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2023.06.01 20:52 almonddnomla Epstein Barr Virus

Before getting diagnosed, one of the significant results of my blood tests was that I (19) tested positive for EBV (more commonly known as mononucleosis or mono but can exist on its own). At first, we thought that was that; the fatigue, widespread pain, weight loss, bruising and intermittent fevers were all due to mono.
I had to graduate high school early because of it and after ~6 months of my symptoms gradually worsening, my doctors started thinking it was something else.
EBV is commonly linked to a multitude of other conditions like cancers and lupus, so that’s where they looked first. Thankfully (although sometimes I think it might have been easier, that maybe it would have been better to have a chance for a cure) it wasn’t cancer. Nor was it lupus.
My joints started giving out and subluxing, I could barely eat, my skin began splitting open. Eventually my docs referred me to Boston Children’s and they said I was essentially the picture of EDS.
That’s a very short version of the story, I could go on for hours about the symptoms I’ve had since I was a kid that everyone ignored; instability and poor wound healing, but I don’t have the energy.
I was also wondering, has anyone else had experience with EBV? Were your symptoms more severe after getting it? Not looking for advice or how common it is in EDS. Merely curious and looking to relate.
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2023.06.01 20:52 uh2508 Does anyone else struggle with accidentally hurting yourself in your sleep?

I keep accidentally sleeping in positions that are bad for my back and joints. I'm generally a side sleeper, but I keep flipping over on my stomach when I'm already asleep and crushing my arms, so I wake up and my arms are aching so badly. I consistently wake up with achy hands also so this combination makes it really hard for me to get up. As a side note I believe I'm getting my REM sleep very late as I tend to get up at 8 am to go to the bathroom or drink water, then I crash and have super intense dreams and wake up at 11. It seems like in that morning initial wake up I'm not actually awake, I can barely open my eyes and I fall back asleep right away. I've had this happen with and without my night meds. Can anyone relate and if so, how do you deal?
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2023.06.01 20:52 notdogsinatrenchcoat In Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) the plane Indiana Jones uses for his escape in the opening jungle sequence is designated OB-CPO. This is not a reference to anything and is just random because Indiana Jones is not a nerd who would go around having a Star Wars reference on his plane.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) the plane Indiana Jones uses for his escape in the opening jungle sequence is designated OB-CPO. This is not a reference to anything and is just random because Indiana Jones is not a nerd who would go around having a Star Wars reference on his plane. submitted by notdogsinatrenchcoat to shittymoviedetails [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 20:52 thunderhamper Kenmore Elite Washer Shocked Me!

I have a Kenmore Elite washing machine that is at least a couple years old. It has worked well up to now, but on a recent load, I reached in and touched my forearm to the rubber surrounding the opening of the washer and got a fairly strong persistent tingling sensation where I touched the washer. I (stupidly) touched my forearm to the area again and got the same shock, then unplugged the appliance and confirmed that it no longer shocked me.
It felt like an electric shock and the fact that I could repeat the shock and that it stopped when I unplugged the machine indicates to me that it wasn’t static electricity.
The outlet it’s plugged into is wired correctly according to my outlet tester. There are no other appliances in the house that have shocked anyone. I’ve not had any issues with a subsequent wash cycles.
An appliance repair person came to take a look. He used my outlet tester, started the washer, stuck his hand in, and said it’s working fine after feeling no shock. He also said “Washer always give small shock if your feet are wet. You must have had wet feet. It is fine.”
He did not take the unit apart or do anything else and then walked out the door.
I used a multimeter to test resistance between the prongs of the plug and the drum. I was able to get small ohm values between both hot and neutral prongs and the drum. The ground prong showed resistance values to the frame of the machine (as measured at a screw that went through the paint into the metal body).
Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and what I should do about this? I do not want my kids to get electrocuted touching this damn thing.
Happy to share video or pictures of the testing if that is helpful!
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2023.06.01 20:52 ChillGuy047 Rules for Being robbed in your house

