wonder if he's even heard or respected what I've been voicing..
I don't know if I should just go along with what he wants so badly and hope giving it a shot works out, stand my ground about remaining together but separate or end the relationship since it is now almost exclusively a cause of intense anxiety for me.
If I was to only consider myself and my family I would absolutely be planning to move abroad to a lower cost of living country following my current lease expiration. I work fully remote and this was my life-goal previous to my husband's death, delayed by his passing and COVID. I am only considering even remaining here and doing any of the above due to my relationship and his inability to do otherwise due to his custody arrangement. Sometimes I feel like the only way to be with him is to give up everything I want for what he wants instead. Further, he tells me that is not true verbally but his actions as well as just the way things are currently leads me to feel this way.
TLDR, My partner (41/M) is pressuring me (36/F) to move in together. I need advice on establishing a healthy timeline to cohabitate or is his behavior a red flag?
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2023.06.01 20:29 Mundane_Bookkeeper95 May empties :)

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2023.06.01 20:22 Zykor27 Trauma Validation or Validation of Trauma?

So this is a weird crazy story/summary of life this far. I (28M) feel like I have been living my life with an absurd amount of masking. I set out on a spiritual awakening journey when I was 18 and started college, the first time I had ever been truly alone and truly started feeling that deep sense of loneliness. Which is what kicked in my spiritual awakening, by asking questions about who I was, why was I here and why did I have such a deep unexplainable yearning for "home" which was not "physically" attainable. Not a yearning for home in the sense of being with my family, but a deep, deep cry out from what I felt was my soul essence.
Fast forward through some heavy years of partying, clubbing/going to shows, drugs and alcohol. At 23, I met who is now my wife and the mother of my/our amazing daughter and through the 5 years we've been going through this human experience together, we both got a lot deeper and a lot more "serious" about expanding and opening up our spiritual bodies. We were kind of forced into delving DEEP into it because our first true "interactions/dates" were so deeply rooted in spirit that we (very fortunately) discovered/realized that we are cut off the same soul cloth and are infact soulmates/twin flames or whatever floats your boat for descriptions regarding life partners.
We have learned and discovered a lot about ourselves as well as a newly found perception of the outter world (largely influenced emotionally, spiritually, mentally by Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, Dale RamDev. . . Spiritual Adepts/teachers, guides etc.) This absolutely transformed a lot of our inner and outer world (through disciplined routines and practices) for the better in a very beautiful way. Then in 2021 we moved to Idaho on an instinctual as well as an impulse decsion to be closer to my wife's side of the family out there, and our intuitive feeling of needing to go to the northwest part of the country. When we got there we were almost instantly met with extreme adversity and complications with my wife's health, our marriage, and life as a whole. So needless to say it was not the "change" we had in mind. Though we now see it all as the change/step that was necessary for self discovery and growth personally, together and as a while family unit. In late 2021 I was waiting for an orientation class for a new job and had to wait until the next class (2 weeks out) so while waiting two weeks, we needed money to eat and keep life running so I decided since I had a drill and basic tools I'd to do some side work/odd jobs (honey do list kind of things) to bring in whatever cash I could. This ended up blowing up in a beautiful way and I ended up quitting that new job on orientation day to set off and fully jump into the possible opportunity of working for myself. Now almost 2 years later and I'm still doing my own thing (bathroom remodels, tile, carpentry and flooring) and it's been amazing.
