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2023.06.01 20:58 atom_type Antiquity Jazzmaster Pickups

Upgraded my Squier 40th pickups to Antiquity 1 in the bridge and 2 in the neck. Just wanted to share these two thoughts: 1) They are fantastic 2)The squires are also very solid.
I plan to post A/B audio examples, but while I admit the Antiquities are nice and I am happy I upgraded I truly don't think people realize how good Squiers pickups have become. Plan to hang on to the set and use in a build for a friend.
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2023.06.01 20:58 vertigosaint90 My Encounter With Mr Boots

Okay, this will be a long post but I hope people will stick with it and give me their honest feedback. I've been considering posting to this Subreddit for a while now, but I'm really rubbish at using Reddit! I want to tell people about my encounter with a somewhat notorious ghost and how to this day, I can't explain what happened to me.
Back in 2019 I attended the Edinburgh film festival and it was my first time visiting the city. I had an amazing time, and one night I decided to take some time off watching films to do some tourist-like activities. In the hostel where I was staying I saw a leaflet for the Edinburgh Vault tours which I thought would be fascinating as I'm a serious history buff. If you don't know what the Edinburgh vaults are they are are a series of chambers formed in the nineteen arches of the South Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland which were used to house a number of different businesses until they became a shelter for the homeless (more info here). The tour was a 'Ghost' tour of the seedy part of old town in Edinburgh, and despite having some slightly paranormal experiences in the past, I felt pretty confident that I could handle going on my own.
The first part of the tour took place above ground and to be honest, it wasn't particularly great as it was the middle of June and despite being around 6-7pm, it was sunny and bright which didn't really create the right atmosphere. The tour guide led us to the entrance of the vaults, which we entered through a normal building and down a flight of stairs. Before, we went into the vaults, she told us to make sure our shoe laces are tied (I double-tied my laces as I didn't want to trip up as the floor was very uneven).
This was where the tour really started to get interesting. The guide told us about the history of the place and the ghosts that apparently reside there. One is Mr Boots, who is an evil spirit who can be heard stomping around in boots. The other is a small boy that attaches itself to women he considers to be a 'motherly' figure and he likes to grab their hand and is known to untie shoelaces. The un-named boy is apparently scared of Mr Boots. As a tour group, we walk from room to room as the tour guide recounts different stories of ghostly encounters.
We enter one room where there used to be a fireplace, which the guide is in front of. In the archway there's a couple and I'm stood next to them facing the guide and the couple. I decide to take a photo of the guide and the couple when suddenly behind the couple I see this man.
I've never seen a face full of so much hate and evil in all my life. I can't even find the words to describe how menacing they looked, their face looked twisted with hate. They looked human. A tall figure, wearing a long black coat or a cloak, wearing a top hat. They had white pale skin. The figure wasn't transparent, but solid.
The moment I saw him, the entire left side of my body went numb and cold. And, I mean cold as if that side of my body had frozen. I felt something yank at my left hand and I pulled my eyes away from the figure in the archway to look down at the left hand-side of my body. There's nothing next me, no-one pulling on my hand, and when I go to look up Mr Boots is gone. Thank God!
The guide starts to move everyone to the next room, and I seriously don't want to walk through the archway but I know I can't stay in the small room any longer. I go to move when I look down at my left shoe to see the shoe lace is undone. Only, it's not just undone. The shoelace looks like its been wrapped around someone's finger and they have piled it on top of my shoe. I can't help but gasp out loud and call the guide over. She looks at it baffled and says she's never seen that happen to anyone before! I don't know why but I was too scared to tell her about seeing Mr Boots, because I felt like I couldn't tell her like I would somehow get into trouble? I felt like I was suddenly back to being a little kid.
I wasn't the only person in the tour group to have a paranormal experience. There was this big body-builder type man who clearly thought the whole tour was just nonsense, he was stood in a corner of this room next to a wall just minding his own business when suddenly he jumped and looked behind him. Apparently, he heard someone clap in his ear but there wasn't anyone behind him and no-one in the group had clapped.
I'm nearly at the end of this story, so thank you for sticking with me so far. The last bit is what happened to me back at the hostel when I returned after the tour. I had been sharing a room with a few other girls and I re-telling my experience (minus seeing Mr Boots because I thought no-one would believe me), the girls thought the tour sounded really interesting and we chatted for a bit about Scotland in general before I decided to go to sleep.
As I was lying in my bunk (which was on the bottom), I was suddenly overcome by that feeling of being frozen and paralysed again like I had experienced back in the vault. My eyes were half open and I could see the two girls still talking sat on a bed. I remember wanting to call out to them but I couldn't. I don't know how long I was stuck like this but eventually I found that I could open my eyes fully and I could move again. I didn't sleep for the rest of the night.
If people are interested in some context, I have always had strange experiences on the left hand-side of my body. What I mean by this, is that whenever anything paranormal happens, I feel a shiver go down the entire left hand-side of my body. You know, that feeling you get when someone walks over your grave? Well, that's what I feel. When I was three I was involved in a terrible accident where my dress caught on fire and I was badly burnt. The part of my body most affected? The left part.
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2023.06.01 20:58 itsjustanotheralt83 Time and space giving me clarity on reality