Listen, your house is being robbed as you read this. Follow these rules and you will be fine. Stray from them and unspeakable things will happen to you. But I will speak of them, just to show you how bad they truly are.
Category A: You are a child from the age span of 4-14. Follow these.
1.A: Once they first get into your house you will get a chill down your spine no matter what. You must turn off all lights in house, except for the room they're in.
2.A: Now you will hear them leave the room. What you must do is get to the kitchen and open the freezer, grab the toy train (Don't worry about how it got there). Now set the toy train on the counter and leave it there. It will protect you.
3.A: If they try to go to your room you must get there first and hide under your bed. After they enter you must stay silent until they leave.
4.A: By now you understand that your guardians aren't going to wake up. But if they try to get to your parents room you must turn on the living room tv and leave the fridge open.
5.A: Once they enter the living room you must hide somewhere, anywhere. As long as you aren't in their direct sight. They will turn off the TV then go to the laundry room.
6.A: You must head back to your bed as you've done all you can. You have saved your parents and yourself. Just go to sleep and nothing will go wrong.
7.A: The previous rule is a lie. You are not safe. Go confront the visitor with a knife. The visitor cannot do anything to you, you will not be hurt. Trust me.
Category B: You are older from within the age span of 15+
B.1: You have woken up to a high pitched ringing noise that only you can hear apparently. You have looked at your device and saw this list already open. You have one chance, make it count.
B.2: You must look under your bed, there will be an unrecognizable, black box. Open it and you'll find a syringe with a bottle. Fill the syringe with the substance in the bottle and you are ready.
B.3: Run downstairs and confront them, they will not notice you. Sneak up on them and inject them with the syringe.
B.4: NO! Don't inject the visitor with the syringe. The previous rules were written by the visitor. The syringe will only make the visitor stronger and will be able to wreck more havoc. Trust me!
B.4: Once you have used the syringe throw it to the side and run back to your room. Once you wake up in the morning they will be gone and your house will be as if nothing happened.
Consequences: 1.A: They will roam the house freely and will be able to find you easier. 2.A: If you fail to get to the kitchen you will be found with no skin in the morning. If you fail to get the toy train out and left on the counter you will be trapped in the freezer.
3.A: If you fail to get to your room first you will be gut like a fish. If you fail to stay quiet they will pull your bed off you and they will curb stomp you on your own bed.
4.A: If you fail to distract them your parents will be found with their throats cut open.
5.A: If you remain in their direct sight you will get every bone in your body broken before you go braindead.
6.A: If you fail to go to bed you will not be safe and any of the previous consequences could happen.
2.B: You must get the syringe otherwise you will have no way of defeating them.
3.B: If you don't do it immediately they will notice you and rip off every one of your limbs one by one.
4.B: If you fail to run back to your room you will be hunted down by an immortal snail that will crawl out of their dead body. You will only be able to use your current resources. No million dollars, but the snail will always know where you are.
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2023.06.01 20:52 sixer03fan "External" RAM substitute device?

Hi all, I work at a company that tests used computers and laptops for basic functionality. Unfortunately we get many used computers and laptops from businesses that have already removed the RAM and then put the "lid" back on the machine. When the machine comes into our possession, all we want to be able to do is test if the machine will power on properly and then access the BIOS screen to record some of the main specs of the unit. We can't do that without RAM.
The biggest time waster in this type of work is when a machine is missing its RAM. In that case, we need to take our replacement RAM stick, open up the laptop or PC, seat our RAM stick into place properly, power on the computer, get the specs we need, then power off the machine, remove our RAM, and close the machine back up. Then move onto the next one. We can make this process as efficient as possible, but finding a workaround to the underlying issue would be the best possible solution.
We are not interested in putting a new RAM stick into the computer or laptop permanently. We are only interested in using RAM temporarily just to properly power on the machine.
So, my question is... Is there any workaround to this issue? Is there any type of device that can act as RAM and maybe plug into the computer or laptop from an outside port? Plug it into a slot, power on the machine, unplug it, move on to the next... Or is there any other creative solution to this so we don't have to open up every laptop/PC we come across that is missing RAM.
Or does something like this simply not exist/cannot exist due to the architecture of the computelaptop?
Thank you so much in advance for any feedback!
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2023.06.01 20:52 CeresMomma Spotify on apple watch

