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2023.06.01 21:01 AgentInteresting4442 I am not sure if i’m in an abusive relationship or not

I (F20) have been with my Gf (F22) for a little over a year now. In the beginning of the relationship things were great, I told my partner how I am autistic and have a lot of boundaries. I require a lot of alone time, I don’t always like cuddling or being touched, and I need to have things done a certain way. She agreed that these were perfectly reasonable boundaries, and in the beginning of the relationship she spoiled me. She bought me gifts, did things for me, took me out and was very respectful of my boundaries. Three months into our relationship she asked me to move in with her and her roommate, I agreed because I was going through a lot at home, and I honestly didn’t plan on living with her for too long (which I told her, she has two big dogs and I have cats who had never been around dogs. I don’t like dogs at all, I think they’re big, smelly, and have no sense of personal space). The second I moved in with her things started to go down hill. She started asking me to feed her dogs, I was the only one ever cleaning the house ( I will admit i can be overbearing with cleaning, i HATE dirt. It drives me up the wall), to the point where she would just leave her trash on the counter for me to clean up. She started getting upset when I would look for somewhere else to live, if I didn’t want to cuddle her or talk. She wants to spend 24/7 together to the point where if I go out with my friends we get in an argument. She gets upset if i don’t want her dogs on me, if I don’t want to eat what she cooked, if I want to watch a show without her. I feel so smothered, i’ve tried talking to her about it.. it always ends up with us being in a big fight. She stared working where I work, I have no time away from her. She opened up a credit card with both our names on it without telling me, she wants me to help her pay off all of her credit card debt, and got upset when i said i didn’t want to… the list goes on and on. I’m not perfect, I can be difficult. I have a lot of anxiety and it can upset her because it makes her anxious as well, I just don’t know if this is normal or not. I feel like it’s not, but I don’t know if it’s THAT bad yk? she’s never hit me, or called me names, and she always wants to talk through our issues. I don’t even know what i’m saying.. I’m just confused
Tldr: My gf is very possessive and overbearing, but i don’t know if it’s abuse
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2023.06.01 21:01 Conscious_Egg_9389 Living at home feeling hopeless

I'm turning 30 next month, still living at home and single. Have no debt besides my car loan and recently filed for bankruptcy. I have feelings of hopelessness, embarrassment, no confidence, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. I'm on a contract job for 3 months making $35 an hour with just my car to pay which is $452 a month however I have no savings due to the reasons of changing jobs/careers over the years and dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety/ocd/depression/adhd and past trauma from intimate relationships, past jobs such as law enforcement, childhood trauma as well. I feel like a complete failure, not only to myself but to my family and friends and I did not envision my life to be like this at 30, I have goals to have my own house and being happily married with children. I feel completely lost in life and I'm only getting older, if anyone out there has experiences or advice to give please leave a comment. Thank you.
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2023.06.01 21:01 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Complete Bundle)

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2023.06.01 21:01 Additional-Tea-9333 My maid did a 180 after she found out I’m disabled

In 2020 I (18F) became disabled, my parents thought I was going to die, I on the other hand couldn’t even think. I survived but was left with terrible chronic pain. Anything, from the wrong room temperature to getting out of bed too fast is enough to make my body give up and just fall limp to the ground. Since my parents work tirelessly to afford my treatment they decided to hire a maid to keep the house clean. We’ve had several over the course of three years, which is due to most of them graduating college and moving on to building a career, which is obviously great, but this also makes it difficult to maintain order in the house. Fast forward to two months ago when this new one entered the picture. She (25F) did her job nicely and was very kind at first, but then I noticed things were turning up missing from the pantry and fridge which we brushed off as her having a harmless sweet tooth. However she’s started binge eating our stuff uncontrollably. One might guess she was starving, but the only things she eats are cookies, sweets and everything else with no nutritional value. We’ve been forced to shop more often and she seems to eat more the more food there is! Not only that but she for some reason dislikes my dog. Yesterday she texted my mom upset about my dog having shat himself and having had to wash his bum, which is a stupid lie since my house has a really open floor plan so smells travel fast and not five minutes after I left my dog (who was asleep) alone, she arrived. I heard her going straight to the fridge and then my dog came upstairs perfectly clean and dry.
Now she barely comes to work, asks for more furniture after we gifted her a dining room set to celebrate her new home and asked my parents for more money since she has to “look after” me. The last part really stung, since that happened after she found my disability certificate and not once has my condition given her extra work nor have my parents ever requested she is my caretaker. What is one supposed to do in this situation? If she needed help affording the cost of living we’d help her no questions asked, but she doesn’t, she’s even in the process of remodeling her house!
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2023.06.01 21:01 DoveSing Mother used to call me fatty #2

I have struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old. At 9, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was pulled out of school to help her. I was supposed to be home schooled but that didn’t really happen. I was out for 2 and a half years and fell into a deep depression. Not only was my mother sick, but my grandmother also had dementia, I could never see my friends, and my older. sister got to go to school and do stuff all the time. During this time, I was over eating like crazy to fill the burden of being a 9 year old caretaker and. I’m not 25, in a healthy environment away from my family, and taking care of my body for once. Throughout my teens my mom called my dad fatty #1 and me fatty #2. My mother and older sister have always been so skinny that they would always pick on me for being a little bigger they didn’t dare do that to my dads face, but they were more than happy to do it to mine.
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2023.06.01 21:00 DiscoverDurham Things to Do in Durham this Weekend (Jun 1-4)

Check out our full Durham events calendar.
If you'd like to add an event to our calendar, submit an event here. Please check with the event organizers to see if events change due to weather. Have a great weekend!

June Featured Events

53rd Annual Bimbé Cultural Arts Festival at Rock Quarry Park
1776 at DPAC
PLAYlist Concert Series: Raíces, Rutas, y Ritmos at Durham Central Park

Venue Weekend Schedules

Events at The Carolina Theatre
Events at The Pinhook
Events at Motorco Music hall
Events at The Fruit
Live Music at Blue Note Grill
Events at Moon Dog Meadery
Live Music at Sharp 9 Gallery
Events at Arcana
Events at Rubies on Five Points
Events at Durty Bull Brewing Company
Live Comedy at Mettlesome
Events at Boxyard RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in Downtown Durham

Local Sports

Durham Bulls Home Stand at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Running of the Bulls 8K at Historic Durham Athletic Park

Thursday, Jun 1

Thirsty Thursdays at Dashi
Vinyl Night with DJ Deckades at Gizmo Brew Works
Boulders & Brews Meetup at Triangle Rock Club - Durham
Trivia Night w/Big Slow Tom at Clouds Brewing Brightleaf Square

Friday, Jun 2

Tasting at Ten at Counter Culture Coffee
Garden Printing: Cyanotypes and Hammered Flower Prints on Fabric at Duke Campus Farm

Saturday, Jun 3

Durham Farmers’ Market at Durham Central Park
South Durham Farmers' Market at Greenwood Commons Shopping Center
parkrun Durham at Southern Boundaries Park
Hayti Walking History Tour at Hayti Heritage Center
Nasher Community Celebration at the Nasher Museum of Art
MAKRS Pop-up at Durham Central Park
Crafternoons at Gizmo Brew Works
Beaver Queen Pageant — Once Upon a Wetland... at Duke Park

Sunday, Jun 4

Al Strong Presents Jazz Brunch at Alley Twenty Six
Art-n-Soul Market at Mystic Farm & Distillery
Public Tour at Duke Chapel
Trivia at Navigator Beverage Co.

