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House, an acerbic infectious disease specialist, solves medical puzzles with the help of a team of young diagnosticians. Flawless instincts and unconventional thinking help earn House great respect, despite his brutal honesty and antisocial tendencies.

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Four doctors at New York's storied Lenox Hill Hospital balance their personal lives and their dedication to their patients in this documentary series.

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2023.06.01 20:15 Kattio_ Help!!!

So basically I had this gorgeous big phalenopsis orchid but unfortunately she got root rot a fe months ago and lost all but 2 top leaves, and almost all roots (there is one healthy aerial root, and a bunch of small, chopped roots that were starting to rot) I completely cleaned her so now she's good and has no more rot, but the thing is, she is severely dehydrated and wrinkly, and it doesn't seem like she's growing any new roots. I put her in orchid mix (it's like orchid bark and other chunky things), and I water her every time I notice what's left of her roots is silver. My question is, should I maybe transfer her in sphagnum moss (I heard it keeps the moisture better) or should I just be patient and keep her in my orchid mix? I don't think orchid bark holds the water long enough for the roots to form. (I tried keeping the orchid in water before, but it worked horribly and I'm scared to do it again). Thanks in advance :3
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2023.06.01 20:13 jugglesensual "Maps" are not members of the queer community

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2023.06.01 20:12 Seeyouon_otherside The Isolationists - Chapter 32: Racist to Racist Communication

Memory Transcription Subject: Doctor Tadegs of the Zeyzell Science Organization, Medical Division - Genetics Subdivision. Class 4/5 Personnel
The xenos who’d captured me were far from friendly. They didn’t quite do what High Captain Ferlinn’s tormentors had done to her. No, what they did was worse. I languished against a wall as waves of hunger swept through my body. All around me were the Zeyzell that had been captured alongside me, most of them suffering similar fates. We’d gotten desperate at some point and tried to eat the leaves and fruit the xenos had left us. As expected, it’d done nothing except make us nauseous. The idiotic things didn’t even understand the basics of biology.
Well, perhaps that wasn’t exactly true. I shakily raised a paw and stared at it, as if I could see my altered DNA in my pads. The things had… changed us. Most of us at least. I stared at a spot on the floor of this musty cell where Kidah had died. The xenos fed her some meat rations and sat back and laughed as she thrashed around and eventually died. It was a shame. She had a great mind. My eyes drifted to the transparent door to study the cell adjacent to us. The Deathwatch Guards had been separated from us after the third escape attempt and had obviously attracted their attention.
We’d been “cured” and they seemed to be content to let us starve to death while they studied the much more interesting Guards. I let out a small chuckle. The xenos had been driving themselves insane trying to apply their cure to the Guards only to run into roadblock after roadblock. Their cure, as expected, was ineffective against the Guards. All they knew was that the Guards’ genetic code had somehow been “hardened” against unauthorized tampering. Which it was, but I’d eat a kit if the xenos figured out how. Ah, the wonders of nanotechnology.
I glanced back to the other Zeyzell and shook my head. Many of them had been lobotomized after they’d refused to stop resisting after they’d been altered. Terrible wastes indeed. I tongued the explosive trigger in my mouth. I not only could end the torment right here, but it was technically my duty to do so. The only reason I didn’t was a mixture of cowardice and… fascination.
As much of a disgrace to science as these xenos and their experiments were, I was supremely interested in their work. The minor alterations we made to the Deathwatch Guards’ genetic codes usually took months and yet these things had rendered us not only unable to process meat, but consuming meat actually caused such a severe allergic reaction that the victim died. I theorized that they’d found a way to force the immune system to go haywire if it detected enzymes usually found in flesh, although I was uncertain.
I wondered what would happen if I engaged in auto-cannibalism. Would the cure reject its own host? Would I choke to death on my own constricting throat if one of my teeth were knocked out? Could blood even trigger the reaction, or was it just flesh? There were so many questions and so little answers. I glanced once more at my weakening frame. Our ancestors lived in a world of constant scarcity and starvation, forcing them to evolve to last longer without food. Nevertheless, I was running out of time.
I startled when the door slid open to reveal a small squad of xeno soldiers and one of the lead “scientists.” The xenos marched over to me and yanked me to my feet, shoving me out of the room. I was marched into an interrogation room behind a plexiglass wall and the “scientist” took a seat opposite me.
Memory Transcription Subject: Dr. Bopjin, Kolshian Commonwealth Geneticist
A month.
A fucking month.
A month of absolutely no progress on curing these things. Oh, sure, the other Zeyzell had been successfully cleansed of their filthy meat-eating habits, but these so-called “Deathwatch Guards” hadn’t been changed at all. I looked at the security feed of the group of predators. We’d captured over fifty of the things from that ship and within just a few weeks developed a cure for them. The stubborn things still refused to eat plants but I suspected that starvation would overcome their pride soon enough.
But no matter what we did, the Guards refused to change. And that wasn’t the only thing, We’d practiced a few lobotomies on the other Zeyzell who were still too aggressive and successfully tempered them down. I remembered what had happened when we tried to do the same thing to a Guard. As soon as the procedure began, its skull exploded, taking the surgeon’s tentacles along with it. Interrogation of the normal predators revealed that every Guard had an explosive device in their heads that were set to go off when any unauthorized surgeries or brainscans were committed. All in the name of secrecy.
When we tried to force one of the things to tell us how to deactivate the failsafe, they crunched down on something and just… died. The same happened when we tried again with another “4/5” ranking predator. Autopsies revealed that a tiny hole had been blown in their own brains, less violent that the Guards, but just as effective. Only one of the high rankers were still alive, “Doctor” Tadegs its name was. There was something peculiar about that one. We’d cured it the same as everything else but… rather than acting horrified like its brethren, it seemed almost fascinated.
And so here I was, sitting in front of a plexiglass wall and staring the “scientist” down. The predator’s fur hung off of its frame, a clear sign of starvation. Rather than pretending to be scared like the rest, it simply studied me with those horrifying eyes. As its body decayed, its mind only seemed to grow sharper.
“You know you can end your fellow predators’ suffering if you just tell us how to cure those ‘Deathwatch Guards.’ That’s all you need to do. A short conversation and it’s over.”
Tadegs stared at me.
“And by suffering, I assume you mean the horrors of eating meat?” it rasped. “I would rather not condemn my projects to that. They’re much too valuable to tamper with like that.”
“Projects?” I asked.
Perhaps I could trick it into slipping up.
A gloating tone entered its voice.
“Indeed. They’re among the Science Organization’s greatest achievements. Superior to other Zeyzell in practically every way. The perfect killers. By our standards at least.”
“How did you make these things?”
It laughed.
“I’m not an idiot, xeno. Nice try. Lesser fuck.”
“Listen to me, predator! You are the lesser being by design! I-”
“You claim to be so superior,” it interrupted. “and yet you have an atrocious understanding of biology and practically every other field of science. I’ve made more scientific progress in my career than you things have done in centuries. You may have better control over your instincts than those other animals that call themselves sapient, but your unwillingness to learn, to progress, is what makes you so inferior. You couldn’t understand the first things about the Guards. They are infinitely more complex than this… cure you’ve given me.”
I couldn’t believe the gall of this thing! It literally survived by killing other creatures and it had the audacity to call us inferior?
“Perhaps we should drag the information out of you instead,” I threatened.
“Go ahead and try. See how fast it takes for me to blow a hole in my brain. I don’t want to die, but I will if that’s what needs to happen. You try to remove it and you’ll get the same result.”
I clenched my tentacles in rage. The only thing that stopped me from lashing out at the horrible creature was the glass in front of me. The predator noticed this and chuckled.
“What’s the matter, xeno? Ice-hopper bite your shins?”
I had no idea what an “ice-hopper” was, nor did I care. I forced myself to calm down. I needed to sweet talk this thing. Torture would just end up with a literally brainless predator, and that’s not what we need at the moment. I decided to redirect the conversation for the time being.
“Why do you call me ‘xeno,’” I asked it.
“The same reason you call me ‘predator,’” it replied. “You’re not us, so you’re the enemy. Simple as that.”
I was genuinely surprised by the answer.
“That didn’t stop you from allying with the Humans.”
“I certainly didn’t agree with that. Shit, it was almost a blessing when you fucks killed the Council. Edo has the right idea. You lot are much too dangerous to just leave alone. There’s only one path to peace: your extinctions.”
I wasn’t going to try and correct it about the bombing’s perpetrator. They’d accused us of the attack this entire time and they wouldn’t listen to anything to the contrary. It was frustrating, really.
“You expect me to believe that you’re coming after us because you want some twisted form of peace? We’re your prey. That should be reason enough.”
“That’s the thing, xeno. For us, there are no predators or prey in this galaxy. There is only us and you. The Humans and Arxur can go ahead and fuck off as well. We don’t need anyone other than ourselves.”
I sat back, processing its words.
“I must say,” it continued. “I am fascinated by this cure of yours.”
I eyed it.
“Are you now?”
“Indeed. The Deathwatch Guards are only subjected to minor changes to their genetic code, a process which can take months, and yet here you are, changing a new species’ diet in only a week. For a bunch of bumbling, idiotic xenos, I have to give credit where credit is due.”
I scoffed. I had an idea where it was going with this.
“I’ll shut you down right there, predator. You’re never getting your claws on the cure. Your species will either learn to be herbivores, or die.”
It thrashed its tail in amusement.
"What's so funny, predator? We've already begun producing the cure for your species and soon this war will be over. You are far from home in the worst place possible for you."
It tilted its head ominously.
"On the contrary, I think that I am exactly where I want to be."
Then the alarms started blaring.
"That was actually amazing timing," it snarked.
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2023.06.01 20:12 Awexiaway 29F Who’s going to read the whole caption though?