I love my twin flame. We spent 8 months together, 6 of them being just pure magic. Y’all know what I mean. It was ecstasy, time stopped and it was just pure bliss, for both of us. The last 2 months brought out a lot of trauma and hardship as we started holding the mirror up to each other.
And I will always love her. I can’t help it. But in the midst of the emotional firestorm that was us separating, I was not in my right mind, I felt myself losing this person I loved so much and it blinded me to reality. We had fully broken up a week or so prior, after several weeks of being in that weird in between stage. It was a Sunday, she sent me this long text that said that all she wants every day is me, that not a single day goes by she doesn’t want to come home to me after work, but she knows deep down it’s not what she needs right now, that she needs time on her own to figure herself out as an individual. I mean, fair enough, but now with time and space I recognize that it was something she was saying to save face as she was already starting to entertain at least one other person. Two days later, a Tuesday, she comes over so we can trade our belongings back, and she comes over with hickeys on her neck. I had seen her the same Sunday she sent that text, and no hickeys then, which means what, she went and did that the same day she sent that text? The next day? And in the moment I was calm, I almost didn’t care because I loved her so much. I asked her why she did it so fast, and she said she was trying to distract herself, forget and move on. I asked her if it worked and she teared up and said no. She was over for two hours that night, and there was still so much love and connection, those energies are unmistakable. We fooled around a little that night, talked open an honest, and agreed I wasn’t going to reach out, that I would give her space and if/when the time was right she could reach out to me.
It’s been a little over two weeks since then, and initially I was a mess. I guess I still am, but I’m not breaking down and crying like before, moreso a numbness. I approached what she did with this other guy through a lens of compassion, that she was doing what she was doing to cope and hide from powerful feelings about where we were at. But, the more time that goes by, and the more I reflect, the more betrayed and upset I feel. How could someone who loved me so much and so genuinely, someone who shared such an intense and powerful connection to me go and sleep with someone 24 hours after telling me that I’m all she wants. It makes me angry, at her and myself for so easily letting her off the hook that night. It’s been over 2 weeks since then and she hasn’t reached out so she is no doubt continuing to distract herself with him or someone else, or multiple. Maybe she’s already starting to see him in a new relationship. It just makes me so angry and so numb. It makes me wonder that if she even ever did reach out, would I ever be able to look at her the same? Did she really just want to be single so she could go out and party and sleep around, even though she said no one before compares and no one new will ever compare? Try to find someone she thought was better even though she told me no one has ever made her feel the way I do, that no one excites her or has ever loved and taken care of her like I do? That I was the first person she ever felt could be her future husband? Did she decide even after everything we had and were, that someone else was a better option? How long was it going on before our split?
This time and space is opening my eyes to the reality of who she is, and how different that is compared to the person I saw and the story I was telling myself about her. When we met and hit it off immediately, as twin flames do, she was seeing someone else, but I wrote it off because he was a real piece of shit that abused her physically and emotionally. But now I see she is the kind of person who can’t allow herself to be alone, who will seek comfort in the arms of men, even when it isn’t in her best interest. The kind of person who will run from her thoughts and feelings by using drugs and alcohol. She has past traumas and I empathize so much with her. I loved her with every part of me, I wanted to save her. I offered her a stability she never had before, and she calmed down a lot. She wasn’t drinking during the day anymore, she was getting to work on time, she was smiling and laughing and saying how happy she was. Now I realize I never could save her, and she has to save herself.
She’s running, not just from me but herself. She is a damaged person, and yet even after typing all this, I love her so much, unconditionally, every day. I just want so badly for her to heal and find peace and love within herself, but fear now that with my absence she will spiral back into the damaging lifestyle she was living before. And there’s nothing I can do to stop it.
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2023.06.01 20:58 kitkatkara666 Episode request: My 600 lb Life

It’s a TLC show so you know it’s exploitative!!!
I used to watch this show but now when I look back at it, I’m pretty horrified by what was included in My 600 lb Life. I’m not horrified of the patients in the show but the narrative that is spun by TLC and the famous Dr. Now.
Dr. Now runs the clinic that the patients visit, oversees their weight loss, and performs weight loss surgery on said patients. The show and Dr Now’s narrative (or how I understood it) give the classic “these people are just lazy and that’s why they’re like this” narrative that is prescribed to fat people very often. The show does explore the trauma that the patients have experienced and even sets them up with a counselor, but that portion of the show really takes a back seat to all of the fatphobia.
This show does what Biggest Loser does; shame and stigmatize fat people. I think that My 600 lb Life is more sinister as it pretends to operate on medical expertise and puts fat people with disabilities on display to be ridiculed
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2023.06.01 20:58 toptierhealbot GMs: How much do the Bestiaries affect your adventure planning/design?

Per the title: when planning an adventure or designing a setting, how much do you think the Bestiaries affect what monsters exist in your world? How often do you forgo using the Bestiary stat blocks and just create your own?
I ask because I see two different approaches to adventure and encounter design here: one which uses the Bestiary first for inspiration and plot hooks, and another that creates the adventure first then looks to the Bestiary for stat blocks that would fit.
Not disparaging either approach here, but in my experience, I've struggled with the second approach. In a recent campaign, I had planned for the party to face a fey 'Wild Hunt' composed of mostly humanoid elves and wolf mounts. However, when planning encounters, nearly all of the available fey creatures (especially at low levels) were more of the pixie type, and I ended up using the stat blocks of generic bandits and drow rogues given weaknesses to cold iron. Looking back on it, I wish that I had looked at the fey creatures available in the Bestiaries, and re-tooled the adventure to better suit the trickier, pixie-like stat blocks.
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2023.06.01 20:58 Notsurewhatididwrong Want to shout out a hidden gem of a North Jersey organic food joint: Fudgarten