I downloaded the original app from the appstore while at the same time having the alstore spotify, then i tried to control the music from the apple watch and everything worked (music playing from the altstore app and the spotify app on apple watch), i was able to skip unlimited and play other playlists. If i open the original app on iphone and control the from the watch it says that i need the premium (when skipping).
So again, if u didn’t understand my explanation: 1. Download original Spotify 2. Download Spotify (premium) for altstore 3. Open alstore Spotify and play music 4. Open watch app Spotify and control from there 5. Done
The ipa i used:
But i think it doesn’t matter what ipa u use, as long as it is from alstore (or anything alike). I haven’t tried using other ipas yet.
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2023.06.01 20:52 BuckRowdy An open letter on the state of affairs regarding the API pricing and third party apps and how that will impact moderators and communities.

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2023.06.01 20:52 SFTExP New School

Susan Gonzales arrived home from New School on the auto-shuttle, went to her bedroom, sat at her desk, and opened a tablet to start doing homework.
Her mother, Celeste, knocked on the door and walked in.
"How was your first day back at school, honey?"
"Oh, it was amazing! I love all my classes, especially my homework. They’re all so much fun now."
"Homework fun?" Celeste gasped. "Let me see it."
"Sure, here's my first assignment." Susan handed her mother the tablet. "It's only my first draft …"
"Interesting … I see you're writing an AI Prompt: 'The people are happy and busy, surrounded by tall buildings interspersed with parks and ecological transportation. Give everyone a unique role …' What class is this?"
"Worldbuilding 101."
"What other classes are you taking?" Her mother raised an eyebrow.
"Harnessing Your Creativity, Sparking Your Imagination, and Fantasy vs. Reality."
"What happened to the basic courses?"
"Like?" Susan looked perplexed.
"Math, history, and social studies …."
"Oh, Mom, those are all obsolete now with our New Teacher."
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2023.06.01 20:52 originaltwojesters Bitcoin 1A

Bitcoin 1A
Just pulled this from today's pack. Does it have much value?
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2023.06.01 20:51 nyc_throwaway_9 Writing Group - Starbucks Roastery in Meatpacking - 6/4 at 1pm

Okay, let's try this.
I'm looking to start a writing group based in Meatpacking or West Village.
I'm open to changing around the date and time, but let's try this.
Starbucks Roastery (61 9th Ave) this Sunday at 1.
I'm writing a Middle Grade fiction novel and need some help being held accountable and getting feedback.
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2023.06.01 20:51 ApocalypseOwl Masterpost May 2023