Running Art Exhibits

upstART Gallery: A Jim Lee Project at Pop Box Gallery
Exhibit at 21c Museum Hotel
“Extra-Spectral” at the Durham Art Guild Truist Gallery
Donna Stubbs, Featured Artist at 5 Points Gallery
Chieko Murasugi & Renzo Ortega at Craven Allen Gallery
Spirit in the Land at the Nasher
Andy Warhol: You Look Good in Pictures at the Nasher
Art of Peru at the Nasher
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2023.06.01 21:00 Clean_Jacket5927 Looking For a Handyman / Rennovation Services

Hello guys,
I have been a home owner in Kingston for a few years now but I still don't know who to call in terms of general renovation tasks.
This summer I need to change one of the door frames within my apartment (not just the trim but the actual hole for the door locks was not created correctly.
I am looking for someone who is faily priced and can do all the general tasks such as changing light fixtures, painting the apartment, etc.
I am wondering if anyone here has any recommendations or knows who I can call for this kind of stuff.
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2023.06.01 21:00 KingN0 $DELL will benefit immensely from the surge in AI adoption via their data center business

Graduated from Baruch on Tuesday. Gives me street cred to go toe to toe with Shrkeli one day. Woo hoo
$NVDA and $DELL are working together to bring generative AI to the enterprise market.
Essentially what this could mean for the earnings call after hours is that Dell could raise guidance in a crazy fashion the same way that NVDA did last week. While Dell’s business model has taken a hit due to the slump in the PC market… interest in new computing technologies that can support AI will help their business.
The stock dropped in symphony to legacy hardware company $HPE… most of their revenue is shitty printers that don’t work and lack luster PCs/Laptops..
Dell on the other hand has a better product lineup, owning Alienware and many other high performance PCs
According to this article, Dell has been investing in data centers significantly more aggressively than Hewlett-Packard…
As such, the shares seemed primed for a pop. Don’t expect PC sales to knock the results out of the park. They would have to essentially say AI 200 times. Jumping in at these levels. Buy monthly calls in case there is a delayed reaction in the stock price to good news
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2023.06.01 21:00 fizzyphoto Strange encounter

Yesterday I was working in a care home for the elderly. This happened in the afternoon. I was walking along one of the corridors and I felt someone touching my back followed by a prickly/static sensation. When I turned around no one was there. The corridors are adapted for wheelchair users and are wide.. I definitely didn’t brush against anything
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2023.06.01 21:00 Spartawolf Galactic High (Chapter 72)