I spend a lot of time in Fort Lee and a few months ago I kept seeing this little “fast casual organic eatery” place near Cafe Bene where I’d usually go for coffee. The outside of the eatery was really unassuming so I had passed it up until one day I was hankering to try something new and I remembered the place.
Boy, was I glad I went there! I had a burger with potato wedges and IDK what it is about how they cook it but it tasted so fresh almost like I was biting into steak instead of burger. There was a nice slight charred flavor, with guacamole and jalapeños and a few other toppings that did not “scream” in my face with crazy overpowering flavor but rather was quite light and pleasant on the palate. As weird as it is to use a term like “refreshing” to describe savory food, that’s the best way I can describe it. The burger was so fresh that I felt really good and light after eating it (as opposed to some places where I eat and feel bloated/sweaty).
Not sure if it’s their ingredients or what but Fudgarten has sandwiches and bowls and shakes and a whole host of other things I have yet to try. I usually hit them up like twice a month and it’s been very consistent. It describes itself as “fast casual” and I’d say it’s close to that — it’s a bit slower than say a Chipotle but it’s definitely not long like ordering at a sit-down restaurant. For the quality of the food, I found it to be really worth it.
It should go without saying, this post is not sponsored or anything. In this world where it seems like every big successful restaurant is somehow associated with some kind of corporate chain, I like bringing attention to small unassuming places like this that are true and honest to what they purport on their cover and don’t really try to be more than they are. I have no idea if this place has been known/talked about for a while and I’m just only now discovering it, or if people just don’t know about Fudgarten, but if you live in Bergen County I’d recommend the trip over to Fort Lee to try it. Plus, they have their own parking (thank God!).
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2023.06.01 20:57 Tuhms Briefly Applied Screen Protector - How bad is this

I put a screen protector on my M2 MacBook Pro 14. 20 minutes later I read that I should not have done that and I quickly removed it. I did not use any cleaning solutions or liquids during the process. How much damage to the anti reflective coating have I done?
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2023.06.01 20:57 thaqibthreads Nobody knows what this light is, or means

Nobody knows what this light is, or means

PC with Red Light after game froze
When ever I load up a Game, no matter if its on Very low or Ultra settings, Forza, or Minecraft, it will just stop randomly at any point in the Game, and the Max its been able to run anything without stopping is 5 minutes. After a couple of seconds, this light shows up. It isn't a Debug light as those are at the top right of the motherboard, and this light is bottom left of the CPU. it doesn't have any words next to it, and it wont load a single frame after it stops until I have to restart my PC.
Not a Single person can actually tell me what the problem is. It isn't on the menu of the motherboard, I tried telling my PC friends but they didn't know. I posted this to the Linus Tech tips forum, nothing either. I tried searching up this light but to no results.
I don't have any answer. All I know is that I bought a 3060 and I cant even use it. If someone would happen to know what the actual problem is, and how to Actually fix it, that would help tremendously.
This PC has a MSI PRO B660M-P DDR4 Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard with a BIOS update for a i5 13400F CPU, A Gigabyte UD750GM 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply, With a 12GB RTX 3060 from EVGA.
Light closeup
Extreme Closeup ( No words or anything to indicate meaning )
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2023.06.01 20:57 Nox_Coxen Help me with a name

Warning, long post. I think to help me with the name you should understand the characters very well so I will have to shortly tell the most important parts about these characters. So I have these 2 characters I really like and their names are mostly taken in games or social media which is pretty sad. Though at the same time they don't really have a name which makes it good, because I can name them, but that's a different struggle. so here are the characters:

Noximilien/Nox: This character I admired since childhood. Noximilien Coxen from show called "Wakfu". Noximilien is a Xelor (race of humans that are good at mechanisms and have time magic{mostly very weak time magic, but not our boy Nox here}). SPOILERS AHEAD. He was a normal guy making clocks in his house and living off of that, but everything changed when he found a cube containing "wakfu" (energy by which literally everything is made of). Name of the box was Eliacube, made by the oldest and strongest race, the cube was a mechanism meant to help the original owners in war, but in Nox's hand it was just a cube with massive amount of energy and storage of that energy. The cube drove Nox crazy, it made him concentrate only on the box itself and that way he lost his family. But after realising that the box had so much potential in it he started gathering energy in it to run back in time and change everything, and so, save his family. He didn't age because he used a bit of the energy all the time from the box and had amazing powers such as stopping time in whole world for a period of time, stopping specific creatures, rewinding time and speeding himself up so much that it seemed like he teleports from place to place. I won't tell more about him, because that's not the point here and I told the important part, but you can find out more about him by watching the show, it's on netflix I believe. (He's not the main character btw). So I want a name for this character, I've been using nickname "Nox" since childhood, but didn't want it to be connected with that character, but rather wanted it to be similar. I want a name for him that will be connected with time, energy, godly amounts of power or just something epic. Latin names sound good, but I couldn't make a choice.