So, we stand here again. Void-Worms orbiting a star made of the dreams of the dead. The song we all sing continue echoing into the unreal angles of the endless void, while the star throbs. Behold as the light it beams into our brains unfolds as the stories, as told by a strange bird. A bird who dream-wakes through reality, telling a thousand stories into the meat behind his skull, stories that none shall hear. A bird with no voice to speak freely, but a mind that screams an infinite amount of universes. A few precious ones might be plucked from that internal abyss; and such are thus cast through the death-dreams of our star, directly into our souls.
What wonders might we experience, you blindingly beautiful creature? What marvels might be uncovered, my delightful draconic associate? Let us see together.
50% Kobold
Three reactions to the end of Death
Apotheosis and Madness
Wait, this isn't a prompt, what is it doing here? Why am I weeping? And seething with unbridled rage?
Kaiju Romance
Crossroad Dealing and Soul Contracts 101
Sometimes the only winning move is not to play
Forging of the Soulsword
The Next Prometheus
How wonderful. Surely, we can sit back and enjoy... What is that? What the... Can't be. A rogue transmission?
The train is mostly empty. It is silent. There is nothing about him that stands out. He looks generic and forgettable. So generic and forgettable that the ticket inspector lady just walked past him, not noticing he was there at all. So utterly unremarkable that his own parents would not and could not pick him out of a crowd. His headphones are on his ears, but there is no sound in them. He absent-mindedly clutches a backpack to him, like all his clothes, it is generic and worn. His eyes stare blankly, nearly unblinking, on the forests and fields that the train passes. Behind his flesh, inside the brain there is something going on however. Something strange, maybe horrific, maybe wondrous. He doesn't see the train around him. He doesn't see the landscape passing by. He used to need the music to keep focus on what he does see, but he no longer needs it. Now he sees the world of stories always.
His eyes see shimmering metallic towers, where scholars search for answers to unspoken problems of the future. Inside of them man and machine are increasingly working together becoming more and more entwined. He sees a young man and a young woman working together on a marvellous project, the first body for a thinking machine-mind. It is animalistic and wild, yet also loving and kind, and the body will fit the mind perfectly. The two of them are cyberhunters, who have trained their minds to enter the world behind the computer screens of the futuristic city, to hunt down rogue mind-uploads and wild super-viruses that threatens the security of the future. They found the AI in the wild cyberspace that stretches between the remaining cities of man; they love it like a child and worship it like a god. It will be the ultimate synthesis, the entity raised by man, born of machine, and heir to both worlds.
The man blinks. Now he sees forests. Ancient, wild, and primordial. Not at all like those that have grown after mankind came to dominate the world. He hears the wounded knight before he sees him. There, with arrows in his back, comes the knight. His every step is agony, and the dreaming man knows them as if he was the knight himself. The knight is carrying a sleeping child, saved from a burning castle. The knight has pushed himself to the very limits of his physical capacity. His breath is ragged. He tries so hard to move on, but everything is cold, and aches horribly. But he must press on. Just a few steps more. Because he sees them. Once he saved one of their kindred from captivity at great personal risk. But it was the right thing to do. They swore to owe him a favour. His words come out unclearly, but the unicorns nod gently. They know what he wants from them. Care for the child to the best of their ability, and keep her safe in the lands of magic, beyond the wild horizon. His last strength is used to wake the girl and place her on the back of the largest of the unicorns. She is too young to understand now, but this is the only thing he can do for her. He watches with a mournful satisfaction as they calmly ride off into the magical glades with the girl. She waves to him. And he smiles. It is the last thing he does before he dies.
The man on the train blinks again. He sees the ocean, blue, beautiful and wondrous. An old woman is feeding a sea dragon. Oh how she laughs as the silly creature dances for her upon the blue ocean. Oh how the sweet creature enjoys its task of protecting the kind old woman. Of dragging her boat through the wide blue seas. She is heading to the First Water, from whence all creatures were once born. And there she will speak to the Mother-of-Salt and the Father-of-Wind. There she will commune as have a thousand of her ancestors before her, to keep the world safe, the water clean, and the sky clear. There she will dance the last dance upon the fires of the Old Realm. There she will burn as a dance, and her ashes shall be cast into the Pit of Life, from whence she shall emerge, reborn as a being of the sea itself. But for now, there is her old voice singing half-remembered songs to the sweet silly sea dragon, and there is a joyful journey. Perhaps when she is changed, reborn, they will swim back to the Waters-of-Men together.
The man on the train blinks again. And he sees a high-speed chase in a Neon-version of Tokyo. He blinks once more, and he stands atop a great mountain, watching a friendly Yeti carrying a stiff mountaineer to a warm cave. He blinks again and maybe he sees you, running down a hallway carrying a briefcase full of evidence against your enemies. He blinks and he sees himself fighting himself with a blade. He opens his eyes. His train has arrived at the station. Wordlessly he stands up, and gets off of his train. Only the necessity of movement keeps him from falling back into the stories.
Well then. That was weird. Wonder who that was. Hopefully, stories haven't consumed you as much as all that. Maybe. Or maybe all we who float in the void together are, is a fragment of the imagination of the man of the train. Maybe all of us, maybe me, maybe you. Whatever the case, my dear friend, may we meet the next time our serpentine bodies float closely within the void.
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2023.06.01 20:51 Numerous-Will4708 Emotional affair worries