Okay everyone. Chiyo began, as all members of the household settled down and sat cross legged in a circle in the living room. We're going to try out a guided meditation. It should help with stress and anxiety, and it's really relaxing! Start by gently breathing deeply through your nose, and then keep repeating this until the guide tells you what to do next…
It was getting late in the evening, and Jack had only returned about an hour ago, having very much lost track of time before he finally made his way back. He had a little trouble finding a path back through the districts despite being able to use a marker on his commlink to pinpoint the location of home. The hot tub, which was slightly larger than Jack had expected, had been mostly finished by the time he arrived. However, due to several employee absences the team leader apologised and promised to finish the last of the plumbing the following afternoon after the group got back from school, which Alora quickly planned out with them. Sephy had swept the area for any possible bugs or electronic tags an undercover enemy could plant, but had fortunately found nothing.
A few of them looked sceptical as Chiyo put on a guided meditation program with some relaxing music in the background, which to Jack sounded like the most bizarre series of timbres and pitches unlike anything he had heard. It had the peaceful, slow quality of meditative music from earth, but it still jarred him somewhat due to its unnatural nature.
Still, he tried to follow Chiyo’s instructions as the Ilithii floated back to the circle to sit next to Sephy, who already looked like she was having trouble concentrating, though she made the effort for Chiyo’s sake. Next to him, Nika was already controlling and slowing down her breathing along with him, both of them semi-used to the concept of meditation already, and it looked like Alora was doing something more akin to prayer. The twins and Vanya seemed to be able to cope enough as well, all having some kind of magical ability that required some basic kind of mental concentration.
“Now, bring your attention to your physical form…” The soothing voice of the instructor gently called out over the background music. “Feel your body pressing into the surface beneath you, and take note of any areas of tension or discomfort…”
“I’m well aware of my injuries you dumb bit-” Nika grumbled before Chiyo psychically reminded her to be quiet during the meditation.
“Do not try to change anything with these sensations, merely observe them…”
Relax Sephy… Chiyo quietly told the Skritta, who was slightly fidgeting. Try not to overthink it!
“Now return your attention to your breathing, noticing all the sensations as you inhale, then gently exhale…” The voice continued. They did so, though by the sounds some of them were making they were overdoing it.
“As you continue to breath, bring yourself mentally to your peaceful place. This could be any location that brings you a sense of tranquillity and relaxation. Now imagine yourself in this place, surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells that make it special to you…”
Jack’s mind brought forth an image of home. His mother, his father, his brothers, his sister, his grandparents all surrounding him. He was safe, he was with his family. He had his whole life ahead of him…
And it had all been taken away from him.
Jack squirmed involuntarily as his mind was dragged back to a dark place, his grief threatening to overwhelm him again…
“As you bask in this tranquil scene, allow yourself to let go of your worries and concerns that may be weighing on your mind. Imagine them fading away, leaving you at ease…”
All the faces of the people he would never see again stared at him coldly, judgingly. He had committed acts of horror he never thought he would ever have to commit. Even if there was a chance he could return to Earth, could his family even recognise the shell of a person he had become? What would they say?
“When you are ready, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, slowly open your eyes, and reorient yourself with your surroundings. Carry this sense of calm and relaxation with you into the rest of your day…”
As the guided meditation came to an end Jack quickly got to his feet to get a drink.
“Jack, is everything alright?” Alora asked him in alarm.
“All good.” He lied. “My legs are just a bit stiff, and the meditation was a bit hard.”
“Yeah I get what you mean.” Sephy used her wings to help her kick up. “I don’t really understand the whole ‘sit-and-do-nothing’ thing to be honest, it’s like I need to be actually doing something. But hell, I still gave it a go…”
Thanks for trying it anyway Sephy! Chiyo smiled.
“So what do we do now?” Nika asked everyone, as Jack returned with some canned drinks for all of them. “Still got a few hours before we probably need to go to bed."
“Nothing exhausting, please. Let’s just watch a movie?” Alora suggested after a few seconds of nobody contributing anything.
Perhaps some of our new housemates have a suggestion? Chiyo asked, looking to Vanya and the two Squa’Kaar, who hadn’t been confident enough to suggest anything as the newest additions to the household.
“I’m only a temporary housemate, I still have my own place.” Vanya smiled softly. But maybe WageMage?”
“That’s a good classic to start with!” Sephy grinned. “Have you seen it before Jack?”
“Can’t say I have, the Temple of Hope didn’t really have movie nights.” Jack reminded her with a smile. “What’s it about?”
“It’s basically a comedy film about an office worker that uses magic to get ahead and prank her bosses!” Vanya told him. “But you really need to watch it!”
“I’ll get some snacks.” Alora called, quickly grabbing a few bags of sweets out of one of the cupboards while the others tried to get comfortable on the sofa. It was large enough for all of them…just about.
“We should probably go furniture shopping at some point.” Sephy pointed out the obvious problem. “Especially if you’re gonna offer refuge for those that need it, Alora.”
“Damn, well, we are gonna hit a few of the rubbish heaps and scrapyards for materials we can use to fix up the shuttle, and anything else that we could use for home improvements.” Nika reasoned. “We even got this sofa from one of them though it was a bitch to drag all the way back here!”
At least we have more people that could help now. Maybe even more depending on who joins us. Chiyo added. Because I remember helping you spend half the day dragging that here, and I swore never to do manual labour ever again!
“Well, perhaps we can find a better way this time.” Alora concluded as she came back with the sweets while everyone sat down, and took a few blankets to warm themselves up with. Jack took one of the ends of the sofa so he wouldn’t be squished between two people this time, and Vanya was quick to sit next to him, even putting an arm around him, which he wasn’t opposed to. The thick, warm brown fur of the Chuna made him feel comfortable, and he subconsciously leaned in and relaxed.
“Ooof!” He grunted, as Sephy sat on his lap, pulling the blanket over them and cuddling up to him. Jack reflexively put his other arm around her to keep her in place, lamenting that he could no longer reach for the bag of sweets until Chiyo telepathically sent one his way.
“Hey Chiyo, could I have one as well?” Sephy cheekily asked the Ilithii.
Sure! Chiyo agreed, sending another sweet floating towards Sephy, before pinging it off her forehead,
“Ow!” Sephy grunted as they started the movie.
Jack appreciated the humour and plot of the movie, with the hapless office worker using magic to explode her boss’s tea, and accidently making her manager believe his wife was cheating on him, only to later discover that she actually was. He could see why this movie was a favourite with the girls, though he didn’t know if it would be well received on earth. Though this film was well written and amusing (despite him not understanding much of the humour), he could imagine it being received as too woke back on Earth. When the plot eventually evolved into the protagonist trying desperately to avoid the investigations of the alien equivalent of ‘HR’, it really ramped up the humour, which had even him chuckling on occasion.
However he was more subdued as the others laughed freely at the shenanigans, his mind going back to the horrible experiences he'd had, and his grief from being separated from his family. Yet all around him, like a beacon of hope was a home full of friends having a good time with him.
Could he get used to this?
Yeah. He thought he could.
Svaartal snarled as his arms ever so slowly pushed the weighted bar up, feeling the burn in his chest and arms as he repeated the motion, over and over, his heart pounding as he pushed himself to lift more weight than he had ever lifted before with his natural strength. Forcing himself beyond his limits, he felt his muscles straining as his breaths became more and more laboured. He knew he was overdoing it, but he didn’t care. He was determined to become stronger, more focused, more powerful. He had Carrow watching over Svaarti, so this gave him the opportunity to really cut loose.
Devil’s Daughter would come for him and Svaarti again. He barely won their previous encounter and it took all he had to stand a chance against the raw power of her spells. Next time he would be better. He had heard the words she spoke to his sister, calling Svaarti a thief, though as far as he was concerned, if his mother looted the Golden Staff during the Demonfire War from the Stygians, it was hers by right of conquest. Not that the Devilspawn would care. If Devil’s Daughter was going to target him, Svaartal had no doubt she would attempt to do so through his sister, so he needed to be ready.
He had been pushing himself harder and harder ever since he first faced Frost to a standstill in that ambush, fully expecting to face him again soon, especially after the Drow of House Mal’Kar recruited him. He had been thoroughly changed by that experience, and he suspected the Outsider was changed by it too. From open hostility towards one another in their first week to caution in the next, it was a strange dance the two of them did.
But now?
Something about the Klown attack had changed him even more. For just a moment the two of them had fought side by side for a common cause, and though he did strongly consider it, he didn’t stick with the human. Despite that however, the words Frost told him certainly stuck with him.
Help me stop them.
And he did, didn’t he? He stopped to rescue several of the trapped partygoers and had cut them a path to safety, only to then decimate the Klown numbers with his most powerful spells. He had been considered a hero of the battle, alongside Frost himself and the dragon-bitch that officially kicked him out of the Red Legion. In a strange way, it felt…gratifying?
‘Though the greatest hero that night may not recover from her sacrifice…’ Svaartal thought to himself sadly. Why, Svaarti?’
He got up from the bench and slowly slunk over to the tension cable, cranking up the weight as high as he dared. Taking a deep breath he grabbed the handle with both hands and pulled, yanking the cable over his shoulder before releasing, then doing the same exercise over his other shoulder.
His memories of his fight with Devil’s Daughter came back to him, though he cursed not having a recording so he could better recall. Many of his actions had been instinctual, so much so that he could barely remember what he even did in several instants. He was fortunate that he kept a versatile array of spells prepared and ready for use in any situation, though it was his blade and quick thinking with his illusion and spacial magic that allowed him to slip through the Stygian’s defences.
But though he focused on the fight, her words still rang out in his mind.
‘Why the hell do you hate my people so much?!’
Dumb question. The Devilspawn killed his mother, and even after the Demonfire War many of their kind went rabid, committing horrific acts on innocent people, just the same as they did when Azazel, Lord of Torment was still alive.
But something about the sheer hurt in Devil’s Daughter’s expression tugged away at the back of his mind, like an itch that wouldn’t go away. Perhaps it was…
He was interrupted by the noise of someone approaching. Letting go of the handle, the cable he was pulling quickly snapped back to ping against the weights as he collapsed to the floor, his body dangerously overheated and his breath coming in ragged gasps. He quickly activated the enchantment of his Riverspray Ring, sending out a cloud of cooling mist that instantly made him feel slightly better.