PumpkinHead: PumpkinHead is a character I had even before Nox and It's my own character, not from any show, not taken or stolen or even a shared idea. I simply liked the idea of a character with a pumpkin on his head and used to create him since I was 3. The character is really important to me, as I'm even writing a book about him just for the fun of it. As for it's characteristics, It's a soul, evil soul. It was one of the few creatures that were created by gods and devils. Like when there were Adam and eve, as well as the snake, there was a soul of PumpkinHead. He didn't have a body neither he could get one because he was trapped by God as the existence of his soul was a mere accident, he was created from a massive amount of energy that fused when the first war of gods and devils happened ( before the creation of humanity). He wasn't created evil, rather became one in life. After just merely existing for centuries as a soul trapped in literal nowhere he was still growing the energy, by consuming it from gods and devils itself everytime they clashed, or had any fight/battle for humans. ( something like: he gains energy when there's a fight between good and evil in each and every living soul). After a long time he broke out and started chasing for a body to live in, bored from existence he was trying to find the best physical corpse for himself. Sadly he couldn't do it, because as soon as he ran away both gods and devils had to chase after him which would lead in a great battle (if he found a body to use), but because he couldn't they had to trap him again, though this time the place between time and space was not working. He broke the 4th wall, the cage he was trapped in for eternity was not able to contain him anymore, so the only thing left to do, was to destroy him. But as you guessed by now you can't destroy a soul, because it doesn't exist and exists at the same time, it can't do anything and nothing can be done to it unless it has a physical body. So the gods tried to find a body in which they'd put him in and destroy to get rid of it. They chose... you guessed, a pumpkin. Why? because it's a fruit, it can't do anything, can't be used unless it's given the ability to do so and PumpkinHead doesn't know how to because he never lived yet. Placing him in a pumpkin first time resulted in an unexpected outcome. It exploded. The desire for him to live was so big that a fruit, not living thing couldn't hold him. Magic comes in handy and they enchant the pumpkin to hold the power and again trap him in it. This time it worked, but how unfortunate, the fact that the pumpkin was enchanted to hold him in, also gave him understanding of magic and that way, with immense amount of energy in him, he used to turn into magic and enhance himself to be safe. Took a lot of power from him, but he lived! Since then, because he lost so much energy and used it on defending himself, he couldn't change a body, he was stuck in this form of a pumpkin unable to change, but he realised he could use it as an artifact. Artifact to control other living creatures. Anything that would come in contact with it would lose a soul ( by his choice ) and be replaced with something else. Another unfortunate moment was that there was no body to steal. At least, for a picky soul like his that wanted only the best life. At some point he gave up on it and just chose to go with whatever came first and it came out to be a hungry PIG. PumpkinHead first time feeling, breathing, living, was excited and amazed by the greatness of life. He wanted to feel more, he wanted to see more, taste more, smell more, and just find out everything in the world. So on his journey he changed many bodies, from a pig to cat, from a cat to dog, from a dog and so on until humans evolved into much more intelligent creatures and he stopped on them. Knowing so much about the world after living for centuries, he was petrified when he found out it was just the beginning of his journey. [The post will be too long so I will round off from here] he changed many bodies ( he had a pumpkin on head first but he could just be in a human body as a replacement for its owner. At first he had the pumpkin, but then he stopped using it as it was creepy for people ) and as he did so he learned much more about everything and most importantly, human nature. The one and most important reason he became evil. The amount of evil he found even in the brightest souls was so unamusing that he hated them, he hated humans for ruining themselves. He thought they were the most complicated, the chosen creatures. They could reach any point they would like, but the only thing stopping them from it was themselves. He hated them for being so unaware of their power and magnificence, but respected them and loved them as they were the only reason he could ever reach his goal. As for personality he chose a witty, wise and Ironic persona. Gentleman of a style and delicate as of whole. Sometimes acting like a child, wanting to do the weirdest and silliest things, but knowing when to be serious and always understanding the situation. Evil, but good, silly but intelligent, Ironic but a respectful gentleman, powerful but non-aggressive.
I thought that a name "Laplace", like "Laplaces devil" would fit this character because Laplaces devil is a theory of a creature that exists everywhere, all the time, lived everything and knows everything. Knows every single atom in the universe, where they are and where they have been at what time. That's just because it's similar to a goal of my character. But other ideas are interesting. Thank you for reading till the end and If you have any questions please comment.
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2023.06.01 20:57 WatchWatcher2021 How would you produce a sugar cane extract at bench top scale? I am looking to have the final ingredient clear of any color. Would using a grain neutral spirit be the best way to do this?

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2023.06.01 20:57 segagamer Put our Ubuntu/GitLab server out of action and wondering what my options are.

Today has just been awful.
(Ubuntu 18.04) I prepared for this GitLab instance to be upgraded smoothly to the next major version, but I missed one thing in the config file - configuring the number of sidekiq instances to run. The result? The upgrade process completed but the post-upgrade background tasks started ~20 sidekiqs on this 2 vCPU Broadwell VM and are absolutely hammering the CPU/HDD to the point where the terminal is unresponsive.
I was using mRemoteNG to remote into this GCE VM. I accidentally minimised the window and now it won't restore (I've even tried pressing WinKey + 7 as a way to 'select' it on the taskbar to restore the minimised process) - likely waiting for a response from the server before it restores or something. I've tried leaving it for a while but it just never seems to restore, so I'm going to assume that session is now inaccessible to me.
I tried SSHing from Powershell but the server is unable to process my login request fast enough for the connection to not get closed.
Google Cloud SSH on Web runs into the same issue.
I'm not sure how IPTables is configured (I assume it's default), but am I right in understanding that 3 failed connection attempts = lockout via IP? If so then I don't want to re-attempt as that will seriously screw me over.
Production is at a standstill because of this. I have no idea how long this will take to complete and it's now 21:00.
Would you restore from backups (likely a full day's work, I've never put this into practice, and something I will definitely not start until tomorrow) or leave it running to eventually finish everything hopefully by tomorrow morning?
This is very much more of a 'what would Jesus do' question as I have no one else to really ask lol. Our GitLab database is ~250GB uncompressed and the disk throughput is running fairly solidly at 210MiB so I don't know why this is taking so long.
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2023.06.01 20:57 ThrowRA368914 My (28M) gf (30F) cannot meet my emotional needs -- am I being too demanding?