Hello. My name is Nicole. I’m living in California, just getting to midnight. I’m from New Jersey. I went to college in Florida and obtained my degree in biology. Never actually worked in that field, I work on social media and am also a model under contract with unruly agency. I also do private content. Hopefully I’m not over sharing because somehow it’s not accepted.
I love to travel. I travel a lot actually due to work. Work takes me to many different regions for photoshoots and also give me the chance to parlay that with my private content job. I love eating seafood. Fresh oysters over a bed of cold ice is my favorite. I workout but it’s only to maintain a tone lol. Not a very knowledgeable person when it comes to workouts haha. Yoga included.
I like the beach and inside pools. Not sure which one is better though. Leaning towards inside pools. I have a few cosmetics done to me. One being breast implants. Been installed for 5 years now. Often times a pain to maintain but I think it’s worth it for work. Again, hopefully not oversharing. I can answer whatever questions, just don’t want to ramble on here if no one reads this.
Tried to make this as interesting as possible so if anyone wants to converse just hit me up. Do the same and put some effort into the message. Not here for a boring discussion, so won’t be replying to anything I don’t find worth it. Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.01 20:11 TheRealJaluvshuskies Semi-IF newbie 28F looking for tips regarding plateau halfway through - maybe do extended fast? Long post

(sorry if the title was word vomit)
SW: 185 CW: 160 GW: 136
28 F , 5 ft 3.75 in
Longest fast: ~72h (gallbladder surgery)
Plateau: 155-160lb for ~9 mo - since Sept 2022? When I reached size medium
Current eating window: ~1pm - 8pm


I started IF I think sometime around (I think) August 2021. I started out slow (2-3 weeks per type) with 16:8, then 18:6, and then when comfortable, I moved towards 20:4 sometimes. No breakfast, drink black coffee, try to drink lots of water (I'm bad at it), and window started around 2-3pm and ended around 8pm. I still have dessert, way less than before, but still dessert
After a while, I learned how to listen to my body better about what I want to eat, and how much. Once I got to that point, I started allowing my eating window to be more flexible. Now I try to stop eating at 9 at the latest, occasionally it might go past on the weekend or if we're doing something social. For my first meal (lunch), I try to push it back as far as I can (3pm), but probably averages out to 1pm
EXERCISE: Definitely not helping my case, but very low. We used to play tennis and go to the gym but we come home after work and just don't want to do anything because then the day feels over by the time we get home. During work, every day, I get in a solid 30m walk every day. Also, I unfortunately work at a desk job. Weekends we like to take a walk sometimes


Realistically, this isn't helping my case. But, I am eating way better than before LUNCH: We have a chef at work, so when I eat lunch, I try to aim for (in my mind) "half of a lunch". They have a huge variety and different menu every day, and I usually try to get a variety on a mini plate. Grilled chicken, salad, wraps, soup, turkey meatloaf, pasta, chicken tenders, rice, sausage, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm eating 200 more than I expect
I probably have meat and carbs every day, and a healthy amount of broccoli every other day (praise our new air fryer). Salad not that much, but we do LOVE caesar salad (usually from a restaurant, not at home) which I know isn't very healthy
DINNER: At home, neither of us want to spend a long time cooking, like at all. Usually for dinner we'd have leftovers from eating out, or something frozen - frozen breaded fish (like costco's everything breaded cod), costco's seasoned salmon, tyson chicken, pfchangs beef and broccoli, bertolli chicken farfalle, etc. Sides could be broccoli, rice, or apple sauce. Sometimes a glass of skim milk with dinner, but usually water
DESSERT: I'm a huge chocolate addict. Usually I'll have a handful of hersehey kisses (5-8). Occasionally a small glass of sweet red wine, I also recently re-discovered chocolate covered strawberries so I made my own with very light chocolate drizzle
WEEKENDS: We like to eat 1 main meal on Sat and Sun (~2pm), and it's not skimpy. We like to eat out (pizza, burgers, etc). Also I usually get a latte on the weekend from the local coffee shop with skim & no whip (~300cal?)


I looked around other threads, since this is apparently super common. I came to the conclusion that most people got over their plateau by doing a 48 to/or 72 fast
I know that if I'm not losing weight, then that almost always means I'm still eating too much. I already feel like I'm eating 1.5 meals / day with dessert and that feels bad (I'll blame America). Since this plateau has been so long, I'm starting to think that maybe there are other significant factors
I have many questions:
  1. Should I go back to 20:4? (4pm - 8pm) or will that not do much?
  2. Should I just do 1x 48h fast and that will kick my weight loss in? Or do I need to do longer?
  3. Do I need to work up to it? (like do a 24h?) or get right into it?
  4. How can I safely prep, in detail?
  5. Should I be having tea, in addition to black coffee and water? Anything else?
  6. If I do an extended fast to get over the plateau, then what? Should I be slightly stricter than before? (so like 3pm - 8pm)
  7. Where can I find a dumbed down explanation of the benefits of 24h fasting, 48, 72, etc?
  8. Is my very low exercise that's the #1 issue? i.e. should I start playing tennis every week Tu and Thurs? Obviously I know it'll help, but I'm not sure how much of this is the issue
Specific question about an extended fast:
I understand that anything past 72h requires doctor supervision, but what are the benefits exactly, and what is the reason that fasting for 2-3 days is safe? Maybe if someone has a legitimate source I can refer to (with simple explaining please)
A lot of the time when I mention fasting for a "long time" (anything 24h+), I feel like the immediate reaction from other people is that it seems unsafe. Probably common, and most people aren't educated, but I have never been able to answer actually how it is safe in detail
For example: "not eating for 2-3 days straight with only water is what some hikers do when lost, and then they go to the hospital after being rescued". What is the explanation for this? Probably missing some crucial details?
Alright thank you for bearing through this with me, I know it was a long read and probably too rambly also. I hope that I wrote all the important info, if anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer. And of course, I appreciate any tips and answers to my questions!
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2023.06.01 20:10 notsoupnorsauce Medication side effects or new episode?