We also recently moved back home to Colorado and since we've been back it's been a struggle for a miriad of reasons, but the one struggle that I've found myself dealing with the most and is the heaviest emotion, is my own personal sense of validation. I actually just (today) realized that I have been chasing external validation for as long as I can remember (about 3-4 years old) While thinking about the current slump that I'm in I started thinking about what makes me "feel okay/feel like me" and most of those things are (now) related to my work. Building things for people, fixing things, repairs, custom furniture, etc. And then being validated by a "good job, we are so happy!" Kind of thing from my clients. Thinking further back before this and it's all been an ongoing search for validation through my external world. My party phase, the validation came from my knowledge of drugs, artists, previous party stories and a whole bunch of unhealthy methods and vices. Before that, through the beginnings of highschool getting into heavy drug use (psychedelics, weed and cocaine/stimulants) and partying I was a hardcore WoW gamer (big time raider in a progressive guild that sought to be the best in the game) and always sought out to be the best in my guild (for whatever role character I was playing). Seeking validation through being the best gamer. Before that I was obsessed with skateboarding, from age 9-16 or 17 I would strive to be the best skater in my school, at the skate park (within reason) and from my parents. I was small town sponsored (nothing really fancy, just discounted apparel/gear and occasionally a free board) And before that, but also mixed in through the years until about 20, I was huge on drawing mythical/fantasy creatures and characters and was pretty damn good. But looking back at all the "phase of interest transitions" I see one common goal. External validation through an attempt to prove myself in an outward expression/skill.
I was also looking back at the overall "emotional neglect" that I got from my parents (mom and step dad, bio dad left the picture when I was about 1, 1/2 ) And not to say that they were absolute assholes or anything like that, but they were very young (I was 2 and my mom was 18 when she met my step dad) and learning life for themselves. So I know that they didn't "intentionally" emotionally neglect me or invalidate me. But I wasn't good at the things they wanted me to do (playing tee ball/baseball as a toddleyoung kid) because my step dad was a huge baseball guy. And because I wasn't into or good at the things they wanted to see me do, I found my own interests, independently and amongst my friend group. However this caused parental tension because I was (in their eyes) becoming a hoodlum. Never got the acknowledgement or 'parental praise and proudness' from skating, drawing, playing WoW (step dad played too), obviously not for partying and doing drugs, but not even now. Not even as a 28 year old married man running my own business and father to a beautiful 3 year old daughter. Most of my side of the family disagrees with "entrepreneurship/self employment" because it isn't as "stable" as a corporate box job. - According to them, even though they've all been laid off at some point or another from corporations that are "never going anywhere, we have job security for life".
Sorry, tangent rants aside! I am now facing an immense amount of emotional pain/flashbacks for the lack of validation I have within myself. I am able to see and recognize the immense amount of growth I've undergone and the fact that I didn't die from drugs and partying and pushed through all of that to get where I am now. And I see that I have a shit ton to validate my own worth, I understand the growth that I've undergone and will continue to go through, but I absolutely struggle with giving myself credit, feeling okay with where I am. I can't help but feel like I'm not doing enough and always feel like there is something to do.
This morning I recognized that as an issue of control, and when I don't have the ability to control my volume/standard of output with "things to show" whether it be through work, hobby projects or anything else where I can do/build/repair something for someone. I get extremely depressed. And only really feel 'okay' when I'm doing things. I see this as a trauma wound that has deepend through my years and has gone essentially completely unacknowledged within myself. Until our TRUE spiritual journey began 5 years ago. I do not want to be mentally controlled or enslaved to the inner ego narrative that I'm not doing enough, but I have no idea how to truly accept myself. Accept who I was, who I am and who I'm becoming. I feel like I've just gotten so good at distracting myself by staying busy and constantly seeking validation through helping others that I have no idea who I actually am. I feel like I've been living the biggest lie ever and I've deceived everyone in my life but mostly myself. When I truly sit and think about what I truly enjoy for myself, I can't think of anything. Aside from the cliche of 'being with my family' (wife and daughter) which does truly bring me happiness. But I can't live in or hold on to "those moments" forever. And outside of them, or doing something for someone to give me that pat on the back, I do not have a damn clue who I am.
And I know that who I am is a culmination of everything I've done and am becoming. But that's still only validated through the external. And I know ram Dass would tell me to just let go and release the inner narrative to what is and just be in/of loving awareness. But, he too struggled with identity. Struggled with feeling like a phony and seeking external validation through experiences or services.
So if you made it this far, and have either evolved passed this state/level of emotional consciousness and awareness or you too are feeling the same. I'd love some tips, tricks suggestions or anything for how to help get through this obstacle of the human experience.
And because it was pretty long, and I jump around in here, if there's anything anyone wants further detail or clarification on, I'd be more than happy to attempt to fumble a rambling story again.