“Good evening, Dextra.” Svaartal greeted the drow politely as he slinked over to where he had left a towel.
“Hey.” She replied, before something caught her eye and she pointed to his bare back. “What happened there?”
“What do you mean?” Svaartal stiffened at the sensitive question, having an idea what Dextra was referring to.
“By the gods…” She muttered. “Your scales are cracked and fucked up, and you’ve got a lot of scars, how?”
“I am aware that my scales need grooming.” Svaartal replied tersely, trying to be patient with the inquisitive drow despite the sensitive subject. “However I did not have anyone to teach me how to do it growing up. If it displeases you I will attempt to rectify the issue…”
“I’m not my sister, so you can shut up.” Dextra snorted. “You’ve got a fuckton of scars too, that can’t be good for you…”
“It is not.” Svaartal growled in anger before he quickly steadied himself, realising he was talking to a Drow Noble. “My apologies Lady Mal’Kar, what did you wish from me?”
Dextra snorted at the sudden formality, but she paid it no mind as she showed him her commlink. Displayed was a NetTube video from a channel by the name of ‘DevilLover69’.
“What is this?” Svaartal asked, confused.
“You might find this kinda funny!” She grinned, and played the video, the thumbnail of which displayed a medium sized, overweight looking being with pinkish-brown fur, a long cone-like trunk, huge grey bulbous eyes and thin, spindly arms.
“Ahem, attention everyone! Listen up, for I have a message for all of you! Recently, I have heard rumours that somebody out there has apparently defeated my beloved waifu, Devil’s Daughter, in combat! Let me tell you, that is something that will not go unpunished! I have spent countless hours defending her honour online, but now I have heard the call, and The Supreme Gentleman will step up and avenge her!”
“I’ve been training hard all this time, inspired by the queen herself! I’ve watched all of her fights, and I’ve practised martial arts on my Devil’s Daughter body pillow! So I hope the killer is watching, because I’m ready, and I’m coming for you! And I promise you, when I defeat you, you will wish you had never been born! I’ll see you on the streets, punk!”
“Pretty funny right?” Dextra asked, as Svaartal gave a slight grin.
“I really hope that’s not a troll!” he chuckled.
“Well if The Supreme Gentleman is legit and if he comes for you, it’ll give the others a good laugh.” Dextra giggled. “And…um…I could try and help you with the scales if you want? The datanet should have some videos and I could do your back if you want?”
Svaartal considered it for a moment, knowing where this would likely end up. He had not been requested by Izadora tonight, who seemed to be particularly busy with House Mal’Kar business, and they had never been anything more than casual so he had the freedom to do as he wished.
“I don’t see why not.” The Nirah shrugged, as he followed the bubbly drow to her chambers.
“He’s her son.” Grandmaster Ilvella told her with a sad look on closing the door to his quarters. “I knew it the moment I saw him, though I couldn’t believe it.”
“What?” Nya exclaimed, having broken protocol and immediately followed her master to talk, with Rena trying to stop her. “Not a chance! There’s no way! They’re nothing alike! He’s evil, he can’t be!”
“I knew Svaarvali for a long time.” the Grandmaster sighed, drained from sharing his painful memory. “Even if he didn’t resemble her physically, there were subtle things I saw in just those few moments meeting him that could only have been from one of her line.”
“Are you certain he is not a different relation to the Saviour, Master?” Rena asked stoically.
“I am certain.” The Grandmaster nodded, closing his eyes. “But irrespective of how I may feel on the matter I will not sacrifice everything we have built for sentiment. Our plans do not change.”
“What are your orders, Master?” Nya tentatively asked.
“Do not engage this…Svaartal under any circumstances, unless in self-defence, and maintain your civilian cover.” He strictly told them both. “He will no doubt expect Devil’s Daughter to retaliate soon if she is able, so we will be patient and wait. I have not seen this Svaarti you are familiar with, but it seems like she may be more receptive than her brother if she is able to recover. If she does, continue to be her friend and get closer to her.”
His gaze then returned to the steely look Nya was used to from her master.
“However, Devil’s Daughter must be sighted soon, unharmed and doing something good to restore the people’s faith. A few days of inactivity will be expected before you must return, and with luck we can completely obscure the truth of your defeat as mere rumours.”
“I don’t think Head Whisperer Ratai has anything recent, save for the possible signs of the latest Killer Klown attack.” Nya reasoned. “And Scholar Volus is still deciphering what was discovered at the Pallid Pit, though Jack and his group have not relinquished the Gloom Cauldron they discovered as far as I am aware, which had ties to the ritual room, and which they’re theorising might have worked as some kind of beacon, though for what I have no idea.”
“I am sure we will find something.” Ilvella concluded. “Perhaps you and Rena can discover something in your civilian lives? The Outsider for one certainly seems to be a good source of trouble. Regardless, you two are dismissed. Heal up and rest early. You have school tomorrow.”
With that, Nya and Rena took their leave.
“This is…” Rena began.
“Impossible.” Nya snapped. “I refuse to believe it.”
“Nya…” Rena gently called to her, understanding the Stygian’s pain.
No, Rena.” Nya snarled, causing the usually stoic Vulsta to take a step back in shock. This wasn’t like her friend at all. “I should have killed him when I had the chance during our fight, and now I learn he’s related to the Saviour? Her son?!”
“You have another chance in the future.” Rena pointed out. “And you can lay the groundwork for that by preparing and training. Taking a loss like that is difficult, but it can be a blessing if you learn from it.”
Nya looked at her friend conflicted, and Rena was glad that the stone corridor of the monastery was deserted.
“Yes.” Nya sighed as she let go of her anger and returned to her normal self. “You’re right. I’ve taken losses before and I’ve come out stronger. I even faced the Killer Klown himself and sent him fleeing, so the problem isn’t necessarily my abilities, but my mind.”
Rena nodded calmly, seeing that Nya was pulling herself up. “And what is your next move?”
“The Grandmaster is right that I need to make a quick reappearance as Devil’s Daughter.” Nya began, sounding more like her usual self. “The Cult of the Destroyer would be an obvious target but the ones at the Pallid Pit were wiped out when my friends decided to go there for some reason, though at least we were able to kill the Stygian masquerading as me and tarnishing our people’s reputation."
“As a civilian I am already friends with Svaarti.” Nya then reasoned. “And unlike her brother, I can actually believe her being related to the Saviour. I can only hope that she wakes and recovers from her arcane backlash. I did talk to her in astral form, so I have faith.”
“So what will you do now?” Rena prompted. The coolly composed Vulsta still expected an answer to her previous question as Nya closed her eyes to think.
“The Whisperers might have something for me.” She decided. “Though there was clearly nothing worthy of Grandmaster Ilvella’s attention, maybe they have something smaller or less reliable I can use to at least been seen by the public.”
“That would be wise.” Rena agreed. “You still need to heal.”
The Chamber of Whispers was set on the ground floor of the monastery, hidden away and far from the entrance or anything else. Following the subtly different pattern of dim lights, the two quickly made their way to the hidden underground bunker that served as their resident spy headquarters.
“BWAH! I knew you’d be up and ready for more work in no time!” A jovial voice called out before they had a chance to knock on the doors. “Hello to you too, Rena!”
“My footsteps were silent…” Rena muttered as they entered the room.
Upon entering, the first thing that struck Nya’s attention was the sheer number of lights illuminating the chamber, bathing the entire room in powerful brightness, and allowing for no shadows to form in heavy contrast to the route they took to get here. Then she focused on the huge table in the middle, with a large map projection of Naganai City, complete with many extensive annotations on several notable districts, and with one of the Whisperers compiling a report on the Pallid Pit.
The walls of the room were lined with the blue glow of several monitors, either displaying popular all-day news outlets or with investigation boards on notable personages. In one of the side rooms Nya could see one of the monks at a console talking away on a headset, likely tapping into the community’s small network of contacts in the city from the safety of their remote system.
“Nya!” Head Whisperer Ratai grinned as the chubby Stygian waltzed over and gave her a gentle bear hug that still lifted her off her feet. “I’m glad you’re back! We’ve got news but it’s not urgent, so you should probably rest…”
Ratai gave her a knowing wink.
“What’s new Ratai?” Nya smiled, used to acting familiar around the man despite his high position.
“HAH!” The Stygian chuckled. “We mostly have reports of the post-klown cleanup, but a few players have already made their moves. Nothing too big but interestingly I’ve received a reliable rumour that our Outsider friend decided that massacring the klowns wasn’t enough for him and was involved in liberating a thinly populated swamp district."
“He’s claiming it as territory?” Rena asked, suddenly alert. “He may be more of a threat than I had initially warned…”
“No, no.” Ratai’s grin got wider. “Nobody seems to have claimed the land, but interestingly enough Clan Ashtail seems to have rehomed the vast majority of the population, and they seem to be sincere in allowing them to rebuild and recover in their newly annexed territory.”
“Do you consider Clan Ashtail a threat?” Nya asked.
“Of course!” Ratai snorted in amusement. “Vetch Ashtail was the one who all but hinted at the damnable rumour in his last correspondence to me, the smug bastard! His clan plays the game well, but there are many other more nefarious groups that will attempt to take advantage of the chaos. I'm particularly concerned about what Corvin Enterprises will try to do, but if they are planning on making a play, which I am almost positive that they are, then they are being very subtle about it.”
“Anything immediate?” Nya asked.
“That admirer of yours was quick to post a new video!” Ratai teased, causing Nya to bury her face in her hands in embarrassment.
“Don’t remind me.” She groaned. “That guy is pure cringe and you need to stop mentioning him to me!”
“Hah! Well I haven’t gotten much within the city itself, but we’ve found a series of accounts online about gangs trying to run protection rackets and establish themselves as local powers. Maybe you can crush a few of the weaker ones to make an appearance as you recover to full strength?”
“Nya will still need some time to recover.” Rena cautioned. “But if we approach this like any other mission and I act from the shadows, it will be fine.”
“Excellent, I shall begin my delving and let you know.” Ratai smiled. “In the meantime, you kids should go to bed!”
“I wish I didn’t have to.” Nya sighed.
“I didn’t exactly have much of a weekend.”
And with that, the weekend is over for our....heroes?
If you're impatient for the next chapter, why not check out my previous series?
Some pictures have been added to The Galactic High Info Sheet! If you have any fanart or any pictures you think might fit one of the entries, please let us know on the discord!
Don't forget! You all have the ability to leave comments and notes to the entries, which I encourage you to do!
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Don't forget to join the discussion with us on Discord, and consider checking me out on Youtube if you haven't already! Until next week, it's goodbye for now!
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2023.06.01 21:00 Waifu_4 Stay with one SARM? or experiment more…