Partner is almost done with intern year in a tough specialty. Been together 3 years.
A few months ago, we dealt with a situation he was having with a female coresident in a different specialty. He was spending way too much time with her, constantly bringing her up, and then eventually I found out he had been going out to cafes and whatnot with her without telling me. She would constantly vent to him about boy problems and she knew about some issues him and I were having. She’d call him and text him a lot. She would keep inviting him to her specialty’s events and he’d go because he thought it was friendly. At this point people started asking if they’re together. I met her once and she was openly hostile, and it instantly confirmed my gut feeling that she was into him.
He swears up and down it was platonic on his end and that he didn’t realize that she was clearly into him, and just thought he made a new friend. I saw their text messages at this point and realized she was heavily trying to get with him - he admits he was wrong by continuing to talk with her but is adamant that he didn’t think she liked him like that. Fine. We chalked it up to him having a dumb dude moment, he instantly offered to block her everywhere and he did, and that was that. She freaked out when he blocked her everywhere but nothing else happened. We moved on. He worked very hard to regain my trust after this and tells me every little thing that happens that might be construed oddly and is constantly reassuring me. He had a couple of rotations at another hospital right after this so he hadn’t seen her in a couple of months.
He just started working back at her hospital. He told me she saw him the other day and walked away without saying anything to him in front of everyone, which was awkward but he didn’t care. He said she assigned her patients to someone else for consults so she wouldn’t have to consult him the other day. Today, he calls me and tells me (to be transparent) that she’s been paging him all day for consults, but that he’s been keeping it strictly professional with no chit chat. Just talking about the patient.
I can’t help but feel very uneasy inside. I’m worried she’ll try to shake her way back in or that he’ll do something suspicious again without telling me so I don’t get upset. I don’t like how it’s all awkward between them in front of everyone - I feel that’s really embarrassing to me as his wife, like everyone is like ‘ooooh weirdness between those two all of a sudden.’ I just feel stupid, embarrassed, and scared. But I am appreciative that he’s been transparent and putting in lots of effort to make me comfortable. I’m scared of her looming during his entire residency.
I just don’t know how to act or what to do. Any advice or similar stories helpful. Thanks so much.
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2023.06.01 20:51 harrypottershorcrux Seeking friendship across the globe [Chat]

Hi I am looking to make new friends from different parts of the world. In an increasingly interconnected world, I believe that forming connections and fostering friendships with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds is a wonderful way to broaden our horizons, expand our knowledge, and celebrate our shared humanity. It is in this spirit that I'm reaching out to you.
Whether you're from the bustling streets of Tokyo, the charming towns of Europe, the vibrant cities of South America, the stunning landscapes of Africa, or anywhere else around the globe, I would love to connect with you and learn more about your experiences, traditions, and perspectives.
I'm open to engaging in conversations about various topics, including culture, language, hobbies, music, travel, and much more. We can exchange stories, share our favorite books or movies, discuss current events, or simply talk about our day-to-day lives. I truly believe that friendships can blossom when we embrace our differences and find common ground.
If you're interested in embarking on this friendship journey with me, I would be delighted to hear from you. BR rah
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2023.06.01 20:51 chomp_wagon "I Became A Famous Twitch Streamer" or "Do you really need anyone else?" (Invadervie copypasta)