Whenever my gf has a problem and comes to me for help, I try my best to support her. I listen closely, I ask questions, I try to be understanding etc. Then if she needs a solution, I offer one or more. Sometimes she'll take my advice, sometimes she'll go with something else. That's fine. In all this process, which can last anything between 10 minutes and 1 hour, I sit with her, talk with her, I try to be as encouraging and supportive as I can.
When it's the other way round, my gf really struggles to do this with me. Like, when I bring her a problem and ask for her help, she will listen and give advice, but she will not be very supportive -- the moment I push back a bit (which I think is normal in conversations like these, especially when I'm not completely sure about how to solve the problem), she will shut down, withdraw into herself and essentially be like, "Right, I gave you my advice, you didn't like it, now you're on your own". I mean, I'm not asking her to persuade me about what would be the best course of action. But I would really appreciate if she could just keep reasoning with me, especially when it's quite a complicated, emotional problem.
She's had a few abusive relationships in the past, and I think that's where her behaviour comes from. She used to have arguments with her ex in which he would always fight back and manipulate her and gaslight her and belittle her etc. I try my best to be understanding and supportive. I even asked her whether she thinks she would need more therapy or professional help to deal with that, as it's clearly a trauma response, and I think it will be an issue for the relationship in the long run. But instead, she said that perhaps I need therapy, because I am being too emotional and asking too much of her. She is right that I am a deeply caring person, and I do like to go out of my way to help people when I can. But I don't think I'm asking too much here. I just want her to sit with me until we find a solution to my problem. Like I've been doing with her since day one. Like, she doesn't need to solve it for me. But at least be there for me and keep reasoning with me while I try to figure out how to solve it.
I don't know. Perhaps I am being too demanding. Perhaps I do give too much to people, more than normal, and no one will ever be there for me like I am for them. Or perhaps hers isn't a trauma response. Perhaps this is just who she is. I mean, she keeps saying she doesn't know how to help me. I have explained it to her as clearly as I can, even acted it out for her. She says this just doesn't come natural to her. So perhaps this has nothing to do with her past relationships, it is simply what she is like as a person. I'm not sure what to think.
All I know is we've been together for 3 years now, been living together for almost 1 and 1/2, and now I'm really contemplating breaking up with her. After meeting her family and wider family and friends. After all the conversations about the future and buying a home and kids. Her health is not the best, I've been trying my best to help her and support her, and now what? I just leave her like that? Everything else is fine. Same sense of humour, same values, same fondness for conversation, shared interests -- chemistry, wavelength, you name it. We're not making love as much as we used to, but it's fine considering her condition and what she's been going through. I am just worried that I'll never be able to find someone who understands me like she does. Even with her limits, she is still such a wonderful human being. If it doesn't work with her, how could it with anyone else? Love of my life…
I'm sorry for the long post. I really don't know what to do. I feel like she's not meeting my emotional needs, or perhaps I'm asking too much, but I cannot tell. And it's a small thing, but it's also a really big thing. I just don't know whether it's a dealbreaker. Is it fixable? Can she get better, or can I? Can I keep bringing my problems to her, like she does with me, and just accept that she can only go so far, and not be resentful, and just say thanks and go on to work it out myself? Or am I denying myself too much here, and being unhealthy, and perhaps I need a different approach? Or is this too big an issue to dismiss, and we actually need to break up? I am desperate for your advice. Thank you in advance for your help.
TLDR: My gf cannot meet my emotional needs when I bring problems to her and ask for her help. I can't tell if she is at fault or I'm asking too much. I'm worried about whether this can be fixed or the only solution is breaking up.
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2023.06.01 20:57 NYBANKERn00b Practical Application of GPT-4 for SaaS Sales

My BDR suggested I make a TikTok with the ways I've been using GPT and share them to help folks learn how to help integrate AI into various stages of a sales process. As a millennial, I naturally rejected the notion of getting on TikTok... so here's a youtube link I'm posting on reddit:
It's my first time making a video like this so feedback is welcome.
Also making plans to explore the potential of having a GPT-4 chat channel access or be trained on support documentation or a specific value proposition for specific customer profiles in account profiles (EG on-demand sales engineer without having to coordinate calendars or say telling a prospect that you'll have to follow up with an answer). This can will help you standardize follow-up messaging, save time, and could increase your total opportunity capacity = $$$ HMU if you have ideas/feedback. The plan for now is to build a nifty channel that hopefully helps those of us with ADD get some consistency, value and comfort with GPT and other AI tools Interested in the gang's feedback here... and ask for topics and I can include them with engineered prompts. Here's a rough outline... "Standardizing Practical Applications of GPT-4 for SDBDR and Account Executives"
Introduction to GPT-4 and AI in Sales Understanding GPT-4: What it is and how it works The role of AI in modern sales Benefits of using AI in sales
Module 1: AI for Prospecting Using GPT-4 to identify potential leads Personalizing outreach with AI-generated content Case Study: Successful AI-driven prospecting campaigns Module 2: AI for Meeting Preparation Using GPT-4 to research and understand prospects AI-generated insights for effective sales meetings Role-play: Preparing for a sales meeting with AI assistance Module 3: AI During a Meeting Using GPT-4 for real-time insights during meetings AI-assisted note-taking and transcription services Role-play: Utilizing AI during a sales meeting Module 4: AI for Follow-up Crafting effective follow-up messages with GPT-4 Using AI to schedule and manage follow-up activities Case Study: Successful AI-driven follow-up strategies Module 5: AI for Closing Using GPT-4 to negotiate and close deals AI-generated insights for overcoming objections Role-play: Closing a deal with AI assistance Practical Applications and Hands-on Training Future Modules: Hands-on training with GPT-4 and other AI tools Developing AI-driven sales strategies Group Project: Implementing an AI-driven sales campaign Ethics and Best Practices in AI for Sales Understanding the ethical implications of AI in sales Prompt engineering for AI in sales
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2023.06.01 20:57 justheretoglide You all need to understand something.