I finished my Ostarine cycle last month and it went amazing put on 10lb of muscle and lost 5lb of fat. I’ve been looking into trying lgd4 next but since it’s a different sarm compared to ostarine. I would have the run the risks of possible sides or damage like when I ran ostarine.
(Luckily I had no bad sides whatsoever except the common ball shrinkage and low libido and mood near the end)
I did run pre-bloods and my post-bloods appointment is next week. I responded well to ostarine should I run it again at 20-25mgs compared to the 10-12.5mgs I ran? Should I just take lgd4? I know lgd4 is 3x more potent the ost and is “supposedly equivalent to test and rad140”. I have recently been taking advice from everyone in my last posts. I’m trying to better myself since I’m relatively new in the gym working out for 1.5 years. I assume I have average genetics since I put on a good amount on ost since it’s a very mild sarm.
Advice I have taken from everyone:

I now only eat home cooked meals my diet is fucking amazing now.

(Expensive gourmet shit everyday. Ex; steak, chicken, chuckeye, shrimp and rice.)

I have implemented squats, deadlifts and bench in my regime which is “rad”

(pun intended) I gained 10lbs not running compound lifts. I’ve always liked isolation exercises way better but I feel amazing after implementing these new lifts.

I received some input saying the enclo dosage from my last cycle was to low.

“3 weeks at 6.25mgs”. I’m going to bump it to “4 weeks at 12.5mgs”. Let me know if this needs tweaking. (I still have about 2/3 of my enclomiphene left from last cycle)
I appreciate everyone for the advice and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the sarms community. I will continue to grow, become better and reach my goals.
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2023.06.01 21:00 Brendon830 Defamation of Character at work

I work in management at a retail store. Customer walks in, I greet and start assisting until a sales person is free. I pass the sale off to a sales person since they are on commission and I am not. I vaguely remember this customer but doesn’t stick out in memory. Customer makes complaint to sales associate a week later claiming I’m racist and wasn’t willing to help him. I’m caught off guard as I don’t clearly remember the interaction.
He’s looking to make a formal complaint against me to my employer. If he does, I’d like to pursue defamation of character. Is this something I could build a case on? On his end, I didn’t say or act unprofessionally. We were busy and I helped another customer.
Thank you for any feedback
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2023.06.01 21:00 HandyCookbook Best Caesar Salad Recipe

The Best Caesar Salad Recipe: A Complete Guide Introduction There’s something delightful about a well-made Caesar salad. From its robust, tangy flavor to its satisfying crunch, it’s a dish that has stood the test of time. As a culinary enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the combination of simple ingredients in creating extraordinary flavors. That fascination was what led me to the Caesar Salad recipe.
The Caesar Salad is more than just a dish; it’s a special dish that takes us back to the early 20th century. It’s a timeless classic, a beloved staple in restaurants and home kitchens worldwide. And today, you get to make it for yourself.
In this guide, we’ll explore the standard Caesar Salad recipe, delve into its history, and discuss its unique taste profile. We’ll cover the tools needed for preparation, share some troubleshooting tips, and even delve into my personal experiences with this iconic dish. Let’s make this healthy salad together!
The Classic Caesar Salad Recipe Ingredients: 1 head of Romaine lettuce 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 clove garlic, minced 1 cup croutons 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 2 anchovy fillets, mashed (optional) Salt and pepper to taste Instructions: Prepare the lettuce: Clean the Romaine lettuce thoroughly and dry the leaves before tearing or cutting them into bite-sized pieces. Make the dressing: In a bowl, combine the minced garlic, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, and mashed anchovies (if using). Gradually whisk in the olive oil until the dressing is well-emulsified. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Assemble the salad: In a large bowl, combine the lettuce, croutons, and grated Parmesan cheese. Drizzle the dressing over the salad and toss until the ingredients are well-coated. Serve immediately.
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2023.06.01 21:00 The_Fallen_1 [THJVerse] Arcane Starfarers - ep 38 - Closing shop