Hey, today I noticed I've been having signs of an episode, although I'm not sure what kind.
But I increased the dose of my a ADHD meds recently (Medikinet from 20 to 30mg) because it didn't really help me. I started Prozac about 6 weeks ago due to depression and ocd I've had forever that was just getting worse and worse even with therapy. I think I noticed some improvements in my mood.
I took 30mg on Tuesday and it was awful in every way. Idk who has experience with stimulants, but the first 2 hours I couldn't stop talking and it felt like my head would explode if I'd stop. I also said a lot of things I usually would never tell out of embarrassment. The energy then changed to anxious energy and then depressive energy where I still felt like I'd burst from energy but needed to cry at the same time but I couldn't even move. I've experienced these moods before, and I'm not entirely sure whether it's from bipolar or adhd or a mix or something entirely else, but that day way so intense and awful. Yesterday and today I took 25mg and it was better, the talking thing still happened but not as bad and the depression as well but also not as bad.
However this continued even in the evenings after the meds should long have worn off. Maybe I'll have to stop taking them, but that's not why I'm writing this, I'll talk to my doctor soon.
Now I also noticed an increase in irritability, which on the first day was just a certain period of the day and I was sure it's a side effect. Yesterday it was there too, not as intense but longer. Today I woke up so annoyed and it continued throughout the day before I even took the meds.
I read up the side effects and it mentions personality changes, anxiety and being unable to stop talking but it doesn't go into much detail. I've had this kind of anger before, but the periods were too short to call them an episode, but this is very atypical for me.
I also started having what I now identify as hypersexuality on Sunday (before I took the meds), which came really unexpected since Prozac decreased my sex drive and ability to almost zero.
I'm worried this might be some kind of mixed episode. I'm feeling really weird and not really like myself and I'm so annoyed and overwhelmed by everything (my mixed episodes before were mainly euphoria and depression switching very fast or occurring at the same time). There were times where I was so hyper and motivated and maybe happy but in a crazy and weird way I can't quiet describe, so if anything it's probably mixed.
I'd maybe stop the meds but for the 20mg it just took some time for me to get adjusted, so maybe I have to wait it out. Also I have holidays and need to do so much for school and I don't know how I can do everything in that state. And I hate the idea that I'll have to try new meds again and fail, I just want to function somewhat normally.
Additionally I have many physical issues as well and it's so hard to differentiate between physical symptoms, mental symptoms and side effects of medication.
Thanks if you made it through all that, but I'm so overwhelmed and going to a psychiatrist isn't available right now. I would just stop taking it until the next appointment but without it I'll never manage my school work so maybe I'll have to wait but I'm so overwhelmed and SO ANGRY with everything.
Even if you don't have any advice, I'd appreciate some understanding and empathetic words so so much because I feel like there's nobody who can understand how awful this is.
Tldr: I started having mood swings that might be a side effect of adhd meds or a mixed episode and I don't know how to figure out what to do.
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2023.06.01 20:10 Purpledark_sky How to professionally and kindly express this on an email. That they all suck with providing customer service.

Is this is allowed. I applied for a home loan improvement. This is the situation.
I'm being in a process of refinancing my house. (FHA 203k) Loan application was on person i provided everything and they make copies of my documents. (Customer service was on point at that point) Loan got approved for to pay off my mortgage and get the house level.
The process to get a contractor to do the leveling was a complicate process for me. Trying to get the right person with all the credentials was a little confusing an exhausting. Everything was a new language for me, But i eventually got it done. (Note :Get a loan counselor before you get a loan for your house... Lesson learned!) I was talking to 4 to 5 ppl for the loan process.
Team Person 1&2 loan consultants(the ppl the took all my information down to apply for the loan.
Team person #3 loan processor assistant Team person #4 contractor process specialist Team person #5 previous house mortgage information process.
It's already 2 months since the put the application and is being approved. All extra documents have be sent by mail.
Team Person #3 Was in charge getting the right documentations for the next:
For example verification of employment. They ask for my paystub. Last two W-2s. And employment verification letter. Which my boss gladly provided. But he was asked to send my gross yearly income from the past 3 years. Which my boss was only able to sent the past 2 years only. And boss was constantly getting contacted by phone and email to provide the 2021 gross yearly income. He constantly and nicely told them the he couldn't sent that to them.
Team person #3 i finally provided a good contractor with all the credentials... Apparently my Bid was too low.. $11,500 (wish was good for me ) so a HUD consultant need to be involved. The search for one was more difficult than I thought and very pricey. But eventually the contractor process specialist gave me a contact number she had and talked to the HUD consultant. I work something out with the HUD consultant so he did not charge me to go take a look and inspect my house. And was going to get pay after the leveling of my house was done. Well his inspection said now the roof needs to be fixed. And need to get bid for the roof. Which i did. And added another $3500 for the roof to get fixed. Now I was told by my contract process specialist that my bid it's too high now and they need it other requirements need to be done before the process of starting the job of getting my house fixed.
Team Person 1 & 2 Since the very beginning a business card was provided by my loan consultants in case I have any questions or concerns. Well let me tell you I left so many voicemails to get a call back to the my loan consultants when ever i had questions. At the beginning i only got 2 call backs after a 24hr late period. After that they never call me back.... I was mostly dealing with the loan consultants assistant. (Which his title is producer manager). It was so hard to get a hold of them to pick up the phone or return my calls.
They had the loan consultant assistant (team person #3) taking all of our calls. To the point that he was not longer returning my calls. This past week i called him 3 times and he never called back. No until Friday he did answer and told me that he was in a meeting in that he will called me Im 20 min. Well guess what today is Thursday and he hasn't return my call. The reason that i was trying to get a hold of him or my loan consultants was to explain to me what were the next requirements because apparently my Bid was now too high.... I had also called the contractor process specialist several times last week and an email with (call me back) and nothing.
Customer service care. I finally got fed up with it and call customer service to cancel my loan. They put in a the request this past Friday. And My loan consultants were supposed to get backed to me for the process of cancelation. (Yeah the same people that's hard to get a hold of them) and nothing.
I also tried reaching out to the loan consultant assistant (team person #3) by phone again yesterday will to find out my call was going directly to voicemail. So I left a voicemail. And a text message to call me back. Well hubby was annoyed by the horrible customer service for them not returning calls back he dial the phone number on his phone.. well guess what his call went through but no answer. He call and left voicemails for him to call back. And nothing
The contractor process specialist( team person#4) finally got back to me yesterday. She tried reaching out and left a voicemail that she will be calling from a private number, because her work phone was not working properly. We tried calling each other all day yesterday but the call was not going through for some reason.
Well guess what I found out they send this morning by a copy and paste email. Unable to offer fundings of the loan at this time. From team person #1 & 2
And well that's a big FU. For them being so unprofessional and not even have the nerve to call me. I feel unheard, frustrated and angry.
And to be honest I was being very professional, patient and very understanding. I understand that you could be busy with work and stuff, or maybe they getting overworked. But that does not give them the right to ignore a costumer. On today's terms. (Ghosting) And the reason they had been receiving calls on my part... Is because whenever I would sent documents to them ill give them a call to make sure they got the documents and to make sure if there was anything else from my part that i need to send or to make sure it was the right documentations. Instead of waiting a whole day for them to reply back. I was very consistent with that.
I would like help sending a message showing my or expressing how i was treated and how they all failed with the outstanding customer service. Every email i get an email from them.. at the bottom of every email ends with Exceptional customer service is our top priority. If you feel you are not receiving excellent service, or if you have any questions, please contact my manager.. Pls help
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2023.06.01 20:09 God_Is_Dead___ ☆ Fandom Roleplay- Doubles Welcome! ☆