What I love about Twitch is I just get to be myself, I do get be myself. I get to be a very very different part of myself. It’s really interesting when people come into chat, and they accuse me of being fake. I don’t disagree with you, I don’t know who my authentic self is on stream yet. Every single day that I come on here I discover new things about myself that I’m willing to share with you, and new things about myself that feel important to share with you, and, and I love sharing them with you, you guys. I really really do. I surprise myself and I surprise you. I had another streamer recently say that I surprise them as well. And discovering that I have the ability to surprise even old pros at this game, really really makes me feel like I am where I’m supposed to be. Ehe, wishlistdestroyer: “ur not fake ur just crazy”! Yes! of course I’m crazy! I’m crazy in love, I’m crazy happy, I’m CRAZY high on life. I really really liked being where I am, I like the people that I’m with, and I have felt this way for my entire life. When it was in high school, when it was in elementary school, when it was in University, when it was in College. When I worked at summer camp, when I worked at the hot dog factory, when I worked for , or when I worked as a Disney Princess. When I’m on twitch, I find people that I love, I find people that I like and I keep them close to me. The people who come back each and every day are the people that I want to see each and every day. And the haters can come every day if they want to, and I’ll be happy to see you too. Because at least you’re showing me that I’m important to you with your consistency. And if I can be nothing else, it is consistent! Because I will come back each and every day and I will give you new reasons to hate me, and I will give you new reasons to love me. Because that’s what you deserve and that’s what I deserve. I want to see how far I can go, I want to see what I can do on this platform. I want to see how far the blanket fort can expand. I want to understand the best parts of myself. And I’m not saying that I’m gonna find them on Twitch. But I think that I can find the best parts of myself. If I keep going, and I keep saying yes, and I discover the parts inside of me that I have been too afraid, too ashamed of, too apologetic! Do you realize how many times I wanna send a boy a picture of my fully exposed vulva, and the first instinct is first to apologize for even messaging him in the first place? I want to say I’m sorry that I’m bothering you, I’m sorry that I’m messaging you, I’m sorry that I’m texting you, I’m sorry that I’m dm’ing you, I’m sorry that I’m talking to you, I’m sorry that I’m caring about you, I’m sorry that I’m trying to figure out who you are, because all I want to do is open up enough dialogue so that I can expose everything about myself! The only thing that I want to do is expose who I truly am to you! But I feel self-conscious because people tell me that I’m fake, and people tell me that I’m faking these things, and that I’m psychotic, that I’m ADHD, that I’m on drugs. that I’m all these terrible things, but I’m not. What is actually happening is that I LOVE being here. I love being on Twitch. This has been a dream of mine for so many years, so many years that I’m embarrassed to talk about it. Can you imagine meeting a boy that you want to fuck, and the first words out of your mouth are “All I want to do is be a famous Twitch streamer.” He’s never heard of Twitch, he just wants to put his dick in you, and you’re talking about Twitch. Guess what motherfuckers, sometimes it works out. I FUCKED that motherfucker and he bought me this great big toy. Because I became a famous Twitch streamer! That motherfucker believed in my dream even though he had never heard of Twitch before. And each and every one of you believes in my dream. Because we’re on Twitch together today and I believe we can go even further, even higher, even more into the blanket fort. And I think that we can do it together. And I don’t know that I can’t do it by myself. I can literally only do it with each and every one of you. And I think that we can. This channel has grown bigger, and faster, and more intensely than any other channel on Twitch has ever before. The clips are good. Make sure the titles are sexy. Make sure that you do me good guys. Cause I come in here every single day covered in glitter, covered in sequins, covered in booty shorts, covered in nylons. So that I do not violate the terms of service, so that each and every one of you can have both hands on the keyboard, so that you can enjoy the stream, so that you can have a good time listening to me, playing with me, singing with me, smiling with me, enjoying your life. Which you do, you do deserve to enjoy. Each and every moment of your life you enjoy and each and every moment of your life is worthy. You guys, you can do it. You can be the best that you can be, and we can do it together. It’s gonna take effort, and it’s going to take patience, it’s going to take a lot a lot a lot of work. But if we don’t try then what the fuck is stopping us from just throwing ourselves off a bridge, and giving up, and saying “Yeah the planet is dying. The government hates us. The animals are leaving. The aliens aren’t contacting us. We might be alone. It just might be you and me.” But that’s okay. Because do you really need anyone else!?
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2023.06.01 20:50 stalll95 Why are women more prone to care about non-appearance-related trends than men are?