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2023.06.01 20:21 _Orchidia_ Insane price

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2023.06.01 20:05 Low_Ad_1576 Went to college and he immediately cheated

For context, I was with my ex for nearly four years. I was a couple months older than him so I was in a different grade.
I (20F) met my then boyfriend (19M) in my sophomore (his freshman) year of high school. We dated throughout the rest of high school and into my first year of college. I stayed close to home for college (about 30 minutes) not for him or anything that’s just how it worked out. It was roughy at first since we went through going from seeing each other everyday to once a week but we made it through. Then we get to his freshman year. He goes to a school 2-3 hours away from home and me so we started long distance. It was ok for awhile but after a small argument I noticed a big disconnect. We were calling less, texts were not as in depth, and (the big red flag looking back) I fell from his number one best friend on snap. I called him one day asking who replaced me and he said it was his new friend, let’s call her Emily. At first I said “oh do you want to try to fix that?” He said “you’re never on Snapchat anyway so it’s not a big deal, I snap you first when I get on the app but she just snaps back faster that’s why she’s there.” I was really hurt that he didn’t want to fix it because the same thing happened over the summer to me with one of my coworkers and I actively tried to fix it. But I brushed it off and we continued on. A few more weeks go by and it comes up to the week of his birthday. We plan for me to go up to visit him for a weekend to celebrate. I spend $100 on train tickets and $80 on a gift (I wasn’t working at the time because I was back at school so to me it was a lot). I go up to his school and immediately I knew something was off. We barely got a second alone, I had to ask for a kiss or a hug, just overall it didn’t feel like it did over the last 4 years. The night goes on and we meet his friends who all barely talk to me, look at me, or engage with me. Whenever they do look at me it’s a look of pity almost. The night goes on and we go to meet his friends to watch a movie and guess who’s there, Emily. The whole time she looks at me sideways, she stares at my hand when I’m holding my ex’s hand, and she just looks awkward and unhappy this whole time. We start watching a movie and I’m not super interested so I go on my phone. While I’m doing that my ex puts his hood up and moves his arm away from me. I notice and look up and Emily is completely turned around in her seat smiling at him. I grab his arm pull it back around me and put his hood down. After the movie ended I told him I was tired and wanted to go to bed. The whole night he barely touched me and slept with his elbow in my back the whole night. We woke up the next day and went to brunch and I thought everything was ok because I brought up some concerns with emily and he said “ok I understand we don’t have to see her anymore while your here.” We get back to his campus and we start doing hw with his friends while they watch a baseball game. I say I have to go to the bathroom and after he says “hey can we go to my room I forgot something.” We go up and he immediately hits me with “I want to break up.” I was taken a back and just in complete shock and I asked why. He didn’t give me a complete straight answer so I said “is this because of Emily.” And he said “it’s not just her.” So I said “What did you do with her?” He said “we kissed and I have feelings for her.” I immediately left the room and started bawling in the hallway. I called my friend who lives near his school and begged her to come get me. She calmed me down told me to go pack my stuff and leave as soon as I can and she’ll get me an Uber. I go back in and throw my 2 year old promise right at him, my necklace with his name on it, and my bracelet with his name on it. I started screaming at him. His whole floor heard me. He said all his friends knew that he cheated and was probably going to break up with me this weekend. I told him he treated me like shit and no matter who came into my life I always made sure he was my priority and I knew no matter what I loved him more than anything and I would never let anyone one in between us. I told him him and emily deserved each other and I hope she cheats on you so you can feel the pain I felt in that moment. I left and haven’t heard from him since. Him and emily started dating within a week of us breaking up so I’m sure there was more than just a kiss. She started posting TikToks of all these photos and memories together so I was getting played for way longer than he made it seem. He was at college for five weeks. And in those five weeks he was able to fall out of love for me, act like the last four years meant nothing, and cheat on me. Fuck him and fuck her. He didn’t hide that he had a gf he had pics of us everywhere. He’s nothing but a liar and a cheater and is selfish. She’s nothing but a homewrecker and a bitch who likes to stalk my Instagram.