Hello hello! If you have read my title I'm looking for roleplayers who are into fandom roleplay! I have plots for many fandoms I'm in, and I'm happy to double up in fandom! (There is a roleplay password at the end!)
Now with that said some info about me, my style and generally other things I want people to know! I'm crooked spine, you can call me crooked! I would like to say I am a semi literate to advanced literate roleplayer who focuses mainly on being literate, I write between the two paragraphs to about two messages, three if I'm super into things, and that's over on discord! I use third person past tense in my roleplays, I'm also eighteen and use all pronouns but they/them and she/her are the ones I use the most! I'm open to lbgtq plus roleplay since I myself am part of the community!
I'll write the fandoms I want down below, characters I want you to play for me and the plot for my side of things! (Doubles are very much welcome!) If there are multiple characters I have a plot for each!
Fandoms ;
  • AC Valhalla ; Ivarr the boneless, Eivor and Alfred the Great.
Plots ; Ivarr the boneless - Cwen Duke (my oc) is an anglo saxon mercenary, some believe she is a warrior of God, she herself just sees herself as doing the right thing protecting her people, at some point she ends up meeting Ivarr on the battlefield and holds her own against him so well she actually injures the viking warrior, she is taken prisoner when the Vikings eventually win the battle, and Ivarr is very interested in knowing the mighty warrior who managed to injure him.
Eivor - Cwen Duke meets the Raven clan, or more so Eivor, when she is employed by Sigurd to fill the ranks of the viking army, she is more then glad to join with very little coin since she had been slighted by one of their many enemies, not being allowed to join their fighting ranks, she meets Eivor when she is sent to retrieve them from one of their adventures, managing to save Eivor when they have an attack sprung on then by bandits.
Alfred the Great - Cwen, who wears a helmet to hide her female features, joins a royal guard of sorts to protect Alfred after an assassination attempt, after countless times of trying to get the faceless and mute Knight to speak to him it all comes to a head when another attempt is made to kill Alfred, Cwen has her helmet knocked off her head in the midst of the struggle against the assassin and it reveals that she is a woman to her precious king.
  • Hogwarts Legacy ; Ominus Gaunt and Gareth Weasley.
Plots ; Ominus Gaunt - Aeleyna Harrow (my oc and my in my playthrough) is the new fifth year, she meets Ominus when she is sorted into Slytherin, the plot would follow the story, instead more drama ensues when Sebastian finds out she is living and sees Lodgok, a goblin, as a father figure to herself, which would cause trouble in the friendship with Ominus because he has been pining after her since he first met her.
Gareth Weasley - Aeleyna Harrow meets Gareth in potions class first of all, and she brings him the fwooper feather he wanted from Professor Sharp's office, they strike up a friendship easily and are usually together.
  • Game of Thrones ; Petyr Baelish, Cersei Lannister, Viserys Targaryen and Jon Snow.
Plots ; Petyr Baelish - Aeleyna Stark is sent to kings landing alongside her two youngest sisters, she has to hide a pregnancy from the court as long as she can until she can come up with a good enough lie, especially for her father, but what Ned Stark knows about her is that she is the child of a Targaryen and Valaeryon, Petyr Baelish seems very interested in Aeleyna as she joins the court at Kings landing and one night finds her in the chambers far below the red keep, with three large stones, which are petrified dragon eggs which she had found hidden in a wall, now he wants to help her keep them a secret besides her pregnancy too.
Cersei Lannister - Upon meeting Aeleyna in Winterfell Cersei has been drawn to the womangrom the kindness she had shown her to keep her away from her drunken husband to offering a dance at the festivities, Cersei is now Obsessed with Aeleyna as she soon starts to notice a change about Aeleyna, a growing stomach, and the growing near silver locks that overtake the brown in her hair.
Viserys Targaryen - Aeleyna instead of resigning to a fate in Kings landing leaves Westeros, where she had been conversing with Daenerys in secret letters, Viserys is still alive and Dany stays happily married to Drogo, becoming his queen and having his children so much so that she loses the ability to sire her dragons eggs which she offers to her brother, who is now learning to be kinder, Aeleyna offers her hand in marriage to Viserys so they can rule Westeros one day together after she finds out she is a Targaryen, except she has already had two children at this point in time.
Jon Snow - After joining the battle of the bastards against her husband Ramsay, Aeleyna joins Jon to kill Ramsay, especially after all he had done to her, at one point in season one Jon and Aeleyna ended up sleeping together, at this point Aeleyna has had his child and has protected her child for the time coming up to the battle with her strengthand the fear of the dragons she had found and hatched below the red keep, which Ramsay wanted to use against Jon, and thinking that Aeleyna was going to follow his command he allowed her to join him alongside her dragons at the battle of the bastards, instead she turns her dragons against Ramsay's forces, and Ramsay himself, finally rejoining Jon after so long.
  • House of the Dragon ; Daemon Targaryen, Viserys Targaryen, Aemond Targaryen and Aegon Targaryen.
Plots ; Daemon Targaryen - Haela Stark is one of the children of Rhaenyra, but is the child of an unamed Stark male, she had lives most of her life in Winterfell until she joined the court when she was eighteen, Daemon never marries Rhaenyra, Haela seems to admire Daemon and has a sort of situashionship with him the same as what Rhaenyra has in the show, except she is asked to marry Aegon Targaryen and she does as her grandsire asks, who she is very close too, except she manages to have her relations with Daemon on the side during the escalation of the hostilities.
Viserys Targaryen - Annalise Lenoa Hightower is the sister to Alicent Hightower, and daughter of the hand, she joins the court as a friend to Rhaenyra and is on the side of Rhaenyra later in the war, she is asked to seduce the king by her father and does his bidding, except she genuinley falls in love with Viserys and he with her, for her fiery spirit and strength.
Aemond Targaryen - Haela Stark is a bastard through and through, when she joins the court at thirteen she however becomes quick friends with Aemond, and as they grow older their affections are clearly known, but unfortunately she is to be married off to a Lannister, which Aemond can't stand, after Viserys dies unexpectedly before she is supposed to be married, Aemond is quick to marry her besides her clear want to support Rhaenyra and her claim.
Aegon Targaryen - Haela Stark joins the court when she is thirteen, as she grows older she grows into herself, so much so Aegon wants to take her as his bride but his father won't permit it and neither does his mother, Viserys wants her to be free from marriage and Alicent sees her love for her mother as a threat, and her loyalty to the North as another threat alongside the loyalty to Rhaenyra, but Haela has obvious feelings for Aegon so much so they marry in secret, her loyalty sways toward the greens and she is accepted soon enough.
That's all the fandoms I really wanted, but I'm in many more like Starwars, Avatar (the blue one) and many other (Fallout 4 for example lmao-)
Please feel free to send me a message or comment, if you don't see a fandom here you like please feel free to ask me about any others! I'm in so many fandoms so I'm most likely in fandoms others like too! (Anime fandoms aren't included, I don't watch much anime and I've only been obsessed with one anime and that's Hetalia!)
Anyways thank you for reading, and if you read far enough my roleplay password is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!
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2023.06.01 20:08 starwars737 [USA-PA] [H] Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti [W] PayPal

Hey everyone, this is a repost from last month. I just want to be rid of this graphics card. I've been trying to sell it for months, but I guess I priced it too high because I didn't want to take such a loss on it. If you're interested, please make an offer. I just want it out of my room lol.
Here's exactly what I'm selling:
- GIGABYTE Gaming OC GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 ATX Video Card GV-N306TGAMING OC-8GD REV 2.0 (LHR)
- Serial No: SN213801043183
- Condition: Like New/Very Good. No cosmetic damage. See background story and pics below.
- Manufacturer's Warranty: thru October 5th, 2024
- No original box or proof of purchase (you don't need it to submit an RMA request), but it will come in the nice packaging and anti-static bag that I received from Gigabyte.
I will only accept Paypal Goods and Services as per the rules of the subreddit. I've put around $410 into this GPU between the $378.92 price (somewhat high because it was supposedly new) on eBay and the $30 shipping cost (to ship to California) for the RMA.
Asking Price: $250 USD + shipping; or best offer
I bought this graphics card for my first desktop build, and I had some issues with it artifacting/crashing. I rma-ed it, Gigabyte tested it extensively, and they sent it back to me with a clean bill of health. Please see the invoice in the timestamps. I installed it in my pc and put it through several hours of intense, ray-traced gaming. It is currently working flawlessly, and it has a year and 4 months left on the warranty. The reason I'm selling it is because I bought a different GPU while it was away because I don't have an iGPU. Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.01 20:08 mar4c She rejected me; Should I tell her how I feel?