It's pretty commonly accepted that women care more about fashion, trends, etc. than men. I understand this is because women definitely tend to care more about appearance, probably because they're socially taught to. However, men still care about their appearances and follow trends, congregating in places like gyms to help them get buff just like women congregate in places like salons to look better. I would definitely agree the pressure is higher on women, shown in things like expectations of more than just the body, higher rates of EDs, etc. But still, both men and women have their own forms of appearance-related trends that they follow.
However, modern, non-appearance-related social contagions seem to appeal to girls and young women way more. Look at things like the glorification of mental illness on social media, and the rise in people claiming to have DID and Tourette's. Almost all of these are female. I understand this may be somewhat appearance-related, as things like this have been aestheticized, but they have really nothing to do with appearing attractive to men which, at least as I've been taught and observed, is the major driving factor behind why women care so much about appearance (I'm a woman, so this isn't an outside perspective). Am I wrong? Are women just inherently more aesthetically inclined, gullible, or collectivistic than men? Is this some sort of weird abstraction of desiring to appear attractive to men? Or is something else entirely going on here? Informal answers are welcome, but of course academic sources would be good. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 20:50 Purple-Possibility46 How do I set my mental health straight ?

A few years ago I went through a pretty bad break up and it messed me up real bad in the head. In the form of distraction, I started working out and picked up a completely new hobby. All this with my work, kept me busy the entire time and I guess that helped me get over it. It did take a lot of time. However, yet again something really bad happened and my mental state is not all good. While I believed I had overcome everything from the past, looks like all the distractions only hid all the emotions and I feel I kept bottling up everything and now everything is getting triggered. A lot of things that hurt back in my childhood are also coming back and hurting me yet again. I don’t know what is going on. It feels like I have been bottling up everything and now this situation is breaking me apart and I cannot keep things to myself anymore. I’m an extremely reserved person and do not really open to anyone. This is yet again because of a lot of my past experiences. My heart is broken and my mental health is at an all time low and I honestly don’t know how long I can go like this. I cannot afford to be in this situation. I tried picking up a new hobby yet again. While it does help me a little bit but I do feel by these distractions, I’m hiding the problem instead of addressing it.
I’m honestly clueless and do not know what to do. Is there anyone here who could help me out ? I don’t know even know what kind of help I’m looking for. If there’s anyone who can just point me in some direction, I would be really great full.
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2023.06.01 20:50 columneaexcretesr05 News on SenesTech: I wanted to share!

Hey everyone! Here's an interesting update from SenesTech, a company specializing in rodent fertility control, recently announced a partnership with Pathogens and Environmental Solutions (PES) in South Africa. They'll be working together to commercialize SenesTech's innovative product, ContraPest®, which offers a unique approach to rat control. This collaboration could open up new market opportunities and drive growth for the company.
Senestech is a company focused on developing effective and humane solutions for managing pest populations, specifically rats. Their contraceptive product, ContraPest®, is designed to control rat fertility and reduce their numbers without resorting to harmful methods. In exciting news, SenesTech has entered into a partnership with Pathogens and Environmental Solutions (PES) to bring ContraPest® to South Africa. This collaboration paves the way for expanding their market reach and promoting sustainable pest control practices.
Highlighted Main Points:
  1. SenesTech has partnered with Pathogens and Environmental Solutions (PES) in South Africa to commercialize their contraceptive product, ContraPest®, for rat control.
  2. PES is a leading manufacturer and distributor of rodent pest control products, and they believe ContraPest® aligns perfectly with their goal of offering innovative solutions for integrated pest management.
  3. SenesTech's collaboration with PES in South Africa is a significant step towards expanding their market presence and providing an eco-friendly alternative for rodent control.
SenesTech has teamed up with Pathogens and Environmental Solutions (PES) in South Africa to bring their contraceptive product, ContraPest®, for rat control to the country. This partnership opens doors for market expansion and promotes sustainable pest management practices. Exciting news for SenesTech and the quest for effective, eco-friendly solutions to rodent control!
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2023.06.01 20:50 Anders04 Home tab in the app is wonky