Songwriting is not just putting words to music.
If you call yourself a songwriter or artist this implies not that you do it, but that you have a talent and are successful at doing so! if you cannot make a living at it, you arent a songwriter, you are not an artists,

You need to grow up and understand putting clay on a wheel doesnt make you an artisan, A chisel and some granite dont make you a sculptor.
You must be good at what you do to earn the actual title,
if you are NOT successful you are an ASPIRING songwriter, meaning you hope to be one someday!

I worked for an A and AR department in a major record label for over 2 years. If you went to a record label and got an appointment to see an A and R guy and said you were a songwriter, he or she would say, " okay who have you written for and which songs" and youd say well no one famous and nothing that sells, and theyd politely end the meeting and escort you out.
Just like being able to run doesnt make you a marathoner, and being able to ride a bike doesnt make you a cyclist.
Stop acting lie anything goes and anything you write makes you an artists and a songwriter, because IT DOES NOT!
this is not gatekeeping this is just the way it is, if you dont like it? tough! quit and go play a video game.

Thisis the real world folks, and if you want it bad,
Youll learn an instrument and how music works.
youll put in the time consuming work of practice! successful musicians practice upwards of 8 hours a day!!! ,
youll use the song formulas!
youll build based on existing structure!
youll use chord progressions
you wont build 8 minute long rambling songs with no chorus and say " im not going to change for anyone"
if you dont want to put in that effort, then quit now and STOP PRETENDING!! there are literally millions of people writing songs, and at least some of them WILL put in that effort. so if you wont, then stop and go build a model airplane or something.
I know you dont like the truth but this is it folks, and if you dont want to hear it, tough!
it isnt going to change because you dont like it! You WILL NOT, put a song on Spotify and then some exec will hear it and you'll make it big! that will not happen! it has NEVER happened! record execs and A and R guys do not listen to music like that from streaming services! they get so many unheard request every day, they will NEVER hear you!

if you think im lying , then go ahead and pretend you're living in the real world but you are not.
99.9% of songs are written in the formulaic way with the popular chord progressions humans have used for hundreds of years. You will not change the way the brain works.
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2023.06.01 20:57 kappakingtut2 How do you all feel about the Clorox test strips?

I feel like I get vastly different results every time I use them. Even when it's only minutes apart.
What other test kits would you recommend? Something that's still noob friendly.
I've been trying to work on this pool for about a month now. Hasn't been clear yet this season. The test strips mostly tell me to shock every time I test it.
I'm not sure about the size of the pool or how many gallons. It's a modest sized above ground bestway powersteel from Costco. Maybe the 5,000 gallon one?
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2023.06.01 20:57 seekis Trying to build centralized home storage server

Hello people smarter than I,
I have been tinkering with a home server for many years and have bounced around different operation systems as much as I've changed hardware, but I'm not a network admin or a computer science genius. I'm just a guy that likes tinkering and exploring and now have a healthy paranoia of where my data goes.
I have a server build currently running freeNAS for a basic storage share. using freeNAS because of ZFS and straightforward use (so far), but I'd like to make it so whenever anybody on my home network logs into any computer anything they save goes to the server. So the files aren't on the laptops. My kids use laptops for school and have killed 3 of them over the last couple years and I would like a way to keep all the datas from those machines in one place without having to explain steps of how to go about saving to specific folders.
I'd also like to move my photo library from iCloud to my server for paranoia reasons.
The server needs to be platform agnostic as there are windows, linux and Mac machines in use.
Is this possible with freeNAS or should I use some other linux distro?
any help would be warmly welcomed.
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2023.06.01 20:57 emasculine It's time to stand up again

Most pride months and the parades come and go with a sniff of indifference and annoyance at corpro "pandering". Well, this one seems different. A lot. Corpro "pandering" is getting the full power of the state used against companies in Florida with Disney and anybody else who would cross DeSatanist and his pliant goons in Tallahassee. So much for free speech. Pride events and drag of all kinds are being threatened with violence by thugs like the Proud Boys while the police look on with indifference -- no surprise since cops are a prime recruiting ground for hate groups like the Proud Boys. Trans people are being threatened and in far too many cases killed and now the states are leading the way to erase their lives. We are again being tarred as "groomers" and being erased from existence in schools with hateful "don't say gay" laws that single us out but definitely do not apply to straight people. Teachers are being threatened for even the most innocuous mention of our existence. All it takes is one hateful "parent" to cause cowardly school districts to ban any book or report any teacher they don't like with threats of their teaching credentials being revoked.
So yes, this pride month actually matters. I've always thought that the two most potent forms of activism were 1) coming out and 2) the annual visibility of Pride. We will not be erased no matter how much they try. The gay parade commemorating Stonewall was orders of magnitude more important than the actual event as it set up one day out of the year where we could be ourselves, be open and free, and telegraph to the rest of the world we ain't going nowhere.
So if you're able to attend Pride this year, I say do it. Straight, gay or something in between it doesn't matter. What matters is standing up to these thugs and show them we will not be cowed into submission, and that we have power too. Show the stores that are being, er, targeted that we shop too. Go to Disneyland instead of Disneyworld as a big FU to Florida. Vote with your feet if you can -- what a sad testament that we are practically at the point that organizations like Rainbow Railroad might need to start helping gay people out of homophobic -- and more importantly transphobic -- hell holes in the US.
This time it's different. This time it matters. Again.
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2023.06.01 20:56 lukethedank13 Awakening 35.3 You aint going anywhere.