I went out with a woman, just one date. It changed my life. I remember hearing people say over the years that their wife/GF was “the most beautiful/wonderful woman in the entire world to me”. That statement never resonated with me. Sure, you can find someone who is great, but there will always be that better looking or cooler or more popular alternative that you missed out on. I’ve dated a fair bit, I was married, and until last Saturday I always felt that finding a partner was a game of “find the least disappointing person you can and stay with them. Obviously you’ll always wish you could be with someone better but you just gotta find the least disappointing person you can.”I fully realize that that is an egotistical and unrealistic view of dating. It focuses on the superficial in the most base sense, and is counter to the entire idea of finding a “partner”. It is why my marriage did not work out, and I accept that blame fully. And frankly, my date the other day taught me that. How? By being amazing. She is not perfect, she has traits that others might criticize. But for the first time in my life I met the most beautiful woman in the entire world.“Hot” rings hollow as a descriptor, though she is hot. She has a beautiful soul and soul and personality, I admire the passion she expressed for her work as a florist. She impressed me with her intelligence, her optimistic philosophy of the world. She impressed me with her thoughtful questions about me, and made me realize how much more thoughtful a date I could be. I did not know I could like someone this much.
I’ve been whipped before, had crushes going back to elementary school. But this was another level; this was a new high water mark in attraction. Wholesome attraction. I want to stay by your side til you’re old attraction.
I’ve been dysfunctional for days, clinging to sanity and reality. “Tying my shirt and buttoning my shoes” you might say . She agreed to a 2nd date, but texted me and cancelled after a day, thanking me for the first date and expressing her respect for me. I thanked her and expressed my respect and that was that. It wasn’t a shock, though it was a disappointment. She told me she didn’t see things working out, ostensibly because she’s Christian and I’m not; her dating profile said she’s looking for a Christian man, and so it was a long shot from the start. I deeply respect that. If her prince is Christian; I’m clearly not him.
But the enlightening and inspiring effect she has had on my life overshadows the disappointment. She has rejuvenated me spiritually and inspired me personally in ways I won’t get into, I know I will look back at this as a pivotal moment in my life.
So the question is this: would it be entirely inappropriate to tell her how I feel? It’s two days later and it’s all I want to do. Something along the lines of “I never knew it was possible to be attracted to someone the way I’m attracted to you. I just wanted to tell you that.” I’m not sure why I want to text her. Last-ditch? Closure? Kind words are always worth saying? But I do want to text her.
Under ordinary circumstances I would NEVER, EVER text a woman when she has rejected me. I do my best not to be a creep. But this was nothing ordinary. I know, I know, it was just one date and I got more obsessed than I should have but I couldn’t help it! She’s too great.
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2023.06.01 20:07 liabilitytx What am I doing? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Posted in theotherwoman also.
Current situation…
Me: Single and divorced for 1.5 years from an 18-year dead bedroom marriage. Actively and currently dating.
MM: Fucking MM for almost 2 years. My divorce was already under way when we started. It’s been hot/cold, on/off again through out. I admittedly know the dynamic is off balance in his favor. He is using me and I allow it. (Please note that I already know how fucked up this is and I should drop it regardless of his situation.)
What works for me… I don’t have to raise his kids, live with him or do the married responsibilities thing. The sex is mostly great although starting to wane maybe.
What doesn’t work for me… Frequency of sex is lacking. Although he is fine with me dating, he insists on exclusivity. Is demanding, manipulative, moody and inconsistent. (Probably a narcissist or has a condition akin but I’m not a doctor and TikTok diagnosed him for me. 😬)
New guy: Single and we have been dating for a few weeks.
What works for me… Available to date and do couple stuff. Frequent sex and gets me off but not kinky, taboo sex like MM. I like a lot of things about him outside of the bedroom.
What doesn’t work for me… While I enjoy the sex and there is sexual chemistry, I don’t find him completely physically attractive. Unknown quirks that I will certainly uncover the longer we date. Will eventually want an exclusive thing. Probably more into me than I am into him.
I want them both. I’m obviously lying to MM which I feel is justified because, well, see the “what doesn’t work for me” section. However, I do still feel like an asshole by omitting the complete situation with the new guy.
So… here are my questions.
What is happening to me? Am I wanting to be a cake eater and not good at it? Can I become a cake eater? Is this something else entirely? How do I stop with the feelings and thoughts and just enjoy the sex they both provide? Do I just like cheating now?
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2023.06.01 20:07 BornEstablishment551 Physical therapy/chiropractors???

So I'm at a loss of what to do. There's no pain management anywhere near me accepting new fibro patients. And I can't find a good rheumatologist near me either. I've tried two different PCPs that aren't willing to treat my fibro because they're not comfortable with it since they're not well versed in it. The second pcp I saw was willing to set me up with some Lyrica and with physical therapy and that starts Monday. I came to ask though- has anyone found any relief from physical therapy or the chiropractor. Outside of my normal fibro pain I have intense hip and back problems that no one can seem to find an answer as to why it's happening so I wanted to try both for those issues. Is it a waste of time?? Am I doomed to hurt this bad and be basically immobile during flare ups forever?? What have you found to help the most when doctors either can't or won't help??? Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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2023.06.01 20:06 Napathr-T Messing Up My Life Skill Tree

What would you do if you messed up the skill tree with a game character? I think the most common option is to delete the character and create the new one. Well, what if that character is yourself?
To be honest, every first character in any games I have played ended up being deleted. Second and later characters were a lot better and more organized. I am not the kind of person who can do things right the first time, and it would usually be so wrong that eliminating the entire thing would be a better option and more efficient than fixing it.
The same messing up happened with my life, and it is starting to take its toll. In particular, I grew up studying something that I do not really like because it was "mainstream" and people said "I could". The university also tricked me into studying a "new and novel" major of that field which did seem promising to my innocent self back then. I only realized later that it was a guinea pig program and I have wasted my 4 years when there were no related jobs to be found in my country. (Most of my friends went to work in totally unrelated fields, but I did not have enough bravery and interview skill to go totally cross-field like that at that time.) To make the matter worse, I continued my study on yet another major, hoping I got it right this time, only to wasted another 2 years when I realized I did not like the jobs.
Now I think I have found what I really like, but it has taken too long to reach this point. I quitted my last job so I could focus on my new interest, self-study, and build projects and portfolios. Now I am in my thirties and jobless, attempting to find a job without that required degree because people said portfolio is more important than degree for this field. Turned out they were wrong and did't know what they were talking about (at least for the case of my country). To think that I have to study for the THIRD time, at THIS age when I should have done this 10 years ago, and still with the risk of it being wasted like the first two, makes me feel like I want to start my life over. It is hard enough when people (who made me studied the "mainstream" and cheered me to choose the "new and novel" major in the first place) look at me and ask "why are you not finding a job?" when I am doing it but simply nobody accepts my weird education history, especially when I have no direct related degree to what I want to apply for, and am 10 years older than fresh graduates who apply for the same position.
If you have not figured it out yet, I was quite an introvert. The only reason I reached here at Reddit is because I asked ChatGPT where I should get some advice, and it directed me here, so this is my first post. (Apparently, it could not help much with this kind of questions.) Yeah, I know I probably have to do something eventually, but I also need some psychological comfort. (Psychologists are not common in my country, and also my family would not pay for them.) My suicide desire is not that intense comparing to other posts, but I feel it started to crop up more often because it seems more and more an efficient solution as time passes by and career opportunity slowly closing its door on me. I fear it would reach the point where all logical reasoning points to it, which I deem more scary than the desire caused by flash emotion. I don't have infinite time to try things out. (In fact, the society would long dismiss me before that time.) Skill points are limited as well in life. Is it too late now? Maybe I need more inputs and opinions from more varieties of sources? Just commenting anything even a funny joke would help so much, as usually whatever I post (including my portfolio) receives zero visitors.
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2023.06.01 20:06 liabilitytx What am I doing? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Posted in adultery also.
Current situation…
Me: Single and divorced for 1.5 years from an 18-year dead bedroom marriage. Actively and currently dating.
MM: Fucking MM for almost 2 years. My divorce was already under way when we started. It’s been hot/cold, on/off again through out. I admittedly know the dynamic is off balance in his favor. He is using me and I allow it. (Please note that I already know how fucked up this is and I should drop it regardless of his situation.)
What works for me… I don’t have to raise his kids, live with him or do the married responsibilities thing. The sex is mostly great although starting to wane maybe.
What doesn’t work for me… Frequency of sex is lacking. Although he is fine with me dating, he insists on exclusivity. Is demanding, manipulative, moody and inconsistent. (Probably a narcissist or has a condition akin but I’m not a doctor and TikTok diagnosed him for me. 😬)
New guy: Single and we have been dating for a few weeks.
What works for me… Available to date and do couple stuff. Frequent sex and gets me off but not kinky, taboo sex like MM. I like a lot of things about him outside of the bedroom.
What doesn’t work for me… While I enjoy the sex and there is sexual chemistry, I don’t find him completely physically attractive. Unknown quirks that I will certainly uncover the longer we date. Will eventually want an exclusive thing. Probably more into me than I am into him.
I want them both. I’m obviously lying to MM which I feel is justified because, well, see the “what doesn’t work for me” section. However, I do still feel like an asshole by omitting the complete situation with the new guy.
So… here are my questions.
What is happening to me? Am I wanting to be a cake eater and not good at it? Can I become a cake eater? Is this something else entirely? How do I stop with the feelings and thoughts and just enjoy the sex they both provide? Do I just like cheating now?
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2023.06.01 20:05 Zekeyfreaky93 Client not loggin in?