So I just opened the app and now on my homepage instead of showing me a feed of recommended videos, it shows literally 4 videos then 4 pages of shorts and that's is, no tabs at the top go through either. I used the home page all the time and now it's gone? Has this happen to anyone else in the android app?
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2023.06.01 20:50 sugabeetus I took the day off but still took my "work" dose of Adderall

I am prescribed 20mg but I get it in 10mg capsules so I can take just one on my days off. This helps me get through any wait times from the meds shortage, and I don't really need the 20 if I'm just going for a hike or something.
I have eaten breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, opened and sorted all my mail, paid the medical bills (which I usually ignore for months), and now scrolled Reddit for at least an hour. That's all well and good, but I have a really important Thing I have to do today that is complicated and I don't know even what all the steps are, much less where to begin, and I am avoiding it like the plague.
I mean I guess I can just share with you. I bought a new car last week and I need to refinance the old one to be able to afford both payments. Here's where I'm stuck:
  1. How???
  2. I think I should start with the banks I already do business with, but that's like, 6 if you count the ones I have a credit card with. That's a Lot.
  3. Can I even do this without my husband here? We are both on the old loan. Doesn't he need to sign things?
  4. I need to get specific existing loan info and that will mean a phone call, and I already did one todayyyy.
  5. I Googled but Google results are all just ads now. I shut down.
  6. Maybe I'll just go to a movie instead.
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2023.06.01 20:50 FallingWithStyle87 "Too Many People are Going Outside" - [YouTube: Wendover Productions]
Not my video, but relevant to this sub. Good section on Baxter State Park starts around 9:30. Baxter has a lot of red tape and limits on visitation, but I appreciate that they are sticking to their mandate of conservation rather than opening up the park to the masses.
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2023.06.01 20:50 stevenarwhals Highland roads in a state of flux

Highland roads in a state of flux
It’s early June and that means the highland roads will be gradually opening over the coming weeks. I know a lot of people visiting this month are eager to know if they can reach certain places in the highlands themselves.
For current conditions visit
Notably, Kjalvegur (35) is currently a mix of open and open to mountain vehicles only. The same is true for the “easy” route to Landmannalaugar (26 to 208 to F224). That means these areas are theoretically accessible if you have a “mountain vehicle” which at a minimum means a rugged 4x4 with higher ground clearance than a regular SUV. Inquire locally as to whether your vehicle is appropriate for the current conditions. You can also call 1777 for more detailed road information.
Also note that as of today, June 1st, most other highlands roads are completely prohibited to any vehicles. That’s because they are currently thawing out and any vehicle traffic could cause significant damage and/or risk getting stuck. Keep an eye on the website linked above and the road authority’s Twitter (@Vegagerdin) for updates on road openings and status changes over the coming weeks.
For reference, here’s a PDF with more information and table of the earliest, latest, and median opening dates for the most popular highland roads over the past five years:$file/2023%20Ma%C3%AD%20-%20Opnun%20fjallvega%20-%20Enska.pdf
Going by these dates and anecdotal reports of minimal snowpack in the highlands, it would seem that the roads will open on the earlier side this year, but that is mostly speculation at this point and just because some roads may open earlier doesn’t mean others will; conditions can vary road by road. Again, when in doubt, inquire locally or call 1777.
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