Hello there, i hope you enjoy the last third of this chapter.
To all of you who actually read all Awakening posts, i would like to apologise for not providing the links to previous/ next chapter. Have a good day.

Aberty drove in an armored troop transport and contemplated her day, her job and her life in general.
'This shit fucking sucks.'
After this sound assesment she turned her atention to her new pod. She didnt have a lot of time to really get to know them in any capacity but from what she knew they were periphery girls like her and she had seen earlier in the morning that they know how to keep their cool under fire.
They seemed like the kind of girls with whom one could enjoy a barbecue and ungodly amounts of alcohol.
'Aaand i just made myself homesick.'
After some further pondering she came to the conclussion that she is in a need of a drink. It probably wouldnt make things better but they could hardly get any worse.
'Not that Red Grain pisswater the coreworlders call a beer. A proper drink needs to hold a flame when you put a lighter to it.'
Grandma's brew could tranquilise a grox and was rutinely used as desinfectant and alternative fuell source. Just thinking about it improved her mood by a significant margin.
'Ah, so many good memories.'
She gave the girls another look and established what passed as eye contact when one is wearing a full helmet with a marine sitting oposite to her. The marine made the unofficial 'turn off the helmet camera i wanna talk' hand sign.
When everyone had done so she began to talk.
»Hello there, my name is Clee'us and im the pod leader. Im sory i didnt talk to you sooner but i only learned that you will be a part of my pod yesterday. I planned to do it in the morning but it didnt pan out so im talking to you now.«
She then pointed at her comrades.
»Those Empress finest paint stick eaters are Abby and Col'y. As for the sister you are standing in for today her name is Borneia She lost her foot two days ago and got shiped back to orbit«
»So Aberty, where you from?«
»Im from from the ass end of the periphery, coreworlders call it Niossohled , people who actualy live there call it Nines.
»One of us!«
The girls cheered.
»Godess damned turox girl! I like you allready.«
»Welcome to the pod.«
Clee'us then sighed, steped forward and put her hand on Aberty's shoulder.
»We herd what hapened to your pod and for what is it worth offer our deepest condolances. I dont know how long you will be a part of our pod but as long as you are here you are our sister and we take good care of our family.«
»Now, we have a job to do«
She sat back at her seat and began to brief her pod.
»The humans figgured out the cave scum cant hold their own in a fight and attacked their base just as they were getting ready to run back to whatever shitty moist hole they call home.«
»I dunno why they did so but i guess they too came to a conclusion that those good for nothin cowards need a beatin.«
»Now listen i know you might think they deserve it, because they do. But our job is to secure the site and evacuate the survivors back to our base.«
»I know you dun like it. I dont like it. You know how this goes. Im not the one who is giving out orders but i sure as deep will make sure we cary them out.
Normaly i would be saying shit like, i expect you to be on your best, most professiona behaviour. Today, knowing how you all feel bout them, all im asking is that you do your job and dont start shit with the 'redacted slur most foul''.
Some minutes later the APC arived at its destination. Clee'us checked the cameras and gave the signal to dissembark.
When the marines steped out of their emotional suport metal bawkses… ukhm i mean armored personel carriers they beheld a scene of absolute devastation.
»What in the deep hapened here.«
Exclaimed a marine when she saw what remained of a line of neatly parked vehicles not to dissimilar to one she arived in.
There were pieces and remains of smart wire, perimeter turrets, vehicles and personel everwhere. Prefabricated buildings were flattened as by a kinetic orbital strike.
Still the marines had seen and in some cases caused a comparable amount of damage before. What made even the more experienced of them look twice was the amount of damage to the ships. It was obvious they werent going anywhere anytime soon and probably never.
»They look like the navy used them as target practice, you sure the humans did this«
Someone asked.
Whille some continued to gawk at the destruction most of the marines soon succesfully sumised the situation.
'Yup, shit is fucked.'
And went on with their work.
First living mercenaries they encountered were at the makeshift baricades inside the ships. Those who expected that the insides of the ships cant posibly look worse than the hull were proved wrong. It was obvious that a brutal close quarters battle was fought for the cargo holds and even some of the main coridors.
In face of such destruction even the most predjudiced of the imperials put their hatred aside and helped their fellow woman regardless of their species, prefered ideology and ocupation.
They rendered first aid and rushed the more severelly wounded to the ambulances that were waiting outside. The marines used combat engineer power frames to remove the debry and cut trough the crushed and buckled metal to free those who were traped in their compartments.
It made for quite a moving scene one could use to advocate for peace and solidarity with fellow sentients so it naturaly didnt last for long.
Aberty was aplying liberal amounts of military grade burn cream/local anestetic to a back of a nighkru mercenary who was laying on the remains of her armor that just barelly saved her life when she heard muted shouting from behind the closed doors to her left. She stood up and asked.
»Do you hear that boss?«
She asked Clee'us who was helping another Nighkru woman put sterile med patches over some quite nasty cuts and scrapes over her lower extremities.
Clee'us stoped what she was doing and turned toward her when another louder cry was heard. Aberty heard way to many human cries of agony to not recognize what she was hearing.
Just as she realised what exactly this meant she saw the mercenary her pod leader was helping go trough a range of emotions before she reached for her pistol.
'No you wont!'
»Watch out boss!«
The nighkru was fast but Aberty was faster. She didnt know exactly what the slaver was trying to do and had no wish to find out.
She fired once and the mercenary colapsed. The nighkru at her feet, she was helping ten seconds ago, tried to stand up. Aberty stomped her into the ground and trained her pistol on her.
»Stay down you piece of shit!«
Clee'us who by now snaped out of the shock of almost geting shot by a woman she was bandaging up, and seeing the said womans head explode all over her, called the leutenant.
»sargeant Clee'us here. We have a situation. A mercenary tried to shoot me and was dispatched with extreme predjudice. There is at least one, posibly more humans on board held against their will.«
A short pause and an audible curse later she got a reply.
»Understood, wait where you are and hold your ground. Leutenant Reixas out.«
The pod positioned in what cover they had and split their weapons between covering the doors and making sure the still living mercenary wont get a chance to try anything.
Their periphery upbringing made it especialy hard to stand and wait when they could hear people call for help.
Fighting the pirates and slavers was at least one of if not the reason they joined the marines. Be it because of a personal experience, wish to protect or want for glory all they wanted to do was to burst trough the door and bring death to those who would dare to enslave Empirial subjects.
All of them at some point in their lives fanthasized about killing slavers and/or saving the innocents from their ville clutches. To be fair the second fanthasy often included a man who would fall in love with them but this still.
Now that they had a chance to, for once in their lives, do excactly what they wanted holding position proved extremely frustraiting. To say they were anything less than fuming at the mouth would be an understatement.
Two instances of gunfire and ten minutes later leutenant herself and three heavilly armed pods reached their position.
Leutenant firstly made sure everyones helmet cam was running. She then called to the mercenaries to surender and gave them ten seconds to walk out with their hands above their heads. When the time ran out she gave the signal to attack.
Were she without a helmet one could see Reixas was almost giddy as she did so.
This was her ticket to promotion the fact that she wanted to do this since she was a teen only sweatened the moment.
What followed was extremely satifying for some the imperials, extremely fatal for the most Way'U personel that hapened to be present there and very frightening and confusing for everyone else.
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2023.06.01 20:56 Optimal_Ad_1847 25 [M4F] Houston, TX/Anywhere - Seeking a Relationship