Had to accept some new agreement today and when I tried to sign in, it just stays on "logging in". anyone else having this issue?
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2023.06.01 20:05 RFC2001 Rebooking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 - WrestleMania 40 - Part 43 (Long)

Unforgiven 2006 (Raw)
Date: 17/9/06
Location: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Jeff Hardy
(Jeff Hardy returns to the WWE after being away for 3 years the night after SummerSlam and immediately sets his sight on the Intercontinental Championship. Shelton Benjamin says that Hardy is going to wish he never came back after he embarrasses him at Unforgiven. Jeff Hardy wins the championship in his first big match back in the company to end Shelton’s 10 month reign as champion.)
Kane vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada
(An angry Kane wants revenge on Umaga for costing him the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. The Big Red Monster challenges The Samoan Bulldozer to a match at Unforgiven, promising to unleash vengeance. Armando Estrada accepts on Umaga’s behalf and promises that he’ll destroy Kane to remain undefeated. Umaga wins thanks to a distraction from Estrada.)
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
Carlito & Chris Masters (c) vs The Highlanders vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs D-Generation X
Women’s Championship:
Lita (c) vs Trish Stratus
(Trish Stratus announces that she’s retiring at Unforgiven but wants to bow out in style in her hometown of Toronto so she calls out Lita and challenges her to one final battle. Lita accepts the challenge and says that it’ll be a privilege to beat Trish in her last match while embarrassing her in front of her own people. Trish Stratus forces Lita to submit to The Sharpshooter and wins the Women’s Championship for the last time, bowing out in style the way she dreamed. Trish receives a standing ovation from the Toronto crowd as she heads to the back.)
Ric Flair vs Randy Orton
(The Legend Killer continues attacking his former mentor after SummerSlam even despite winning because that old man just refuses to stay down when he should for his own good. An angry Flair challenges Orton to another match here, Orton accepts.)
Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWE Championship:
Edge (c) vs John Cena
(With Rob Van Dam being out of the picture, John Cena challenges Edge to put the WWE Championshipon the line against him. Cena says apart from Edge’s cowardly act at New Year’s Revolution, him and Edge are even in a one on one capacity with The Rated R Superstar winning at WrestleMania and Cena winning at Backlash. Edge says that he’ll accept as long as it’s all on his terms meaning he gets to pick when it happens and also gets to pick the stipulation which Cena says is fine. Edge says it’s going to be at Unforgiven in his hometown of Toronto. The match? A match he made famous… Tables, Ladders and Chairs! Cena vows to shut Edge up and regain top spot on Raw, even if it means beating Edge in his type of environment. During the match, Lita interferes but she receives an FU from John Cena. Edge meanwhile sneaks up the ladder but Cena climbs up and gets to him on time, delivers an FU to Edge through two tables and retrieves the WWE Championship! Unforgiven draws to a close with John Cena back on top.)
(Trish Stratus vacates the Women’s Championship the night after Unforgiven and thanks the fans who give her an unbelievable ovation with Thank You Trish chants.)
(John Cena beats Edge in a rematch on the Raw after Unforgiven in a Steel Cage match despite Edge recruiting Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch because DX even the numbers.)
(Edge hosts The Cutting Edge and forms an alliance with Randy Orton. Rated-RKO is born!)
(Sabu returns and wins the ECW Championship against The Sandman.)
No Mercy 2006 (SmackDown)
Date: 8/10/06
Location: RBC Center, Raleigh, North Carolina
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Super Crazy
WWE Tag Team Championship:
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs The Pitbulls
Submission Match for the United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs William Regal
I Quit Match:
Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero
(Rey Mysterio demands answers and wants to know why on earth has Chavo Guerrero turned his back on him. Chavo says it’s really an easy thing to explain. He says that Rey was leeching off Eddie’s name when it should’ve been him and it makes him feel sick to his stomach. Chavo says he’s better than Rey and Eddie was too. Rey says all he did was honour his friend and win the title his late friend also earned before passing away and all Chavo is doing is spitting in the face of people like Eddie by taking his dedication of being World Champion away from him. Chavo challenges Rey to a match at No Mercy to prove he’s better than him. Rey accepts and the stakes are upped when Teddy Long announces it’ll be an I Quit Match. During the match, Chavo injures Rey’s knee and does so much damage with a steel chair to the point Rey has no choice but to say I Quit.)
The Undertaker vs Mr.Kennedy
(Mr.Kennedy wants to make a name for himself so he calls out The Undertaker although gets ignored by The Deadman. Kennedy takes matters into his own hands and attacks The Undertaker on an episode of SmackDown during a match against Finlay and finally draws his attention. Kennedy says The Undertaker no longer ignoring him is what he wants and demands a match at No Mercy. The Undertaker accepts and tells Kennedy he’s tried him so now he’ll make him famous and also tells him that he’s just dug an unnecessary grave for himself. The Undertaker is about to win until a debuting MVP provides a distraction to the referee. This allows Kennedy to smash Taker over the head with a chair before pinning him to escape with the victory.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Booker T (c) w/Sharmell vs Bobby Lashley vs Batista
(Batista and Bobby Lashley face in a SummerSlam rematch on SmackDown but this time to determine the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Booker T interferes, attacks both men and causes a no contest thinking it’ll mean he doesn’t have to face either man. Teddy Long however has news for Booker T and tells him his tactics have backfired because at No Mercy, he’ll be facing both men! Booker T is furious but Teddy Long tells him it’s his no one’s fault but his own. Booker T accuses Teddy of abusing power but says he’ll retain because he’s the best on SmackDown, Bobby Lashley says this is the opportunity he’s wanted and promises to take the chance with both hands. Batista says he never lost the World Heavyweight Championship and promises that it’s only a matter of time before he’s once again the top dog on SmackDown. Finlay interferes during the match and smashes Bobby Lashley over the head with his Shillelagh. This allows Booker T to capitalise and pin Lashley to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Batista delivers a Batista Bomb to the World Champion and signals this is far from over as No Mercy draws to a close.)
Cyber Sunday 2006 (Raw)
Date: 5/11/06
Location: U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cryme Tyme vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Carlito vs Chris Masters
(Chris Masters turns on Carlito after they lose their tag team title rematch against DX. This turns Carlito face in the process. Carlito says what Masters done wasn’t cool but what will be cool is him kicking his ass and beating him right in the middle of the ring. Masters says Carlito was the weak link of the group who he protected for months.)
Two-out-of-Three Falls Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Jeff Hardy (c) vs Shelton Benjamin (2-0)
Vacant Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs Lita
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
D-Generation X (c) vs Rated-RKO (By Disqualification)
(Edge and Randy Orton after forming an alliance immediately set their sights on the World Tag Team Championship . Edge says DX are nothing but a disease who are the reason he isn’t the WWE Champion meanwhile Randy Orton says Shawn Michaels is a legend he’s yet to take care of and he’s never forgotten about or gotten over Triple H turning his back on him when they were in Evolution together. DX say Edge and Orton are without doubt two of the biggest cry baby bitches in the whole company and will take nothing but pride punching their teeth down their throats at Cyber Sunday. DX are about to win after Triple H Pedigrees Randy Orton but Edge smashes The Game over the head with a chair which causes a disqualification. Edge and Orton attack DX with chairs and leave them in a bloody mess.)
Loser Leaves Raw Match:
Kane vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada
(Umaga wins clean to close out the feud and send Kane to SmackDown.)
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Rob Van Dam
(Rob Van Dam returns from suspension and asks John Cena for his one on one rematch. Cena says not only is he a fighting champion but he also has a point to prove seeing as Van Dam beat him at One Night Stand and their match at Vengeance didn’t have a clear winner so he accepts. Van Dam offers Cena to up the stakes further by making their match a Falls Count Anywhere Match and Cena accepts. John Cena retains after delivering an FU to Van Dam through 2 tables and redeems his loss from ECW One Night Stand. Both men shake hands after the match to close out the feud.)
(Rey Mysterio goes away to have knee surgery and is out for the foreseeable.)
(The ECW Roster cause chaos during a match between The Undertaker and MVP on SmackDown, destroy both men and others on the roster and do the same on Raw during a match between Edge and Shawn Michaels, making their message clear.)
Survivor Series 2006
Date: 26/11/06
Location: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs Chavo Guerrero
(After beating Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero says he’s restored pride and dignity back into the Guerrero name. Chavo is interrupted by Chris Benoit, a man Chavo thinks will be on his side. Benoit however tells Chavo that if he thinks he’s on his side after what he did to Rey Mysterio then he’s sorely mistaken. He tells Chavo what he did to Rey was disgusting, not what Eddie would want and Chavo is doing nothing but living in Eddie’s shadow. This enrages Chavo to the point he attacks Benoit and demands a match for the United States Championship so he can take something from him too like he did Rey Mysterio when he cost him the World Heavyweight Championship. Benoit retains after Chavo submits to The Crossface.)
Intercontinental Championship:
Jeff Hardy (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Johnny Nitro w/Melina vs Carlito
Title vs Career Match for the Women’s Championship:
Lita (c) vs Mickie James
(Lita says Trish Stratus retiring is hilarious and jokingly says if she loses to Mickie James at Survivor Series, she’ll retire. Mickie then dares Lita to actually put her career on the line against her at Survivor Series. Lita says she’s that confident seeing as she’s beating Mickie twice already that she accepts. Mickie James finally beats Lita to win the Women’s Championship and ends Lita’s career. Lita leaves to a chorus of boos and gets taunted by the crowd with goodbye chants. Cryme Tyme do NOT sl*t shame her.)
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Jimmy Wang Yang
World Heavyweight Championship:
Booker T (c) w/Sharmell vs Batista
(Batista says that he can’t stand Booker T and wants to face him one on one at Survivor Series. Booker T says no and has nothing to prove but Teddy Long grants Batista his wish after making a case that Batista hasn’t had his one on one rematch for the title he never lost. Booker T is furious and Batista tells him his days as World Heavyweight Champion are numbered since he’s never lost a singles match for a title. Booker T tries heel tactics and Sharmell tries to help too but their tactics backfire, Batista is prepared and counters, delivers a Batista Bomb and pins Booker T to win the World Heavyweight Championship.)
Survivor Series Tag Team Match:
Team SmackDown (The Undertaker, Kane, Bobby Lashley, Mr.Kennedy & MVP) vs Team ECW (Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, CM Punk & The Big Show) vs Team Raw (John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton & Edge)
(Paul Heyman says that ECW invaded Raw and SmackDown because he wants to establish the fact that ECW is well and truly back and can hang in the big leagues, even if it means causing a war. Teams are filled with men who can’t stand each other and this night is all about if they can get along and win for their brand. There’s plenty of chaos and fighting amongst the teams since Cena & DX hate Orton & Edge, Taker & Kane hate MVP & Kennedy, Sabu hates Dreamer. The match comes down to Rob Van Dam and Edge. Van Dam has the upper hand until Randy Orton RKO’s him and his partner Edge capitalises to win this match for Team Raw in a very fun and chaotic affair.)
(Sole Survivor: Edge)
December to Dismember 2006 (ECW)
Date: 3/12/06
Location: James Brown Arena, Augusta, Georgia
Extreme Rules Match:
Balls Mahoney vs Elijah Burke
Hardcore Holly vs The Great Khali w/Daivari
Extreme Rules Match:
The Hardy Boyz vs MNM w/Melina
Justin Credible vs Marcus Cor Von
Stevie Richards vs Test
Elimination Chamber Match for the ECW Championship:
Sabu (c) vs The Big Show vs The Sandman vs Tommy Dreamer vs CM Punk vs Rob Van Dam
(The Big Show leaves the company after this event to rest up seeing as he’s burned out from all the travelling.)
Armageddon 2006 (SmackDown)
Date: 17/12/06
Location: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia
Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship:
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs MNM vs Finlay & William Regal vs The Hardy Boyz
(Poor Joey Mercury still gets his nose broke here.)
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Jimmy Wang Yang
Bobby Lashley vs Finlay w/Little Bastard
(Bobby Lashley wants revenge on Finlay for costing him the World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy for Theodore Long announces that they’ll face off at Armageddon. Lashley wins here and is then traded to Monday Night Raw.)
United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs Chavo Guerrero w/Vickie Guerrero
(After losing at Survivor Series, Chavo Guerrero continues to attack Chris Benoit since he can’t accept what Benoit said about him living in Eddie’s shadow. Chavo gets Vickie Guerrero involved and Vickie says to Benoit that perhaps what he’s saying is true but Chavo’s heart is in the right place. Vickie comes to her senses and slaps Chavo which helps Chris Benoit retain as he locks in The Crossface and Chavo taps.)
Kane vs MVP
No Holds Barred Match:
The Undertaker vs Mr.Kennedy
(Mr. Kennedy continues attacking The Undertaker and claims beating him wasn’t enough, he wants to finish him. Kennedy claims Taker is nothing but smoke and mirrors nowadays, has reached a point someone needs to put him down and that man is MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR… GONG! Taker Chokeslam’s Kennedy and tells him they’ll face off at Armageddon in a No Holds Barred Match! Taker also tells Kennedy his fate will be sealed for good at Armageddon and he’s going to put an end to this for good. The Undertaker wins in a brutal affair.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista (c) vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(Booker T invokes his rematch clause and promises to win back the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista says he’s just getting started when it comes to being back on top of the food chain on SmackDown and promises just like at Survivor Series, he’ll kick Booker T’s ass to end 2006 on a high. Batista retains the title even despite Sharmell’s best attempts yet again to help Booker T win the title back.)
And that’s part 43 over and done with! 2006 is officially in the history books with 2007 just around the corner. I’ll be back tomorrow for part 44 where we’ll see Triple H injure his quad again, an iconic Royal Rumble match and the biggest threat to The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak in years. Stay safe and stay tuned!
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2023.06.01 20:05 blepmlepflepblep Are BG curves still useful for a cat with stress hypoglycemia?