First / Previous / Next
“So, how’s everyone at home been?” Milla asked Celenamartra as she began to stretch her legs out, preparing to stand up.
“I’d be lying if I said they weren’t worried after they heard what happened to the Ridgerider, and then that you were being sent out of UPC space,” the Goddess admitted.
“I thought so. They’re ok though, right?”
“Yes, though your parents are eager to see you as soon as possible.”
“Hopefully I’ll be home before too long. We just need to get the Langan settled in, and then they should at least put the Ridgerider’s crew on leave.”
“Don’t spread this around as it’s not official yet, but the whole crew of the ship will be going on leave so those that wish to partake in first contact celebrations can do so.”
“That’s good then,” Milla replied, cautiously standing up, using the bed frame to balance herself for a moment, before turning to Hannah’rah and Daniel. “Hey, I imagine you’re going to celebrate with your friends, mind if I tag along?”
“Sure, but one of your little brothers will be there as well,” Hannah’rah warned her.
“Xailin isn’t so bad that he requires a warning,” Milla chuckled.
“It’s good to see you’re already mostly recovered, Milla,” Celenamartra told her, turning her attention to Daniel. “May I speak to you in private for a moment, please?”
“Uh, sure…” Daniel replied, following the Goddess to the other side of the room, finding that the sound around them became muffled as Milla and Hannah’rah conversed on the other side of the room.
“I’m sure you have many questions about the past few weeks, and I feel like answering a few,” the Goddess explained. “Not everything, there are some things I don’t wish to talk about, and others that I am not allowed to at the request of others, but feel free to ask away.”
“Uhh…” he mumbled.
“It’s alright, take a moment to think.”
Daniel’s mind began to frantically process what was going on, realising he had a fully private audience with a Deity; a being far beyond his comprehension, who had near infinite knowledge and wisdom, and she was willing to take questions from him. His mind ground to a halt as it tried to make sense of what was happening in the moment, as his mind still hadn’t fully processed the fact that she requested him by name to follow her into the room, let alone the current situation. All he could think about was Deities, and a single question he had been wondering for a while stuck in his mind.
“Ordos. Who is he, and can I trust him?” Daniel asked.
“I don’t wish to reveal his identity; that is for him to do. I will say that he can be trusted as much as any Deity. He follows the Divine Contract, just like the rest of us. You shouldn’t worry about being aligned with him any more than any other Deity.”
“Ok, but if Ordos isn’t known to anyone else, then other Deities could exist…. How many Deities are there really?”
“At least seven,” the Goddess replied, the corners of her mouth forming a faint smirk.
“I see…” he mumbled, realising she wasn’t going to give him clear answers given the chance. “... Did we leave any living Langan behind?”
“No, you rescued all the survivors,” she confirmed.
“That’s good to hear,” Daniel replied, feeling a weight on his mind lifting that he wasn’t aware of. “The attack on the Ridgerider, what really happened?”
“You have the report with all the details available to you.”
“Well, why did Haemish defect then? It’s not like he was raised in that environment.”
“Not everyone likes the UPC or us Deities being around, and they sometimes act irrationally, thinking that fighting is the only way, when leaving the UPC and is an option, and us Deities will respect anyone’s wishes for us to not intervene in their lives. Sometimes it’s as simple as they were raised under an older Human religion that doesn’t allow for the existence of us Deities, and they feel their way of life is threatened by us.”
“If they were to leave, where would they go when all the planets and stations are part of the UPC?”
“It’s not hard to get the necessary equipment to terraform a good candidate over the course of a few years at this point, especially as part of a larger group, and the UPC has said that they will recognise any group that does this as independent. But that’s not what happened here. He came into contact with a group of people that had no qualms with doing unspeakable acts because they can, and he joined them because he also felt that it was fine to commit such atrocities to get his way, even if the safer paths were easier and more likely to be successful. That’s just the way some people are.”
“Thank you for being honest with me.”
“Honest? Well, I didn’t lie, but I didn’t answer half your questions either,” she chuckled.
“Well, thank you for answering those questions.”
“No problem. I’m just surprised you didn’t ask about the other thing,” she replied, tapping the hidden compartment in his arm with the tip of her tail before walking back towards Milla and Hannah’rah.
He furrowed his brow as he tried to work out what she was hinting at, almost kicking himself when he overcame his mental block and remembered exactly what was hidden there, and that he had potentially just missed his only chance to gain some much needed information. He almost called back out, but he didn’t dare bring it up in front of anyone else, even if he felt like he could trust Hannah’rah and Milla more than most people, nor would he want them getting involved if he did. He knew it was his mess to deal with, and no-one else’s.
"How are you feeling now, Milla?" the Goddess asked.
"Better, thank you, though I won't be jumping the ship anywhere for a while," she admitted.
"That's not a problem. It shouldn't be necessary for the time being. Let's carry on with the task at hand, shall we?"
Daniel sat at his console, watching the large station dominate more and more of his view as the ship drew closer to the large torus that housed the docking beams to the Langan's temporary home, with the large central spire blocking out the light of the system's star from their angle. He fought the urge to look back at Celenamartra and Oprin, who were engaged in deep conversation about philosophy and religion, the former more eager, and the latter still put off by the dominating presence the Goddess exuded. He did glance back at Milla however, and while she was obviously uncomfortable, she sat in her seat, ready for her duty, but desperately hoping a portal wasn’t needed anytime soon.
The Trailamker slipped through the small fleet acting as a defensive force, ready in case one of the few civilian ships that had arrived in the system entered the broadcast restricted perimeter. It did afford the crew a sense of ease however, as while they still had jobs to do, it meant that they didn’t always have to be almost combat ready for the first time in about a month. The ship continued onwards, sliding into an open docking arm’s grasp, sending reverberations down the length of the ship as it clamped down onto various sections, and attached docking ports to the ship's airlocks.
“And there we have it,” Captain Harris announced as a silent but collective sigh of relief washed over the bridge. “We’re officially docked with the recently named ‘Olinath Orbital’, and our mission is now officially complete. Operations will take over from here, so wrap up your business, and those of you not involved with the next tasks, go get some well earned rest. Inform your teams that access to the station is available upon request, and we now have an active uplink to the internet if they wish to use it.”
Daniel began to close most of the running programs on his console to make sure none of them got in the way if anyone came along to perform maintenance, and then logged himself out. As he stood up, Hannah’rah did the same, and they began to leave the bridge, checking if Milla was leaving as well, but she remained where she was, seemingly waiting for the Goddess to conclude her conversation, and waved to Daniel and Hannah’rah to go on their way. They both headed to their team rooms, splitting up as they reached the server room, which Daniel headed inside, pleased to find all four members of his team, though Corporal Kreklan was half asleep and Corporal Seling’ten looked like he had only just woken up.
“Hey all,” Daniel began. “Just a quick one. We’ve finally docked. Station access is under light restriction, so make a proper request if you want to go aboard. It should get approved if nothing is going on at the time. Bridge duties are over until the time comes for us to undock, and internet access has been established. You’re all free to use it, but we just need to keep an eye on the monitoring tools. Operations should be the first port of call for any issues, but anything severe will likely fall to us. That’s all I have to say. Any questions?”
“Thank you, Sir,” Sergeant Zent replied. “... I don’t think we do.”
“Good. Take things easy now. Also, Corporal Kreklan, Corporal Seling’ten, is there any reason why you’re both up?” Daniel asked.
“We both got pulled out of bed. ‘No one slacks off while we have a Deity on board,’” Corporal Kreklan replied, his voice slightly slurred. “So we’re waiting in here until the Goddess departs.”
“Who said that?” Daniel asked.
“Just some Sergeant that sleeps in the same room as us,” the Centaur explained. “Don’t know their name.”
“Ok, I’m ordering you both to rest until your next shift starts. If he gives you shit, send him to me. I’ll be right here for a few more hours. Understood?”
“Yes, Sir,” they both replied, faintly smiling as they left.
Daniel shook his head and sat down at his desk, bringing up a half-complete report he'd been working on. He continued on from the section on system performance, finishing it with a recommendation for someone to look into installing a background radiation filtering tool, as one really should have been added for sake of convenience, even if there was a risk of a faint signal being lost. He also made sure he mentioned the signal spike before departure, recommending that the EM sensors be checked out, and the signal analysed, just in case. He then began to write up about the performance of his subordinates, making sure to credit the actions he had noticed or been made aware of, though pointed out that due to his time on the Langan's home world, he had not been around constantly to properly monitor the team for a short period of time, mentioning how Sergeant Zent had stepped up instead.
Daniel's attention was pulled away by someone knocking on the server room's door, and he began to wonder if the two Corporals had returned, or if he was about to set someone straight.
"Enter," Daniel called out.
A large Human man entered the room, who quickly stood to attention when he saw Daniel.
"... Well, why are you here, Sergeant?" Daniel asked, standing to his feet noticing the rank on the man's slides.
"Sir, I came to you to report that two of your Corporals are slacking off, Sir," the Sergeant replied, wearing a very faint smug grin.
"What do you mean, 'slacking off?'"
"They're sleeping in the middle of the day, Sir."
"Do you sleep in the same room as them, Sergeant?" Daniel asked calmly.
"Yes, Sir."
"Then why the fuck haven't you noticed they're late shifts!?" Daniel shouted. "They've been doing this for a month! Did you not see them sleeping when you finished for the day, or got up in the morning!?"
"Yes, Sir," the Sergeant responded, losing his faint smirk immediately.
"So why do you think now is any different to then!?"
"Because we have a Deity on board, Sir."
"There are no rules or regulations stating everyone must be awake and working 24/7, and I can personally assure you that Celenamartra doesn't care if they're awake or not. In fact, I think she'd prefer it if they were asleep, as that way our ship's security is at less risk of being compromised by half-asleep crew!"
"But, Sir, isn't it disrespectful?" the Sergeant tried to argue. "Everyone should be at full alert."
"What's your job, Sergeant?"
"I asked, what's your job?"
"I work in engineering, Sir."
"If you're meant to be at full alert, why are you in the crew quarters and not engineering?"
The Sergeant opened his mouth, but no words came out, so he closed it again.
"I don't know, Sir."
"You don't know? Then why are you harassing people who do know why they're where they are!? … Apologise to the people you disturbed if they're awake, but leave them alone if they aren't, and apologise later instead. I will be asking them to see if you have done so."
"Yes, Sir," the Sergeant replied, turning to leave.
"You are not dismissed, get back here."
The Sergeant turned back around to face Daniel, regret clear on his face.
"If you have done the same to the members of other teams, I suggest you apologise to them and their superior officers very quickly before they blow up on you as well."
"Yes, Sir. I will do that, Sir," the Sergeant promised.
"Good. Dismissed," Daniel told the Sergeant, watching him leave.
"... Remind me not to give bad orders to anyone under you, Sir," Sergeant Zent commented.
"Eh, you'll probably be fine. You aren't terminally stupid after all," Daniel chuckled, sitting back down.
"Why did you go so hard on him?" Sergeant Zent asked. "Yeah, he was wrong, but he was trying to do the right thing."
"Don't reward dumb, even when it comes from a good place, else people will never learn to think and do things right. Also, us techs get pushed around a lot. I'm just making it clear we shouldn't be. I advise you to do that as well if you're in a position like that. The last thing you want is people walking all over you and the people that depend on you."
First / Previous / Next
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2023.06.01 21:00 HeywoodJaBlowMe123 Need quick advice