I am from Houston, Texas. Well, I live just outside of Houston, but people who live near Houston usually say they are from Houston.
Anyway, I am 25 years old, and I was studying medicine overseas. I have permanently returned to the USA to continue my education. I work part time as an uber eats driver. I spend most of my time studying. This might be a relatively long post.
Hobbies/Interests: My hobbies are similar to most people, and we don't have to share the same hobbies or interests. - Movies and TV (Sci-fi, horror, and crime) - Exercising, especially running - Food (Thai, Mediterranean, and Indian) - Reading - Boardgames and videogames - Nature-y stuff. Walking outside. - Music (Instrumental, orchestral, and rap). I listen to songs from each genre. - Investing
I want to pickup more hobbies and interests. I would like to learn how to play the piano and violin. I want to learn a new language. I want to do outdoor activities such as hiking and maybe even camping. I have always wanted to learn video effects. It's great if you do one or multiple of these things, so I can learn or participate too. We can pickup a joint hobby too. However, I am a homebody. I would describe myself as reserved, calm, but adventurous. I like to tease when I feel comfortable around someone.
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2023.06.01 20:56 Marxipam Eyelid Eczema

How long does it take for your eyelid eczema to clear up? What do you use?
I put hydrocortisone, then read extended use can cause glaucoma. In the past doctor prescribed intense steroid cream that did not help and only thinned out my eyelids. Only allergy medication helped, but now that’s not enough.
Then I put Eucerin for eczema, gold bond eczema cream and Eczema honey but it says “do not get into eyes.” And a little does get into my eye and stings. Afraid I’m going to go blind slathering all these creams on.
This flare up is going on for two weeks now and it feels like it will never go away.
Eyelid eczema is a special hell because it comes with blindness, esp when cream gets in my Eye.
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2023.06.01 20:56 MylesDobson ACTRA NCA Ratification Vote

ACTRA is asking members to vote on the National Commercial Agreement terms of settlement reached with the Association of Canadian Advertisers.
The tentative agreement to renew the NCA provides a rate increase and a pilot project for a streamlined residual model. Over the one-year term of the agreement, the parties will evaluate the pilot project and continue the process of simplifying and modernizing the NCA to create more work opportunities for ACTRA members.
The main reasons ACTRA wants a Yes vote:
-A pilot project will provide an option for pre-paid residuals to performers for television and digital use.

Read more about what ACTRA wants here

I'll be voting no. ACTRA negotiators seem to believe that the only way we can get the ACA and ICA back to the table is by weakening and devaluing ourselves as a union. It's my belief that making it easier to become a member of the union, and stressing the difficulties that union members are having to non-union members and agencies, to gain solidarity, is a much stronger position to take than letting associations that have locked us out commercial work for over a year have even more power.
What do you think? How is the lockout affected you? If you're non-union are you aware of what's going on?
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2023.06.01 20:56 cantthinkofausn Is there an app for dolmuş? How do you know how to use it?

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