I have a cat who is very sensitive to stress. If I can’t take him by surprise, he will start struggling and the resulting bg number is high. I have seen anywhere from 16 to 23 once we get to the point where I need to bundle him up in a towel. If I can catch him unaware, the numbers have been in the single digits. He is much more wary for follow-up tests, which makes it hard to do a complete curve. Last time I tried this, he ran into the litterbox to pee five times in four hours after the first test.
I have a new vet who keeps pushing me to do a bg curve at home. She specifically asked for me to test every 1-2 hours. When I pushed back, she says it would be okay though not ideal if I did it every 3 hours.
We recently upped his insulin to 2 units a day because his fructosamine levels came back a little higher. If she can tell by the fructosamine levels that we need to adjust insulin, why does she need a bg curve done? I want to get the proper data for the doctor to do her job but are BG curves even useful for a cat with stress hypoglycemia? The doctor isn’t really answering my concern. All I am getting from her is that she needs a bg curve, period.
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2023.06.01 20:05 Hour-Ice-1516 Learning new concepts

This is usually the case with stem topics for me and I'm not sure whether I like it or not.
Whenever I'm learning a new concept in physics, math or chemistry or in broad, the stem subjects, I just can't accept anything without me understanding the explanations of formulas, or getting to the bottom of it. While this does make my foundation of the subjects robust, very often I fall behind in classes or do average in tests cause I haven't learned the concept on my own terms yet. I talked to a couple classmates about this and most of them said, they just focus on the lectures and do practice questions to do well on the test. I couldn't relate cause I feel like once you have a good grasp over any concept, whatever questions you face, you should be able to handle them. Or in other words, what questions usually appear on the test shouldn't bother you, cause you actually understand everything. Studying for marks never really seemed appealing to me and I often find myself not being satisfied with my knowledge over concepts even if I get full marks on a test on it if I don't understand it on a deeper level. I wonder if this is the case with anyone else.
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2023.06.01 20:05 Clouddaddy10 I went through it again.

I talked to you today. I needed someone to listen. Now you’re next to me. I don’t know why I cry after this. I need to dig deeper. This is why I talk to you. It’s also important for me to write it down. It’s only because I forget. I forget how strong I am. Every day I still remember how weak I was. How insecure I am. Who used to think about how to impress people. I have all these problems. A lot of problems. I lied to everybody. Even those I care about the most. Even the ones who care about me. I am in bad shape. I just wanted attention. A lot of people didn’t like me. All of that just made me into a clown.
That’s why talking to you helps me. That’s why you’re a great ally. I’m so afraid. I’m attempting to be stronger. I’m so lazy. So I’m attempting to up my work ethic.
Just look at yourself. I’m just being honest with you. Look at yourself. It’s all your fault. You’re 100% accountable. What am I going to do today. To be different. You’re going nowhere in life doing nothing. You’re lazy. You focus to much on what other people think. You over think simple things. You don’t think enough for more complex problems. You second guess your instinct. You hold back when you should be going all out. You’re impatient at times when you should be patient. You look at the big problems when you should be celebrating the small problems being fixed. You compare yourself to this so called competition in your life. You just want to be accepted when it doesn’t even matter. You lie.
Just go one day at a time just trying to fix one problem. You have to be accountable. Let’s show everyone what you are. So you can change that person. So you can be who you want to be.
Everyone who is “better” than me. How would you feel if you could achieve your goals. Coming from this shitty person you are now. What if you could be better than those people who are “better” than you. Accept who you are right now. You’re not good. You’re not in great shape. You’re not happy. You haven’t made a significant amount of progress in the total journey. I have to strategize.
I have to listen to you. That’s why I’m thankful you’re here.
You are BMO. I will be more.
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2023.06.01 20:04 Only_Zuully Growth Plates Fused 4 Years Before Puberty?