This happened in October of 2022, it’s now June 2023. As far as I know they’re still dating. But who gives a fuck. I have a new boyfriend who treats me much better and it overall just better for me. Even with my happiness, I can’t help but hope both of them end up getting hurt.
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2023.06.01 20:05 dumbledorky Boarding your dog regularly once a week

Apologies if this is a weird or basic question. Has anyone ever gotten into a regular weekly boarding schedule with their dog, and seen any issues with that?
For some context, I got my dog as a pup right after the pandemic started. He's a little over 3 years old now and has never had any issues with separation anxiety. I've been taking him to daycare about once a week and boarding him regularly (at the same place) when I go on trips, I think the longest was for 10 days. He's never had any issues, he loves going there and they love him.
My work has been fully remote the entire time, but I'm about to start a new job that requires me going into the office twice a week. I could leave him at home, but I'd feel guilty leaving him alone for ~10 hours 1-2 times per week. It'd be a real pain to drop him off and pick him up from daycare before and after work, and I'd have to forego things like happy hours after work (shout out to the human parents who do this every single day). So my thought was maybe I could just board him once a week and let them keep him overnight and take care of him for the 2 days I'm in office. But I'm a little concerned he'd feel neglected or if there's something I'm not considering here. Has anyone ever experienced this and had any issues?
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2023.06.01 19:57 TermFine370 Hoping to help someone the way you all helped me.

Hi! This may be a little long but I wanted to share my experience cause I know there is a lot of ladies who are in the same boat with me and just need to hear something or anything to feel less alone, because I know how much pressure society, family, religion or ourselves put on towards being a mother. When I was 26 I found out I was pregnant, at the time - abortion was never a thought. The reason for that was because I was so naive and had no idea what I was getting into. Was hopeful for the future even tho the dad was a POS and we didn't have a pot to piss in - I just knew we could still make it work, because i had that desire to make it work, years later we are doing great. Now, I'm 32, I'm a little older, I'm actually less patient but still blooming from leaving that soul draining relationship I was in with her dad. I just knew I had to get through a small time frame (her being 2-5, hard years!) And everything would fall into place. It did. I'm finally here.
I got with a guy and we did the pull out method (never again) and I had a positive test 2 weeks later. I went through all the phases. Happy, scared, emotional, angry. I even got attached to the baby and could swear it was a boy. My daughter is always asking for a sibing and I'd finally be able to give one to her. Then, I started thinking about my future, thinking of all the things that would change and how it would put me into the entire opposite spot of where I wanted my life to be, where I just got out from. I just knew my only chance was an abortion, something once so far from my mind became front and center because I wasn't naive anymore, I knew exactly what was in store for me. I was not ready for that. I'm allowed to not be ready.
ultimately I made the call to the clinic and went for my consultation - without judgement and after going through the options I decided on SA. I picked SA cause you're sedated and don't think about what's happening. I was tired of thinking. The whole time at clinic, I felt at ease. Like I was doing the right thing although it once was against my moral fiber. I know the fighting we do with ourselves over this and I just want to assure you that if you are positive having a MA or SA is a good solution for your life and your circumstances then just trust your gut. Sometimes we have to turn our brain off and just listen to our body. Never once did my gut say run far away from here. It told me it was okay to be here.
When you're in these shoes, faced with such a incredibly hard decision it's so imperative to be with gentle hands in health care. My heart breaks for the women in banned states having to face this alone or with the threat of imprisonment and you just deserve soooo much more than that.
So I want to end this with, if you are certain you want to proceed with a MA or SA. Please be aware that there is a facility here in Florida, next to busses and airports, that can help you make this happen. They offer transportation in sensitive cases and they also have financial assistance. If you want more details let me know but like I said it's vital you have a good supportive system and are treated like the good person you are. I had mine at 930 a.m this morning and I had no pain, I didn't even remember it and now I'm just resting at home and I'm very comfortable right now but that can be the meds still lol. Just know you're not alone and I left feeling just as certain on my decision as when I got there. Just trust yourself.
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