I have a plane to catch Monday next week. Graduation. I gave notice to my company roughly 2 months in advance. Then again at 2 weeks out. Then again this week
(I live in the Midwest)
How my week has gone: Starting in AL, I delivered a load on Wednesday, as my truck was being worked on. Then my next load was going towards OH. I mentioned to my Dispatch I need to be worked towards the Midwest. Sure, no problem, we will send you to GA and reload you from there. Cool. I drop off in GA, only to head 90 miles to eastern side of GA for a PU appointment time @4PM with a drop off on the eastern side of TN. Whatever.. I send a message to my dispatch “There is a load there to get me to Midwest, correct?” “Yes”. Hours go by & I message Dispatch again, this time skeptical, “Hey can you tell me what my next load is (PU/ Drop off Location, Commodity, Etc. Thank you) out of TN.. “You are not assigned to anything from TN. Hopefully i can get you an answer later in the evening”
Now i’m really frustrated. I’ve been waiting at this shipper since 10AM (Load won’t be ready until 4PM), on a load that I am NOW uncertain that will get me home for the weekend so i can adequately catch my plane I paid $600 for beginning of next week.
On top of all that, because I was early to my appointment, I don’t even think i am being compensated for my time when I started today with a fresh clock at 7AM EMPTY.
I feel stuck. I’m not far from terminal and I’m highly debating refusing this load and dropping my truck off at the terminal and paying for my own rental to go home. Only issue is, I NET around 700-800 average a week. So money is tight, I just wanted to have 1 year experience under my belt same company. Everything was good with this company until the last 2 weeks. I won’t even go into details right now about last week. That’s another story for another time.
What would you guys do ? I haven’t seen my family since 2019 as I was in the Navy and then transitioned into Trucking. Family resides on the West Coast. Like i said, company has been good about home-time, but after last week incident where I had to contact the Safety Department to protect my license, I feel paranoid that Dispatch is trying to get back at me when I was completely in the right
How common is it for trucking companies to terminate you for refusing a load? I feel like i’m treading the waters of getting myself terminated because I have lost trust in my Dispatch for getting me home to my family.
Sorry for the long read, tried to dumb it down as much as possible, and tried to use my best punctuation like I know what i’m doing. Lol
submitted by HeywoodJaBlowMe123 to Truckers [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 20:59 Great-Typhoon Hot Donut place on North Ave

Is it still there? I'm going to be in town after being away for maybe 5 or 6 years. Started making a list of all the places I need to visit and eat at once I arrive. One of the places I remembered that we don't have where I live now, was this small stand thing. It was big enough to maybe fit two people inside (the folks that worked there). I know they served hot dogs and lemonade too. Maybe Nachos? But I went there strictly for the powdered donuts!
I know a lot can change in a city over time. Found out that one of the dorms downtown was in ruins. Still have no idea what happened. It's grow up some place and when buildings disappear or are taken over by different people you think "no...that's not right. It's supposed to be right here. It's supposed to look like this" and I'm worried that when I get back nothing will look how it did before. Like I'll be "going home" to a city I don't know.
Obviously if it's gone then its gone. Thought I'd ask you all before I get there so I don't walk around looking for somerthing that's not there anymore.
submitted by Great-Typhoon to milwaukee [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 20:59 Legitimate-Rabbit-82 Choosing another rent place

Hi, I've been living in a 2 rooms apartment for 2 years, paying 200€/month, with a 1000€ salary. This month I got a promotion at work and I will have a 1600€ salary.
The place where I am living looks bad and has roaches and other insects coming constantly from the neighbors.
I want to move out, I am a 24 years old male living alone with no friends, working from home in Bucharest, with plans to leave the country before winter (to Slovakia, and i have a few salaries worth of savings to cover the accomodation expenses).
I tried looking at apartments online and most of the decent ones are at least 300€ going to 600€. I found a good looking 2 rooms apartment for 400€ but I don't know if it would be a good idea to move there, from the finances point of view.
Would it be ok to pay basically double for the rent considering my salary? Should I instead struggle more staying here with the roaches for a few more months until I'd try to leave the country?
Thank you in advance for any replies.
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2023.06.01 20:59 smoothtimes_ [F4M] Baseball Season is in swing. And so is your Sexy, Spunky PR manager!