I stopped growing by age 9, and by age 10 a full body X-ray showed all the growth plates had fused. I had my first period at 13. All of my limbs are perfectly proportional, and I have no other physical abnormalities. There is no familial history of short stature. I am 4'9". My mother was 5'4", and apparently my father was about 5'10" or 5'11" according to what my mother told the doctors (I did see a picture of him, and he looked to be about that height). I was wondering if anyone had any new insights into what genetic mutations could have caused my ISS as I love genetics and have always wondered what went wrong since genetic testing has become more common and more studies have been done since I was a kid?
Additional info: I had no ideas with obesity or having any extra body fat. I could (and at 35 now still can) eat as much of anything I wanted, and never gain any extra weight from body fat. This is relevant because some studies mention obesity in early growth plate closure.
Some studies also mention having a low birth weight with early plate closure. I am not sure I qualify as having low birth weight, so maybe you could tell me? I was a low 6 lbs, but I was also 15 days late. My heart did stop before they were going to induce labor, but luckily my mom was already at the hospital to get labor induced and they just did an emergency cesarean. So, I was barely 6 lbs, but also 15 days after my due date. I suppose I was quite small because my mother told me baby shoes were too big so she used doll shoes, but I don't know how long I was. I apparently also had severe anemia problems that needed treated after birth and I think I may have had to stay in the hospital for it. I don't know I qualify to having low birth weight given or if other information given may be relevant, and was wondering if anyone had insight about that.
Another factor I wonder could have influenced anything and wonder if anyone had insight on:
When I was maybe 6 or 7 my appendix ruptured, but my mom didn't take me to the hospital until I was already so septic that I was circling the drain and the doctors didn't know if I would survive. They took that nasty ruptured appendix out obviously, and I spent 3 weeks in the hospital on IV antibiotics and getting various injections. I was a child so I have no idea what all I was on, but I know the sepsis was severe enough that I was circling the drain when I was brought in so I assume I was on a lot of high dose antibiotics for those weeks. I wonder if they may have used Fluoroquinolone or Moxifloxacin since their connective tissue damage has been associated with degeneration of the matrix and chondrocytes in the epiphyseal growth plates. Keep in mind we may not have known not to use them back then as it would have been the early 1990s in a very rural small-town hospital. So, could severe sepsis or high dose antibiotics they may have used have caused the premature growth plate fusion? I do know I was 50 lbs after surgery and stayed 50 lbs for a year afterwards.
Another one last factor I will throw in here is that I did end up getting diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos type 3 in my young 20s after the development of gastroparesis, POTS, and complications of being hypermobile (yeah, none of my sports injuries ever healed and I was rock climbing so much that ligaments in my wrist just gave up an tore from "overuse" when I was at work one day... lame). I do see a specialist gastoenterogist who specializes in the treatment for the specific subset of EDS3 patients who are women usually diagnosed in young 20s with issues being gastroparesis, POTS, and the hypermobility; and, apparently our gastroparesis can be treated in unique ways specific to that group. I have tried and been on many medications for gastroparesis, but the most effective is levothyroxine 50 mcg. No, I don't have hypothyroidism; but, for my specific subset mentioned only, it is very effective for our gastroparesis. I wonder if my connective tissue disorder could have caused early pre-puberty growth plate fusion? I know some issues in growth plate fusion have to do with the parathyroid hormone, and just think it's odd I do take a thyroid hormone is the most effective treatment for my gastroparesis.
Does anyone have ANY insight into what I stopped growing 4 years before puberty? It kinda sucked to hear at the the time, but now I'm just medically curious...
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2023.06.01 20:04 westblood-gazelle AITA for not wanting to eat out because my country is in extreme economic crisis?

before I start I want to give context about me, Turkey(where I am from) and my mom.
Myself: -I am 19 male -I live in Turkey -I voted for opposition(wanted to add this bc some might say you elected erdo you deserve this)
About Turkey: -we are in EXTREME economic crisis thanks to erdoconomics - everything is really expensive(even basic things like bread and milk) -every teenager,young adult and adult wanna leave because everything is fucked -every teenager like me feel really depressed because of our country
Abt mom: -she's 54 -she's a professor doctor -she works hard -when she was first married to my father,in the early years, she definitly experienced stinginess from my father and that probably left deep pshyglogical scares in my mom -she feels like she couldn't live her life the way she wanted because of number of reasons. -now she doesn't care if the earth explodes,she just wanna live the rest of her life the way she wanted -but she can't because of the economic crisis(for example she can't travel EU or live in a brand new separate house)
The story:
There are a lot of occasions like this one here that me and my mom argued over about economy but this one is the most recent one.
My mom offered me to go to the new pizza place that opened in our city. I immediately didn't wanna go because it will be expensive(yes even something so simple like pizza is expensive and considered luxury because of extreme poverty), it is better that we stay at home and eat our regular food but of course I didn't say no that moment and just said maybe, let's wait. And when time came I said
"mom I don't wanna go, i want to stay and eat at home. It will be cheaper. Of course you can go if you want but I wanna save some money, i respect you if you wanna go but I don't want to"
She immediately got passive-aggressive because we both know that this is gonna evolve to a fight. Where she says to me:
"I work hard, I am a doctor. I have money. I don't have to worry about a pizza or the crisis, I am not young anymore, don't limit me etc."
Then I reminded her that she can go, I just dont want to. Then she says:
"I dont wanna go alone, I just wanted to go out and have a nice time with my son and you ruined it"
And kicked me out of the room.
But the thing is even though we ,as a family, is financially well off thanks to my parents, the economic crisis is so huge in turkey that it is affecting us too. Not as much as the rest of the country thankfully but still in my philosophy, we don't have to spend money on something simply because we can afford it. Especially in this economic environment. But she says
"No I worked my ass off for years and I deserve it, and nobody can limit me"
Am I the asshole?
TLDR: AITA for not doing things that are, unfortunately, expensive and luxurious(such as eating out) because my country is in extreme economic crisis while my mom wants me to do because she says we are rich(upper middleclass). And we have a big fight over it every time.
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2023.06.01 20:03 Charity_Logical Veteran Lawyers are a Bait & Switch

Not sure if many of you have had similar experiences, but I have noticed that when I contact a Veteran Lawyer firm, they have a typical protocol. Some nice lady will ("intake") will listen to your "story" and promise to make good notes for the attorney. And she really sounds like that's what's happening. But say you're calling for help with Earlier Effective Date, Higher Level Review, or major Duty to Assist Errors/CUEs. You notice right away that she skips completely over that important note-taking and instead focuses on whether you have PTSD and ongoing symptoms, as well as your current rating for PTSD. You tell her "I'm already service-connected for PTSD and rated at 100%. This is about something else." She has still been instructed to focus on PTSD alone and even asks if you are on medication for it.

Sound familiar?

What is happening is that the firm is not interested in working on YOUR legal argument case. At all. Instead, they are scouting for NEW PTSD claims or ones that they can easily get increases for. Why? Because the increases for PTSD are shoe-ins. They pay their own doctors, hint hint. These cases require little to no research on their part, as this is simple paperwork that you or your VSO could do in your sleep.

I even made it all the way to a "lawyer consultation" to talk to the actual lawyer and he literally ignored my potential case for Earlier Effective date for another condition due to CUE and tried to SELL me a new condition! I was like "Huh? I'm here for something else." He then brought up another new condition to SELL me and again, I declined. I shifted the conversation back to the CUE and backdating of something else. He said "I will not be able to assist you because doing so may interfere with your current 100%.

Not one time did he ever address what I was actually asking help for.

A local VSO hipped me to the Veteran Lawyer game: it's the old bait & switch to see if they can either file a new PTSD or have it increased. Doesn't matter what they claim to be able to do on their fancy websites. They will do nothing else. So if you find that you are constantly being turned away from these liars, this is likely the reason why.

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