*Warning! Sporty, Sexy, and Slutty themes ahead!*
The crowd would cheer after another beautiful victory by the home team. Though it was to almost be expected at this point. They were having quite the run, now onto their eighth straight win and looking to get back in form within their division. A beautiful showcase of pitching on the mound and rally after rally taking place behind the plate, resulting in tons of hits and numerous runs, easily giving them a 12-2 win. It was needless to say that the team was more than in sync, now winning their last five games by ten or more runs. If things continued the way they did throughout the remaining crucial weeks on the calendar, they were looking at top spot in their division, hopefully grabbing the number one seed heading into the dreaded postseason. With only twenty games to go and only four games back on their division rivals, almost anything could happen at this point. They were a young squad with a lot of potential, even some seasoned veterans on the team as well, making nothing but a perfect wrecking ball.
Both teams would exchange fair handshakes, showing nothing more than good sportsmanship as that’s what they were all taught to do. Keep your head down and play the game. Of course during the game, the adrenaline, and pure excitement would cause chirping or yelling from either side, but grown men couldn’t usually help such a feeling. Winning was everything at the end of the day. Heading down into the clubhouse showed that very much. The boys throwing their bats about, jerseys, gloves, it was like a food fight of equipment. Though, in good spirits, someone would have to be cleaning this all up afterwards.
All the chaos would be interrupted but nothing more than the sounds of heels clicking against the ground from all the hallway, dashing into the newly renovated clubhouse, filled with beautiful team colored lighting, newly incorporated baths and jacuzzis, even the lockers fully redesigned, each players name and number above them to indicate who went where.
“Everyone clothed in here!?” A young, petite and dainty woman walked in with her eyes covered. Her voice was upbeat, her smile wide and her body oh so sexy. She complimented it with the team's jersey wide open, wearing a black crop top underneath, some tight leather pants and of course, those bright neon pink heels. It was safe to say she was a fashion guru, as she did tons of modeling throughout her career. Her hair was up in a bouncy bun on her head, her chocolatey hair just shining in the lights. Though, she’d take her hands down from her face, revealing those beautiful Korean eyes and frowned just a tad, “One of these days I’ll see it, huh boys?” She giggled playfully, of course being met by woo’s and cheers from the boys. They loved her. She was kind, sweet, upbeat, and not to mention a piece to look at. “Alright boys another great fucking win yeah!? If you guys don’t stop hitting the balls we’ll be out of bats by the end of the season huh!?” She giggled again, her lovely little accent on full display as she spoke, spinning around the room a-bit as she pulled out her little notebook from her back pocket. “Alright boys let’s settle down! Got some quick news! Johnson, Davids and Willaims, you will be our representatives for the post game interview tonight! Moore, Lewis, you’ll be doing morning interviews with the local radio before gametime! Annnnnnnnnd, Harris! You’ll be starting for us tomorrow night, yeah!?” Of course the team cheered him on, shoving him around playfully, “Alright good! Alright boys get a move on yeah! Clubhouse clears in an hour! Goodnight boys!” She whistled loudly, taking a firm turn on her heel and skipping out of the room like nothing.
“Goodnight Yuri!” Many of them said with a loud clang of the bats, of course spewing talk about her as she left. Typical guy conversation.
“Hey.” One of your teammates came up, nudging your shoulder. “Great game out there.” He nodded, sitting next to you. “Couple of the guys and I are going to get some drinks after the game. You in?” He asked curiously but couldn’t help notice that you seemed to be in a daze of some sorts. “Aye!” He shoved you a little harder, chuckling as he knew exactly what it was. “Thinking about Ms. Kim again aren’t you? Can’t say I blame you. It’s been nice having an upbeat PR around here.. Can’t even begin to describe what it was like back in Cleveland. Always so boring, couldn’t care less about us. But you can tell she cares. Acts like a bit of a slut, but I guess it comes with the position. So, are you in or not?” He’d ask again hoping to reel you in.
So, this is my new little plot I’ve come up with! I know it’s a tad niche, but I’m hoping to find someone who would be interested! Essentially, it’s surrounding a baseball team and their PR manager, a former model, young and totally upbeat. All the guys have a thing for her, being single and practically millionaires from their playtime. But they respect her almost like a younger sister. But you? You can’t help but feel things. So! That’s where we pick up! We can discuss the exact starting scene when we get into planning!
Rules: 1. Be yourself! Though please try to add just a bit of chunk to your intro, as I won’t reply to just “Hello” or “Hi”. 2. If you have any good ideas to bring to the table, please share! The more ideas and creativity, the better the story! 3. 18+ only. No negotiations. 4. I do prefer longterm. 5. I usually am pretty active, but will let you know if I won’t be! 6. I like discord personally for RP. 7. I will introduce my character as we get into planning. 8. I do prefer 3rd person. 9. PLEASE! Try reaching out via chat first. IF you can't, PM is more than ok. 10. I require no knowledge on baseball!
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2023.06.01 20:59 NinjaKnight92 FT: Gen 1 VC Mew Clones (Shiny and non-shiny); LF: Offers, Gen 8 Shield/Sun Exlcusive Legendaries, Events, GMAX Pokemon, Hard to get Gen 8 Mons, Event Gen 8 Events, Other neat clones, Pictures and details inside

I'd prefer to trade using the pokemon home app, but if you have eggs to trade, then we can trade in scarlet.
I've been sitting on these VC mews for a wile now, but since bank is out, I thought I'd give it another go.
Imgur Album Link
Hey all, for those unfamiliar, this Mew is templated from an exclusive invite only event held in 2017 in the UK to celebrate the release of Sun and Moon. This was the only event distribution to my knowledge that took place in the virtual console games. And using a series of complicated tutorials and glitches, I managed to acquire a mew using the long-range trainer glitch, then use arbitrary code execution with the help of missingNo to give it the OT and Trainer ID to match this event mew and allow to to be transferred up through Pokémon bank and into Pokémon home. I Also used some glitches to clone it and edit the DV's to make it shiny upon transfer. Altogether, it took me about 30 hours to acquire this mew (Lost my save data twice.) So I figured I'm come here and share the love with some other mew enthusiasts.
I own Pokémon word, and Pokémon Moon/Ultra Moon. So I'm looking to get some legendary or Once per save Pokémon from Shield, & Sun/Ultra Sun. (I of course don't mind if they're genned or cloned. So long as they appear legal and aren't going to cause errors with Pokémon bank.) I'm also interested in generation 8 event Pokémon. As I played very little of generation 8 myself. And I'm always looking to expand my apriball collection, in particular shiny aprimon with matching balls. Please Refer to my apriball spreadsheet, before making an offer for aprimon.
As these mew are cloned, I have about 12 Shiny and 12 non shiny to trade, They are level 5 with unknown IV's a Hardy Nature, and know the moves Explosion, Softboiled, Counter, and Tri Attack.
Getting these was quite a process, and I'm happy to share all I've learned.
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2023.06.01 20:59 lilbebe50 Best areas in Tampa Bay Area?

I’m newish (1 month in) doing Uber. I have a full time job that is 60+ hrs a week. I do Uber on the side since I’m saving for a house and for a wedding next year. I work in the Zephyrhills area and usually end up doing a few rides after work. I drive into Tampa normally for Uber. I live 1 hr north of Tampa and the Uber market there is dead (nothing but old people in Citrus county). Does anyone here know if Brooksville/Spring Hill has decent rides?
When I’m in my own town I do long periods without rides. When im in Tampa the rides come pretty consistently which is why I tend to drive there to get rides. However with my demanding full time job hrs I don’t feel like driving out to Tampa all the time just to drive some Uber. I already have an Hr+ commute one way to work. If I can get some rides a bit closer to home it’d make life easier for me. I’ve been losing sleep during the week just to keep up with my full time plus my Uber. I also hate dedicating my weekends off to working uber, I’d rather do it a little during the week each day and late on Friday’s instead of driving all the way out to Tampa on weekends.
Are there/where are the best spots in the Tampa area and brooksville/Spring Hill areas? I just want a consistent flow of rides that way I don’t feel like I drove all that distance for nothing. Brooksville and Speing Hill are closer to me and I figured there may be more demand in Hernando county than Citrus.
Any advice is appreciated. And yes I know the Tampa market is sucky and im not gonna get rich doing it. It’s just for a couple hundred extra bucks a week to help boost my income for my future goals.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 20:59 b3m6l5 What does this even mean Jay 👀

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2023.06.01 20:59 GothBrujita I miss my guy best friend

Reason I broke off the friendship:
He would continuously flirt with me through text and when we’d hang out he’d be very touchy. During all this I was in a relationship and was uncomfortable with all of it, so I told him that it was really disrespectful to my relationship and my then boyfriend. I told him it’d be best to go our separate ways if he was going to keep doing that stuff. It also bothered me because I felt like he was just messing with my feelings, he would always mention how he didn’t see me as anything other than a friend or sister, or to not take things so serious.
Then him saying this confused me so much:
“Do you think I’m fucking around when I say this shit? I legit think you’re going to be the mother of my kids. It’s not lust, I’m not just trying to fuck or anything like that.” “Btw yes I did like you, not anymore I’ll move on”
LIKE BRO WHAT THE HELL. YOU STOOOPID ASS… why tell someone that you see them as a sister, to not take the flirting serious, that you’d never date me etc just to say that in the end. Fucking coward 😒
Last night he popped up in my dream and I woke up jealous bc he was holding hands with some girl in the dream.
Oh and the bf I had during this time is now my ex, so I don’t feel guilty for missing my guy best friend.
The whole situation just sucks so bad, he was there for me in the most difficult of times. Out of all my friends, he was the only one that came to see me and brought me flowers when my grandpa passed away. He’d always talk to me otp when I need someone to chat with, while I was away from home for work. Damn I miss him, but I know we’ll probably never talk again. He’s finally a firefighter now and I just pray that he is safe always and that the job doesn’t take a toll on his mental health :(
Sigh, what a mess.
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